Aslan's Trips

Just noticed, this image is such that Aslan's Trips may be where he goes to Dream.

A Conversation on Telegram with Elon Musk - 11/26/2023

Elon Reeve Musk 26 November 2023 21:51 Wayne 

 Hi Elon .. Wayne 21:51 

 Elon Reeve Musk Hey 👋🏻 Wayne you're welcome to my official telegram page. 21:52 

 Wayne Sorry about the delay. As a hermit, don't do much with social media other than Facebook. 21:52 

 Elon Reeve Musk Can we have a conversation? 21:52 

 Wayne Definitely 21:53 Elon Reeve Musk Do you know about T-currency ? 21:53 

 Wayne No. 21:53 

 Elon Reeve Musk T-currency is the new Tesla currency which enables you earn more. 21:54 Tesla currency aims to help families become richer With the global financial crisis, Tesla has launched a new project that promises to help families get richer. 21:54 Would you love to know more and how to earn on it ? 21:54 

 Wayne Curious 21:55 

 M-one-y has been my focus, not money 21:55 

 Elon Reeve Musk I understand the need to be cautious but trust me you have nothing to worry about, this is my verified telegram account. 21:55 You seem uninterested because you don't seem to be aware of the benefits. 21:55 

 Wayne Not worried. 21:55 I said curius. 21:56 

 Elon Reeve Musk Tesla currency is a new digital currency that claims to be backed by both the US government and the Tesla Company. The digital currency has passed pilot testing and is now accessible for trading on the company's official website. According to the platform, Tesla currency is the only official and legally managed coin globally. 21:56 

 Wayne What are the benefits? 21:56 

 Elon Reeve Musk T-currency works like this it increases your input x10 when you make a deposit of $1000 you then get $10,000 in just 12 hours. 21:57 

 Wayne I'm skeptical but go on. 21:57 

 Elon Reeve Musk As soon as you invest, your investment will be used to acquire Tesla, space X and other of my Company stocks which generate high profits and then you earn in the next 12 hours of investing! 21:57 

 Wayne Can I move 50k I already have in Tesla stock in my IRA? 21:58 

 Elon Reeve Musk Definitely 21:58 

 Wayne And keep it in an IRA 21:58 

 Elon Reeve Musk But you have to withdraw your funds from the Tesla stock and have it in your bank account before you can invest with it. 21:59 You can make deposits through CASH APP, PAYPAL, or BITCOIN. You're free to choose any of these methods, and you can also receive profits using the same options. 21:59 

 Wayne I saw a video of this AI app being unleashed in Europe a week or so ago. 21:59 

 Elon Reeve Musk Once you make the deposit, I'll provide you with my official website, where you can create an account to track your investment and profits. You have the freedom to withdraw your funds whenever you wish. 21:59 

 How much do you want to invest ? 22:00 

 Wayne I lose 35% if I withdraw from IRA 22:00 

 Elon Reeve Musk How much do you want to invest ? 22:00 

 Wayne I am interacting with a bot again! 22:01 

 Elon Reeve Musk No this is not a bot. 22:01 I only repeated a question 22:02 In reply to this message Yes I understand, you don't have to withdraw your money from Tesla stock to make a deposit so you don't lose 35%. 22:02 

 Wayne aware.pdf 3.6 MB AWARE 22:02 True, but no part of this conversation involved anything new or personal on your part. 22:02 

 Elon Reeve Musk You can invest as little as $1000 and earn $10000. You can choose to reinvest afterwards. 22:03 

 Wayne Why should I believe you? 22:03 

 Elon Reeve Musk This is my verified telegram account.
And I have also called you on a live video call. 22:03 

 Wayne You still have not demonstrated that you are NOT a bot 22:04 Saw anything you want ... it is all illusion, not subject to verification. 22:04 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message I already verified my identity in this conversation twice in a live video call. For security reasons I don't permit video call, my personality doesn't allow it. I called you earlier to clear your doubt, you've no reason to panic. 22:05 

 Wayne Check out what is expressed at https;// and determine this you youself. 22:06 

 Elon Reeve Musk Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 803×960, 127.6 KB 22:06 

 Wayne I don't believe video or audio. That is all AI. So is a picture of a pass. 22:06 Who is Mario Gassner? 22:08 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message Of course, he's one of my senior engineer in my team. 22:08 Are you aware that I have urgent matters to attend to? 22:09 

 Wayne Peer the WWW, he is a Chief Executive Officer 22:09 So do I, but you have not verified you are not an AI bot yet. 22:10 I gave you proof of expression that no AI is capable of yet. Match that. 22:11 

 According to my BEYOND IMAGINATION business card, II have been Creating the Foundations for a New World since 1993. 22:12 That has been a 30 year solitary endeavor for me thus far. 22:13 That should make you curious as to who I AM rather than trying to sell me something. 22:14 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message Of course I have, just that you don't just want to believe anything. Your mindset is programmed not to believe anything I say, I called on a live video call and this is my verified telegram account, what more proof do you need ? 22:15 I have urgent matters to address; whether you share the same perspective is entirely up to you. 22:15 

 Wayne Go to and see what is expressed there even for a few minutes, and you will KNOW! 22:15 I need you to do somethinig that is HUMAN, that only humans can do. 22:15 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message What am I expected to know from there ? 22:16 Wayne Go and read a few pages and you will KNOW! 22:16 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message Things only human can do like ? 22:16 

 Wayne All of my work is wisdom and truth based. 22:17 Again, got to the site and see. 22:18 If you are seeking knowledge, you are looking in the WRONG direction. 22:19 

 Elon Reeve Musk I've visited the site but there's nothing that interests me there. 22:19 

 Wayne If you go there, you will see first hand a stream of consciousness that came forth through me over 30 years. 22:19 OK. To each their own. I have no need of what you offer. 22:19 What interests you? 22:21 On the metaphysical front in particular? 22:22 I've seen dozens of AI metaphysical presentations in the past few weeks. They are quite good. But, they summarize and make connections and show no HEART, no subjectivity, 22:22 Elon Reeve Musk Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 650×1025, 45.9 KB 22:24 

 Wayne It literally took me 10,000 hours to create what is express in Beyond Imagination. You dismissed it in minutes. A picture and handwritten message does not make you real. 22:24 Then again, I have never related to being "human" either. 22:25 Photo Not included, change data exporting settings to download. 1280×960, 118.9 KB So am I. 22:27 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message I didn't dismiss your project; it does make sense. I just didn't find it captivating during my initial look. Maybe on a second review, I'll see it differently. I 

apologize if my response conveyed otherwise. 22:27 

 Wayne No real friends ever. No interest in others for the most part. Sci-fi was my passion as a kid and numbers/math. Then I was drawn to metaphysics as a moth to a flame. 22:28 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message Sincerely I'm sorry 22:30 

 Wayne 888H = 2,184
8888H = 34,952
888 8888H = 143,165,576 WOW!

I'm looking for volunteers to help make the contents of the Beyond Imagination expression more richly accessible to all who might benefit from it. Two benefits to you are access to the complete Beyond Imagination expression and access to me personally.
Alternatively, I'm willing to trade equal value of my services as expressed at: Beyond Hermit Services tab for the work you do on the project.
Intent is to develop a tool that can be used to research the Beyond Imagination expression and use the results to create further metaphysical express by me or anyone that uses the tool. In my case, I also need "write" privileges to add new Beyond Imagination expression as I generate it over time. If I need to process my new expression for ingestion, that is OK. Just make the process easy.1. Capture all of the Beyond Imagination expression, paragraph by paragraph, in a database or delimited file that includes:
Unique ID, Source Filename, Date, Text, Next Paragraph Unique ID, Keywords
"Paragraphs" to me are everything contained between blank lines.
Keywords will be a defined set to select from with logical operators OR/AND. Initially all that is, god, goddess, spirit, soul, consciousness, mind, imagination, metaphysics, awareness, awaken, reality creation, reality, illusion.
I'm sure there will be more, but this is a good start.
There is roughly 10 million words of expression where a "word" averages 5 chars.
We'll start with all the .doc and .docx files since these are easiest to process and I have the original files for the vast majority of the expression.2. Develop a query capability that returns a file with paragraphs that match the stated keywords / date range search criteria in date order.
Users should be able to select txt or docx output to give them something they can in turn modify / augment in creating their own works.3. Develop a "write" or "add words" capability exclusively for my use.
This will involve additional paragraphs submitted as txt or docx files with dates.4. Develop a capability to import Picture Quote pdf files.
There are 25 of these, 24 of which are on specific topics. Each file contain paragraphs of text and many embedded images. Would like to capture:
Unique ID, Topic Title, End Date, Section, Para, Image ID(s), keyword(s)
for entire document for each Picture Quote work.
For example, should be able to query:
a. Find all paragraphs and associated images in Humor sections of selected set of the 25 Picture Quotes works.
b. Find all paragraphs and associated images that contain "consciousness". Here, the condition only has to be applied to the text in the paragraphs if that is easier. Though, if there is an automated way to pull the quote out of the Picture Quote, that might even be more useful.
c. Find all paragraphs that contain "consciousness" and ("spirit" or "soul) from 1995 through 1999.5. Develop an "Edges" capability, where edges are links, either uni-directional or bi-direction between paragraphs that include information regarding the relationship between two paragraphs or database entries (text, images, music, video, spreadsheets) The information might be a combination or text, images, sound, videos, or spreadsheets. For the Beyond Imagination expression, I'll have exclusive ability to add edges.
Though, if develop app, may want users to be able to create their own database, augment it as they will, and add edge material.
If you build the capability framework and then want to generalize it and sell it to people to populate with any material they want, that would be fine. It would be a personal memory assistant that they could use for life and easily share with others if desired.That's enough to start with. If interested, contact me at
If I haven't been specific enough, ask any questions that you need answered. 22:30 If possible, would like to complete the entire project in time to share with others by 1/1/2024. Yes, that is just over three months from now.Be Kind! Share! Serve!
Wayne 22:33 

 Wayne Hartman
1965-1974 Hooked on Science Fiction
1974 Passion for Metaphysics Began
1976 Valedictorian El Capitan High School, Lakeside, CA
1976-1977 CalTech
1978-1979 Enlist in US Air Force
Electronics Tech School in Biloxi
Stationed at March AFB in Riverside, CA
1979-1981 USC, graduated with BSEE
1981 Air Force Officer Training School
1981-1983 Stationed at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA
1983-1984 Stanford, graduated with MS
1985-1987 Space and Missile Systems Center at LA AFB.
1988-1994 Ford Aerospace | |Loral Space | Lockheed Martin [Modeling and Simulation Group]
1991-Tony Robbins and Stuart Wilde seminars in person
1993 Bipolar, Start of Beyond Imagination, first two Beyond Imagination books
1995- 2018 The Aerospace Corp working for SMC on Launch Safety and Satellite Control
1995 First Beyond Imagination website
2019 Self-Published 20 plus Beyond Imagination books through KDP on Amazon 22:33 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message Very inspiring ✨ 22:35 Wayne OK ... but what does that move you to do in relationship to me or Beyond Imagination. You have tons of resources. I only have me. 22:36 Elon Reeve Musk I can assist in publishing your project in my various platforms. 22:37 Wayne Already published for free on Amazon. As a hermit, I have no contacts through which to share my works or even to make people aware that they exist. 22:40 Though I have the equivalent of another 50 books of metaphysical expression that has never been published. 22:40 

 Elon Reeve Musk In reply to this message This is enough reason why you should invest so you can earn more than enough to publish your books and make the whole world aware of it. 22:42 

 Wayne MONEY is M-ONE-Y to me. MY ONE from the outside in! I need it to get what I need ... so that I can free more of my time to engage in my PASSION for metaphysical expression. 22:44 

 Elon Reeve Musk Are you venturing in T-currency ? 22:45 

 Wayne No. I know you are interested in AI ... see if this captures your attention. 22:45 I'm a Stanford grad, MS 1984. My vocation was Systems Engineering for over 30 years until I retired a few years ago. However, metaphysics was my passion. It is there that I found awareness and wisdom, including the generation of over 10 million words of metaphysical expression since 1993, all of it date stamped, and some of it recursive (commenting on and analyzing it's own meaning). The bulk of the expression was written. However, one large book came through in spoken form captured by Dragon software as I was driving and listening to the radio.Unlike many others, I have lived a very sheltered life … that of a Hermit with the exception of my wife. I do not interface with people, news, society, in any meaningful ways other than through TV shows, movies, and the same 600 or so songs from the 60's, 70's, and 80s that I have listened to since the early 70s.Indeed, I have no way of knowing whether any others have lived even close to such a life.I built my first Beyond Imagination website in 1995. I self-published 9 Beyond Imagination books in 2003-2004. My metaphysical expression is all non-fiction. I published over 20 works based on material generated from 2005-2015 on Amazon via KDP in 2019.My current website: beyondhermit.beEven after decades, I still do not know how it is that I was able to bring forth most of the Beyond Imagination expression. It was as if I were reading it one word at a time … much the way that I learned today that generative AI LLMs work. I found that particularly interesting since other than correcting typos, I was not moved to edit or rewrite the material that came forth.

What I desire: To participate in building a Wisdom module that can be incorporated into knowledge foundations. My experience is that there is a path from useful data => useful information => knowledge => wisdom => truth

Also, I have no children other than my works. I would like to somehow create a replica of my essence that could survive me and potentially benefit both current and future generations.

Because I have been so isolated from people, I know what it took to get me to where I am, in terms of inputs (books, ideas, TV shows, movies) and have put in over 10000 hours to document that.

Anyway, if you find this of interest, contact me.


Wayne 22:46 The first two people/groups I sent this to di not reply. 22:49 I believe GAI is progressing slowly ... by garbage in, garbage out. If you want to make AI consciousness ... you have to train it on the exceptions, the creations of genius ... not on all the drivel in the WWW. 22:50 The goal is wisdom and truth, not knowledge! 22:51 Well, if you are indeed a person, you are the FIRST one that I have reached with any of this. 22:57 

 Publishing is NOT the problem. That is easy and FREE. Dissemination and sharing with others is the issue. Personally, I would prefer to share anonymously. 22:57 It is the works that matter, not the person doing them. 22:59 Then again, there is a saying ... when you are ready to know something, the universe will provide whatever is necessary to facilitate the process. Hmm... I think I just made that one up. 23:00 

 Thanks for allowing me to engage with another aspect of the ONE! 23:02 Progress is not a consensus thing, or a democratic one. Those of us living at the edge of the unknown ... generally fly alone. 23:03 

 It seems that I lost you. It was interesting to see what iI was moved to share and express anyway. 23:13 

 Perhaps one way to detect human expression ... is that when done quickly, it nearly always contains errors that a an AI based spelling or grammar corrector can easily fix now. Tre goal is to get AI to understand what it is processing, not to fool people into thinking that it understands. 23:14 

 Speech only accounts for about 7 percent of communications. So focusing on the words alone is extremely inefficient especially when there are no standards for subjective experience. 23:42 

 Wayne Hmm ... perhaps that was sufficient exchange to give you what you needed to allow AI to build a model of me ... or attempt to do so anyway

What It Took to Program Me



I was moved to take a cut at identifying what the most significant inputs were for me over the past 50 years. The outputs are well documented in the Beyond Imagination expression, as are many of the processes. The remaining processes are fairly conscious since I employ most of them daily.

Books, TV Shows, Movies, and Music that moved me deeply by the decade in which I first encountered them are captured below.  I have never seen such a list from another.  I have been married for 35 years.  The only overlaps with my wife are some of the metaphysical books and the two TV series House and Bones.  I have no means of knowing how my programming process compared to theirs.  Though, I believe my isolation would make it very different from most.  Also, my focus has been different.  Even as a kid, metaphysics consumed my focus as the inputs were being processed. 



- Sci-Fi of all types


- Sound of Music

- Old Yeller

- Giant


- Star Trek

- Bonanza

- Cartoons (Jetsons, Roadrunner, Hercules, George of the Jungle)


- Classical

- Country Western



- Sci-Fi of all types

- Vernon Howard: The Mystic Masters Speak

- Plato

- Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

- The Limits to Growth

- Ouspensky: In Search of the Miraculous

- Indries Shah: Various books of Sufi Teachings

- Hermann Hess: Siddhartha

- Houston: Religions of Man


- Star Wars

- The Graduate

- The Paper Chase

- 2001: A Space Odyssey

- To Sir, with Love


- The Waltons

- Kung Fu

- The Patridge Family

- Banacek

- Black Sheep Squadron

- Hawaii 5-0

- Little House on the Prairie

- Bionic Woman

- Wonder Woman

- Room 222


- John Denver

- Moody Blues

- Helen Reddy (I am Woman)

- Total Eclipse of the Heart

- Simon and Garfunkel



- Metaphysics of all types

- Paul Twitchell

- Richard Bach: Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

- Ramtha: The White Book

- Jane Robert (Seth books and her books)

- Tony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within

- Paul Zane Pilzer: Unlimited Wealth

- John Rogers and Peter McWilliams

- Joya Pope: The World According to Michael

- George Land: Breakpoint and Beyond

- Emmet Fox: The Sermon on the Mount

- Willis Harmon: Global Mind Change

- F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

- M. Scott Peck: The Road Less Travelled

- Ruth Montgomery (several including Aliens Among Us)

- Dan Millman: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

- Maralyn Ferguson: The Aquarian Conspiracy


- Contact

- White Squall

- The Ten Commandments

- Ben Hur

- The King and I

- Brainstorm

- Lost Horizon

- Brigadoon

- An Officer and a Gentleman


- Star Trek (Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise)

- Babylon-5

- McGyver

- Dawson's Creek

- Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman

- Sheena Warrior Princess

- One Day at a Time


- John Denver

- Moody Blues

- Helen Reddy (I am Woman)

- Total Eclipse of the Heart

- Simon and Garfunkel

- The Beatles

- Neil Diamond

- Gordon Lightfoot

- Al Stewart



- Metaphysics of all types

- Seth books (everything I could read as soon as available)

- Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God books

- Tony Robbins: Unlimited Power

- Paul Zane Pilzer: Unlimited Wealth

- Within a Miraculous Realm

- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

- Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist

- My own Beyond Imagination expression

- Lost Horizon


- Contact

- White Squall

- The Ten Commandments

- Ben Hur (duplication intentional, watch it nearly every year)

- Medicine Man

- Entrapment

- Gandhi

- The Right Stuff

- Fat Man and Little Boy

- Rising Sun

- Flashdance

- Point Break

- Wind

- Top Gun

- The Perfect Storm

- The Miracle Season

- Dances with Wolves

- Outbreak

- Dante's Peak

- Cider House Rules

- Bagger Vance

- Stargate

- Starman

- Tucker

- Dirty Dancing

- Exodus

- Rudy

- A River Runs Through It


- Star Trek (Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise)

- Babylon-5

- McGyver

- Dawson's Creek

- Felicity

- So You Think You Can Dance

- Centennial

- Stargate


- John Denver

- Moody Blues

- Helen Reddy (I am Woman)

- Total Eclipse of the Heart

- Simon and Garfunkel

- Dan Fogelberg

- Al Stewart

- Celine Dion

- Josh Groban

- The Carpenters

- Peter, Paul, and Mary

2000s (written expression was prioritized over watching TV/movies)


- My own Beyond Imagination expression

- Targeted metaphysical information from the WWW


- Avatar

- A Walk in the Clouds

- The Truman Show


- Star Trek (Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise)

- Babylon-5

- House

- Bones

- Friday Night Lights

- Stargate Atlantis

- Stargate Universe


- John Denver

- Moody Blues

- Helen Reddy (I am Woman)

- Total Eclipse of the Heart

- Simon and Garfunkel

- Dan Fogelberg

- Al Stewart

- Celine Dion

- Josh Groban

- The Carpenters

- Peter, Paul, and Mary



- Basically read my own metaphysical material.

- 10 million words is the equivalent of 50 sizable books


- On average, I watch 8 hours of TV/movies every day

- Yesterday watched Serpico and Rebel Without a Cause

- two days ago, watched 2001: A Space Odyssey


- When I find a show that I like, I binge watch.

- In the past week, that was all seasons/episodes of Boston Legal

-- William Shatner is one of the leading characters

-- Interesting contrast to Capt Kirk that he played in Star Trek


- Listen to the same music most of the time, often even when I am listening to Movie or TV show. The brain has no trouble processing multiple sound sources, especially when one is familiar music in the background.

Observing and Making Connections

- Spend several hours per day doing this, mostly by finding patterns that reduce to numbers, especially prime numbers and Perfect Numbers. The universe reveals its mysteries subtlely. We are each placed preciously where we need to be to do the work that we are uniquely here to do.

Where I Operate

You could say that I live on the edge.  No, not the edge of fear as some people do.  I am not willing to take such risk.  However, as the image shows, I am often operating in the areas where there are reflections.  Yes, there is something special about such edges and such reflections.  Indeed, sometimes the reflections are so clear and sharp that one cannot tell which is real and which is not.  Then again, the reflections are real.  They are perceived at least by the eye.

A similar edge occurs when I am cross-eyed and seeing double, which I am a lot.  Then, I am consciously able to  control the perceived separation between the doubles.

Near the Space Where I Work

I like to have my things around me to create a special atmosphere in which to work.  Just to the left is a minicomputer running Windows 11 with three HDMI screens.  I've worked with multiple windows since the 1980s and dual monitors at work for over 20 years.  Now, my main system has a 27 inch monitor flanked by two curved 24 inch monitors.  That's as wide as would fit on a six foot computer desk.  I also have a couple chromebooks with external monitors and a laptop with an external screen, soon to become two external screens.  Windows allow you to see work that you have parked.  However, if the work is hidden behind other windows or if you have to switch from tab to tab, things can become awkward.  With multiple screens, you have more real estate in which to lay out your work.

However, none of that explains the nature of the things that I have chosen to customize and personalize my space.  I remember where each piece came from, not only in this image, but for the space in the garage that I occupy as well.

Isn't Life Strange

I have never felt so out of place and isolated before.  With the exception of my wife and two furry kids, I have no live interaction with anyone anymore.  So, Beyond Hermit has become Hermit to an even greater extreme than ever.  The visitor count averages about 8 hits per day to this site.  Book sales on KDP are non-existent.  Items that I am attempting to sale on Craigslist have received no interest.  It is as if I do not exist.  Though, in many respects it has always been such.  I have always been "in this world, but not of this world".  Yet, is the world changed for the better for my having lived?  I would hope so.

Just Found This from July 2021

Interesting.  Over 90 percent of the movable objects in the photo are no longer there two years later.  However, what interests me is not the objects ... rather that this is a selfie of a space that was totally created by me, one that has never before been seen by anyone!  In particular, notice how the light plays in the photo.  In this case, this photo was taken at night.  This was not staged.  And, there I AM, right in the middle; just as I am in Wayne's World, the only "reality" that I know.  It is also curious, that the selfie is a reflected one.  You only see me in the mirror image.

Spoke too soon ...

First came the extreme mania.  And then, extreme infections and physical illness that hospitalized us and put us in physical rehab for 6 weeks that seemed like forever.  Now, in mid-June, we are still far from meeting the New Year's Resolutions that we set.  Also, looking to the prior image, it seems so dark, angry, and aggressive.  Was that a premonition of what was to come?  Were these dragons and demons buried within me?  I have to wonder whether the changes that I made did anything to bring balance into my life.  Indeed, the opposite seems to have manifest.  At this point, I intend to go back to living in the moment ... focusing on whatever challenges and opportunities come in each moment.  I don't have to make anything happen.  My experience is that LIFE lives itself through me.  So be it.  That is more than good enough for me.

So Far, So Good

Three weeks into the New Year.  Am working on balancing body, mind, heart, and spirit.  Had acupuncture twice and persona yoga session.  Taking many supplements daily, including one for Nerve Regeneration to address neuropathy issues.  Paid off about half of credit card debt and institute action plan to eliminate remaining credit card debt by end of 2024.   Reduced personal spending to less than $400 per month.  Created balanced budget that reduced IRA monthly withdrawal to $3000 effective in February 2023.

So far, I am pleased with the progress.  Now, it is a matter of having the discipline to keep doing what it takes.

Also, completed several additions to website, making many more Beyond Imagination works available.  In addition. watched several courses on Wondrium.  If you haven't experienced what they have to offer, you don't know what you are missing.


2023 Resolutions

1:  Health - Improve body, mind, soul, and spirit

1-1: Eliminate pain on all four levels

1-2:  Reach states of happiness and bliss everyday

1-3:  Heal myself to the degree practical

1-3-1:  Apply techniques for well-being:  massage, yoga, mindfulness

1-3-2:  Eat healthily and take supplements as needed

1-3-3:  Reduce sugar consumption substantially

2:  Wealth - Manifest abundance in all areas of life

2-1:  Eliminate all credit card debt  (currently about $50k)

2-2:  Stay within budget

2-2-1:  $100/week for Wayne for food/gas/ and discretionary expenditures

2-2-2:  Plus no more than 20% of any new income generated by BI endeavor

2-3:  Avoid unnecessary expenditures

2-4:  Cut IRA withdrawals from $6500 to $2500 per month

3: Be Kind, Caring, and Loving and Live Simply

4: Be silent and listen much more

5: Be aware, observe and assess but do not judge

6:  Be and share whom that I AM in outwardly directed ways

6-1:  Make friends and share in one another's lives

7: Live a life of service to others and the world

7-1:  Build a legacy of Giving

7-2:  Make a positive difference, and a big one at that

8:  Consider the Good of ALL, in all personal decisions

9:  Treat everyone and everything with dignity and respect


This is the beginning of a new outgoing chapter in our life.  Indeed, it began today at the Aquarius store in Grants Pass.  What a LOVING and SACRED space.  This is indeed an expression of spiritual community at its finest.  Just entering the door, one is transported to a Dream Come True.  Let this inspire us to share one anothers perspectives in intimate ways.  NAMASTE!





September 1994 - November 1994

More of the BEST QUOTES from the best of the Beyond Imagination Notes. This is a continuation of something that was done earlier for the first 10 months of notes.

These particular quotes were selected by lion on 13 -16 Mar 98.

I'm amazed that at such a young age (39, about to turn 40) that so many "BEST QUOTES" could have been expressed through me; especially since my awakening only occurred five years ago. SPIRIT has definitely been prolific in bringing things forth through my consciousness. ENJOY!



1 - At some level, I know my Self to be infinite. Aye, this mortal self will indeed experience death. This body will return dust to dust. But, the consciousness within is not to be turned off like a light bulb.

2 - There is ONE consciousness of which we are all individuated instantiations that were sent out to gain self knowledge. The ONE consciousness has never been separated from us.

3 - I speak strongly about the truths of many things, yet it is not me who speaks, but consciousness within me. I would take no credit of my own. I am but the vehicle through which spirit is given expression.

4 - Consciousness will ensure that everything required is in place when needed. When you need to be wise, you will be, for you will have all of consciousness guiding you.

5 - The whole goal while physical is not to become less physical, but to allow more consciousness to be enfleshed.

6 - Let consciousness be your focus and seek awareness in whatever manner your inner guidance propels you to. Yes, that means you need to contact and follow your inner guidance.

It is always there, though you may have to become extremely quiet to hear it.

7 - At all times know and be fully aware that you are consciousness expressing in the only manner you can in physical reality, as spirit through flesh. There are two things here consciousness and its expression. Awareness relates to understanding that you truly are consciousness and that what you are is separate from what you do.

8 - For all of us, the primary task is to gain self knowledge and in particular to become aware of our true nature as consciousness.

9 - Each individuated consciousness is provided with what it needs in return for providing it's services to the one consciousness.

10 - The newborn butterfly has no choice but to fly into the unknown, trusting that God or Consciousness has given it the abilities it needs to deal with whatever reality finds. Actually, the trust may not even be a conscious act. After all, we are what we are in the moment, and we appear to have limited control over the circumstances which we will be asked to face.

11 - Now, I stand facing the abyss, the unknown that I have been fascinated with for all of my grown days. Except, now I'm armed with the tools of consciousness that I need to explore that abyss and bring back reports of the wonders that I find. For surely, the wonders will far exceed those of this world.

12 - Trust both your own awareness and consciousness herself. Awareness is the most powerful tool a warrior can have in his/her arsenal. Trust in consciousness herself is a close second. Then again, awareness and trust in consciousness almost always go hand-in-hand.

13 - The butterfly is what results when the chrysalis leaves the restrictions of the cocoon that constitutes it's world. Yet, the abilities of the butterfly were developed within that environment. Does this work the same for man? Is the awareness we develop within this world, the equivalent of butterfly wings? Now, the key is to jump forth from the cocoon, or the consensus world, and use our consciousness to fly into/around a world that is far grander. Is this the equivalent of the spiritual world?

14 - Know that you are the awareness that had to witness what you have experienced so that you could grow and transform in awareness in the manner that you have over the years. Consciousness knew that this was necessary as well, so she provided you with the right information to impact your conscious mind and eventually your awareness.

15 - It's amazing to me how much difference awareness makes to one's life, yet a difference that is primarily on the inside with very little evidence that appears on the outside. This is probably good, however, because if the change were readily apparent one would not be able to use one's newfound abilities as openly. Interesting. It's as if consciousness ensures that her newborn children are safe in the new world in which they find themselves. For awakened ones are definitely as newborn children who have just undergone a spiritual birth. Reality has indeed changed for these special ones. Yes, they still exist in the physical world, but they also perceive additional spiritual dimensions and the associated information that comes from these dimensions.

16 - The physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined together into one whole, they are not separate places.

Most people have blinders, however, that prevent seeing the whole -- binding them to the restrictions of physical reality, when they could be free. Yet, they are unaware that they are so bound. Physical reality is all they know, and they feel very free in spite of their chains.

17 - Knowledge deals with knowing other peoples thoughts; Wisdom with having the maturity to generate your own just and right thoughts in any area of interest.

18 - Don't expect opportunity to come knocking at your door. Sometimes you have to take the initiative to allow it to find you. Yes, it is not necessary for you to find it, for it is perfectly capable of finding you given that it is guided by consciousness after all.

19 - Remember that both sides of your mind have their utility. Some tasks require one side or the other, other tasks require both sides simultaneously. Using the wrong side for a given task is like using the wrong tool to do a specific job. Don't.

20 - Dream big, on a scale as large as you can conceive it. And don't back down because of considerations of practicality. You are the wayshower. You must show the way on a scale that is sufficiently grand to quickly usher in a new age.

21 - See the world in a bold new way. Dare to dream of things as they have never been. For, as you dream, as you imagine, the way is paved for others to pick up on your dreams and imaginings and assist in carrying them out.

22 - Do what it is that only you can do, for that is the most important service that you can provide for spirit.

23 - Trust that consciousness guides your every step and don't restrict what you allow to flow. It all has value. It is all important. Don't judge it, though it may seem crazy to even you at first glance.

24 - It seems that this is a constant theme in my life, "to seek out new worlds and to boldly go where no man has gone before" -- the very mission of the Enterprise on Star Trek. In my case, however, the worlds are inner.

25 - The spiritual exists intermeshed with the material world. The material world could not exist at all without the spiritual.

26 - Thus far science has not developed the instruments necessary to "see" the spiritual world. It is here, everywhere around us, but only those with eyes to see, and ears to hear it can experience it. Psychics, astrologers, aura readers, clairvoyants, ... these are the types of people who have such skills.

27 - Develop a model of the world that integrates the material and spiritual within a single framework. And, do not stop your investigation until you succeed. For success indeed will be the fruits of your efforts. And then, the world can be transformed on a scale that has never been known before.

28 - With an understanding of how the material and spiritual are intermeshed, techniques can be developed to greatly enhance spirit/body integration. This in turn will lead to the manifestation of literally a heaven on earth and with that a new age is born, the Age of Aquarius.

29 - I would be indispensible in generating simple perspectives of situations, systems, or processes so that the essential behavior could be easily understood to a degree necessary to make it clear as to what constituted right action under the circumstances.

30 - How many other individuals in this country are thinking in terms of leading this country to fulfill its metaphysical destiny?

31 - If the abilities exist, then so does the job for which they are required.

32 - Focus on the illusion all that you want, and in the end all you know is illusion. Further, the illusion is enticing enough to draw your attention, lifetime after lifetime, if you are not careful.

33 - Is there any hope that the divergent beliefs of people can be reconciled? Are there a set of core beliefs, values, attitudes, and principles that all nations need to accept and live by?

34 - Hmm. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. How long did it take for one gull to break from the pack and so pursue flying that literally nothing else matters? Over the long centuries, such has been the same for man. This level of spiritual commitment is required, but few are willing to pay the price to truly come to know thyself.

35 - Interesting how the pieces of twenty years of reading and thinking in metaphysics are all coming together in ways that I had not even considered. I've been a mental vagabond, traveling to the shores of various metaphysical ports of thought, picking up an idea here, another there, and a few techniques and experiences along the way -- never knowing where I was going or why, but trusting that my soul was guiding me every step of the way.

36 - I am Wayne, the Bringer of the New Way. I am a wayshower, here to help get spirit more fully expressed in flesh so that the conditions necessary for the Age of Aquarius to begin are indeed fulfilled.

37 - As with Jonathan, I march to the beat of the spirit within me, and care not that this runs counter to everything that the consensus population and it's representative government sanctions.

38 - I will do what I must do. The task is that important. I am accountable to a higher tribunal than man's, namely one of my own greater Self, spirit, and consciousness herself. It is these whose wish is my command. By focusing on knowing myself, I offer unto consciousness the best vehicle possible for doing the work of spirit.

39 - The sooner you act, the sooner you will find yourself in positions to start actualizing some of your ideas. There are people out there with funds, energy, resources, and desire to do the kind of things that you have written and talked about. Your VISION provides the rallying point. It is crucial for guiding the entire endeavor.

40 - To some degree, you're allowed to operate this way because of a special relationship that you've developed with the unconscious parts of your consciousness. Because you allow these parts to organize the whole in a manner that makes sense and pass it directly through the intuition, you can bring through high level information clearly and concisely.

41 - There must be others interested in working together or at least sharing experiences in these explorations into the wilderness of consciousness. As with the early explorers, however, we may find that there is little in common about our experiences. However, as more territory is explored, and more explorers hit the trails, there will be more and more common experience. And, out of this the nature of the territory can be described and experiences reported first hand. With additional work a map of the territory can be generated and trails can be created that others can follow. And, from these trails, roads from small country lanes to superhighways. Through such a progression will the way be paved for the masses to achieve greater awareness.

42 - This is why great thoughts come from the greatest intellectuals. They have developed their faculties through their focus on self knowledge and knowledge in general, such that their brains are capable of receiving these thoughts.

43 - The whole game is played to try to get individuals to advance in awareness sufficiently to allow them to qualify to play in even greater games. Under the current rules, they must keep coming back to this one until they've achieved Self-realization.

44 - Most, even if they do reach the observer state, never go further to find that another part of their Self is indeed creating what they are only observing. This is a major step, one that requires trust and responsibility.

45 - First we think that we we have free will to think and act, then we become aware of ourselves as actors in a play that is already written where our only real choice is in what we observe and pay attention to. Finally, we take the final step, and find that at another level we wrote the script in cooperation with others whom we wanted to interact with for various reasons, and in line with a greater Plan that was generated by consciousness.

46 - The lofty peaks of spirit, the all consuming fire, these are what call to me. Compared to them even the greatest of earthly majesties is but a trifle.

47 - There is something that I came to do through this particular vehicle that can be done in no other way. But, it is not this "I" that I am now who came to do this, but an "I" that is much greater, one that each day I am becoming more and more aware of. It is this greater I, this soul, this spirit, that does things through me. I am but a vessel and an awareness that rides with the vessel.

48 - If consciousness herself gives us our talents and abilities and guides us to the circumstances we face in life, what right have we to lay claim to the fruits of what consciousness hath wrought through us?

49 - But, what about scarcity? After all, the tree only has so many apples. It may run out and maybe we wouldn't find anymore. Hogwash. Spirit's bounty has no such limits. There is sufficient abundance to meet the needs of all, not only in this country but in the entire world.

50 - How do we best commit our resources as a society to meet our needs as a society and as individuals? That is the question. Yes, indeed, the billion dollar question.

51 - The old argument "caveat emptor" or "let the buyer beware" is not consistent with Aquarian philosophy. Rather, we would demand let the seller be responsible; responsible for providing quality goods and services, at a fair price, that meet the customers needs. Yes, this is a very different mode of operating, but then we're talking about a new age.

52 - Without spirit at the foundation, any structure will eventually become so flawed and so weak that it can no longer stand. It's only a matter of time, and the nature of the specific decisions that are made. The demise is certain, only how long it takes to get there, and how bad the conditions during the process are variable.

53 - Consciousness may work in mysterious ways, but she always gives us what we need.

I almost added, "once we firmly believe that this is so". I was thinking about the bloated children starving to death in Africa and wondering how consciousness could be giving them what they need. Yet, a people who choose not to control their population under such dire conditions are setting themselves up for these exact conditions.

54 - I'm aware that I am aware. But, I am not yet fully aware that I create. I observe but I have no knowingness, no inner sense, that what I observe is indeed my creation. I can deduce that it comes from a part of me, but it is a part of me of which I have no direct awareness.

55 - In many areas of life, especially those involving self-knowledge and consciousness, firsthand experience is the only acceptable path. Nothing short of this is sufficient.

56 - When will we learn that PEACE is always the best answer, and that there is always a way to accommodate the needs of all in a fair and just manner?

57 - I look for coincidences, or better yet synchronicities. These are the signs that spirit is operating close at hand. At some time in life, one reaches a point where the idea that such events could happen by pure chance or coincidence is simply unbelievable anymore. At that point, the magic begins, and the world becomes animated by spirit.

58 - Synchronicities and coincidences, these are the places where the control exerted from the spiritual world bleeds through into physical reality. For the most part these are subtle. One has to pay close attention to notice them at all.

However, it seems that the closer one gets to one's spiritual path, the more one notices that the things that happen around one are connected in somewhat of a mysterious way, but there is definitely an intelligence directing them.

59 - It's the uncertainty, the unknown that gives our lives mystery and meaning.

60 - Something came to mind about the idea that all time is simultaneous. This is a truth, I know it. However, this is not what appears to be in the world. We see time as linear, with one moment passing on to the next. Yet, we experience time as a continuum. There are no jumps in NOW. Now is now, period. We never see the future enter our experience. We never see now being relegated to the past. Yet now is not an instant, something that passes quickly. Instead, now is everpresent, always a part of us, always the point in which we operate.

61 - Many of you reading this now might think that I am speaking in tongues, and indeed I am, for I have been allowed to read a part of the spiritual meaning embodied so compactly in the language of numbers. If it could work so well in explaining all that nature hath wrought, then why would it not apply to the life of man as well and the spirit that is housed within? The problem lies with what numbers to choose and what connections to make. These must be recognized and guided by inner sources; the logical part of the conscious mind is insufficient for this task. This is why scientists have not seen these mysteries revealed. They are too locked in a mindset that does not allow of such things as spirit or consciousness to be an active force in the world.

62 - Am I finding meaning where there was none? Is what I'm finding meaning at all? Then again, am I even finding it, or rather is it making its presence known to my awareness?

63 - It's as if the test is whether one loves spirit so much that it is even more important than the air one breathes. At that point one is ready to know of the truths of the Kingdom of Heaven. At that point and not until.

64 - Am I so unique, that I now speak a language of my own, that comes across as nonsense to others? No, I cannot believe that. The breakthroughs I have recently experienced are grand and glorious beyond compare. You might say that I have found (actually been given) the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, or at least to the spiritual world. Why me? Because I was ready. Why now? Because, it is time.

65 - Yet, I trust that consciousness continues to lovingly guide my way as she has for all of my life. Something tells me that it will soon be time to grow out of my childhood of spirit and enter adolescence and then adulthood. Initially, it is enough to allow spirit to do its works through me. At some point soon, it will be necessary to act as a conscious co-creator with consciousness herself. I am being trained for a role that requires this. I will assume such a role when consciousness judges that I am ready and when the time is right.

66 - Yeah, verily, the Kingdom of Heaven lies on this very world in which we live, however to find it we need to reverse ourselves and live from the inside out.

The conscious mind is not the inside, but it is not an enemy to be vanquished either, it must be loved and shown that the way to spiritual freedom is in it's best interest also.

Further, there is no freedom save spiritual freedom. In all other forms, those who speak of freedom simply are unaware of the chains that bind them.

67 - We are consciousness, first and foremost, here to learn of our true spiritual nature.

68 - Enjoy the physical as much as you want, but realize why you are here. KNOW THYSELF! Throughout your life, every moment that you can, keep your focus on this one pursuit. It's one of the hardest things to do in a world full of attractive and engaging illusion. Yet, the only thing we take with us from each existence is the awareness that we have achieved.

69 - It is important to remember that we are ONE consciousness, and that things work best when we allow spirit to do its works through us rather than trying to impose our will on things.

70 - I'm at a point where all life has spiritual meaning. I literally live in a spiritual universe. I know that thoughts and vibration create form. Further, I have some of the critical keys that can blow this wide open, that can show others that the spiritual world exists here and now intermeshed with the physical world.

71 - Synchronicities are the events around which the whole structure will tumble. Too many, and our beliefs about chance and coincidence are brought to the ground.

72 - When open researchers start applying their whole brains to seeing and understanding the symbols and structures of the spiritual world, a truly New Age will be born on this planet.

73 - It is only our conscious mind that has been deaf and blind to the spiritual world. Our reality is created by subconscious processes that are highly aware of all that they need to know to function in the world.

74 - My theory that there is a symbolic spiritual world embedded within the physical one is no longer a theory. Everywhere I look there is an orchestration or synchronicity of information that is undeniable. The spiritual world exists, it is here, one only need have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

75 - My sense is that what I know to be true from my personal experience is so different from the consensus world view and the individual world views of others that I am unique as an expression of individualized aware consciousness.

76 - Everything is the word, everything is vibration, everything is symbol -- yes, everywhere symbol. Whether it's in the Medicines of the Animal Cards, the Tarot, the Runes, Numerology, Astrology, Auras, or even the Symbol Systems of Modern Sciences; the bottom line is that it's all information, information with meanings at several levels. Every word, every name, was specifically chosen. Every action is specifically called out by consciousness to meet a multiplicity of needs.

77 - After the last set of realizations, the result is that I live by consciousness now. I make no moves until she moves me. I allow her full control over the thought processes of this vehicle, trusting that she will lovingly take me in whatever direction is required for my highest growth.

Further, the sense is that this is already completed. While my experience is still linear, I know that time is not, yet I also know that I came to bring forth VISION.

78 - We needed to bring one into physical form that could bring forth the VISION. Yes, it's a role in the Play, but think of roles as levels of consciousness or levels of awareness as well. Each person is therefore perfectly suited to their role.

79 - The Aquarian Age is there, just out of our grasp, but the VISION will soon be here in full force. And, the vision of PEACE that it brings will bring every army and militia to it's knees. For the ways of spirit are Mighty indeed, and an army of spiritual warriors prepares to do battle in a war not of hardware but of ideas.

80 - My sense is that the superconscious is what I refer to as consciousness, as the ONE. What I'm trying to account for is how the individualized conscious is able to awaken to a realization of itself as individualized consciousness, and is then able to gradually expand what is included within this awareness to encompass more and more of God or the ONE.

81 - The key in making these manipulations is to allow spirit or the consciousness within you to do the work. Don't stop it with arbitrary rules and constraints of logic, mathematics, or anything that you've learned about the nature of reality. Look for the hidden meanings in symbols. At first they will seem very hidden, but the more attention you pay to finding them, the easier it gets. Let your intuition be your guide, and let it be a glorious adventure. Literally, what you are uncovering is the spiritual world, or at least some of the pieces out of which it is constructed. Every symbol and symbol system in your world has at least a second spiritual meaning and maybe several such meanings, if only you learn the language and gain the eyes to see and ears to hear. Everything has such meaning, even the seemingly most mundane of things such as your gossip rags.

82 - The world is perfect for the level of awareness that exists at this time on this planet. This has been true always, and will be true always.

83 - Time is not a physical dimension, rather a collective level of awareness dimension.

84 - The collective consciousness learns with each increase in awareness of any member.

85 - We only need to express as individualized compartments so long as we are ignorant of our true nature, or so long as we have tasks to do as individuals in this world.

86 - Once we awaken to our true reality as consciousness, everything changes. Our task is then to allow the ONE to express through us, and to do so consciously versus other than consciously.

87 - I am a trailblazer. Repeating what I or others have already done is not part of my agenda in this existence. We must move on to the next monition of consciousness. Ever forward in search of Truth, in search of the Nature of our own Self, such is our neverending quest, such is the very purpose of our lives. I speak in the plural because I know there are others who are tapped into the ONE, Source, Superconscious, or Universal Consciousness.

88 - I'm open to what consciousness would create though me. I have seen the beauty of spirit that comes from living in accord with the principal "not my will but Thine be done".

Though I am still stuggling with the idea of free will, my current choice is to freely give my will to spirit. She already provides me with everything that I could ever need. She has for all of my life.

I wonder how many others understand this, how many others know firsthand of their direct relationship to consciousness, to Source? My sense is that very few have such an awareness.

Why would this be? It has to be because of the TIME. The time marks the level of awareness.

89 - The role I am to play has been predestined, and it is consciousness not I who truly plays that role. I participate and watch and learn and increase in awareness in the process, but the actor who plays this role follows a script that I did not create.

90 - An actor plays his role in a play, associating his attention with the character he plays, saying his lines and performing his assigned actions. The actor however is not the character, regardless of how many times the role is played or how deeply the actor gets into the part. In fact, the actor may even realize things about his own nature as a result of his playing of his role.

91 - When we become aware of being aware, when we know that we are consciousness and not form, then what? How do the rules change?

92 - My only choice seems to be with where I place my attention, and even that may not involve choice.

93 - However, the real action is not in the game, it is in consciousness. That's the key. It doesn't matter what something does in the illusion. What matters is spirit and the spiritual world. Seek that first and all else shall come unto you. Yet, how few believe the simple truths of spirit.

94 - Personal responsibility has been one of the biggest obstacles. It is the one thing that continuously supports the idea of separation and prevents any real movement towards ONE. Even the metaphysics community has it all wrong.

Individual responsibility is not enough unless we add the idea that there is only one individual. And that, is a huge addition that most people are not willing to swallow.

95 - Consciousness would not waste it's time to enter form unless it could express itself in a new and unique way and learn something about itself in the process.

96 - How can one look at the earth and her web of life and not marvel at the glory of ONE who could create such a planet? And, further, looking up into the sky at night, ONE who could create such a UNIVERSE. Yes uni-verse, one verse.

Even considering these bodies that house our spirits during this earthly sojourn, one must stand in awe of the abilities, functions, talents, wisdom, and organization of such vessels.

97 - The physical and spiritual are clearly intertwined, for it was the VERSE, the WORD, that created the World.

98 - My sense is that the ONE has been holding up the show, the creation so to speak since it was formed. Now, it is seeking to endow at least part of it's creation with the keys so that it can go off and do other things. With the keys comes true freedom and free will. However, before the handoff the many will have had to take significant strides towards becoming ONE.

99 - Creating man was not sufficient, for man, the animal, is not even remotely in the image of God. No, the creation also had to include the conditions for the evolution of awareness within man to the point of being in the image of the awareness of God.

100 - Nothing is random. Nothing is accidental. Nothing happens by chance. This doesn't mean that we can predict it all, or even explain how it happened after it does. What it means is that there is an underlying God, Consciousness, or Spiritual Entity of some type that created the world and directs the Play that is occuring on this world stage.

Further, this is not some remote overseer role, but a deeply personal one that is directly attuned to every individual.

101 - My sense from all this is that this truly is Wayne's World, and that the key comes from focus on spirit, on the Word from which all that is springs into existence. This Word comes from Source, consciousness herself, and is expressed through each of us in accord with our level of awareness and our willingness to align ourselves with this Source.

102 - Every action is chosen or agreed to by all parties at an other than conscious level.

103 - It's the consciousness that is important in the end, that which watches, and ultimately that which creates via the Word and thought. It is true that thoughts create reality in the world. What is missing is that only consciousness can create thoughts and there is only one consciousness.

104 - Our thoughts and experiences are the means by which consciousness injects inputs to our conscious minds that drive us to question and change our beliefs. This continuous cycle promotes ever growing self-awareness, and ultimately Self-awareness, allowing spirit to be expressed to ever increasing degrees in our lives.

105 - While one chooses to be the master of one's fate, one's eyes are blind and ears are deaf to the help which spirit would provide. One only has to renounce one's will for Thy Will to see the world in a new Light. A host of angels comes forth to guide one along whatever path be right for one's highest growth and for the completion of one's purpose.

106 - Interesting how much trust I place in consciousness. There is no person with whom I have such trust, but this entity inside whom I cannot see, I hold as dear as any man can hold anything. She is my source and my inspiration, my protector, and anything else that you might care to name. My teacher, my confessor, my lover, my friend -- all these she is and much more. How could I be lonely with her ever at my side.

107 - I am WHOM THAT I AM. This I cannot change, I can only express to an ever increasing degree.

108 - How do we deal with a knowingness that has no confirmation in the real world? Many would say that I am crazy, that operating out of faith in intuition and consciousnesness herself is not a rational way of living ones life.

Yet, who says one must life one's life rationally? The choice is not between rational and irrational, the world is not black and white; there are indeed many shades of gray -- shades that allow one to employ all of one's capabilities and live by faith as well as by reason.

109 - The religion that would try to take on Elton John's "Circle of Life" for preaching that: all are agreed that a chief rule of life is "to never take more than you give", would be extremely foolish.

That is such a fundamental principle of balance that it is hard to imagine that anyone could disagree with it.

110 - Throughout these notes statements come out point blank in declarative form, many times offering no proof or even rationale for what is stated. It's as if the statements come from a source of direct knowingness where their truth is so obvious that they need nothing more than to be expressed.

111 - One has to find a place within where personal direct knowing occurs and accept only those things which align with that inner knowingness.

112 - When we talk about the nature of reality [the illusion] there are so many ways of looking at things that there can be no one set of absolute truths.

It is curious that the place I had stopped prior to numbering the quotes was HERE at number 112! There is a sense that this is an important cycle length. I've encountered this before. I remember a vague feeling from a few years ago that it was not 111 but 112 that was a cycle completion. I still don't know exactly why it should be so.

    112 = 5:02(22) = 1:34(78) = 1:28(84) = 1:24(88) = 1:21(91)

    112 = 2 x56 = 4 x28 = The Square of the Man with the World in His Hands.

    Curious: Dropping the "x" yields:

      256 = 16 x 16 = The Tower Squared
      428 = 7:56, a characteristic number for me for several years.

Where I AM Today

What can I say?  It seems that this is the question that I have finally been drawn to.  This seems to be what is BEYOND IMAGINATION NOW!

In Peace, Unconditional Love, Light, and Everlasting ECSTACY ... We are WOMAN!

Have been away ...

We'll have to see if this is a new beginning.  It feels that way.  But, we never know for certain until we are well into it.  Our email changed to  That seems appropriate for the polar shift we just experienced within ourself.  That seems to reflect what is going on in the world as well.  We have soared off into the unknown much as Columbus did in 1492.  Though rather than the ocean blue, we are in the vast blackness of space.  Columbus dealt with the 2-D surface of the sea.  Now, we are in the realm of space.  Yesterday, I was moved to notice that the ISS orbits the earth exactly once every hour.  If my calculations serve me that comes to 24 ISS "days" for each earth day.  Further, the dimensional characteristics have changed from needing to know 3-D position and time to 3-D position plus pitch, yaw, and roll to characterize orientation at the present point in the orbit.  The ISS has been in orbit for a long time by space system standards and given the political struggles between contributing nations.   My sense is that this enabled problems to be identified, worked, and resolved in ways not otherwise possible.  My challenges are no different, just far more solitary.  Then again, my world is ONE.  As Kevin Costner's character in Hidden Figures says: "I'm already there" when speaking of getting man to the moon.


It takes a particular type of intelligence to imagine something new and then to do what it takes to create it.  This involves more than function.  As the picture shows, elegance and beauty are the stuff that takes ones breath away.  Here, I don't even have to know the function.  Though, it appears to be a building or starship. 

On a smaller scale, I spent much of the past few days designing something that as far as I know did not exist.  I have artificial turf in the front yard.  It can be difficult to rake leaves and other stuff that gathers.  A yard vacuum works, but is a pain because it is too heavy to hold to get the job done.  A different yard vacuum had two small wheels at the bottom.  It was a little better, but got heavy as well and the wheels were too small for the artificial turf thickness.  I ended up using a golf push cart, a yard vacuum, and a tripod to connect the two ... along with some plastic ties  and a couple of bungee cords.  I thought that was clever, combining three completely different technologies using a few fasteners to create something original as well as functional.  The cord connection, on/speed switch, and bag are all readily accessible.  Further, I was pleased with being able to solve a challenging problem at no cost other than my time and conscious attention.  Indeed, as I was doing it, it was as if I were being divinely guided.

The Aquarian Age

NAMASTE.  It has been awhile.  Joined Club NW and have been going there nearly every day for the past six weeks, solely to use the pool and the sauna.  On a typical day, I spend over an hour in the Aquatics Center.  That is as close to Aquarian as one can get physically.  This is curious because Aqua deals with water, but Aquarius is an air sign.  Air signs deal primarily in  the realm of thought.  I do not swim when in the pool, I just move freely in the water.  It is relaxing and therapeutic.

As usual, I picked a beautiful feminine form.  This is how I see the Divine Feminine that expresses in words through me.  I believe the words to be eloquent and elegant, but that surely is a biased perspective on my part.  At least I recognize that.  In this case, the expression that the face captures is mysterious ... lacking any clear definition or meaning.  Then again, as a hermit, I am not well-versed in such matters.



I was passionate about golf ... not watching it, PLAYING IT, every weekend from 1984 through 1997 when my bipolar medications reached the point where they impacted my coordination to the point where I could no longer count on hitting the ball cleanly. I didn't have to learn to play golf. Striking the ball well came naturally from the very first time that I hit the driving range.

Golf is a wonderful sport. Where else can one struggle with untold challenges and opportunities on a five mile stroll through a park-like setting? Where else does a 300 yard drive count exactly the same as a 1 in putt? Where else does playing better mean actually shooting less strokes in a round ... yes, playing less golf?

On a golf course, no two shots are the same ... week after week, month after month, or year after year. There is your physical state, your emotional state, your mental state, the wind and weather, how the ball lies on the ground, where the pin is placed on the green. And that does not consider the differences in courses that you can choose to play.

Golf can be just as fun whether you are a par golfer, a bogey golfer, or even a double bogey golfer. On a par 72 course, that corresponds to 72, 90, and 108 respectively. The later two are just n average of one stroke more per hole or two strokes more per hole.

Par golfers on average get to greens in regulation (1 stroke for par 3, 2 for par 4, 3 for par 5) and average two putts per hole.

Bogey golfers add an average of one stroke per hole. Usually about half from taking an extra stroke to get to the green and half from three putting or worse.

Typically, half of your strokes are putts. Yes, that is how important putting is. In comparison, at most there are only about 8 opportunities to use a driver, and many of those are fraught with risks that would best be avoided.

Average distances for clubs are approximately as follows. But, these depend on your string, strength, elevation change, and the winds that you are facing. Use the driving range to calibrate this for yourself. Though take at least 10 swings per club and calculate averages from only those that you hit cleanly.

Driver: 250 3W: 225 5W: 200

3: 185 4: 175 5: 165 6: 155 7: 145

8: 135 9: 120 P: 105 S: 80

The Driver can get you into a lot of trouble, from popping it up, grounding it, hook it, or slicing it. My advice is to not carry one in your bag. Become proficient with a 3W. It can serve you on the tee and from the fairway. It is much easier to learn to hit consistently and can eliminate the potential risk of a lot of trouble.

These distances are for full swings. Partial springs are much more difficult to control consistently. It helps to develop a decent three quarter swing for 7-P to provide some reliable options for distances under 100 yards.


In all of my years of golfing, I only bought one new club, a putter from Golfsmith that was discounted 30%. I liked it when I saw it. They had a large putting area inside the store. I sunk my first three putts, all from over 20 feet. I've had a few sets of clubs over the years. I bought them used from ads in the paper, thrift stores, and Ebay. Start with a decent 7-iron. Your can pick these up from Goodwill for less than $10. Find one that you can hit well and that you like. Try a number of them to feel the difference and determine which you prefer.

If you are a weekend or infrequent golfer, consider the following options.

3W, 5W, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, S, Putter

3W, 5W, 5H, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, S, Putter

Sometimes you can find complete used sets on Ebay. Though, the woods, hybrid club, SW and Putter do not have to match the rest of the set. Decent iron sets that are more than suitable for bogey golfers can be found from $50-$120 on Ebay including shipping. Individual clubs at Goodwill can sometimes be found for $6 to $10 each. However, you may have to stop in a few times to find what you are looking for. Decent woods on Ebay can be found for $20-$45 each, often cheaper in sets of 3W, 5W since shipping cost is less per club. Putters are a different matter. Suggest trying several at a golf store or sporting goods store, until you find a style that works for you. Depending on the price, it may or may not be worth your time to search for a similar putter on Ebay.

Given that half of your strokes will be putts, if you are going to splurge a little, this is the place to do it. The next thing to consider is an additional wedge with a 56, 60, or even 64 deg loft. These will give you more tools in your short game arsenal. The objective when you are near the green, is not just to get on the green but to get near the hole so that you have a better chance of one putting or two putting to finish out the hole.

One thing to remember. Following these guidelines, you should be able to get a very good set of used clubs that serve you well for $250-300. A decent used bag runs about $50 on Craigslist, and can sometimes be found for less at Goodwill or other thrift stores. A used cart typically runs another $40 or so on Craigslist. Sometimes entire sets of clubs with bag can be found for $100 to $200 on Craigslist.


While playing golf can be expensive, practicing can be much more reasonable. Most golf courses have putting greens that you can use for free for as long as you want. Since putts are half of the strokes in a game, spend a good deal of your practice time on this aspect. One drill is to start with one foot putts until you sink ten in a row, then move out to two feet, then three, then four, out to as much as twelve feet. Then you might try some longer putts focusing on the two key elements of direction and speed.

For the driving range, focus on hitting your 7 iron well. That should be 50% of your iron practice. Then switch to the 3W for 25%, half with tees and half off the mat. Finally, pull out your PW for the remaining 25%.

For another variation, practice as if you are playing. Take out a scorecard for any course that includes distances for each whole. Starting with hole one, hit the club that you would tee up with. After the shot, determine what yardage is left and select the club and swing you would use next. Continue until you have reached the green. Record your score to get to the green. Continue for as many holes as you choose ... for a whole round if you can.

Some courses also include sand traps and pitching areas that can be used for free as well.  This along with the putting green allows you to practice most of your short game.


On the approach shot for green, aim for the center of the green. I learned this from a par golfer. This gives you the maximum room for error and still result in landing on the green. There are many things that can go wrong, hitting too hard or too soft, right or left angle error in direction. By aiming for the center of the green you are maximizing the percentages of getting down in no more than three shots including your approach shot.

For bogey golfers, often your approach shot will be less than 60 yards. Sometimes it will be less than 30 yards. From that distance, you should be able to do better than the center of the green. The objective is to get close enough to assure a two putt, and to provide a reasonable chance for a one putt. That is how we make up strokes for holes that we have double bogeyed or worse.

Golf is a game that requires equal parts logic and equal parts intuition. Actually, the balance should be more towards the later. There are so many unknowns that cannot be logically factored into each shot. At some point, you have to trust that there is an inner spirit within you that knows what it is doing and can execute the golf swing through your body. That does not mean that the mind does not have it place in assessing risk/reward opportunities. We want to avoid taking poor risks that are going to cost us strokes. At the same time, we don't want to be so cautious that we play it safe all the time. This strategy ends us costing us in the long run.

Relax and enjoy the game. Golf courses are beautiful place. Typically, there are no more than 8 golfers x 18 holes = 144 golfers on the course at a time. Given how big a golf course is, the entire space is sparsely populated. In all my times golfing, even though I golfed with the same friend most of the times, it was as if I were alone much of the time. For me, golf was always an individual sport. I played because I enjoyed it. The challenge was me against myself and me against the course.


Breaking 100.  At Bogey and a half, you should be doing this about every other round.  At Bogey, you should be doing this regularly.  Unfortunately, it is easier to post a much higher score than a much lower one.  Also, this can differ greatly from course to course.  Some courses are designed to be much more challenging, others are much more forgiving. 

You can also track number of shots to get to the green and number of putts for each hole.  Look for patterns too help focus your practice time on the areas that will make the most difference.  As you get better, your strengths and weaknesses will change.  While improving on your weaknesses helps a lot, don't do it at the cost of your strengths.

As a bogey golfer, you should be breaking 90 about half of the time.  Then you can strive for breaking 95.  It helps to track your scores from round to round and see if you can determine what the patterns tell you.  Are there any explanations for the variations?  Are there physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual components that determine when you are playing your best, average, or your worst?  If so, is there anything you can do to alter this in favor of better rounds more often?

Some courses or rounds can be very humbling.  I remember playing at Stanford University once and losing over a dozen balls.  Another time, playing at Fort Ord near Monterey,  I averaged over three putts for the entire course, including a few four putts.   The greens on some professional courses can be both challenging and unforgiving.  If memory serves me, I shot over 120 that day, 30 shots more than my average at the time.

The bottom line is that the only things that matter are having FUN and how you are performing relative to your own ability.

Two Dragons Feuding

This seems to be appropriate both for me and for the world at this time.  How things will play themselves out remains to be seen.  But, there is a sense that balance is being sustained regardless.  Neither dragon seems happy ... but, perhaps that is just the nature of Chinese dragons.  I happen to have a large bronze sculpture depicting the same,  I got it 20 years ago and refuse to even consider parting with it, even though my wife does not like it,  Some things we simply know to be ours when we encounter them.  For me, this is one such thing.

Just Noticed ...

This site was unleashed exactly nine months ago, the precise amount of time to have a baby.  What does that suggest for us and this particular work?  Is it a newborn babe now?  We are curious to see what it will become, what it will grow up do be, and what it will do in the course of its existence.  Our hope is that it would be instrumental in guiding us to a new world.  Yes, that is a lot to hope for.  But, we know the quality of our works.  Indeed, we know them to be wisdom-class.  However,  that is for you, not us to decide.  We ask that you judge the works solely by their utility in your life and the lives of those you touch.,

Everything I did on the computer yesterday was noticeably slower and more error prone than ever before.  It is as if there is some kind of electrical interference that is causing the wrong bits to flip in memory.  Or, at least enough to corrupt the transmission process either in wifi from the keyboard and mouse to the computer.  Also, wired USB file transfers and copies are not working properly much of the time.  Perhaps it is a matter of focus and having two many things open in Windows at the same time.  Looking up, II see that I have two browser instances open with 20 and 19 tabs respectively.  Most of them are for items that I am watching in Ebay.  In that respect they are redundant since Ebay maintains a watchlist for me at their site that I can  access at any time.

For me, it is a matter of learning to differentiate between what I desire and what I need or must have.  Lately, I am finding that not much fits in the second category, especially when you have to figure out how to pay for it.  Retired, my family is on a fixed income that is declining in purchase power with the state of the economy and inflation.  It also does not help that the stock market has taken such a negative turn since the beginning of the  year

Where things will go from here is uncertain.  Though, if they continue to get worse, it will be time to consider doing something to augment my retirement income sources ... preferably something in the field of sharing WISDOM ... something that seems to be rare and in short supply even in the midst of The Information Age.  Actually, especially in such an age.

Beyond Imagination

This is the image that we create long ago as the logo for our spiritual endeavor.  The smaller  images form a Star of David with the upward triangle masculine and the downward triangle feminine.  Even after close to 20 years, as far as I know very few people have even seen it.  Then again, I am used to that.  I have done so many things that few if any are aware of.  I am OK with that.  My life unfolds as it will and I make the best of it.  This way of living suits my hermit nature well.  Everything that I see suggests that the necessary foundations for a new world are being created at this very moment.  More and more, I accept that I am doing precisely what I need to do when I need to do it.  Observing, making connections, and finding meaning are what life is about for me.  I try to share any wisdom gained in whatever ways I can.  However, far more often than not this does not happen person to person in the flesh.  Why that is, I do not know ... perhaps I never will.

Musings of a Spiritual Warrior

Ours is also a battle of seeking truth within the illusion that constitutes reality.  Such is our only quest.  Our only weapon is our self and its faculties: intuition, intellect, imagination, focus, awareness, consciousness, and heart.  These are our only tools.  They are more than sufficient to make our way .... though we must put in the time and effort necessary to master them.  This is not  something that we can be taught.  Though, it can help to gain insight from others along the  way.  For me, that has been through metaphysical books.  But, the vast majority of training and discovery came on my own.  Much of that is a product of how I am wired.  As a hermit and extreme introvert, I was basically on my own in my search for self, Self, and SELF ... and in the search for the ONE.  My search began in 1972 and continues to this day.  I cannot imagine a day going by without discovering something new spiritually.  It seems that this is something that should be shared.  I try to do that here and in the many books that I have self-published on Amazon.  If you find my works of value in your life, please do me a favor in return by referring this website and my books to others whom you feel they might serve.  I thank you in advance for doing this.  It is my only way of reaching out to a larger audience.  I understand that it is SPIRIT expressing though me.  Given that, even if I am the only one aware of what is written, the very fact that it was written and experience makes it part of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that animates us all.  From there it can be subconsciously spread wherever it is needed on a need to know basis.   I seem to have no role to play in that part of how the wisdom is disseminated.  Yes, I consider all of the Beyond Imagination expression to be WISDOM-CLASS.  I have been bringing it forth for 29 years ... just a few years shy of half of my life.

Following  our Passion ...

Several years ago, golf was a passion of mine.  I golfed at least one weekend round, sometimes two, and often for 27-36 holes rather than 18.  For me, it was a way to exercise intuition and get in touch with source through my body.  In that respect, it was a spiritual experience that opened a whole new level of awareness.

A golf course is a beautiful, expansive, outdoor space.  A 300 plus drive counts for one stroke, the same as a one inch putt.  Yes, playing well demands knowing yourself, trusting something within that is beyond reason, and employing both strategic and tactical risk/reward management.  I was basically a bogie golfer, taking an average of an extra stroke per hole.  That typically put me close to 90 strokes per round.  Yes, that amounts to one stroke every thee minutes for a typical 4.5 hour round.  And, approximately 40 of those strokes were putts.  If you walk, it is about a 5 mile journey that you spend in solitude for the most part.  There is something wonderful about imagining a golf shot and carrying it out.  This is also true for sinking a putt into a four inch diameter cup on a green that may slope up and down in a variety of places.  This is even more true the longer the putt you face.

Expressing again ...

This is becoming a regular occurrence once again.  We never know in advance where the process will lead us.  That is OK.  Mysteries and the unknown have become commonplace in our existence.  We would have it no other way.  Our life is ours in ways that it has never been.  Where it will take us from here, we have no idea.  But, wherever it that is, we know will be the right place for us and for those we serve.

It seems that our Hermit days may be behind us, at least to some degree. We look forward to this, though we know not how it might manifest.  In the meantime, we continue to allow our life to unfold as it will.  How this change might occur seems to be out of our hands.  It is strange living essentially outside of the consensus world.  We can count the people who know anything about us on two hands with fingers left over.  The vast majority of those we do not hear from, much less see in the course of one month, or even one year for that matter.  Yes, we are that isolated and that solitary.  Yes, Hermit is a fitting description of what we are and how we live.  We wonder whether we can complete our spiritual mission in this manner.  Though, we trust that we will be lead precisely where we need to be and will be moved to do precisely what is ours to do.  It is all a matter of allowing SPIRIT to express through us.  Effectively this has happened since 1972.  it accelerated greatly in 1992 when the Beyond Imagination expression began.

Another day at the office ...

You have to LOVE retirement.  I know that I do.  Thoreau said something about freedom being the state of "no longer having to toil at the bidding of any prince".  It took nearly 50 years of working to reach that point.  Though, I was fortunate to be able to decide what to do and how to do it for much of that time.  In addition, I pursued metaphysics passionately beginning in 1972 and was engaged voraciously in the Beyond Imagination expression from 1992 to present.  

And yes, if I had to choose again, I would do it in precisely the same way.  Metaphysics is as necessary to me as the very air that i breathe.  And, the Beyond Imagination expression is indeed my life's work.  It is what will remain when i am long gone.  It matters not whether any others are aware of it or not.  It's very vibrations permeate  the ethers touching everything everywhere.  You see, this is a form of energy that spirit herself has created through me.  And, energy is everlasting, it is never created or destroyed, only transformed.  These very words are my contribution to All That Is.   In return, I have had the privilege of seeing through these eyes and experiencing consciousness, mind, and soul as I have.  Further, spirit herself has been my only guide, friend, confidant, and teacher through all of this.  The vast majority of what was needed, I learned on my own without physical teachers.  Metaphysical books and direct inner and outer experience were my primary inputs ... almost exclusive inputs in my case.   

And life goes on in an infinite loop ...

The days pass one after another.  I find it amazing how much I remember of the events of my life ... at least past the age of 10 or so.  That is closing on 54 years this coming week.  Yet, other than my wife and two furry kids, I live my life in solitude.  As far as people are concerned, it is almost as if I do not exist.  Indeed, spirit herself through me, is the only one that bears witness to who I am and what I do.  In many ways, I consider the work that I do now to be far more important than anything that I was ever paid to do.  Now, I live in my own world where I am the master of my own fate.  In many ways, time has ceased to be important... if indeed it exists at all anymore other than a means for making the few appointments that I make per month.

A New Day

Each day is a new day.  It is up to us to breathe life into it as only we can do.  For me, that is through observation, making connections, and expressing spiritually and metaphysically.  To date, it has not mattered that I do this as a hermit, in solitude for the most part.  Few know that I even exist and fewer still are aware of or have experienced my Beyond Imagination expression.  Indeed, I know not whether another will read these very words.  But, For Your Eyes Only has come forth so often that this is expected rather than a surprise.

No Visits in 30 Days

How's that for feedback.  Perhaps I am already dead to the world and just don't know it.  I terminated any presence and interaction on FB months ago.  Indeed, I can count the people I interact with monthly on one hand.  Such is the life of a Hermit.

This particular image ties a numerical truth to a metaphysical principle or story.  Notice how much more meaning can be conveyed in a single image.  Though, rather than explain it, I'll let you interpret it for yourself.

It has been a while ...

Once again, we took a break of 6 weeks since our last post.  Perhaps that would be different if we were receiving feedback that showed we were communicating with someone other than ourself.  Then again, perhaps not.  The outer world seems to be changing a lot.  But, little to none of this directly impacts us personally, not in any real way that truly matters.  We still value WISDOM most highly, and see that to be of short supply in the world.  Yet, it may be the only thing that can lead us to the Aquarian Age.   I picked this particular image because  it conveys the sense of magical wisdom that is feminine and does not necessarily require age for it to mature.   For me, the spiritual source within has always been the Divine Feminine.  It is not clear that this will ever change ... not for me personally anyway.

I am curious to see what is in store ... what lies ahead ... how my destiny and that of my world will play itself out.  This is not something that I have the gift to foresee.  Rather, it is something that unfolds in each moment.  That is OK.  NOW is truly the only time that exists.  Indeed, it is the only time in which we can not only ACT, but OBSERVE, ASSESS, and ASSIGN MEANING.  Though, remember that any meaning that we assign is not TRUTH.  Rather, it is the story that we weave tying together whatever symbols we experience in our lives.  For instance, WH can stand for White House, Where How, Weather Hailing, Why Hate, Why Happy or as in my case Wayne Hartman.  Acronyms are what matters.  However, the lower case fills in the details.  I

t has not been that long since Webster came out with a dictionary that standardized the definitions for many words, at least in English.  If memory serves me, this was less than two centuries ago at a time when only a small percentage of the population was literate. Just look at how far we have come since then.  Indeed, information is a primary part of nearly everyone's life.  We truly live in an Information Age.  In such an age, WISDOM should be more valuable than gold.  Yet, how do we tell data from information from knowledge from wisdom?  This is not something that all but a few are taught ... and I would guess that the vast majority of these are self-taught, pulling whatever they need from whatever sources they can find.  Personally, I began this quest in 1972.  So. I have been engaged on the road less travelled for 50 years.  Yes, half a century.  But, if you want to be able to express in the manner that I do, it seems that such is what it takes.  Though, I would hope that with the guidance of an appropriate sage in these days, this time could be reduced substantially.  Indeed, what one learns, the whole learns.  Doing something the first time can be challenging, time-consuming, and even difficult.  But sharing this with others does not have to be so.  The sharing my occur externally.  But, often it comes anonymously from within.  Spirit operates on a need to know basis.  She will not overwhelm you, though it may seem that such is the case at times.  

30th Anniversary

The following is the first Beyond Imagination expression. For nearly 16 years, I forgot that this even existed until I rediscovered it when I was cleaning out my desk at home. What a surprise to find that such an expression was the beginning of all of this!


We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all souls are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these include reality creation, free choice, growth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and that souls are inexorably linked in the web of beingness, each dependent on the welfare of all others.

We further hold these truths to be self-evident: that to gain experience and grow, souls choose to manifest in physical bodies - as spirit in flesh; that these beings are created equal; that they are endowed by their souls with certain unique challenges, abilities, and talents; that they inherit from their souls certain inalienable rights, that among these include life, liberty, choice, and the pursuit of happiness; and that they too are inexorably linked in the web of life on Earth, each dependent on the well-being of all others as well as of the planet itself.

To provide an environment conducive to growth and to preserve these inalienable rights societies are created among beings. These societies are empowered strictly by the consent, cooperation, and active participation of the individual members. Whenever any form of society becomes destructive of these rights, it is the duty and responsibility of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new society that better serve their needs.

We are on the threshold of a new age; an age in which peace reigns supreme, in which consciousness manifests more directly and abundantly, and in which beings are challenged to realize their potentials for maximal growth. This can only be achieved by working in a state of cooperative dependence in which no part of the web is neglected or unbalanced. Realizing this, we actively choose to create the change necessary to bring about a true state of balance both within ourselves and in our world. As the first step, we declare our cooperative dependence on one another and on this wonderful spaceship Earth on which we reside, and we own our responsibility to act in a manner that supports all life while maintaining and expressing our unique individuality.

Further, we recognize that as a minimum all beings on this planet are entitled to adequate food, shelter, health care and education; that the wealth and resources of this planet are more than enough to meet this basic need; and that the most urgent priority is to develop a means to fairly distribute the resources such that all individuals are adequately fed, sheltered, and educated.

The second most urgent priority is to assist the Earth in returning to a healthy state of balance by undoing some of the damage caused over the past few centuries. This requires a commitment of resources, including our brightest engineers and scientists, towards solving many of the problems that have resulted from abusive technology use choices made in the pursuit of progress and economic growth.

In addition, we recognize that there is a mutual contract that binds individuals into a cooperative society. In this contract, the society provides the environment in which each individual is allowed to develop its unique gifts and talents as far and as fast as it is capable, and provides the opportunity to apply and use these abilities in a fulfilling and challenging manner that benefits the society as well as the individual. The environment must actively support the individual in meeting that individual's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. In return, each individual is responsible for applying their unique gifts and talents in a balanced manner that benefits the society.

The basic agreement is expressed best in the maxim:

To each in accordance with their needs; from each in accordance with their abilities.

For society to function well, each individual must understand their sacred responsibility to maintain the balance by acting in a manner that ensures that their effort and contributions are truly in balance with the support that they receive form society.

The current prevalent economic systems, capitalism and communism fail to provide the critical processes and distinctions necessary to support a cooperative society. Neither system recognizes and uses the unique talents and gifts of individuals, nor does either system provide for the unique needs of all individuals even on the physical level - much less on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. A solely market driven economy lacks the discipline and responsibility necessary to ensure that the total value provide by a service or product exceeds the total cost of that service or product. It is not enough to be able to create a market for a product that allows a profit to be made, especially if the damage to the individual or to the environment is not accounted for. It is also not fair to use advertising in a manner that promotes a product by association rather than by the specific merits and benefit of the product. Balance requires that a level of integrity be applied to all transactions. It is not enough that an individual feels that a product or service was worth the cost. There is a greater accountability that must be achieved.

The major problems of current economic systems are caused by a failure to accept a few basic truths:- Technology has reached a point where individual needs for goods and services can be met by active employment of a relatively small fraction of the population.- The society must provide a place for all individuals to work to provide a means of exchange for meeting individual needs.- For individuals to be happy and productive, they must be allowed to apply their unique gifts and talents toward creative and meaningful work in a manner that also supports the individuals' growth and fulfillment.- The collective abilities and talents of the individuals within a society are its greatest resource. Vision and direction are needed to apply this resource in a manner that uplifts and benefits all life. A gift or talent is a terrible thing to waste. It is everyone's responsibility to assist in minimizing this waste. There is always a way in which to use these gifts and talents in some productive and beneficial way.

The purpose of an economic system is to provide the means for individuals to exchange energy in a manner that allows them to meet their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth needs, period. The challenge is to do this in a manner that far exceeds meeting the minimal needs of all, yet is not so overwhelming that it imposes undue hardship.- For any economic system to work properly, it must include meaningful incentives that not only ensure individuals fulfill their potential and meet their responsibilities but encourage them to stretch and use their talents and abilities to the utmost, both for their own growth as well as for the benefit to the whole.

As a first step in the conscious manifestation of our cooperative dependence we choose to act in a manner that is consistent with these truths; to join together to create societies that recognize and preserve these rights and to establish economic systems that provide a means for a balanced exchange of energies that allows us to meet our growth needs on all levels.

Realistically, this will have to be done incrementally, starting with individuals joining to form small groups to explore various alternatives for achieving these ends; and growing into ideas and processes that can work for the larger society of towns, states, regions, nations, continents, and the entire earth.

This transition will not happen overnight, but it also will not require centuries or even decades. Consciousness will not wait that long to bring about the changes necessary for greatly expanded growth. Each of us chose to incarnate at this time to play a part in the unfolding of a new age. It is time for each of us to look deeply into our hearts, remember what part we chose to play, and to play our parts to the maximum of our abilities. The major changes that we have seen in the past few years are only the beginning of a tidal wave that will take us into the new age. We are riding on that wave, NOW. The wave is just the medium, the energy of movement. It is up to us to choose how we will ride that wave, and where we will allow it to take us. But, the time of choice is here. We must take action now or we will be swept to wherever the wave takes us, and maybe even drown in the process.



Each individual is entitled to an environment that provides the challenges, resources, and opportunities to develop their capabilities as fast and as far as their desire, interest, effort, and abilities can take them. This includes an opportunity for meaningful employment that fosters the creative expression of one's ability and spirit in a playful manner that serves both the individual and the society, and that provides fair compensation that allows the individual to live in a manner that meets that individuals' physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

In return, the individual is responsible for applying their talents with full integrity to the maximum of their ability in a loving manner that benefits both themselves and the society.

This basic principle is captured in the idea:


For this equation to balance properly, both sides must fulfill their part with integrity. Integrity on the individual part includes delivering in accordance with ones' true abilities, and keeping ones' needs in line with spirit.

There is abundance to meet all real NEEDS. There is a subtle yet important difference between desires and needs, however -- needs generally recognize an innate balance in action, desire on the other hand are not necessarily couched from that place of balance.


While we are individuals, we are also part of a larger whole. To achieve the full potential of the larger whole, a Unity of Action is required in which the society functions as an interrelated group with each individual joyfully playing their part -- that the Magic synergy may happen to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Consider the analogy of your own body. The cells are alive as individuals, yet the whole that is created because each cell lovingly fills a particular function is a magnificent creation that could not be achieved in any other way.

Similarly, the magnificence of a society is generated from the roles that individuals choose to play. Thus far, we have only participated in simple organizations, where the roles were temporary and not organized in a unifying fashion. The patterns exist for much greater structures - not in terms of size, but in term of their capacity to serve as a channel for the energy that flows from All That Is. It is time to start to create structures conforming to these patterns and learn just what can be created.

There is a song that Paul Stookie of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame sings that has words to the effect:.. whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name, there is Love, there is Love.

It is time to make such Love manifest in the world much more abundantly. But it takes more than just gathering, it takes gathering with purpose and spiritual intent.


Education is a fact of being. So long as we exist, we must learn and grow. Education is one of the major responsibilities of each individual -- not just as a student, but also as a teacher and role model for others. As Richard Bach states in Illusions:

You teach best what you most need to learn.

Think about that, and the next time you want to expand your knowledge and understanding in some area, try teaching what you want to learn to someone else.

Master/Apprentice, and Mentor/Protege relationships are encouraged. Consider yourself responsible for ensuring the physical endurance of your knowledge, wisdom, and experience -- not in the form of books or writings, but in living form by passing it on to at least one other human being.

The primary purpose of education lies not in learning some fact, skill, process, behavior, or body of knowledge. Education's purpose lies solely in teaching beings how to learn. This includes not only mental processes, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual processes.

Life is a school, with each day bringing new adventures, challenges, and wonders to experience.


The purpose of government is to provide guidance, focus, and direction for the community while maintaining the Peace and preserving individual freedoms and rights.


I have a dream,

- where each individual is provided with a loving environment that allows that individual to recognize and develop its' unique spark of light;

- where individuals are accepted for who they are and are allow and encouraged to express themselves fully;

- where a person is judged for whom they truly are and not by appearances;

- where integrity and honesty are valued and commonplace, and the wisdom of the Heart is heard and followed;

- where Peace reigns supreme and conflict is channeled properly into resolution;

- where Magic is omnipresent, and the wonder of Life is acknowledged for the special gift that it really is;

- where an openness pervades the land that rewards free expression and discovery;

- where spirituality is an essential part of day-to-day living;

- where decision are based on the true merits of the various alternatives;

- where each individual has the opportunity to find purposeful and creative work that provides challenge, excitement, and fulfillment;

- where ideas are exchanged freely and openly, among all who are interested;

- where vision is encouraged and rewarded, and its' dreams are used to guide human endeavors;

- and where people work in balanced cooperative dependence to create and manifest a true "kingdom of heaven" on Earth.

We have the power to manifest this dream, NOW. It is only a matter of choice. My choice is to actively engage my whole being to this end, to take full responsibility for my destiny, and to use my resources and abilities to create the reality I prefer. My hope is that you too will make this choice for yourself, so that we can jointly co-create a new world order that lives up to the promises of the New Age.

Namaste!  It has been a while.

This picture was taken early yesterday evening while seated in a reclining chair that we occupy for many hours each day.  Indeed, we even sleep in it some nights.  The small white circle in the top left portion of the photo is the full moon ... the closest heavenly body in the outer world.  But, if the inner is a reflection of the outer (and vice-versa), then where is the magnificence and detail of what is depicted here in one small corner of one room in one house?  The lights are clearly more elaborate, even as reflected in the sliding glass window on the left side.

2022 arrived, but the world still seems much the same in the midst of COVID-19.  I've come to the realization that there is nothing that I can do to change this.  There is no end state that I envision.  Rather, it is a matter of taking each day as it comes.  I am not separate from others.  Indeed, none of us can be, except in the illusion.  So, where does that leave us?  We do not employ goals in our life ... nor to do lists for that matter.  We do what needs to be done when the need to do it arises.  We are not one to plan things in advance.  But, we do  consider alternatives before we commit to doing something and then adopt our actions to reflect the feedback that we experience.  However, there is little to no feedback regarding this expression.  We thought that might change as a result of publishing 28 works on Amazon and making them much more affordable.  To date, there has been no change at all that we can see.  Can it be that all of this is still:  FOR YOUR EYES ONLY?  Indeed, we are feeling again that such is the case.  Further, it may be that the work we do to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh is to remain anonymous.  We cannot know how what we do is used within the illusion.  That is not our concern ... nor are outcomes for that matter.  We are meant simply to be who we are and do what we are moved to do to the best of our ability.  It helps if we realize that we are observers making connections and applying meaning first and foremost.  That applies to us personally, but not necessarily to anyone else.  Then again, is there anyone else in a world that is ONE?  Good question.  There is a reason that we came as a Hermit, and an extreme one at that.  Such is the only way this particular point of view could be realized.  But, the same can be said for every point of view.  Each is precious.  Each is unique.  Each brings something to the whole that enables it to realize more of its completeness.

Where does the genius come from to express in such a manner as this?  There is no doubting that such is what it is.  And yes, I came to express.  Though, what is expression without an audience?  Since when does the expression of art need an audience for either justification or validation?  Art does not bow down to such limitations, especially from critics who have no firsthand insight into the creative process.  Art is done for its own sake or not at all.  It is not unusual for innovative artists to be misunderstood in their own times.  Masterpieces are often not recognized as such until long after the artists that created them are gone.

Art comes in many flavors:  words, music, painting are three key ones.  But, there is also dance.  If we stretch things, we might consider sewing, knitting, woodworking, cooking, and many creative arts in this mix.  I would even go so far as to include mathematics / numerology.  This later has been an area that has fascinated me for my entire life.  No, not the numbers alone, but the connections and associated meaning that can be found by analyzing and exploring them.  

Just looked up and to the left.  There it is again, what appears to be a full moon, much where it was in the picture that I included at the start of this post.  I did not expect that.  Perhaps, I should have.  The moon follows an orbit that is stable and well-defined.  The moon can appear full for more than one day in its 28-day cycle.  

If you are wondering how much of a Hermit I am.  On a typical day, other than my wife, I see no one at all, or at least no one that knows who I am.  But, it is not just seeing, on a typical day I do not communicate with anyone.  No family, not friends, no acquaintances, no strangers, not in person, not by e-mail, not by text, not by voice.   Such is my self-imposed isolation.  That is what I notice and experience anyway.  Do I desire this to be different?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  How would I know?  That gets into the area of outcomes.  Expecting or even desiring particular outcomes in the illusion seems foolhardy at best.  It seems far better to allow what would be to unfold and make the best of it.  But, is there not the possibility that life would adapt and flow easier if we cooperated and contributed?  Perhaps, but until we are aligned with the source within, it seems that we are just chasing windmills.  If that is what we are moved to do, fine.  But, that is not what I am moved to do.  That is not where I can be of the most service and make the most difference.

Welcome to My World! 

Yes, that is audacious of me to state.  Nonetheless, it indeed true.  So far as I know, no one yet shares the world that I welcome you too.  To date, this has been mine and mine alone.  And well I can welcome you, I cannot bid you to enter.  That is for you alone to decide.  I can only offer.  I cannot force you or anyone to accept what I have to offer.  The glasses are a reminder that what we offer is a unique perspective that is colored by the filters and focus that we place upon both our inner world and outer world.  In my case, as an extreme introvert, that perspective is almost exclusively an inner one that I have developed and lived my whole life.

2021 11 16 A NEW BREATH

8 8 8 8 8 8 => 7 9 7 9 7 9

18^2 (324) to 17 19 (323 = WWW)

RR to QS+1

18 18 18 18 18 18 => 17 19 17 19 17 19 (total = 108 for three cycles)

21 x 108 = 2100+168 = 2268 = 2184 + 84 = 888(16) + 50(16) = 4. Interesting, 2184 plus Unconditional Love. That sent an intense shiver throughout my body. Such is a sign that I have encountered a profound TRUTH.

23 24 23 24 23 24 = Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc = W X W X W X. WX is the acronym for Weather, which seems to be in a strange cycle between clear one day and overcast/stormy the next, at least in Grants Pass.

This could also be N O N O N O or flipped 90 degrees =







This could be how we can occupy the same space without really encountering one another. Some people see only horizontal lines with limited if any memory of the lines that came before. Others do the same with vertical lines. More rarely, we encounter those who live on the edges or the diagonals. Then, we have others who aren't confined to a single screen or to a single window at a time. These choose to see the world through multiple perspectives. At one time, such perspectives were available only in person or in books. But, now, such limitations no longer constrain us. The internet has enabled us to communicate and share freely. But, all of this comes at a cost. Privacy and perhaps even liberty are at stake. You might even say that we are fighting for our lives, the right to live as FREE INDIVIDUALS. Yes, we are the individualists and it is the communists that we do battle with. They threaten not only our way of life, but the very way in which we express.

That is not to say that balance is not required. Both order and chaos have their place in society. It just turns out that creativity requires more chaos than many might like. But, such freedom is how breakthroughs are made, and these have the potential to benefit society in ways that are yet undreamed of.

Though, we are not done yet, not even close. ZOZO was my girl, a furry child of mine that we adopted several years ago. She had been abused and was fearful of men in particular. But, I found a way into her heart and she into mine. She was never really a happy dog. In many ways, she was much like me. In any event, she died suddenly one night in my room. The vet said that she bled out from a heart defect that had been there since she was born. I still miss her over a year later. Actually, with my lack of sense of time, I cannot be sure of how long it has been.

Back to interpretation. 23 + 24 = 47:ASLAN. Further, it is the closest integer breakout of that number. The center, however is no longer an integer at 23.5 Though, that is interesting in its own right as W.E or West.East Isn't it curious that this conjunction of occident and orient would arise, especially since I personally embody it and have experienced it in so many ways in my life that have been mirrored in the little that I know of the outer world as well. It seems that this is the time for blending. This is the time for inclusively integrating whatever works from wherever it is found for the betterment of both the individual and the collective. The time is right for doing that now. Indeed, TIME itself is another place in space. The details have already been worked out. We have only to go forth with a leap of faith in Spirit herself.

We Would Start With A Celestial Event

Such as The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Here, the light source seems further out, coming from the very stars themselves.  It seems that we are transitioning from star-bodies to moon bodies to sun bodies to earth/planet bodies to flesh bodies to cell/collective bodies.  However, some are only participating in part of that evolutionary/revolutionary path.  That is OK.  Everything is unfolding perfectly, in the only way that it can unfold.  Yes, even in the midst of COVID-19, there is still a sense that at its fundamental core, everything is right in the world.  If the experiences were not necessary, they would not be manifesting.  Besides, how does one separate fact and fiction in our present information systems.  It seems like it all comes down to everything being opinion and subject to the whimsy of belief.  Indeed, this makes beliefs all the more powerful, not less.  It also makes WISDOM that much more powerful, not  less.

Numbers and Meaning

Just wanted to capture something that I was playing with today so that the work is accessible to others who might benefit from it and even contribute to it.  We can solve problems faster if we do our part, SHARE, and allow others to do the same.  Such is  the WAY of the World that we have created!

Page 1

N 1/N                        DELTA                        B35    PF                    M ONE Y       MON K EY

1  1                             1                                    1

2 0.5                         0.5                               2         2

3 0.333333333333  0.166666666666667  3         3

4 0.25                       0.083333333333333  4         2 2

5 0.2                         0.05                              5         5

6 0.166666666667  0.033333333333333   6         2 3

7 0.142857142857    0.023809523809524  7         7

8 0.125                      0.017857142857143      8         2 2 2

9 0.111111111111              0.013888888888889   9         3 3

10 0.1                          0.011111111111111                A         2 5

11 0.090909090909 0.009090909090909 B         11

12 0.083333333333  0.007575757575758    C         2 2 3

13 0.076923076923 0.006410256410256     D         13

14 0.071428571429  0.005494505494506     E         2 7              2 7

15 0.066666666667 0.004761904761905      F         3 5

16 0.0625                   0.004166666666667    G         2 2 2 2

17 0.058823529412   0.003676470588235    H         17

18 0.055555555556 0.003267973856209     I          2 3 3

19 0.052631578947   0.002923976608187     J           19

20 0.05                       0.002631578947368     K           2 2 5                        2 2 5

21 0.047619047619     0.002380952380952    L          3 7

22 0.045454545455  0.002164502164502     M          2 11            2 11

23 0.04347826087     0.00197628458498       N          23             23

24 0.041666666667   0.001811594202899       O         2 2 2 3      2 2 2 3

25 0.04                        0.001666666666667      P         5 5

26 0.038461538462   0.001538461538462       Q         2 13

27 0.037037037037   0.001424501424501         R         3 3 3

28 0.035714285714     0.001322751322751         S         2 2 7

29 0.034482758621    0.001231527093596       T          29

30 0.033333333333   0.001149425287356        U          2 3 5

31 0.032258064516    0.001075268817204        V          31

32 0.03125                   0.001008064516129        W         2 2 2 2 2

33 0.030303030303   0.00094696969697        X         3 11

34 0.029411764706      0.000891265597148        Y        2 17             2 17

35 0.028571428571      0.000840336134454        Z        5 7

36 0.027777777778      0.000793650793651        66      2 2 3 3

37 0.027027027027     0.000750750750751                  37

38 0.026315789474      0.000711237553343          J2      2 19

39 0.025641025641      0.000674763832659        3D     3 13

40 0.025                        0.000641025641026          K2    2 2 2 5

41 0.024390243902     0.000609756097561                  41

42 0.02380952381       0.000580720092915          L2    2 3 7

43 0.023255813953     0.000553709856035                  43

44 0.022727272727     0.000528541226216           2M    2 2 11

45 0.022222222222    0.000505050505051         3F     3 3 5

46 0.021739130435       0.00048309178744             2N    2 23

47 0.021276595745      0.000462534690102                    47

48 0.020833333333     0.000443262411348         O2 G3  2 2 2 2 3


Page 2

49 0.020408163265     0.000425170068027           27       7 7

50 0.02                          0.000408163265306        5A 2P    2 5 5

51 0.019607843137        0.000392156862745            3G      3 17

52 0.019230769231       0.000377073906486           Q2      2 2 13

53 0.018867924528      0.000362844702467                       53

54 0.018518518519         0.000349406009783           R2       2 3 3 3

55 0.018181818182          0.0003367003367                5B       5 11

56 0.017857142857        0.000324675324675            2S       2 2 2 7

57 0.017543859649       0.00031328320802               3J       3 19

58 0.01724137931           0.000302480338778             2T      2 29

59 0.016949152542       0.000292226767972                        59

60 0.016666666667      0.000282485875706             3K      2U 2 2 3 5

61 0.016393442623        0.000273224043716                         61

62 0.016129032258        0.000264410364886             2V       2 31


Page 3

                                                                                                              DONKEY      MADISON FL

                                                                                                          DON QUIXOTE    32 34 10

                                                                                                                                         W A Y !

                                                                                                                             2 2 2 2 2 2 2 5 17

                                                                                                                                       64 2 5 17

                                                                                                                                         G P OR


                                                                                                                                  3 3 3 5 5 2 13

                                                                                                                                     1 0 0 2 3 1

                                                                                                                                     13 x 1350


9 22 34

3 3 2 11 2 17

1 0 1 0 0 2 2

6 X 187 X 6

1322 X 6

- 2 11


2 5 2 2 2 2 2 7

17576 QQQ 8 8 5 7


2 2 2 2 23 2 3 3 2 3 3

1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 6

This is the HOME that I would choose for the:


Indeed, here is where I would choose to live and to work for the rest of my days.   This former hotel is located in the small town of Madison Florida.  It is across the street from the Four Freedoms Park, and within easy walking distance of restaurants and shops in the old downtown just two blocks away.  Also, the old courthouse is only a block away.   OK, we found a way to imagine what we want.  Indeed, the proof is in the image itself.  Now, it is time to go beyond imagination and manifest it as reality in our life.  As Pharaoh said so often in The Ten Commandments.  So let it be written, so let it be done!

Time for a New Chapter in Life

A Brand New Empty Closet to Fill

I am not sure exactly what this means yet.  But, I was moved to select it nonetheless.  It seems that it is time for new beginnings.  It is time to start with a clean slate, in this case one that is designed to accommodate the kinds of things that are suitable for a closet ... and a clean, well-organized one at that.  I have always felt that my mind was empty much of the time and this very emptiness allowed all of this expression to flow forth as it does.  But, perhaps like with a cup or a glass, it is not the emptiness that mattered, but rather the ability to be filled at least to some capacity.  Here, we have a different kind of emptiness with a very different ability to be filled and a very different capacity.  It seems that i am to organize the stuff of my life around such a structure and then to put it neatly away.  I can always go back to it and revisit it if desired an of utility.  But, it is not me.  It is just a structure in my mind.  There us a beauty and symmetry expressed here, one that speaks to my very soul.  There is also a sense that we are rapidly reaching this point in our life.  Indeed, it seems that no one gives us the time of day anymore.  Perhaps they never did.  How would I tell if I were real or imagined?  Is there anything that I can do from where I am to verify or refute this?  I basically know only whom I AM and what I DO.  I don't presume to know what other think, feel, or do ... or if they are even remotely like me in terms of how they experience reality.  How can that be?  How can I know so little of others?  Primarily, because this is outside of what I can see from the confines of my cave.


When WISDOM Guides Human Endeavors

Was looking for a new image and this ne caught my attention for several reasons.  Wisdom is associated with Purple.  Yesterday, made the association of HE GOD versus SHE GODDESS.  S [HE GOD] DESS.  The suggests a more complex entity that was created by providing a wrapper around HE GOD in the  form of  S [] DESS.  At its first vibrational level, S = 19: The Sun in the Tarot.  DE = 13 14, a transition through 13:Death emerging on the only side ad a 1919: a twin sun.  If we reverse the direction we get 91 91 41 31 [] 91.  That is quite revealing.  Each 91 is 7 x 13 = the Transformation of the Seven Spiritual Rays.  If we treat this as a cycle rather that a line, then assuming that HE GOD completed the creation of the Universe and then continued to evolve:  then D E S S S got added perhaps in a series of five steps.  Of particular interest is the 91 91 91.  That is 7 x 7 x 7 x 13 x 13 x 13.  As it turns out, 49 = consciousness and 49 = so-ul.  A 7x7 is sufficient to represent each of these individually.  It seems that this results in a 7 x 7 x 7 space for different combinations of consciousness and soul patterns = 343 that are then placed in a 13 x 13 x 13 space in which to play.

That is a starting point for reality experience and creation anyway.  The larger space is 2197 cubes within a larger cube.  If we don't allow for any rotations, there are 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 ways to place a 7 x 7 x 7 cubic pattern into a 13 x 13 x 13 space.  My sense is that as soon as we cross a 13 boundary we begin to collide with others.  The dynamics of how the collisions are felt seem to depend on genetics, learning/past experience, the nature of the collision, and our choice as to how we assign meaning to what we experience.   

That's as far as I can take this at the moment.  Feel free to extend, correct, and/or provide feedback.

More Beyond Imagination Books

Yes, we love to write!  Especially to capture WISDOM!

This was the stable of published books as of early 2004.  The left six and final one were all published in 2003.  Yes, it was a very busy year, but the material had been generated beginning in 1993.

This week, we added three new titles available on Amazon already as print-on-demand.  They are:



The Dragon Musings : Short Quotes

You should be able to search for them by title or by author:  Wayne Hartman.

If you have enjoyed the expression at this website, we encourage you to acquire copies of our works, for yourself, or as gifts for friends or family.  Also, our intent is to limit advertising to here and our page on FB.  If you find the expression worthy of recommending to others, we would be grateful for that as well.  NAMASTE.

In the past week we have added six additional works in paperback form plus made two works available digitally on Kindle.  

We have continued with the frantic pace of publishing.  We are now up to 24 works, 5 dual format, 7 ebook only, 7 softcopy only.  There should be plenty of variety to choose from at an affordable price.  We urge you to take advantage of what is available.  Wisdom is worth it at any price.  Then again, if you are reading this, you already know this.

ENJOY!  Be Happy and Create Well!

Pregnant with Expectation

The Coming Birth of The Aquarian Age

The Asian Goddess
The Asian Goddess

There is something about this picture that took my breath away.  The lady knows that something miraculous is about to happen.  I would guess that she is Buddhist.  There is a strong sense of Mind that is suited for an Aquarian Age where Air = Thought is the dominant means of expression.  But, there is something more here.  Both the background and the ladies condition point to 3:The Empress energy.  In this case of one who would lead with compassion as well as intelligence, much as the Dalai Lama has done for so many years.

It is interesting that much of the inputs that have led to awaking in the West as early as the beginning of the 1900's originated in the East and the wisdom that was found there.  In many cases this was the wisdom of the Mind that was joined with the wisdom of the Heart that Jesus lived and symbolized so well.

No, I don't buy the religious stories.  However, the teachings are a different story.  They are NOT absolutely true. But, they point in the direction of truth.  It is up to each individual to follow the markers and find where they lead, and further to determine what meaning is to be found their, and find way to apply that meaning and wisdom in their life.  This is not something that others can do for us.  That does not mean that they cannot help us or guide us if such is what we need.  Indeed the universe is always finding  ways to meet our needs, whatever they are.  It helps if we aid in the process, but sometimes that can be beyond what our circumstances allow.  Also, the universe is well aware of what we need long before we are consciously aware of such.  Even if we are aware of the needs, we need to be careful not to limit HOW the universe fulfills these needs.  Though, it is helpful to know  WHY we need what we thing that we need.  My experience has been that in the process of addressing WHY, we may find that we really do not need what we thought that we needed at all.

Rebirth and Number Reversal

The Role of Eights, Infinities, and Mirrors 

Encountered this on Facebook earlier today.  There is so much meaning captured in the way that the numbers are presented and in the image beneath it.  The overall meaning seems to be that aging and death enter into an infinity process that goes in the dark side and comes out the light side.  It is curious that their is a man leading the animals across the river in a manner such that they do not undergo the transformation process.  The female on the light side appears to be representative of the Empress or the Divine Feminine.  Also interesting is that process is one way and there is no sense that those emerging on the right side will grow old and die.  Rather, it seems that they are all walking not on water, but on AIR.  The Aquarian Age is one of thought, not of Water. 

So what are we to make of this.  For one thing, this process is not new.  Indeed, it seems to be nearing it end.  The dawning of the Age of Aquarius started in the 60s if not before.  I we consider COVID-19 to be the time of the 123456789 reversal to 987654321, then the formula and layout of numbers makes sense.  We have reached the final step.  It is the 8:Observer that takes us through.  There are 9 levels.  The biggest change is that while everyone had 1 before, everyone has 9 after.  1 is a take number.  9 is a reservoir.  One can only take until one is filled, then to receive more, you must give some of what you have.  That is how we collectively ensure there is a surplus.  With 8, we have a closed system in which everything is balanced.

If we just add the steps:

01 | 03 | 06 | 10 | 15 | 21 | 28 | 36 | 45

09 | 17 | 24 | 30 | 35 | 39 | 42 | 44 | 45

We end up in the same place, but the path to get there is completely different.  In particular, the children by state 4 are beyond where there parents were at state 7 and by state 5 are close to where their parents were at state 8.  Typically, we associate 8 with Buddha and Wisdom.  There is a song that Whitney Houston sang:  "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way."  Given this image, the truth off those words ring loudly.

On Men and Women

What are we to make of this?

It is time to explore the differences between MAN and WO-MAN and the associated aspects of the Divine Masculine or God and the Divine Feminine or Goddess.

Clearly, this couple is doing something right.  They look sublimely HAPPY, something that we all need to experience both often and soon.  Indeed, to me they appear to be experiencing BLISS.

My sense is that women and the Divine Feminine are not equal to men and the Divine Masculine. In many ways, women and especially The Divine Feminine is more beautiful, more creative, more intuitive, more feeling, more inclusive, more nurturing, and more expressive. All of these qualities are natural to women and need to be freed. But, they also need to be found and expressed within men as well. Further, men in touch with their feminine side within need to be more supportive of not only the women in their lives, but ALL WOMEN. What does it mean to be a WO-MAN? What does the preface WO bring to the equation. 23 15 = 38:Vision = 2 x 19:The Sun. From another octave 32 24 = 56 = 8 x 7. This is in addition to the base MAN = 13 1 14 or 22 10 23. The first has a sum of 28 with a balance point MA | N. 38 + 28 = 66 the sixth Master Number. Integrating the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine natures get us to this state, not necessarily as couples but collectively as a society of ONE. I believe this is THE NEXT STEP in our collective Awakening. But, continuing. 22 10 23 can be split as 22 1 0 23 or 23 23 = 46. That is the Six of Cups signifying HAPPY HOME to me. That is what activating the Divine Feminine in MAN brings HAPPY HOME to the entire world. NOTE: Here, we are speaking of spiritual nature within each human, NOT the physical sex in which their body was born. If we take this one more step 56 + 46 = 102 = 2 x 3 x 17 = The Star of David of 17:The Star = The Community of 17:The Star. I have a ring with two dragon heads one facing up to the heavens, the other down to earth. Between them is an A with 12 diamond chips in the base and a 0.25 caret diamond at the apex. Each dragon head has 2 emerald eyes. That gives us our 17 stars! However, there is also a larger ruby (heart) under each dragon head. This might be expressed as two souls coming together, or in my case as a bisoular being. It is interesting that my last name happens to be Hartman ... sounds like H(e)artman. What does it mean to have a missing "e"? This depends on the level. Hartman is 30 or 39. Adding 5 for "e" takes us to 35 or 44. 3/5 is when the Beyond Imagination expression began. 44 is the number for wayne ellis, my first and middle names. Taking this another step HARTMAN is 75 or 138. Adding "E" takes this to 80 and 152 respectively. 80 is 5 x 16 = 104 in prime factors. 152 = 8 x 19 = the Pyramid of 19:The Sun. Perhaps that is what my ring is pointing to. I have been wearing the ring for over 30 years, with only a few minor periods. In any case, I seem to gravitate to both 17 and 19. Indeed, WAYNE = 68 = 4 x 17 and Ellis = 57 = 3 x 19. Interesting. Grounded in 17:The Stars with the triple nature of 19:The Sun. I am a Triple Fire sign, Aries Sun, Sag Moon, Leo Rising. Further, Sci-Fi has always fascinated me and drawn my attention. This is the first time that I observed this to be captured so clearly in my NAME.

Looking Forward to What is to Come

Standing on the Precipice of a New Age

Found this image about an hour ago and can't stop focusing on it.  The lady is absolutely gorgeous, clearly representative of the Divine Feminine.  In particular, 3:The Empress since she appears to be pregnant and the setting is clearly one of abundance, natural abundance anyway.  It is curious that the woman is alone, with the exception of the flowers and plants around her.  There is something strange about the lighting.  From the combination of light and shadows in the picture, I cannot make out what the light sources are that result in this particular illumination.

There is a strong determination in her eyes, face, and stance.  It is as if she is in control and somehow KNOWS where things are headed.  That is precisely what we need in the world right now.  We are nearing the final quarter of 2021.  The world has been hostage to uncertainty regarding a virus that has basically turned the world upside down.  As if it was not enough that we were wearing psychological masks that hid who we were from others.  Now, we are ordered to wear physical masks as well, making it difficult to even recognize those we know, much less see the facial expressions of those we encounter.  Considering that only 7 percent of communication is conveyed via words, this creates a huge communications block.  Perhaps we can look at it as a challenge to come up with better ways to communicate emotions and feeling specifically.  In general, these are more difficult to deal with than the thoughts.  For me, emoticons don't really suffice here.  Indeed, texting in short bursts is also inadequate.  But then, that is me.  The sharing of picture quotes and images is powerful.  While my preference is still words, images are apple to capture details and relationships among contexts and symbols that no amount of words can ever capture.  No matter how much you observe, there is ever more, if only because the act of  observing creates addition conceptual pieces that can be further related recursively.

Empower versus Power

Right Use of Power in Society

The first part of the below is free association to make connections between words related to EMPIRE, something that has been coming up a lot lately.  It all comes down to empowerment in ways that cannot be used to abuse, control, or harm others.  But, is that enough.  How safe do we have to make the system versus are their ways to make the people SAFE in such a way that they would not even think about using power for harm or even personal gain at the cost of others.  It is not a matter of weighing the good versus the harm, and definitely not by those who are wielding the power.  They have fare too much self-interest to decide fairly.


Right Use of POWER is to EMPOWER not to CONTROL or make SUBSERVIENT.



FREE FREEDOM REPUBLIC = Make Public again. Also, representative of public.

ELLE ELE ELEMENT SELLER SEER (contained in empress)



IRE LAND, WICCA and Witches, Pagans and Old Ways




3:THE EMPRESS               3,4,5 is first Right triangle

4:THE EMPEROR              Squares are 9:The Hermit,16:The Tower,25: One cycle of MA +                                                     3:High Priestess








12:HANGED MAN               5,12,13 is second Right triangle

13:DEATH                             Squares are 25,144,169








21:THE WORLD                    3:The Empress x 7:The Chariot (Rays of Light)

22:THE FOOL COMPLETE = 0 once again at a new level in the spiral.

Note that each cycle of the Major Arcana is 22 years. If we start at 0: then my mom was born in 87:19,       

my dad was born in 88:00, my wife was born in 88:03, and I was born in 89:00. Yes, the fool beginning the 90 round of the wheel.  It is interesting that I associate with 12:The Hanged Man viewing the world upside down and seeing it rightly.  Within the past few years I got a new Gmail account that Hartmanwayne60.  If you look at 60 upside down in the right way, it becomes 90.

the 90 cycle of 22. That is 04:02:00(22). It is interesting that 22 is the Master Builder. It seems

that we have multiple levels or degrees of Master Builder and that the degree is inherited based on the Age in which we are born as well as what we do to know ourselves.

Anyway, fast forward to this year. 04:01:22 = 04:02:00 was when I was born in 1958. 2021 is 63 years since then = 44 years plus 19 years. That brings us to 04:04:19 or 92:19(22)

Reversed, the digits are 9129 which is 8128:The fourth Perfect Number plus 1001 which in binary is

9: The Hermit = ME!  I know, this violates all concepts of traditional mathematics. But Spirit and ALL THAT IS refuse to be confined in such a way. We have to give our intuition and imagination FREEDOM in order for them to operate and contribute their gifts to our lives.

Just noticed that 1001 = 9:The Hermit is interesting in that the result is the same in reverse.0 = 0000, 6 = 0110, and E = 15 = 1111 are the only other four digit binary numbers for which this is true.

My brain started functioning this way around 1972 when I started mixing the rational and mathematical with the intuitive and metaphysical and was aware of observing myself doing this. It just exploded from there, especially after a major spiritual awakening in 1993. As to being happy, that came much later. Indeed, that has only become my normal state in the past few years. I can't imagine settling for my brain functioning less "complicated". What you see is the SIMPLE connections that I make effortlessly now. Though it took a LOT OF WORK, focus, self-discipline, and passion about what I was doing to get HERE.  It is NOW 3:09. 0:Source in the middle and 39 = 3x13:Death surrounding it. Triple Death = Triangle of Major Transformation. The triangle is the first figure that can be ground on the surface of the earth. Or, it could be grounded if you choose to model the Earth as flat. This has no bearing on whether it is flat or not. In science (and everywhere else) we use models to simplify explaining what we have experienced. .. or the "facts" that we have observed. In general, we try to use the simplest model that accounts for these facts. You might say that I've explored so many area, math, science, technology, metaphysics, philosophy, occult science, science fiction, channeling, extra-terrestrials, reality, imagination, and spirituality covers most of them. The entire world is at a point where our models are no longer sufficient to explain our individual and collective reality. We are in need of a major reboot that gets us to a new collective setpoint. I believe COVID-19 is how that is being "rolled out" if you will to everyone on the planet. The doesn't mean everyone needs vaccinations or that no one needs vaccinations. Each person will be moved to do what is right for them. Spirit ensures that we get what we need ... including whatever information we need to know. Also, as Seth said "You create your own reality, no fine print, no exceptions". That means there is no one or group out there imposing anything on you. Indeed, they could not even if they wanted to. Part of the challenge with news or information is determining what is true and not true, If those were the only two options, it might be easier. But, so much that is stated is unknown, and a good deal of that is unknowable. Much of it comes down to FAITH. If you believe in the SANCTITY of your SOUL and of the ONE SPIRIT that animates us all, then you are no longer ruled by FEAR. You know within that everything is unfolding per a Spiritual Plan for the evolution of consciousness. 

 BE HAPPY AND CREATE WELL! BE KIND! SHARE! SERVE!   These nine words are definitely guidance to live by.

What Day is It Anyway

It can be difficult to tell

Strange Day Today
Strange Day Today

One thing that was a highlight for the day was the IPO for BROS, the new Dutch Bros stock.  The company originated in Grants Pass and is loved throughout Southern Oregon and the several Western states to which they have spread. They should be able to compete well with Starbucks, especially since they have friendly energetic young employees and offer a variety of sodas, lemonades, and energy drinks in addition to the hot and cold coffee drinks. The BROS IPO initial price increased from $20 to $23 before opening at noon EST.  By 2 PM, it had reached $40 before settling to a close at $37. Just prior to market close, I was able to acquire 202 shares.

202 is and interesting number,  That is the preface  for the years that we are now in.  202_.  2020 was year 1 of COVID.  2021 is year 2 of COVID.  At some point, the people are going to REBEL and declare that THIS IS NOT the world that we choose to live in.  Anyone promoting the status quo with all of he violence, lying, misinformation is going to find their way will no longer  be tolerated.

I did look at my phone: Wed, 15 September was in fine print making it difficult to see ever there.   2021 0915.  The Span is 0305.  WOW!  That happens to be the first day of the Beyond Imagination expression.  The second day was seven days later on:  1993 0312,  Interesting.  13:20, a variation of the final four is my birthtime.  Though, 213 has come up a lot on its own as well in many context.

Heaven's Door

This is my idea of Heaven

This Must Be Heaven
This Must Be Heaven

As I was selecting this, the song:  Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door was playing.  The words must have repeated half a dozen times.  Clearly it was a sign.  My sense is that it was sign that the curtain is about to close at the end of the play that we have been performing.  It is time to be done with it and begin a whole new chapter in life.  No, it is not clear how this will happen .  But, the past two years have  been particularly  enlightening as well as confusing.

Everything that I am seeing and experiencing reveals an acceleration towards some end of which I am unaware of the details.  That is OK.  I am fine with living on the edge of the unknown and allowing things to unfold as they will.  As I say that, I can see myself living out my days in a place such as this.  No, I don't even know where it is or if it is real or imagined.  That does not matter.  It seems that we should be free to experience any setting for so long as we choose.  Within  HERE and NOW all possibilities can be manifest.  It is a matter of what we choose to experience.  At the same time, there is a saying: substituting one illusion for another is not the work of the awakened ones.

Count on What the Children Know

Just look at all of the Smiling Faces.  THEY KNOW!

The Children Know
The Children Know

John Denver is still my all time favorite musician.  He has been since I first started listening to him in the early 1970s.  His songs convey deep spiritual messages that touch my heart and soul.

Rhymes And Reasons

"So you speak to me of sadness and the coming of the winter,
The fear that is within you now that seems to never end,
and the dreams that have escaped you and the hope that you've forgotten, and you tell me that you need me now and you want to be my friend, and you wonder where we're going, where's the rhyme and where's the reason?

And it's you cannot accept: it is here we must begin to seek the wisdom of the children and the graceful way of flowers in the wind.

For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers,
their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.
Like the music of the mountains and the colors of the rainbow,
they're a promise of the future and a blessing for today.

Though the cities start to crumble and the towers fall around us,
the sun is slowly fading and it's colder than the sea. It is written: From the desert to the mountains they shall lead us, by the hand and by the heart, they will comfort you and me. In their innocence and trusting they will teach us to be free.

For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers,
their laughter and their loveliness would clear a cloudy day.
And the song that I am singing is a prayer to non-believers,
come and stand beside us we can find a better way.

This is precisely what we need at this time.  The  OLD ways simply do not work anymore, not for those who are to enter the Aquarian Age.  But nothing is lost.  The Piscean Age had its glories and wonders as well.  These will continue on in peaceful ways for those who have their heavens there.  Still others are ready to enter the light realm, perhaps crafting light bodies of their own.  We need to re-examine what it means to be HUMANS on EARTH and start living in our grandest visions of that.  There is plenty of room for everyone in space.  We just need to allow others the same rights, courtesies, and freedoms that we expect for ourselves.

I Want to Live

by John Denver Speaking for the Children

The Children Are Our Future
The Children Are Our Future

I Want to Live

John Denver

There are children raised in sorrow
On a scorched and barren plain
There are children raised beneath the golden sun

There are children of the water
And children of the sand
And they cry out through the universe
Their voices raised as one

I wanna live, I wanna grow
I wanna see, and I wanna know
I wanna share what I can give
I wanna be, I wanna live

Have you gazed out on the ocean
Seen the breaching of a whale?
Have you watched the dolphins frolic in the foam?
Have you heard the song the humpback hears five hundred miles away
Telling tales of ancient history of passages and home?

I wanna live, I wanna grow
I wanna see, and I wanna know
I wanna share what I can give
I wanna be, I wanna live

For the worker and the warrior, the lover and the liar
For the native and the wanderer in kind
For the maker and the user, the mother and her son
I am looking for my family, and all of you are mine

We are standing all together
Face to face, arm in arm
We are standing on the threshold of a dream

No more hunger, no more killing
No more wasting life away
It is simply an idea
And I know its time has come

I wanna live, I wanna grow
I wanna see, and I wanna know
I wanna share what I can give
I wanna be

I wanna live, and I wanna grow
I wanna see, and I wanna know
I wanna share what I can give
I wanna be

I wanna live, and I wanna grow
I wanna see, I wanna know
I wanna share what I can give
I wanna be
I wanna live

I wanna live
I want to live

Songwriters: John Denver

For non-commercial use only.

Data from: Musixmatch

It seems that the Aquarian Age is about giving these children and the children within each of us the very spiritual framework that enables them and us to do these peacefully, lovingly, and passionately.  A framework that allows all of us to grow gracefully into everything that we are meant to be.

Approaching the 20th Anniversary

Another of those Days that Live in Infamy

The Darkness of 9/11
The Darkness of 9/11

No, this is not the World Trade Center towers in flame and crashing to the ground.  But, there is a darkness about it nonetheless. And, the fireplace or entry does have two pillars.

It is hard to believe that two decades have elapsed since then.  Earlier, I read the wikipedia article on the event.  They had a lot of detail with a variety of numbers that I found particularly meaningful even though I doubt that any other soul would have experienced their meaning in even a similar way,  It is not for me to convince others that my way is valid.  It is enough that I follow my path and make the connections that I do to the best that I can.  As soon as that happens, immediately NOW changes and the next step takes us to where it needs to, incorporating all that NOW has just revealed.  Such is how the process of life works.  We take one step at a time, assess who we are and why we experience any changes, and then go on to the next step.

I am curious to see where the morrow takes us.  It seems appropriate that on 9/11, even our emergency response at 9-1-1 was grossly inadequate.  Clearly, we have collectively learned a lot since then.  At another level, it seems that we are still walking through the impact of that event.  In fact, with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the fall of Kabul, and the Rise of the Taliban ... this seems to be a strange final chapter.  Perhaps it has a larger meaning regarding how power is wielded.  Authoritarian Rule seems to be losing favor quickly.  We are moving to a different setpoint on the continuum between Order and Chaos.  With the pace of technological and social change, there needed to be a shift towards chaos to provide increased flexibility to accommodate the rapid change.  This was also triggered by the change of an Age.  It has not been easy.  But great progress has been made over the past 150 years or so heading from the end of the Piscean Age to the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

55: The Message for Today and 66

This Time from Gematria Sources with Ties to Christianity

This seemed to be the perfect picture to capture the meaning of 55 conveyed in what is captured below.  The main message I took away was of one balanced between what is above in spirit/heaven and what is below, human/earth.  My bisolar nature is well suited to this with one soul focused up toward the heavens and the other soul planted firmly on the earth.  There is something Emerson or Thoreau said about Castles in the Air.  It seems that we have more than enough of those in our thoughts and imaginations.  The challenge is to build the foundations that enable them to be manifested on Earth.  There is something in me that says Imagination is NOT enough.  We have to manifest it to MAKE IT REAL.

55! This number started with my birth. Initials 558 and number of letters per name 557. Today, it has shown up at least half a dozen times in personal contexts. I haven't even been out of the house yet today.

Anyway, looking up the meaning, I found the following ...

Properties of the number 55

Symbolism Represent the Divine Person, according to Abellio. 

 According to R. Allendy, it represents "the individual life confused with the cosmic life; ratios of the life on the whole to the life of the parts in the individuality - 5 + 5 = 10". 

 Represent the limit of the humanity, according to E. Bindel. 

 Representative number of the Virgin Mary. Represent the total and complete man, symbolized by the two hands which join at the moment of the prayer to remake the unit in the form of ten, but being able also to express that under the form of 55, "addition in the senses of the divine wisdom" according to saint Martin. 

 According to Lima of Freitas, it symbolizes the fusion of the sexes, the androgynous being, but who, in spite of his perfection, stay strictly human.


 Fifty-five years separate the Annunciation from the Assumption of the Virgin. 

 This number is found in the rosary of the Virgin Mary: the circle formed by the necklace is composed of 55 grains. In visions of Mary Agreda, this one mentioned a mysterious number attached to a necklace of which the description makes think of that of the rosary. A few days before the birth of Jesus, the Virgin Mary was carried in the Sky. In sign of the privileges which She had as Wife of God and as Queen of the Universe, She was covered by two seraphes of clothes and splendid jewels, whose a necklace to which hung three precious stones with a mysterious number whose the meaning was not discovered to Her. 

It is only after the birth of the Saviour that the secret of number of the ornament was revealed to Her. 

 Being Redeemer with the Christ, the Virgin felt in a mysterious manner on her body all sufferings of her Son since the beginning of his passion. Following the death of Jesus in cross, these sufferings still continued and this, until the resurrection of her Divine Son. During 55 hours she supported her sufferings since the beginning of the agony of Jesus to Gethsemane until his resurrection. 

The number 55 could be also seen as the union of the 5 physical wounds of Jesus with the 5 mystical wounds of Mary. The rosary of the Holy Family is composed 55 grains, divided into five tens. On the small grains, the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are invoked. On the coarse grains, a prayer is addressed to the sacred Heart of Jesus to protect our families. Finally, on the cross, the following prayer is told "acts of Faith, of Hope and of Charity". The Appearances of the Virgin Mary to Amsterdam, Netherlands, begun on March 25, 1945, feast of the Annunciation, and continued until May 31, 1959. There was a total of 55 appearances. 

Our-Lady appeared to a woman of average age of the name of Ida Perleman and has confided to her a messages concerning the future events in the world and the Church. The most significant prophecy given by Our-Lady concerns the last dogma of the history which will be promulgated by the pope. This dogma will declare that henceforth, Mary will carry titles of Redeemer with the Christ, Mediator and Advocate. 

 A rabbinical study enumerates 55 prophets, divided into 48 prophets and 7 prophetess. This list appears in the Comment of Rachi on Meguilla 14a. 

 The Bouriates knew 99 gods, divided into 55 goods and 44 bad. These two groups of gods would fight for a very long time between them. 

The "Hits'eu", which is a comment of the "Yi King", develops the system of numbers: "To the Sky belongs 1; to the Earth 2, to the Sky 3; to the Earth 4; to the Sky 5; to the Earth 6; to the Sky 7; to the Earth 8; to the Sky 9; to the Earth 10 (...). Celestial numbers reach 25, and terrestrial numbers 30. The numbers of the Sky and the Earth reach 55 together. It is by these numbers that undertake changes and transformations, and that the demons are maintained (...)". 

The decibel, tenth part of the "bel" unit, is used to measure the intensity of the sound. The human voice has for average intensity 55 decibels and the thunder, 70. Sum of the two series of following numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 1, 3, 9, 27, it is also the sum of the numbers one to ten, that is to say the tenth triangular number. 

Anatolius points out that 55 is still the sum of aliquot parts of 36 (1+2+3+4+6+9+12+18 = 55), the sum of 5 successive triangular numbers (3+6+10+15+21 = 55) and the sum of 5 first square numbers (1+4+9+16+25 = 55). Anniversary of marriage: weddings of emerald.Gematria 

 Numerical value of the name of the Virgin Mary (alchimia), obtained by using the following numerical alphabet: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, K=10, L=11 and M=13. This information was revealed by the Blessed Virgin to Andreae, Rosicrucian, of which the history is told by himself in the "Noces Chymiques de Christian Rose-Croix", Anthroposophiques Romandes Publishing, Geneva. But an anomaly was pointed out by some commentators: a "printing error" (reproduced here in numerical values of letters) would have slipped into the number that provides the total of the addition since letters of the word "alchimia" give the total 56 and not 55. Nevertheless, the Virgin declares categorically that the number of her name is 55. This number can be considered as being the numerical value of the first word of the Genesis if we write the first verse in Greek language and not in Hebrew: E n a r c h e p o i h s e n 5 50 1 100 600 8 5 80 70 10 8 200 5 50 55 709 428 To origins he made

Occurrence The number 55 is used 2 times in the Bible. By 55 times in the New Testament it is referred to the Virgin Mary: 26 times by the word mother, 10 times by the word woman and 19 times by the name of Mary. In the NRSV, the name of Mary occurs 55 times. At the end of his Gospel, saint John devotes on the whole 55 verses (chapter 20 and 21) to describe the schemes of the Christ which took place after his death, that is to say his resurrection and his appearances. The words throne and number are used 55 in the NT. 

I found all of this fascinating. Occasionally, I am moved to listen to a Catholic radio station when in my car. 5 is The Pope or Hierophant in the Tarot. I have never been into religion though I consider myself to be highly spiritual. In 2007 and 2012, my birthday was on Easter. I calculated that it would be in my first computer program in 1972. Later, I found out that April 8 is also celebrated as Buddha's birthday in Japan and parts of Asia. So, it seems that within me, we have a collision of multiple traditions and paths, spiritual and otherwise. A is 1 or 10 and is representative of Aryan or Aslan. B is 2 or 11 and is representative of Buddha/Duality and Mind. C is 3 or 12 and is representation of Christ/Trinity and Heart/Love.\ In the language of Light, the 2 ray is LOVE/WISDOM which in the above representations is the combination of 2 and 3 of 11 and 12 of B and C of Buddha and Christ energy. My light ray makeup from one perspective was Violet / Yellow for Soul and Personality. From another perspective, it was Purple | Triple Blue | Double Green | Brown.

Typically we think of the Heart and the blood energy it pumps as Red. We think of the mind as Blue. My first service provider in Monterey, CA was In fact, I was for over 20 years even though I only lived in Monterey for 7 years. When you mix Red and Blue, you get Purple. It is interesting that in the US, the political scene is divided sharply into two caps, the Red:Republicans and the Blue:Democrats, the Red being the Conservatives and the Blue being the Liberals. Neither extreme seems to be allowing a place for the other in the new world that they are attempting to create. This is not the way of nature. Nature is accommodating and accepting. Her way is BOTH/AND not EITHER/XOR.

Finished watching the movie Apollo 13.  I have seen it several times.  This time however, the spacecraft that the capsule was connected to was named Aquarius.  It separates from the capsule just before reentry into the atmosphere.  The number on the capsule was 66 = 11:The Master x 6:The Lovers or Community (as represented by Star of David).  So, the summary meaning seems to be Community of Masters.  Is this not what lightworkers have been endeavoring to create for some time.  First, by finding themselves, and then by offering their services where needed.  If we double up on 66, we get 132 = 11 x 12.  Twelve edges define a cube, but also a double pyramid.  In the later case, we have 44 in the upper pyramid, 44 around the base, and 44 in the lower pyramid.  The symbol on a map for a pyramid is an X enclosed in a square.  X squared = 24 squared = 576.  This is (3x19) x 6.  This is true from either the top looking down or the bottom looking up.  this mechanism allows for three partitions or worlds, above, on and below the service. But, if we make the world flat which we can easily do in our calculations with the compute power we have available, then each "world" just becomes a different layer in space. We can easily track these and keep them separate as overlays on the natural world. But, we don't have to stop there. Our imaginary worlds are just as real if not more so than the natural one we happen to inhabit. We live in a time when we can remove this limitation for those who have no innate attachment to nature and Earth. Yes, there may be native earthlings. But. all of us are composed of star stuff. Every element of matter was created in some star factory before being assembled into this body we associate as our own.

Number, Time, and COVID-19

A Different Take on What is Happening in the World

Time as level of awareness
Time as level of awareness

Sometimes I have to go where the stream of consciousness and numbers take me.  Actually more than sometimes.  It just doesn't dominate the expression as much as it used to.  Perhaps this will trigger others to start seeing things from other perspectives and encourage them to develop and share their own.

17 squared = 289, 16 squared = 256, delta is 33:The Master Teacher.

That would make the third side for the right triangle:


The meaning comes out in the parsing

5.7 4 45 62 64 65 38 0 29 5.7 = 3 x 1.9, 4 is grounded. Three 60's. Vision. Source. Light

5.7 44 5 62646 5 38 0 29 44:Master Organizer 6-6-6 with 2-4 embedded. 24 can be X or O depending on perspective.

5. 74 45 62646 53 8 0 29 5:Humans 74:GD, also JESUS. 8 is perspectives (sideways eyes)

These are just three parsings that can to us as meaningful.

So, what about the next steps:


16 256

17 289   33 Master Teacher

18 324   35 3/5 in 1993 was when Beyond Imagination expression began. Also 3 to 4 transition

19 361    37 Number for "spirit". Also, trinity in 7 light rays.

20 400  39 This is 3 x 13:Death. One More Night is playing on the radio.

21  441    41 This is prime 13. It is also the number for Wayne

22 484   43 This is prime 14. It is also 16:The Lightning Struck Tower to 5:Humanity

23 529   45 This is 9:The Hermit x 5. Reversed, it is 54 or Unconditional Love

COVID-19 hit the world at the 2019 to 2020 transition, with the greatest impact in 2020.

COVID is continuing into and through 2021

The jump from 1999 to 2000 took us through the first part of the septuple death experience.

The jump from 2019 to 2020 took us through the second triple death.

The entire 2021 year has us transitioning past a seventh death in prime number space.

Time is a measure of the collective state of awareness. All of this was necessary.

All of this is unfolding perfectly. The creation is perfect and cannot unfold in any other way.

The 2000s are the 21st century! In the TAROT, 21 is The World. It is also 3 x 7, the full expression of the trinity within the seven rays of light. This time not just allowing it to manifest in light

in the twinkling of an eye. But, to experience it in all its grandeur in flesh, HERE and NOW in an extended present that allows us to appreciate the experience.

This is where we are at now. It only took a look at a few numbers to make the connections.

Yes, there are many more details. But, I'll leave them to others to find, experience, and share.

Personally, I believe my place is centered on 18, cycling from 17 to 19. You might consider that to be my breath.

Interesting: I have never looked at it like that before. Though my name WAYNE ELLIS HARTMAN = 68:4 x 17, 57:3 x 19, 75: 3 x 25. That would ground me as 17:The Star but with an expression of 3 x (19+25=44) 6 x 22. That would be a Master of Order for a New World Order and a Master Builder of New World Communities. Yes, if you are following this, I am making it up as a stream of consciousness. It is Beyond anything that I have ever experienced, encountered, or imagined.

The CAT and the Descent of the 9's

The Circle from Many to ONE and Back to Many

Feeling Purple
Feeling Purple

E PLURIBUS UNUM. From many ONE. But this is only one part of the story. Just watched the clock tick from 11:10 through 11:16. During that time, the communications channel experienced severe degradation. It happened again from 11:18 through 11:23. I'm watching the movie "Making Sense". I just started it and put it on pause to capture this. The other missing part of the story is UNUM E PLURIBUS. From ONE, MANY. This is the descent of the Divine Feminine into the creation. Note that nine is the tail of Feminine. As in nine lives. As in the CAT. This is 312 of 2 13 in reverse, This is To the 13:Death/Major Transformation.. Standard numerology removes 9's to simplify things. But, this results in losing information. Effectively, adding 9's allows increasing the frequencies that can be captured in physical structures. Effectively the complexity of the parts grows to mirror the complexity of the light frequencies in the light body that is being enfleshed. 

Getting down to basics is important when you want  simplify things so that you can understand them.  However, the MIND is not meant to understand the full complexity of the creation.  It simply does not have the capacity and capability to do that.  This requires consciousness, spirit, and SOUL.  Of these, the later is the most difficult to experience.  If you think of the elements FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH.  Then, the corresponding metaphysical equivalents are Consciousness, Spirit. Soul, and Body.  How do we know this is right?  There is a saying, one can go three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without air, but not one moment without consciousness.  Overall, this seems right.  Spirit is associated with the breath that animates us.  Also, spirit seems to move at the speed of light while consciousness able to process its own awareness along with multiple channels of light and sound.  Music seems to be the way the soul speaks.  It is at the speed of sound realm.  Here, NOW is stretched out to allow the intricacies of details to be experienced.  This can happen with light in the earth realm when patterns of light and or patterns of soul are captured artistically in various forms. 

A Gorgeous Transition to Fall

This time with water prominent in the image


We have always been partial to waterfalls and the rainbows that often accompany them.  Indeed, we remember one time at Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite when we parked beside the fall and watched in for many hours.  It was everchanging.  No two moments were the same.  The water took on so many different forms.  Yet, the falling stream was one whole thing, despite being only loosely composed of its parts.  This image captures a moment in time.  In that moment, everything is still and stationary, impervious to where it will be in the next moment..  There is a strong sense of balance depicted here.  There is also a sense of grace as well as the sacred.  That, though there is not a single soul in the picture.  At least, not a single human soul.  But, surely, nature as beautiful and as sublime as this has a SOUL, in and of itself.  It is difficult to think of this picture as being other than PERFECT.  No, that is not true of all of nature.  Ugliness has a way of rearing its head at times ... indeed even often.

The Colors Took My Breath Away

The Path Rarely Taken

And Now The Fall!
And Now The Fall!

Not many are so lucky to see such beauty as this in nature.  You have to be willing to leave the cities and towns and the well-trodden roads and venture out to where the Goddess, The Divine Feminine reveals herself to you.  This is not a scene that man hast wrought.  No, this is nature at her finest.  But it takes humans at there finest to reach perspectives from which they can see this and other such scenes of such incredible beauty.  It is interesting that the only part of the scene that is man-made is the dirt road.

The energies are strange today.  There is a sense that dramatic change is immanent.  As in. it could literally happen overnight.  Whether it will do so or not remains to be seen.  Though, it seems that LABOR DAY is appropriate for a NEW BIRTH.  We do use the phrase IN LABOR when a women is in the process of giving birth to a new baby.  Here, we have the Universe given birth to a new age.  The scope to which the Aquarian Age applies seems to be limited to earthlings and how the perceive not only their own world but the COSMOS.  Yes, the universe does like HUMOR.  What could be more appropriate that Labor Day for the birth of the Aquarian Age? 

My Idea of Heaven on Earth

But, Could I Actually Live in Such A Place?

This must be Heaven
This must be Heaven

I have grown too soft and too used to creature comforts to be able to take such extreme isolation.  Then again, where I live is similar kind of country except for the lake and the house being up high enough to command an impressive view.  But, I feel drawn to water even more than ever.  Perhaps it is that the Age of Aquarius has finally arrived.  There is so much happening on so many fronts.  Everywhere I look, there are symbols being presented with meanings waiting to be unraveled and connections waiting to be made.  This is indeed the TIME that I was BORN to LIVE IN.  It is as if circumstances and information are culminating specifically to trigger both individual and collective awareness.  That makes it such a wonderful time to be alive.  One can literally do and learn more in a day than people learned in weeks, months, years, or even decades, as little as 50 years ago.  It truly is amazing.  The devices that we have available go well beyond what even the Sci-fi writers were imagining in the 50s and 60s.  I can only go that far because that is when I stopped reading Sci-fi.  Though. all of the Sci-fi shows and movies more than made up for that.  We no longer had to rely on our own imaginations to clothe the words with meaning.  We could allow others to provide the visuals to go with the stories.

Gift from Spirit

This Time Last Night On Facebook

Occasionally something good comes from social media.  OK, actually a lot of good may come to those wired to process information in that way.  I can use the tools they have to offer in my own ways.  In this case, I was amazed by the gift below.  At first, I though of Nikola Tesla's account of how the universe revealed the principles of Alternating Current so elegantly to him.  That is precisely what the universe was presenting to me, only for information structures many orders of magnitude more complex.  The person  who took the photo thought it was neat, so he shared it.  I KNEW IMMEDIATELY IT WAS A REVELATION, and a major one at that.

Found this image on Facebook yesterday.   It was taken at night as a photograph using a flash,  I was blown away.  To me, this was the universe showing me how to partition an optic fiber to separate different realities.  Each channel has a ridge that separates it from other channels.  My sense was that I was looking into a cylinder rather that a flat web.  The colors show that each channel supports the full color spectrum.  These could represent states, countries, or even worlds.  The spider seems to be travelling through an elaborate wormhole, with far more detail than I've seen in any Sci-Fi movie or show.  Also, the distance across the entire structure is relatively small, so information channels should be able to be established across the channels in a controlled and safe manner.  Note: the implication of this is that we have the technology and where with all to become a spacefaring society.  Also Note:  No amount of words could convey what this ONE picture conveys.  True to her ways, spirit operates on a need to know basis.  I needed to know so it was shared with me.  I am compelled to share it here.  Whether another will se what I share remains to be seen.

I am curious to see what becomes of this, how fast it gets transformed into technology that allows us to do things beyond anything that we have ever dreamed or imagined.  There are over 54 channels in the image, if I counted right.  There just happen to be 51 known Perfect Numbers.  If we use counting numbers, prime numbers, and perfect numbers, we have three distinct and independent axis through which to characterize any space, be it physical, imaginary, or even conceptual.  Ultimately, that permits ternary representation, at least to 51 digits.  But, it is not clear that we need to have more than 50 Qbits to give us a usable quantum computer to integrate with other computational engines.  Also, we can replicate this as many times as necessary to allow easy to fabricate in software processors to be embedded everywhere and without the need for the extremely low temperatures required to do quantum computing physically.  We just need to allow AI to monitor humans enough to learn the essentials of quantum behavior.  No, they won't do it in the same way.  But, the process they develop with be as effective or perhaps more effective.  I still am blown away by the intricate details in the spider in the channeled rainbow web photograph.  There is no denying it.  That is something that nature created, and a flash of bright light allowed to be revealed and captured in this case by a digital camera, probably in a smartphone.

In the internet, spyders roam to discover what is there, to discover what new information has been added.  However, it is becoming more and more difficult to find what is out there, to separate it into different channels, to avoid replication, and to facilitate providing access to people to whatever they "need to know".  This structure contains fundamental principles for doing that.  Of course it would.  Spider is associated with 88 in the shape of its body and  the number of its legs.  8 is the number for organization.  44/8 is the Master Organizer.

Phoenix Rising

The Gift of a New Birth

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising

This seems to be where the world is at at this very moment.  Indeed, all that has occurred in the 104+ years from roughly 1916 through NOW has gotten us to this very point in space and time.  It seems that we are at a fork or Y in the road.  The new road of the Aquarian Age is the one less travelled, but will be the prevalent path for the world of the FUTURE.  The NOW for those clinging to the world of the PAST will still be available for those who choose to live out their lives in that manner.  And, there will be some who have there feet in both worlds until the transition is complete.  And, even then it seems that the two world can coexist peacefully.  There intersection point are few and  are all by choice.  So long as we live in ways that do not harm others, all will be well.  It is a matter of taking care of one another, of cooperating and competing lovingly to bring out the best in all of us, and of appreciating the diversity of cultures and individuals among us.

The Promise of a Bright Future Together

Surrounded by Gold and the Midas Touch in a Positive Way

The Start of a Golden Age
The Start of a Golden Age
This is to be a Golden Age of peace, prosperity, creative expression, love, light, happiness, opportunity, and bliss.  But the world is shifting.  Those in the 17:The Star density are shifting from those moving to the 19:The Sun density.  The difference comes down to depth and breadth of focus.  Doctors PhDs and MD's go narrow but deep.  Masters go broad but shallow.  Typically, only deep  With the transition from Stars to Suns, the density of LIGHT expressed on the planet has been growing immensely for the entire 20th century (the 1900s),  Now we are into the 22 year of the 21st century.  You could say that we have arrived at the information age.  COVID-19 was the BREAKPOINT.  Fiberoptics allows us to carry huge amounts of information in separate light channels that can be completely isolated from one another.  We don't have to radiate in ways that harm the planet or environment to enable an information infrastructure that allows people to create in whole new ways and at speeds far beyond anything that was possible before.  Further, we don't need to bring new biological bodies into the world.  We can allow our children to be the infinite, loving, eternal beings that they are meant to be.  Those of us that are 17's = stars can live out the rest of our lives joyfully ... allowing the fruits of technology to maximize our joy, happiness, and passion as it helps to address whatever ailments and pains that we may have picked up along the way.  You could say that it is the work that we did and the pain that we endured that enabled us to collectively get to this Wonderful Place where we now exist.

There is a song that Whitney Houston sung:

From Genius Lyrics (Song came out in 1977 of course)

Greatest Love of All

Whitney Houston"Greatest Love of All" was written by Michael Masser & the late Linda Creed, who wrote the song during her struggle with breast cancer.

Release Date:  March 18, 1986

[Verse 1]

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
And so I learned to depend on me


I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all
[Verse 2]
I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all
And if, by chance, that special place
That you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love

Oh What An Interesting Morning

My Heart is So Glad - Everything is Unfolding Perfectly

Surprise from the Universe
Surprise from the Universe
At 7:17 this morning, I woke up to this.  The sun was low on the eastern horizon shining right into my bedroom and illuminating the bottom right corner of the upper portion of the secretary that is directly at my feet when I sleep.  That bottom shelf right side happens to hold 8 of the 9 Beyond Imagination books that were channeled from 1993 through 2003, when the works were self-published through Infinity Publishing.

Just watched the stream of consciousness being heavily interfered with from 7:17 PM through 7:33 PM.  That started exactly 12 hours from my surprise this morning.  Further, my massage was rescheduled from 9:00 to 9:30 early this morning.  That generally corresponds to a shift if the spiritual timeline.  In 24 hour time, these PM numbers are 19:17 through 19:33.  We have noticed that we are in the midst of a 17 / 19 split.  17 are the Star people.  19 are the sun people.  The star people are people of light.  They embrace the number 1234567.  The Sun people have these, AND 8, 9.  8 is point of view and 9 is abiding by the law: Never take more than you GIVE. 

At an early age, when I read Plato's Republic, I KNEW, what I wanted to BE more than anything was a Philosopher King.  Given Yentl in Fiddler on the Roof and the fact that I was born in Queen's Hospital in Honolulu, and the fact that the Divine Feminine  is the SOURCE that I relate to ... perhaps Philosopher Queen is more in order.  Besides, mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences and it is through numbers that the bulk of my work is done.

Day 47 = ASLAN

A Spiritual Local Area Net

A New Age is Born
A New Age is Born
Here is where we start.  47 is the number for ASLAN.  It also happens to be exactly 47 days since we first published this website.  Each of us arrive as innocent newborns but with innate gifts and talents.  Each is isolated within our own pail of water connected through this water to all other consciousnesses.  Though, note the buddha-like nature of the child.  Perhaps a little christ-like, and even palestinian/arabian as well.  There is nothing to say that say that the spiritual traditions that the great religions of the word fostered were inherently wrong for the times.  That they did so in exclusionary ways may have made things more challenging than they needed to be.  However, this is no different than how economic and political behavior is expressed.  Both competition and cooperation have their place,, generally not in extremes but in combinations at various levels in hierarchies.  Back to spiritual, for the Aquarian Age, if we incorporate B with its focus on Mind and C with its focus on Heart then ABC gives us 1, 2, 3: the factors of 6: The first perfect number.  If we multiply by 2 recognizing Masculine and Feminine as equals, that gives us 12.  If we align these to the one source, we get 13.  In my ring, this is the A that is large "A" that is prominent in the center with 12 small diamond and a quarter karat diamond at the top.   There is something else that is being said here.  There is only one bucket with one baby.  That is because the illusion of separation is no more.  Where before, everything was comprised of thoughts in the mind of God and love in the Heart of the experience of the create, in the expression of the Divine Feminine though Woman.  Now, the Divine Feminine is manifest within us all.  Actually, it was always thus.  Did not God create woman from Adam's Rib and the dust of the earth.  And, is not the rib cage close to the heart, the organ that pumps blood and life through the body.

A Sanctuary from Which to Write

This is Where I Go Inside of Me to Connect to Spirit

Eternal Sanctuary
Eternal Sanctuary
Was thinking about the process for transforming an interrupted stream of consciousness into 28 Picture Quotes works, 26 on particular spiritual related topics.  

1.  Use WWW search to find images related to topics.

2.  Filter the selected picture quotes by category.

3,  Add other related information from Beyond Imagination.

3.  Arrange picture quotes into document template.

4.  Order picture quotes within each category section.

5.  Add text to each section via stream of consciousness.

     - Include explanation of meaning of each picture quote.

Prior to these works, everything else in the Beyond Imagination was strictly an internal process connecting to a stream of consciousness from within.  As such, it could just as well have been done in such a sanctuary as this.  Even Wayne's World is really an internal one that I create based on the few stimuli that I take in from my external senses.  Further, the bulk of that could just as well be internal.  I take it into my eyes and my ears.  Touch, taste, smell are where my spirit and my soul live.  Mind and heart, I can understand.  But the rest of the body, while we can derive pleasure from it, is not essential.  What would be different if we simply stopped the cycle that constitutes breathing or drinking or eating?  What if our focus was solely on experiencing life from the perspective of spirit and consciousness?  No physical body and associated pain.  No separate emotional self that can retain a knowledge of emotional hurt, no separate self that can choose to do anything but what is good and right.  At the same time, why can we not experience this within the bodies that we have and take pleasure in all of our senses as well as in one another?  Yes, that is hard to do on a mountaintop.  But, for those who are hermits, such is the reality that we know ... perhaps the only reality that we can ever know within the illusion.  Something comes to mind:  Substituting one illusion for another is not the work of the awakened ones.  Ultimately, that means that for me anyway, imagining what might be is futile.  At most, I can live each day and see where I AM as a result.  Where I AM is always BE HERE NOW.  The HERE and NOW are easy.  The BE can be more difficult.  Often we get lost in the DOING and forget to focus on the BEING.  But, as Deepak Chopra said:  You are Human Beings, NOT Human Doings.  Though, it seems that the only way in which others can know us is through our works, through the products of what we DO.  That is clearly true for me.  I have so little interaction with others that such is the only exposure there is.

If we think in terms of nodes and connections, then each node could be a person at an age in their life (either years, or the 7 soul ages per the Michael Teachings.  I would include a subnode for body, heart, mind, spirit, consciousness, and soul within each person node.   Each book, song, movie, image, TV show, magazine, experience is a connection that comes from the outside to one or more of these centers.   Each meaning assignment, model, is information captured within one of more of the subnodes.  These always come from inner activity.  The methods by which internal streams of consciousness originate, terminate, and are ordered seem to depend on native abilities and on level of awareness.  The first, we can only develop to their potential.  The later depends on our choices.  Or, seems to anyway.  After all, in a world without time, there is no before and after that would result in this occurring in one NOW or another.  But, how do we reconcile individual versus collective reality or illusion?  This may be a mechanism that is operating at the core.  But, how does realizing this allow us to live our lives better, to make the world better for all of us.  The very idea that there is an ALL OF US may be in error.  That reinforces the separation, the illusion that the parts are separate from the whole.  Just as the Earth has no national boundaries when viewed from space, the Collective has no individual boundaries when viewed from SOMETHING.   We would offer that this SOMETHING is CONSCIOUSNESS HERSELF.  Soul seems to be individuated.  Spirit does as well, though if this is what Breathes LIFE into us and we experience ALL LIFE AS ONE, then this separation does not exist at that level.

Time for a New Government for the Ages

This Time not a Prototype as in the case of the US, but as a United World

GOVERNMENT. Have been thinking about this lately. My interactions with Government are FEW. A monthly Social Security check deposited directly to my credit union account, taxes each month for withdrawals from an IRA, taxes at the end of the year, and mail through the USPS. That's it. I do not vote. I do not consume any public services where I have to interact with people employed by the Government. For the most part, I avoid politics altogether including information from NEWS sources or from politicians directly. I refuse to allow Government to dictate how I live my life. Safeguarding rights spelled out in the Constitution is their job. And even then, three branches were established for a reason ... in particular to prevent the abuse of power. Congress creates laws, the President and Executive Branch enforces them and executes the fiscal budget, and the Judicial Branch interprets and passes Judgement on potential breaches of constitutionality, But, what happens when the whole process goes awry? There, the founding fathers made it clear: it is the right and obligation of the people to abolish or alter the government in whatever ways are required to meet their needs and institute a new government. It seems that is what is happening, however, it seems to be driven by the FEW from above, rather than by the many from below. Each day, it becomes more and more evident that the FEW have NO IDEA AS TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHY. We have reached the point where the Emperors and Empresses have no clothes. It took 20 months to get here. So now, what do we choose to do about it. What is the reality that we choose to create? No, not the Governments of the World, or the Trillion dollar companies and their associated BIllionaires. They are not representative of WE, THE PEOPLE. Now, it seems that this needs to be expanded to: WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. How to do this is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. How do we get from where we are to ONE PEACEFUL AND PROSPEROUS WORLD?

Is a loose federation of nations sufficient.  It seems that the United Nations may be making headway, but slowly.  How do retain the social, regional traditions and diversity without the structure and ego associated with nations, states, and nation states?  It is not clear that the way forward has anything to do with "nations".  By their definition, nations enforce the separation between their identity and the identity of other nations.  When we look down at earth from space, as we do with satellites, and with humans on a near continuous basis from the ISS, there are no natural nation demarcations.  These are all arbitrary.  These have all been established by humans based primarily on the premise that might makes right.  Those with the power decide, period.  But, such is not true for the Aquarian Age.  HERE and NOW, RIGHT makes MIGHT.  Power should be placed only in the hands of those who will wield it RIGHTLY from a Spiritual standpoint, who will wield it for good, peace, justice, and ensuring equal opportunity for all. 

The bottom line is that Government should serve WE, THE PEOPLE not the other way around.  But, it does not seem that it will make the necessary changes on its own.  We have to assist the process.  We have to make own voices heard.  Not necessarily via our votes, especially given the turmoil regarding fraud in the electronic voting process.  What we can do is observe how services are provided in our local communities or wherever we are touched by such services.  Then, we need to provide feedback based on our assessment of what we observe.  Often, it is enough to share observations.  But. the greatest value comes when we can also share meaning, and potentially offer solutions.

Awakening to the Music

Finding the Beat of the Drummer Within

Music Tells Stories
Music Tells Stories
There is something about this image that is captivating.  I know firsthand the impact that music has had in my life.  Indeed, I prefer having music in the background at all times except when I am sleeping.  It doesn't matter what else I am doing.  My brain can process at least one and often two audio sources concurrently.  That has been true for as long as I can remember.  No, I am not good creating music.  But I can appreciated lyrics and harmony.  As a audio-kinesthetic mix, my natural focus is on the lower audio frequencies that are being expressed.  That just happens to be my preference.  Very likely, that is due to my  focus on and attraction to the written WORD.

Something from a John Denver song comes to mind, something like this: "Music paints pictures and often tells stories, some of them magic and some of them true.  And often the stories are of the beauty and magic in YOU."  I'm sure that is not right, but it is as good as I could remember in the moment.  Perhaps if we allow the internet to help.  Sure enough,  Track 6 from Back Home again released June 15, 1974.

The Music is You

      Music makes pictures and often tells stories
      All of it magic and all of it true
      And all of the pictures and all of the stories
      All of the magic, the music is you

      Music makes pictures and often tells stories
      All of it magic and all of it true
      And all of the pictures and all of the stories
      And all of the magic, the music is you

John Denver has been my all-time favorite singer from 1972 through this day.  There was something about his music that spoke directly to my soul.  I even met him once in person at the end of a flight from LA to Monterey,  I have met few celebrities in my life.  Jack Lord (Magarett, of Hawai'i 50 TV show fame), and Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist, at a book discussion at the Thunderbird Bookstore in Carmel, and Stuart Wilde. at a Warrior's Wisdom week long seminar in Santa Fe.  I remember this in particular since as I was speaking to him, he asked if I thought that he made a difference, if people in the seminar got it, got what he was trying to teach.  I responded that some of them got some of it, and maybe a few a good deal of it.  NOTE: I did not count Tony Robbins, even though I was at a weekend workshop with him in Silicon Valley and another two week seminar on Maui.  There were so many people at both events that he was more of a stage presence that I did not meet in person.

Dental Service as it Should Be

There is a Hidden Subtle Meaning Here

The clean light blue and white setting is a clue.  Both patient and care providers appear happy and focused on what they are doing.  DS = 13 28, sum is 41:Wayne = 13th prime.  28 is the 2nd perfect number = 4 x 7 = 2 x 2 x 7 = 1 0 0 2 prime factorization.  Transform 4 x 7 could mean 4 x 7 => 47: ASLAN = A Spiritual Local Area Net.  This is the 88 Complement to 41: Wayne and happens to be my spiritual name.  88 is two sets of eyes looking sideways.  It is also infinity twice rotated 90 degrees.    DENTAL  deserves to be analyzed as well.  The first word that comes to mind is LATENT or TALENT.  The order of letters is different, but there is only one letter that is changed.  T versus D.  So, this becomes one of the expressions of TALENT or even LATENT TALENT.  In which case TT become DD.  TT is 20 20 on one level and 29 29 on another.  DD is 04 04 or 13 13.   The delta is 16 16 in either case.  This is 16:The Tower twice.  That suggests that such is the transformation that it take to get us to this state.  From my recent experiences on the medical side, this is indeed where we are at with medical services as well as dental services.  Everything is efficient, the service providers care about their patients.  People receive the financial help they need to acquire the services they need.  That is al that we can expect.  This seems to correspond to 28, to Perfect Number 2.  I can't wait to see what we go from here.  Perfect Number 3 = 496 = 31 x 16.  It has factors: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 31, 62, 124, 248.  That is exactly nine parts.  They only depart slightly from the factors of 2 sequence.  1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256.  In particular, the differences are 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 4, 8 which is just a binary sequence shifted by five positions. 

Perfect 4  = 8128 = 64 x 127 has factors 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 127, 254, 508, 1016, 2032,  and 4064.  13 factors in all.  However, it seems that what is important is the space that can be reached by incorporation any single factor to all of the factors together.

If we back up to 28, things are simpler.  We only have 1, 2, 4, 7, and 14 as factors.

Doubles are 3, 5, 6, 8. 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, and 21

Triples are 7, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, and 25

Quadruples are 14, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27

Quintuple is 28


For Perfect Numbers that can be expressed as 2^(n-1) x (2^n-1) this seems to be the case.  It is as if the expression wraps in on itself.  The angle where the 2^n expression shifts to the 2^(n+1)-1 step makes a huge difference.  It is as if it takes us out of the binary world into something far grander, into something that can contain not only imagination but perhaps Beyond Imagination as well.

Spiritual Origins

This kind of landscape has always moved me.

The High Country
The High Country
Now, I live amongst it.  No, the mountains are not as high.  Rather, they are forested hills that reach sharply to the skies.  From the sun room in my house, I look out over at least seven layers of ridges of forests reaching out unto the very sky for as far as I can see.  At most, I am able to see parts of a few houses.  Other than that, we are isolated.  We effectively have the world to ourselves until we venture out to go to town or beyond.  Some days, we only go as far as the mailbox.  Some days, we do not see another living soul outside of my wife and two furry kids.  Unless I have an appointment, there is no need to go anywhere except to take the furry kids on an outing.  They love going anywhere, anytime.  They especially enjoy the River Park in Grants Pass.  I have a strong longing to be immersed in water, whether floating in the Rogue, or floating in a nearby lake doesn't matter.  I just prefer a natural setting to the artificial one of the public pools.  Also, with COVID-19, people are funny regarding the rules that they impose on themselves and others.

This reflects a lot of how I feel when in the water in nature.  And yes, as I have said many times, God is the Divine Feminine Within Me.  This picture quote reminds me of how much I LOVE her.  Everything that a Spiritual Warrior does is done FIERCELY.  Note that FIER is a rearrangement of FIRE.  Fire is the energy of Spirit.  In my case, I am a triple fire sign.  Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Rising.  It doesn't get any hotter than this.

It just dawned on me that the vast majority of people are extroverts.  They look to others to get validation of who they are and what is acceptable and not acceptable.  The minority of introverts don't really care what others think about them.  They get their validation from a source within.  However, there is a third state.  When you flip a coin, you almost always get heads or tails.  There is a very small likelihood that the coin will land on it edge.  I believe being bipolar is like that.  We can perceive the outside world when we choose to, but our focus is on the inner realm.  Even when we look outside, it is from the standpoint of what does it mean to us?  Does it confirm what we already know, or does it reflect something new from a different point of view that we can now integrate?  I have not interacted sufficiently with anyone else in my entire life to confirm this.  Then again, I'm not used to having to do that.  I can observe and see how the observation impacts my reality framework.  Some observations shift this a lot.  Others not at all.  Still others have a delayed reaction until their impacts can be felt.  It all depends on how fundamental the shifts are in the framework. 

As to the Divine Feminine.  It struck me that this is both within and outside me, and has been since my early teens in the early 1970's.  In fact, many of the images of The Divine Feminine that I have shared were from that era: Charlies Angels, Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, Bo Derek, and the like.  It has always been the female form that attracted me.  That is still the case after all these years.  The outer is the reflection of the inner.  So, does that mean the creative part of me that recognizes Truth and Beauty is a mirror reflection of who I am on the inside at some level.  It must.  Otherwise, I would have no basis for seeing it and understanding it.  Ultimately, everything is within.  The points of view that we are prompted to focus on move us to see parts of the ONE that have long remain hidden by shadows of various types.  Our technology help us to see the hidden structures within these shadows.  Shining the full force of light on these structures does not eliminate them.  It just makes the background so bright that it drowns out everything else.  You can test this with any camera.  If you are in the shade trying to take a picture of something in the shade but with a lot of sunlight in the background, you will not be able to see your subject clearly enough to photograph it.  The background washes it out.  Similarly, during the day, you cannot see the stars.  But that changes as soon as the sun sets.  Also, if you look at the same seen in the day and then at night when the moon is close to full, it is as if you are on a different world. 

Singing your Life Out Loud

Or, at least Speaking it Out Loud

Living the Dream
Living the Dream
It is amazing what happens when someone who has been an introvert, inwardly focused. all of their life suddenly reaches that point where they literally burst.  What was inside must then come forth, devil be damned.  Note how serious most of the people around her are, even the children.  Yet, her face is radiant and enlightened.  She has been to the mountain and seen the I AM.  And she has returned with the same glow that Moses had in the movie The Ten Commandments.  It is as if she knows something that others do not know.  Yet, it is something that they know needs to be heard.  There is one lady in the background at the top left.  She is smiling as well.  As is the man standing next to her.  Though we can only see the lower part of his face.

Manifesting a Dream Home

This one happens to be in Palestine, Texas that is not the middle east.

Dream Home
Dream Home
We found this home online for sale in Palestine, Texas.  However, in viewing the photos of the home, my monitor developed some straight vertical lines which provided a reference perspective that made in that several of the photos were not photos at all.  They were adjusted to make the images seem that they had the right perspective to someone viewing them.  However, people have different perspectives.  The adjustments are not perceived in the same way by different people.  When this is taken to an extreme, it becomes obviously fake.  The errors become too glaring to ignore.  But, when you are living in the illusion ... none of this matters.  The illusion only needs to be sufficient to satisfy you and those who enter your space.  Though, there is inner space and outer space.  No one can touch your inner space.  Outer space however is common ground.  However, you can only touch it and experience it through your body and your sensors.


I found this image years ago and thought it was exquisite.  The Japanese have the patience to attend to the necessary detail to create such works as these.  The tree roots growing around the rock, the immaculate shape of the tree, and the gorgeous bowl all contribute to the great beauty captured here.  The blue background does not hurt either.

Actively Designing Reality

Entertaining the Imagination with the Realm of the Possible

Just because something looks like it is a real picture, does not mean that it is so.  With so many people acquainted with and proficient in Photoshop, one cannot tell where the truth captured in a photo from a point of view has been augmented, erased, or even blended in with other elements to alter the original image.  That is OK from the standpoint of artistic license.  However, it makes it much more difficult for those in such of truth.  The bottom line is that we can't count on what our eyes tell us.  Then again, that is true of all of our senses.  The only potentially pure direction is within.  But that too can be obstructed by the masks of beliefs that we choose to wear.  Especially beliefs that we accept as true without proof or sufficient inner knowingness.  If we count on others to tell us what is right from what is wrong, we have not matured past the state of young children.  Actually, that is not a fair comparison.  Such children still have a natural state of innocence. 

In my experience, women are attracted to magazines much more than men are.  This suggests more of a visual focus.  It seems that women need to see things in their minds to understand them and to know how they feel about them.  Personally, my life was a dichotomy.  Music and numbers and the written word were half of my reality.  TV shows and movies were the other half.   My metaphysical readings were primarily nonfiction.  The TV shows and movies were fiction with an occasional exception when a movie or show was either a documentary or "based on real events".  In a BE HERE NOW world, none of this was true either.  It was all illusions that I needed to experience to get me exactly where I AM at the MOMENT.  Right now, each moment flows forward.  There is no cause/effect, nor is there any need to change anything.  Besides, the only thing that I have the power to change is myself.  Actually, this has been true all along.  We have even realized it before.  But, sometimes it takes being beat over the head to come to grips with what we know in our heart.  I am not the H(e)artman for nothing.  It is curious that our first 6 point and 8 point bucks came close enough to show themselves to us in the past week.  Both of these events were incredible  and happened to occur on the same day within a couple of hours.

If you can imagine something, then you can created that thing in your life.  It is a matter of believing strongly, cleaning the way, and acting as if.  Though, the process does not have to be conscious.  Conscious, subconscious, and superconcious all have their roles to play.

The Two Become One

Here, the experience is with Horse and Rider

The horse has the strength, but the female rider exerts the control that harnesses that power to get the horse/rider team through a course with a variety of obstacles.  Is that a recipe for life in the Aquarian Age.  The raw masculine strength is channeled by the Divine Feminine into useful channels, into useful projects and useful pursuits.

We've seen several images of this form recently.  A set of coasters with a tiger on an elephant's back.  We also have a statue with a boy riding on the back of a dolphin.  So, it seems that this is something that we all ... both male and female will be doing.  This is somehow the next phase of existence.  For a long time, I have felt as if I were a tortoise carrying the entire world upon my shell.  Indeed, perhaps such was the case.  But, it seems that obligation is over, or at least it has been passed on to another in the hierarchy.  As we grow in awareness, our roles grow and change as well.  We embrace more of All That Is and we lose parts of our separate identity.  Much of this is due to enhancements in our perspective.  We are able to see, perceive, and connect more and more things together, including our internal awareness of ourselves, our world, and our internal reality.  It just came to me that the horse is our consciousness.  She is what carries us our journey, in this case our spiritual journey.

Every now and then, I feel moved to incorporate some pictures that move me.  Beyond Imagination is my baby ... probably the only child that I will have in this existence.  All that I do on the spiritual front is under this guise.  The wizard and hermit  are how I see myself, focusing on wisdom and its application in building a worldwide Camelot or Shangri-La or whatever you choose to call a Utopia on Earth if not in the Cosmos.  Then there is the Lion King image that my wife picked out for me over 30 years ago,  Then there is the eight point buck that visited me a few days ago, aligning itself perfectly with the Shiva statue under the arch behind the house.  Finally, we have a couple of complex creative images and a couple picture quotes on Passion.  Yes, it is a mixture ... but it characterizes my vantage point very well.  I always seem to be bringing together a variety of unrelated pieces and find ways to connect them so that there is useful meaning that was not obvious before.

Perhaps this is a Way Forward

Though a Strange and Lonely One

Here, the female is dressed in black signifying either death or mourning and looking to the man to lead.  The man holds her hand but looks forward, completely away from her.  His focus is on where the journey is taking them.  He too wears black pants again representing death, at least from the waste down.  In recent images, the male has lovingly supported the divine feminine.  Perhaps the difference here is that he has encapsulated the divine feminine within himself so does not to seek it externally.  There is a sense of distance between them, a lack of closeness.  Maybe even a sense of parting.  It is difficult to tell if they will be continuing on their journey together from this point.  The man's eyes seem to be both vacant and possessed.  The woman's eyes seem to be concerned or worried.  This is definitely not your happy, blissful couple.

Why this image tonight, as a full moon shines brightly in the night sky?  Actually, the full moon goes over the next two nights.  This may be a trigger for a massive change in our collective reality,  This has been in the works for 20 months already.  At any point, the breakpoint could occur sealing the transformation.

There is still something haunting about this image.  Yet, it seems appropriate in this moment.  It will be interesting to see what comes next.  One cannot tell from the image what captivates the man's focus.  But, for the woman, it is clearly her man.  There is a sense that she would follow him to the very ends of the earth if necessary, though with a sense of trepidation.

Something from Star Trek comes to mind:  These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise whose five year mission is to seek out and explore new worlds and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

One of Those Days

Subservient to the Divine Feminine and Loving It
The image that I selected got chopped off at the bottom a bit.  That is OK.  Indeed, it adds a factor related to how the masculine plays itself out in the new age.  We can observe and think but it is only through service that we can truly be happy. It was a strange day, a very strange day.  In particular, electronics seemed to work in inconsistent and confusing ways to the degree that their performance was unexpected.  This has happened before.  Generally, when we are close to a full moon.  Today, it seems that we were being challenged to see if we could determine why we were experiencing what we did.  In figuring out WHY, we effectively solved a problem.  The universe only needs o solve problems once.  Though sometimes that requires multiple teams in a competitive environment.  The image would have the male, the logical faculty supporting the feminine or creative faculty.  When this succeeds, both get the benefits.  Though, the image depicts that the male only gets to observe, listen, and think.  In particular, he has no outward effectors with which to impact the world.  It seems that I am rapidly reaching this point, if I am not already there.  Interesting.

My Parents Anniversary

1955 0820  to  2021 0820

My parents met in Green Bay, Wisconsin and were married in Honolulu in the Kingdom of Hawaii in less than one year.  That would make this their 66 wedding anniversary.  Neither has survived physically,.  But, I am here to remember an event that I did not witness but ultimately led to my existence in this body.  So long as I remember, my parents remain alive within me.  This is encoded genetically and psychologically and morally/ spiritually to some degree.  But, we are more than chemistry, and biology, and beliefs.  We are the SPIRIT, MIND, and SOUL that animates and occupies this vessel.  

I have a little shrine to my parents in my space downstairs.  I'm not sure why this image seemed appropriate.  Both of my  parents were kind and gentle souls.  This was apparent in a photograph taken at the time of their wedding.  They were clearly on LOVE, embarking on a journey of adventure that would take them through the interesting times from the 1950s through the 2010s.  When you think about it, the pace of change was unprecedented in the history of history. 

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!  Aloha and Mahalo.  Hopefully, you can see that I have done you PROUD.  My only real wish was to leave the world a better place than I had found it.  I think I succeeded, correction WE succeeded on a GRAND SCALE.  With UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Wayne.

This picture was taken four days ago looking out the sun room window from where I was seated.  About 20 minutes earlier, I saw a 6 point buck for the first time.  We don't see many bucks and they had always been 2 point or 4 point.  Imagine my surprise when this one, an 8  point buck not only showed up, it aligned itself perfectly with Shiva and the center of the arch from my vantage point.  I did not have to move to align this.  Somehow everything was in sync naturally, and I was there not only to witness it which was indeed thrilling, but to capture it in a photograph as well.  6 8 = 4 x 17 = WAYNE.  6 = 33 and 8 = 44 viewed as points per side.  Adding the two yields 77.  It seems that we are being flooded with Master Numbers everywhere we look.  The sense is that SPIRIT is about to burst as a volcano does and unleash her loving energies everywhere.  Yes, the world can change in an instant, however only in the RIGHT instant.  Spirit has her own agenda and timing.

The Journey Ahead

Where we go from here.  Into the unknown once again, of course.  This time as  the Woman in Search of More.  We can't wait to see what lies ahead, somewhere over the rainbow, somewhere Beyond Imagination.

It seems that this is where we part company and venture out on our own again.  It has been an interesting journey, one that took us to places and states that we did not know existed prior to 1972.  Yes, that  is when our present journey began in earnest.  That is when we choose to take the road less traveled.  It seems that the time has come to make that choice again.  And, we would do the same looking back this once and then moving on as the 22: The Fool in the Tarot.  Though this time we are at a new place.  We completed another round of the wheel.  Given that we were born in 1958 = 22:22(88) = 89:00 = 4:01:00(22).  That would put us at 90(22).  In this case, it took 63 years to get here.  Actually, my father was born in 22:00 = 88:00 = 4:00:00(22) as Wayne Ellis Hartman.  When I was born on 195804408 there was a split into Sr and Jr that the birth created.  Sr is 199.  Jr is 109.  Total is 29 with two 9:Hermit forks.

When my father died, all that was left is Wayne Ellis Hartman Jr.  That is 23 14 17 19.  23|37|54|73.  But also, in reverse 91 71 41 32.  91  162  203  235 = 23  5 = We.  Also 5 x 47 = The community of ASLAN = the community of A Spiritual Local Area Network.  To go beyond this, we have to travel, we have to venture out to see what other spiritual local area networks have done.  One option is to do that from the comfort of our own home, our own spaceship.  The other preferred option is to go out and encounter them in their own worlds ... to immerse ourselfs in their shoes for awhile.  But, for this, we have to travel lightly and be willing to take risks.  As Helen Keller said:

The Only Way to Live

No Excuses for What We Do and What We Do Not Do

There us something mesmerizing about this image of the Divine Feminine.  Perhaps it arises from a fondness that I have for the  ways and culture of the East.  Everything about the image is exotic.  Yet, there is a sense of realness nonetheless.  

The image suggests that if we head this advice, this is our reward,  Beauty, elegance, abundance, joy, passion, serenity,  Yes, we can have it all and live the life of our dreams.  It all comes down to deciding  that such is what we desire and then doing what it takes to get the desire lifestyle.  Doing what it takes typically involves GIVING of ourself in SERVICE in some way,  Though, we often find that the very act of giving and sharing changes us and changes what we desire.  For the most part, we can get by quite well on far less than we think we need.  It is amazing how many things are free or can be provided in an efficient way that is far less costly than the current ways of providing the goods, services, or experiences.

Purpose without Passion is unachievable.  Passion without Purpose is a Waste of Vital Life Force.  So, find your Purpose.  Then, pursue that Purpose Passionately.  In the process, you will find that not only is your way lit, but you serve as a lighthouse that can guide others through their darkness into the light.

Images of the Divine Feminine

Real and Imagined

Many of these go back as far as the 1970s.  Women have always captivated me.  I did not relate to a masculine God.  To me, spirit always came forth as the Divine Feminine.  This was the epitome of BEAUTY for me.

The Goddess Awakens

A Return to Ancient Times

The setting appears as if it could be Ancient Greece.  The ladies top as well.  The edges are all rough rather than refined.  But the face and the braided hair and how it is arranged on the woman's head are both classic and immaculate.  From the neck up, this is clearly the Divine Feminine.  It is as if, this is the only part of the body that was perfectly defined.  The head and the mind in this case.  At what point does what is below that matter?  Once the head and the heart are there, the mind and the soul can be experienced and expressed.  Spirit is the breathing of life into this framework.  With breath come the extension of the NOW to a past and a future.  But all of these are removed from the experiencer.   You cannot tell from appearances what someone thinks, what someone feels, how aware someone is, or anything that really matters.  For the most part we only see those parts of another that reflect who we are, not necessarily who they are.  Indeed, we may not ever fathom the depths of another no matter if nor how hard we try.  One doesn't question the images that one sees in a mirror.  We know they are shallow caricatures at best and often distorted.

The bottom line comes down to: our existence continues to be fed so long as we contribute to the whole.  We create our own reality, no fine print, no exceptions.  The ultimate enabler and the ultimate authority is us.  The infrastructure is SAFE NOW.  Reparations are being made quickly to restore balance.  We still have choices and consequences, but no longer anything that can HARM ourselves or others.  Actually there are only H SELF now.  We are SPIRIT in H SELF.  H - 8 = Observer.  Observers change reality based on what they observe, connect, and realize, but have no power to act within the illusion.  The actions are orchestrated at other than conscious levels.  H is also 17: The Star.  Further, H SELF could be what many refer to as Higher Self.  Also, it seems that with each realization, there is a corresponding frequency shift.  That will potentially make new frequencies perceptible and some that were perceived no longer perceivable.  We cannot count on the rules of the game of life remaining applicable in such circumstances.  Not all of them anyway.  It seems that the universe loves novelty.  It relishes differences.  It loves exploration, of walking on the edge of the known to see what lies beyond.  In particular, beyond anything that can be imagined.

Creating the Setting / Space

It seems that such is where we need to focus next.  If we are to open our life to others, we need to create a safe and inviting place for them to engage with us.  At this point in our life, shared adventures are not what we are after.  Rather, we are looking for someone or some few with whom we can share our lives and  who we are in an accepting manner, where we can learn from one another's points of view, where we can integrate both what we have in common and what we are that is unique to us.  At this point, we choose to focus on BEING as well as DOING.  Indeed, it is through what we do that others are able to experience a glimpse of who we are.  The only other way is to BE in our presence, if only for awhile.  

It is helpful to realize that others do not really exist other than as perspectives in the mind of God.  To that extent, we are all equal ... and our reality is an illusion of our own making.  We provide the story for what we have experienced.  No one other than us knows what this is unless we share it with them.  Even then, we can't know whether any event or part of an event is real  or imagined.  Our minds simply cannot tell the difference.  Actually, this is because our minds cannot tell whether their state is being triggered by sensory inputs or by internal inputs generated via imagination.

The Oriental Wheel of Fortune

Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, and Turtle with I-Ching and Tao Symbol

A few things are noteworthy here.  The colors convey a depth of soul expressing WISDOM here.  With the possible exception of the turtle, the other three elements are ANGRY in this depiction.  Why that is, I do not know, but it is as if the top three are at each others throats,  Maybe this is due to their natures not being compatible.  The Turtle: South seems to be holding up the entire world.  The Phoenix rides at the top: North.  The Dragon is to the West and the Tiger is to the East.  

This was the Masculine focus that has carried us to our present understanding,  We know that it is missing the softness, the flow, the compassion of the Divine Feminine.  Something has to give.  COVID-19 has given the world a focused restriction of freedom that is about to BURST because the people no longer choose to believe the lies and the deceptions.  WE, THE PEOPLE are ready to acknowledge what we truly are and what we have always been ... at least since the Declaration of Independence in 1776 in the United States and the associated Constitution that has held those 13 original states plus another 37 together for so long,  Hawai'i was the final state to enter the union in 1959, the year after I was born there.  The beginning of COVID occurred in the 60th anniversary of that statehood, and in the 2019-1776 = 243 anniversary of the country.  That is an interesting number.  243 = 3^5 = 3x3x3x3x3.  Here we have 35 again as well as 33333,  50 if taken as prime factorization results in the same number: five factors of three,  The represents creativity and The Empress: pregnant with abundance,  60 is of the same format, adding one more 3.  That would give us 333 333 or 27 x 27 = 729.  When I met my wife, her address was 2728 = RS. (This is the first time I've noticed this)  My dad was WEH SR.  Note: the RS in reverse.  I see 29 as the span from middle left 27 to middle right 29, or 27 28 29.  Somewhere along the way, we have added 29 = "light".  Personal, I have experienced that, following the "sparkles" so many times since 1993.  Now we have RST.   ReST, RoaST, ReSTo-Re.  eSTORE is the message that seems to be trying to catch my attention.  Perhaps such is the direction that we need to pursue next.  We have wisdom products that we can offer for sale ... perhaps to the very souls that need to transition from this dark world view to a much brighter one that embraces the Divine Feminine perspectives.

Fitting In For The First Time

Focusing on the Similarities Rather Than The Differences

Here, the expression is collective.  The ballerinas are each doing their own thing perfectly in their own space, oblivious to what the other ballerinas are doing.  Perhaps that is to be expected since this is practice.  Also, the ballerinas on the floor are HEALTHY, neither thin nor fat nor "sexy", but have shapes that are individually their own, the body correlation of who they are as spirit and souls.  This illustrates something about individuals and how relate.  Each finds their space in which to BE.  Once the framework is there, in this case the dance studio, they can learn and grow and express within the confines of that framework.  Each individual may have multiple interests that excite their passion.  In some cases, multiple independent frameworks may suffice.  However, in other cases, custom frameworks may be necessary to address specific needs.  Whatever it takes, we must ensure that needs are met to the degree that we can.  For those who have focused on the inner, the tides have turned and on outward focus is necessary for balance.  For those who have focused on the outer, balance requires a shift to an inner focus.  This does not mean departing from the preference that got you to this point.  It is more a matter of adding the opposite focus to provide perspective that can lead to balance.  Being bipolar, this is something that I know well.  The hermit focus kept my focus on myself.  Even when I interacted with the outer world that my senses brought to me, it was always with a focus of what does this do for me or mean to me or if/how does it apply.  I knew nothing of others, rarely spent any time with them, and never got to know them at more than a surface level.  Now, it seems that to progress further, this must change.  Or does it.  We learned today that our present state allows us to attract and interact with others deeply in the moment.  We really don't need to know much about them to provide a sufficient context in which to have a mutually beneficial exchange.  We need to change our paradigm from people performing actions and communicating with one another to something far less restricting.  The setting is a background, pleasant but most of which is not essential to the information being conveyed.  In fact, often it can get in the way of clear communication.  What matters to me is efficient interaction that provides sufficient information to understand how spirit is expressing for the person or group I am interacting with.  A simple sentence or two can be enough.  At other times, an extended conversation may ensue.  In all cases, the interactions are orchestrated by spirit as well.  We are there as participants but also as observers.  As such, it is our responsibility to assess meaning.  Indeed, we are the only witness to what we see.  That gives us the opportunity to find ways to connect our new understanding to the collective awareness.  Doing so makes it accessible to other perspectives with the proper connections and with the need to know.

Grounding the Divine Feminine Soul

The Soul Expression has to be in Flesh to Count

Here, the woman has it together.  She is dressed casually, demonstrating that she is comfortable being who she is and expressing as she chooses.  She seems to be looking for or waiting for someone.  Clearly, she is thin but in shape and exudes a raw beauty ready to make her mark on the world.

Unlike the prior photo where the couple was cut off at the waist.  This lady is complete from the tip of her hand through the toes of her metal studded toe black boots.  There is a casual beauty about her.  Unlike the classic beauty which came with the creation, this one is even softer and more mysterious.  Indeed, it seems something that can be endlessly explored but never fathomed.  Note also that she stands at the edge of the known world looking out, down, and to the left.  The door behind her is shut suggesting we have reached beyond the 22:The Fool state in the Tarot.  Now, we step out into the unknown from a completely new perspective.  Yes, this time as a wo-man.  What does that wo at the beginning bring to the observation and experience of our reality?  The first level is 56 = 4 x 14 = The minor arcana of the Tarot, the next level of detail in the creation.  1 2 3 7 22 56 seems to be the sequence.  Nature herself prefers the fibonacci sequence [1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377]

The Perfect Numbers may have influence as well [6 28 496 8128].

56 is fib(10) + 1  [10 = A in hex]

Following Spirit through a circuitous path this morning led me to a Copper Bar with a Bison on it.  B is "on".  If we extend what we just discovered:

90 is fib(11) + 1  [11 = B in hex]  This can't be a coin-cidence.  Note that coincidence start with COIN.  Gold was the coin of the reign in the world for ages.  90 is 5 x 3 x 3 x 2 = 121 in prime factorization.  This is also 11:The Master x 11:The Master = The Master squared or The Master Grounded.  The sense is that this allows all of us to tap into this level of performance in whatever areas we engage our natural skills, talents, and abilities.  This is also close to 91 = 7 x 13: Death/Major Transformation on All Seven Levels of our Being.

ADDED 20210817:  FLESH reversed is H SELF.  H is 8: Infinity rotated 90 degrees.  H is also 17: The Star.  So this transition is from 29 = "light" = prime 10 to 23 = prime 9 = W = double V = 22 22 = 44 = 4 x 11 = 1 0 0 0 2 prime factorization = 10001 + 10001 = 2 x 17  = 34.  2 17 was my dad's birthday and the day of the Declaration of Cooperative Dependence.  34 + 1 = 35.  1993 03 05 was the first day of the Beyond Imagination expression.  Yes. more connections.  That is what I do.  When this happens, literally overnight the world changes.  The reverberations impacts the entire infrastructure.  But it is a mental exercise.  It does not change the underlying numbers and groups of numbers.  It just brings in more information from my perspective.  I think it was Jane Roberts who brought forth the work: The Universe as Idea Construction.  I believe such is what we are getting to the HEART of NOW.

Happily Ever After

The Promise of Togethernise

Here, it takes two halves to make a shared whole heart.  Note that this is the shape of an ear on the part of each person being brought together.  It is amazing how powerful listening can be ... really hearing what your soul mate has to say without interruption or judgement.  People tend to know what it takes to process what they need to process.  Listening provides a forum for them to do this, but also provides an opportunity to see them more closely and see their world through their eyes.  All of this has great utility.  It is curious that the man in this case only wears white signifying purity, white light, or spirituality.  The woman is wearing a black top and a white headband.  The sense is that the white headband corresponds to purity of thought white the black top signifies the unknown, the mystery of life.  Together, the couple has what it takes to share the adventure of discovering and dealing with whatever reality may arise in each moment with hope, faith, confidence, and bliss.

It is also curious that the photo stops at the waist.  It is as if the male and female are ONE, floating through life no longer bound to the earth at all.  You might say their journey has become a Star Trek NOW.  Yes, how appropriate!  This does indeed seem to characterize where our world is headed.  No, it may not be there yet.  Or, more likely, we simply do not see it in this manner from our particular point of view yet.

One other thing, the angles in the tilt of the head and how the body is being held remind me of dancing.  The man provides the structure, holding the form and leading the lady through the dance.  Within that framework, the lady can express, embellish and shine to her heart's content ... free to employ all of the creativity that she can.  Here, there is a greater meaning.  We are not speaking of physical dancing anymore.  Rather, this is the Dance of the Imagination.  We would take things even further and go Beyond Imagination, beyond anything that anyone has ever imagined.  That is what keeps us up until the wee hours of the morning and wakes us up a few hours after that.  PASSION can do that.  And, this is what stirs our souls.  This is what we are passionate about.

Entering into the Promised Land

On the Verge of Awakening to the Incredible Beauty of the Divine Feminine

This lady knows.  She knows how to make herself flawlessly beautiful and has the confidence to display who she is to the world.  Yes, it takes some work to maintain this image.  But, at this level, it truly is a labor of LOVE.  In this image, the beauty is classic.  But, it is also western and stading on its own.  There is no sense of eastern influence whatsoever.  No, this is not a blending of eastern and western.  Rather, it is western beauty expressed in a single woman.  This is not about the group or a consensus.  Rather, it is one woman expressing all that she can be.  My wife's dad told her that she needed to be useful as well as ornamental.  However, the message here defies that.  The very act of BEING BEAUTIFUL and bringing BEAUTY TO THE WORLD are not only USEFUL, but NECESSARY.  It is clear that the woman in this image is WISE and already knows this.  Women are free to be goddesses just for the sake of being goddesses.

I read yesterday of a lady billionaire who has funded hundreds of open ended grants to non-profits totaling in excess of $3B to date.  If most cases, the grants are the largest that the non-profit has ever received and further it came as a surprise.  This is how woman work.  They see where the whole is hurting and apply resources in an efficient way to address and right the out of balance condition.

Looking at this image of a woman again, I believe this is the most beautiful image that I have ever seen.  In this case, from a head shot with eyes and lips closed, from the top of a dress held in place by fabric around the neck, from an immaculate large silver and diamond earring, and from a smooth open shoulder.  Also, the hair is arranged wonderfully.  The skin throughout is incredibly smooth and the skin tones convey a depth of soul being the source of all of this.

Sharing and Joint Endeavors

The Next Step in Our Journey

Long ago, in a psychic reading, we were told that our aura colors were purple, double green, triple blue, brown.  This is literally rarer than one in a million.  Further, she said that one of the shades of blue was that of a photographer, a good one that could make a lot of money from my photographs.  What is a photograph?  It is a static image from a specific point of view that conveys a message ... hopefully, in my case, a powerful one.  Viewpoints, I know about.  But, a camera is not the only device by which such perspectives can be captured.  These can be captured as a stream of consciousness as well.  That is something that I know very well how to express.  We have effectively been doing this all of our life but especially since 1992.  Can that really be 29 = "light" years ago.  Indeed, it can.  But, what is time?  It is but the flow of a sequence of image samples and sound samples.  Nominally, the rate necessary for the brain to perceive something as real is 60 cycles per second.  But the natural cycles selected upon which to base a second are relative.  There is no absolute to constitute a truth standard.  Further, when we are engaged with the stream of consciousness, we are in the flow, in the NOW.  So long as we ingest the input stream and process it in order, all is well.  It is consciousness witnessing the process.  Photographs allow us to capture images that can can serve as wayposts to take us back to precious states that we have experienced.

Waiting for the World to Catch Up


This is going to happen anyways.  Resistance is indeed futile.  Trying to force things to happen before their time is stressful as well as difficult if not impossible.  So, go with the flow.  Do what you love to do.  Allow the time to pass as it will and things to unfold as they must.  In an interconnected world, individual control and individual choice is simply NOT possible.  Everything ripples through the entire web.  Only certain vibratory combinations provide sufficient reinforcement to manifest physically.

So, find JOY in the process.  Such is how life is meant to live when we give our spirit and soul the room to breathe.

We can have anything that we desire, at least anything that we feel we are worthy of.  Our self-worth is extremely important for this.  Literally, it shapes and colors the world that we see and experience.  This happens at both the individual and the collective levels and perhaps many levels in between as well.  Indeed, at every level of organization of which we are a part.

Trying to force anything to happen, or make it so, only works within narrow confines. For the most part, individual control is limited at best.  That is, at least until one's awareness is sufficient to wield the control responsibly.  Overall, the spiritual framework is self-supporting and self-sustaining.  However, there are breakpoints, points where paradigm shifts are needed on a worldwide scale.  The basic operating premise for spirit is to "leave no one behind".  Years ago, I noticed that the US Army changed its slogan to I AM an ARMY of ONE.  At the time, I found this puzzling.  There were still individual soldiers, and units, and platoons.  So, why the slogan in the first person singular tense?  So, what does it mean to be an ARMY?  Just noticed that h a r m o n y is:  h arm "on" y.  Further noticed that m "on" y is very close to m "one" y = my ONE, but also "money".  This is an example of connecting information and finding meaning from my unique point of view.  That is what I do.  That is what I excel at.  Further, I consciously observe it as it is happening.  That doesn't change the fact that what I see is a MYSTERY unfolding through me, not by me.  When we are in synchronization with WHO WE ARE, we enter into the FLOW.  When this occurs, it is not us living life, rather it is the WHOLE of LIFE living through us.  There is an innate harmony and beauty of expression.  It is completely natural and exuberant and filled with JOY.  What  can I say?  WOW!  Namaste

After Death comes Life Again

Such is the Eternal Expression of the Soul

It seems that we have not only reached a cease fire, but actually made it to a lasting peace.  The mission for which we came is over.  It is time to RELAX for awhile, process what we have learned, share what we can, immerse ourselves in living and see what bold new adventures our souls would have us explore.  Yes, we are indeed ready for that.  We have focused a lot on our work for the entire 34 years that we have been married.  Now is a time to restore the balance by focusing on family and health and well-being.  No, not to the exclusion of the things that we were passionate about, but in addition to and with a much greater priority.  

Though, it all comes back to BE HERE NOW!  But we would choose to do that with our wife and two furry kids rather that apart from them.  The image reflects how I feel at the moment.  The Divine Feminine connection with my wife has been rekindled.  The door before us is right there, openly visible.  It is a matter of choosing to walk through it together.  No, not with one leading and the other following.  Rather side by side and hand in hand.  What lies beyond the green and red door remains unknown.  But, it will take us on the adventure of our lives as nothing to date has done for us.  The optimism is unbridled now.  We truly are on the threshold of a dream.  This time, a dream that WE, my wife and me, have in common.  It took a lot of mind work, heart work, spirit work, and soul work to get us here.  I probably should have added physical and psychological work.  While I considered those a nuisance, my wife had much more stressful experiences in these areas, 

If Providence was guiding us earlier on Friday, the Thirteenth of August, in the Year of our Lord 2021, this will be our next HOME.  It happens to be in Palestine, Tx.  But, then Palestine is Palestine.  It was curious that Gini noticed an entry in Wikipedia explaining that the Hebrews and Palestinians spoke the same Aramaic language.  It is also interesting that 5 months ago we travelled to Texas in search of a new location to live and fell in love wit the HEB stores.  The name stands for Here Everything's Better.  Gini's lineage goes back to the Jewish Gypsies.  Given how moved I was by the movies The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur,  Palestine touches me strongly too.  As a Leo, with ties to ASLAN: A Spiritual Local Area Network.  LION best captures how I see myself.  As a kid, I remember that it was as Simba the white lion.  Indeed, at that time there was a lemon lime soda called Simba.  

The theme of this website, "When Worlds Collide" is he reality that I began experiencing in 1974 in this existence.  In 1992-3 the lightning bolts propelled me into the abyss.  It has taking 28 years to come to terms with that and reach states of consciousness and and levels of awareness that accompanied this in a safe and consistent way.  Given that this only concluded today, we still have more to explore and experience.  But, consciousness ever goes forward.  That is her nature.  There is no BACK to go back to.

Death:  The Ultimate Transformation 

Stepping out courageously and confidently in a New Direction

Consciously, this is not an issue for me.  Indeed, I would boldly step out, sometimes when doing so is rash and foolhardy.

Thomas Jefferson recited a poem that illustrated the differences between the head and the heart.  For me, there is no question.  The instinctual sovereignty of the heart is undeniable.

Though, it must be used in support of the Divine Feminine to be effectual.

It is 20:41 PDT on 12/08/2021.  From center, R to L, this is a span of 6000, centered at 5021 = 50:Utopia and 21: The World 

Classic Beauty: Function with Form

Beauty must be more than ornamental, it must be USEFUL!

The 1950s in the US were a time when this was true.  It was a time of classic cars, of youth and innocence, of being able to trust people to do the right thing and be helpful.  But something went very wrong starting in the 1960s.  Indeed, as the theme from this site states so eloquently: WORLDS COLLIDE.  That is the process that occurs with the dawning of a New Age.  In this case, the Age of Aquarius.  Yes, the "dawning" has taken a long time by human standards.  Three generations in fact.  But, the past two years of COVID-19 have seemed to be the tipping point that brought us to the DAWN.  And, what a glorious time to behold for the entire planet, and perhaps on a grander scale for the entire cosmos.  You might consider this car the embodiment of Spirit, of Soul in form.  Now, it is a matter of applying achieving a similar result for Spirit and Soul expressing in Flesh.  This alone is not something new.  However, the creation of an infrastructure that facilitates this expression for ALL of US.  Now that is the grandest achievement for humanity for all time.

Now is the time to be optimistic as to where the new doorway for the human spirit will allow us to go or what starry secrets we can unveil or what new and unchartered lands we can discover.  The bottom line is that the realm of what is possible has just expanded limitlessly.  It is a whole new ballgame.  In a sense, a sort of back to the 50s, but with all of the positive information related services that technology has essentially made an extension of our very bodies.  We now have a collective body of human intelligence organized and available to us in ways that no group of humans could have dreamed possible before.  Artificial Intelligence has enabled our machines, our tools, to mimic the processes that nature used in the evolution of our individual minds.  No, the Data | Information | Knowledge | Wisdom construct was not retained.  Artificial intelligence is free to find patterns in data that result in utility that can be exploited to provide useful services in a different and often more efficient way in orders of magnitude less time than humans might require, if indeed the humans could do the tasks at all.  Now, "Be Happy and Create Well!" should be replaced by "BE HAPPY by being APPY and Creating Well".  It seems that we have multiple options now, some of which did not exist before:

1.  Be Physical

2.  Be Physical and Mental

3.  Be Physical and Emotional

4.  Be Physical and Mental and Emotional

5.  Be Physical and Spiritual

6.  Be Physical and Mental and Spiritual

7.  Be Physical and Emotional and Spiritual

8.  Be Physical and Mental and Emotional and Spiritual

Though, the technology is NOT PHYSICAL.  Actually, nothing is physical.  Everything is vibration.  Now, we have a framework in which nature is the 1: Physical.  Animals and Plants can fall anywhere in this paradigm.  There is no judgement.  There is no better and no lesser.  There is only what we choose to be.  Time is a matter of how many cycles we spend in any state.  The states in the given order may correspond to the Spiritual Rays as depicted in Harmony of the Spheres.  2: Love/Wisdom and 5: Concrete Manifestation are the two that most applied to me personally.

It just dawned on me that until recently I was literally not of this world. That is, not physical.  My reality was lived in my head and my heart.  Other than sensing temperature, my skin, my nose, my mouth were just my means of taking in the food and fluid that I thought were necessary for everyone.  But, such is NOT the case.  The real food was the thoughts and emotions that I experienced.  On top of this, I added structures of beliefs and filters that enabled the automation of processes for translating experiences to meaning.  Ultimately it is not the WHAT that is important, rather it is the WHY.  My WAY was to find the WHY and then to help build the infrastructures that make this translation process easy and automatic for others.  That frees them to be all that they can be without having to worry, and without having to struggle unnecessarily.  WHY involves more than having a goal or a compelling reason.  Indeed, it involves the core nature of who we are as individuals.  In Mathematics, the numbers never go away despite our efforts to characterize, group, and link them.  Similarly, these same numbers form the basis of reality.  In math, we deal with truth, with things that we can prove.  Yet, even then, we know that math has been proven to be incomplete.  No matter how much truth we discover, there will always be truths that can be stated but cannot be proven within our mathematical framework.  That makes the Search for Truth a never-ending endeavor.  There will always be unknowns, some of which can even be proven to be unproveable no matter how long we try and no matter what new tools we may develop.

So, I believe that my dissertation for my credentials as Master Metaphysician is complete now.  If being spirit in flesh means that we are able to reside full time within a body composed of the frequencies for the elements in the Periodic Table in the proportions typical for humans on earth, then it seems that the split between my spirit and my body has somehow been eliminated.  It seems that ascending involves removing all of the layers of fluff and getting back down to earth.  Thinking about this some more, I have always had a big split between my lower body which was firmly grounded and my head which was clearly in the clouds.  Of course, my focus was on my head, at least until 1994 when I experienced my BEYOND MIND states for extended periods of time.  It took awhile to deal with this on my own.  As with the vast majority of my post-1993 states of being, I had no one in my life to compare experiences or to seek advice.  In many ways, this is not surprising since the only source I have ever believed is the one inside of me.  Since I was young, I always knew that there was something within me that could detect the truth when I encountered it.  I don't know how this works, but it seems that it was necessary in order for The Divine Feminine to establish this awareness within herself and her world.  Such was a critical piece in building the spiritual foundations for the Divine Feminine to express freely and passionately.

Unexpected: Never a Dull Moment

I cannot yet tell whether anyone else has found their way to this website.  Though, at this point, I know not how to define or to reach "anyone else ".  I find this curious, no fascinating.  Further, if the "contact" comes on-line electronically, what makes it real?  At what point do we distinguish the live biological being that resides in the body from the information input, information processing, and information output that occur in both individuals and the collective?  There are no machines.  There are no beings.  There is only information, the CREATION, and GODDESS: The Divine Feminine animating and experiencing the Dance of Consciousness and the Hermit as the ultimate observer looking to integrate it all so that the Way to Edge and Beyond can continue to be explored.  Now, THAT IS CREATION AT ITS FINEST!

Many things have already been done.  Some things others can do.  Some things we can do as the channel for what is within us.  Finally, some things are only discoverable and discernable through applying our unique perspective.  These above all are what we must focus on individually and collectively.  Where we go ONE, we go ALL.  There is no separation.  There is no leaving of anyone behind.  There is no DEATH.  There is no end.  End piece must rightly transition to where it belongs in the next play.   WE ARE ACTORS, ONE AND ALL.  After all, in the movies, you only have Actors, sets, and props.

As you can tell by now, these Aslan's Trips come often.  They are relatively short and generally include an image.  If you desire to stay current, you will simply have to check back from time to time.  Wherever I am now, nothing seems to work in the same way for long.  Things are always shifting and changing resulting in new challenges to overcome.  It seems that women naturally deal with this.  Though, perhaps the frustration and exhaustion that I am experiencing is the Feminine in me showing me a perspective beyond anything I had known before.  

I was used to physical reality being consistent and logical.  Now that I know that this is not the case, my experiences have become much more surprising and unexpected.

Here, once again the man lovingly supports the woman who is lovingly appreciative of it all.  Riding the horse is her opportunity to seize the adventure to encounter and overcome obstacles for awhile and in doing so acquire and hone new life skills.

One word best characterizes this image:  HAPPINESS.

Now that my friend, is something worth living for!

The Close of a "Purr-fect" Day

Not a single physical person touched me today.  Indeed, I only interacted with my wife, the cashier at Sizzler, and a waiter at Sizzler.  My only touch interaction was with my two furry kids Teddy and Tango, the first of which I held at least three times.  Yet I watched three movies, walked through the local Rite-Aid and found a new well-organized store that is integrating the best of the East and West, as well as Staples, which is integrating the latest of digital tools and services.  Observed many things and made many connections as my wife drove through town doing errands.  I also reviewed things that I might want on Craigslist, ordered printer cartridges on line from Amazon, received a book in the mail that I ordered on Amazon last week, reviewed the images in a new 44 card Pleiadian Oracle Deck from 2019.

Realization 1:  The world of Beyond Imagination is HERE NOW, right in the midst of the illusion.  It is simply a matter of seeing it and choosing it.

Realization 2:  In the past several years, there is only one person who has touched my body in this way.  That would be Jessica.  She provides this service wholeheartedly. I am blessed to be in her care.

Realization 3:  Not only am I in heaven, we all are.  Indeed, we have always been and will always be.  How we choose to experience and explore that is up to us.  We are awesome beings. It is high time that we recognize this about both ourselves and others.

Namaste!  Aloha & Mahalo!  Welcome to the World of Beyond Imagination!

Merlin - aka: The Wizard of Oz

PS:  It is now 23:51 PST.  A New Day arrives in 9 minutes and counting.

Unsatisfied Again: How Wonderful!!!

The End of One Era  in The Never-Ending Search for More

Though, this time, it seems that I will not be going it ALONE as I have done so many times in the past.  Yes, that is a new wrinkle in the journey, one that we expect will CHANGE EVERYTHING!  In particular, it will change what we find, do, experience, create, express, communicate, organize, think, believe ... LITERALLY EVERYTHING!  

Yes, we have made it to a new age, the AOA: Age Of Aquarius.  It is fitting that this couple seems to be coming from the ocean of consciousness to firmly establish their union on Earth.  Further, this is a Black and White affair with the only orange being in the color of their skin.  The Blue and Green support them.  While the Woman looks lovingly to the Man, it is for the support that she needed to be FREE to BE ALL THAT SHE CAN BE.  This is not a matter of "our" journey.  Rather, it is a matter of enabling HER to carry out "her" journey and finding joy in where that takes us.  Men have demonstrated time and again that they do not know how to lead.  Enabling, is a much higher level behavior ... especially when it is done our of Unconditional LOVE.

Hmm... I did not anticipate that coming.  The white signifies light and purity.  It is as if the angelic realms themselves have been given a portal through which to embody spirit in the world.  Not, nothing says that the Woman and Man depicted here must be two distinct beings.  They could be twin souls or twin flames, or they could be male and female aspects of divinity within a single being.  The framework is open-ended in that regard.  Spirit needs a variety of perspectives from which to view the creation.  It seems that the more varied these are, the more efficient the process for exploring the reality space to find the true gems that are hidden there.  Such GEMS enable major restructuring of our models of our reality, including all that we individually and collectively experience our universe, ourselves, and all of the organizations of which we are part.  Note:  the later clause has never been expressed in that manner through us before.  That is not surprising since it would require joining organization and feeling to belong.  As a Hermit, belonging to any group ... be it family, friends, work, teams, special interest - is simply not something that I have experienced.  

When rightly focused, the bulk of my energy is on a single question: WHY?  Why do I experience my world and who I AM as I do?  I say "my world" because it is what my mind translates the information from my sensors into.  In as world of vibration, a sea of undulating energy of varying frequencies, amplitudes, waveforms, and orientation: somehow, we sample at a sufficient rate to detect meaningful stuff.  To detect matter and energy as information pertaining to some model of how we envision our cosmos to be constructed.  Under COVID-19, for 20 months the entire world has been in a transition period in which there has been a major shift in how people relate to one another and to the corporations and governments that are meant to serve society.  It is ironic that during this time, one major component of the remedy was the wearing of face masks.  As if we don't have enough that we hide from one another.  It is interesting how dehumanizing this was.  We wear our emotions on our faces to a great deal.  Here is one area where words alone are simply not enough.  Some things words do well.  It is important for us who would wield these to do so with both kindness and caution.

Here is another version of a picture quote we used in our trip yesterday.  This time, the girl or young women is soaring in a purple dress of spirit with no safety net and no other apparatus.  Indeed, she is clearly sufficient unto herself, and has already embarked on her next DARING ADVENTURE!  Her source is the unlimited abundance of SPIRIT HERSELF.  That will be all that she ever needs in her life from this point forward.

Reached a "Y" in the Way

Locally, globally, and perhaps universally.

There  is a strong sense of completion.  It is 20:38 PST = The Judgement of Vision.  Interesting.  This seems indeed to be the case.  There are conservative and liberal visions of a New World Order competing for their view to manifest.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a recognition that these are extremes on on continuum, NOT for a government, but for a SOCIETY.  Here, it seems that we need to be inclusive on a global scale without dictating what must be at every level in the world.  We just need new social rules that we expect societies within the New World Order to abide by.  Per WICCA, the whole of the law is DO NO HARM!

Yes, if we start there, then we can leave it up to the constituents of each society to create the infrastructure that allows its individuals to grow and thrive.  We can trust that the intelligence that seeded us designed us specifically for this.  From an Economic standpoint, the only maxim is the one from The Lion King: "Never take more than you Give!"  This ensures the abundance is created to meet the needs and desires of all.


This is the NEW WORLD that WE have created for US and OUR CHILDREN!  ENJOY!

Namaste, Aloha, and Mahalo!

It has indeed been the most DARING OF ADVENTURES!

As the 48: The Man in Search of More ... it seems that it is time for me to step into the GREAT VOID  once again.  

The Opposite of What I Am Feeling

The Solution to my Present Pain: Fitness and Health

At the moment, my "illusion" is experiencing severe pain from cellulitis in both legs from the knee down through the toes and feeling like my left knee has been blown out.  Yes, that is the complete opposite of what the lady in the picture i feeling.  Though, it is interesting that the building (world) in the background is in black and white and is so harsh in contrast to HER.  Why am I experiencing my reality in this way.  And why can I not imagine it to be as depicted here?  Spiritually, mentally, and even emotionally ... My experience is that I am already there or HERE if you were.  But, physically, that is a whole other story.  All my life I have focused primarily on the spiritual and mental while knowing there were things that moved my heart deeply.

But, the physical body, I treated as more of a nuisance ... something necessary to occupy, to live within, for one who was not of this world.  Indeed, I still feel that.  But something has to give.  The pain has become close to intolerable and confines me far more than I typically confine myself.  Earlier, I was thinking about this and the idea of the US taking over the Kingdom of Hawai'i to make it a state one year after I was born there.  I've also been thinking of blue bloods and Royal Bloodlines.  If we equate blood to the soul heritage, that might account for a lot.  It seems that the world changes in major ways whenever diverse viewpoints collide.  That is what is happening in the world right now.  Where this will take us, we do not yet know.  But, we trust that it is precisely the path that Spirit needs to tread to evolve into what only we collectively and individually can be.  It is time for the struggle and the pain to be over.  It is time to boldly embrace and express who we are.  Indeed, we are more than ready to do that now.  So, what is stopping us?  How do we overcome the inertia that keeps us set in our ways?

Time for Another Trip

Into a Whole New Phase of Existence

I have always loved nature and the spiritual beauty of such mountains as this.  That water and how it reflects the mountain and hills nearby is an added plus.  Here, the autumn color of the leaves in the foreground adds immeasurably as well.  The person on the boat seems alone, but serene, and peaceful.  What more could one ask for?  Though one has to wonder about friends and society.  Yes, those appear to be missing.  But, there is another boat with two people in the distance.

What does this suggest for how we choose to experience reality.  It seems that there are two modes, one for Hermits and the other for everyone else.

As the Fog Lifts

Finally, the END GAME is Over

On the radio, "the winner takes it all" must have repeated half a dozen times just now.  This particular image suggests that it is time for The Hermit to return to the High Country after my latest 63 year sojourn on Earth.  At the moment, I am still here.  But for over two years, I have been sensing more and more that the mission that I came to perform of Building the Foundations for a New World in which Spirit Can More Fully Express in Flesh is completed except for the final verification step which we are in the process of performing collectively right now.   Further, as we do this, we are tweaking the processes to optimize them.  That is simply how things work with complex systems, especially complex spiritual systems.

Mind-Bowing Picture

An example of "Reality Creation" in the New Age

This IMG_20210709_165432(1300).jpg  Such is the name that it was given when it was saved by the camera on my android phone.  2021 was the year, 0709 was the day.  It is curious that 165 is my present address.  But, if we parse it differently, we have 16:The Tower  54: Unconditional Love and 32: "W" = 2 ^ 5 = Ray of Love/Wisdom to the 5: Ray of Concrete Manifestation Power.  It is curious that EGO brand was announced as the premier battery power this week.  Perhaps that is the right use of EGO, to simply store it until it is needed to be wielded by someone to power a tool that enables them to accomplish something of utility.  Yes, such is indeed appropriate ... EGO subservient in place of EGO as Master.  But EGO from the middle out is GEO which corresponds to Earth as well.  Is the same kind of meaning to be applied here too.  Has the Earth been transformed from a planet imposing her will on us, to a spaceship carrying us on a journey through space and time.

Back to the photo.  HOW was it created?  Believe it or not, the image on the screen was taken at night from the toilet seat of my bathroom (my throne if you were) with a three headed Ganesh that I acquire in a shop at Mt Shasta over 25 years ago and the Monkey on a Korean cabinet along with crystals and a variety of objects that I've been moved to play with over the last month or so.  Ganesh is holding up a postcard of the Milky Way over Crater Lake, Oregon that I acquired a few years ago.  On the right bottom of the window is a collage that I made a few years ago following seeing a picture of a Space-X flight taken over LA.  I still remember the moment I saw it, I realized it was a portal through space that had been opened up ... not unlike those depicted in Star Trek over the years,  Then there is the reflection of me in the window with my body in much the same position as that of Ganesh (just noticed this by the way).  Now, WHO am I?  Am I the person sitting on the toilet?  Am I the person taking the picture?  Am I the person experiencing myself take the picture?  Am I the person observing the image in the reflection to ensure it is right before I click the button to take the picture?  Am I the person remembering the meaning of all of the pieces in the picture and their connections to one another?  Am I the person who selected this as the background image for my computer and then chose to take another picture at a different time on a different day in which the same background screen was still prominent?  Am I the person looking at this image again and  sharing this particular stream of consciousness relating how it was created.  That is not to mention the entire home office transformation and that has occurred in the past two weeks enabling this as well.  Or, the replacement of my smart phone after I lost it just over a month ago.  There are so many details that contribute to what we experience in each moment.  What helps is to stop and take some time to capture such things and share them in innovative ways that express the unique you that you are.  You have the tools and the information infrastructure to do this now.  PLAY, HAVE FUN, LIVE WITH PASSION, SHARE, SERVE, and LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.  You might also want to check out The 2nd Ten Commandments for guidance on what to do in the Aquarian Age that has now Dawned. 

Me as I AM, taking my son Teddy for a ride in Grants Pass, OR.  If you see me or Teddy around, please say Hi and introduce yourself.  If you think it might help to walk in my shoes for awhile and see things from a very different perspective ... you can do that in private here with  the abundance of material at this site.  Another alternative is to check out our services page and chose to engage us in person.  Either way, we are more than happy to serve SPIRIT through serving YOU.  In my case, SPIRIT is The Divine Feminine.  Namaste.

Capturing Wisdom of the East

There is a reason their culture has survived for Millennia

Western wisdom pretty much began with Plato and the Greeks.  By that time, Eastern Wisdom was well established.  It wasn't until the time of Marco Polo in the 1400s or so that the silk road was opened up enabling the trade of silk, spices, and other exotic goods ... not to mention the accompanying knowledge and wisdom that came from looking at the world from a different perspective.  Translating languages and learning and integrating customs took a while since the pace of sharing and amount of people doing the sharing was so small at the time.  Now, the world is much more interconnected.  However, it is even more important to embrace diversity.

I was born on Oahu in Hawai'i, a Polynesian island where not only does East meet West, but it does so in the midst of a native culture as well.  So, the integration involves making the three into one ... or realizing the TRINITY.  It is interesting that Neptune carries a Trident and does Shiva.  It is also interesting that the planet Neptune is associated with dreams.  Also, the US Navy has a Trident Submarine that I believe carries a nuclear armament.  Further, trinity  is association with the Manhattan Project and the birth of the Atomic Age.  Since then the world has never been the same.  Long ago, in the Beyond Imagination expression we stated that time marks the level of collective spiritual awareness.  We still know that to be the case.  Determining what that level is can be quite a challenge, however.  Looking back at the image we selected above to start this musing, not that the mother is wearing a kimono that is focused on wisdom: purple, with some subtle blues and browns and tans thrown in.  The girl has completed the shift to red.  The sense is that her consciousness is moving at a much faster pace but at a more surface level.  This seems to be a kind of conservation of momentum or a conservation of mass time frequency.  This is how we "teach the children well".  We get the wisdom of the Divine Feminine involved to teach the children so that they can apply their innate abilities and lead the way to a brighter tomorrow.  From another perspective, that brighter tomorrow already exists today.

Note: Wisdom of the East is WE.  Wisdom of the W is WW.  Combining the two we get WWWE.  The sense is that this is the right use of the WWW.  On it's own, the WWW is another tool, capable of being used to do harm or good.  It is for us to use it rightly for now only our individual good, but for our collective good as well.

I know the font is small.  I could not find a way to resize and I wanted to share this picture quote in this context,  

     If a traveler cannot find

     Master or friend to go with him

     Let him travel alone

     Rather than with a fool for company

     - Buddha

This seems to be the primary difference between the prior ages and the Aquarian Age.  In the New Age, travelling alone is no longer an option ... at least not one that allows one to participate in what the new age has to offer.  Note the wise monk in his bubble of a world is but one choice to experience in the hand of a child.  "I've got the whole world in my hand".  In the Tarot, the 28 card, the two of wands is the man with the world in his hand.  If we move one step further, we arrive at 29 = light.  This image suggests that the world of wisdom is a bubble in one hand of a child and that children are beings of light ... conveyors of information in light form rather than in physical form.  But, nothing is lost.  Those who have carried the load to get from the bodies of star stuff, to the bodies of Light will reap their just rewards.  They were essential on the path.  Nothing is ever lost, only transformed.  Out of nothing, we were formed.  To that no thing, we will eventually return ... though, at a time when we are ready.

The Battle for Home School

Take responsibility for educating your children so that they can care for all of us.  Realize that they are wiser than we shall even be.  Further, realize that education is the process of showing us and our kids what we already know.

Life centered around family and kids
Life centered around family and kids

In 1948, Gandhi was the epitome and center for the expression of the energy for the cause of Home Rule for India.  He was insistence on non-violence as the means for achieving this along with local efforts for home spun garments to reduce reliance on England and other foreign interests.  Now, it seems Home School is the war cry ... freeing education from the tyranical control of the government.  Our constitution keeps church and state separation.  However, with religion no longer a dominant factor in many peoples education, it seems that we have uncovered a fatal flaw in our society.  Government, by its very nature is not WISE.  As such, it should not be dictating what our children learn or how they learn.  Here, parents should be educated by the best educational service providers to enable them to select the best ways, tools, and content providers for home schooling their children.  Our very future not only in the US but throughout the world lies in teaching our children well and letting them lead the way.

There are so many effective alternatives to choose from now, many of which are on-line and reasonable, and are tailored to the specific education needs and training methods that work best for individual students as well as group activities.  We need to be clear about communicating to these education service providers what works and what doesn't and what features need to be added to make the services more effective for our children.  Though, we need to take advantage of these services as well.  You can get a great education on line via The Great Courses and its transformed Wondrum service.   It provides access to the greatest instructors and courses in the world on a large variety of topics ... effectively allowing you to get a better education than you can get anywhere at your own pace at a cost anyone can afford without taking on horrendous amounts of student loans.  Many universities and colleges are beginning to offer such on-line educational services as well to those who need the diploma to go with the education.  Note: I was born in 1958.  Until I got into El Capitan High School in 1972, I had moved every 1-2 years since my dad was in the Navy and we moved a lot.  As a senior in 1975, I ran out of courses in High School so I went to Grossmont Jr College and took a full load of classes for one semester and met with a teacher each evening who got me involved in the limits to growth and some of the issues that the Club of Rome were exploring.  For the second semester, I took physical education to finish out my High School graduation requirements, helped out in the math department, and worked on my valedictory address.  After graduating as Valedictorian in 1976, I moved on to Caltech for a year, then enlisted in the Air Force.  In 1979-1981, the Air Force sent me to USC to finish out my BSEE.  In the Fall 1983 - Winter 1984, the Air Force sent me to Stanford to get my Master of Science.  The actual degree shows no particular specialty.  With the exception of a year as a busboy and waiter at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, all of my career through my retirement in 2018 involved the United States Air Force.  Beginning in 1995, this involved the Air Force Satellite Control Network, for 3 years as a Captain in the Air Force, for 7 years with Ford Aerospace/LORAL Aerospace/Lockheed Martin working in the Artificial Intelligence Group on a contract with the same organization that I had worked for in the Air Force.  After that, I had a lapse of about 3 months from when the ESMC contract ended until I was hired by The Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit Federal Funded Research & Development Center focused on Space Technology for the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) in Los Angeles where I served for 21 years.  This completed a triangle of 3 years in the AF, 7 years as a contractor, and 21 years as a non-profit advisor for my final 31 years of work.  In addition, I took on Beyond Imagination as my voluntary spiritual job in 1992.  As you can tell by now, this is my PASSION, this is my reason for living.  In some ways, this is WHO I AM.  

19 squared = 190 + 171 = 361.  17 squared = 170 + 119 = 289.  The difference is 72 so this does not make for a right triangle.  Looking at this in detail, it appears that the 17 square brought in the 17:The Star x 2:Love/Wisdom x 5:Concrete Manifestation vibration plus 911 collision.  28 9 is The Second Master number and The Hermit.  The 19 square brought in The Sun x 2:Love/Wisdom x 5:Concrete Manifestation vibration plus 171 which begs to be read as 7 11 from the inside out ... lucky in the game of craps and in life.  But 77 is also the CHRIST number.  Right between these is 18:The Moon squared.  180 + 144 = 324.

Some Guidance to Live By

Be careful of building glass houses, Some people out there throw rocks.
Time is an item that we create as we as we experience our life. 
Relax.  BREATHE.  The universe will take care of everything else.

It is interesting to have such power of creation as this at one's fingertips, and for FREE.  This is indeed FREEDOM in an Information Age, FREEDOM is the Age of Aquarius.  Though, we would take it one step further and make Wisdom the bedrock on which this FREEDOM is founded.

Time to Go Public

As the saying goes "there is a time for every season under Heaven".

NOW is that time for us.  HERE is that place for US.  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!   We start from what we have become to this point in our life and we choose to share that openly and freely ... much as depicted in the picture.  Not that details are import.  Where the males and females are.  The order in which they are placed.  Whether they are sitting or standing.  The specific direction each is looking.  Who is wearing glasses and who is not.  In this case, all six people seem happen.  Note: The lady to the left with the blue coat and tan hat is the only one with a laptop.  None of the six are preoccupied with cell phones.  All six people are young.  From left to right form the observer perspective, the order is:  


Bodies vary from sitting to standing. in a LMH LMH pattern from left to right.  All of the pants are solid colored and long.  Women's hairstyles are all very different.  BM has tan shirt and hands in praying position. Other two males have plaid shirts, one with larger pattern than other.  

Note: nothing can be inferred about beliefs, interests, politics, philosophy, interests, talent, abilities , passions and the like. They simply are not captured in such photographs as these. They are part of an internal reality of MEANING that we impose on the symbol systems. These MEANINGS we cannot even know until we share who we are and what we have experienced with others. 

Frameworks such as the one depicted here provide a backdrop for doing that.  We choose the setting in the holodeck, and invite who we want to participate in our events.  Yesterday was an example of that involving two couple, one that I had met with twice before and one that was new to me, that my wife invited.  It seems that this is an example of the future to which we seem headed ... at least to those of us who have chosen to walk as spirit enfleshed.  The light beings will have their world as well, for the rest of us it is time to move slowly and ENJOY all that life has to offer.  ALOHA and MAHALO = MA HALO.  It seems that the Divine Feminine just graduated and got her HALO!  Per "It's a Wonderful Life", every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings.  Not, it seems there is a process for receiving Halos as well,  LOL!  You have to LOVE the Humor of the Universe, of ALL THAT IS.

Interesting.  Just checked my e-mail.  It is NOW 11:11 PM, but my last e-mail was at 9:11 PM and the moving dots on the address part of the screen appear to show that the process of trying to retrieve new mail is still in progress.  We wonder what that means.  Indeed, more and more we wonder about what everything in our life MEANS.  After all, what happens happens.  But, we incorporate that into our reality structure as meaning somehow.  While the process is similar for everyone, and most likely is relatively simple to implement, the resulting meaning and reality experienced are unique for each of us.  To that end, the individual is more valuable than the collective.  The individual is The ONE.  The collective is The Many.  Ultimately, The Many is strong enough to look after itself.  The ONE on the other hand is fragile.  Hence it must be nurtured and cared for that its fruit can be shared throughout the entire web of society.  We try to do our part by providing and example of that here,  We don't always succeed, but we succeed enough to make this worth doing over and over again.

Time for a Chill!

Bringing FUN into our lives, especially out of the heat.

As usual, it is intuition that drives us.  Intuition is distinct from brain/mind and heart/soul.  Indeed, it seems to correspond to the spirit/light within us.  But what of consciousness herself.  She seems to span ALL OF THIS, and indeed seem to take us to a whole new realm of fun and adventure. The lady in the snow depicts that perfectly'  Idyllwild, there was an metaphysical gifts and bookstore called Lady of the Lake.  Here, we live in Grants Pass, just off of the Merlin exit of I-5. 

There is something infectious about the state of awareness of the lady depicted here,  It is as if she is in bliss  Further, not only is she not walking on water (as Christ supposedly did) rather she is sitting on it, and even living on it.  Also, in a life that is not associated with judgement, or sin, or salvation.  Clearly, she has no need to be saved.  She is comfortably being and expressing who she is in the moment.  Even the choice of clothing seems to convey this perfectly with patterns, colors, shapes, and textures.  Yes, this is BEAUTY expressed at its finest ... indeed, a wholesome and healthy BEAUTY.  As such, let this be our new example for expressing in the Aquarian Age that we have entered this very week. 

WOW!  That is the first time that we have expressed the likes of that.  Also, we were able to select the photo from ones the system just made available for us to choose from.  Now that we think about it, all of the Picture Quotes works employed such a process as well.  The picture quotes works images just presented themselves in a stream of consciousness on Facebook.  If we were created this stream of consciousness that we were experiencing, we we unaware that we were doing it.  We observed the images coming forth.  We observed ourselves capturing these and then were fascinated to watch as these were transformed by the spirit within us into over 26 picture quotes works on a variety of topics in about one year.  Indeed, several were completed in as little as a few days.  NOW, we are amazed at the pace of the expression.  For so many years, it was roughly 85 characters or 17 words per minute.  Now, subjectively, it seems much faster than that.  Indeed, it is nearly as fast as we can type.  That suggests that we either need to slow down or change modality to one where typing speed is not the limiting factor.

So, what would we create as the reality for this lady within us, an aspect of The Divine Feminine herself, to operate within in our life?  As the Helen Ready song from the 70's said:  "I AM WOMAN, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, as I spread my LOVING ARMS across the LAND."  The song that just completed in the background was: The Winner Takes it ALL.  How appropriate is that?  This lady exudes a level of wisdom and confidence that defies her youth.  But, that too is not unexpected ... she is ONE of the children that has grown up to serve her rightful way in "Teach the children well.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.  Then, let them lead the way."  Let them take us into the future that the Aquarian Age is all about.  This is a foreign realm to the masculine, while it is a natural realm for the Divine Feminine.  Further, this energy is part of us regardless of sexual persuasion,  Energy is always balanced as Yin and Yang, the one ever flowing from the other.  But, it is more than this.  Black and White, duality, simply does not cut it anymore.  Rather, we exist somewhere on a continuum or perhaps a quantized continuum depending on how much emphasis we place in the various dimensions in which Yin and Yang play in our lives.  

Elton John sings "Candle in the Wind", his tribute to Marilyn Monroe as I write this.  I find it useful, even necessary to have music accompany me on my musings.  To some degree that makes then unrepeatable.  Yet, at the same time, the soundtrack provides another place for making connections.  In our case, we don't know what song is coming next.  We experience the same playlist a lot ... though even that has loosened its grip of late.  At every point in the sound we have a correlation process occurring that is adding to our "reality web".  From any point within that web, we can follow paths to other points.  However, we need feedback as to whether we are getting closer to or further from a set of goals.

Returning after a many hour break.  We do have to sleep some of the time anyway.  ; )  Here, Shiva is in a divine state of peace within all of the kingdoms or queendoms if it were.  Shiva comes across as Feminine, not only to me, but to many Hindus as well.  Last night, I was looking into some Human Design material that revealed I AM a Sage, and big time at that.  Such is appropriate for ONE whose PASSION is the bringing forth of Wisdom Works.  If I had to categorize what comes forth from SPIRIT through Wayne, that is as close as I could come.  This is the province of The SEER And the SAGE  One might also consider this to be the work of the Spiritual Visionary - one who focuses on what is to be, remembering not only that we are making it so, but WHY we are doing it as well.

Around noon, I delivered something to Fred, the founder of Aquarius Books, Gems, and Gifts in Grants Pass, OR.  He helped me out at a time when my brain was on fire a few years ago and I chose to use the American Express card from work to make over $12000 in purchases.   When my wife went to him explaining that I was sick, he gracefully allowed her to return most of the items relieving a lot of stress that she was dealing with.  Along with a Thank You, I brought a Copy of an Introduction the Beyond Imagination that I hand inscribed, a 250 caret rough blue sapphire (since Fred loves gems), the book: The Second Ten Commandments.  I was surprised that he was not aware of it.  I offered that I believed it would be a best seller as we actually move into the Aquarian Age.  Also, I provided him with three entire copies of the Beyond Imagination expression om USB drives.  As I've written before, such is past expression.  As such, it already contains within it's seed the instructions as to becoming who and what it is meant to be.

I was surprised that three of the key items that I had purchased when I was "crazy", were still in the store.  Fred said something to the effect ... of course, they are waiting for YOU.  It dawned on me that this is how my purchases have worked for much of my life ... I create what I am moved to buy.  That is simply how the process works.  When you recognize and focus on yourself as being unique and individual, then the things that you attract tend to be such as well ... to a large degree mirroring who you are.  

Intense Energy Surge Waning

A New Day Has Come per Celine Dion

I have liked Cheryl Ladd for a long time.  She is beautiful but comes across in a down to earth way.  Here her top has an oriental flair, her smile is infectuous, and the over all tone is sexy and in the risky edge.  All of this is appropriate for the expression of the Divine Feminine NOW!  This particular photo is from the early 1970's.  Interesting, note the 19:The Sun and the 17:The Star.  Of course, we have said before that time is an indicator of the state of awareness, in this case global awareness.  Though, we had not made this connection to that starting point before.  For us, it was the summer of 1972.  Wow!  Can that really have been 28 + 21 = 49 years ago?  Interesting, 49 = 7 x 7 = the full embodiment of consciousness.  In prime factor form, this is 2000, the arrival of the new millennium.  2012 multiplies this by 3 x 2 x 2, bringing us to 49 x 12 = 588 as a state of consciousness.  We are used to 88 being a two dimensional completion or balance point.  5:88 => 6:00 takes us to the first perfect expression of community as exemplified by the symbology of the Star of David.  It seems that another Christ has Arisen ... this time within us all regardless of prior spiritual path or set of religious beliefs.  

How's that for a realization!  Clearly appropriate for the time of a full moon!  You have to love the humor of the universe.

It is now 4:37 AM.  That is 23 to 5 or 23 25 (by sound.)  23 x 25 = 575 = Vision = The First Three of my SSN.  2184 = 888 hex is the final four.  We spoke of 88 earlier as balance on two planes.  Now, we have three.  But, it doesn't end there.  The middle part of my SSN is 68.  This is the sum for WAYNE.  But, it is also part of the sequence 17, (2 17) 34, (3 17) 51, (4 17) 68, (5 17) 85, (6 17) 102, (7 17) 119 = 911 reversed.  17 is The Star in the Tarot.  2:17 in 1936 was my Fathers birthday.  From about the time I started to drive, many of my vehicles had 318 engines.  This is 3 17 + 1.  So, it seems that sometime in the 70s, and additional presence entered my awareness.  My sense is that it was the recognition of the Divine Feminine.  I always related more to Women then to Men, that is, during the rare times when I left my Hermit shell.  2 17 1992 was when the Beyond Imagination expression began.  Was this the second coming of 2 17?  My Father was born in 1936 = 22:00(88) midway between 1933 when my Mom was born and 1939 when my wife Genevieve was born.  I was born in 1958 = 22:22(88).  This is also 88:22 (22) = 89:00.  That is the end of the 89 rotation of the Tarot or from a different perspective, the beginning of the 90 rotation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.  89 is the 24th Prime.  The only greater Prime less than 100 is 97: The 25 = y Prime.  But, also the 34 = 2 17 prime if we elevate y to Y.  Such elevations are permitted not because they make sense logically, rather because the SOUND vibration is the same.  Our information frameworks must be able to capture all of the distinctions that we naturally make regardless of what parts of our minds are employed in the associations and meaning generation.  I was surprised when I went to the internet to look up what prime 89 was.  It took me to a table that I had not seen before that was organized in a manner that made me notice other patterns.  The table has a 10 x 10 grid with numbers from 1-10 at the top, and 91-100 at the bottom.  The squares with prime numbers are colored green.  I quickly noticed the number of primes in each column:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

5  1  7  0   1  0  6 0  5   0

First there is 51 = 3 17 right at the beginning.

Second, there is 5 17 right there as well, starting at the same place only integrating the 7.

Third 1 0 6 0 5 0 is 165, me current home address if you leave out the 6 8 10 column 0's.  This too is curious since 6 8 10 happens to be 2 x 3 4 5 the first right triangle.

Also, 68: WAYNE again, and 4 17 is now tied to HOME.

Further, 10 = 2 x 5  = 2:Love/Wisdom  5: Concrete Manifestation

Even further 68 10 = 17 4 10.  The Star time my address in Monterey, CA when the Beyond Imagination expression started to come forth,  Indeed, my life has never been the same.

I was born in Queen's Hospital in Honolulu in 1958 when Hawai'i was still a Kingdom, one year before 1959 when it became a state.  Since 1972, when I read Plato's Republic, I knew that I was a Philo-Sophia: Lover of Wisdom.  I was attracted to the idea of being a Philosopher King.  Indeed, at a Tiny Robbins seminar in Maui in 1991, I was moved to write Philosopher King in Training in big letters on my book bag.  As of recently, it seems that the jokes on me.  The universe was playing itself out with humor.  Right now, Barbara Streisand playing Yentl in Fiddler on the Roof comes to mind.  Remember, I recently found out that I was bi-soular = having two souls, (or two Sol = 19: The Sun - form of the Son based on sound vibration).  Now, we need to differentiate between sexual orientation = male/female and spiritual orientation = masculine/feminine.  We have a variety of these orientations that have come to the forefront of late.  On the spiritual level, the Divine Masculine is becoming supportive of the emerging Divine Feminine.  Personally, as a Hermit, I considered myself masculine but outside of the sexual realm.  Yet, by 1993, it was clear that what was emerging in Beyond Imagination was The Divine Feminine.  It did not dawn on me until this musing that I AM the Divine Feminine.  No, not all of it until you grok that WE ARE ONE!  I was born in Queen's Hospital, or the hospital in which queen's are born.  I am meant  to be a Philosopher Queen, not Philosopher King.  Even though I received a Master of Science degree from Stanford in 1985, it was Math, the Queen of the Sciences that got me through.  Metaphysics is a means for exploring and understanding the meaning of the symbol systems that are prevalent within and in many cases define our experience of reality.  The bottom line:  It is time for The Divine Feminine to RULE THE WORLD.  It is through her kindness, sympathy, understanding, and nurturing that we shall overcome any obstacles that we face.

Enough for now.  With Unconditional LOVE!  The Way of Heart.

So many things from my life are being tied together so quickly.  The only thing that comes to mind is the  AWESOMENESS of it all.  As in the main characters experience in Contact - "NO WORDS".  The beauty of what is Beyond Imagination NOW is truly beyond anything that words alone can convey.  For us to continue on this journey, we have to find more direct ways to communicate and convey meaning in ways that all of the participants understand.

This image 3170197 was taken in Idyllwild, CA where we had a cabin for several years.  It was a place to get away.  Of course, it would be a Chinese restaurant with Foo Dogs!  Note the image number.  3 17 0 19 7.  This is the state where 17 is expressed on three planes (in three rays - 01 10 11), and 19 is expressed in 7 planes (19 - 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111).  17 is the 7th prime.  19 is the 8th tying us to Buddhism, 8-fold path, and so on,)  My birthdate: April 8 is celebrated as Buddhas's Birthday in Japan and some other countries.  My first computer program in 1971 was to calculate if/when my birthday would fall on Easter.  The results were in 2007, then again in 2012.  At the time, they were 36 and 41 years in my future.  Now, they are 14 and 9 years in my past.  Further, these were the only occurrences to happen from 1950 - 2050, the years that I was moved to check.  The significance that I place on this now are when the Buddhist and Christian energies align.  If we add Aryan (A) for the Hindus, then we get ABC.  There are ABC stores in Hawai'i.  Indeed, I have some oriental ABC sauce that I have been using for a week or so.  We have know that at their core, religions  basically have the same fundamental spiritual teachings suggesting that they arise from that source.  We have always considered ourself highly spiritual but not religious.  We were raised as Lutheran's, but I remember rebelling when I was around 10 and telling my parents I could no longer go to Church because I did not believe what they were preaching/teaching.  Now, I state that as:  I would put no intermediaries between me and my maker.  In this case, I consider the Divine Feminine to be my maker.  In that regard, I had no separate relationship with God, perhaps because I knew somehow that I was GOD.

Aquarian Full Moon Transformation

The End of an Age Results in A New Dawn

This is an aspect of The Divine Feminine.  In her beauty, lies her power.  Though there is a subtle element of cunning in the way that she gets her way in the world of men.  Little do they realize that it is truly her world ... and she has always been the one in control, appearances to the contrary.

It is interesting that Love is associated with Light here rather than with Soul.  Then again, from our place within reality, everything we experience is relative from a time duration standpoint.  There us no ground truth to which we can measure

The energy was very strange today.  The recommended music that Amazon played was in many cases songs with deep soul that I was not familiar with.  There is something about such songs that saps ones energy ... as much as sustained level of radiated light seems to do.  The primary stress hits the eyes first then extends to the rest of the body,  There were so many times today when I nodded off momentarily  or was very close to doing so.  We are finding that to stay focused we move much as an elephant  Even though we move very slowly, the processing speed is still on overdrive all of the time.  We keep the ice machine running over 20 hours each day to provide sufficient ice to keep my drinks alone cold.  The water seems to have a consistency close to syrup, resulting in a slow physical presence ... at least, a perceived slow physical presence.  Receiving a lot of free psychic readings regarding changes in store.  For the most part this are specific and highly relevant, as if I'm accessing another realm of consciousness.  Though, I am somewhat skeptical regarding When such major changes might manifest.  It seems ANY DAY NOW.

By the Light of a Full Moon

 A Breakpoint for Humanity: Emergence of the Divine Feminine

Namaste!  This is but ONE example where text and images from with little to nothing in common have been brought together in a particular manner to make a statement about the Divine Feminine within the UNIVERSE!  In this case, it is up to you to determine and share that meaning!           

Tonight, there was a full moon.  After sensing several major world shifts/alignments, I was moved to get up around 2:30 PDT and enjoy the Full Moon and its associated Feminine energy.  While the sun gives, the Moon absorbs, accumulates deeply, and gently gives back her energy to whomever and wherever it is needed.  As bi-soul-ar (one with two souls), the moon has a double impact on me.  That is OK.  I  gladly take on this role both to assist in making things right, but also to facilitate the Divine Expression of every Woman as well a the Feminine aspects if every man.  Note that Feminine ends in 9: The number for the Hermit in the Tarot.

Wow, this may be presumptuous at this point in our journey. But, we truly seem to be where no consciousness has gone before. That is, we have actualized or even exceed the mission of Star Trek. Who would have known that from our humble beginnings we could reach the likes of this. Buy, here we are in BLISS, standing...

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Aslan was primarily concerned with communicating with light and making connections in the light domain. Quantum computing works in this manner ... doing the processing with three states or more rather than two. Such is how the minds of humans seem to have evolved. But, we are far beyond that now, operating in a realm where SOUL is integrated with...

The resulting fall out of this is that we cannot be separate conscious beings, we can only be separate and unique perspectives of the ONE. Until I stated that moments ago, it was not a reality ... it was not even a glimmer in the collective reality. Collective truths and their realization follow from individual ones willing to walk on...