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John Denver, I AM Woman, At Seventeen, Total Eclipse of the Heart, For Your Eyes Only, Gordon Lightfoot, Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Elton John, Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Carpenters and so many others have moved me DEEPLY through the years.  We suggest that you experience our works with your favorite music playing.  It will provide great connection points to your unique reality framework.  Indeed, many of these I listen to every day.  They still mean that much to me.

The music that I express here is the BEYOND IMAGINATION stream of consciousness,  That has been true for at least 28 years and more likely throughout my entire life.

It is a real trip to muse to your own muse ... one that is inside of you,  I know that it is there inside of me.  I believe it is there inside of each of us.

Over 10 million words have come forth on this solitary journey to date.  That still AMAZES ME!



A Beyond Imagination Book

A Wisdom-Class Work for the Age of Aquarius



This book explores the concepts of reality and reality creation. We start from the premises that reality is what we experience and that this is different for every one of us, and we create our own reality. You don't have to believe these premises, though it helps if you do. Neither will we prove any of this. Primarily, because we don't believe that this is something that can be proved. As with most metaphysical knowledge, some amount of faith is required. Though, we don't expect you to take too big of a leap of faith. It is OK to be skeptical. Let utility be your ultimate guide. That is the only measure that matters after all.

We don't really know where this book will take us. We started by selecting some passages that have come forth through us over the years. We grouped those passages into topics. Then we filled in any holes that we found to bring the book to its completed form. As with everything that we write, this is all stream of consciousness expression. It all comes through us, but we have no conscious sense of originating any of it. It has been that way for over 16 years.

The intent is to provide a work that first explains what reality is and then explains what we can do to create it. I wish that I could say that I came up with the ultimate "how-to" manual for creating the reality that we prefer ... for creating a masterpiece of our life. But, I can't say that. Though, we have identified many of the pieces for doing that. However, it appears that some of the processes may occur on other than conscious levels. Also, this seems to vary substantially from person to person with some having far more conscious control than others. Another factor that comes into play is the question that we most relate to in our life. The first question is who are you. The second question is what do you want. Those who are most directly involved in the reality creation game tend to focus on the second question. Personally, I focus almost exclusively on the first question and have for much of my life. As a result, my concepts of reality may be somewhat strange to many. But, I've had some interesting personal experiences to deal with as part of my reality.Why should you listen to me? I am a spiritual system engineer by training with an MS from Stanford. My informal education in metaphysics started in 1974. Both educations were crucial to me developing into who I have become. The only real abundance in my life is the abundance of metaphysical expression that began in 1993 and continues to this day. To date, that comes to over 6 million words all created during my free time. Like many, I am struggling financially to make ends meet from week to week. So, clearly, I have not mastered the art of reality creation, not even close. What I can do is share what I have found and hopefully trigger something in you that goes further and takes the next step to create a masterpiece of your life. If I do this even for one of you, I will consider this project a success. Also, remember that while all of this comes forth through me, it is a mystery as to how that happens. It has been such since the beginning. And, for me, it seems that it will always be such. Finally, only listen long enough to try something and evaluate whether it works for you. Utility is all that matters. Use what works and forget the rest.

Books are journeys for the soul. At least, I hope you will find such to be the case for this book. In the end, it is the journeys that we have experienced that matter ... not the destinations that we happened upon along the way. May your life be the adventure that it is meant to be. All that we can hope to do is to facilitate that.


Reality is what we experience. It is us and the things, experiences, relationships, thoughts, feelings, and the like that we experience in our life. There is no one reality that each of us experience. Though, our reality seems to occur within the context of one world. But even then, most of us are only aware of a small part of that one world. Effectively, each one of us experience our own reality, a reality that is unique and different than anyone else experiences. That is OK. This is precisely what it is meant to be. Whatever experience we experience is perfect. It is in our life because we have drawn it to us in way or another. What follows is a variety of passages on reality that are intended to open you mind embracing all that this entails. Reality is a big topic ... extremely big. Getting our arms around it is literally like the story of the three blind men and the elephant. What reality is determined by how we are looking at it and depends on what pieces of it we happen to be focusing on in the moment. But, don't make the mistake of thinking that all you see is all there is. It is not the case at it. Even when your consciousness is at its most expansive ... what you see is still limited.

These words weave their way through into this reality to express themes that are ancient yet new. Throughout all time consciousness has been spreading her song. Everything is about vibration, everything is about consciousness spreading her song. These very words expressed here are part of that never-ending song. I am a vessel through which consciousness expresses. Each of us is such a vessel.

As above, so below. What we see at the atomic and quantum level, we also see at the universal level. Further, this applies to our very reality as well. This means that things are basically the same no matter where we look. It is as if the same basic laws and mechanisms were applied at every level of being, at every level of reality.

If time and space truly do not exist except as illusion, we have a whole other reality to find that is different than we usually experience. We find this by looking beyond, by thinking outside the box, by observing what is at the fringes rather than in the center of our glasses. As we do this, we discover a whole new world. Yet, it is a world that we have always been a part of ... we just dissociated ourselves from it for a while. At any time, we are free to reconnect with this world. It is a matter of attunement and perhaps at-onement - being at one with. Yes, there at the periphery, at the fringes, lies a different reality than we usually experience. But, it is just as valid as the one that keeps us in its grips most of the time. Further, it is our choice as to how much of this fringe reality we would explore.

Each of us has our own way of approaching life ... of being whom that we are. This comes out as the things that are natural for us and as the approach toward understanding our self and our reality that is right for us. Yes, being who we are is important. And, indeed, this is the most natural of things for us to do. Understanding our self and our reality is import. But, the approaches for doing this are many, and we must find approaches that work for us.

Yes, it can take a while to come to grips with reality when you basically lose your mind. But, there are far worse things than going beyond mind. In 1993, I went through about a six-month process of going beyond mind and finding consciousness. It could have been a scary process, but it wasn't. Indeed, I enjoyed it thoroughly. For the most part, we are taught to trust how our mind functions. But, during this process, my mind was doing things and coming to conclusions that didn't make sense from a logical perspective. My experience was that I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening. But, that was a self-assessment. The few people in my world at the time though that I was going crazy and needed professional help. After the six months, the processes of mind came back only with much less of a stranglehold on me. Instead, I was living in a spiritual domain primarily. Though, I still use my mind to function on the job and in life. The bottom line from all of this is to be open to mind playing less of a role and spirit playing more of a role in your life.

The body is an elaborate vehicle for the brain, its primary occupant ... which in turn is a vessel for the mind to interface with, and to create and experience the game that we call reality. The reality game is primarily a mental construct. It is something that we create in our heads and experience in the world. Ultimately, there are more levels than this: body - brain - mind - consciousness - spirit. That's at least five that I can think of. I would have added soul as well, but she didn't seem to fit into that progression.

Some would have us believe that this spirit stuff is a bunch of crap, that what you see is what you are, that the illusion is the only reality. But, this is pure bunk, regardless of how many people believe it. What people think does not matter, even if a lot of people think it. What matters is what is. Spirit is real, as real as your very breath. Indeed, we could not exist without her for even a moment. Such is the importance of spirit to live. Take away the spirit, and there simply is no life. What we see is primarily illusion. We are far grander than anything we have experience to do. We have a true reality beyond the illusion. It is just a matter of finding it.

The time is ripe for change. We truly live during a wonderful time in the history or the world and the planet. It will be interesting to see what challenges we attract into our reality and how we deal with those challenges. I don't remember when I wrote this. But, the basic theme of the times being ripe for change has been with us for over 16 years. It is not clear that we have seen the kinds of changes we were hoping for and expecting. But, there have been many changes in the world brought about primarily by technology during that time. The world is connected in ways that it has never been connected before ... at least not in such numbers. We had hoped that we might make a difference by now with all of the expression that has come forth through us. But such it seems was not to be.

Is constant change not a characteristic of the reality that we experience? Perhaps, but that does not make it real. At our core, lies something greater, something that experiences but is unmoved or unchanged by what it experiences. For, how can something that is the prime mover ever be moved? There is nothing external to it. There is no part that it is not. Here, we deal with that which changes and that which does not change. At first cut, that which changes is illusion, that which is unchanged is real. But, can it be that easy? What is real is God and what God has created. All else is illusion. God created us, so we are real. But, we need to be careful about how we identify what we were created to be. We tend to think of our self as the body - brain - mind physical part of our self. But this is a vessel for spirit, who we truly are. Spirit may be beyond our ability to fathom, no matter how hard we may try. Further, spirit may be an unchanging part of us. Though, she can be quite prolific at expressing.

I am responsible for my own reality. We all are. No fine print, no exceptions. We each experience exactly what we choose to experience. It all comes down to responsibility and choice. The good news is we create it all. The bad news is we create it all. Accepting responsibility is the first step towards making changes.

How do we as individuals fit into the collective consciousness? There is a collective consciousness. And, our individual consciousness is somehow tied into that. We need to consider this whenever we are attempting to create reality that involves others in some way. They may or may not buy into what we intend to create.

Why is it that we experience individual reality? Because we are individuals and that is how the game is played. Though, there are whole cultures where family and cooperation are emphasized highly. In these societies, the collective reality has more importance.

How do we get beyond this, beyond the duality, to the ultimate reality in which we were created? We focus on the oneness. That is the key ... focus on the oneness. That is how we loosen the grips that duality has on us. Along with that, think not in terms of extremes such as hot and cold. This emphasizes the duality. Think of one function of warmness that is present to various degrees. This emphasizes the unity. In every dimension in which there were poles, reconcile it with a variation of the presence of a single principle. This is just a useful way of looking at reality. It is one more step in extracting our self from the illusion.

Each of us is responsible for our own reality. But, to what degree are we responsible for the collective reality experienced by those around us? Personal responsibility for our reality is only a first step. The grander step comes in taking responsibility for others, for the collective. But there, we need to be careful not to undertake responsibilities that are not ours to assume. How do we know when we have done that? By how it feels to you. Here, you need to learn to trust your intuition. You need to allow spirit to guide you to those things that are yours to do.

Mass reality is a blending of the collective wills of all involved. Somehow, all of the individual wills get combined and merged into one collective will. Out of that collective will, the mass reality is created. Yes, that means that some wills get overpowered and effectively lost in the process. It behooves us to know how to keep that from happening if we would create the reality we prefer even within the context of the collective.

Systems within systems within systems, but not just in a hierarchical pattern ... reality is far more open ended than that. We are each a complex system that plays our roles in multiple larger wholes. Some of these include family, job, church, community, country, and even the world. Reality is comprised of complex systems on many levels and in different domains. More and more, our reality is dependent on how we as an individual relate to and play within those complex systems. Fortunately, the rules to play within a complex system are much simpler than the rules to create the complex system. Indeed, each of us is a complex system. Only, in our case, we are unfathomable. Yet, nonetheless, that does not keep us from doing what we do. That does not mean we operate optimally. Not even close. But, nothing says that we must. Though we can't help but wonder what we could do collectively if we did operate more optimally.

I find it difficult to deal with a view of reality that separates itself from the consciousness that experiences this reality. From the point of view of an individual, there is an inner and an outer reality. The outer reality includes everything I sense with my senses, including others that appear to be as I am. The inner reality is one of thoughts, feelings, models about the world, and models about myself. The inner reality is the one that is the most prominent. It is where most of life is lived. Then again, this may be because I'm an introvert. I don't have the experience to know whether extroverts see life this way. Regardless, these two levels of reality exist, and it is the experience of the individual that determines the ultimate nature of reality.

Indeed, our very nature seems to determine how we experience reality. Each of us experiences an inner and an outer reality. The inner reality is within us. The outer reality is where we touch the world outside of us. Relationships seem to bridge these realities. They involve us and others. And, they can do so deeply. Though, I for one am not particularly experienced in that to be able to know firsthand.

I see consciousness as the highest form of expression and experience that we can bring into our reality. Consciousness is extremely important. This very expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. But, more importantly, consciousness involves states of awareness. States of consciousness are things that we experience. But, states of consciousness can also be things that we are. From them we are able to express and experience anything. It helps to become flexible in this area. It helps to become a master at altering your state of consciousness to something that is conducive to what you want to do or experience. On the wings of consciousness, we can soar to incredible heights ... incredible heights indeed.

On our own, there is only so much that we can do. However, spirit does not experience the limitations that we do. Her reality resides in a different domain and only extends into ours. The world of duality is our creation, not hers. Separation is our experience, not hers. She resides in a realm of oneness that is formless and timeless. Yet, she can reach into our world and have her impact through our consciousness. Yes, I have a high regard for spirit. She has not let me down ... ever. That doesn't mean that everything that comes forth here comes to fruition. Indeed, there are many things that don't. But, this is not due to shortcomings in spirit. Rather, it is a matter of limitations that I impose limiting what I can manifest and experience in my reality. Her nature is unlimited and unchanging. Yet, she can reach out and express through whatever instruments she is given. When we allow ourselves to be used in this way ... it is her works that we are doing, not ours. Because of this, there is a special quality that gets imbued. We can do far grander things than we could have possibly done on our own.

The "reality" of the consensus world does not conform with my understanding of how things work. I live in a world that is primarily spiritual that happens to be having a physical expression now. Reality is fluid. The reality that we experience can be whatever we would have it be. Personally, I've chosen to focus on the spiritual. As a result, everything that I see, everything that I experience, everything that I choose, everything that I do ... even everything that I am is colored by this above all else. Spirit dominates my reality. But, I say this in a positive sense. I do not experience it as negative at all. Though, we are physical as well. We need to recognize this and be physical.

My life and my world are the containers in which I experience my reality. What do we do with containers? We fill them up with the things that we want. Our lives we fill with things and experiences. Our world we fill with those things that we choose to see, sense, and experience. We are free to fill these containers in any way we choose. Though, myself is a container as well. In my case, it is a container that I allow spirit to fill. This very expression is a result of that process. I allow spirit to fill me with words which I express making room in the container for more which spirit fills and I express once more. Though, in my case the container only seems to be large enough to hold a few words at a time. I would guess that I have spent in excess of 8000 hours in the course of 16 years serving as a container for spirit in this fashion. Why? Because that is what I was moved to do and that is what I chose to do. As a result, that is the reality I experienced.

The newborn butterfly has no choice but to fly into the unknown, trusting that God or Consciousness has given it the abilities it needs to deal with whatever reality it finds. Actually, the trust may not even be a conscious act. After all, we are what we are in the moment, and we appear to have limited control over the circumstances which we will be asked to face. I've loved this quote ever since it first came forth through me. When I went through my spiritual awakening in 1993, it was more than awakening ... it was a rebirth. I was a caterpillar and then all of a sudden, I was a spiritual butterfly. I was soaring in consciousness but I knew that I was safe. I knew that: somehow, I was equipped with everything that I needed to handle the reality I was facing. It didn't matter that no one in my world understood what I had just went through or how I was different as a result. I knew and that was enough. We need to trust that we can deal with whatever reality we find in front of us. This is easier if we remember that we have drawn it to us ... we have created it.

How is it that what constitutes reality can be so different for different people? Perhaps this is a mistaken impression on my part. There is a sense that many people live similar lives. Perhaps this is not the case at all. Indeed, perhaps there are others who experience reality in a manner like the way that I experience it. Though, from the limited looking out that I do, it seems that each individual is unique. Yes, some are more on the fringe than others. But everyone ultimately experiences their own reality, and it is different.

Reality can be that way at times. It is not always exciting. Though, some find ways to make it far more so than others. I don't know how others experience this. But, there are times that are simply boring ... times that I would prefer to sleep through. Sometimes these happen even when I am doing things that I love to do, like expressing here.

I AM the only reality. It is your only true HOME. And there you are always safe, secure, and happy. When you think I AM and make that your focus, it is indeed the only reality. It is indeed all that is. The state that is I AM is our true home. There is nothing else that even comes close. And, when we have reached home we are safe, secure, and happy beyond measure. There is no place that we would rather be. Yet where we are is no place at all. Rather, it is a state of being, the most natural state of being.

Our minds may have a mental understanding that we create our own reality. They may even believe this to some degree in some areas of our lives. But, our spirits know that we create it all, no fine print, no exceptions. There is at least one level between mind and spirit. That level is consciousness. The mind is the seat of the consciousness. Consciousness may be one of the seats of spirit. Though, while our spirits know that we create our reality ... they don't do it for us. No, this they allow us to do for ourselves. Though, even as we say that, we know that there is a spiritual destiny unfolding in our life. What that destiny is and how it unfolds are mysteries ... mysteries that we may never be able to fathom. Though, being consistent with what we have stated here ... there must be some part of us that taps into our spiritual destiny and does what it takes to manifest it in our life.

Our reality mirrors our beliefs. That is simply the way that it works. That makes beliefs very powerful in the illusion that constitutes our reality. Beliefs are everything. What we believe is out pictured into our reality. As a result, our reality is a faithful mirror of what we believe. Sometimes this process is surprising. Sometimes the reflection contains things that we can't believe that we believe. But, the reflection always tells the truth. Hmm ... as I said that the idea of carnival mirrors came to mind. Not all mirrors tell the truth after all.

Our numbers are growing, that is the numbers of us that believe that we have an active role in creating the reality that we experience. At some point we will reach a critical mass and this will become a predominant worldview. For the most part, this worldview is still confined to those who venture into metaphysics and some aspects of self-help. But, it is indeed growing. And, it will take the world by storm ... especially when we get sufficient resources in place to make it easy for people to do this more consciously. The reality game is one of the most fun and enticing games around ... regardless of the kinds of experiences you seek.

We experience reality every moment of every day, both while asleep and while awake. However, we have another reality as an observer who watches our activities as we perform them -- physical, mental, and emotional activities. When we experience ourselves as this observer, we are operating from a spiritual standpoint that is as much a part of our reality as any other. We can't escape reality, ever. But, there is more to us than the actor who does things, there is also the observer who watches what the actor does. Typically, when we observe we have some purpose in mind. We seek to come to an understanding. There are three parts to the trinity: actor, observer, and creator. The first two of these, I experience firsthand. The creator however seems to be elusive. I watch the creations come forth through me ... but I have yet to experience being the creator. Sometimes you just have to settle for the works that come into your life. They are the evidence that the creator exists.

There is a greater reality that lies just outside the dimensions of this one. You might say that it is a parallel reality that tracks this one. In this parallel reality, much construction is underway. The infrastructure is being built that allows for a completely new way of living. As we speak, this infrastructure nears completion. It is built upon the best ideas for improvement that beings in this reality have dreamt, unfettered by the restrictions of politics or lack of foresight. For many years, consciousness has listened to all who cared to dream of a better world. If one acted to try to make it so, so much the better, for the force of the vision was multiplied by the number to whom it was transmitted. There is a place in which all of these visions are being realized. At some point this place will become HERE and NOW. In an instant, the world can be transformed; such is the power of consciousness over creation. However, it will only be transformed in the right moment, when the lessons to be learned from the current here and now are completed.

This is another of my favorite passages. It carries an optimistic message. No effort for the betterment of the world has gone unnoticed. There is a place where a collective vision, a utopian vision is being built. It is only a matter of bring that vision down to earth. That can be done and will be done. Though we all have to do our parts. We are the magicians. We are the transformers.

Play with the reality that you experience. It is all an elaborate game, and games are meant to allow us to have fun. So, do that ... have fun with it, with everything that you experience. Don't take it so serious. Laugh, and laugh some more. It is through laughter that we truly learn to enjoy the process.

Reality is indeed a game that we play ... and the bulk of the game is played within the realm of the mind. This may or may not be true for you. The game can be played in the physical, in the emotional, in the mental, in the spiritual realm or any combination thereof. Further, there is no reason to limit yourself to a single game. You can play many games, and you can even play them concurrently. Just have fun.

Reality is indeed far stranger and more glorious than our fictions could ever be. We are truly Gods in consciousness, created in the direct image of our creator, however, in our case separation never occurred. Information was compartmentalized so that the REALITY GAME could be played -- however, out of what did the creator have to build? The only answer that makes any sense is out of him/her SELF, the key fabric of which is Consciousness. What more can I say than that. Such is the reality that I have experienced anyway. Though, knowing something and being something are two very different things. I am still baffled that my reality is such that I could make pronouncements like this. I can only hope that I will someday grow into the very words that I speak ... that I will someday realize that which I speak of.

This is what reality games are all about ... they are opportunities for becoming more aware of the I AM that we are. I AM everything, the very source from which we spring. Further, the reality games that we participate in are just that, they are opportunities to become aware of who we truly are. I AM THAT I AM. That was the name for himself that God gave to Moses. While we can seek to become more and more of the I AM that we are, it is not clear that we can ever fully arrive.

My reality is beyond anything that you can comprehend. However, my qualities are things that you can aspire to be. Peace, understanding, love, faith, truth, joyfulness, playfulness, ... these are some of my qualities. To embrace them, you must be them. In this passage, we were speaking for God himself. And indeed, God's reality is incomprehensible to us. The closest we can come is to be some of the characteristics that we apply to God. Some things you just have to be to experience.

Everything in my reality is there for a reason. This is true for everyone ... I am not special in that regard. As an engineer and mathematician, logic and reason are important to me. Though not as important as my intuition. However, there are some areas where reason has its utility. It helps to know that there is a reason for everything. We may not know the reason. And, even if we know it, we may not like the reason. That doesn't matter. Simply knowing that there is a reason is sufficient to make things OK, to restore order to the universe. As a result, we can be assured that somehow we are safe ... unless there is a reason for us not to be that is.

Reality is unfolding perfectly in each and every moment. The world is a perfect reflection of the consciousness of the collective. There is no good or bad, there simply just is. Sometimes this can be difficult to accept. How can things be unfolding perfectly when there is hunger, homelessness, sickness, poverty and the like in our world ... and on a big scale at that? But everything is God's creation. By definition, everything that God creates is perfect. The conditions we are speaking of are not God's creations. Indeed, they are not ... they are man's. Collectively we have not yet decided that we will treat each other with kindness, dignity, and respect and do what it takes to meet the needs of all of us. That is the reflection of the collective. To change the reflection, we must change the belief, the expectations, and the actions. Until then, things are what they are. Though, we can imagine them being better ... much better.

There is nothing that is right for all. Nearly everything in this world is relative. Our reality is relative to whom that we are. We live in a world of relativity. In this world there are no absolutes that I know of. For each of us, our reality in the moment reflects who we are being in the moment. As we change what we are being, that reality alters and becomes something else. Literally, the shifts can happen in a moment. Reality is not something that is fixed. Though, it seemed that way for years at a time earlier in my life. Now each day is different, even if I do many of the same things from day to day.

The unknown will be an ever-present part of our reality for all our days. It is time that we get used to that and accept it. In fact, we can even find ways to use it to our advantage if we are innovative and think creatively. The unknown is an extremely important part of our reality. As an example, the way in which this very expression is created is unknown. In my case, it has been for over 16 years. But, if you think about it ... unless you are reciting something that you have memorized, you do not know how you will proceed with and end a sentence that you are speaking or writing. You simply must trust in the process. The unknown is not meant to scare us. Rather, it is meant to remind us that we are living the mystery.

So, how do we remove the veil that separates us from reality? Interesting, that very question recognizes that there is a veil and acknowledges that it is possible for us to do something to remove it. There is reality and there is illusion. There is a veil that separates the two. Most of our life seems to be lived in the illusion ... in the world of duality. But it doesn't have to be that way. We remove the veil by following the oneness. To do that, we must drop whatever separates us ... we have to integrate the parts ... we have to operate as a whole being interconnected in a web with everything else. These are not easy things to do, but they are necessary things. Such is what it takes to go beyond the veil of separation.

At any time, we are free to see the true reality. We have never been separated from God. There can be no separation where all are ONE. We can only believe we are separated and see that separation in the illusion of duality. The remedy for this is always to look away and focus on the oneness of all things. Once again, I can say these things but can I experience them? Can I make them my reality ... or at least my predominant reality? Personally, my reality is one in which I make such pronouncements as these. Further, I accept them as true even though I do not seem to realize them except on rare occasions. It seems ironic that one who is as solitary and separated as I am would be moved to speak in such a manner. But, so it is.

What we experience is the changeable. This is not the ultimate reality. So, where do we go to find the ultimate reality ... it is right here, right now, within us at this very moment in this very place. We have only to seek within to find it. But, what of the world and all of its demands? These will be taken care of of their own accord. There is the world we experience, the changeable, and the ultimate reality which is of a different nature entirely. We need to spend some time seeking the ultimate reality. We don't have far to go to seek it. It is there within us at all times. Though, within us can be a big place. That is OK. We will indeed find what we seek. All that we could possibly want to know is within us. All that we could possibly want to be is within us. What else is there than that? Finally, when we are focused on the ultimate reality, the things of the world will take care of themselves.

There is a reality that is unchanging and unlimited, that is whole and complete. It is our birthright ... it is our home. We have only chosen to venture through time and space through various incarnations to temper us and to find that despite what we are able to create, we always find something lacking. How do we return to this unchanging and unlimited reality that is our birthright and our home? It seems that until we do that, no matter what we create in our reality, it will not be enough. In the meantime, we will go through incarnation after incarnation creating and experiencing but always knowing that something is lacking.

Everything is vibration. The reality that we experience is all a matter of how we interpret the meaning of these vibrations. Vibrations are the stuff out of which everything is made. Just look at what can be presented on a TV or movie screen. It is all represented by 1's and 0's ... both the video and the sound. An incredible amount of experiences can be captured in such a manner and replayed for folks throughout the world. But it doesn't stop there. It doesn't stop with 2D representations. We can continue to any number of dimensions. Indeed, we can continue into enough dimensions to represent us ... all living creatures for that matter. We too are combinations of vibrations. I don't know how many dimensions this takes. But, all of the creation was the word of God ... the thoughts of God. Everything is derived from that word. Everything. And, what are words but combinations of vibrations.

Life is about vibration. Reality can change in a heartbeat. We can literally wake up to a new world. The present scene will end when it is scheduled to end. And, we will pick up with another that takes us on the next journey of consciousness. When the vibrations change, reality will change and it can literally do so in an instant. We are in the midst of a scene in the play of life. When this scene ends, it will be time for a new scene to be enacted ... it will be time for the next journey of consciousness. As in a play, there is no need for the scenes to be smoothly connected. It is OK for jumps or discontinuities to occur. Though, I don't know enough about history to know whether or when such jumps may have occurred in the past.

At one level of reality, there are no victims. The processes of life and death go on at many levels concurrently. In each moment billions of cells are dying to give way for others to be born within each individual. What makes death tragic in our eyes? Why is it any different when we deal with the body of humankind? Death is a transition ... a particularly sensitive and troublesome transition when it occurs to the young. But death is an intimate part of life. Indeed, death at the cellular level enables us to live. So, what makes it tragic? In some respects, death seems to be among the most natural things in the world. For us, it seems that in death we focus on what has been lost. Often, we fail to consider what has been gained. So, focus on the transition not on the event. What was is transformed into something new ... and that is more than it ever was before for now it has the additional experiences of a lifetime, however long that has been.

Every branch of knowledge provides a viewpoint into the nature of reality. Every discipline whether rational or intuitive or any combination thereof provides additional insight. There are many disciplines for looking at the nature of reality. Each discipline is valuable in its own right. Some are also valuable in combination with others. There are scientific disciplines and there are metaphysical disciplines. Most of the time these are at war with one another. But, there are starting to be cases in which disciplines from the two areas merge. At the very least, they are starting to come up with similar findings regarding the nature of reality. Quantum physics and new age concepts of reality creation are a case in point. Our intent, our choices influence the reality we experience.

I fear that what constitutes the World of Reality for me only agrees in part with that of anyone else, and only in small part at that. My world, my reality has so few others in it that for all that I know they are different than anything experienced by anyone else. The open question is how much different are our realities. My sense is that they are very different ... more different than most would suspect. Though, there are probably many who believe that there is only one reality. Clearly, that is not verified by experience.


Most people have blinders, however, that prevent seeing the whole -- binding them to the restrictions of physical reality, when they could be free. Yet, they are unaware that they are so bound. Physical reality is all they know, and they feel very free despite their chains. Blinders and chains keep us from being free and experiencing everything that we could experience in our reality ... or at least everything that we choose to experience. Blinders do this by keeping us from seeing. Chains do this be keeping us from soaring to new heights of consciousness. We are not meant to be bound to physical reality. We are more than that, far more than that. Though, many do not know this yet ... or if they knew, have forgotten it. It's funny though. If we are not aware of our blinders and chains, we can feel free anyway. Though, there is a big difference between feeling free and being free.

My brain chemistry is different than that of most others. Enough different that I experience reality differently. I consider bipolar to be a feature of how my mind functions. For some, it seems that it can be a curse. Brain chemistry impacts how we experience reality. I know that first hand. Mine changed naturally in 1993 during a spiritual awakening. Then, it changed again as I was given a variety of medications over the years after being diagnosed as bipolar. I'm sure it goes through many other changes each day as a result of what we eat, think, and feel. When we change how the brain functions, it colors everything about the reality that we experience. To some degree, it is as if we are a new person.

Consciousness is my support. She is my anchor. She is my grip on reality. With consciousness there to support me, what else could I possibly need? Consciousness is everything to me. She is what keeps me sane ... that is assuming that I am still sane. Some might consider that to be a bit of a leap. In body - mind - heart - soul - consciousness - spirit breakout of self, it is to consciousness that I relate the most. Soaring in consciousness is one of my favorite activities. As is expressing a stream of consciousness. Though, even as I say that, I don't know what consciousness is. I only know that she is close to my heart and that I would be lost without her. Indeed, I could not exist without her.

Consciousness is that powerful. When she expresses, whole new realms of reality are born to be experienced by all who are drawn to them. What an interesting statement. Consciousness has been expressing through me for over 16 years to date. But, I am not aware of any "whole new realms of reality" that have been born other than in the Beyond Imagination expression itself. Though, I would not have thought to use the phrase "realms of reality". Yet, we do have 6 million words of expression. And, that expression literally introduces people to a new realm ... to Wayne's World in fact. So, it seems we were right after all.

Consciousness would not rest on her laurels, at least not for very long. There are always more things to do ... and more things to experience ... and more reality to create. It is simply a matter of living our lives as we are meant to live them, as spiritual beings having a physical experience. This has been my experience. The stream of consciousness is relentless. It goes on and on and on ... It is curious that consciousness is an entity that does things, experiences things, and creates reality. I'm not sure it would have occurred to me now to express things in that way. As a spiritual being, personally my first action is to express this stream of consciousness. I experience the stream coming forth through me. But, it is not clear that I experience the consciousness that produces the stream. I don't know what else consciousness can do in my life ... but, she seems to make me competent in all that I do.

Everything comes down to consciousness. Everything is the expression of consciousness. Clearly, consciousness holds a special place in our life. All expression is the expression of consciousness. Even spiritual expression. But, I already knew that. The Beyond Imagination expression is a spiritual expression, but it always comes forth as a stream of consciousness. Yet, can consciousness truly be the source of everything?

How can we not be interested in what consciousness is and how it creates the reality that we experience? Is this not fundamental to our understanding of who and what we are? Yet, many don't seem to care. They are far too stuck within the grips of the illusion. Interesting, this goes to show that caring about such things may not make a difference either. We haven't really take the time to explore what consciousness is either. We were content to allow consciousness to express through us. Occasionally, we were curious and expressed the desire to know what consciousness was ... and where the stream of consciousness was coming from but we always fell back to allowing consciousness to express through us. We still don't know how. Not how consciousness creates reality. Not how consciousness creates the stream of consciousness expression. It is all still a mystery.

We are ever engaged in this dance of consciousness ... and what a dance it is. How could I ask for anything more or better to come forth? This is far beyond my wildest dreams, far beyond anything that I could imagine. Yet, it is the most important part of my reality. Here, I employ my talents and abilities to the utmost. How many people can say that they do that on a regular basis? When I engage in the Beyond Imagination expression I am engaged in the dance of consciousness. I am bringing forth new expression that has never seen the light of day before. I did not grow up dreaming any of this. It simply happened. One afternoon, I was moved to start writing. I liked what came through so much that I was moved to do it again and again until I was doing it nearly every day. Now, this activity is the most important part of my day. It has been for quite some time. The only real talent that I employ here is to write ... and really even that is limited to bringing forth a stream of consciousness. What dance of consciousness are you engaged in?

But, what is freedom? Some speak of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom to live as one would live, freedom from hunger, freedom from persecution, and so on ... But there is also the freedom to choose to be what we would be, and the freedom to create the reality that we prefer to experience. Freedom is extremely important. I'm not sure that I possess all of the freedoms identified above. The one most relevant to our discussion is the final one. Whether we are free to do that or not seems to be a non-issue. Of course, we are. But, being free to do something and knowing how to do it can be very different things. At this moment, it is clear to me that I do not know how. Though that is what the second half of this book is all about.

If we would truly be free, we must accept not only ourselves but our experience of reality. Acceptance is the key to true freedom, accepting who we are and what we experience. But what if that experience involves limitation. First accept, then change. Though, as you do that know that what you are accepting is the illusion. Illusion is just that, it is illusion. You are free to change the illusion to whatever you would prefer it to be. Though, as you do this be careful of replacing one illusion with another. It might be better to accept who you truly are and alter the meaning that you assign to what you experience.

I'm used to living my life from the inside out. This is unlikely to change anytime soon, if ever. Though, there is no reason I cannot start paying more attention to the signs from outside and weave them into my reality framework. This is a realization of my own nature. I happen to be an extreme introvert. I have been all of my life. As such, the inner matters more to me than anything on the outer. However, this is not a prison. There is no reason that I can't choose to make things from the outside more important to me than they are at present. Introversion/extroversion is a spectrum of operating points through which we can experience reality.

Many do not see the system as broken, and even if they do, they do not see it as their responsibility to fix it. These things are beyond our control, are they not? However, we create mass reality just as surely as we do personal reality. This passage deals with "the system" being broken. This is a part of our reality just as everything else. The fact that it is big and bureaucratic is beside the point. Everything in our reality is as it is because we either choose it to be or we allow it to be. Mass reality is no exception. It is created in the same manner as personal reality ... there are just more people doing the creating.

What does it take to become a master? The first question is a master of what? The first answer is of reality creation, one of the most exciting games around. Why would we choose to become a master? Because masters create masterpieces and we desire to do precisely that in our life. It is for us to make our reality our masterpiece.

We are master creators, every one of us. We are creating the very reality that we experience. Already, we are masters in the art of reality creation. What we experience, we create. Our reality is not subject to external forces. Indeed, we bend and shape those forces to our will. We know how to do this innately. It is a natural process. It is a matter of trust, and of allowing the process to unfold as it will. Yes, there are inputs to this process that we must provide ... thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, and actions are some of these. But, once we have done what we can do, we have to allow the universe to do its part.

We are masterful creators already ... every one of us. We are creating exactly the reality that we experience, every aspect of it. This is a slight variation of the first part of the previous passage. That suggests we have hit a chord of truth. Perhaps we simply need to step back and see our reality differently, as the masterpiece that it already is.

We are powerful creators, albeit for the most part at other than conscious levels. However, that doesn't change the facts ... we create our own reality, in many cases as much by what we choose not to do as by what we do. It is curious that I know that we are powerful creators but I don't have a conscious experience of being the creator part of myself. I know that there is one. In fact, there is one responsible for this very expression. But, for me anyway, that all occurs on other than conscious levels. I am aware of the creation and even part of the creation process, but that is as far as it goes. Another important point here is that we create our reality via choice ... as much by what we choose not to do as by what we choose to do.

One either believes that we create our own reality, or one does not. If we do create it, even if on other than conscious levels, and I strongly believe that we do, then we do it fully without fine print or exceptions. This is a statement of fact. And, what we believe is important. However, it helps to believe things of utility. Believing you create your own reality puts you in control of your life. Not believing is a different form of believing. It will result in a reality that conforms to it as well. In this case, it will appear as if reality is created by forces outside of your control.

Reality creation is what we do. Most do this other than consciously, but some do it consciously. And, some do this more effectively than others. We are beings that create the reality we experience. This can be done other than consciously or consciously ... usually by a combination of both. Further, this is a skill that we become masterful at. To be human, we are already masterful. Just bringing forth a living spiritual being and sustaining that being as it grows requires a good degree of mastership. But, there are levels beyond this, levels far beyond this.

Consciousness creates worlds and forms through which to express. That is just what it does. The worlds and forms and expression are judged solely based on utility and elegance. But, there is an inner purpose to all of this activity. It is to discover that our true nature is beingness, which is formless and eternal. This inner purpose drives all of us to seek the moreness of life, to go beyond the forms and thoughts and emotions and experiences that constitute our reality.

I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the last passage. It is a example of the best that this expression has to offer. It is also an example of what I need to integrate into my reality framework. How could I come forth with such a passage? What do I know about consciousness? How do I know that it is consciousness that creates world and forms through which to express. Is this not what God does? Though I do know about consciousness expressing through form ... I see it wherever people are engaged in creative expression that they love. I experience it firsthand in this very expression. Continuing ... it is indeed all about beingness. There is a moreness to life that we seek, something beyond nearly everything that we believe constitutes our reality.

Worrying about things doesn't change the reality and doesn't empower us to deal with them. Further, in my experience, things have never turned out as bad as I may have imagined that they would. That seems to be a rule of life. This is true. Worrying never has an effect on any outcome. What we worry about either happens or it does not. If we want to influence the outcome, we need to take action, we need to do something more than worry. It is also true that when we worry, we tend to make things out to be worse than they actually are, far worse in many cases. Actually, worries are also negative thoughts and negative beliefs about what will manifest. Potentially, that would mean that our worrying about something could actually make it worse.

We are worth what we truly believe ourselves to be worthy of. This will be reflected in our reality. What we receive will be in line with our beliefs in this area. To receive more, we need to give more so that we feel worthy of more. Several key principles come forth in this. First, our worthiness is something that we determine ... no one else. Whatever this worthiness is will be experienced in our reality. It also works the other way around. If we want to see what we believe that we are worthy of, just look at what we are receiving and experiencing in terms of abundance in our life. Finally, there is the connection of giving more to receiving more. Giving primes the abundance pump. If we are not giving enough, there is no way to get more.


Thoughts are powerful. The right thoughts in the right minds at the right time can move people to act in way that change our world. It is from thoughts that forms are derived. Further, it is thoughts that form the basis for beliefs, and for all knowledge for that matter. From a reality standpoint, the mental world is just as real as any other. Indeed, upon it is founded the science and technology of the world, which in turn have produced many of the things that make our reality what it is. But, it is not just science and technology. Nearly every form of written and spoken expression is dependent on thought. When we want to change something, first we work in the realm of thought. This works because thoughts become forms.

I live primarily in a world of ideas, in a world where ideals have a tangible reality ... a reality that needs to be brought down to earth. I came to build the foundations for a new world. Thus far, these foundations have primarily been ideas. To date, that has not been enough to realize them, to make them real on earth. From the very beginning of this expression, we have been bringing forth ideas regarding what an ideal world might be ... a world that we believe that we are here to help to create. We do this by building appropriate foundations. But, it seems that these foundations will be unlike anything that has come before. At this point, I do not know how to make the ideals real. Though, I firmly believe their time will indeed come.

If everything is a thoughtform ... yes, including me ... experiencing thoughtforms as reality, then what is real? Are there really others out there in our world? Or, do we construct them to reflect to us what we need to see about our self? Thoughtforms experiencing thoughtforms, that is the world in which I live. Others may truly be others, entities in and of their own right. Or, they may be creations that we construct to serve as mirrors reflecting us to us. My sense is that the truth is a blending of the two. There are aspects of others that are foreign to us that we are able to see. There are other aspects that are familiar to us.

As thoughts, the words are but flights of the imagination. But when we put them down on paper, or any other medium of expression, we go beyond imagination and make them real. Everyone has thoughts, literally thousands of thoughts per day. But, most of these thoughts are ineffective, they pass through the screen of the mind with little to no effect. That changes when we do something to capture the thoughts. The very act of doing this seems to change the very nature of the thoughts. It is as if a different part of our mind, or of our self that kicks in and brings forth something far more important not only to us but potentially to others and the world. This too is an element of reality. This too is something that we can experience in our life ... not only can experience, but should experience.

Don't get me wrong, this is not to say that thoughts don't have power. The right thoughts at the right time can move many to take action. It is through such thoughts that the world will ultimately be transformed. We need to give people empowering thoughts that replace some of the ones that they presently hold about themselves, the world, and the nature of reality. Thoughts do indeed have power. As a society we do a poor job of giving people empowering thoughts. It is not that such thoughts do not exist. Indeed, there are many of them. Rather, it is a matter that the education system and society itself don't particularly value the books where such thoughts are found. Also, the power of these thoughts in attracting and creating the reality that we experience is not formally recognized.

Thinking something, in and of itself doesn't ground it into our emotional reality. This takes an additional step. We must make the thoughts personal somehow. We must make them meaningful to us. This is something that we do naturally. The trick is to do it in a way that empowers us and allows us to reach a state of joy. It is important to integrate what we think with what we feel. Feelings give fuel to the fire of our thought. For this to happen, we need to be emotionally attached to the thought. The thoughts have to mean something to us. The most powerful emotional state we can employ in this is the state of joy.

Everything, every thought, every memory, every deed, every world, every reality is composed of vibrations. It is all thought. Everything is thought. Everything is composed of vibrations. All vibration is thought. Thought is the basic building block of everything. There is nothing that is not thought. Yes, that means there are some elaborate thoughtforms ... even entire universes and multiverses. We are ultimately thoughtforms. Everything that we do is the expression of a thoughtform. That is easy to see when what you do is bring forth expression as we are doing now. It is a bit harder to see this when what you express is not tied as explicitly to functionality that we normally think of as thought.


Beliefs are the filters through which we see and attract the reality that we experience. That makes belief management a very powerful skill to cultivate. Filters determine what comes in. Filters are primarily beliefs about what is important to us. In this context, beliefs are controlling what we experience. Only things that conform with our belief system make it through. Everything else is blocked or rejected. When used right, this can be a good thing. However, there is the possibility that our belief system is limited and we are rejecting experiences that we desire, experience that would serve us. Also, there is a possibility that we are harboring negative beliefs. Belief management is the way out of that. On a regular basis, we need to check our belief system including our filters to see if they truly serve us and others. Change the filters and we change the reality.

Beliefs determine what we experience and to a large degree how we experience, and how we interpret what the experience means. Of these, it seems what matters most is the interpretation, the meaning that we apply to what we experience. This above all else is under our control. We can apply any meaning we choose to anything that we experience. Ultimately, it is not that something happened that matters, it is the meaning that we place on it happening. We live in a world of meaning. Our reality is a reality of meaning. Take away the meaning and nothing makes sense. Though, there can be meaning on multiple levels.

Believe strongly in what you believe, but be flexible and open to new beliefs as well. Examine your reality for its conformance to your beliefs. Assess which beliefs serve you and others, and which don't. Further enforce those with utility, and prune those with limited value. If we are going to believe, we need to do it with conviction. Half-hearted beliefs have half-hearted results. However, in believing strongly, we also need to leave room for new beliefs to enter our life, beliefs that are more empowering or serve better. The bottom line is utility. Do our beliefs serve us and others or do they not? If so, great. If not, it is time to find others that do. There are many techniques for doing that. One is given above. Examine the degree to which your reality seems to conform to your beliefs. Where there is a mismatch, it is usually because there are conflicting beliefs that are getting in the way. Find the conflicting beliefs and reverse them and you can remove the conflict. That may or may not be sufficient to change your reality. There may be several layers of conflict ... so be persistent.

There is nothing wrong with believing strongly in whatever you believe in. But, there are limits. There needs to be a reality check. If you are going to believe, believe strongly. But, be careful ... the true realm of beliefs is the unknown. There, we have the freedom to believe this or that. Once something is known, it is no longer a matter of belief. Though, many disciplines are built on shaky foundations that typically include some core premises or beliefs. If you don't buy into the foundations, everything crumbles. It is important to do a reality check from time to time to ensure that we are not wandering off the deep end.

I can play with my beliefs. I can believe them or not believe them as I will and experience reality in accord with my choices. Knowingness is not like that. It does not involve choice. There is a big difference between belief and knowingness. Belief is a matter of choice. Knowingness simply is, it involves a certainty. Though, even with that distinction, we don't always know what we believe, and we typically do not know what we know and how we know it. Indeed, we just know.

I'll see it when I believe it versus I'll believe it when I see it. These are two different ways of looking at reality. How do we know when we've allowed our beliefs to jump into the realm of mere wishful thinking? Does that even matter? Only one of these ways is correct ... the way of believing first. Though there is a fine line to be drawn. Just because we believe something doesn't necessarily mean that we will see or experience something. That would make it far too easy. Reality is far more complex than that. Though belief is indeed at the core. It is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. Also, many of our beliefs are at other than conscious levels and we typically are not even aware of what they are. Though we can become aware if we so desire.

Each of us have filters that serve as glasses through which we perceive the world. These filters are primarily systems of beliefs about what matters and what is important to us in the world. Those are the things that we pay the most attention to. This is simply how the process works. It is the natural means by which we attract the reality that we experience. In general, these filters serve us. They keep us focused on what we want to experience in our life. But they can also limit us and keep us from experiencing things that might benefit us. As a result, we need to examine our filters on occasion to ensure that they serve us and enhance our life. We are always free to adopt new filters at any time. We decide what matters to us ... no one else.

Beliefs are the garden through which we grow our reality. They filter what we see and what we experience. Indeed, we do grow our own reality. And, we do it through the garden of beliefs that we have accepted over the years. These in turn color everything that we see and experience.

Many people have not tended to their gardens hence they have extensive weeds. Unfortunately, unlike with our gardens at home ... we can't hire someone to pull the weeds. Most people would not even think to tend their belief garden. Indeed, they do not even know that they have one. This is not widely taught information in our society. Also, there don't see to be many people that can pull the weeds that may need pulling. They are highly likely to be there. I have found that Psych-K is particularly helpful in this. So, indeed we can hire someone to help pull out the weeds after all.

A host of forces is employed to ensure that our reality corresponds to our beliefs. Yes, beliefs are that powerful. But, to be a belief, we must be willing to act in accord. Otherwise, we just have fleeting thoughts in our minds. Thoughts only have power when we choose to act in accord with them. The freedom of belief is the greatest freedom that we have. It is one freedom that cannot be taken from us. We don't have to do everything. Indeed, if we get our beliefs in order, there are a host of other than conscious forces employed to implement what we believe. Though, action is critical. If we are not willing to act in accord with our thoughts and beliefs, we really do not believe at all. Because of its power in creating the reality we experience; the freedom of belief is more important than any others freedom that we have.

Feel free to consider the realm of beliefs as a playground. Believe firmly while you believe, but evaluate utility often, and be willing to change beliefs frequently should you encounter more promising ones. Play with your beliefs. Determine which ones serve you are others. Change those with limited utility to something that better serves you and others. Don't be afraid of change. You can always change again as many times as you need to. Remember, you are as a kid in a playground. So play.

Everything is as it is for a reason. It is perfectly reflecting our beliefs about what reality should be both individually and collectively. There is an order to the universe. There is a reason that things are as they are. They are exactly what we have created them to be via our individual and collective beliefs.

One way or another we will experience the reality that is right for us to experience. Generally, this comes from our belief systems. So, it behooves us to get these in order. We will know when they are right because they will feel right. Whatever we experience is right for us at some level. Our belief systems and the nature of reality creation assure this. One major control we have over the process is our belief systems. So, we need to get these beliefs right. We will know that they are right by how they feel to us. It also helps to believe that there are no beliefs that are hidden from us, no beliefs that we can't access consciously.

I care not about being consistent in my beliefs or my expression. What matters ultimately is utility. Do our beliefs and actions serve us and others. If so, we are living a "spiritual" life. That is all that can be asked of anyone. Consistency is not a prerequisite for doing this work. At one time, I thought that inconsistencies were signs of conflicting beliefs, and I thought these were to be avoided at all costs. But anymore, that does not seem to matter. Only utility matters. Only service matters. And such is how we live a spiritual life. Further, a spiritual life is the highest life that we could life.

When we work in general, entire areas of our reality can be changed in one fell swoop. Here, we deal primarily with the core beliefs upon which the rest of our beliefs are founded. When we change core beliefs, entire structures of beliefs can be impacted at once. We can work with specific beliefs or more general ones. The general ones are core beliefs. Whole structures of beliefs are typically attached to core beliefs. An example of a core belief might be "I am not good enough". There could be many specific beliefs justified by particular experiences linked to this one. If we can fix the core belief by removing the "not" and instilling new supporting legs, the old belief structure corresponding to this will naturally go away. Sometimes it takes some help to shakeup the old beliefs,


Choices are our means of telling the universe what is important to us and what we care to experience. They go hand in hand with beliefs and can lead to actions. Choices always have consequences. Sometimes the consequences are immediate and we get direct feedback on our choices. More often, the feedback path is far subtler. There is a lengthy time lag involved and the number of choices that have been made in the interim make it difficult, if not impossible, to associate the choices with the consequences. One set of choices that we make is what we believe. Another set of choices that we make is what we do.

We have the power to make our lives into anything that we want them to be. But, how do we decide what that would be for us? We have an awesome power in our minds. It all comes down to making the right choices. But, how do we decide what we want? How do we decide what we choose to be and choose to experience?

Why can I not just choose to be happy and be so? Is that not what reality creation is all about? Then why did the framers of the Constitution declare that the pursuit of happiness was an inalienable right. They did not say achievement of happiness, only its pursuit. And, what does a right to pursue something really grant to us? Happiness has been elusive to me for much of my life. It seems that it should be something that I am able to choose to experience as part of my reality. But, I have not found that to be so. Inalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken away. But, in the Constitution, this only applies to the pursuit, not the achievement. It is as if the Founding Fathers somehow knew that they could not make happiness itself a right of all of us.

I haven't been too concerned about making things happen, or about imposing my will to force them to happen. Though, it seems that in failing to do so, I have kept one of the major tools in my arsenal for reality creation in its holster. For the most part, my choice has been to allow things to happen as they will. I thought this was a matter of choosing to resign my will to Thy Will. I was perfectly fine allowing spirit to unfold things in my life as she would. That may or may not have been a good choice. After all, my will is one of the major tools that I have available for creating reality.


Actions are the things that we do. They demonstrate that we truly believe what we say that we believe. Belief without action is no belief at all. Actions are the choices we make of what to do. As such, they have consequences. They cause effects which in turn return to us. The operative quote here is "as you sow, so shall you reap." Yet, we don't necessarily do things to reap things. Sometimes we do things unconditionally ... without regard to receiving anything in return. Also, there is a saying "actions speak louder than words" that applies here. Actions are an important part of our reality. Through actions, we do things and create things. Beliefs may attract things into our reality and may color how we interpret things ... but, actions do things. It is in the doing that we experience.

Ultimately it is not our beliefs but our actions that have the most impact. Yes, what we do makes all the difference. This highlights the importance of actions over beliefs. Indeed, it is so. It is what we do that matters most. It is what we do that creates what we experience. The only thing that might be more powerful that this is what we are being.

I don't have to make anything happen one way or another. It is not me that is doing anything ... it is her. It is always her. Though, I have my part to play in how I experience my reality. This may or may not be in line with her characteristics. Here, her refers to spirit. In my life, this is true. I have no sense of needing to make anything happen on my own. I did for about 1.5 years but was unsuccessful so I gave up. Ultimately, I realized that I can allow my life to unfold as it will. What matters is not what I need to experience but what she needs to experience and do through me. I can accept whatever that is. Further, spirit is not alone in this. I have my role to play. I willingly play it as it is revealed to me. By that, I mean that I do the things that I am moved by spirit to do.

If you don't like something in your life ... it is for you to do something to change it. Being dissatisfied is not enough. Neither is being unhappy. There are many dissatisfied and unhappy people. Change always comes down to doing something ... , doing something different. Dissatisfaction can drive us to action, but it is not enough. Nor is unhappiness.

Do that which you love! Such is the directive of spirit. No fine print. No exceptions. And, do it now -- and always. Once you are given the knowingness, you cannot fall back into ignorance. Thy destiny must be manifest. For, the fate of the world is intertwined with the destiny of everyone. Each of you has the power to change your world, -- to enhance it in ways that go beyond your wildest imaginings. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference. You are that powerful, for ye are of God -- gods in flesh, the creators of your reality, the masters of your fate! Be happy and create well!

Our best is always good enough. It helps to realize that people are doing the best with what they have always. It is not for us to judge them. We know not what states of consciousness they experience or what reality they face. People are making the best choices of action that they can make within the context of the circumstances that they have attracted to their selves. That the unclear majority are not aware that they have attracted these circumstances or that they are acting in this manner does not matter. It is indeed happening nonetheless.

It is our actions that truly demonstrate our intent. It is not what we say that matters, it is what we do. Though, we should be true to what we say as well. Our actions demonstrate what truly matters to us. What we do is far more telling than what we say. Unfortunately, too many of us pay lip-service to what we say. That is not as it should be. Indeed, we should honor what we say as well. That is not difficult. It is a matter of aligning our self with our own truth.


Desires are thoughts and beliefs about the things and experiences that we would like to have in our life. They may be anything that means something to us. Typically, they address the question: what do I want. It seems that they don't work as well for those focused on the question: who are you. We can desire anything that we like. Whether it will manifest in our life seems to be dependent on whether we feel worthy of it and what we do to demonstrate that worthiness. Desires are our opportunity to tell the universe what we truly want to experience in our life.


Reality is subjective. It is intimately dependent on our experience of it. There is no objective reality that is independent of the experiencer. There simply cannot be. That is simply not how things work. We are intimately tied to what we experience and vice-versa. It is only recently that your scientists have started to realize this. But, even they still have far to go. There can be by reality that is separate or independent of the experiencer. This changes everything, This is truly a paradigm shift of a major order. Also, it means that each person, each experiencer has a different reality. In many cases, not a lot different. In some cases, very different.

But, there are many focuses through which consciousness sees and experiences "reality". We are each one of those focuses, one of the facets of the diamond of consciousness. Each of us is such a unique focus. And, we are facets of the same consciousness. Each facet sparkles. But, together we truly sparkle. It is not yet clear whether the jump is from the individual focus to the collective focus or whether there are one or more levels in between. Regardless, we can focus our consciousness on a greater reality that we are individually.

Is there a reality that is out there that is independent of the observer? In the same respect, is there a reality within that is independent of the observer? My sense is that the answer to both questions is no. Subjective reality is all there is, period. We can try to think objectively, but it is not clear that we can ever be successful doing this. It seems that objective reality, either inner or outer, is a farce. It simply cannot exist. Without our participation, reality does not exist. That is just how it is. Everything is subjective. It can be no other way. No, not everyone believes this way. Indeed, most do not. However, how many believe does not really matter. It does not change the truth.

We have objective reality and subjective reality. Both are important ... neither is superior to the other. Integrated beings operate with a balance of both ... though the mix in that balance may vary greatly from one individual to another. This seems to contradict the prior passage. But some things do seem to happen independent of us. While other things seem to be directly dependent on us. The first category is objective. The latter are subjective. Though even here, it is not clear that what is objective truly is objective. Though, there are many disciplines, especially in the sciences and medicine, which harbor an objective mentality.

There is no objective reality. That is why science doesn't ultimately lead us to spiritual truth. That does not mean that it doesn't have its place. Another seemingly contradictory statement. Here, the focus is on science and spiritual proof. The implication is that since there is no objective reality, science focusing on such, can ultimately not find spiritual truth. That is not to say that science has no value. Indeed, it does ... it has been responsible for many changes in the world, especially over the past century.

Life is a subjective experience, and consciousness is the engine that animates all life, all reality for that matter. We can take a leap from this and say that consciousness is subjective as well. And indeed, it is. It could be no other way. Consciousness imbues every part of reality with who she is. To be objective, one must be separated from. However, consciousness is always present within. She is the opposite of being objective.

I don't believe that there is anything that is the reality. From what I can tell, reality is the subjective phenomenon that an aware being experiences. There is nothing that is "the reality". Each aware being experiences a reality that is all its own. This reality will have intersection points with the reality of others. In fact, in some cases there may even be overlap zones. That doesn't change the fact that reality is subjective. Each of us experience the reality that we do.

Reality is subjective. The whole process of reality creation is subjective. It is not clear that the sciences will ever offer us answers in these domains. These are the domains of the spiritual. The sciences are primarily objectives disciplines. As such they are of limited utility in evaluating and explaining subjective reality. For this we need to turn to spiritual domains ... to domains at home with the subjective.


For the most part, what we experience is our reality. Yet we are more than our experiences. We are the aware beings who experience these experiences. Yet, what we see, feel, hear, taste, smell ... even what we intuit are experiences. Indeed, even states of consciousness and states of being are experiences. Indeed, all of this comprises our reality. It is hard to imagine their being anything else.

Where we place our attention ... we find our reality. Attention is the key. Where we focus our attention, we attract the very reality that is ours to experience. But this is not the same. The first sentence had more of a sense of fate. Though, at the same time it suggests that if we but our attention in a different place, we would indeed find a different reality.

Everything that we experience is drawn into our lives by us, no fine print, no exceptions. There are no external forces controlling or even influencing our lives. We create it all ... everything that we experience in our lives. This is true without exception, always. It is high time that we realized this and started to act in accord with it.

BE HERE NOW, beyond mind, beyond imagination, beyond everything. Everything happens in the present moment where we are now. We need to be in that precious space and moment. Furthermore, we need to go beyond mind, beyond imagination, beyond everything to experience the true being that we are. This being is our true reality. Everything else is a limitation.

I know firsthand that the reality that we experience is being orchestrated by us behind the scenes. My interactions with others over the course of the past three weeks have demonstrated that. But, I have no proof, only the experience of synchronicities everywhere that I was moved to look. There have been many times over the past 16 years when I knew that my reality was being orchestrated behind the scenes. There were too many synchronicities to accept any other explanation. Things that are normally random occurrences were not random ... not even close. For me, much of this reveals itself in numbers and license plates. The same numbers or related numbers keep popping up. Further, they are always number that mean something special to me. Perhaps it is a matter of seeing what I am looking for. Perhaps that is the case ... but it does not seem to be.

We are each unique expressions of the one consciousness, and it is for us to experience reality in the way that is right for us. It is not for us to judge our experience against that of another. The only issue is: are we being the best that we can be and fully expressing all that we are. We each experience reality in a way that is unique to us, in a way that is right for us. Our experience is our own. It is not meant to be compared against that of another. If there is to be any judgment is is our own in judging what we have done against what we could have done or judging what we are being against what we could be being ... or what we were created to be, if indeed we know what that is.

It seems that what we normally experience as reality is not that. We've been through such belief quakes before ... but it seems that this one may be far more severe than any that have preceded it. Experiencing something makes that thing experienced. It does not necessarily make it real. Belief quakes are major events that shake up our belief systems. Usually, they expose one or more of our core beliefs as being flawed or even downright wrong. They force us to regroup and come up with something more suited to what we now know as reality. In general, we learn and are better off for the belief quake experience. However sometimes this can be difficult to do. Sometimes we get stuck where we are and cannot find our way out. That is OK. Ultimately, we will attract the appropriate experiences to grow.

The world that we experience, the reality that we experience, is one of our own making. It has always been thus. If we want to see more and experience more, we need to open our belief systems to allow this moreness to manifest in our lives. Our experience is of our own making. That is the only way that it can be. To experience more, we must alter our belief systems so that we are deserving of manifesting more. Further, it seems that we must decide what we want to experience. We must believe that it is possible, even likely for us.

We are ever evolving into greater concepts of ourselves. As our concepts change, our experiences change ... and hence our reality changes. Everything evolves. We evolve into our concepts of who we truly are. When we change these concepts, we change the experiences that we attract. As we do this, the reality that we experience changes as well.

I am open for my reality to unfold as it will and as it must. I am grateful for being in my shoes, for being able to witness and experience what I do in my life. One way to choose to live is to allow our reality to unfold as it will. This puts our trust in spirit since it is her doing the unfolding in this case, not us. It helps to have an attitude of gratitude for however we presently experience our reality. Unless we appreciate what we already have, there is little likelihood that things will evolve to allow us to receive more.

Whether the world is as I perceive it is a matter for philosophy. My reality is clearly as I perceive it ... but this can change in an instant if I decide to see the world in a different light. What we perceive is what is real to us. Whether that accurately reflects the world or not does not matter. What does matter is our power to change our perception at any time. All that it takes is the decision to perceive the world differently ... to see the world in a different light. In this case, our perception is everything. Yet, at the same time we know that it is not. There is perception and there is truth. Sometimes the two are in synch, often they are not.

Why does reality appear to unfold in time in the way that it does? The perception of something makes it experienced but does not make it real. Our reality appears to unfold in time. We do not know why. That is simply how it is. Though, we also know that perceiving or experiencing something does not necessarily make it real. Yet our experiences count for something nonetheless. They are the "reality" that we experience. Whether they are the ultimate reality for us does not seem to matter.

We experience what we are ready to experience. That readiness comes from an inheritance from past lives, and from our efforts at knowing ourselves in this lifetime. Readiness is the test of whether it is time for us to experience something. Though the readiness may come from unusual places. It may come as something we inherit from prior lives ... a spiritual inheritance of sorts. Or. it may come as a reward for our efforts to know ourselves. Such efforts are always rewarded.

The universe is funny like that. She reflects to us what we choose to see and no more. It is for us to choose to see more to change what we experience. What we experience reflects what we choose to see. To change that experience, we must do something ... we have to choose to see more.

This is not a popularity contest. I am a unique being. It is OK for me to experience my reality in a unique way. And what works for me can work for anyone. Spoken like a true hermit. Though we are each unique a being experiencing our reality in a unique way. It is not about numbers or popularity. No, it is not that way at all. It is about it being OK to experience our reality in whatever way we do. It is also OK to change that reality in any way that we choose.

I have no evidence that others see things in the way that I do. If fact, everything that I have seen suggests that my experience of reality is unique. Though, it seems that this is something true for all of us. I live a very solitary life. There are not many opportunities for such evidence to enter my awareness. Though, from what limited information I do become aware of, there is no evidence that others see things in a similar manner to the way that I do ... for the most part, not even close. I have to wonder if what is true for me is also true for others ... whether their experience of reality is unique as well. I strongly suspect that it is.


The meaning that we place on things and experiences is often more important that the experiences themselves. It seems that what happens happens, but the meaning that we assign to that is our choice. In assigning a different meaning, we effectively create a different reality. And, it literally is different ... noticeably different. As a result, meaning is everything. OK, perhaps not everything, but it is highly important.

I am making connections between things all the time. Is this not a form of re-membering, of connecting pieces in the fabric of reality together? Our reality is highly interconnected. We all notice these connections at times. Some notice them more than others, and some notice more connections than others. It is as if when we do this, we are remembering how connected we are to the web ... to the very fabric of reality. It is for us to see these connections for what they are. In many cases they are connections to parts of ourselves that we have forgotten. It is time to re-member once again.

The fabric of reality is rich with meaning. It is up to us to decide which sections and patterns to focus upon ... and then to determine what meaning to apply to what we find. There is a fabric of reality. Every part of that fabric is rich with meaning. We have a choice as to which parts of the fabric to focus upon and then to assign whatever meaning we would apply. We do this all of the time. Though most of the time this occurs on other than conscious levels. It doesn't have to be. That is simply the way it happens most of the time. It is our choice however. We are free to choose to make the process more conscious.

Reality is as I create it primarily through interpreting my experience. The inputs are as they are, it's the interpretation and reaction that make all the difference. The interpretation is everything. Experiences happen in our life. That is simply how life is. But we are free to interpret what they mean and to react to them as we will. This makes reality a participatory process, one that we can control to the degree that we want. One might think not choosing our experience is limiting. But, there are so many factors that contribute to what we experience, it is hard to know the degree to which our choice plays a role. Interpretation is a different matter. That is solely ours.

Everything comes down to meaning, the meaning of experiences in our lives. Our inner world thrives on such meaning. We constantly evaluate what the things, events, and experiences in our lives represent. What do they really mean? On the one hand reality involves what something is. On the other hand, reality involves what something means. The meaning associated with experience is highly important. Though, reality seems to have at least two components ... what something is and what something means. Meaning primarily caters to our inner world. It is there that our emotional reality is present. Though, our spiritual reality is found there as well.

It is not what happens that matters. It is the meaning that we assign to it that makes all the difference. And even then, what is most important is what we know as a result. Things happen. Often what happens is not important, rather, it is the meaning that we assign. Yet, often, even that is not enough ... it is the lessons that we learn as a result, what we come to know of our self that is truly what matters.

When we change the meaning, we effectively change the experience and the reality. It is that simple. The process of assigning meaning to things, events, symbols, etc. ... is that powerful. Meaning is everything. When we do something to change the meaning of an experience, that experience literally changes. It becomes something different than it was. The power over the process of assigning meaning is sufficient to make us a master of reality. Though, it doesn't give us the freedom to create any reality we would prefer. That seems to require more than interpretation.

Often it is not what happens that is important ... it is the meaning that we assign to what happens. This is always a choice. You might even say it is the biggest choice that we make. Often, this choice results in how we feel about the experience and determines what actions we take in response. Some themes are common here. They were selected from over 14 years of musings. In this case, once again the importance of meaning over what happens is emphasized. No matter what happens ... this is always our choice. The resulting feelings from the interpretation do indeed often govern our response. Experience - Meaning - Reaction is a useful way to live. Many seem to neglect the choice of meaning and express Experience - Reaction instead. That is a choice, but not an enlightened choice, not a responsive choice. Though, we would go a step further and suggest Create - Experience - Meaning - Response is the more optimal way to live.

At several times in my life since 1993, nearly every number that entered my awareness conveyed meaning. Of course, I was highly manic at those times. But, literally the world that I experienced, the reality that I experienced, was different. I wasn't living in the consensus world. For that matter, it didn't appear that anyone else was living in my world. This has softened quite a bit. I still notice the meaning of numbers on occasion ... but it doesn't carry me away to extremes anymore. You might say that my reality has been a bit strange at times over the years ... perhaps even a lot strange. I seem to see things in the numbers in my life that others do not see. As far as I could tell from my limited exposure to others my world is indeed unique. I have yet to find anyone who comes close to speaking in the same language. That might be enough for me to think that I might be crazy. But, from everything that I can tell, I am still sane.

Numbers and symbol systems blend and merge in my reality. Somehow, they are real to me. And, the process of making the connections between things and performing any manipulations is driven by inspiration. This passage is offered to show that using symbol systems as part of your reality is perfectly fine. Though my formal education is in math, science, and engineering ... I am perfectly comfortable with numerology, astrology, and other intuitive arts. Further, I have discovered ways to manipulate and interpret numbers that are beyond anything that I was ever taught. I have let spirit herself guide me to the meaning that I find.

There is a spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of the physical world. There may be several such worlds since many symbol systems are mapped onto the same elements. That is OK. All such systems are valid from their own perspective. Yes, that means there are many spiritual worlds. Symbol systems characterize a hidden spiritual world, or perhaps multiple such worlds since the symbols typically have meaning on multiple levels. All such systems are valid. All such systems are real. And, indeed there are multiple such systems. We have only to open our eyes and our minds to see them.

You could say that symbols and messages from consciousness constitute the bulk of my reality. So much so, that I am not of this world, or nearly not in this world. I spend an average of between 3 and 4 hours per day expressing what consciousness would express through me and a significant amount of time on top of that processing what is expressed. That is the bulk of my reality. No, it is not the bulk of my time. But, I live primarily in a spiritual world. And, it seems that I am close to being not in this world. Perhaps that is not such a good thing. Perhaps you need to be HERE to play the reality game ... to participate in the process of reality creation.


Awareness is extremely important to the reality that we experience. We can be aware of ourselves, others, and the world in which we live on many levels. At the very least, we have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels or components within us of which we are aware to varying degrees. Further, our levels of awareness vary greatly ... even from moment to moment but over the course of a day, week, month, or year. I have heard that our level of awareness is the one thing that we get to keep from incarnation to incarnation. I believe that is true ... but I don't have sufficient experiences to verify that. Also, this awareness doesn't seem to come to us when we are born. Rather, it comes to us through an inheritance process. For me, that did not occur until nearly 17 years ago, near the end of my 34th year. I have not been the same since. And, once the process started, it continued to impact me to this very day.

What we must desire is to awaken. Then, we will be beyond dreaming. But, what will our experience be then? How will it differ from what we presently experience? At this point, I do not know, at least not consciously. But, we are already that. It is a matter of realizing it, of making it real for us. Many of us are still slumbering. I include myself in that, at least on occasion. But, it is time to awaken. It is time to go beyond dreaming to whatever we would make real for us. We may not consciously know how that will be different from our present experience. That doesn't matter. We are already what we are. It is simply a matter of owning that.

Being and being aware are co-created. Humans however have permitted a difference between conscious awareness and overall awareness. This permits a reality to be experienced that could not exist without this level of information hiding. Our beingness and our awareness go hand in hand. They were created together. You might find that hard to believe if you accept a Darwinian world view and believe that we evolved over the course of millions of years from mammals which appear to have limited awareness at best. Yet, awareness is not a characteristic that appeared by chance. It is not as if humans spontaneously started to be aware. Hmm ... though is that not how it was for me. For nearly 35 years it was as if I was in a dimly lit room. Then suddenly, there I was with the full light of consciousness upon me and within me. Perhaps I was aware all along, only not consciously aware. But, that seems to defeat the purpose.

Ever increasing awareness is the name of the game. We do this by finding our limits and breaking through them into a new awareness of reality. We strive to increase our awareness as much as we can. That is what the reality game is all about. Yes, we can create some things and experiences in the process. But, the greatest progress is made by finding our limits and overcoming them. As we do this we experience a whole new level of reality. In the end it is the awareness that counts.

Here, we have a consciousness revealing its awareness of the reality it experiences in Realtime on a regular basis for several hours per day. That makes for an impressive record ... a record that can be shared and used to move others ... a record that can enable others to experience a whole new way of seeing things. What you see here and in the Beyond Imagination works is a record of consciousness revealing things about my reality through me. Our hope in doing this is to capture what we felt, what we saw, and what we experienced in a way that can be of benefit to others. While we believe that we are unique in this regard ... we also believe that there are sufficient similarities that others can at least relate to our journey.

It is difficult to remember what my life was like before this expression. Clearly that was a time of spiritual rebirth for me. I awoke to a state of awareness that I had never experienced before ... a state of awareness which once experienced forever alters one's outlook on life and on reality. My life is split into two parts ... BBI = Before Beyond Imagination and DBI = During Beyond Imagination. I don't yet know if there will be another part ... PBI = Post Beyond Imagination. I can still clearly remember my state of awareness changing dramatically in those days as if it were yesterday. Literally everything changed. I was no longer who I was. And, I knew that I could never go back ... not that I have ever wanted to.

My awareness expands each time consciousness expresses through me ... especially when something new is expressed. I'm ever having to expand my concepts of reality and reality creation to account for what this expression brings into my life. Consciousness and awareness go hand in hand. When consciousness expresses something new through me, I must adjust my reality frameworks to account for that expression ... to account for my experience as a result of that expression.

I sit inside my head in full awareness of it all, seeing reality unfold before the eyes of this vessel for consciousness that I occupy. I am not what I see, yet at the same time what I see is an intimate reflection of me. I love passages such as this. They are almost poetic in expressing grand truths. For the most part, my awareness is indeed inside my head. From my vantage point, reality does unfold before my eyes. I have little conscious awareness of creating it. Also, I am indeed the occupant of this vessel for consciousness. I see what I see, and I know it is not me ... but I also know that it is my reflection, and an intimate one at that.

I can think when necessary, but awareness lies beyond thought. Similarly, the true reality lies Beyond Imagination. It is by far more intriguing, interesting, and complex than anything that we can imagine. Thought is a tool. But, there is far more to awareness than thought can ever reach. Similarly, our reality lies far beyond anything that we can imagine.

Our reality can extend beyond our thoughts and feelings to whom that we are, to the beingness that we are, to that which is beyond all form and substance. Many times, we allow our thoughts and feelings to limit us. But our reality can extend far beyond that reaching the very depths of who we are. This is beyond form ... and beyond substance. Yet, it exists and is real nonetheless. It possesses an identity and is aware of its role in the collective ... its interconnectivity to the web of life.

However, it is easy to get lost and forget who we truly are. Further, the education system for the most part does not help us to remember. I don't remember a single course that taught me anything about beliefs, belief management, the nature of consciousness, the nature of reality, or reality creation. Yet, I would consider these to be extremely important to everyone. These topics deal with the core of how we manifest our reality. What could possibly be more important?

We must drop the shackles that restrain us, and move toward our own enlightenment. We do this by noticing that we are the observer of the drama of our life, that we are the creator and experiencer of that drama which constitutes our reality. We do this by realizing that there is nothing that we need to do or to learn to be. We are free to drop our shackles at any time. Our enlightenment will only come to us if we seek it. It helps to associate with being the observer and the creator and experiencer of our reality. That gives us the freedom to focus on the things that are most important. What ultimately matters is being. We don't need to do anything or learn anything to be. The most important thing to be is who we truly are ... who we were created to be.

We are eternal, immortal, omnipotent and omnipresent. We have always been such. It is a matter of remembering whom that we truly are, and not being so focused on the limitation within the present illusion we call reality. Big words for a big concept. But, that does not make them any less correct. Though most of us have a hard time remembering that this is the spiritual heritage that we come from. This is who we truly are. Though, to realize it we have to loosen our grips on the illusion for a while.

Everything is god stuff, and God exists beyond the duality and multiplicity that we experience as "reality". There is no good or bad. There simply IS. However, we have free will. We can choose what we prefer both individually and collectively. It is these preferences that result in the collective world that we experience. Where duality is, God is not. But there is an easy way to change duality into something less confining. We can think of gradations of a quality. For instance, rather than hot/cold we can think of an infinite gradation of hot. Rather than light/dark we can think of an infinite gradation of light. Rather than good/evil we can think of an infinite gradation of good. These things we can make unipolar ... with what used to be their opposite being an extreme. Another point from this passage deals with the is-ness of things. Things simply are as they are. There need be no reason for that.

No matter how grandiose our thoughts of whom we are and what we can do, these pale in comparison to our true nature and reality. We truly are grand beings and we are here to do grand things. This came through during a time when I was flying high in consciousness. But, I believe it to be true universally. We are grand beings, one and all ... and we are meant to do grand things, things that literally blow us away. It is a matter of allowing who we truly are to come out and play.

We are meant to be and express whom that we are, in our full glory. We are grand beings, we truly are. We are gods in flesh, creating the very reality that we experience. Another passage reflecting just how grand and glorious we are. This time we go so far as to literally state that we are gods in flesh. And what do gods do ... they create reality.

I AM. I AM ALL THAT IS. This is not your understanding of yourself. And, it can never be for you are a part of me, a viewpoint within my vast consciousness. That doesn't mean that your reality is limited ... it is just that the whole is always greater than any collection of parts. I gave you consciousness and free will as to how you align that consciousness. This was one of few passages in the Beyond Imagination expression that was expressed as if we were God speaking to Wayne. In particular, I cannot say I AM ALL THAT IS. My reality is that I am an infinitesimal part of that. The important point seems to be the gifts of consciousness and free will. That it is within our power to align our consciousness as we will. We can choose to align our consciousness with the characteristics of God, or we can choose not to. It is our choice. Our choice in turn determines what we experience.

In reality, I already AM everything that I could possibly BE. It is only a matter of rediscovering or remembering what it is that I feel that I am not. This is an interesting realization. There is no becoming, there is only being. Everything we could possibly be we already are. We only must remember what we are.

Yes, I still experience an individual existence, but I KNOW this to be the ILLUSION, not the reality. I will experience it only so long as I must, so long as it serves my evolution in awareness ... so long as it serves SPIRIT to express through me in this manner. As far as I know, most of us experience individual existences. But, there can only be ONE. So, this must be the illusion. Yet, the illusion has a purpose. It serves us in some way. It allows us to evolve in awareness. It allows us to serve spirit in the ways that we do. The bottom line is that everything has utility, even the illusion ... perhaps especially the illusion.

Through all of my mental excursions, I am aware of what I am experiencing. My reality becomes more immediate and intuition based, and far less rational. There is a sense of being more of a part of the universe, and being aware of more. Here, we refer to mental excursions that involve soaring in consciousness. These may or may not be directly attributable to my bipolar condition. However, if they are, they do not stop despite the medications that I take daily. Throughout it all, I am aware. One thing that has noticeably changed is the immediacy of my experience. Another is that I am far less rational and far more intuitive. I have learned that I can trust the source within.

We live in a miraculous realm where we possess the power to create the reality that we experience. That most of us don't realize that we are doing this is a failure of our religions and educational system. If you are not living in such a realm, it is not your fault. Neither our religions nor our educational systems have done right by us in this regard. They did their best under the constraints that were imposed on them but this is not good enough. For, just as for us, they choose their own constraints. They were free to change them at any time. Not only are miracles possible ... they happen all the time. We have only to adjust our sight to see them. Life is a miracle. This very expression is a miracle.

Everything in your life is a mirror reflection of you. Everything that you see in the world is you being reflected off of that thing. That is literally all that you can see. That is what you create in your reality. If it doesn't reflect you in some way, it simply doesn't exist in your world. You choose to pay no attention to it. You can only see YOU. What you give out is what is reflected to you. Everything is a mirror. You are the only light source that you can detect in the mirrors that you see. Unless something has some characteristic of you, you simply do not experience it in your reality.

The world is a mirrored reflection of yourself. What you find in the world has its corresponding reality within you. What you find inside of you has its corresponding reality in your world. This takes the premise one step further. Not only does what we find in the world reflect a reality inside of us ... but, what we find inside of us must somehow be real in our world. As within, so without. But also, as without, so within. It works both ways. Ultimately, it matters not whether we are an extrovert, an introvert, or anything in between. We all have a place to go to find who we are.

As your awareness changes, examine your world to see what new powers of reality creation that you now possess. Don't rely on what has worked in the past and don't expect consciousness to always be feeding you your lines. Awareness changes bring new powers with them. But, they are typically not more of the same. They are things that we must explore to find. Most of us tend to rely on what has worked for us before. But, consciousness is not like that. She ever expands her repertoire and gives us new gifts, talents, and abilities to work with. Often the changes are subtle. But, sometimes they are huge. We need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.

My sense is that there is a wave of beings that are about to become fully aware and then be unleashed to do their works among the world. This is my sense of the current state of reality that there are beings that are ready to become fully aware, and that as they do so they will burst forth to do the specific works that are theirs to do. My sense is that these are works that ultimately serve all or us ... that ultimately serve the whole world.

This will free people to live peacefully, creatively, and abundantly while they continue to learn their lessons. Physical reality will be the true wonder it was meant to be on this jewel of a planet called Earth. This is the goal. My only hope is that it will arrive within my lifetime. But, even if it doesn't I would have liked to say that I was part of this and that the Beyond Imagination expression is my contribution. Though, that does not seem to be enough. Right now, personally I live peacefully, creatively, and even abundantly if you assess abundance based on the volume of expression that is produced. Though, I wonder how many people would make the same assessment. In the current times, it seems that it would be a minority, perhaps a relatively small minority.

We engage in the process of separating what is not I from what is I. Ever in search of the true self, we forge on, creating and observing our reality along the way. Yes, we create our own experience, every bit of it, no fine print, no exceptions. And, we do it whether we are aware of doing it or not. To know our self, this is our task ... to separate what is not I from what is I. We continue to search for whom that we truly are ... whom that we were created to be. Our backdrop as we do this is our reality, the very reality that we are creating. The mystery is that we do this regardless of being aware of not. Though, why should that surprise us? There are many things that we do without being aware of how. Take something as simple as speaking. We know not how we will end a sentence when we begin it. That is true of this expression as well. At most, the voice in my head is a few words ahead of what my fingers are typing.


Purpose explains why we are here ... what we came to this incarnation to do. Who am I to presume to know that? I only know what I have been moved to bring forth over the years. And, I only know that because I have an electronic record of it. The bottom line is that we are here to be who we are and to do what we are moved to do as a result. No one can tell you who you are. Though there are many intuitives who can tell you something about yourself. Most of the time it is somewhat general information, but even that can help at times. In case you are wondering, my purpose is: to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. It just came to me 16 years ago when I was 35, during a spiritual awakening. It still feels right somehow. Right enough that I believe that I am meant to team with at least a dozen others to do it. At this point, it does not matter whether I consciously know how to do it or not. Spirit knows. And, for the most part, our purpose involves the work that spirit would do through us. Not all of the time, but most of the time. Then again, how would I know that either? Perhaps the purpose of many is simply to live a good life, a happy life ... or whatever kind of life most appeals to them.

Life is a place for creatively expressing and for learning whatever we need to know. Our souls know what this is and attract the reality that is appropriate to make it happen. Creatively expressing and learning are two very worthwhile endeavors. Indeed, our souls are precisely in a position to bring forth the reality that allows us to do this.

Yours is not to be a master of this world. It is another world that you are helping to manifest. This world will be tantamount to a utopia on Earth. You have chosen a present moment in which dreams are to become reality. Many have created the ideals and worked out the details for manifesting them. But these are all as castles in the air. They require foundations to bring them down to Earth. This seems to get more into how I will do what I must do. These are the same foundations we spoke of earlier. Castles in the air are necessary but they are not sufficient. We need to somehow bring the castles down to earth. Moving the castles may or may not be possible. The other alternative is to create foundations under the castles. I still believe the present moment is the right moment for this to occur. Though, it has be an extended present ... one that has literally taken years, perhaps over a decade.

Express whom that you are. Manifest the destiny that is yours to manifest. Make your mark on the world. Do something, anything that makes a difference. Make sure that you leave the world a better place for your having lived. That is what ultimately counts in life. Did our life make a difference ... preferable a big difference, but a substantial difference will do? Make your reality count by beneficially influencing the reality of others in some way. Your expression is the most intimate part of your reality, it is where you touch your world. When you make a difference, that difference is always reflected to you ... always. How you live and what you do are some of the biggest choices that you must make. Choose well. You can be self-giving or selfish. Clearly, we would advise the former, though it seems that we are not one to always take our own advice.

Remember, the purpose is always to allow your reality to mirror your beliefs. Here, we are speaking of the more universal purpose. And that is more of a law than a purpose. Your reality allows mirrors your beliefs. It is the very out picturing of your beliefs. Though, the out picturing is true ... reflecting the perfection as well as the imperfections in the beliefs.


This category is a hodgepodge of statements about reality that I wanted to include but did not really seem to fit into any other category. Hopefully, you will find it useful. For, in the end, utility is all that matters.

My reality reflects what I have been asking for and expecting in my life. It reveals my deepest desires made flesh. What does that tell you about me? What does that tell you about yourself? This communication is a shared part of our joint reality. We get what we ask for. We get what we expect. We are our desires made flesh. If you've read this far, you have learned quite a bit about my reality. But you have also learned a lot about your own. This expression is now something that we have shared, something that we have in common. Hopefully, it has revealed that you are far more than you ever knew that you were. That is my hope anyway. I still have a strong desire to make a difference somehow. This expression happens to be my way of doing that.

We take great strides to give the appearance that we are in control of our lives. But, for most of us ... that is a front, not reality. Being in control is generally a farce. We may fool ourselves into thinking that we are in control ... but life is far too complex for that. We are ever presented with circumstances to which we must adapt. Generally, we can handle these. Sometimes we are not. Being in control is not a requirement for living ... it is not a requirement at all. If anything is a requirement, it is being able to deal with uncertainty. That is something that we face every day.

Beingness is far more important than any foundations or any worlds built upon those foundations. That doesn't lessen the importance of foundations and worlds, it just puts them in their rightful place. And that, primarily is within the illusion that we call reality. Beingness is more important than anything ... that includes carrying out my purpose. Our purpose typically involves doing something, making a difference in some way. But being beats doing every time. It is not even close. Focus on what you are being and you will attract the reality that is right for you to experience. It may also be the reality that you desire ... but, there is no guarantee of that.

To date, I still have not met another bipolar person who experiences reality in the way that I do. Actually, another person period. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places. Perhaps this is true for everyone, but somehow, I doubt that. Can the way that I think be so unusual that I am unique in how I experience reality? How much of this is due to being bipolar? What would happen if I allowed the full force of my bipolarness to be expressed without any medication of any type? Could I handle it? Would I be able to function? I have to wonder. What could I do with the full force of spirit coursing through my veins ... coursing through my mind?

Bipolar is not an illness or a dis-ease for me. Though, I have had times where functioning in consensus reality was difficult to say the least, I always felt that during such times I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening. Being bipolar is simply something that I am. It is something that I have been for over 16 years. During that time, there have been several times when it was difficult to stay focused enough to function in consensus reality. I was more involved with the reality that was playing out in my mind. Even to this day, looking back I still believe that I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening. Indeed, I know that I was.

We are all complex information systems. How we transform inputs into outputs is what distinguishes us from others and makes us unique. Even with the same education and training, individuals will behave differently. They will experience reality differently. As a writer, this is particularly meaningful. Nearly everything that I do that really matters to me involves information. Though, I would deal with information on my own terms. Primarily, I deal with that here. Though, I know not what the inputs are that drive me and I know not how these inputs are transformed into the outputs of this expression. That just happens magically. In this regard, we are all unique.

Those who I am meant to cross paths with will somehow find me or I will find them. That is how reality creation works. Until then, the best that I can do is to do what I am moved by spirit to do. I have lived a solitary life for the most part. Though, I have always believed that my path will someday cross the paths of others. All that I can do in the meantime is wait and do whatever I am moved to do by spirit. How do I know that it is spirit doing the moving? Because she is the only one that can do so anymore.

When we look closely at it, we find that we have far more free time than we might have thought. It is a matter of how we choose to spend that time. Ultimately, this is what determines what we accomplish with our lives. Also, this determines how alive, how free, and how happy we are as we create and experience our reality. Our free time is the most important resource that we have. How we spend it to a large degree determines the quality of our life. We can employ it productively or we can squander it. The choice is ours.

Knowing is beyond both mind and heart ... it exists in another realm entirely, though this realm strongly impacts the reality we experience in every other dimension. Knowing is an important part of our reality. Though, often we do not know how we know. Knowing how we know is not nearly as important. It helps when we want to learn something. But, other than that, knowing that we know suffices.

Can our reality be multiplexed? If so, how do we access the other lives that we may be leading simultaneously? Would that be too confusing for us to do? Is that where synchronicities come into play? Is that where some of our direct knowingness comes from? Are these things that we have learned before this existence, or perhaps in parallel existences? Is that where intuition and inspiration come from as well? Or, do these come from consciousness herself? Some passages come forth out of the blue. This happens to be one of them. Yet it contains some interesting ideas nonetheless. I have read many times that all time is simultaneous, that it only appears linear because of the particular way that we have chosen to experience it. Intuition is an inner faculty that we can develop and learn to trust. It can then be relied on to guide our way. Intuition and reason should be equal partners ... but intuition should be the greater of these. I know, many in the world do not believe this. Being rational is extremely important to them. But relying on intuition is not being irrational.

Clearly, I am not normal. I don't believe that I have ever been that. But, I do believe that what I experience as reality will be far more commonplace in the not too distant future. I know that I am not normal ... not even close. In fact, I don't even know what normal is. That is how much I have isolated myself from others. But, nonetheless, I think of myself as a sort of prototype of what could be. There are some things that I do that are quite effective. It seems that these can be shared with others in a way that makes them more effective too. I am willing to do that now in ways that I have never tried before.

Observation is a very powerful tool for reality interpretation and reality creation. Actually, that is not quite right. We really mean "illusion" creation. But, why would we choose to create illusions? Because, that is all that can exist in worlds subject to Matter, Energy, Space, and Time (MEST). Reality is as we observe it to be. Though, at the same time, what we really observe is the illusion. Illusions are where we have the freedom to play. They are not real. We can create them to be whatever we want them to be. We play the reality game because it happens to be the best game in town.

Why is it that we experience reality as we do? How do we know that we see others, even physically, in the same way that they see themselves? One way is by observing whether others see us as we see our self. Interesting questions. Why questions rarely seem to have answers ... at least in my experience. Not that how questions are much better. In this case, we don't know that we see others as they see themselves. We simply can't know. The best we can do is try to observe how they see us and compare that with how we see our self. That at least gives us a point of reference.

I am saying the right words. And, in many cases even doing the right things. However, there is still something missing. I am acting from the perspective of the hermit that I AM. So long as I continue to do this, my reality will be limited to what that perspective allows. If I do it right, that can be a lot. But, a lot is not good enough for me. I know that there is more that I can do, that there is more that I can be. Throughout my life, there has always been something missing. No matter what I have done or how much I have done ... the feeling was the same, there was something missing. And, it is not some little thing. It is big, quite big indeed. Yet I know not what it is. Part of the problem comes from the hermit perspective that I have adopted over the years. There is a sense that it limits me in ways that I now need to overcome. Doing a lot is simply not sufficient anymore. Perhaps it never was.

Plans are foreign to me. They deal with a realm that is far from my reality. Yet, I would create the foundations for a new world. How do I do that without any plans and without applying effort in accord with those plans? For the most part, I live in the moment. Though I do have an overall daily and weekly schedule. I don't consider this to be a plan in any way. I basically block off time for work, for Beyond Imagination, commuting, and for TV and movies. That covers the big recurring activities each week. Even at work, I don't really plan anything. Yes, there are some deadlines at work. But, even these I am relatively spontaneous in executing. Looking at my life from the outside, you might say it was highly structured ... spending the same amount of time on the same types of activities each day and each week. But, nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, we spend roughly three to four hours per day on Beyond Imagination. But every session is different. And, we are only aware of a few words at a time at the most. The whole process of expressing is very much in the moment. Our work is not that much different. We are extremely flexible, basically choosing what we will do in the moment from the myriad of tasks at hand.

We are the playwrights in our own lives whether we know this or not, whether we believe this or not. This is a play in which we act, in which we live our life. But, we are the very playwrights. We fashioned the roles that we play. It matters not whether we believe this, it is true nonetheless.

If you are reading this, it is a part of your reality. You may or may not agree with what is expressed but something brought you here, something brought us together. At this point, it doesn't matter what that was. All that matters is that a communication took place. It doesn't take much to make something a part of your reality. The very act of reading is sufficient. I don't know what brought us together or why you chose to continue to read this far. That doesn't matter, I don't need to know. Though it would be nice to receive feedback as to what you got from reading all of this. Such feedback is necessary to allow us to create works that serve you better.

This expression challenges me to come up with a framework, with a reality construct, that permits this expression and explains how it could come forth in the manner that it does. And, what a challenge that is. My framework, my reality construct is probably already beyond what many might consider to be sane. For over 16 years we have been struggling with the nature of this expression, how it comes forth, and why it comes forth through us. The only answer that we have reached is: it is a mystery. Further, we sense that it may always be such. But, why should that surprise us?

For many, being responsible for creating their own reality is too big of a burden to bear. They would rather have someone else to blame for their troubles. Can we really live in a world without victims? This seems so contradictory to everything we see and hear on the news. Personal responsibility goes hand in hand with reality creation. That means there can be no victims. At some level, choice is involved in everything. That doesn't stop people from having a victim mentality. And who can blame them. They haven't been taught that they create their own reality. And, they haven't been taught how.

What does it take to remove the mask? Clearly, thinking about it is not enough. We must go beyond mind. Though, that does not seem to be enough either. We must go beyond imagination. Yet what lies beyond imagination? What lies beyond anything that we can dream? One thing. The reality that is beyond all dreams. We are all characters in the drama of our life. As such, we all wear masks that hide who we truly are and present only what we want to present to the world. To be authentic, we must be willing to risk operating without our masks. At first this may be only for a while. But eventually, it may indeed be all of the time. Then again, there may be some reason for wearing masks after all. They don't have to be limitations if we don't make them such. Indeed, they can be focuses for us ... emphasizing some aspects of who we are over other aspects.

One of the most complex machines on the planet is the human brain. Yet, we have very few people truly studying it to understand how it works. Don't get me wrong, there is much more research now than there has even been. Also, it is not an easy task. Essentially, we are asking a machine to understand itself -- but, this is what self-awareness is all about. And, self-awareness is one of the key behaviors that must be included within the definition of reality. The key reason for this is that shifts in the level of awareness change the very nature of reality that is experienced by the individual, and many times, change it permanently. Any concept of reality that does not encompass these kinds of reality shifts -- does not deal with the most important aspects of personal reality. Wow! That was a mouthful. Yet, indeed it is true. Our awareness is clearly part of our reality ... and an intimate part at that.

These words are my way of documenting my reality. My hope is that in expressing in this manner I provide a service, a great service to those who find this expression. Wishful thinking perhaps. Yet, there is some reason I am moved to express, capture, and share all of this. Though, from the limited feedback to date, it is not clear that I truly am providing a service. At least, if I am, I am doing it in the blind. Though, I only have to go back to the expression to realize that there is clearly something of value in this. I need no external confirmation for that. The expression is its own validation.

This is my life. This is my world. This is my reality. I invite others to share in what I experience. But I don't force it on you. Take what you will ... use what serves you and those you touch ... and discard the rest or leave it for another time when it may better suit you. This expression is my life, or at least that part of my life that matters most. Effectively, these words are my world as well, at least the part of my world that matters most. I share about half of it freely, and the other half of it for a fee. You are free to explore whatever parts of it you choose. Let utility be your guide. I would have it no other way.

In over 15 years, I have never been disappointed by any of this. Quite the opposite, the Beyond Imagination expression has been the shining glory of my reality. If I do nothing else, at least I will have capture something of wonder and beauty, something far greater than anything that I could have created on my own. Nearly two years later, this is just as true as ever. Actually, maybe more so because they have been two highly productive years. Indeed 2009 was our best year ever by over 50 percent. Just the fact that I have captured and shared this expression is enough to consider my life a success. Yes, I can say that knowing that I have only been doing this for nearly 17 years and probably have another 17 years or so to go. Who knows what wonders we will create in that time.

As souls, we are ancient beings ... some would say eternal beings. When we take on a new mortal form, we forget whom that we are for a while, and go about the business of living in physical reality. There are very few passages on soul. Though, indeed we are ancient beings at least, if not eternal beings. Further, when we become enfleshed again, when we become physical ... we seem to lose sight of our true eternal nature. Though, that only seems to last awhile ... until we awaken to who we are once again.

It seems that reality is far stranger than any of us have ever imagined. Our greatest physicists are speaking much like mystics. Perhaps we are seeing a reunion of science and religion ... or at least of science and spirituality. Reality is indeed beyond anything we have imagined. The quantum physicists have revealed a world that is close to being mystical. Perhaps science and spirituality have something to learn from one another. It seems it has been nearly four centuries since they parted ways. Perhaps the parting no longer serves us. Perhaps it is time to integrate their worldviews and see what develops from it.

What makes the reality that we experience special out of all the possibilities that could have been? Why is symmetry so appealing? Why is simplicity and elegance realized at every level of endeavor and creation? It is special because we experience it. That is enough. Symmetry reveals a sense of perfect beauty. Simplicity and elegance are key factors in rating how processes work. The closer that we come to them, the closer that we come to God.

We spend our time in the dream world of daily reality. We spend our no time, in the realm of sleep ... and the unconscious frontier of spirit. Our reality is a dream, is an illusion. Yet, that is where we spend our time nonetheless. Sleep is a different matter. In sleep, there is no time. In sleep, we play in the unconscious realm of spirit.

It is the whole that possesses the knowledge of mankind, and it is this knowledge that drives what appears in our reality. We are incredible beings capable of doing incredible things that are unmatched by any other members of the animal kingdom. There is a collective consciousness that possesses the entire knowledge of humankind. That knowledge then determines what we can experience in our reality. The whole process is far more cooperative than you know.

It is through our works that we impact not only our personal reality but that of the world. Works have the potential to impact ourselves, others, and the world. Works are the things that we do. In my case, the works that I consider to be of most value are the Beyond Imagination works. At the moment, I simply can't imagine topping what spirit has brought forth. But, then again, I know not what she intends to bring forth through me in the future.


Sometimes passages come forth that offer guidance of one type or another. These particular ones offer guidance involving reality in some way. I've found it useful to heed such guidance from spirit. Though, so much comes forth in this expression that we have to pick and choose at times. There is simply too much to digest and integrate into our lives all at once.

Yes, life is meant to be an adventure, and a bold and daring one at that. All that it takes is courage and faith. A faith in the nature of the world, the nature of reality, the process of reality creation, and most of all in our self and spirit as she expresses through us. We are adventurers all ... or, at least we should be such. Though doing so takes faith ... faith in every aspect about how we experience reality and about how spirit expresses through us.

A better world starts with each of us living a better life, and doing things to contribute to improvements in our communities and our world. Simply stated. A better world indeed starts with us and what we do.

My reality will unfold in a way that is beyond anything that I can imagine. I know that. It is just the way that it is. But, can it be this way for everyone? I am resigned to the fact that Beyond Imagination is the name for my life's work for a reason. My reality will unfold as it will. There is a sense that there is nothing that I can do to predict it or change it. Whether it is this way for others I do not know. However, I accept what spiritual destiny would befall me. In fact, I welcome it. I choose to relinquish my right to choose in this regard. Spirit knows my needs far more than I know them.

We need to go beyond words, beyond imagination to actions that build the foundations for a better world. Here, we express words. In our imaginations, we can picture a better world. But, until we choose to act the foundations for a better world will not be built. Though, there are many ways to act. Choosing to share an idea is an action. The words may in turn drive people to choose to act in line with them. Though ultimately, nearly every improvement involves a physical change of some type.

A breakpoint offers us a chance for a paradigm shift, a chance to see the world in a whole new way. But, we must be open to it. It doesn't force its way onto us. Breakpoints are shifts where the rules of the game change. Going into a breakpoint, there is no way to tell what our reality will be coming out of it. Breakpoints don't necessarily impact everyone ... and those that they do impact are not necessarily impacted in the same way. Use breakpoints to your advantage. See them as opportunities to play a whole new game.

There is a sense that my world is about to change in a major way ... it is as if my reality is to be blown wide open. I've reached a breakpoint once again. And, there is nothing to guide me as to what life will be like on the other side of the breakpoint. Looking back now, I do not remember writing these words or remember what I was referring to when I wrote them. If life did indeed change, it was a one-way change and I never had the opportunity to look back. That is OK. When you live your life in the moment, that is just the way that it is.

My sense is that the reality is that I am far more capable than even I know. This is not true only of me, it is true of all of us. Indeed, we are all grand beings. As such, we clearly are far more capable than is demonstrated by anything that we have ever done. Yes, that means there is hope for all of us. It is a matter of being who we are and doing those things that we are moved to do from that state of being. Yes, that sounds easy. But, it can be much more difficult than it sounds. Being who we are is the challenge of a lifetime. However, that is not enough. We must also share who we are with others. We can do that directly or we can do that through our works.

I hope that what is expressed challenges you, challenges your concepts of reality and spirituality. I know that this expression does that for me. This indeed is my wish for this expression ... that it challenges you, that it gets you to realize that you are far more than you knew yourself to be. I do this by example, by showing you that what has been done through me is far more than I could have done myself. Yes, that is what I believe. Spirit brings this forth through a stream of consciousness.

In relating the nature of my reality, I challenge people's concepts of who they believe that they are and what they believe about the nature of reality and the nature of consciousness. I do this purposefully ... with the hope of helping people to awaken and become more aware of the grand spiritual beings that they are. We are so much more than we believe that we are. The nature of reality is beyond anything that we can imagine, regardless of how long we experience it or how much we think that we know about it. Consciousness herself is unfathomable as well. In sharing this expression and my experiences, I hope to provide people with a wake-up call that jolts them into a new appreciation of their selves, their reality, and their world. Only you can be the judge of whether I have succeeded in doing that.

Our minds are capable of much greater tasks than we have given them to date. Further, our collective mind can create a world infrastructure and associated collective reality far greater than any of us have ever dreamed. Our minds are literally untapped resources. That is not quite right ... then can do a great variety of things when you look at the collective. But, most people are operating at far below their potential. ... except perhaps at peak times when they are engaged doing things that they love. Also, the collective mind is not operating on all cylinders either. If it were, many of the problems that we face as a society and a world would vanish in a heartbeat. That such things as poverty, hunger, homelessness, lack of education, lack of health care continue to exist in the widespread manner that they do confirm that collectively we are not taking care of our own. We are one human family. We are ONE world. It is high time that we choose to use our minds to make this experience of life the best that it can be for all of us.

When it comes to collective reality, you don't necessarily know enough to grasp what is best for all. That is OK, it is not your job to know such. However, consciousness herself is not so limited. By allowing her to do her works through you, you are contributing to the well-being of your world in the best way that you can. We can best contribute to the collective reality by allowing consciousness to do her works through us. She is not limited to the perspective that we have. She sees from a higher vantage point. We can therefore trust that what she does through us will be in the best interest of all.

In a community, people cooperate and work together to achieve a common good and common reality that is better than the sum of individuals could have achieved alone. They do this by choosing to participate in various ways in various types of organizations. Curious that one who operates primarily in solitude would have something to say about community. But there it is. And, indeed I do believe that there is power in numbers ... there is a synergy that arises when we engage in group activities, a synergy that results in more than the sum of what the members of the group could do alone. It all arises from choices to participate in various organizations. A community is a complex system composed of organizations composed of constituent members. Only the individual members are free to be part of multiple organizations and they only spend part of their time working in these organizations.

What matters is simply to be what we are! Yet, what we truly are is not what we appear to be, not even close. It is time to remove our costumes and our masks, and face reality unafraid. That is what it all comes down to: being what we are. Though most of us are only aware of what we appear to be. That is the self that we show to others through the masks that we wear. That is the self that is reflected back to us in the mirror of the world. Yet, that is not enough. We would be who we truly are ... who we were created to be. That requires taking off our masks. That can be a scary thing to do. But, it is a necessary thing to do.

Dysfunction occurs when we mistake the illusion of form for the reality of the formless. Dysfunction occurs when we believe our stories rather than our BEINGNESS. Dysfunction occurs when we allow our thought and feelings to define who we are. So, what does it take to be free from dysfunction? The answer lies in moving our focus from the illusion of the reality that we experience to the true reality of our beingness. It is in our beingness that we find who we truly are. It is in our beingness that we find our true reality. Our mistake was to allow our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs define who we are. These do not define us at all. These are transitory things that pass through our minds and hearts. As such, they are not real. They cannot be. Yet, they are important parts of our reality nonetheless. We just need to keep them in their rightful place.

There is something about Eagles that comes to mind ... they don't flock, you find them one at a time. It seems that explorers of consciousness are no different. Each is as a lone wolf in the wilderness ... experiencing a reality that is different than all others. I've often wondered why my path has been such a solitary one. Though, because it has been such, I am not in a position to know how much of this applies to anyone other than me. I believe that it does. But, belief does not necessarily make it so. Perhaps we are all eagles ... though something about that doesn't ring true.

It is how society is empowered that enables it to ultimately produce a greater expression, a greater reality that benefits its constituents. How do we empower a society? It seems that we need a vision of what we want to be, the commitment of the right resources, and the creation of the right tools to manifest the vision. Take away any of these and the endeavor flounders. Society can literally achieve anything ... achieve things beyond our wildest dreams.

Collectively, the evolution of consciousness is the process of consciousness becoming more and more aware of the creation. But, the creation is a static thing. It is like a song, or a movie, only far more complex. The song exists as music and lyrics but has no reality until someone performs it, until someone sings the lyrics to the music. Different people can arrange the music and come up with new versions of the song with the same lyrics sung in a different manner. We can even compare different interpretations of the song. But, it goes further than this, most songs stir up feelings and emotions in the listener. These feelings and emotions are different for each of us because we make different associations with experiences in our lives. It is our collective experience of reality through consciousness that matters most. All of reality is a backdrop for the evolution of consciousness. That is what the reality game is all about.

It seems that many suffer through much more hardship than others. One might ask if this is fair. Then again, in a world where we create our own reality how can anything that we experience be unfair? Hardship seems to be the plight of many in the world. And, it is hard to believe that this hardship is due to anything they might have done either in this lifetime or in prior ones. How can this be? Clearly, it does not seem to be fair. Yet, at the same time if we do create our own reality ... which I believe that we do, each and every one of us, whether we believe that we do or not ... then, at some level this must indeed be fair. Either that or we live in an unfair world where such things are decided by fate rather than choice. Another possibility is that a choice is being made to make a harsh statement with their lives. If that is the case, collectively we need to do something so that such choices no longer have to be made.

Free will versus destiny, that is one question. But, does it have to be that way? Cannot reality be a combination of both, and one that varies over time at that? I have fought will this issue for over three decades. Generally, destiny wins. For the most part, I have chosen to resign my will to Thy Will. It didn't matter to me that I did not have a viable concept of who Thy was. I knew enough to know that there was a spiritual destiny playing itself out in my life. This I seemed to have no control over. This I trusted to spirit. A few times circumstances have caused me to rethink my choice and sometimes even reverse it for a while. But, in the end, I always revert and choose to allow my life to unfold as it will.

Freely give! That is the key. Further, know that abundance is the reward when we choose to do this ... abundance on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Giving primes the abundance pump. It is what keeps abundance flowing in our life. Though, it is not just giving ... it is unconditionally giving. We don't have to put restrictions on how the universe will compensate us for our giving. Indeed, such restrictions tend to get in the way and block abundance from coming to us.

Life is meant to be a grand adventure. If that is not the way we are experiencing it, it is high time to start making different choices so that we experience a different reality more consistent with this. We are meant to live an adventurous life. If we are not doing so, it is the result of our choices. Change the choices, change the reality. Make choices that bring more adventure and excitement into your life. You will not regret it.

Within reality, there are hard rules which are absolute, and soft rules which can be broken given appropriate training and the proper circumstances. Many people are not aware of the soft rules. They falsely assume everything is absolute. To get beyond the soft rules, we must get beyond the limits that we have accepted in our minds. It all comes down to the beliefs that we hold in our mind. While believing things firmly is conducive to reality creation, believing soft rules is limiting. To look for soft rules, look for limiting beliefs that have shaky foundations. Then assume the opposite of the limiting belief and see what happens. Utility is the only measure for beliefs.

We need to be very careful as to how we express. The very terms that we use reveal assumptions that we have made about ourselves, about the world, about the nature of consciousness, and about the nature of reality. In my world, expression is everything. Though, it is not clear that I am controlling the terms that are used. Nonetheless, the expression does indeed reveal assumptions about all of these things. You might say this expression is an intimate reflection of me even though I am not consciously aware of generating it.

Our lives are meant to be joyful. Our spirits are meant to playfully create the reality that we experience. I can say this, but it is not clear that I practice what I preach, at least not yet anyway. Joy is still something that eludes me most of the time. While I play here in creating this expression, it is not clear that I play in creating the rest of the reality that I experience.

Knowing thyself is where the spiral of evolution starts. This is what propels us to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh. And, that after all, is what the reality game is all about. Knowing myself has been the major pursuit of my life for the past 37 years. Yes, I've been at it a long time. But, my sense is that I have just scratched the surface. Then again, perhaps I know more than I consciously seem to know. Perhaps much of my knowledge is other than conscious. Indeed, that is what gets revealed here. At some level, I know all of this. It could not come forth through me in this manner if I did not know it. So, what is it in your life that you know but you do not consciously know that you know? And, what can you do to access that. For me, it is writing ... but, any form of creative expression will do. By all means, seek to know thyself. It is more than worth any effort you place into it.

Why is it that none of my formal training from kindergarten through a Masters from Stanford addressed belief management and reality creation? This is perhaps the most important topic to our wellbeing as adults. And, the basic principles are so simple. The success of The Secret ... movie, soundtrack, and book this year is a case in point. It shows that the world hungers for such knowledge. How can something so basic not be part of the standard curriculum in our schools? The techniques have been around for over a century. Yet, why have they not been formally recognized? For the most part, we are left on our own ... with no guidance. How can something as fundamental as Reality and Reality Creation not be taught? Clearly, something is lacking.

Many train their mind to operate logically but pay little attention to developing their intuition. They would be much better served to do the opposite. Though, there is some benefit to achieving a balance between logic and intuition. Both together provide a powerful toolset for reality creation. Intuition is extremely important, even more important than logic in many cases. Though logic does have its utility as well. Indeed, math, science, and technology are built upon it. And these have brought many conveniences into our lives especially over the past century. But even then, there are almost always leaps of intuition in any great discovery.

Metaphysics offers some powerful concepts on which to base our beliefs about the nature of reality. However, most of these concepts cannot be proven. They must be accepted on faith to allow them to operate in our lives. Metaphysics is basically a branch of spirituality. It is appropriate that its concepts would require faith to operate in our lives. But, operate they will. While they cannot be proven, and while they cannot be counted on to work every time ... they work enough to be useful. and utility is all that matters.

Yet, in metaphysics ... the fact that we create our own reality through our beliefs is nearly self-evident. Our beliefs mold not only our creative energies but the matching creative energies of the universe. However, for most of us, our belief system is like a garden overrun with weeds. As a result, there is no clear pattern for the universe to create to in forming our reality. The only remedy is to fix the belief system. Otherwise we experience whatever may come.

I trust that my reality is such that everything that has happened is as it was meant to be. There is an order and a design behind it all. There is a sense of security that comes from this. In my case, the trust comes naturally and has been there for a long time. As with other beliefs, if you truly believe this and make it a core belief ... your reality cannot help but to conform with it.

Ultimately, we will indeed get where we need to go. It may be slower than we desire or it may be faster. Regardless, it is for us to remain on the path that is ours alone to trod. This path will be unique for each of us. It will bring to us the reality that we most need to experience. That is simply how the world works. This is another thing that is useful to believe. Believing it will make it so in your life. Along with this, realize that you are already following the path that is yours to trod. And, if you need to take a detour, you will be shown the way.

Patience ... patience ... patience. Allow reality to unfold as it will. You have only to do what you are moved by spirit to do to the best of your ability. Thy destiny will be made manifest when the time is right and not until. You cannot force things to happen. It is no use struggling and fighting to achieve an end unless such activities please you and make you happy. Find the groove and allow the play to unfold as it will. Patience can be one of the most difficult things to express. You don't have to make things happen. It is far better to allow spirit to make things happen though you. There is a destiny unfolding in your life. Allow it to do so.

This is all a play. Plays end. And, when they do, they can be played again, or we can start anew with a whole new set of characters and plots. I've had a sense for quite some time that this is all an elaborate play. At some point the present act or scene may end and we can start from a fresh new point in the play. When the play ends, we can choose to perform it again ... or, we can choose to go onto another play entirely. It is our choice.

There is a play of light and dark that is underway. And we are the actors and players within that play ... creating and experiencing our reality. But, there is a playwright and a director pulling the strings behind the scenes. This is simply how things are. But, it seems that most of us are not aware of the playwright or the director. At some level, these are parts of us as well. We write our part of the script and we direct our self. Yet, why are we not aware of this?

In resigning our will, we lose nothing. Some might say that free will is lost. However, the reality is that we give up free will the moment that we know right from wrong and commit to doing right in our lives. Intuitively, we know what is right. Why would we choose to do anything else, once we reach this level of awareness? We spoke of free will earlier. Effectively those of us on the spiritual path give up most of our free will when we develop the faculty to know right for wrong. At that point our choice is what is right. It is only when the choices are neutral or ambiguous that our free will comes into play.

Be willing to risk more and give more ... that is the only way to get more. If we want to receive more, we need to be willing to put our self on the line and take risks. Not just any risks, but risks that have the potential to serve others in big ways. That, and we need to give ... give until we reach a point of having nothing left to give. No, I am not talking about giving away everything that we have. Rather, I am talking of giving everything that we are to some worthy enterprise.

How do we move beyond separation to the true reality of who we are? One, we realize that we are living in a dream and do what we can to wake up. It helps if this is done gently so as not to confuse us. But, wake up we must do. I'm at a loss as to where to go next. It has been awhile since I felt like that. Yes, we need to wake up from our slumbers and focus on who we truly are. That is the next step. We need to focus on what we are being rather than on what we are doing. It is being that takes us to who we are. It is being that unlocks the secrets to the self. In being, there can be no separation. There can only be IS.

The greatest things that we can do are those things that serve not only ourselves but serve others. It is service that matters. The more service the better. The universe ensures that no service goes unrecognized or unrewarded. I can't emphasize this enough. Service, service, service ... that is what matters. Service is what counts. Service is what gets recognized and rewarded. Find a way to provide great service. That is the ticket to abundance. But, first provide the service.

Yes, the key is to find ways to share who we truly are ... to demonstrate that in reality we are spirit expressing in flesh. There is simply nothing else. Sharing who we are is extremely important. We are grand beings, each and every one of us. The most valuable thing that we have to share is us. Things and services may have value ... but, beings are priceless. Remember that.

There is a sense that we need to take responsibility for manifesting our own reality ... both individual and en masse. There is much that we can do. Further, some things can only be done by us. We are responsible for our own reality whether we accept that or not. This is true at both the individual and the collective level. Some things the forces of the universe take care of. However, many things can only be done by us. So, take responsibility and do your part.

We do far too little collectively to teach people the nature of whom that they are and their part in the creation of the reality they experience. This is simply something that is not taught. Perhaps no one in the educational system knows enough to do this. Perhaps it is something that the mainstream curriculum will never allow. This needs to change. We need to make it easy to teach such things. Further, we don't have to be 100 percent correct. People are different. Different things will work for different people.

There is an exercise ... that I am. This involves the realization that whatever can be described as that is a part of what I am. This is a powerful realization, one that can be made time after time as we successively integrate more of what is into our reality and understanding of Self. In the end, there can be only ONE. This exercise is a process of integrating more and more of what is NOT I into I until there is nothing left that is NOT I. No, I cannot claim to have succeeded in this. But I have taken several steps ... enough to know that the process is powerful. Further, with each step our reality changes ... we become more than we were before.

Numerology and gematria have been around a long time. Long enough that it seems there must be an element of truth to them. They are tools that help us see aspects of the world and reality in a different manner than our normal viewing. Yes, this means that they give us different eyes through which to see the world. These are two metaphysical tools involving numbers. Indeed, they give us a different perspective on the world, on in which letters and numbers have a completely different meaning than they have when they are normally used. All such tools provide information. The information they provide can be useful. Be open to exploring tools and finding ones that resonate with you. Though you don't have to be locked into using these tools as they have been used traditionally. Allow your intuition room to guide you here.

Our bodies, our emotions, our minds ... all of these are tools that we use to experience reality in the way that we do. Yet, we are also the observer of what we do at the same time, we are the awareness behind it all. It is important to associate ourselves with this aware observer. All of the parts of us are tools of the self. Through them we experience reality. Yet, the aware observer is also important ... perhaps the most important part of us.

I find it interesting that I can place so much trust and faith in this non-physical entity that I call consciousness. Yet, to me, it seems such a natural thing to do that I cannot imagine living in any other way. Also, I have a lot of experience with consciousness coming through, so the trust and faith now has a very strong foundation. The bottom line appears to be trust in the validity of inner reality vs the outer illusion. I probably relate more strongly to consciousness than I do to spirit. Consciousness is more direct and immediate. This very expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. It seems second nature to have a strong trust and faith in her. She has been by my side throughout my life ... but especially for the past 16 years. I don't know what I would do without her ... our bond is so great. It is curious that this relationship that is so much a part of my inner reality could express so much that is part of my outer reality.

It is far better if we base our lives and our choices on truth. There is plenty of room for beliefs in our life. We don't have to use them in ways that are ineffective or counterproductive. We need to be careful when it comes to beliefs. Truth trumps beliefs every time. That is not to say that beliefs are not useful ... indeed they are. But, the truth is the truth. Believing otherwise is simply foolish. Though we need to be wary of thoughts masquerading as truth as well.

The truth is what it is. Yet, our beliefs determine how we see the truth. Our beliefs determine the reality that we draw into our experience. We can't alter the truth. But we can alter how we see or interpret the truth. We can decide what the truth means to us and what reality we will create because of knowing that truth.

Our lives seem to unfold despite what we do rather than because of what we do. This indicates that there is an unseen hand that is pulling the strings and indeed such is the case. Though, this hand may be an unknown part of our self. That does not mean that it is unknowable, though indeed our depths of soul may be unfathomable. This is my experience. Things just seem to happen. I have no sense of consciously drawing them into my life. There is something pulling the strings in my life. And, that something does not seem to be a part of me that I know. Whether it is unfathomable or whether someday I will come to know it remains to be seen.

Utility is the measure of the value of anything. Use what works, and be open to adapting how you do things based on the results you see in your reality. This is sage advice. Try not to have preconceived notions of whether something will work or not. Be willing to try new things and measure the utility of them. If something works; great, use it until you find something better.


We each have a spiritual destiny that is unfolding in our life. For the most part, it seems that it unfolds as it will without our being able to exert much control over it. But, this pertains primarily to the big things that happen in our life. There is still much room for free will to apply over the littler things. Though, it also applies to how we accept our destiny. Also, even as I say this, there is a sense that destiny is not rigid or fixed ... it may be something fluid that we can impact by our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, choices, actions, and imagination. Yes, the very things that are involved in reality creation on a day to day basis. What is unclear is how much influence we can exert. Though, one of our roles may indeed be to craft the very destiny that we experience. Whether we did that prior to this existence or whether we do it on the fly as we go are simply two extremes of implementing the process.

What part do I have to play in manifesting the reality that I desire? I have been reluctant to impose my will, deferring to spirit to work her will through me. But, on some level I am spirit, I am consciousness enfleshed. It is time to become the master of my own fate. It is time to set the course of my own destiny. Here we question choices that we have made to date out of a reluctance to impose our will on anything. It is not clear why there should be this reluctance, but for us it is a strong one. But, we realize that we are spirit, we are consciousness. As such, we create what we experience, we decide our own fate, we set our own destiny.

I trust that my reality is unfolding as it must. There is a sense that this lifetime is one of destiny for me. I am not meant to live as others do. My concerns and focus are different. My very reality is different. I am resigned to living a life that is different from others. Everything is unfolding perfectly. For some reason, I chose a life of destiny. I can accept that. I can allow that. I can live that. In fact, I would have it no other way. There is a sense that what destiny has in store for me is far grander than anything that I could ever dream. It is a matter of trust. It is a matter of allowing what would unfold to unfold. I cannot control it. That doesn't matter ... I don't need to.

When we resign ourselves actively to our destiny, the universe meets us and supplies to us all that is needed to carry out our mission. We only have to believe that this is so ... and then follow through and take the necessary action in line with this. Acceptance of our destiny is critical. It is the step that allows the forces of the universe to step in and do their work to support us and our mission. As with all things, we must first believe and act in accord with.


Dreams can drive us to do grander things with our lives; to provide new and better goods, services, or works; to make a masterpiece of our life, our family, our community, or our world. First comes the dream, then comes the manifestation. We need our dreamers to think of things that never were ... to bring forth the vision of what could be. If we can dream it ... it is only a matter of time before we can build it or achieve it. But, we have to believe in our dreams. And, we have to commit to them.

It matters not that we are living in a dream world. That is still the reality that we experience. And, it seems that it will continue to be our reality so long as we choose to inhabit forms. It is only in the formless that we find the true reality. But, it is not clear if or to what degree we can experience that in this life or in any life. We also use dream to refer to the illusion that we experience as reality. As such, everything is an elaborate dream. Further, we seem to have no recourse but to experience it in this way so long as we are alive within form. Whether we can experience our true reality while in this life we simply do not know. We only know that we experience life as we do.

The dreamers among us have always been considered to be crazy. But, how many times have their dreams eventually become a reality? Being crazy is not such a bad thing. Stretching beyond the limits that others accept is a special gift ... one that we should all employ in aspects in our life. And, indeed ... look at nearly every invention in history, it came from someone who dreamed.

At what point do we awaken from the dream? We have been living in a dream all of our life ... actually, for all of our lives. The fact that the dream seems real does not make it real. Escape is not the answer. That only takes us to another place within the dream, or to another dream. Awakening is a very powerful thing and indeed it is the only real answer. The trick is to awaken within the dream so that you can experience the world from a whole new light ... from a whole new state of mind ... from a whole new state of being.

For dreams to become reality, it takes effort. I was going to say work, but that does not seem to be the right word for spiritual endeavors. Though we do speak of great works of art. And, what is it that makes something great? It is the amount of love that goes into the enterprise. To make anything real, it takes effort. To create great things, it takes great effort. But, great effort has nothing to do with the amount of labor that goes into something. Rather, it involves the amount of love that goes into something.

In many ways, all that I consider as reality seems to be nothing more than a lucid dream. In this dream, I dream of sleeping ... but I don't seem to dream of dreaming. I do enough of that here, dreaming of a world that could be, a world where spirit is much more fully expressed in flesh. By this I mean that I seem to exist within a dream that is not real. And, in this dream, I dream of a new world ... a world that I am here to build the foundations for ... a world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. That is my perception and understanding anyway. We shall see what comes of it.

ONE people sharing one spaceship Earth living life in peace, understanding, unity, cooperation, compassion, freedom, abundance, friendship, and love. It is easy enough to dream, and easy enough to say ... but how do we manifest it? How do make the dream a reality? Are we willing to pay the price? Are we willing to do what it takes? On the surface, it doesn't seem that this is indeed where the world is headed. But, the surface is not what ultimately matters. Just think of the surface of most objects. The surface occupies a small fraction of the total volume of the object. It is much like the difference between the conscious and the subconscious. The first is the tip of the iceberg, the latter is the bulk of the iceberg. So, yes, I believe that this vision will indeed manifest. At this point, it does not seem to matter whether we know how. The first step seems to be to establish the vision in enough people that they start to take actions. We can rely on spirit to move us to take the right actions.

Reality is all a grand dream. It is a play of cosmic proportions. I set the stage, and the scenes, and made you players one and all. And then I set you free to do as you will while I observe it all through each of you individually and collectively. That is the only way this drama could be played out. You are in the midst of THE PLAY. I am the observer, the creator, and the experiencer all wrapped in one. It is my play. It was set in motion by me via physical and spiritual laws. You've found several of my physical laws, and the few dozens of constants with which I constrain the universe. And, some of you have found some of the spiritual laws. But, your sciences and your spirituality have not merged. They have not become one. Oneness always. Seek the oneness, and everything else will follow. This is another one of few passages expressed as if God is speaking. Yet everything about it seems true nonetheless.

Yes, it is grandiose of me to believe that I will do what I say that I will do. But, these are more than dreams. I truly believe in a reality in which I have a major impact on the world in which I live. I have dreams of doing grand things. Further, I believe that I have the abilities to do them and believe that I will indeed do them. In fact, this very expression is part of doing just that. Though, it seems that it will ultimately be up to others to determine whether I succeeded or not. Even then, it depends on how you define success. I could define it as generating 10 million words, or 100 Beyond Imagination works, or establishing a Beyond Imagination endeavor that reaches thousands, or fulfilling my mission of building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.

Is the reality that we experience anything more than that, a mass dream that we are experiencing both individually and collectively? Indeed, this could be true. Just because we experience it as being real doesn't mean that it is such. Also, how do we know that anything that we perceive is even representative of what is there?

It is as if I am standing on the threshold of a dream ... a dream that consciousness herself has dreamt and now permits to manifest. YES, manifest destiny ... this time in much greater terms than has ever yet expressed in this world, this illusion that is the reality we co-create HERE and NOW. And, such a wonderful dream it is. Though, it is not clear that the manifestation has truly begun yet. That does not seem to matter. The dream is what it is nonetheless and it seems that it is destined to become our reality.


Illusion is what we normally experience. It is the realm of duality. It is where light and dark weave their web. It is where the play of life occurs. It can be an engaging playground ... one that keeps us enthralled for countless lifetimes. But, eventually it is no longer sufficient for us. Eventually, we demand more. Eventually we seek to be free of the illusion so that we can experience the true reality.

Duality is an illusion, an engaging illusion, but an illusion nonetheless. All duality is illusion ... it is not real. Though, when you are experiencing it, it can appear to be the most real thing in the world. But, that doesn't change its nature one bit. It is still illusion nonetheless.

I AM transforms duality into reality. That does not seem quite right. We don't transform duality into reality. That would imply that the duality exists and must somehow change into that which is unchangeable. However, that cannot happen. The answer to finding what is real is I AM. I AM is what we are when we are simply being. Not doing, not thinking, not choosing, not acting, not feeling, not imagining ... not anything other than being. You might ask what is the good of that? The answer is simple ... being is everything and I AM that.

Where there is separation, where there is duality, God is not. No, that doesn't mean that there is a reality outside of God. However, there is the ultimate illusion. God is neither separate nor immersed in duality. His characteristics are unity and ONENESS. Indeed, there is nothing outside of God ... nothing real that is. Yet, there are entire worlds of duality. Can these be separate from God? Actually, they cannot be separate. There is only ONE consciousness animating and experiencing everything. Yes, just one.

While we live in a world of duality such things as good and bad do indeed exist for us ... just as hot and cold, big and small, animate and inanimate, fat and thin, black and white, fast and slow, etc... It is not wrong that such things exist in our experience of reality. However, because we experience them as we do doesn't make them necessarily real. Duality is experienced, yes. But, that doesn't make duality real. Indeed., everything that we experience is imagined ... vividly imagined.

At some level, I know that free will is overrated. It does not really matter if I get to choose things in the illusion that constitutes our reality or not. Besides, the appearance of choice does not necessarily mean that choices are actually being made. Many things that appear to be simply are not what they appear to be. Our eyes, our senses, and even our minds can deceive us. But, it goes further than that, to the heart of consciousness herself. Can what is real be found in consciousness? Our senses, even our consciousness feed us information that we turn into meaning in our life. It may be inner information or outer information, but the effect is ultimately the same. Any such information is external to us.

How do we find what is real amidst the illusion that constitutes our "reality"? Is that even possible? Yet, clearly there is beauty here, in this very world that we inhabit. Does it even matter that we find a way to do this? It seems that we have everything that we need to live our lives well within our reach if not our grasp. Indeed, we may find that our reach far exceeds anything that we had imagined.

It seems that we are at war against the illusion of separation. But, we don't fight the illusion, we focus on the reality. We focus on the unity and the oneness. It is all a matter of focus. When we focus on what we don't want, when we fight the illusion, we get more of that. It is drawn to us by our very focus. So, instead focus on what you want ... in this case unity and oneness, and that will be drawn unto you. This is the very operation of universal law.

Separating what was reality from what was illusion became a conscious process. And, for years, I was operating on the edge of sanity. You might say that I still am. And, perhaps, I will continue to be for the rest of my days. I don't remember when this was written. But it is not so important anymore. Now, I simply focus on being me and allow the world to be what it will. Yet being me involves carrying out my mission which involves building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. Yes, that means changing the world. Hmm ... but I do that by building the foundations within me and then sharing them with others. Interesting. The Beyond Imagination expression is my way of changing me and sharing those changes with others. I had never seen this in that light before. And yes, I am still operating on the edge of sanity. Though if this is the creation of one who is insane ... then perhaps we should all be thus.

The scenes that are played out are just that, scenes in a play. We are actors all. And, what we experience is what we experience ... it is not real, but it is the reality that we experience. Yes, that means that reality is not real. It is an engaging illusion, one that can engage us for countless lifetimes. Yes, this is all one grand play masterfully orchestrated and directed. We each have various roles in that play, at times as actors, at times as stagehands, at times as directors. And, we are quite good at what we do. We have been doing it a long time.

There is much to do, but at the same time there is nothing that has to be done ... at least, not within the dream, not within the illusion that constitutes the reality of the world. I feel this way often ... that there is so much to do that there is not enough time to do it. Then, I reflect on that and realize that there is nothing that has to be done. All that matters is being. The universe will support us in being all that we can be ... all that we were created to be. That is all that matters.

This is the only reality that exists for me. Yes, it is my illusion as well ... and a very enticing one it is. But the illusion is real, it is what I experience. This is true for everyone. The illusion that I experience is my reality, period. There is no other reality for me. About the only thing that I can control is where I choose to focus my attention. The best results seem to come from focusing on being. Though, having just come off of a record year of expression, it seems that I am not walking my talk here. However, I have to ask myself what I was being during all of that time that I was expressing. Doing flows naturally from being.

We can experience thought and emotions and enjoy our experiences. But, don't mistake the illusion for reality. For doing so only shackles us. And, our nature calls for us to be free. Being trapped within the illusion can only be tolerated for so long. At some point, we need to free our self from our shackles. We are meant to be free. Freedom is our birthright ... it is an inalienable right that we all share.

What truly matters in life? Much that we experience is illusion. But, the illusion is our reality nonetheless. But, if it isn't real, then how much can it really matter? How much stock do we put into anything in our experience? Ultimately, what really matters? What matters is who I AM and what I can do ... what services I can provide to whom. Yes, these are what matter even in the illusion. We put stock in the things that support these two things.

Why am I stuck within the illusion that I experience as my world and my reality? The very question assumes that I am stuck here? What if we question this? What if we start from the premise that we are not stuck, that we are free to experience whom that we are in whatever way we choose? Where does that allow us to go? What does that allow us to experience? We are far freer than we experience our self to be. Many of the things that appear to make us stuck are things that we put there. They are only effective so long as we choose to allow them to be. No, much of this does not happen consciously. We take it in and accept it as true as we grow up. We never bother to go back and question it later ... so, we operate from old and outdated programs ... programs that no longer suit us or anyone else for that matter. There is a better way to live. It involves finding where we are stuck and getting unstuck.

Hmm ... I'm one to talk about a reality check. I'm one that lives in my own illusion of reality far more than most. Though, at least I know it and can watch out for it as a result. It would be far worse to be unaware. Then again, there is the old saying "ignorance is bliss". However, I've never believed this to be true for myself. I have no doubt that my reality is an illusion of my own making. Major parts of it seem not to be real to anyone but me. Last year, I spent nearly 1000 hours engaged in a stream of consciousness expression. ... one that as far as I know, no one other than me has read. And, major parts of it came forth through me but I have not gone back to read. So you might say that a good part of that expression hasn't been "read" by anyone. What does that say about my reality?

All separation is illusion, and illusion is not real. Yet, separation is what we feel most of the time as individuals. We are separate from other humans. We are separate from other animals. We are separate from the things that we use and consume. We are separate from the experiences that we have. We are separate from our self. We are separate from God. Our lives are full of separation. But, this is not real, despite how strongly we experience it. There is only ONE. Everything is interconnected. Everything is vibration. Everything is thought in the mind of God.


Ego is something I know about personally. My wife complains that I have a big one. Perhaps that is so, perhaps not. Ego is that part of us responsible for interpreting physical reality. As such, it always exists. Try though we might to cut off its head, a new one always emerges. Though the new one will be different from the old one because we have formed it differently, we have given it a new set of guidelines from which to operate. The more difficult task is to get the ego to reach a state where it is willing to accept information from other sources than the standard physical ones. This very expression is a case in point. I must step aside to allow it to come forth as it does. I have to allow spirit room to express in my life and she does so on her terms not on mine. Some people equate the ego with the I. But, this is clearly not the case. The I can encompass far more than the ego ever can. It encompasses the soul, consciousness, and spirit ... none of which seem to be subject to the ego.

Ego has a function. It is meant to interpret physical reality. However, it can be opened so that it facilitates and accepts the expression of spirit through us. This is not something that it does automatically. In fact, quite the opposite, it seems to be something that it fights. Physical reality is important ... but, it is not our only reality, not by far. We also have a spiritual reality. And, while it can be difficult, it is worth the effort to open our ego so that it accepts this spiritual reality as well. After all, we are spiritual creatures having a physical experience, not the other way around.

Egos can be strong forces to deal with. They are the parts of us responsible for assessing our reality. However, at times, it seems that they don't realize that they are not the only components of the self that are operating in this existence. Intuition and inputs from source or spirit must be recognized as well ... and, in my experience, as superior sources of information and guidance. There are many components to the self. All of them are important. Though, it seems that some may be more important than others. For me, the spiritual parts, namely spirit, soul, and consciousness are the most important. But, that may strictly be a personal preference, a choice that I have made. Yet, at the same time I have to believe that body - mind - heart - consciousness - soul - spirit should be arranged in a hierarchical structure of some type. At the same time, that doesn't really matter. What matters is what you relate to most. In my framework, ego operates in the body - mind - heart realm.

No matter how far we advance in consciousness, it seems that we always have an ego to deal with. At each level, it seems to have a different form and set of abilities, but its overall functions remain the same ... to be the vehicle through which we focus on physical reality. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. It seems that we need something to ensure that we focus on being physical while we are in physical reality. Otherwise, what is the point? Why be physical if the only thing we desire is to escape being physical. No, the ego has a rightful place in the scheme of things. Though, we need to be wary of giving it the reins to our entire self.

Our egos are meant to be tools, not masters. They have a function of interpreting physical reality. Tools are meant to be useful, especially when they are used to do the tasks for which they were designed to do. So, use the ego to interpret what physical reality is telling you. But, use other tools to interpret what the symbol systems in your world and what your spiritual world is telling you.

The ego is just a mental construct. Everything that we experience is the manifestation of ones and zeros, the manifestation of the very breath, the very thought of God. It is all very much a holodeck. It is all an elaborate simulation. Everything that we experience is a mental construct. It is much like the holodeck in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes, it is very elaborate. Yes, it all feels very real. And, indeed it is real as far as we are concerned in this existence. For, we know nothing else.

Is this real? There is a nagging sense inside that it is not, that I have missed the mark somehow, that I am still stuck in the realm of the ego ... oh, the ego is a tricky thing. Or is it? Is not the ego just the part of us that is most intimately focused on physical reality? Is it really so deceptive and limiting as others have made it out to be? Why can't the ego be expanded to encompass and embrace the other realms in which other parts of us operate? For example, our intuition, imagination, consciousness, soul, and spirit. There is no real reason why it cannot. Indeed, the products of these other parts are just as real as anything else in our reality. This expression comes from spirit through a stream of consciousness. But, it appears in my mind and before my eyes and is captured in a file that can be retrieved at any time and that can even be shared with others. Indeed, it is physical. It becomes not only part of my reality but the reality of any who find it and are moved to read it.

Whenever we turn our focus elsewhere, the ego seems threatened. It's very existence and utility is dependent on how tied we are to physical reality. When the bindings are loose, its very reality is threatened. Ego seems to be tightly bound in this manner. Though, it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to interpret a change in focus to the spiritual as threatening. Another way to interpret it would be as a time to rest for a while.


Our very life is the most intimate part of reality in which we are involved. We only get to play the reality game while we are living. It is up to us to make of our life what we choose to make of it. Yes, it is completely our responsibility. Though, we share our lives with others and create joint reality as well.

At one level, yes life is a Play. But, once you become aware that your beliefs create your reality, the rules of the game change a bit and become more complex. Awareness increases the complexity of the game many fold. But, increased awareness also gives us the abilities to handle that complexity. As to the rules of the game changing ... it is not so much that the rules have changed, rather it is that we are operating at a higher level where additional rules are invoked.

My life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold. The majestic oak is contained within the seed of the acorn. My destiny is contained within the seeds of my being as well. And I will naturally grow into what I must become. I firmly believe this. Whatever happens in my life is happening because it is meant to happen, because I need it to happen, or because I am causing it to happen. I take full responsibility. Like the majestic oak, I am pulling everything that I need from my environment to become what I was created to be. The process is perfect. It can be no other way.

Life is meant to be our greatest masterpiece ... yet few seem to realize they are artists, creating the very reality they experience. Even fewer do this in a manner that is masterful. To be a master, we must believe ourselves to be, and then act as if it is so. We are our greatest masterpiece ... we and the very life that we lead. It is time we realized that and did what it takes to create our life to be what only we can make it to be.

Our life is our masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece. We are all masters in the art of reality creation. Another similar incantation made at a different time. We are indeed masters. Masters create masterpieces. It is that simple. There are no excuses.

We are artists meant to create a masterpiece of our lives. Our primary tools are our beliefs. With these, we fashion the reality that we experience. We have been doing this all of our lives. And, we will continue doing this so long as we walk the earth. We are already engaged in this process of creating our reality from our beliefs. We have been since we were born ... perhaps even before that. For, surely, we had a role in creating the very seed that spawned us. We created this seed in this manner for a reason. Further, we set the conditions up for us to succeed. And, despite how we look at it ... our very life now is our masterpiece.

How do we know that a star does not possess life? How do we know that the dance of subatomic particles does not have a reality that far transcends our own? This really gets out there. But, the bottom line is that we do not know. Further, it is not clear that we can know. We have enough trouble figuring out what life is. About the only way to identify with the life of another is to become what that other is. Interesting. Here, to some degree, we give you a chance to do that ... at least to the degree that walking in where our consciousness has been allows you to become us.

Two questions result in very different ways of living. When we focus on who we are, the inner reality is most important. When we focus on what we want, the outer reality is most important. In the world, we have introverts and extroverts who express this inner/outer distinction as well. This seems black and white. But, there must be various shades of gray as well. Personally, I'm on the introvert extreme. Though lately, I've started to entertain the question: what do I want? The primary answer for me is the ideal environment to do my spiritual work which in turn focuses on revealing who I am.


Limitations restrict us and keep us from being who we are or keep us from doing what we want to do or keep us from experiencing what we want to experience. All limitations are ultimately self-imposed, even those that appear to be external. Knowing this, we are free to free ourselves from our limitations at any time. As with most of our reality ... our limitations are controlled primarily from our beliefs.

Clearly, you are subject to limitations in experiencing your life through this mind and body that you associate with. You know that this is not you, at least not all of you. It is simply a suit that you wear. What about personality being a mask that we wear. Is that what cause the separation that led from reality to duality? We chose a mask to wear. Our mind and body do not limit us. We can go beyond mind and experience consciousness directly. Further, we can access spirit through consciousness. We are spirit expressing in flesh. The flesh is a suit, is a mask that we wear ... one that seems necessary to even experience the world of duality.

If we are aware of our limitations, what does that mean? For one thing, it means that we are stuck within the illusion, not the reality. So long as we have limitations, we are in the illusion. One process for extracting our self out is to find our limitations and to overcome them. Most of us have many limitations ... so this can be quite a challenge.

It is only the limitations of how we experience time and "reality" that result in our lives appearing as they do. This is a good thing. Life is a good thing. Our "reality" despite being an illusion permits us to have a variety of experiences and to learn a variety of lessons. We choose to come here for the grand opportunity that it provides for us.

Without us, there would be no means of experiencing the limitations of the illusion of reality ... of the creation. We are the instruments through which the creator experiences his creation. It is that simple. That includes all the wonders inherent in that creation. Though, it includes all the darkness as well.

It is time to express more of what is locked within me. This is my choice to make. The locks are of my own making. I hold all the keys. It is simply a matter of deciding which locks to open and trying the keys until I find the ones that work. There is a sense that the keys are beliefs. That is the playground where the work of reality creation is done. That is the garden where I must plant to reap new fruits in my life. This is particularly important now. I long to be free in ways that I have never been before. Yet, I know it is all up to me. There is no one that limits me but me. I choose to do that no longer. That is the first step. Then we must move to our beliefs. Then we must move to our actions. Only then will we truly be free.

I don't consider myself normal in nearly any respect. I never have. Though as an extreme loner and introvert, I don't really have much to compare my experience of reality to. I suspect that this will apply to me for as long as I live. Though I also suspect that there is an element of this in all of us. Each of us is different and unique in some way. When we highlight what makes us special ... we are far from normal.

As a loner, as a hermit, I interact with the world in certain ways ... ways that limit the reality that I experience. Then again, every perspective limits what we experience and can express. Have I taken this too far? I did what I was moved to do. Though, part of that was based on what was comfortable for me and things that I feared and chose to avoid. I will always need a good deal of solitude in my life ... though I sense that it will not need to be as extreme as it has been.

I recall something that one of my counselors said during my last vacation at the mental hospital ... something about physical reality being subject to changing at no faster than the speed of light. While I'm manic, my mind races at a pace much faster than this. But "reality" can't keep up ... it can't move as fast as my imagination. I'm still manic often. Yes, at those times my mind races very fast. But, it is nearly impossible to manifest anything at those times except for this expression. This is the one constant in my life that keeps me sane.


We speak of there being only ONE ... ONE consciousness that animates us all. Because of that there is incredible cooperation beneath the scenes to allow reality to play itself out as it does. The ONE is real. To find the ONE, we must seek oneness. This we can do at any time. But, it doesn't happen automatically. We have to choose the oneness. And, it seems that we have to choose it above all else.

Hmm ... even speaking in these terms is somehow false. It still comes from the perspective that we are individuals, when the reality is that we are ONE despite all appearances to the contrary. As individuals, we are separate and distinct. As ONE, we are whole and united. We can be both at the same time. We can live as an individual but maintain a realization of the whole of which we are a part. There is a giant web in which we exist ... a web in which everything is interconnected. That is the true reality. In that reality, nothing is separate. There are no hard boundaries around any individual.

We are ONE. We have always been ONE. We will always be ONE. That is the truth. If you are not experiencing things in this way, then the error lies in your perception not mine. Your perception is not mine. I see only what is real. I see only what is true. I realize that your "reality" is different than this and I experience the dramas as you experience them. But, the dramas are not real any more than a TV show or a movie are real. They are dreams ... passing images and dialog on the screen of your mind. Another passage in which I seem to be speaking for God. Fortunately, these are rare or I might be even more grandiose than I already am. Though, remember, what I am you are as well.

Am I the creator of my reality, or am I not? Am I the master of my fate, or am I not? What I am is what I am, a manifestation of All That Is, a manifestation of the ONE consciousness that resides in everything. The answers to the first two questions are indeed yes ... though it seems that much of this occurs at other than conscious levels. The final statement is still true. Though, it is not clear that I know what I am ... not in the least, despite focusing extensive effort on knowing myself for over 35 years.

As individual expressions of the ONE consciousness, we each see things through unique eyes. The reality we experience is different. That doesn't make it right or wrong. That doesn't make it better or worse. That simply makes it different, unique for each of us. We are each special. We each see things that no one else has ever seen or will ever see ... and experience life in a way that no one else has ever experienced or will ever experience. There is something wonderful about that ... something grand and glorious. And indeed, we are grand and glorious beings.

Even if we accept that there is only one consciousness, does that resolve anything ... especially considering that this consciousness is expressing and experiencing reality in a world of some type, be it physical or spiritual? When we get to the creation, it seems that the fact that we sprang forth from one consciousness doesn't seem to matter much. In the world there seems to be endless diversity. Even such simple things as snowflakes are all unique.

I believe in a realm beyond the physical one, a spiritual realm where the bulk of the work of reality creation gets done. I believe that there is ONE consciousness that animates us all, a collective consciousness, if you will, that is aware of and learns from every experience of every individual. This collective consciousness is real. What one has experienced others can experience. It is all a matter of frequency, of harmonic resonance. Though it, we attract those things that are resonating at the frequency at which we resonate. This to a large part is determined by what we think habitually and what we believe.

My mind keeps wandering back to this reality of ONE consciousness. That is how the cooperation can be so incredible. There is only one entity doing it all. Indeed, it takes an incredible amount of cooperation for an interdependent world to function. Without this cooperation, the world would wither and die. It is only when we consider the world to operate as one whole that we can explain its continued existence.

Observe without attachment and without expectation. It is important to be open to seeing what is there, as well as what could be. We can trust source to come up with the means of getting us from what is there to what could be. However, source needs us as her eyes and her hands. This gets back to the reality that there is only ONE Consciousness ... and we are all parts of that, individual cells within the same one whole. We don't have to force the situation. We can choose to be open and allow what would unfold to unfold in our life. Though we do need to play our role. We do need to be the instruments though which spirit does her work in our lives and in our world. Remember, it is spirit doing it all ... always.

There is only ONE consciousness from which we all spring. The partitions within that ONE consciousness are illusory separations that permit us to experience reality as we do. Though, the partitions have their purpose as well. The body is composed of countless cells arranged into various parts and organs. Overall, however, it is one body ... one whole that is comprised of ever-changing specific cells. Similarly, everyone is as a cell in the body of humankind ... though because of our complexity we can participate in different organizations and do a variety of things. Yet, the ONE consciousness is not limited to humankind ... it encompasses all things and not only in this world but throughout this universe and any other universes or multiverses that there might be.

The physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined together into one whole, they are not separate places. There can be no separation of any type anywhere except as a matter of perspective. And all perspectives are limited ... they see the world from one viewpoint emphasizing some things and ignoring others. We are spirit in flesh. So long as that is the case, there is no separating one from the other.


Spirit is what we are first and foremost. Our physical forms are designed specifically to house our spirit. At the moment of our death, our physical form ceases to function ... the life that was is no more. But, the spirit does not cease to function in this fashion. It discards the body as you discard a set of clothes at the end of the day and returns to its native realm where it plans for its next incarnation. And so the cycle goes until the soul has learned what it needs to learn and is ready to move on in its evolutionary path.

We are all spirit in expression. That is what truly matters. Yes, we are physical, and we are meant to enjoy physical reality. However, equally and more importantly, we are spiritual and are meant to enjoy this part of our reality as well. Most people have little problem being physical. However, being spiritual is much more difficult. And, we would offer that being religious and being spiritual are not the same. No, not the same at all.

Spirits' nature is to express creatively in the world. She is the muse behind all genius, the beauty behind all expression. She is the very weaver of the fabric that we call reality. And, what a rich tapestry she has woven for us to play in. Yes, spirit is grand in my eyes. She has been for 35 of my 51 years on the planet ... literally for all my adult life. our relationship has been particularly special since she began coming forth as a stream of consciousness expression over 16 years ago. At the moment, I can't even imagine what my life would have been had this not occurred.

There is nothing else but spirit in expression. At least, nothing else in our "reality". And, the very nature of spirit is perfection. Yes, everything is spirit in expression. At the only level that counts, all spiritual expression is perfect. It can be nothing else. Though, often in the world this does not appear to be the case.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in a world full of symbols with heavy spiritual meaning. Everywhere we look, we see spirit in expression. Reality is amazing to behold. Yes, there are symbols with spiritual meaning everywhere. However, often these can be difficult to see. Often the symbols have an ordinary meaning as well as a spiritual one. Sometimes, there are meanings at multiple levels. I have found that intuition is crucial to finding the symbols with spiritual meaning and to uncovering that meaning.

We are the creators of our reality. We are the masters of our fate. We are the vehicles through which spirit expresses in flesh. We are spirit incarnate. As such, first we are spirit ... then we experience an incarnation. It is not a matter of the evolution of the physical to the spiritual. Everything is already spirit. Inanimate objects are spirit. All living things are spirit. Forms, beings, it is all vibration. The entire universe is composed of vibrations interacting with each other in various ways.

We have incarnated specifically to allow spirit to manifest and experience reality. Concisely stated as our purpose for incarnating. But ultimately that is it: to allow spirit to manifest and experience reality.

The bottom line is that it is spirit doing the work through us. She deserves the lion's share of the credit. Though, we must do our part. Spirit cannot express physically except through us. We have to do the work. We must manifest the ideas in the world and then take the action to make them more than ideas, to make them a living reality in our world. This is how I see things anyway. The most valuable work that I do by far is the work that spirit does through me. There is no doubt about it. Though, I am still in the process of living in accord with what has come forth over the years. I haven't figured out how to walk my talk ... or more correctly walk spirit's talk.

Our reality unfolds in accord with a plan for our spiritual progression and evolution. We attract the reality we most need to grow spiritually into who we were created to be. There is a plan that we co-created that defined how we wanted to progress and evolve. The very universe is engaged to help fulfill that plan. At this point, the die is cast ... it is for us to do as we are moved to do and enjoy the process.

There is no second-guessing spirit. She knows what she is doing in our lives. She is living through us, expressing through us. You might think I don't believe that we have a reality of our own. I would offer that we have no reality independent of the spirit that expresses through us. That is my perspective anyway. We are spirit enfleshed. When that spirit releases this body ... it will cease to exist.

The life of a spiritual warrior is lived in consciousness, ever on the edge of the unknown, trusting that there is always room for one more step ... leaping forward where one can fighting off the demons of illusion, ever in search of truth. Yes, indeed! We search because that is what we are moved to do. We are aware of our Self, even as we experience our life as self. This awareness makes reality very much a game that we play ... as we seek to be of service to the source that moves us. We know that the forms that we see are but thoughtforms frozen into the physical reality that we experience. We live from the I Know state of being as much as we can. In this state, there is no need for thought. We just are and allow ourselves to be moved by the full force of consciousness that can express through us. During these times, we are in the zone, we are living life as fully as is possible for us.

You are a spiritual warrior. As such, you fight for the very foundations that would allow spirit to be more fully expressed in your world. We commend you for that. Who are "we"? We are those who spawned this adventure in consciousness. We are those who observe and participate in this reality. We are the organizations that are non-physical, from which all physical organizations spring. We are consciousness units on a major scale, arranging for the expression of spirit in flesh. We existed long before your universe was born. All of life is but our song ... and we have sung many songs. Our reality reflects yours ... for at every level there are similar organizations and functionality. Nothing is wasted.

Spiritual warriors and peaceful warriors have a great strength which comes forth from within. It is not for them to impose their will on the world. Rather, it is their chosen destiny to serve spirit with the strength of their beingness. Part of this comes from an awareness that is far greater than most. This includes a familiarity with the nature of consciousness and how consciousness creates reality.

What does this stream of consciousness bring into my life? The practice of connecting to a source within and expressing the energy that comes therefrom. The opportunity to serve as the instrument through which spirit expresses as she will in the world. A wealth of information and even wisdom concerning the nature of consciousness, the nature of reality, and reality creation. All of these are good things. Some of these are even grand things.

I have chosen to be a tool through which spirit can express in this manner. I know that I have chosen this because it is manifest in my life. It is the reality that I experience. I also know that I have chosen to be employed by my company in the manner that I have. I know this for exactly the same reason. It is the reality that I experience. When it is time for that reality to change, I will make different choices and these will be manifest in my world. Right now, everything is perfect. It always has been and it always will be.

Everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold. Spirit is ensuring that. Yet, within the overall constraints of the play, individuals have free will that allow them to tailor the reality in their local vicinity. There is a destiny playing itself out in our lives. But, it is not a destiny that was externally imposed on us. Rather, it is a destiny that we helped to create. Not only helped, but continue to help in each moment.


The moment is the point of power. It is the only time in which we can experience anything. It is the only time in which we can do anything. Everything that is flows out of the moment. Everything that exists is re-created in each moment. We can live weeks without food, days without water, minutes without air, but not one second without spirit.

It is enough to do in the moment what is to be done in that moment. The future is of no concern ... or, at least, of limited concern. What we face here and now is the reality that is confronting us. That is true for every moment of our lives. It behooves us to pay attention to this ever-present moment as it unfolds. Here is where we have the power of choice. I can't emphasize this enough. If we pay attention to each moment, our life will unfold perfectly. That is the key ... paying attention to the moment.

The moment is where reality is experienced. It is the only place where spirit can express. For that matter, it is the only place where creative expression can occur. The past is dead, the future is but a dream, only the moment matters. That is the only place in which we can truly exist. If we want to truly experience reality, that is where we do it, in the moment.

When this expression began, I was only 35. When my love affair with metaphysics began, I was only 16. But, in reality all time is NOW. There is no separate me at 16 and 35, or any other previous or future age. There is simply me NOW. And, that I AM is complete, encompassing all that I ever was or will be. It is only the linear way in which we experience time that makes it appear that our life unfolds as it does. Though, even that has its utility.



This section of the book focuses on application ... on what it takes to create our reality. This is still far more of an art than a science. We identify many of the ingredients involved in creating reality. But to be honest it is not clear that we have a recipe that works. If we did, and if we knew what it was, we would have applied it in our life already. Our hope is that we provide enough insight to allow you to put together the pieces and come up with a recipe of your own.

As with the Reality section of this book, this section was created by selecting passages from the Beyond Imagination expression dealing with reality creation, categorizing the passages, sorting the categories, and then filling in the gaps. As a result, roughly half of the material is new expression, in this case generated in 2010. As I write this, I truly don't know how successful we will be in achieving our intent. But, we know that whatever results will be the best that spirit could bring forth through us now.

This is a continuation of a journey. Our hope is that it takes you to places that expand your consciousness and open you up to some new possibilities for creating a masterpiece of your life. That after all is what it is all about. As you go about creating you reality, we urge you to remember to create the very circumstances that allow you to be all that you can be. When you are being all that you can be and sharing who you are with others, everything seems to fall into place. It is also helpful to remember that you don't have to do everything. The best results come when we allow spirit to do her works through us.

Many people when they think of reality creation focus on what they want to receive or experience in their life. Be wary of that. True abundance is always the result of giving abundantly. The things we have to give that are of the most value are ourselves and what we can do to serve using our greatest abilities.


Reality creation is something that we do every moment of every day. It is the process by which we draw things and experiences into our life. Hopefully, if you've come this far with us, you believe in this process ... and you know that you are somewhat proficient at it, even highly proficient at it on other than conscious levels. It is a matter of providing those parts of you that are proficient with clear directions so that you can create a masterpiece of your life and help others to do the same. The bottom line is that we choose everything that happens to us, everything that we experience. We choose. As a result, we are responsible. Our reality is a direct reflection of us. If we want to change the reality that we experience, then we need to change us. It is that simple.

Reality creation is a powerful art ... especially conscious reality creation. It takes a heightened degree of awareness to wield it properly. First, reality creation is an art, not a science. And, it is one that can be consciously directed. Though, awareness is required to do this. And awareness is not so easy to come by.

I've spoken of reality creation many times, but when it comes down to doing it, it is an art rather than a science. Yes, there we have it again. Reality creation is an art. It is something beautiful that allows us to create beautiful things. As with many arts, reality creation is something that we become better at with practice. Though, we also find that in most arts people have natural gifts, talents, and abilities. In the case of reality creation these gifts, talents, and abilities are high in all of us ... though many may not know that yet.

Reality creation is an art. It is a process that we go through to manifest the things that we experience. We are all good at it. Though, most of this is still done at other than conscious levels. Though, the part that is done consciously is highly important. Ultimately, the conscious sets the direction for the other than conscious parts of us to manifest. But, it is not as simple as thinking or desiring something. It takes more than that to enlist the forces of the other than conscious parts of us.

Everything that happens in my life is there because I have manifested it. I have attracted it into my experience of reality. Everything! At the same time, there is no judgment for this. It is what it is, and what is can be changed in a moment. Yes, reality is that fluid. Complete personal responsibility. I may not know why my reality is what it is specifically ... but, I know it is my doing nonetheless. I attracted every bit of it, everything, every experience. It is all a matter of frequency, of vibration, of harmonic resonance. If we want to change our reality, that is the key ... alter our harmonic resonance. That is the attractive force behind everything. What we resonate with will indeed come to us. Such is universal law.

Regarding the content of this expression, I have no clue as to what that will be prior to it coming forth. It still amazes me that the process of bringing forth this expression works in this manner. But, we've been doing this going on 16 years. There is no denying that it happens. It challenges all my concepts of what consciousness, reality, and reality creation are all about. That is good. It is good for all of our concepts to be challenged now and then. For, concepts are another term for beliefs. The Beyond Imagination expression is a major part of my reality consuming roughly 8000 hours of my free time in 16 years and resulting in over 6 million words of expression. Those words and what they mean to me are reality that I somehow created in my life. I still don't know how. Perhaps I never will. Some things are mysteries. Some mysteries will always be unfathomable. Though, we know how to engage in the process. Last year alone we came close to generating 1 million words. What we don't know is why. Also, we have no conscious sense of doing this. Our experience is of being an instrument for spirit to express as a stream of consciousness. Both spirit and consciousness are parts of us, other than conscious parts.

Throughout our lives, we do what is demanded of us. We do what we must. We do what circumstances force us to do. But, there is a different way to live. We can control the very circumstances that we experience. We can create our reality. We can do what we would do ... or what spirit would have us do. It is all a matter of choice. The process is one of liberation. I admit that I haven't moved that far up the scale, at least not yet. Though I have taken a giant step. I have found a way to give voice to other than conscious parts of me. And, in the process, I have learned more than I ever learned in school; more than I have ever learned from others, even from books. Yet, it is not clear to me what allowed me to do that. After 19 years of metaphysical study something happened. I went through a spiritual awakening. That event and subsequent awakenings changed my life. The most important change was the Beyond Imagination expression.

At an inner level, we already know that reality creation operates through incredible cooperation. To take this further, we need to consciously choose to cooperate and do our parts to make the world a better place for all of us. Cooperation is extremely powerful. It allows us to collectively do things that would otherwise be impossible. Ultimately what we seek to create is a better world. But, this will not be created for us. We have to do our part. We have to participate.

At some level we know what is in store for us. We are attracting everything into our lives. We are cooperating with others and co-creating scenes and acts that we intend to play out in our lives. We create our own reality ... every aspect of it. The challenge is to find that level where we are doing this and to learn how to guide and direct it to do our conscious bidding. Again, it all comes down to resonance. Are we vibrating at the resonating frequency that attracts what we desire? The answer is simple ... look to what you are experiencing. If you are happy and fulfilled you need look no further. However, if you are not, then something important is missing. You resonate via your thought, beliefs, desires, dreams, and imaginings.

Our very reality is crafted by us to draw out the best in us. This is an interesting observation. We craft our own reality to evoke the very best that we can be. Though, draw out is not a fait accompli. We must participate. We must do the work. We must seize the opportunities that come.

Crafting reality to be what we want it to be is creation at its finest. The trick is to make sure what we want for ourselves is aligned with what spirit has planned for us. We are creators one and all. Though, we need to be careful that our wants are in line with spirits plans. From my experience, spirit knows my needs better than I know them. Needs are always met, in one way or another. Spirit sees to that. But, here we speak of crafting the reality that we desire as well. For that additional laws are at play.

The fact is that we create our own reality ... regardless of whether we believe this or not. Some things are simply fact. This is one of those. It is more than a fact, it is a truth. And truths apply regardless of belief. Though, not believing what is true generally puts one at a disadvantage.

We literally create the reality that we experience, every aspect of it. There is nothing that we experience that we do not create. Nothing. The more important question is: how?

Either we create our own reality or we don't. There is no in-between. There is no fine print. There are no exceptions. We create this reality individually and collectively. This is a lot of responsibility to place on individuals and the collective. At the same time, it is also a lot of power. If we are indeed responsible for creating everything in our reality ... then we can make it into anything that we want it to be both individually and collectively. Indeed, we can make our lives masterpieces and we can make our world a heaven on earth. It is our call. It is our choice.

We truly do create our reality. It is within our power to make our lives a living hell or a heaven on earth or anything in between. I guess I should have read this paragraph before completing the previous one. Indeed, this is the choice that lies before us. It is all up to us individually and collectively. Right now, it seems that collectively we have created a world that allows anything in between. Is this the choice that we would continue to make?

We are all powerful creators ... far more powerful than we might suspect. Our most intimate creation is our body and the reality that it experiences. Short and sweet. Yes, we create our body in every moment ... and, we create the all that we experience. Our body is incredibly complex ... especially our brain. Yet, it is from that small lump of gray matter that nearly all that we are arises.

Know that you oversee all that you experience. You create it all ... every event, every emotion, and every meaning. That is simply how life works. This should make you feel empowered ... for indeed you are in power. Everything you experience is there because you brought it into your life. Yes, you. No one else but you.

We live in a time when we can conform reality to our bidding. We are magicians that can create whatever reality we so choose. I know this but that doesn't mean that I practice it consciously ... at least not yet. One of the challenges that I found is choosing what I desire to manifest. This expression is an easy choice. But I place no constraints on it. I allow it to come forth as it will. But when it comes to things or experiences ... I find those much more difficult to choose. And, even when I think that I am choosing them, often they do not come to fruition. Somehow, I haven't yet found the magic to create the reality of my dreams.

You are manifesting the life that you are meant to lead. Know that, and allow it to be. Whatever life you are leading is right for you ... that is, it is right until you choose to change it. And, if you allow it to unfold naturally, you will find that it exceeds your wildest dreams. Though, it may take some time to get from the dream to the reality. That is OK. Be patient, trust, and do what you are moved to do.

Indeed, that is what we are ... the creators or our reality, the masters of our fate. This is an awesome responsibility that we carry. It is for us to use whom that we are in a manner that serves ourselves, our families, our societies, and our world. Ultimately, it is service that matters. That is what spirit does, she serves ... as many and as deeply as she can. But, she can only serve through us. We are her instruments. Though, she does not force her way. Rather, she waits for us to volunteer our services and then she animates us to do what only we can do.

We can be the creators of our reality, and the masters of our fate. Perhaps we are this whether we consciously know it or not. On other than conscious levels we are this already. However, when we become consciously involved the nature of the game changes dramatically. Though, the degree to which we become consciously involved is a choice. Ultimately, it depends on what we want out of our life. Think about that. And, imagine your life to be the masterpiece that it can be. You may not know how to make it so yet. At this point that is not necessary. You need to give the other than conscious forces within you a direction in which to head. Visions provide seeds, resonance points with which to work.

We can do whatever we set our minds and hearts to do. Yes, we are that powerful. We are creators all, creators of the reality that we experience. It takes our minds and hearts together to allow us to create great things in our lives. It is not enough to think about something we desire ... we need to put the full force of our emotions behind it as well. And, the strongest emotion that we can imbue anything with is love. It is by far the strongest force there is. Indeed, perhaps it is the only force.

That is how reality creation works. We are active participants. We are creators all. It is not enough to sit back and observe. We are active participants whether on conscious or other than conscious levels.

Patience is called for when it comes to reality creation and any widespread major change. I can't overstate the need for patience in the process of reality creation. There is a waiting period between when a seed is sown and when it germinates and starts to grow. How long that is depends on the nature of what you are attempting to create. So, be patient and allow things to unfold as they will. Though, at the same time be available and ready to nurture your creation to fruition when such becomes necessary.

We create our own reality ... every one of us, all the time, no exceptions, no fine print. There are no time outs. Each of us is manifesting what we experience ... everyone, always, no exceptions.

We live in a world of our own making. We create the reality that we experience. We do this every hour of every day so long as we walk the Earth. We would argue that each of us lives in our own world and that these individual worlds overlap at various points with the worlds of others and with the material world. What happens when we cease to walk the Earth is a matter for speculation. We would suggest that our spirit separates from our form at that point and returns to a spiritual realm.

Yet, through all of this there is the principle that we create our own reality, no fine print, no exceptions. This does not mean that we only create the reality that we like. It means that we create every iota of it. We do this individually and collectively. And, we have been doing it forever. Yes, literally forever. That gives us an awesome power, but also an awesome responsibility. If we don't like what we are experiencing, we can only blame ourselves if we need to blame at all.

You are creating your own reality in each and every moment of each and every day. Yes, the same basic statement gets repeated in a variety of different forms. To us, that suggests that we have come upon a fundamental truth. In this case, it is a very empowering one. This variation ties the creation process to each moment. And, indeed that is true ... the moment is the only point in which we can create anything. The moment is truly the only time that exists for us.

This is a game we are playing, hiding from ourselves the fact that we create the events in the game even as we experience them. That is, we create the very reality to which we react. Many of us play much of the game of life in reactive mode, reacting to the circumstances that we face ... often unaware that we have created those very circumstances.


I've struggled with free will for nearly five years. I had decided that I didn't have any. Now, I see that was a means of escape. It allowed me to focus on observing and evaluating rather than consciously creating reality. Now, it is time to integrate the creator part of myself and take responsibility not just for the outcome of choices, but for the making of those choices to begin with. This was written in 1998. In many ways, I am still struggling with free will over 11 years later. So, once again I am resolved to finding a way beyond this, to finally getting in touch consciously with the creator part of myself. This time it is as if my very life is at stake. And, indeed it is. This very factor is keeping me from being all that I can be and from making a masterpiece of my life. I know that. Now it is time to do what it takes to get beyond it.

How would I alter my present reality? What would I create next in my life? Do I need to decide this, or is it better left as a mystery, to be experienced moment by moment? Does it truly matter what happens? Is not the bottom line that life will unfold as it will? But, what about my will? Is it not one with The Will now? Can there be any difference, ever? Was the dichotomy anything but a phantom of my imagination? This plays on the same theme as the preceding paragraph. To what degree do I exercise my will in my life? For most of my life, I have been open to allowing the mystery of my life to unfold as it will. But, is that getting me where I desire to be? At present, I would answer no, not by a long shot. But, even as I say that I know that I am coming off the best year ever for the Beyond Imagination expression by over 50 percent. So, I am creating very well indeed. But, the abundance of words is not resulting in an abundant life. Perhaps that is a matter of time. But, perhaps it is a matter of needing to make different choices and take different actions.

Yes, we are glorious, every one of us. And, we are all equals in spirit. Though, the forms that we create and the what we express through those forms are dramatically different. But then, that is what reality creation is all about: the creation of forms and expression. I like that word - glorious. And indeed, that is what we are. Also, despite our differences in form ... spiritually we are equals. Further, this is what spirit does ... she creates forms and expresses and experiences through those forms.

The nature of reality creation is too esoteric for most people to consider within their responsibility. Little do they realize that we create our own reality all the time and it behooves us to know the nature of reality creation so that we can do a better job of creating what we need and want. Whether it is esoteric or not doesn't really matter. The responsibility belongs to each of us nonetheless. That society does not teach us this and teach us ways to facilitate creating the reality we prefer is criminal. Our world could be one of abundance rather than one of scarcity. But, it will only be so if we collectively do what it takes to make it so.

We each fashion a world that has never existed before and will never exist again. Further, we create this world in every moment. Each one of us creates our own world as the outer reflection of who we are. To some degree we can share that world ... but only to some degree. The world that we create is unique to us. Our experience of our life is our contribution to the collective consciousness.

Truth is what it is, regardless of what we believe about it. However, when our beliefs are aligned with truth, the very forces of the universe come to our assistance. The truth is the truth. It helps greatly if we know it for what it is. But, even if we only believe it, it is still sufficient to engage the forces of the universe. Remember, we live in a universe where everything is richly interconnected. It doesn't take much to pull in the necessary resources to do anything ... especially when that thing involves being of service.

My sense is that we have only played with reality creation to date. It is time to get serious and do this in earnest. The works that we can do collectively and individually will be miraculous. Looking at the world, this is clearly the case. But there is a sleeping dragon waiting to be unleashed ... a dragon that can transform us into something far grander than anything that we have ever imagined. The technology is there, it is available. But, it is the technology of consciousness not of science. We need a spiritual awakening the likes of which have never been seen. And, we need it soon. But, the mass media is sufficiently developed that something like this could literally take the world by storm.

Indeed, we are creators. We are gods and goddesses all. It is for us to decide what we want in our lives, and to draw in the necessary circumstances to make it so. We do this through our beliefs and through our actions. Yes, gods and goddesses. That is what we truly are, each and every one of us. Beliefs and actions are the keys to bring forth the circumstances and opportunities that allow us to manifest what we desire.

We are also gods and goddesses, creators of reality in our own right, though most are not aware of their powers in this area. We are what we are whether we are aware of it or not. Though, being aware tends to make it easier to create. Then again, I consider myself to be spiritually aware but clearly have not mastered reality creation yet.

You are gods and goddesses all. You have been creating your reality since your conception, and I'm not speaking about physical birth here. It seems that we have been creating forever, or at least so long as we have had a spiritual form. What was before that, I simply do not know. Nor do I know how many physical births I have experienced. Now, it does not matter. The one in which I presently exist is the one that has my focus.

We are all gods, the creators of our reality. But, most of us are not aware of how to do this consciously. Another theme repeated. That we create our reality on other than conscious levels reveals that the basic mechanism for reality creation lies there. But, the other than conscious mechanism needs instructions from somewhere. For the most part that comes from our beliefs. But, many of us do not really know what we believe. We may think that we do. However, we have been feeding our subconscious with beliefs for a lifetime. Many things we accepted simply because they came from authority figures, many of these long before we had the ability to evaluate the utility of the beliefs for our self. Yes, utility. That is the only real measure for beliefs.

We are all grand by creation. We are all the creators of our own reality. We really do have awesome powers at our fingertips, or more correctly via our souls, minds, and hearts. OK, via our bodies too. We are indeed grand beings, every one of us ... grander than any of us know. Our souls, minds, and hearts allow us to do some amazing things. I probably should have included consciousness and spirit as well. To be all that we can be, we have to use all of the parts of us in a way that is integrated together.

I don't necessarily know what I need, at least not consciously. However, I know that there is some part within me that knows exactly what I need and is doing everything necessary to draw it into my life. How can I be so sure? Because I know that this is how reality creation works. You might ask how can I know that? I don't know how I know. It just seems obvious to me. The bottom line is that I don't know how any of this expression comes forth. It just does. There is no denying that it exists. How it can convey the things that it does as it does is a mystery.

Some of us might not like what we have created. However, the only place to lay blame is with ourselves. We create our own reality. We always have, and we always will. There are no exceptions to this. If we don't like what we have created ... we can make new choices and take new actions until the results are more in line with what we desire.

We need to become the masters that we can be ... , the masters of reality creation that we can be. It all comes down to applying ourselves in service. Making a masterpiece of our life is not simply about manifesting abundance coming in. That is not how abundance works. Abundance involves a flow of energy not into us but through us. If there is no outflow, the vessel gets full and can receive no more. Outflow comes when we share of who we are in service. There is simply no other way.

Consciousness knows exactly what we need. The various forces of the universe are called into play to manifest this in our lives. Our needs are always met in one way or another. The universe herself sees to that. We may or may not know what we need consciously. Indeed, often we do not know. Though, we may know what we want. However, it does not help to want something if we are not willing to do what it takes to manifest it.

We can tell what our needs are by looking at the reality that we experience. Our needs are fulfilled ... they are always fulfilled. Though, how can this be true? We have many people living in poverty, many people who are hungry, many people who are homeless, many people who are unemployed ... even in this country. How can it be that their needs are fulfilled? Yes, they are alive ... but it seems that they deserve more than this. Saying that they create and are responsible for their own reality seems to be a harsh assessment. If spirit assures that needs are met, they why do such conditions exist. Further, there are many countries in the world where things are far worse. It seems that part of the problem is that we have not given spirit the right collective vessels through which to alleviate these problems. For this, we need new foundations through which spirit can more fully express in the world.

We create our own reality. And, primarily we work from needs. Spirit works exclusively from needs. But, with free will, we can choose to exceed our needs. However, to manifest this we have to be willing to do what it takes. Generally, what it takes is to find a way to more fully express who we are in a manner that serves others. Giving always comes before getting. Abundance comes into our life because of what we give.

Whatever we need shall be drawn into our reality. That is the way that reality creation works. Though, it may not be completely to our liking or in the timeframe that we might prefer. Spirit and the universe have their own timing. This may or may not be aligned with our desired timing. Also, there are many ways to fulfill needs. What we experience may not be what we prefer. That is OK, we can always revert to beliefs, choices, and actions to invoke a different experience.

We can trust that spirit has our needs and desires in mind and is considering these as she builds the fabric of reality that we will experience. Our needs will be met one way or another. Our desires may or may not be met depending on the benefit they produce for us and for others. The greater the overall benefit, the more likely they are to actualize. Spirit is not something separate from us. Rather, she is an intimate part of us. She happens to be the part of us that is responsible for manifesting the reality we experience. Though, it is not all up to her. We have to participate to allow her to do her work. She can only do her work through us. We are free to desire anything we wish. The universe cares not how grand our dreams. She will work to allow us to achieve them so long as we do our part. We must come up with services that befit whatever we are asking for. Indeed, it helps if we are far more focused on what we will give than what we will get.

While we create our own reality is a truth, it is only a partial truth. It is at other than conscious levels that this occurs. More than that, it is at other than physical levels. Even so, these levels can be reached and influenced through conscious thoughts, beliefs, choices, and actions. The conscious is the captain of the ship of the self. The captain sets the course ... but it is up to the rest of the ship to carry out the actions necessary to follow that course. It is important, however that the captain be clear about his commands. If the crew is given conflicting instructions, chaos ensues ... and the results may not be predictable.

We create our own reality, every aspect of it, no fine print, no exceptions. But what part does our waking consciousness play in this? How do we create the reality we prefer, the reality that we desire, the reality that we deserve? It is this final question that is the key. It all comes down to how. Thoughts, beliefs, choices, expectations, actions, desires, dreams, imaginings ... these are intimately involved. At least we have identified some of the key pieces. But, what we need is a recipe. That, we do not yet have ... or we would be living the life of our dreams. Yet, to some degree, we are already doing that. We generated nearly a million words last year and spent over 1300 hours engaged in an endeavor that we love. Further, we spent another 800 or so hours watching TV show and movies, something that we enjoy immensely. Indeed, from that standpoint, we are doing quite well ... quite well indeed. Though, we are not experiencing abundance except in our spiritual work. We are still struggling with how to change that. There must be ways ... and we believe that we will indeed find them. Until then, we do what we are moved to do and allow our life to unfold as it will.

Reality creation is a game that we play ... an engaging one, but a game nonetheless. As such, it should be something that we have fun playing. It helps to remember this. Yes, some things in life have to be taken seriously, but overall life is a game, and a grand game at that. However, it is a game that needs to be played full bore, with the full force of our being.

Reality creation is one of the most important endeavors that we engage in. It seems that if we are to play the game well, we must learn the rules, and learn the techniques which optimize getting the results and experience we want out of the game of life. Indeed, there are rules to the reality game. Never take more than you give. Love unconditionally. Be all that you can be. Share who you are. Treat others with kindness, dignity, and respect. Find a way to serve, and serve grandly.

The whole topic of the game of reality creation is indeed an interesting one. We are active participants in this game whether we know it yet or not. Reality creation is indeed a game that we are playing. Further, we are playing actively whether we are aware of ourself doing so or not. It helps to step back and observe what we are doing. In doing so, we may gain insight into what we are doing and what part of what we are doing is working and what part is not. Here, we define working as resulting in the reality that we desire.

Reality creation is a process that we are constantly engaged in ... not only as experiencers, but as observers and creators. Yes, we experience reality. Most of us are intimately aware of that. However, we can also step back and observe the process. Far fewer seem to do that. Finally, we can find the creator part of us ... we can find those things that we do to result in the reality that we experience.

We are creators all. We create our very lives out of the resources and tools that we have been given, and have made the effort to develop. Each of have gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique to us. It is for us to develop these as much as we can. Then, we need to attract the resources and acquire the tools necessary to craft the life and the world that we desire.

As the creators of our reality, why are we not in charge of the schedule for manifestation? Interesting. But, indeed, it seems that we should have a strong say in this. It all comes down to the practical matter of how. Timing ... it all comes down to timing. But, it seems that spirit will not be rushed. The seeds we plant take time to germinate. The amount of time seems to be dependent on the nature of the seed that we plant. In the case of Beyond Imagination, we began planting our seeds over 16 years ago. In some respects, the seed has germinated and a grand expression of over 6 million words has resulted. But, what was the seed that we planted? We don't really know. All that we see is the fruit of the plant that resulted from that seed. We don't see the plant itself. Curious, we have never been moved to look at things in this manner before.

The saying "I'll believe it when I see it" comes to mind. But reality creation reverses this: you will see it when you believe it. No doubt about it, the belief comes first. Our beliefs determine what we allow to enter our reality. They filter everything that we experience. To change the reality that we experience, that is where we must start ... with our beliefs.

Thoughts, actions, and emotions are the trinity involved in reality creation. For a long time, you have focused on beliefs and action, but have neglected the power of emotions in the manifestation process. Without this crucial third leg ... Beyond Imagination was doomed to the fate that it has had. You can change that NOW. You are whole and complete and ONE. You can NOW give Beyond Imagination the impetus it needs to be born in the world. Emotions are a powerful motive force. You might say they are the engine that drives the show. Thoughts becomes beliefs by our willingness to act in accord with them. But, this is not enough. To manifest things we need to engage our heart in the process. We need to make what we believe meaningful to us emotionally. The stronger this connection, the better.

Your wants are statements that you make about your worth, your reality, your world, your relationships with others, and so on. If these are aligned with needs, they will be fulfilled. If not, they may be fulfilled. I distinguish between needs and wants. Needs are things that we must have. Wants are things that we desire to have. Though, we can turn our wants into needs. We do that by creating a compelling reason as to why our wants enable us to increase the amount of service we can provide. Another way to fulfill our wants is to do whatever it takes to fulfill them. A do whatever it takes attitude is the hallmark of a master in the art of reality creation.


All that exists was created from thought. Yes, everything. It doesn't matter whether it is matter, energy, or ideas. It is all thought. Thoughts create things ... it is that simple. It is thoughts that move us to act. It is thoughts that determine how we interpret what we experience. Everywhere we look, we see the results of thoughts in action. Thoughts set up vibrational frequencies that attract things and experiences into our life via harmonic resonance. Become a master of your thoughts. Choose what thoughts you focus on. Those very thoughts will attract your experience.

In the Aquarian Age, ideas will be extremely important ... especially fixed ideas. Fixed ideas form a solid foundation around which a new reality and correspondingly a new world can be created. Emotions were the hallmark of the Piscean Age. Ideas are the hallmark of the Aquarian Age. Ideas are closer to the realm in which God speaks ... except for unconditional love. A new age offers the hope for a new world.

It's the consciousness that is important in the end, that which watches, and ultimately that which creates via the Word and thought. It is true that thoughts create reality in the world. What is missing is that only consciousness can create thoughts and there is only one consciousness. The watcher, the observer is extremely important. Only consciousness can be that. Also, it is consciousness that creates all thoughts, and thoughts create reality. The incredible thing is that one consciousness animates us all. Yes, that one consciousness seems to be partitioned into a nearly endless number of parts. However, that does not change the fact that it is ONE. Because of this, incredible cooperation takes place behind the scenes to create everything that is manifest in our world.

The world is what we choose to make of it. We can manifest the reality that we desire. It is all a matter of finding the appropriate ideals, believing them enough to apply the resources to manifest them, and enjoying the social infrastructure that is rightly ours. This is the rightful thing to apply ourselves to. It all starts with ideals, with foundational thoughts around which a new and better world can be built. Then we have to commit the necessary resources. When we do so the resulting society and world will be as close to a utopia or heaven on earth as we can make it. In the end, is that not the goal the we are shooting for.

As the saying goes, "nothing can stop an idea whose time has come". Yet at the same time we must take practical steps to implement these ideas or their effect will be naught. Ideas without corresponding actions to realize the ideas are effectively useless. Remember that and make sure that when you are truly moved by an idea, you do something ... anything to implement it.

Ideas are born, are ingested and experienced, and ultimately impact the reality of those whom they reach. Ideas can be very powerful, in fact, powerful enough to change the world when properly expressed and disseminated. Ultimately, it is ideas that are responsible for changing the world. Though, the degree of change is dependent on who the ideas reach and what these people do because of being exposed to the ideas. Ideas set the mold. Actions apply the mold and make it real.

Ideas command behavior. The grander and more powerful the ideas, the more impact they will have on the world. If we want people to change, if we want to create a better world, we need more powerful ideas than those that govern the present world. But, it takes more than that ... we need to get people committed to the new ideas, committed enough to act based on them.

The laws of reality creation are valid for everyone. Everything works as it does because of them. These are spiritual laws however, and science has not yet discovered the most important of them. Consciousness creates thought creates reality. It has always been thus and shall always be thus. It all comes down to thought. Thought is a form of vibration. Things that have the same vibration resonate. To attract something into your reality, you need to establish a resonant frequency for it. The law of attraction will do the rest. We establish a resonant frequency via the thoughts that we think, via the beliefs that we hold, via the things that we dream, via the desires that we have, and via the things that we imagine. The clearer and focused the picture we can create ... the stronger the attractive force.

Reality creation is about manifesting ideas, about making thoughts real. Ideas and thoughts, are it. They are instrumental in creating the reality that we experience. Though, while the thoughts come first ... they alone are not the manifestation process. Choices and actions are critical for that.

There is nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. I don't know who said that, but it is a very deep truth. In the game of reality creation, we are operating in precisely this area, in the area of realizing those ideas whose time has come. How do we know which ideas are those whose time has come? Individually, this is easy. We observe which ideas move us to act to implement them. Sometimes we are moved only to implement the ideas in our life. At other times, we are moved to act to implement the ideas on a larger scale ... perhaps as large as the whole world. Though for that, we typically need others to join with us and act in a like manner.

What we think, what we believe ... we manifest in our lives. Everything we manifest starts with our thoughts and beliefs. This puts tremendous power in our hands, or in our minds as it were. Though, we need to be careful of the thoughts and beliefs that we hold. We need to respect the awesome power that we have.

It is via our thoughts that we create our world and our reality. There are many ways to state the same thing. Though here we include the creation of our world. And indeed, we do create our personal world.

Thoughts create the reality that we experience, every moment of it. This takes us into the time dimension. We create our reality in every moment of each and every day. From the moment we are born to the moment we die; the process is in effect. Perhaps even before this and beyond this.

Yes, we can create reality via our thoughts. However, that doesn't make all of our thoughts correct. This is especially true of thoughts regarding who we are. These will never capture all of us accurately and completely. Who we truly are is far beyond anything that we may think that we are. Yet, it is our thoughts of who we are that will manifest nonetheless. Life is a process of self-discovery. Some of us choose to engage in that process in solitude ... other in society ... most in a combination of the two. Whatever path we choose is right for us. The spirit within us is always nourishing us and guiding us along the path that is ours alone to follow.

If we are going to manifest something in our reality, we must be able to envision it. The best I can do is to paint word pictures. I have never been visual. That is not how I process information. Though, if you are visual, use every tool and ability that you have in the process. If you can vividly imagine yourself living the reality of your dreams all the better. The visual channel has far more bandwidth than the auditory one associated with words. Take advantage of that if you can.

BELIEFSWe've already said a lot about beliefs. But there will be a lot more to say. Thoughts indeed create things. But, making a though a belief is how we tell the universe that we are truly serious about it. The key criteria that makes something a belief is a willingness to act in accord with the belief. If we are not willing to do this ... we are simply paying lip service to the thought. In doing so, we don't give it the power necessary for it to operate in our life. We all have many beliefs, much of them on other than conscious levels, operating in our life. And, we act in accord with these. We set expectations, make choices, and take actions in accord with what we believe. In some cases, the beliefs are things we accepted from authority figures when we were growing up. We have never gone back to question whether these beliefs truly have merit and utility. It is time that we do so. Though, as we do so, it helps to focus on core beliefs ... the big things in our belief structure around which everything else revolves. When we change core beliefs ... whole sets of supporting beliefs go by the wayside. We are free to believe whatsoever we will. The only measure by which to assess beliefs is utility. Beliefs do not deal with the realm of the true and the false. At least, they shouldn't. If something is already true or false, there is no room for beliefs. No, beliefs deal in the realm of the uncertain. Here, we can choose what might be true ... and in many cases, create what we desire to be true. Beliefs are one of the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal for reality creation. Use them well and create the reality of your dreams.

We attract into our lives what we believe that we will experience. The spiritual laws of reality creation work the same for all ... though, it seems the more aware that we are, the quicker the laws seem to work. Beliefs attract experience ... it is that simple. Though, awareness seems to help the process as well. Seek awareness first and all else will be added unto you. This gets back to our two focus questions. It seems that some focus on who am I, but the unclear majority focus on what do I want. That is OK. Either focus is perfectly fine. The simply lead to different experiences.

It all starts with what we believe. What we believe will be what we experience. Effectively, beliefs are like self-fulfilling prophecies. We end up drawing into our reality those things that conform to our beliefs. That is simply how it works. We create our own reality. We always have. We always will. Beliefs are powerful thoughts. They are generally imbued with emotion, enough so that we are willing to act in accord with them. As a result, they create a resonant frequency that attracts things that conform with them. Don't underestimate the power of resonance to bring things as experiences into our lives.

You are the master gardener. It is up to you to care for the garden of your beliefs. Yes, your belief system is much like a garden. The plants are selected and arranged in a particular order, but there may also be weeds .... indeed, sometimes the weeds overrun the garden entirely. So, it is up to you to tend to the garden and pull any weeds that might arise. One form of weeds is contradictory beliefs. These need to be avoided at all costs. Otherwise the instructions given to the other than conscious parts of us are contradictory. As a result, the reality we experience reflects the conflicting instruction.

Belief management is a skill that we should all learn. It would make living our lives much easier. It is through our beliefs that we create our reality. Though, how many really know this? Who looks to beliefs as the first place to change when they want to change their reality? So, why is this not a mandatory subject in our schools? The bottom line is that the vast majority of those involved in government and the education system do not believe it to be important enough to learn this and apply this in our life. Here, beliefs help as well. We can believe that we can do this. We can believe that there are no beliefs that we hold that are hidden from us.

Belief management is one of the most important skills that we can learn. It dramatically impacts the reality that we experience. Control our beliefs and we control our life ... it is that simple. This is valid even if we don't care to "control" our life. We can choose to allow it to unfold freely as it will. For that, it helps to believe that spirit is animating us and has a plan for our life. Indeed, she does, whether we choose to believe that or not. Some things are truths whether we recognize them as such or not. It helps if our beliefs are in line with such truths but this is not necessary for the beliefs and the truths to operate in our life. Beliefs are not powerful enough to overcome truths. But, they will attract experience that reflects the belief in a way that points to an understanding of the truth.

Belief management is the process of controlling beliefs so that they serve us and result in the reality that we choose to experience. It is our responsibility to manage our beliefs. Our beliefs result in our reality. Change the beliefs and we change the reality. Indeed, that may be the only way. But, that is not quite right. We also live in a world of choices and actions. Change these and we change the consequences that we experience ... hence we change our reality. Beliefs without corresponding actions are futile. I can believe I deserve $1 million. I can even vividly imagine getting it and what I would do with it. But, that is not enough. Yes, that establishes a resonance, a vacuum for what I desire. But, somehow it seems to fall short of what is required. In this case, the spiritual law of never take more than you give comes to mind. In this example, where is the giving? It is the giving that creates the vacuum.

In general, belief management is an important task to engage in on a regular basis. This is our primary mean for influencing the reality that we create. We can state this in many ways. One technique that I have found that helps tremendously with this is Psych-K. Though you will need to go to a practitioner to engage in it. And, it can take a while. Belief systems are complicated. What we think that we believe is often not what we believe on other than conscious levels. Psych-K focuses on aligning these two so that we can function effectively.

Managing our beliefs is one of the fastest ways to change. This can be tough to do on your own. The ego has a lot invested in maintaining its grip on your reality. It has no desire to go away, and is often threatened by any changes that awaken the consciousness within you. Change your beliefs, change your reality. Seek help if you need to. You will have to deal with your ego in the process. It has a lot invested in maintaining the status quo. But, the ego can be coerced to experience something better. As you change, it helps to seek to awaken. As your awareness grows, you will be able to more completely express who you truly are.

We create our reality via our beliefs. It is up to us to make a masterpiece of our belief systems. In doing so, we will also make a masterpiece of our lives. Yes, that is the goal. We are artists all. Our most important work is our own reality, our own life. This is possible. We are master artists, each and every one of us. We can arrange our belief systems in such a manner as to make a masterpiece of our lives. It is simply a matter of doing it. We know how already. What we already do results in what we already experience.

Beliefs are our springboards to a new life if only we use them as such. They are powerful tools for reality creation. If we would create a new life for our self, it is through beliefs that we must do so.

Everything that happens in our lives is drawn there by our beliefs about ourselves, our world, reality, and reality creation. We experience what we expect to experience, what we believe that we will experience. Our experiences are drawn to us by our beliefs. Expectations are a form of beliefs in what is to be. We tend to experience what we expect to experience. I say tend to because this is not 100 percent so. Whether expectations come to fruition depends on how they are tied to related beliefs in our belief system.

If there is one area of your life that is most worth examining ... that will cause the biggest difference in your life and the reality that you experience, this is it, BELIEFS! This is where the greatest benefit results from the effort expended. This is where we attack the cause directly, rather than only dealing with the symptoms. Yes, beliefs are that powerful. They are indeed the place to start for changing anything in our reality.

If we don't like our experience, we have no one to blame but ourselves. To change the experience, we need only to adopt more empowering beliefs. Yes, it is that simple. There really is no place for blame, not even on ourselves. There is simply what we choose and what we do not choose. In this case, what we choose to believe. We always have the option to choose more empowering beliefs.

If we don't like what we are experiencing ... it is up to us to do something to change it. It is up to us to so alter our beliefs to create a better reality. We can expect others or circumstances or even God to change what we are experience. This we must do for ourselves. We do it by adopting more empowering beliefs.

Many are not aware of the power of beliefs, especially of unconscious beliefs in our lives. It is time for this to change. The appropriate consciousness technology exists to better the lives of many, if not all. It is a matter of getting it into their hands and their minds. More are aware than have ever been before. And, perhaps we are close to reaching a critical mass, a point beyond which everyone becomes aware. Much of the technology for using beliefs to impact our reality has been in use for over a century. Take subliminal messages in advertising as an example. This alone has resulted in countless numbers of purchases of goods and services. Though, in this case, the technology is basically used to take advantage of an unsuspecting public. We would have it be employed for our benefit as well.

Many do not realize the power of beliefs and their importance in creating the reality we experience. Yes, creating. Beliefs define what meaning we assign to what we experience ... and in doing so, create the very reality that we experience. Once again, we confirm the power of beliefs in creating our reality. But, here we also emphasize that the interpretation, the meaning that we assign to what we experience is a matter of experience as well. Indeed, often the meaning we assign is more important than the experience itself.

Our beliefs are our primary means of making the choice as to how we will invest ourselves. They determine what we want to see and ultimately what we manifest as our reality. Our beliefs determine where we focus our time, attention, energy, and resources. They create the filters that define what we want to experience. And, as a result, they determine what will manifest in our life. Everything happens in accord with our beliefs ... everything.

Our beliefs are our way of informing our self as to what we would like to see in our reality. They include beliefs about self-worth and what we are worthy of receiving. They include beliefs about what is important and what is not important. They include beliefs about the nature of reality and how it is created. We have many types of beliefs. Some are simple, some are far more complex. Beliefs about self-worth and worthiness are crucial. They effectively govern what we are able to receive in our life. Beliefs about what is important and what is not important determine where we put our focus and attention and what we feel that we need to do something about or not. Beliefs about the nature of reality and reality creation impact the quality of what we experience and empower us to change that experience to what we might prefer it to be.

Our beliefs must have some basis. It is alright to stretch things so that we force ourselves to grow and we can do this by setting our beliefs about what we are to something bigger than we are at present. But, we need to be careful to take small steps. This is not to say that our beliefs must conform to what we presently experience. Not at all. Presently, we are limited by our present beliefs. We are free to remove some of the limitations at any time by adopting more empowering beliefs. When we do so, it helps if we take small steps at first until the new path is established. We are on the course of our lives after all. We are free to change that course at any time.

The biggest area where choices impact the reality that we create is in the area of beliefs. Our core beliefs are the major filters that color the way that we see things and what experiences we draw unto us. Changing even one core belief can completely change our reality. Yes, core beliefs are that powerful. Core beliefs are the big things that we believe about ourselves, the world, and even the nature of reality and reality creation. Some examples include:

I am whole, complete, and ONE.
I am safe and secure.
I am competent in what I do.
I am worthy of abundance in my life.
I am spirit in flesh.
I have everything that I need to live a productive and successful life.
The world is a safe place.
Everyone is doing their best given the circumstances they find themselves within.
We create our own reality.
I can do anything that I put my mind and heart into.
In each moment, I am being the best me that I can be.

The bulk of what we experience as reality is the direct result of our beliefs. If we don't like what we experience, that is the place to make the necessary changes ... with the beliefs. What we like and what we don't like is the feedback that tells us whether what we believe is working in our life. If it is not, it is up to us to identify the beliefs that are at fault and replace them. Sometimes this is obvious. At other times, it can be quite a challenge. Here, intent goes a long way. Believe that you can do it. Expect to find those beliefs that are at fault and trust that you will know what to do about them.

The power of the mind is sufficient to manifest a reality that conforms to our beliefs. That doesn't make the beliefs real, not in the least. However, it can result in corresponding experiences within the illusion, within the dream. Our mind is incredibly capable ... especially the other than conscious parts of it. It is sufficiently capable to manifest a reality that corresponds with our beliefs. Unfortunately, this is not one of the things that traditional education teaches us either. We are taught to use our minds to do some things ... but not the most important things. At least, such is my assessment based on my own experience.

This is how reality works in this illusion. There are no shortcuts. You create in accordance with your beliefs. If you want to change your experience, that is the place to work -- with your beliefs! The bottom line is that beliefs are it ... that is where we must work to change our reality and our experience.

We create our own reality. We draw it unto ourselves via our beliefs ... and primarily our conscious beliefs at that. It is easy to blame our other than conscious beliefs for are problems. But, much of the time, these are rooted in conscious beliefs as well. Though, we may have to do some self-work to identify what we believe consciously. Once again, nothing, not even the other than conscious beliefs are hidden from your conscious mind. The other than conscious parts of you will respond to your conscious bidding. They are on your side. They will reveal anything that you need to know when you need to know it.

We create reality in accordance with our beliefs ... both individually and en masse. That is simply the way it is. We can choose to accept this and consciously co-create the reality we would prefer, or we can ignore this and allow other than conscious processes to create this by default. It is our choice. We can choose to consciously participate in the reality creation game or we can leave it to chance. That is not quite right. Chance really has nothing to do with it in either case ... except in the sense of which beliefs get engaged to create our reality at what times. When we consciously engage, we choose, at least to some degree. The degree is dependent on how adept we get at this.

Yes, beliefs are that powerful. They are the clay through which we fashion the experiences that we would have in our lives, and even more important the meaning that we apply to those experiences. We can mold this clay as we will. Mold the beliefs and the reality follows. It is that simple. It is important to note that we mold both the experiences and the meaning of those experiences. Both are important aspects of our reality. Indeed, the meaning may be the more important of the two.

To change our reality, we need to alter our beliefs and start doing things differently. Only fools believe that they will get a different outcome doing the same things in the same ways. Yes, it is important to do things differently if we truly want a different outcome. Doing the same things in the same ways almost always results in the same outcomes. So, don't do that. Find something new. Change something that you are doing and see what results. If you don't like that, keep trying something new until you get an outcome that you do like. Eventually, if you are persistent you will come up with something that works.

Beliefs are part of a framework for creating "reality" within the illusion. Is that really where my world is? Is that where I choose to focus my attention? This is my dilemma. I don't know how many other face it. This goes back to the two questions: who am I and what do I want? For the most part, creating reality seems to focus on the latter of these questions. What does it take to focus on the former? How do we allow who we truly are to come forth? And, how do we know when we have succeeded in doing this?

Beliefs are the playground for reality creation. They are not absolute. The test of whether they are right is utility ... do they serve not only you but all concerned? Playgrounds are meant to be played in. Further, they are meant to be fun. Similarly, life is meant to be fun. That does not mean that it will not be challenging at times. Indeed, it will be. When it comes to beliefs, we are dealing with a gray area ... with things that may or may not be true. But, the very process of believing them makes them so for us, at least so long as we choose to hold them. For beliefs, utility is all that matters ... not only utility to us, but they should serve all concerned as well.

When our beliefs conflict ... we sabotage ourselves and our actions do not have the effects intended. That is the nature of reality creation. We need to avoid conflicting beliefs. They make a mess of the reality creation process causing all manner of havoc ... effectively putting the whole process out of control. The other than conscious parts of us need clear direction if they are to do their jobs properly. When our beliefs conflict, the conscious directions are unclear. The ship of self does not know where to take us.

One belief that helps in this is that there are no beliefs so hidden that we cannot reach them. We can use beliefs to help us find beliefs, even other than conscious ones. The self operates primarily via cooperation. All parts of the self, serve one another and serve the whole. Indeed, it is their functioning that allows the whole to arise.

Reality is like that. It tends to conform to our beliefs of what will be. So, it is helpful if we believe in a reality that we truly want to experience. We don't have to lock down every detail. We probably couldn't even if we were to try. But, we need to get the general stuff right ... at least right for us. It helps to have an overall plan for what we choose to experience in our life. We can use beliefs and expectations to lock that in ... to get the other than conscious parts of us engaged in manifesting it. Though, even as I say that, I know that there is another way to live. We can allow our life to unfold as it will. These two approaches to living are quite different. In the first, we control. In the second, we allow. Personally, I've been allowing most of my life. The result has not taken me to where I want to be, though we have had some interesting achievements and experiences along the way. So, it seems that it may be time to try the other approach for a while as see what results.

We create filters via beliefs, primarily beliefs about what things mean and what things are important to us. We need to be careful though. In doing this, we are effectively constructing our reality to conform with our filters. Our beliefs form filters, filters that determine what experiences we allow into our reality. It helps to re-examine these on occasion to determine whether they serve us or not. Remember, the test for beliefs is utility. All that matters is whether they serve us and all concerned.

Those forces responsible for reality creation within us forge reality through the patterns and limitations established by our beliefs. If we want to change the reality, that is the place to do it, with the beliefs. There are other than conscious forces that work in conjunction with the forces of the universe to create a reality that conforms with our beliefs. If we want to alter that reality, we have to change the beliefs. That is our control point ... perhaps our only control point. Then again, choices and actions have impacts as well. They create consequences.

The future is what we make of it. That is how the game of reality creation works. We need to watch for disempowering beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones when we find them. The future us ours to craft. However, we craft it by what we do in each moment. We have the power to craft it to be whatever we would have it be. But, this is not a passive process. We need to be active participants. Also, we need to make sure the beliefs that we hold are empowering ones. Otherwise, we step on our own toes and get in our own way.

It behooves us to know what we believe. It also benefits us to identify which of our beliefs result in which part of our reality. It is only through knowing this that we know where to start to change our beliefs if we want to change our reality. For, that is how we effect change, through our beliefs. Given the importance of beliefs, it is worth the effort to become knowledgeable about what we believe. If we observe the process carefully, we can start to see which beliefs correspond to what experiences in our life. That then allows us to target our efforts in belief management to those areas that are likely to do the most good.

We can do whatever we set our minds, our hearts, and our spirits to do. It takes all three to reach the level of commitment necessary to make things happen. And even then, it must be consistent with what we believe or it simply won't happen. Beliefs are that powerful. They are that important to the reality that we experience. We are that powerful. Mind, heart, and spirit operating in concert can truly do grand things. But, they alone are not enough. Our beliefs provide the framework through which they operate. Unless this framework is open to what mind, heart, and spirit would do ... it simply will not be done. None of these three are powerful enough to override the programming of beliefs on the operation of the self.

Belief systems are important. They are the playground through which we create the reality that we experience. Our beliefs form a belief system. As an entirety, they form the playground through which we wield our powers of reality creation. Though, unlike many playgrounds, in the case of belief systems, when we change our beliefs, we change the very nature of the playground as well.

Beliefs are a playground for reality creation. There are many apparatuses in the playground. It is for us to learn how to use them safely so that we can enjoy what they can do for us. First, we must find each apparatus. Then, we learn what it has to offer us. We do that by playing with it ... by seeing what it allows us to do ... by experiencing what it allows us to create.

Beliefs are another domain in which we play. They are the playground for reality creation. We are free to believe whatsoever we will. What we believe will attract what we experience. That is how reality creation works. What we believe not only colors what we experience, it literally creates it. Through beliefs, we have the power to create whatever we desire to create. It is a matter of allowing our consciousness to play. It is a matter of dreaming of what we choose to be ... dreaming so vividly that it is as if it is so, and acting as if we truly belief this. Our mind does not seem to distinguish whether something is experienced or vividly imagined. The same neural pathways fire. As a result, the same resonance frequency is established. This works to attract the very things that we have imagined into our lives.

Beliefs are the playground for reality creation. Utility is the only test for their validity. It is up to us to choose what we will believe. We should be choosing what we believe. However, it is not clear that this is the case for many. It seems that most people neither know what they believe nor do they care. As a result, their lives are precisely what they are. Here, we are not talking about religious beliefs. We are talking about basic beliefs of who we are and how we experience the reality that we do. For most of us, most of these were simply accepted from our parents, teachers, or authority figures as we grew up. They were accepted and never questioned. In fact, many people go through their entire life without opening their belief system to see what is in there and to assess whether it is serving them.

Beliefs are the playground in which we create the structures that attract and define what we will experience. As such, they are the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal for creating the reality that we would prefer. There is no doubt about it. Beliefs are powerful tools. But, as with all tools, it is not the tools that matter, it is what we are able to create with the tools. In our case, we seek to create a masterpiece of our life. But, what constitutes a masterpiece is dependent on the artist, and how the artist wields the tools of his craft. We are all masters. Every life is a masterpiece. Except, we don't treat it as such collectively.

Beliefs operate in the gray area of the uncertain or the unknown. It is in the playground of beliefs that all of reality creation is accomplished. That makes this a very powerful and important area. If something is certain, either true or false, there is no room for belief. It is only regarding the unknown that beliefs have any utility. Though we must wonder how much utility. If something is unknown, but is false, what have we done to our belief system by believing it? However, in the moment, we can't tell whether something unknown is false or not. Believing unknown things that are true is a different matter. There, we get the advantage of accepting the truth even before it becomes known to be true. In general, our beliefs may be a mixed bag ... some of them might be false, some of them might be true, and some of them are unknowable.

If we want to change what we experience, that is the best place to start, with beliefs. It helps to treat beliefs as a playground for reality creation. Once again, we have a recurring them. It is beliefs that cause experience, and playing with beliefs is one of the best games in town. However, this is a game that we need to learn to play. And, the traditional education establishment does not seem to be the place where we learn this game. Rather, it is the province of metaphysics.

It behooves us to become familiar with the playground and to master playing with beliefs to the degree that we can. This is important on several fronts ... one, for manifesting what we want; two, for removing the blockages that keep us from getting what we want; and three, for removing the obstacles that keep us from being all that we can be. Both manifesting what we want and being all that we can be are important. Indeed, perhaps they are equally important. I haven't treated them so in my life to date. The latter was far more important to me. But, that is started to shift. I am started to see that to be all that I can be, I need to manifest what I want in my life. That is a major revelation to me. Perhaps it is to you as well. Even if your focus is on manifestation what you want, you may find that to do that successfully you must be all that you can be.

Root causes are often found deep within one's belief systems. There are many things in life that fall within the realm of beliefs. In fact, one might say that reality creation occurs within the playground of beliefs. Here, we are talking about root causes for anything that we experience, be they positive or negative. The fact that they are deep may mean that we need to do some serious searching to find them. But, nothing is hidden so deep that it cannot be found, nothing.

Yes, playground is the right term here, for that is exactly what the realm of beliefs is. So, be as a child and PLAY! Play with childlike abandon. We can't emphasize that enough. By playing with beliefs, you play with how reality is created in your life. Have fun and enjoy the process. You are engaging in one of the grandest games that there is. Through your play comes everything that you experience. Yes, you wield that much power. Be happy and create well.

Anything in our reality can be changed. It is a matter of finding the root beliefs that are creating it in the manner that we experience. We can do this in general or in particular depending on how specific we want to be about eliminating or introducing things into our reality framework. Reality is fluid. Any part of it can be changed at any time. It is a matter of finding the beliefs that are responsible for the reality that is in question. Change involves either eliminating or introducing new or modified beliefs. But we need to make sure the new beliefs result in a consistent set.

In a very real and literal way, our reality conforms to our beliefs. It has always been that way. However, recently, it seems that the time from belief to manifestation is rapidly diminishing. The popularity of The Secret attests to how many people around the world are tuned into consciousness technology, or at least interested in it. Given this, it behooves us to pay attention to what we believe ... more than that, to take ownership of what we believe. Such ownership is there for us to take. Indeed, the timeline for manifestation seems to be shrinking as well. It doesn't seem to take as long to go from an idea to its manifestation in the world. Just look at all the technological progress that has been made in the past few decades. Further, the popularity of such works as The Secret suggests that there are indeed many seekers out there willing to try the new ways that consciousness technology is introducing to the world.

For most of us, the garden of our beliefs is unkempt and overgrown with weeds. As a result, it is not really clear what we will get from it. The first order of business is to get our beliefs in order. This is not a good. A good gardener does not allow such a state to arise. But, the unclear majority did not know there was a garden in their mind, and they were never told that they were the gardener. Though, that is an excuse no longer. If you've made it this far, there should be no doubt that you have to tend to the garden of your beliefs. There is no one else to do it for you. Though, there are tools and resources that can help such a meditation, affirmations, and Psych-K.


Choices are how we tell the universe that we are serious about something. Choices always have consequences, sometimes good, sometimes neutral, sometimes bad, most often a combination of these. Choices are clearly a part of the reality creation process. At the very least, by making a choice, we create its consequences and experience these in our life. If we knew in advance what consequences would come from what choices, reality creation would be a piece of cake. But, it is not so simple. Many consequences are unknown or uncertain at the time we make a choice. Further, we typically have only one shot for a given choice. We never have the luxury of going back to make a different choice under the same set of circumstances.

There is a sense that I am at a major crossroads for the first time in my life. At least a crossroads of the type where I have to choose whether, how, and how much to impose my conscious will to create my reality. This is not an easy choice. Yet, looking at it now, it seems that I have already decided at some level. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with imposing my will on anything. Now, it seems that such is what I need to do if I would create the reality of my dreams, if I would create a masterpiece of my life, and if I would do the spiritual work that I know to be mine to do. It is no longer enough to allow my life to unfold as it will. That is akin to a ship drifting without a captain to command it. That worked for a while. But, it no longer seems to be sufficient. No, we need to actively participate somehow. We need to choose our own destiny.

I still spend the vast majority of my free time alone ... much of it in a 12 x 12 room. Such is my life. If I truly desired to change it, it would be different. I know that we create our own reality. This is the reality that I have chosen at some level. Clearly, the choice is made at other than conscious levels, though the conscious plays a major role in this as well. Actually, three different 12 x 12 rooms ... my office at work, my room in a house in Redondo Beach during the work week, and a room in my house in Cathedral City. 12 x 12 are the approximate dimensions anyway. But, that is enough to work and to live for the most part.

You are the creator of your reality. You choose what you experience yourself to be. Note that we did not say that you choose what you are, that is impossible. You are what I created you to be. You can never change that, try though you might. You can only change how much you experience of what I created you to be. Another passage coming through as though from God. These are rare in this expression. Indeed, it seems that they did not arise until 2008 when we read Your Deepest Intent. Indeed, we choose what we experience our self to be. But, that is not the same as what we are. We cannot choose what we are ... that was decided when we were created. But, we do choose how much of what we are we realize and express.

Change your choices, change your reality. Choices result in consequences. The consequences are changes to the circumstances of our life, changes to what we experience, and changes to our reality.

Choice is a very important part of our lives. But, it is not always conscious. Many things are chosen at other than conscious levels. This doesn't relieve us from responsibility for our actions ... we are still making the choices. However, we don't need to beat ourselves up about them should we not like the reality that results. As with beliefs, choices may be made on other than conscious levels. Regardless, we are responsible. Whether conscious or other than conscious, we are doing the choosing ... hence, we reap the consequences. However, if we don't like the consequences, we are always free to make other choices.

Choice seems to be confined to how we interpret what we experience, in particular to what we determine that our experiences mean. Sometimes it is not clear that we are choosing the reality we experience. But, always we have the power to interpret what our reality means to us. Don't underestimate the power of being able to assign meaning to experiences. The meaning can completely change the experience.

Individuals experience the reality that they choose for themselves, though there may be appearances to the contrary. We choose. It is that simple. Each of us chooses our reality. However, at times it may not appear that such is the case. But such appearances are flawed, they have no basis in reality.

If I want my experience to be different, I need to choose again ... and again, and again until my reality is what I desire for it to be. We create our reality via the choices that we make. Beliefs are one area of such choices. Belief systems allow us to formalize our beliefs. Choosing again is a grand power that we wield. We do this until the consequences that we experience are in line with what we desire our reality to be. One thing that we choose is our beliefs. We need to choose these well.

Our choices literally shape the reality we experience. They carve out a place in the scheme of things to provide a context for our existence. Yes, our choices are that powerful. They create the operating space in which we exist, in which we experience all that we do. But, they do more than that ... they create the reality itself.

We can always choose differently. Also, in many cases, it is the conscious choices that set the framework for the other than conscious ones. So, indeed, we do create our own reality consciously far more than most of us realize. Over 98 percent of mental processes are other than conscious. But, that doesn't mean that the conscious choices don't matter. Indeed, they do, and far more than we might suspect. Many of the other than conscious choices that get made are driven by the conscious ones.

We create reality by what we choose to do, not what we plan to do. In the end, it is what we do that makes the difference. Our plans are thoughts off what might be. It is our choices that ultimately matter, especially our choices regarding what we do. It is the doing that makes all the difference.

When we make choices of desperation, we experience desperation. To get beyond this we need to realize that it is our choices that are creating the reality that we experience ... and that we are free to make more empowering choices at any time. For this, we need no permission. It is for us to free our self from desperation. That is not something that we have to experience ever. Regardless of what we are experiencing, our choices have led us to that, our choices have created that. We are always free to change it. It is simply a matter of making different choices. In particular, empowering choices.

Yes, we know that there are smaller building blocks that make up atoms and that these and the resulting atoms are fuzzier than we had ever dreamed. Reality creation is about making choices ... about choosing what reality we will experience from the myriad of probable realities. How this occurs is a mystery. Yet, there are things that we can do to influence the process ... some might even say to control the process. Thoughts, beliefs, choices, expectations, actions, desires, dreams, and imaginings are some areas where we have some influence and control. It is all a matter of consistency, emotional connection, and focus. What we desire to create needs to move us ... to the degree that we will do whatever it takes to manifest it. We have to truly want what we desire. Here we cannot be wishy-washy. That simply will not do. We have to declare what we want and go for it with the full force of our being.

We experience exactly what we need (and choose) to experience. If we want to experience a different reality, we need to make different choices. The height of stupidity is to continue to do the things that you have been doing in the way that you have been doing them and expecting a different outcome. Our choices are everything. Free will is one of the grandest gifts that we were given. And, all of us were given this gift. What we do with it is up to us. Choices always have consequences. We make choices for the consequences that we hope they will bring. Though there may be unintended consequences or consequences that we ignore as well. Consequences may be good, bad, or neutral. They are generally a combination of the three. Often, we do not know what the consequences of the choices we make will be. There are simply too many variables to be able to predict this. Though, we generally have some idea, even in these cases,

Your reality is shaped as much by what you choose not to do as by what you do. It is not only what we do that counts, equally if not more important is what we could have done that we chose not to do. A choice not to do something is still a choice. As with all other choices, such non-choices have consequences as well.

The world is what we make of it. Reality is whatever we choose to experience it to be. We have that much power both individually and collectively. We make the world what it is via what we choose. It is that simple. Similarly, our reality conforms to our choices as well. This gives us awesome power both as individuals and as a collective. We can sculpt the world into whatever we collectively choose for it to be. But, to do this we need to give voice to our dreams ... we need to participate in manifesting what we desire, we need to be the very change that we want to see in the world.

If only I could live my life as I consciously choose. Hmm ... be careful what you ask for. Are you ready to do that? What makes you think that you are not already doing so? You make conscious choices every day that bring to you the reality that you experience. It seems that reality creation is a conscious process after all. Though, we need to make sure that what we consciously think, believe, and choose are aligned with what other than conscious parts of us think, believe, and choose. Any lack of alignment renders our conscious efforts ineffective. Yet, our other than conscious parts are designed to take their instructions from the conscious.

There is no place for chance in my worldview. Things happen by design because we choose for them to. We create our own reality both individually and collectively. Perhaps this doesn't apply to everything ... to every detail. But, it does apply to the things that really count. Our life unfolds as it does because we attract our experiences via our thoughts, beliefs, choices, expectations, actions, and dreams. That is, it unfolds by design ... in particular, by our design.

The mystics and the quantum physicists seem to have reached similar conclusions, though through very different means. But, their focus is still on reality within this world. The question is whether that focus has any validity, has any basis in truth. Yes, it may tell us that we create our "reality", and even to some degree how this occurs. Yet, there still seems to be the mysterious element of choice involved to collapse the field of potentiality into the events that we experience. Ultimately, it is the element of choice that defines our world, that makes our reality the way that it is.

At other than conscious levels we choose and are responsible for all that we do and experience. Here, we emphasize the other than conscious aspects of us and their responsibility. Yet, these aspects answer to direction from the conscious aspects of us. However, for the process to work properly the other than conscious parts of us need to be aligned with the conscious parts. This does not happen automatically. Indeed, not even close. It takes substantial self-work to achieve this alignment. But, it is not impossible. Indeed, there are many who have done it. Though, in my experience, it is not a one-time deal. It is something that we need to work on on a recurring basis. Though, it does not have to be hard work. We have a natural tendency toward becoming whole and aligned. It is a matter of finding and following our instincts.

We are meant to create the reality that we choose to create. However, there is something about being overly concerned about outcomes that comes to mind as a warning. We have the freedom to choose what we would create. However, doing so nearly always requires us to focus on outcomes. Outcomes are not ours to fix. They will come as the nature consequences of what we choose to do.

I have a right to live the life that I choose to live, and create the reality that I prefer to experience. The tricky part may be to figure out just what that is. At this point, it is not clear what that is. To live the life that we choose to live ... we must decide, we have to choose just what that is. To create the reality that we prefer to experience, we had to decide, we have to choose just what that is. That can be difficult to do ... especially for those of us that don't focus on the: what do you want question. Personally, I have some ideas about what this is for me, for my family, and for the world ... perhaps even for the universe. Though it is audacious of me to believe that I might impact her.

More and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that the quantum field does collapse to create the reality that we experience. It is interesting that mystics have known this for ages, only in their own terms. The bottom line from quantum physics seems to be that our choices do indeed create our reality. We cannot be an impartial observer in life ... rather, we are an active participant, a co-creator.

ACTIONSActions are how we tell the universe that we truly believe what we say that we believe. A thought is not really a belief until there is a willingness to act in accord with it. One of my favorite Beyond Imagination quotes is: who you are counts for a lot, but what you do makes all of the difference. Though, even as I recall that, I know that being trumps doing every time. Being is far more important and powerful than doing. Though, our world seems to be one of actions. And while thinking, believing, and choosing have consequences ... actions appear to have far more consequences.

We need to accept what life brings. However, that doesn't mean that we can't take action to change it if we are so moved. We create our reality. What life brings is what we manifest in that reality. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, much of this happens subconsciously, behind the scenes. Acceptance is the first step to changing things. Denying that something exists in our life has the opposite effect of its intent. Accept does not mean accept forever. Rather, it is a matter of acknowledging something ... good, bad, or neutral. What we do once we have accepted something is up to us. What we experience is what we have called into our life. Though, the vast majority of the processes for calling experiences into our life are either other than conscious or only partly conscious.

Act as if! That is the secret to manifesting anything. I know that ... but am I truly living it? At the time, it seems not. Otherwise my reality would be different than it is. One secret to manifesting is to act as if what we desire to create already exists. This works because it seems that our mind does not distinguish between what is real and what is vividly imagined. It will do what it takes to attract whatever is necessary to fulfill the vision. But, you have to be consistent. You have to believe that you are deserving of what you are imagining. You have to live as if what you desire is already true. That may seem like play acting at first. But, your entire life is play acting. You might as well make it what you desire.

Act as if. That is a powerful method to apply to reality creation. Much can be created in our reality if we do that one thing ... act as if what we desire is already so. Different words ... same overall message. There is something powerful to this. By acting as if, we make a powerful choice that puts into motion the forces of the universe to bring about a reality consistent with what we are doing,

Believing is not enough, we must take the next step and act. What we do makes all the difference. Believing takes us far ... but not far enough. From there, we need to take the next steps of choice and action. It is these steps that result in consequences ... consequences that include the very things that we desire.

If I choose different actions, perhaps the results will be different. That is how we change our reality. Mass reality is another matter however. As an individual, the part of mass reality that I am involved with is My World. It is an interesting world. It is a limited one as are all such worlds. But, the limits are uniquely mine. Different actions generally yield different results. Individual actions influence both individual and mass reality. Though, how much they influence the latter depends on how we live our life. Each of us live within our own world, a world that is uniquely ours. But, our words touch and overlap with the worlds of others. Through those points we can interact. Through those interactions, we can impact one another's reality.

It is through action that we demonstrate what ideas we really believe in and thus give impetus to create them in our reality. Beliefs without the actions to back them are hollow and ineffective. You might even say that they are not beliefs at all. And, indeed you would be right. Actions are our means to demonstrate what beliefs we are serious enough about to manifest in our reality.

As we act, we set in motion more opportunities until in the end our reality is completely different because we allowed ourselves to be different. It is for us to seize the opportunities that arise in this process. In a way, such opportunities are gifts that we give to ourselves. This is the way that we create our reality. It is completely within our power. In fact, we do it whether we know it or not. Reality creation is something that we all do all the time. Whether we know that we do it or not is immaterial. We do it nonetheless. Though, it helps if we know and know that we know. Though, this gives us no excuses. How we play the game of reality creation is a matter of learning the rules and practicing. Yes, practicing. That is how we get proficient at anything.

It is our actions which show consciousness what we are serious about. When we believe something enough to base our actions on the belief ... we empower the belief to do its work in our lives. Beliefs can be powerful. But, we have to enable them by taking action in accord with them. That is just the way that it works. As it has been said: "actions speak louder than words".

The world is what we make of it. It is fashioned by our hands and by our minds ... in particular by our beliefs and by our actions. We can literally make it into anything that we desire it to be. Collectively we are that powerful. Individually we are that powerful. We are the creators of our reality ... the masters of our fate. We are the lords of our lives. All of this is true. It is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of fact. Though, I cannot prove one bit of it. I can only attempt to apply it in my life and see what results. I don't always like what results. However, that does not mean that the process is not working. It only means that I need to try again employing different beliefs and different actions. That is something we can do at any time. Further, it is not enough to do this individually. We also need to do it collectively.

If you don't like something in your reality, then do what is necessary to change it. It is that simple. Though, you may have to find the root cause to truly free yourself and not just change the symptoms. Root causes almost always lie in beliefs, choices, expectations, and actions. Symptoms are generally undesired consequences. Fixing symptoms may work for a while, but to resolve problems we generally need to get to their underlying causes. This can take some time. The symptoms may be so bad that we cannot see through to the cause of the problem. However, nothing is hidden from us ... nothing. It is a matter of focus and intent to find what we are looking for.

Keep doing what you have been doing in the same way that you have been doing them and you will continue to get the same reality that you have been getting. If you want things to change, you must change ... you have to do things differently. Doing the same things results in experiencing the same things. It is that simple. If you like what you are experiencing, then you have a recipe for success. However, if you don't like what you experience, then doing something new is the only way to go. Your world is an intimate reflection of you. For it to change, you must change. For it to change in major ways, you must change in major ways.

It is through my decisions and actions that I create the reality that I experience. Hmm ... creating reality and experiencing reality are two different things. Experiencing relies on interpretation of meaning. Creating puts the meaning there to begin with. This is the first time such a distinction has been made between creating and experiencing reality. But it seems to be a good one. Indeed, experiencing goes hand in hand with assigning meaning to reality. Though, it is interesting that the act of creation puts in the meaning. Actually, it seems to put in potential meaning. It seems that we choose the actual meaning to us as we experience the reality.

If I want to experience something different in my reality, I need to do something different. I can also think something different, belief something different, choose something different, expect something different, dream something different, or imagine something different.

Many don't have the follow through to do whatever it takes. However, that is what distinguishes those who succeed in manifesting what they desire from those who don't. It is our actions that determine what we get in life. Hmm ... doing whatever it takes has its limits. Especially, when it comes to harming others or the environment. Though, when we are operating spiritually, this is not a concern. We will naturally avoid taking advantage of anyone or anything in the process of doing what it takes. There is always a way to conduct our affairs in WIN/WIN ways. Though, it may take some effort to find such ways.

How do we cause things to happen in our lives? One way is through intent. Another way is through direct action. Even better is a combination of both for then our forces are aligned with the forces of spirit. When we combine intent with action, we unleash a powerful force to work its magic in our life.

What do I have to create in my reality? How much can be created via intent versus via direct action? What parts must we do for ourselves versus what parts can we count on others and the universe to do? These are not easy questions. Also, it seems that the answers are situation dependent. This is indeed an important area of inquiry. Dreams, vision, and expectations are forms of intent. When is intent enough versus when must we act? Further, how do we know what is ours to do? We are clearly not alone. We are richly connected to the web of life ... to everyone and to everything. How do we engage others and the universe to cooperate to do those things that are beyond what we can do ourselves? Remember to operate WIN/WIN. And, expect to contribute and participate in creating the reality that others desire to create. You are here to assist one another in actualizing your dreams and in performing your missions.

We are the creators of our reality; we are the masters of our fate. What we do, and how we do it makes all the difference. These are very powerful pronouncements. Yet, everything within me says that they are true. We are reality creators one and all. As such, our fate is in our hands or in our minds. Ultimately, it all comes down to what we do and how we do it. That determines what we experience, and the impact that we have on others and the world.

The very universe is conspiring to ensure that we succeed in this. However, the universe responds to the actions that we take. If we are silent, if we do nothing, the universe matches our efforts in kind. Our efforts are amplified by the universe. It sees to it that our intent as demonstrated by our actions is realized.


Consequences are how the universe responds to our choices and actions. They form the conditions and experiences that become our reality. Change the choices and our reality changes. Choosing again is therefore quite a powerful tool. Change the actions and our reality changes. Therefore, what we do makes a big difference in what we experience. Predicting consequences is an art at best. Further, there are almost always side effects ... some good, some bad, some different, but all unintended.

We are free to believe as we will. We are free to choose as we will. However, our reality will be created in accord with our beliefs. And our choices, all of them, have consequences. Yes, we are free to choose. But, our choices set in motion exactly what is needed to balance those choices. This occurs at both an individual and a collective level. Consequences are how our choices are balanced. Every choice results in consequences. Big choices generally result in big consequences. We can learn to make good choices. It is a matter of considering the likely consequences of possible choices and making the choices with the best likely outcomes.

We are free to fashion our reality in any manner that we choose. However, we bear full responsibility for all consequences of our choices as well. We are responsible for our choices. That includes being fully responsible for the consequences of these choices ... not only the consequences to us, but to any who are impacted by our choices.


Desires are how we tell the universe what we want. Not just the universe, they also tell the various parts of us what we want. In general, our desires form the blueprint for other than conscious parts of us to engage the forces of the universe to attempt to bring about what we desire. However, we need to be wary of sabotaging ourselves. We can do that through thoughts, beliefs, choices, expectations, dreams, and imagination. Whenever any of these are inconsistent with what we desire, we sabotage ourselves.

To create your reality consciously you have to want to create something ... you have to be heavily attached to a desired outcome. I've been reluctant to do that. Desire is extremely powerful when it is used correctly. Though, it has to be strong to be effective. There is a warning however, against being overly attached to specific outcomes. We need to give the universe the freedom to meet the intent of the desire in ways that might be unexpected.

We may think that we know what we need and want. However, the universe is not fooled. Consciousness herself knows exactly what we need, and she will ensure that we get it if only we allow her to do so. We need to be careful regarding our desires. What we believe that we need or want may bear little resemblance to what we need and desire. The universe knows us. Via consciousness, the universe knows exactly what we need and will do whatever it takes to bring that into our life if we allow her to. But, she will not overpower us to do this. She operates in our life to the degree that we allow her to.

So, what does it take to create what we desire? It is one thing to imagine what we want. It is quite another thing to manifest it ... to make it part of our reality. Yet, as reality creators, this is exactly what we do. Desire is powerful, but it is not enough. We can imagine what we want as clearly as we like, but that too is not enough. We need to invoke the reality creator within us and the forces of the universe to do our bidding. How do we do this? We use our standard arsenal ... thoughts, beliefs, intent, choices, expectations, actions, dreams, and imagination. We can only use what is available to us.

Such is how reality creation works. Intention is the key. Let the universe know what you want, and be open to receiving it. Though, it may happen in ways that surprise you. Intention is how we make our desires known. Unless we let the universe know what we want, there is no resonant frequency established to attract it into our life. Even then, we must feel worthy of receiving it if it is to come into our life. However, don't lock in the how. Allow that to be a surprise, but be willing to do your part. You will know what that is. Spirit herself will move you to do it.

Manifestation is a recurring theme. How do we manifest the reality that we prefer? First, we have to know what it is that we prefer. That is not so easy as it sounds. There is so much to choose from. How do we decide what is right for us at a point in our life? Knowing what we desire is extremely important. But, surprisingly many either do not know this or limit what they desire needlessly. The universe is an abundant place. We have a right to enjoy of that abundance. But, we also have a responsibility to contribute our part to that abundance. The operative rule is to never take more than you give. Though, that requires assessing the value of what you take versus the value of what you give.

Whatever we ask for will be brought into our reality in one way or another. It may or may not be as we anticipate or expect. Asking for something is a powerful method for reality creation. Though, often it takes more than this to get what we ask for. For instance, we have to believe and demonstrate that we are worthy of getting what we ask for.

Can we not make wishes come true as well if we apply the appropriate effort? Wishes are another form of desires. And indeed, our efforts are often the determining factor as to whether our wishes come true. Expectations are also important as well.

Wishful thinking is not sufficient. We are gods in flesh. We are the creators of our reality. It is time we started acting as if we truly realized that this were so. We can wish all that we want, but that is not sufficient to make things so. That does not mean that our wishes will not come true ... it just means that other factors are involved in making them come true; namely our beliefs, choices, intent, expectations, actions, dreams, and imagination. And, of these, it is our choices and actions that seem to be most important.


Reality creation is a subjective process. What we create and how we experience what we create are up to us. We attract what happens to us and we assign meaning to it. Everything in our reality is literally infused with us. There is no other way for it to be. We have to put ourselves into it to experience it. In a very real way, we are what we experience and what we experience is us.

When we combine expectancy, beliefs, and acting as if, we have covered all the bases. I believe it can happen, I expect it to happen, and I act as if it has already happened. This accompanied by an attitude of gratitude goes a long way toward creating the reality of our dreams. Overall, it is not that difficult to create reality. Indeed, it happens naturally for every one of us. Though, many of us are not consciously in control of our expectations, beliefs, and actions. And, these are critical to the process of conscious reality creation. There are many things operating at other than conscious levels. But, they also operate in the areas of expectancy, beliefs, and actions. Acting as if is particularly powerful. It sets many crucial forces in motion.

Expectations are constraints that we place on what reality we consider possible. We don't always get what we expect however, because we don't always believe that we are worthy enough to receive it. This is a tricky game that we play. There is mystery and magic in it. Those things that we truly expect seem to happen in our lives. Though, we must believe that we are deserving of it. Though, if it were that easy, it would not necessarily be subjective. And, it would not be as challenging and fun as it is. No, for that to happen, we need some uncertainty ... we need some mystery.

Is that not part of how reality creation works ... through our individual and collective expectations? We see what we expect to see. We hear what we expect to hear. We experience what we expect to experience. We are what we expect to be. Our expectations to a large degree determine what reality we create. This applies to what we see, what we hear, what we experience, and even what we are. Further it applies not only on individual but on collective levels. Our world is the result of our collective expectations. What does that say about our collective expectations. We live in a very troubled world. It doesn't have to be that way. But, it is not likely to change until we expect it to. Many of our collective expectations are driven by the mass media that we are exposed to. It is not clear that this arm of society truly serves us. If it did, it seems the world would be a far better place than it is for far more people.

Our beliefs and expectations form screens that filter all that we experience. As a result, reality conforms to our expectations ... at least sometimes anyway. Often, we have conflicting beliefs or have no expectations, leaving it open as to what we will experience. What we believe and what we expect determine what experiences we bring into our reality. Because of that, we need to be wary of conflicting beliefs and lack of expectations. When these arise, effectively anything is fair game. We are allowing the universe to throw the dice in our life rather than living intentionally.

Reality has a way of conforming to our expectations. Not surprising given that such is how we create it. However, our expectations must be more than pipe dreams. They must be things that we are willing to work to achieve if necessary. Expectations without commitment to work to achieve them are but passing fancies. It is the commitment that makes them real. It doesn't matter how grandiose our expectations are. With sufficient effort, nearly everything is possible.

The reality that we experience often conforms to our expectations. We see what we expect to see. We hear what we expect to hear. We do what we expect to do. That is how it is, but not how it needs to be. We are free to change our expectations at any time. We need to be wary of our expectations becoming a straitjacket that we wear. Yes, they are powerful in determining what we experience and what we do. But, we also have the freedom of choice. We can change our expectations. We can adopt new expectations that empower us and have beneficial impacts on those who our life touches.

We tend to live up to our expectations, no matter what they are. Further, the reality we experience tends to live up to our expectations as well. So, we need to be careful about what we expect. Positive or negative ... our expectations drive what we experience. It behooves us to pay attention to what we expect and make sure that it serves ourselves and others. We can do that. We have that much control. But, it is up to us to exert it.


Reality creation involves the creation of experiences in our lives. Indeed, through such a process we create the very life that we experience. There is nothing that we experience that we haven't created, that we haven't attracted into our life in some manner. Yes, everything ... no fine print, no exceptions. We have that much control over what we experience. But, what we have control over, we also have responsibility for. Here, it does not matter whether the control is conscious or whether we believe that we have control.

But, your choices only create your experience, they do not create your reality. That was created by ME, in the moment that I created YOU. It is left for you to discover or re-member this. You do that via the choices that you make, via the actions that you take, via what you choose to BE. Another one of few passages expressed as if it comes forth from God. Here a distinction is drawn between what we experience and what our reality is. That suggests that reality is something that we re-member. We do this primarily by what we choose to be and what we choose to do because of being that.

Clearly, something has changed. I am seeing the world differently than I have ever seen it before. The metaphysical principle that we create our own reality is only a partial truth, at least as experienced in this world. My understanding was that this applied to the world that we experienced ... believing that what we experienced was indeed real, at least in terms of the meaning that we chose to give it. Reality creation as we have envisioned it thus far is primarily illusion creation. It is what we do in the dream that is our present life. That doesn't take away from the importance of the dream ... it is real for us, it is what we experience. And, while we are experiencing it, it seems to be all that there is. But, some part of us knows that there is more to life than this, there is more to us than this.

Everything that we experience is drawn into our lives by us. We literally create our own reality. We attract our experiences, every one of them. We do this by what we think, believe, expect, choose, do, dream, and imagine. Yes, this same set of tools comes forth often here. This is our arsenal. These are the processes through which we create our reality.

I trust that at some level, I am creating it all. I am attracting to my reality those circumstances and experiences that I need to experience. As a result, I take full responsibility for all that I do and experience in my life. The sense is that there is a larger "I" than the conscious I, and this larger "I" is the one that I relate to being now. There are no excuses. We create every aspect of what we experience. We attract the circumstances. We attract the experiences. We are responsible for it all. Yes, this occurs at a level of self that is higher than we normally experience. But, it is a level that we can reach given suitable self-work. However, this does not seem to happen automatically. It seems to be something that we have to really work at.

Such is my experience of reality. I observe myself doing things and taking action without conscious awareness of why or in many cases how. I experience what I experience. I do not consciously control or create this experience. It just happens and I am left to assign meaning to it. Much goes on behind the scenes, controlled by other than conscious processes. I'm sure others are aware of doing things without being consciously aware of why or how. This very expression is a case in point. I am moved to do it, I don't know why ... and clearly, I don't know how, not consciously anyway. Yet, the expression comes forth nonetheless, and I am grateful for that. What do you do in your life that you are not conscious of why or how? Surely, there are many things.

At what point are we going to realize that the reality that we experience is the reality that we are creating for ourselves both individually and collectively? It is the realization that makes all the difference. With such realization comes responsibility. With responsibility, there is hope that we can make things better, not only for ourselves but for everyone. Yes, this is within our power to do. We have only to realize it and choose to fashion the world as we desire it to be.

We each create our own worlds within a common environment that serves as a framework for experiencing physical reality. Though, we live as much outside of that framework as we do within it. Each of us literally creates our own world. But, we do that within a common framework that allows us to interact with others. However, only part of our life is lived within this framework. This may be a relatively small amount of time depending on how introverted we are. Though, is introversion something that we are or something that we choose to be?

Yes, we create it all ... but not consciously. Further, just because we "create" it does not make it real. More properly, we imagine all that we experience. Part of this we do individually, and part of it we do collectively. That is not to say that part of the process is not conscious. Indeed, much of it can be conscious ... or at least steered by what we consciously direct and desire. But, such does not happen automatically. It takes intention and effort on our part. However, it is worth the effort ... every bit of it.

It is as if I am creating the very reality that I need to experience. And, not surprisingly, that is exactly what I am doing. But, not just me, that is what we are all doing. Indeed, we all find ways to bring forth into our life those things that we need to experience. At some level, we know what this is. And, at that level we are engaged to make it so. It is a matter of allowing our life to unfold naturally. Though, there is another choice. We can choose to consciously participate. We can choose to direct the show.


Meaning is extremely important in our lives. We assign meaning to everything in our life. Often the meaning that we assign is as important if not more important than what happens. The interpretation is everything. And, this interpretation can be very different from one person to the next. That is OK. That gives our reality some of the richness that it has. We each experience things differently. We are unique beings on a grand adventure in consciousness. Part of that adventure is the very reality that we create to experience in our lives.

Literally, much of reality creation is the process of assigning meaning to the content of our lives. The meaning that we apply in turn changes the very content of what we experience. It is the meaning that we assign to things that matters. We are free to assign whatsoever meaning we choose to anything that we experience. When we do so, it alters the very nature of what we experience.

Our reality is what we experience and the meaning that we assign to that experience. The meaning is more important than most people know. It is where free will reigns supreme. Yes, we create our own reality. But the main means of doing this may be in the meaning that we choose to assign to that reality. Here we are able to exert our free will fully.

Reality is created not so much by what happens as by what meaning we assign to what happens. What happens may be destined. It seems to happen despite what we do rather than because of what we do. But, regardless of what happens, we determine what it means to us. We literally do that by choosing the meaning that applies. When we assign this meaning, that is what we experience. Though, we need not be repetitive in this. We don't have to keep assigning the same meaning to the same experience. We can choose a different meaning. When we do so, that will in turn change the nature of the experience.

Ultimately, it is the meaning of things that define reality. Yes, meaning is that important. In general, we experience what things mean, not what they are. That is OK. That is as it is meant to be.

We are consciousness exploring the reality that we experience. Are we creating that experience? No, but we are creating the meaning that we assign to what we experience. This suggests that we don't really create our experiences, rather we create the meaning of what we experience. This argument seems to be moot ... for the meaning of things is indeed what we experience. Without the meaning, there would be no utility.

We can assign any meaning we choose to any experience that we have. This is only in theory, however, as our belief systems rigidly define how we interpret reality. Indeed, our belief systems actively participate in interpreting what we experience. Effectively, they define what meaning we experience from what happens.

What must happen, happens. What we learn from that, what we experience from that is our choice. Reality lies primarily in the meaning that we assign to what we experience. From this you might surmise that we believe strongly in fate. But, as we see it, what happens is only one part of the framework of reality creation. Even more important is what we learn from that ... what meaning we assign to it.

You create "reality" by assigning meaning to things and to situations. What many of you fail to realize is that you attract to you the very things and situations that you experience. You've been doing this all of your life, mainly on other than conscious levels. So, we are actively engaged in both parts of reality creation. We attract what we experience and we assign meaning to the things that we attract. Both parts are equally important. Both parts we do primarily on other than conscious levels.


To master the art of reality creation, we need to be aware of who we are and aware of what we are doing. Being aware can be quite difficult to do. For the most part, it is a matter of going within and finding the observer part of yourself, the part that watches everything that you do. It is there deep within you. However, it can come to the surface if you choose for it to. It is not hidden. It is there ready to be discovered. And once you become aware, you will never be the same again. Awareness is something that you can find but not something that you can lose.

Consciousness is everything. Awareness is the most powerful thing that we can possess because it is what allows us to create the reality that we are experience. Awareness is thus the stuff of the Gods. It is through consciousness that we create. Awareness allows us to make the creation process conscious. With increased awareness, our powers of creation increase accordingly until we are able to create not only masterpieces of our lives, but masterpieces of the lives of others as well.

What is awareness but the ability to focus ones being on certain aspects of reality? Though, in many cases what we focus on are aspects of our self ... , especially other than conscious aspects of our self. This is something we can learn to do through practice. We all know how to focus. Here it is a matter of applying our focus on other things ... in particular, on non-material things.

The old has become stale. It is time to be different so that my reality and experience can be different. After all, these always reflect whom that we are. We need to keep our lives fresh and interesting. Too much of doing the same things is not good for our spirit. To change our reality, we must be different. That is the only way.

Spirit asks for us to be ourselves, our true selves. To be this, we need to stop and make the effort to know ourselves. This can be easy or it can be difficult, depending on how we play the cards that we are dealt. Remember, at some level, we are the dealer of the cards as well. More and more, the objective is to play the game of reality creation more consciously ... or at least with greater awareness of what we are doing. Knowing ourselves requires developing our awareness and applying it to who we are. We can do that now. The New Age is a time that is ripe for this. Yes, we are dealt cards. But, how we play these cards is literally up to us. Further, at some level, we are the dealer as well. The cards we play are those we have dealt to our self. Also, there was nothing fair about the process. We dealt from whatever part of the deck best served us. That doesn't mean that we cheated. We just stacked the deck to get the effect that we needed.

Reality creation works from the inside out. Our level of awareness enables us to be of service. Consciousness then moves us into the situations and circumstances that allow our services to be provided. It is all about service. Our awareness determines what services we can provide. It determines how much of our beingness we have realized. Then, we attract the situations and circumstances that allow us to apply these services.

We are all creators, we are all the masters of our fate. It is a matter of realizing what we are and acting in accordance with that. Realization of what we are is awareness. And what we are, are the creators and masters of our fate. When we truly realize this, we will be on the threshold of creating masterpieces of our lives and our world.


Each of us has a purpose for being. Further, our individual purposes fit within larger missions that we have collectively. It is for us to find our purpose and how it fits within the grander scheme of things. This is necessary if we are to be all that we can be. And that is one of the primary goals of the game of life. To find our purpose, we must look within ... deep within. Though, it is not a difficult process. This is meant to unfold naturally. Who we are and what we are here to do go hand in hand.

We have the opportunity to do even greater things than nature alone has done, simply because we have the capacity to cooperatively co-create reality at a whole new level. That does not mean that everything that we create will be great ... but they will be our creations. One of our purposes is to create grand things both on an individual and collective level. We live in a time where that is not only possible, but highly probable. Though, the quality of what we create is up to us. It only becomes grand if we make it so.


We are the creators of our reality, we are the masters of our fate. However, much of this is done at other than conscious levels unless we expressly take conscious control over the processes. Even then, we only want loose control. Much of the details of the inner workings of reality creation are superconscious. If we had to control every detail of reality creation consciously, we would cease to exist in short order. There is just too much going on just to maintain the functioning of the body for the limited bandwidth of our conscious mind to deal with it. And, we are speaking of needing to do far more than that when it comes to reality creation. Our minds are incredibly complex. But, only a small part of that complexity is conscious. Though, consciousness pervades all of it ... even the other than conscious parts. We typically only regard that part of our mind that is knowingly aware as conscious. Perhaps that is a limited way of viewing things. We are much more than that after all. Indeed, we are much more than we know.

Indeed, it is consciousness that creates reality ... whether this be on conscious or other than conscious levels. Consciousness is extremely important to the reality creation process. She acts on both conscious and other than conscious levels ... but primarily on other than conscious levels. However, even then the conscious levels direct what happens.

This is reality creation in progress. This is how we change our world, one step at a time, one idea at a time. I believe that I have a role in changing the world. I do that by changing myself. I do that primarily through ideas. Though in this case, the ideas primarily come from other than conscious parts of me. You might say that my reality is primarily one of ideas. Hmm ... perhaps this is true for all of us, no matter how solid physical reality seems to be.

Questions are a powerful means of self-discovery and of reality creation as well. They allow us to focus our energies on what we want, or more precisely, on what we need to know. If we pay attention, we may be surprised at where our questions take us. Questions indeed provide a useful tool to guide us on our path ... and even to find what that path might be for us. They inform us of what we believe that we think we need to know. Though, whether we need to know these things depends on the answers that we get. The universe operates on a need to know basis. Whatever we need to know will come to us when we need to know it. Though, often it is not until we need to know it.

Questions are a way of life. They are a useful tool for fashioning and interpreting the reality that we experience. Both creating this reality and interpreting it are of equal importance. It is the interpretation process that results in meaning. It is interesting that I didn't really start to ask questions until my 35th year, when this expression began. I simply went with the flow and allowed my life to unfold as it did. Now, it seems that my questions are how I steer my life. They indicate where I am willing to expend my time and energy to change the reality that I experience in my life. Though, they can also help to interpret the meaning of our experiences.

We are creating our own reality. What we see in our experience reflects ourselves. If we like what we see, that is wonderful. If not, then it is up to us to do something to change things. All that we experience reflects what we are being. Though we need to be careful that the mirror through which the reflection occurs is not a distorted one. If we do not like what we see, it is always within our power to change it to something that we would prefer to experience.

Time and time again we have seen our energies soar only to come down to Earth again. That is OK. Earth is where we need to be creating our reality while in this existence. Being bipolar, I probably do this more than most. Soaring in consciousness to some degree is nearly always a part of my reality. Though, it is not clear that I control when I soar or how high I soar. Though, ultimately, the inspiration that comes from soaring needs to be captured and brought down to Earth. That is what we believe that we do here.

We are sorcerers of a sort, conjuring up the reality that we then experience. Each of us do this. Though, for most, this happens on other than conscious levels. We indeed conjure up the very reality that we experience. We do this every moment of our life for as long as we live ... and perhaps longer than that.

Light and dark and mirrors, everywhere mirrors -- such is the material out of which reality is created. Everything vibration ... the WORD made flesh. And what is vibration but alternate periods of high and low, of light and dark. It is but for consciousness to sing her song and the world is born and all that lies within it. The song goes on forever ... allowing all possibilities to be made manifest. Yet, as individuals, we only experience the pieces that we choose. The wave function of probabilities collapses for us whenever we make a choice. I don't know where to begin to elaborate on this passage.

There is a time lag between believing something and seeing it manifest in our reality. This lag can be from months to days to hours in some cases. It can be longer than that depending on our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, actions, dreams, and imagination. It takes more than believing to draw things into our life ... much more.

There is a time lag involved in creation. This can be on the order of weeks and even months at times. Be patient however. In the end, things do indeed work out as they are meant to. It takes faith to believe this. But, believe it we must if it is to manifest in our lives. In the physical, there is a time lag between thought and things or experiences. To date, I have not figured out how to influence that time lag. I do as I am moved to do and trust that what results and when it results is as it is meant to be. I do not seem to be able to control when it is meant to be. But, I can control my choices and actions. These in turn eventually result in consequences.

It takes a while from the announcement of something until the reality is manifest. In my experience, declaring something is simply not enough. We need to choose and act in accord with our pronouncements. What we say is important, but what we do makes all the difference. We need to walk our talk if we expect our reality to reflect what we say.

You know that there is literally an army of unseen forces operating behind the scenes to make reality happen in the way that you say that you prefer it to be. We don't have to do everything ourselves. Indeed, there are unseen forces there to do our bidding. That is their job. But, we must give them clear directions ... directions regarding what we want, not directions on how to manifest it. They already know that. They know how to do anything that can be done. And, nearly everything can be done. Though, we must be clear about what we want. Further, it helps if we state this in a manner that includes serving others.

We each live in worlds of our own making. We each create our own reality. Such is how it has always been. Though, it seems that we are entering a time where we have far more options and where the time from thought to manifestation is drastically reduced. The world that we experience is unique to us. Yes, there are some parts that are common and there are some areas of overlap ... but, for the most part we make our own world. This world includes not only what we experience but the meaning that we assign to that experience. Further, we are in an age where things and experiences are manifest far more quickly than they have ever been before. Just look at the technological innovations that have occurred in the last 25 years. As a result, the world is not the same place at all. It is far more interconnected and interdependent than it has ever been and it grow more so with each passing day. Though, there are still many in the world that are not a part of that ... some by choice but many by fortune or lack thereof. The technology we speak of comes with a price tag ... one that gets smaller and smaller over time but is significant nonetheless for the many that live in poverty.


There is no one other than myself choosing the reality that I experience. There is therefore no one to blame for anything, especially those things that I do not like in my reality. It is for me to do what it takes to change what I do not like. I choose and I am responsible. There are no exceptions to this in my life. Yet, because of this, I am free to change anything in my life at any time. Though, sometimes that is easier said than done. We don't always know what choices and actions will result in consequences that we desire.

We create our own reality. If we don't like what we are experiencing individually or en masse, there is no one to blame but us, there is no one that can fix it but us. There is no need for blame. We are responsible. We create all that we experience. If that experience is not to our liking, it is within our power to fix it. It helps to know this. Knowing gives us access to the resources necessary to make it so. This applies not only to us individually but to us collectively. Though, it is more difficult to make collective choices and take collective action in the world as it is. It is time to dream of the world as we desire it to be, and take individual actions in accord with that dream. As someone said ... "think globally, act locally".

We create our reality whether we believe that we do or not. One key result from this is that there is no one but us to blame for anything that happens to us. This is a powerful pill to swallow, and many live their entire lifetimes without realizing this truth. One outcome from this is that there are no victims ... ever. Though, looking at the lives of many, one would conclude quite the opposite. However, the appearance of something does not make it true, not matter how many see it in that way. How do we use this fact to make things better? We need to empower people. We need to open their minds to some new possibilities. And, we need to collectively build the foundations for a new world that allow these possibilities to be actualized. That is what it takes. Are we ready to do this?

Start with little changes. They are the easiest to affect. Trust your intuition. It knows what changes to manifest to get you to any desired reality. Small changes are sufficient to result in dramatic differences in outcomes. I have found that our intuition is the most reliable source for such changes. Trust it and allow it to take you anywhere you choose to go. Trust it and allow it to bring forth anything that you choose to experience.

Reality is what we make of it. To change it, we have to change what we are, what we do, and what we believe. This we can do at any time. It is a matter of choice, a matter of being dissatisfied enough to move us to action. Once again, we create our own reality, every aspect of it. If we truly want to change what we experience, we must change what we are being, what we are doing, and what we believe will result from these. Often, it is dissatisfaction that drives us to change ... so welcome it, and do what it takes to overcome it.

We change our reality by changing ourselves. It is that simple. Everything starts with us. What we see in our reality is a mirror reflection of what we are. If we want to change the reflection, we have two choices ... to change the mirror if it was causing a distortion, or to change who we are being.

This business of reality creation is not easy stuff ... yet, at the same time, it is mere child's play if we view it from the right perspective. Reality creation is something we do naturally. Though, we need to treat it as play if we are to create the reality that we desire to experience. Some games are not easy to play, that is not until we learn the rules and not until we practice sufficiently.

Everything happens in accord with spiritual law. And, spiritual law says that consciousness creates reality. A minor point often neglected is that this truth applies to the Higher Self not the conscious one that is currently experiencing life here on Earth. There are spiritual laws just as there are physical ones. Though, while science is great at finding the latter, it does not seem to help much in finding the former. From everything that we can tell, consciousness creates the very reality that it experiences. Though, the degree to which the conscious self is involved is questionable. Much occurs at other than conscious levels as directed by a Higher Self of which we are only partially aware.

We create our reality. I'm not the first to say this, nor will I be the last. In the age to come, that is what it is all about. Further, it seems that this will happen in an era when what is manifested on earth mirrors what is manifest in heaven. Creating a heaven on earth ... what could be a more befitting challenge for a new age? Though, it takes commitment, it takes resources, it takes each of us doing our part. No, these parts are not equal. They are dependent on our gifts, talents, and abilities. But, they are all necessary.

In 21 plus years of formal education through a Master's degree, never once do I remember beliefs and belief systems being addressed. Reality creation was never mentioned either. This says a lot about the conventional education system. How could topics that are this important simply not be addressed? I can only surmise that they are not addressed because they are not part of a collective mindset yet. They haven't reached enough people to create a critical mass that would allow them to manifest more openly. Also, it doesn't help that much that applies in these realms in intuitive, not rational.

Feelings are more important than you know. They are not to be taken lightly. They are immensely powerful. And, they provide beliefs with the impetus that they need to manifest in your reality. Never underestimate the importance of emotions. They are literally the energy that puts things in motion. Become a master of emotions. Don't just react to what you experience, choose the emotional response that you have to any situation in your life. Advice well said, there is nothing more to add here.

The changes that you seek are already there ... they are already around you. So, how do I shift my focus, my consciousness, to become aware of these changes? Simply being curious and open to them is enough. Remain open and aware, and they will enter your reality. And, as you share your reality with others, the changes will be imparted to them too. Another approach is to find others who are already aware of the changes and share their reality. The bottom line is that on inner levels everything that will ever exist already exists. It is a matter of bringing that forth into manifestation, into form. The process of doing this is reality creation. Everyone is already a master in the process of reality creation, though primarily at other than conscious levels. Here we are speaking of conscious reality creation.

There is a basic law of reality creation. We get what we focus upon. The more the focus, the more force with which the necessary reality is manifest to conform with the beliefs. Focus is extremely important and extremely powerful. Focus is how we harness our energy and resources to apply them in an intended direction. This can be good or bad. If we focus on negative things, they will be attracted to our life. The law doesn't care what we apply it to. It is up to us to choose and focus on what we want.

We get what we focus on. What we place our attention on grows and expands in proportion to the intensity of our focus. Though, this is not a focus on manifesting something. Manifesting is of this world. We are seeking awareness. We are seeking to awaken from the dream. To do that, we must loosen our connections to the things of the world. That doesn't mean that we can't enjoy ourselves and the things of the world. However, we must be watchful of what we are attached to. We would advise that you focus on awareness first. Once you are aware, you will naturally manifest what is appropriate to you. Though, it is you that decides what constitutes being appropriate. Being overly attached to things or experiences can get in our way, however. So, be careful of that. Be in this world but not of this world for that is your true state as spirit in flesh.

Mobility of consciousness, and control over the focus of attention are extremely valuable for reality creation. Consciousness creates reality and focus is the lens through which her control is exerted. Allow her to do what she was designed to do. Find ways to be flexible. Allow your consciousness to soar. Indeed, that is what allows us to bring what is in the clouds down to earth.

We can also make things happen. This can come across as forceful. At times, that is perfectly OK. However, we need to make sure we consider the impacts of our creations on others. Along with the power of reality creation comes the responsibility for all that we create. This includes responsibility not just for the impacts of what we create on us ... but for all of the impacts of what we create. Creation and responsibility for what we create go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Further, that responsibility is complete. It applies not only to the consequences to us ... but to all those we impact as well. Yes, this places a major burden on our shoulders. But, it also opens up untold opportunities to do grand things ... to impact others in positive ways. It is all a matter of what we do and how we do it.

What we give comes back to us many fold. Such is spiritual law. Though, the form of what returns may be different than we might expect ... often quite different. There is a circle of manifestation. Giving is the starting point of the process. What we give ultimately creates the abundance that we experience in our life. However, the universe is at liberty to transform the energy so that what comes back to us is beyond anything that we had expected.

How do we create abundant, fun, productive lives? This is always possible. In fact, this is our birthright. It is a matter of stepping up and claiming it ... trusting that as we do so a whole host of forces are unleashed in our favor. Wishful thinking ... perhaps. But, I believe it to be far more than that. Is this not what we all desire? Then, why is it not so for far more of us than it is? If this is indeed our birthright, how do we experience what is rightly ours? Staking our claim, trusting in the process, and acting as if are how we do this. Personally, I haven't done that yet. I'm aware enough to write this, but not yet aware enough to live it.

It is extremely empowering to believe that there are a host of forces ready to do our bidding, ready to create reality in accord with our beliefs. They are there whether we believe in them or not. However, our beliefs empower them to operate more freely. Much happens at other than conscious levels. Even more happens from those other than conscious levels interacting with the forces of the universe. This always happens. It is simply how it works. Believing this results in the process working even better.

Imagination is a very powerful tool in our arsenal for reality creation. However, consciousness does not restrict herself to the tools of the mind, though she uses these to the degree that they can be used. There is no doubt about it. What we can imagine, we can create. Though, it is not always clear that we want to create what we imagine. So, we need to be careful in this regard. We need to respect our imagination for the grand tool that it is. Though, this expression is called Beyond Imagination for a reason. Since it began, I have always suspected that there was something even grander than imagination. Exactly what that is, I do not yet know. Though I have no doubt that I will at some point in the future.

It's too bad that reality can't change as quickly as the images in our imagination. Though, it seems that the time from thought to realization is getting shorter and shorter. Actually, we might have difficulty functioning if changes happened as fast as we can imagine them. It would be hard to keep a grip on reality. There would be nothing firm to hang onto.

Something comes to mind ... if you can imagine it, you can manifest it. Is that how reality creation works? If so, it seems that we need to be mindful of what we imagine. What we imagine, we can create in our lives. Yes, imagination is that powerful. But, it is only so when it is consistent with the other tools in our arsenal: thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, actions, and dreams. All of these must be in sync for the forces of reality creation to do our bidding.

The very choice to be open and invite change is the step necessary to allow it to come forth. That is one of the tricks to reality creation ... it is not so much a matter of making things happen, but rather to simply allow them to happen. We can force things to happen or we can allow things to happen. Generally, allowing is the easier approach to take. In allowing, we remain open and invite the change we seek. In forcing, we direct what we would have be.

Reality creation is not a difficult process. It is not something to labor over for untold hours. It is something that we should allow to naturally unfold in our lives. We've said before that reality creation is child's play. It is something natural that we do. Further, it is something that we know how to do innately. It is a matter of allowing what we know to surface to our conscious mind. Generally, that happens when we develop and refine our intuition.

The universe leaves it to us to create the reality that we prefer. We do that every moment of every day. Clearly, not all of this is done consciously. There are very powerful other than conscious forces at work. However, these can be harnessed to do our bidding. It is a matter of controlling our beliefs and selecting our actions appropriately. There is nothing new about any of this. We are speaking of things that we all do every moment. Much of the process is other than conscious, but not all of it. The conscious is the captain at the helm. It is up to the captain to steer the course that we follow in our life. If the captain is asleep at the wheel, our life is effectively out of control. If such is the case, it is up to us to wake up and take control again.

Yes, there are other than conscious forces at play as well, but these are there to do your bidding. The SELF functions through incredible cooperation. The universe does as well. The other than conscious parts of us are there to serve the self. But they need directions ... not on how to do their job, but on where we want them to take us. Further, they can take us anywhere that we want to go.

Personal Power is the ability to apply one's skills and talents to co-create the reality that one prefers to experience. By this definition, it seems that most people do not have much personal power. Note that the definition does not involve power over others in any way. It involves being able to create the reality that we prefer.

Reality creation is a matter of creating the settings that are necessary for us to experience what we want to experience both individually and collectively. Interesting that the word "want" was used in that context rather than "need". The word "want" is far more suggestive of choice being involved. There is a popular song that I like that speaks of happiness coming not from getting the things that you want but rather from enjoying the things that you have. This is a powerful way of looking at things. Though, it seems that reality creation also involves manifesting what we want to experience as well.

So let it be written, so let it be done. Is that the secret to reality creation? Is it all a matter of declaring what we desire to be in writing so that the forces of the universe can be marshaled to do our bidding? There is great power in declaring things via writing ... far more power than simply thinking things or saying things. Though, personally I have written much over the years. It is not clear that much of anything has come from that, at least not yet. There is always hope. These words create vibrations which in turn create resonances that will ultimately attract things and experiences that are consistent with them. It is only a matter of time.

The times are indeed a changing. The technology to manifest the reality that we desire is there, ready to change the world. However, we need to be careful to do it in a manner that is not selfish, in a manner that does not hoard, in a manner that does not dictate how the results are to be achieved. Consciousness technology has been around for millennia. It has received increased emphasis in the past century and has been introduced to more and more people over the past decades. The bottom line is that it is making a difference in the lives of many. However, it needs to make a difference in the lives of all. For that, we need programs that introduce it to everyone. Further, we need to establish infrastructure that allow the use of it to flourish. Also, there is still much that is unknown. The way that we explore the unknown is to apply resources to that area ... in particular, the best and brightest with the appropriate gifts, abilities, and talents.

Trust ... I have found that trust is useful in creating reality, or at least in accepting the reality that we do create. We need to have faith, faith in us, faith in consciousness, faith in spirit, and faith in the universe. These are instrumental in creating the reality that we experience. Though, it does not have to be blind faith. It can be a faith that comes from seeing the results of trust in our life.

Reality creation can be a two-edged sword if we are not careful in how we engage in it. That is why it is very important for our motives to be pure. We can just as easily create bad things as good things in our reality. It all depends on the nature of our thoughts, beliefs, expectation, choices, actions, dreams, and imagination. Though, now we would add motive to that. Why we are doing something matters as much if not more than what we are doing and how we are doing it.

I know that we create our own reality both on conscious and other than conscious levels. Regardless, we do it and are fully responsible for all that we experience. Knowing this, we have added range in which to interpret the meaning of what we experience. Whether we do something on conscious or other than conscious levels does not matter. We are responsible for what we experience nonetheless. It is time to know this and use that knowledge to make more powerful interpretations of the reality that we experience. When we do this the very nature of our reality changes.

We create our own reality. This is an absolute truth that works at every level of creation in which we are involved. It doesn't matter whether we are conscious of the process of not ... it works regardless. Only, most of the time, it works on other than conscious levels. We create our reality on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Most of this is other than conscious until we grow in awareness enough to influence the process consciously. If we persist, we can even master this process.

Things happen in our lives when we know that they will. But, even then we must leave the timing to spirit. Until we reach a point where we know, where we are certain ... we cannot consciously create our reality. Though, no matter what we do to do this, the timing is not for us to decide. That is always in spirits hands.


There is a destiny unfolding in our lives and in our world. It helps if our efforts are aligned with that destiny ... but, this is not required. We have free will. We choose our own personal destiny. Further, we choose how that personal destiny fits into the context of what is unfolding in the world. Our destiny is not fixed. Rather it is something that adapts to who we are being in each moment. Indeed, it is more of a tendency or a direction in which we are presently headed. We are free to change our course at any time.

The chrysalis emerges from the cocoon again to a reality beyond anything that has even been imagined to date. We are ready for this transformation, readier than ever before. Perhaps we have already made the transformation and are only discovering what has already transpired. Such is the nature of awakening in spirit. It is a one-way transformation that brings you to a state beyond anything that you could have imagined. But, that is only the first step. We need to learn what new faculties and powers we have as a result of that transformation.

Nothing happens to us by chance. Nothing is forced upon us by others. It may appear so under the circumstances ... but we co-create the circumstances out of what we believe. Things happen by choice and not by chance. We are directly in control of the circumstances we find ourselves within. We may not know what choices we made or why we made them, but that does not change the fact that we did indeed make them. Yet, there is a destiny that unfolds in our life. But, it is a destiny that we choose, a destiny that we manifest.

On the one hand, we have the pronouncement that we create our own reality. On the other hand, we have the idea of destiny, that we are enacting a script in a play. Everything has already been worked out, every choice has already been made, we just don't know it consciously. I've been strongly leaning to the latter explanation for some time. Though, can we not reconcile these too views? Perhaps there is a part of us that creates the very destiny that we experience. This does not have to be something that is static. Indeed, it can be something that we make up as we go about living our life.

This is a different way of looking at destiny. It is not something that happens to us beyond our control. Rather it is something that we create in our own lives. Because we create it, we are free to change it at any time. It is simply a matter of choosing another direction for our life. We can also do this by choosing to change what we are being. When we do that, everything unfolds differently.

To do great things in the world we need to come from a mindset and a reality of abundance. Abundance gives us the very resources that we need to carry out our destiny. Without it we are limited. We it, we can literally do anything.

We are all the creators of our reality, the masters of our fate, whether we experience it consciously or not. Fate and destiny go hand in hand. Though it seems that fate is something imposed on us while destiny is more of an opportunity. But, it depends on how you view destiny. You could just as easily view this as something that is imposed on you by virtue of who you are.

We are the keepers of our time. We are the deciders of our fate. There are no real surprises at the level of reality creation. We know what we are going to manifest long before it appears in our lives. Though there is a quickening occurring. And, the time between thinking/doing and manifesting is shortening considerably. Unfortunately, the unclear majority are not in conscious control of the reality that they are creating. It is time for this to change. We do this through education and showing people how they create the very reality that they are experiencing. Some may not want to hear this. It brings in a whole new level of responsibility. After all, if we create what we experience, there is no longer anyone to blame for our experience but us ... and this is counterproductive.


Our dreams are how we convey to the universe what things and experiences we want in our life. No, we are not talking in terms of the dreaming that we do each night. Here, we are talking about the conscious dreaming that we do regarding what we would achieve and experience in our life. It helps to set our sights high ... to expect the very best, not only of ourselves but of others. Dreams are one way we set the course of the ship of self. Though, we must believe that our dreams will come true ... perhaps not precisely as we have imagined, but close enough.

We need to dream big. We need to expect the very best not only for us but for everyone that we touch. As we expect, so shall we create. Here, the sky is the limit. Literally, it is wide open. The universe does not limit us. Though we need to be willing to be and do what it takes to make our dreams come true. Yes, we need to make the commitment to be and do whatever it takes.

Society needs its dreamers to dream of things that never were. However, on another front, we need a wakeup call and need to start doing things that turn our dreams into our reality. It is one thing to dream, to create the pattern for what we would create. However, while a pattern is necessary for manifestation to occur, it is not sufficient. For that we must apply resources aligned with the dreams and be and do what it takes to manifest them.

We are dreamers, yes, but more than that, we are creators ... manifesting the reality we choose to experience both individually and en masse. Dreaming is necessary, but it is not enough. We must take the next step and act in a manner necessary to manifest the stuff of our dreams. We do this collectively as well as individually. Ultimately, this is how we change our world. We dream a new world into being by acting in a manner consistent with our vision of what we want to be.

It is the ideals, the beliefs, and even the dreams of the people that are the most powerful resources that we have. It is through these that we create a better reality, not only for us, but for society and the world. Thoughts create things. Beliefs and dreams are forms of thoughts. If we act on the right thoughts, we create a better society and a better world.

It takes a concerted effort to turn our dreams into reality. But, if we can dream it ... we can indeed achieve it. It is just a matter of choosing to commit the right resources to making it happen. It is all a matter of committing the right resources. When we do that, we can create anything. On an individual level, the primary resources that we have are our own mind, consciousness, and spirit. These are powerful indeed. Though, if our dreams involve serving others or creating a better world ... this is often not enough. For that, it generally takes financial commitment and the involvement of others.

That is what Beyond Imagination is all about ... manifesting what we dream into the reality that we experience individually and collectively. Over the years, we have come up with many words. However, as far as we can tell, we have fallen short when it comes to manifesting what we dream. Our mission is to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. The only foundation that we have created to date is this very expression. And, from what we can tell it has not had anywhere near the impact that we had expected that it would by now. Though, we do not really know how this expression has impacted those who have found it and chosen to read it.

The key is to actively pursue our dreams of who we can be and what we can do. Appreciate, but never be satisfied with what is. There are always things that can be done to make it better. Don't just think about what might be ... do something that helps to make it so. There are no limits as to who we can be and what we can do. It helps to show gratitude for what is but to retain some dissatisfaction at the same time. This can be used to drive us to make things better. It is not enough to dream of what might be. We must act in a manner to manifest it. Believe. Know that it is within your power to do what it takes to make your dreams come true. This may involve the enlistment of other to do those things that you cannot do alone.

We are free to create the reality of our dreams ... but we are also free to create the reality of our nightmares, as well as any number of things in between those extremes. Dreams are powerful. Extremely powerful. Though, they can become nightmares if we are not careful. This is not a warning to stop dreaming. It is simply an explanation of the possibilities. We need to make our choices well.

Such is how reality is created. Our thoughts are the key, but they must get to the right places to have effect. One place is in the general collective, the other is in specific minds of individuals. Ultimately, however, it is the individuals who must take action to bring anything about in this world. It is not enough for the subconscious to dream it ... though that may indeed be how individuals are reached. Ultimately someone has to turn the dreams into actions -- real actions that make a difference. Dreams can only take things so far. After that, it requires action to bring the dreams into fruition ... to make the dreams real in the world.

If things are to change, it is up to us to change them. We are responsible for creating the world of our dreams ... but we need to beware of creating the world of our nightmares. We change things by creating new dreams and acting upon those dreams. That may require communicating our dreams to others so that they too can act in accord with them. When we do this on a large enough scale, we can change the world for the better. Though we need to be careful. We can also change it for the worse and create the world of our nightmares.

We could sit back and wait for things to happen. However, we might find it more enjoyable to engage in the process of creating the reality of our dreams. The process is truly beyond imagination. These are too opposing ways of living. The first would have our life unfold as it will. The second would have us actively engaged in controlling how our life unfolds. There is no reason that we must choose between these extremes. We can operate anywhere on the spectrum between the two.


By some accounts, everything that we experience as reality is really illusion. It is all made up. It is not real. We are simply playing a role, experiencing what we experience. Yet, it is an engaging illusion ... one that can last for untold lifetimes. Further, there is purpose for the illusion. It allows All That Is to experience via consciousness what it has created. We are actors, observers, and creators in this drama. So long as we are physical, we are immersed within the illusion. Though, there are ways to tap the source from which we spring. Intuition is one of those ways. Meditation is another. In the first, we allow what is within to speak to us. In the second, we allow our self to experience being who we truly are.

This existence is about creation. If we can't manifest something in our reality, then it is nothing but wishful thinking or illusion. Reality creation is the name of the game. It is for us to do what it takes to manifest what we desire. Wishful thinking is simply not enough.

We create our own reality is a great truth, even within the illusion of the world. We can only create illusion. We can only create that which is limited. But, we can go beyond this and experience more, far more. We are not limited to what we create, what we manifest. We can experience our own beingness. This alone extends beyond the illusion. Though, even then we must seek that part of us that is unlimited ... that whole of us that is unlimited. As we do that our powers of manifestation increase. Though, as we do that we also realize that there is nothing that we lack ... so the need for manifestation is greatly reduced. What becomes important then is service.

We create our own reality/illusion. As a metaphysician, I can speak of reality creation and how we experience reality ... but this is not the true REALITY, only our experience of it. In the true REALITY, we are eternal, infinite, all-knowing, unlimited, and unchanging. One might think such might be boring ... but, nothing could be further from the case. Our basic nature is the same as that of the God who created us. There is nothing separate from All That Is. There never was, there never could be. We were created in the image and likeness of God. We are literally composed of God stuff. There is no other stuff. That doesn't make the limitation that we experience real. It is all imagined. It is all self-imposed.


While individual reality matters, the collective reality matters more. If we change the collective reality, which we can do, we can make things better for billions of individuals on the planet. There is a collective consciousness that experiences everything that every one of us experience. It is from this collective consciousness that all of our thoughts spring. Though, it takes a receptive individual to bring the thought into the world so that it can be acted upon.

We create our reality both individually and collectively. We can choose to do things that make a difference for the collective reality. Think globally and act locally. How we choose to do things can make all the difference. What we do on a local scale has ripples that stretch out to the world at large.

One of the key behaviors that becomes more conscious with awakening is cooperation. We find that we cooperate to co-create the reality that we choose to experience. Incredible cooperation takes place behind the scenes to enable us to experience the reality that we do both individually and collectively. Though, it is conscious cooperation that we seek to enable us to create things far grander than we have ever dreamed.

The bottom line is that there is far more to us as individuals than we are consciously aware. Further, there is incredible cooperation occurring behind the scenes to allow us to create the reality that we experience. Even as individuals, we are a collective of parts are multiple levels. We are energy, quantum particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organisms ... At every level, we are a collective cooperating to create the reality that we experience.

The world is richly interconnected. There are interdependencies everywhere. There is an incredible amount of cooperation that goes into creating the reality that we experience. Nothing is isolated. Everything is connected to everything else. Independence is but an illusion. It is not real. It cannot exist in an interdependent world.

Together we can achieve far more than we can achieve alone. Together we can create a far grander world, a far grander reality, than we could achieve operating independently. When will we realize this and start cooperating fully and completely to create the world of our visions and our dreams? Collectively we are extremely capable ... capable of manifesting our world in any way that we desire it to be. But, that requires taking responsibility. That requires aligning our choices and actions with a vision of what we would like our world to be. We need visionaries to imagine such a world. But then, we need to do what it takes to make it so. Everyone must do their share. When we cooperate, the load is lightened for everyone.

We already live in an interdependent world. The sooner we accept this consciously, the sooner we can start to take advantage of how reality creation works in such a world ... the sooner we can start to create the world that we choose to live in. Realizing that the world is interdependent is the first step toward acting in a responsible fashion. When we realize this, we start to consider not only how our choices and actions impact us, but how they impact others as well.

One of the basic premises of new age thinking is: we create our own reality both individually and en masse. And, we do it via our beliefs and the choices of action that we take. The trick comes in how we do this. We've seen that thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, actions, dreams, and imagination all play roles. They do this on both the individual and collective level. We only need to observe our world to see what roles are being played by which aspects. The world reflects to us collectively what we are being and doing collectively. We are free to change that at any time. Further, don't underestimate the power of even a single individual to change the world. It has happened many times before. It will happen many more times in the future.

We are talking about imposing our will on the fabric of reality and creating a world that is of our choosing. We have the skills. We have the technology, not just scientific ... but technology of consciousness. It is a matter of teaching the best of what is known to as many as we can, and allowing the full force of spirit to be unleashed to do her works in our lives. This seems to be a no-brainer. Clearly, it would create great benefits to many. About the only people who have to lose are those few who are presently in power, and those who operate primarily based on fear rather than love.

We are truly gods/ goddesses in flesh ... the creators of our reality, the masters of our fate. But, what is it that is worth creating? This depends on what moves us, and what we want to experience both individually and en masse. This is for us to decide ... both individually and collectively. We decide what is worth creating. We decide what we want to experience in our life. We decide what we want to be and what we want to do. We decide it all. Though, much of this deciding is done on other than conscious levels. However, that doesn't matter. We are in control. We are the masters creating masterpieces of our lives.

Things will get better when we band together and do the things necessary to make them better. That is how reality creation works. It is up to us to do what is necessary to manifest what we want to experience. Often, it is not enough for us to do things alone. We must band together and invoke the power of synergy to do the grand things that make the world better for all of us.

There is an inner sense that I am to live a life that has world impact. And, here, I see the impact coming in how it impacts each individual. Yes, it is audacious of me to believe that I will have such impact. But, it is indeed what I believe nonetheless. And, as I believe, so shall it be. That is pretty audacious as well. But, we create our own reality individually and collectively. And, my sense is that I have much to contribute to the reality that is created collectively. The universe doesn't care how audacious our beliefs and our dreams are. It will help us to actualize them nonetheless. But, we have to truly believe. And, we have to do our parts ... we have to be willing to do whatever it takes. How do we know when we have done that? The answer is simple ... when we are moved to do no more, or when what we desire has come to fruition. Success is a sure sign that we have done whatever it takes.


That is what reality creation is all about. The highest art of its expression would be to create a masterpiece of your life. We are all master artists. Though, we may have allowed our skills to atrophy. That is OK. We can rejuvenate them by using them. Our paints are thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, actions, dreams, and imagination. It is for us to use these in a manner that results in the life that we truly desire to live.

We are masters all ... and what do masters do ... they make masterpieces. Though it seems that some are more skilled in the art of living than others. Similarly, some are more skilled in the art of reality creation than others. But, is that really true? At some level, we are all masters of the art of reality creation. For most, this happens at other than conscious levels. Though some have learned to make their conscious dreams and desires manifest. What any of us can do, all of us can do to some degree. Though, each of us is a unique creation for a reason. Each of us experience the world in a way that is different from how any other experiences it. Further, we're not talking about minor differences here ... different people can be as different as night and day. Yet, just as the law of gravity applies to all of us ... so do the laws of reality creation. They work for us whether we believe in them or not. Though, it helps if we believe, especially if we want to consciously direct the process.

We need to make masterpieces of our lives ... living masterpieces. Given that we are all masters at the art of reality creation, this should be natural for us. Masters create masterpieces. That is simply what they do. However, few of us are conscious masters at much of anything. Though, it is not what we are that matters ... it is what we truly are, what we were created to be. That is far more than any of us know. Further, there is no reason that we cannot become conscious masters. That does not mean that we have to consciously control everything. Rather, it means that we establish the vision of where we want to be so that the other than conscious parts of us and the very forces of the universe have clear directions. What they can achieve is truly miraculous.

Our lives are meant to be masterpieces. However, that requires us to be masters in the art of reality creation. For, our reality constitutes our life ... that is, it is the life that we experience. Our life is our most intimate creation. Indeed, it may be the only thing that we create. Everything else it seems is done through us. That is OK. We participate in and experience it all nonetheless.

At some level, we are all masters at the art of reality creation. The most important reality that we create is our own life. We are free to sculpt our life in any manner that we choose. The goal is to create a masterpiece ... the most magnificent life that we can, befitting of whom that we are. It takes work to do this ... hard work at times. But, it is work that is well within our capability to perform. We have everything that we need to create a masterpiece of our lives. It is simply a matter of choosing to do it, and doing whatever it takes.

We are the sculptors of our own reality. It is for us to create masterpieces of our lives. It is always within our ability to do so. We are all masters ... though clearly some are more masterful at this than others. We become more masterful with training and with practice. The first we have to seek. The second we have to do. As with anything that we do, the more we practice, the better we become.

Trust the process of life. Trust that you are being led to exactly where you need to be, for indeed you are. But, you already know that. You are creating the details of your reality. Our lives unfold as they are meant to unfold, as they are designed to unfold. Much of this was decided when we were created. But, we can do things that block this natural unfoldment. We can do things that limit ourselves. It is for us to overcome these blocks and limits and allow our lives to thrive and unfold in a manner that allows us to be and express all that we were created to be. We will find that is far beyond anything that we could imagine.


Limitations are things that get in the way of being who we desire to be, doing what we desire to do, or experiencing what we desire to experience. All limitations are self-imposed ... always. Though, it often appears that they are imposed from without. However, the outer is always a mirror reflection of the inner. What we think, believe, expect, choose, do, dream, and imagine limit us. At the same time, those very things can free us as well. It is a matter of how we use them. It behooves us to use them in a manner that serves our self and others. We are most unlimited when we serve as an instrument through which spirit does her works.

What does it mean to go beyond imagination? What you can dream, what you can imagine, you can create. But, that is all within the illusion. What lies beyond the illusion? What is the ultimate reality? All that we experience within the illusion is limited in one way or another. To free ourselves from limitation, we must go beyond anything that we can imagine. That is a huge leap to take ... a leap into the unknown. That is OK. The unknown does not have to be a scary place. Rather, it can be a place of power, a place where we become all that we truly are.

I don't tend to make friends nor keep them very long. I can blame some of this on my experiences growing up, and moving every year or two. But blame serves no one in a world where we create our own reality ... and that is my world. This is a limitation that I have experienced personally. Yet, it is a limitation that at some level I have chosen as well. Yes, it was my way of reacting to the circumstances that I was experiencing. Though, it is an excuse no longer. I have been in the same job for over 13 years and in the same house for over 12 years. Yet, the behavior continues to be the same ... even though I know that it limits me. In this case, knowledge is not enough to drive me to choose to change. Then, what does it take? We need some motivating factor. We need something that moves us to change.

The loss of the "need" to do it may be the very step that allows it to finally manifest. I was attached to an outcome. I believed that I needed to change the world. However, what I have learned is that I can only change myself. As I do that, the world naturally changes to conform to what I have become. Our needs can limit us ... in some cases, limit us severely. It is for us not to allow this to happen. We do that by adjusting our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, choices, actions, dreams, and imagination. These need to be consistent with what we desire to manifest in our life and in our world. Though, be wary of attachment to outcomes. While we must be clear about what we desire, we need to be open to how the universe would fulfill our desires,

There is a tendency to get used to our chains no matter how much they bind and restrict us. But, our nature and our destiny is to be free. Indeed, we are already so in consciousness. From that freedom, we can manifest any reality that we choose. However, it will be a reality that we expect and a reality that we feel that we deserve. Indeed, at times we even regard our chains as gifts. But, that is never the case. Chains always limit us. And, we are not meant to be limited ... we are meant to be free. Freedom is extremely important to individuals and to society. Indeed, we thrive on it. It is freedom that allows us to manifest the world of our dreams.


We are ONE. We spring from the same ONE consciousness. Everything that exists is part of ONE whole, a whole that is All That Is. And, what is All That Is but another name for God? Just as the body is one whole, so is the world. This includes everything that is animate and inanimate. It is all energy ... it all possesses sparks of consciousness. But in this case, the sparks are not separate. There is not God and ..., there is only All That Is. Though this applies at many levels from energy to quantum particles to atoms to molecules to cells to organisms to organs to beings to worlds to solar systems to galaxies to universes to multiverses and beyond. It is all a matter of organization of energy interacting and having experiences as a result. Ultimately, we are energy operating at or within all of these levels.


Much of what we create in our reality comes directly from spirit expressing through us. We are spirit in flesh. But, first and foremost we are spirit. We just happen to be having a physical experience. We happen to have chosen a physical incarnation to allow us to grow, experience, and express whatever is necessary for our lives to unfold as they are meant to. Actually, an incarnation only provides an opportunity for growth ... it does not guarantee it. Typically, we need an awakening experience of some type to make spirit real to us. This is not something that can pick up via our normal means of learning things.

When we find source, our lives improve dramatically. Our attitudes change. Our reality improves. A whole new realm of possibility for what we can do with our life opens up before us. Finding source is extremely important. It is how we connect to the spirit within us. When we do that, everything changes. We become capable of being and doing far more than we ever dreamed possible.

When we allow what spirit would create in our life, we are still responsible but we have the force of spirit behind what we are experiencing. Regardless of the source of what we create, we are responsible. However, the quantity and quality of what we express greatly improve when we have spirit in our corner doing her works through us.

We are all spirit enfleshed. We are all the creators of our own reality. However, much happens at other than conscious levels. What does this mean to us? What does it mean to be spirit? What does knowing that we are spirit allow us to do that we could not otherwise do? A lot. In my case, it allows all that is expressed here to be capture in this manner. This is spirit in expression. This stream of consciousness comes forth from her, not from me. Yet, on another level, spirit and I are one. Separating the self into parts may allow for a greater understanding of the working of the whole ... but, we should never lose sight of the whole as we do this. The grander context is what matters. Further, there are emergent properties of the whole that arise from synergy that are not inherent in any of the individual parts,

It is only our conscious mind that has been deaf and blind to the spiritual world. Our reality is created by subconscious processes that are highly aware of all that they need to know to function in the world. Our conscious mind primarily deals with the reality that we experience. It can be made aware of other parts of the self. This generally occurs by observing the works of these other parts of the self. Many of these parts are other than conscious ... though they require the cooperation of conscious parts of the self to do their works.

Remember, Vision comes from spirit. It is Vision that allows reality to be created in the physical world. Vision, the ability to see things as they should or could be rather than as they are, comes from spirit. It is vision that sets the pattern for creating a utopian world ... literally, a heaven on earth. The only thing that keeps us from manifesting such is us. It is all a matter of committing the right resources to do the right work. We can achieve whatever we desire individually or collectively ... but, it takes commitment.

Until the dream weavers, the visionaries, do their stuff, not much can happen to bring about change. As you enact your daydreams, reality is given a grand impetus to change. Dreams and visions are crucial to enacting any change in our lives and in our world. So dream, and dream big. The universe cares not how big our dreams are. Her resources are literally unlimited. Though it is for us to establish the mold, the container, the framework that defines what is to be manifest.


The only point where we can manifest anything is the present. The past is gone. The future is but a figment of our imagination. It is only in the moment that we have the power of belief, choice, and action. It is what we choose and do in the moment that creates the consequences that change what we experience and that change what we are being as a result. These changes in turn are reflected in our world. It all comes down to the moment however. That is the point of power.

The moment, it is in that unlimited point that magic happens -- for out of it, all that we manifest in our reality of time and space pours forth in tune with our beliefs, desires, and fears. Indeed, magic happens when we apply our greatest gifts, talents, and abilities in the moment. Though, it happens in accord with our beliefs, desires, and fears. Thus, we need to be careful of what we believe, desire, and fear. Yes, fear. Whatever we strongly associate with will manifest.

Reality creation happens in the moment. There is no other place to effect change. The past is done. The future is beyond our grasp. Only the present offer us the opportunity to do as we will to create the reality that we choose to create. We can only take action in the present. Though, it typically takes time for the results of our actions to manifest in our life and in our world. Sometimes the length of time is so long that it is difficult to associate the action with the consequence. That is OK. It is for us to keep choosing again and trying again until we get something close to what we desire ... or until we get something different that exceeds what we desired.

That is how reality creation works. We do what we can in the moment. That is the point of power. That is where all paths diverge. That is also the point of choice, the point that determines which path we will follow. We can only choose and act in the moment. But, how do we know what to choose and what action to take? In my case, I choose what I am moved to choose and do what I am moved to do. Spirit herself moves me. Because of this, I don't really need to evaluate options. It seems that things happen automatically rather than deliberately. Though, even that requires a choice in the moment to follow the dictates of spirit.

The only place that we ever exist is in the present. That is where we exercise our power to choose. That is where we act, create, and bring forth the reality that we experience. Our most important choice is what we choose to BE. We may reminisce about the past and dream about the future, but we can only exist in the present. It is from what we do in that moment that everything that we create and experience springs. The moment is everything.

We are meant to create our reality in the present moment. That is where we attract the events that play themselves out in our lives, and that is where we assign meaning to what we experience. Life is always played in the moment. It is at that point that things happen in our life. It is also at that point that we assign meaning to things. Though, the moment for the assignment of meaning may occur after, and in some cases long after, the experience has occurred.

The point of power is the present. That is where our actions have the power to impact our reality and the reality of the larger world. We wield our power in the present. That is the only point where action can be taken. Ultimate, it is what we do in the moment that shapes the individual and collective reality that we experience.


I have made you a god in flesh. But, you have not always acted like the god that you are. For one thing, you have not been responsible for your creation. We are responsible moment by moment for all that we create. That includes not only the impact on us but the impacts on any who are affected by what we create. Though we are not necessarily for the specific affects that others experience, not wholly anyway. They are choosing how what we do impacts them. So, here we have joint reality creation occurring.

For now, it is enough to know that I am responsible and I am creating the reality that I experience. If I don't like it, my beliefs are the place to go to effect the changes necessary to create something different. In my life, everything comes down to me. I create it all, and I am responsible for it all. I accept that and all that it entails. As a result, I blame no one for anything that I experience ... good, bad, or indifferent. It is all my creation. Or, at least my co-creation.

It helps to take full responsibility for our lives and for our experience. We may not plan all of the details, at least not consciously, but these details align with our overall beliefs and expectations. And, these are completely under our control. No, most of us are not taught that. In fact, many might consider it to be heresy to say that we create and are responsible for our own reality. But, that does not change the nature of the truth ... not one iota. We have reached a point in time where more and more people are being exposed to such ideas. No, we have not reached a critical mass yet, or our world would be much different than it is. But, it is only a matter of time before those on the fringe become part of the mainstream. When that happens, we will have a collective awakening that is beyond compare.

It is amazing what happens when we start to take responsibility for ourselves and the reality that we create. When we do this, spirit herself kicks in with untold forces to aid in our endeavors. It is as if we command an army from on high to do our bidding. We are never alone. Spirit is ever by our side guiding us and standing by to do her works through us and to engage the forces of the universe to manifest things, circumstances, and experiences we desire.

We create it all, every aspect good or bad. It is for us to take responsibility for our lives and our creations. We are responsible whether we experience being so or not. It helps if we realize this. It helps if we know that we are completely responsible for all that we experience in our lives. Taking responsibility is the first step in taking control. We can only do that in the moment.

We each create the life that we are meant to lead. We each are responsible for all that we experience. Yes, everything ... no fine print, no exceptions. We are that powerful. We are that much in control of our destiny. We create the very reality that we experience. If we experience something, somehow that is what we are meant to experience. We are meant to experience it because on some level we chose to do so. It is that simple. This applies to everything that we experience ... everything. Yet, at the same time, each experience is only meant to apply to the moment. It is for us to choose which experiences we allow to bleed through from one moment to the next.

What about creating our own reality? Yes, we can do that. But, when we do we are responsible for what gets created. What we create, we are responsible for. It doesn't matter whether we do this consciously or other than consciously. It simply doesn't matter. Further, we can't help but to create reality so long as we live. That is an integral part of playing the game of life.

What happens is what is meant to happen. It is for me to deal with it as best I can. Dealing with it may involve changing it. This may sound fatalistic. However, it is not clear to me that it is. I take full responsibility for creating the reality that I experience. I just believe that most of reality creation happens at other than conscious levels. Perhaps that very belief results in my experiencing reality as I do. I could just as easily believe that the conscious levels control how the other than conscious levels are engaged. Indeed, at some level I do believe this. However, I have not been moved to do much to act in accord with it. I have no done much to explore how my conscious mind can be used to steer the shift of self. I have been content to allow spirit to guide me to where I needed to go for all of my life. It seems that it is time for that to change.

I'm still reluctant to impose my will on anything. Why should that be? Why is my will any less important than that of others? Why can I not use it to create the reality that I would prefer? Primarily because I choose to create the reality that spirit would have me experience. It seems that there are two opposing ways of living ... allow things to unfold as they will or force things to happen in our lives. Though, there is really a continuum between these two approaches. Will is another tool in our arsenal for reality creation. Tools are meant to be used under the circumstances that call for them. Using the right tools for the task at hand makes the work all the easier.

My will is a powerful force that awaits to be unleashed. It is not a monster. It will not run amok and create a mess of things. Its job is to apply itself to achieve whatever it is that I desire. Yes, that means I need to be careful about what I desire. This is sound guidance. We need to give our will the freedom to apply itself to meet our desires. Though, we need to be careful not to go overboard. This is especially true if we are not sure as to what we desire.

While some concern is healthy ... we have a will for a reason, and it needs to be exercised in our lives. Further, this is how we get what we consciously want. We use our will to choose the reality that we prefer. This includes the things and the experiences. It is OK to use our will. There is such a thing as the right use of will. It helps if we employ our will for more than our own selfish desire, in a way that serves others.

What is beyond what we can imagine? A whole new world perhaps. But, if so, it is a world that we have to create ourselves, a world suitable for the expression of our higher Selves. This expression is called Beyond Imagination for a reason. Yet, though that name has been with us since this expression began nearly 17 years ago ... we have not yet discovered what it really means. Imagination can take us far, very far indeed ... especially if we consider the imaginations of all of us on the planet. That is huge. But, what lies beyond that? Hmm ... this very expression seems to be one such thing. Even after 17 years, it remains a mystery as to how it is created. That is OK. Mysteries are good for the soul. They keep us coming back for more.

CONCLUSIONWe have come a long way on our journey. We have addressed reality and reality creation as best we could from our perspective and our experience. We hope that we have provided you with building blocks that you can use to manifest the reality that you prefer, building blocks that allow you to create a masterpiece of your life, building blocks that allow you to change the world. But, we can't do it for you. We can only offer guidance as to what to do and how to do it. Though, we know that we have failed to provide a recipe for how to put all the pieces together in a manner that allows you to master the art of reality creation. That is something that you will have to explore on your own. We have done what we could do. Now, it is up to you to take the next step and do what you can do.

Reality creation is one of the grandest games that there is. We all play it, though most of us do not consciously know the rules. Indeed, many do not even know that they are playing a game. Our life is meant to be an adventure ... and a grand one at that. If we are not experiencing it in that manner, it is time for us to alter our perspective and see this in a new light. We have the innate gifts, talents, and abilities to make our life into anything that we want it to be. Dream, imagine, believe, choose wisely, and do whatever it takes. As you do this, trust that spirit is guiding your every step and that your life is unfolding precisely as it is meant to unfold. That does not mean that you have to be passive. Indeed, quite the opposite. Your role should be highly active. Your conscious mind is the captain of the ship of self. Use it to direct the other than conscious parts of you that they may engage with the very forces of the universe.