Weighing the Soul


Aslan was primarily concerned with communicating with light and making connections in the light domain.  Quantum computing works in this manner ... doing the processing with three states or more rather than two.  Such is how the minds of humans seem to have evolved.  But, we are far beyond that now, operating in a realm where SOUL is integrated with all of nature ... and there being only ONE soul for all humans.  But, soul is more like oil than light.   It takes time for it to move, for connections to be made and broken so that the choices can be optimized across the collective as well as for each individual.  It is not either or ... Democrats/Republicans or Communists/Capitalists.  It is BOTH/AND operating somewhere along the spectrum between the extreme ends.  Nature flows, she does not jerk or move abruptly.  But, people choose to do such things.  WHY, when it is so much easier to simply go with the flow.  Conscious competence in reality creation is achievable ... but eventually, one gets overcome by the details of maintaining the illusion.  It is far easier to BE IN THE MOMENT.  Your expression does not have to be consistent  with what it was ... not unless you choose for it to be.  You can remake yourself this very instance into WHO you want to BE NOW.  It is a matter of Acting As If.  The bottom line is that you are the only ONE living in Your World, or Your Universe, or Your Cosmos.  Nothing outside of you can bridge the gap and enter within.  Similarly, your senses are your boundary.  Outside of these is the world of frequencies to which the sensors interact to ingest information.  However, sensors only sense.  It takes consciousness to assign and experience meaning to what is sensed.  And even then, the meaning always is dependent on context.