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NAMASTE!  Providing Metaphysical Services to Transform the World and Guide Any Souls in Search of Enlightenment and Expanded Awareness.  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ALL WAYS.  We hope that you consider what we have to offer and engage those services most aligned with whatsoever path you choose to follow.


NOTE:  Our courses are captured in DOCX files with PDF files embedded.  All of the embedded material is in the file.  So, the courses can be done without access to the internet once you download the course.  Some browsers try to open the file in the browser.  This does not work. The course looks fine and the icons for embedded files are there.  However, they do not link to their files anymore. To get the embedded links: download the course file, then open it.  It should naturally open in MS Word.  Then, to open an embedded file, click on it once to select it.  Rectangle will enclose it.  Then double click to open.

Picture Quotes Works

Yes,  Course 3. The Generation of Picture Quotes Works is now available.  If I counted right, there are 25 Picture Quotes works included in this course. The first is huge. The next 23 are on particular topics. The final one is one RUMI, the Sufi Master. His expression took me to a place where I had "no words" to add anymore. I included it in hopes that it might do the same for you.


Lesson 1: Study the 25 Picture Quotes works that I have generated. They basically follow a similar process/format, but differ in how Beyond Imagination expression material has been incorporated. As you study them, notice both the differences and the similarities.

Lesson 2: Choose three topics and generate your own such works. You can choose some of my topics if you wish.

  • Search for: (topic) quotes images to get relevant ones for your works
  • Copy the ones that move you into a single file per topic
  • Create a separate file with the sections/bins you want to use
  • For each picture quote, decide which bin to put it in, and preface it with bin identifier
  • Cut and paste each picture quote into the bin identified
  • Rearrange to improve flow from one picture quote to next, if desired
  • Add your interpretation and any additional relevant information
  • Don't make this a chore … keep it FUN

Lesson 3: Share your works with others. This gives LIFE to your works.

  • These are children of your heart and your mind.
  • Set them free so that they can impact others.

Consciousness, Spirit, and Soul

Yes, I'm back. This time with Course 2 that addresses the topics that are among my favorites: Consciousness, Spirit, and Soul. When I started bringing forth the Beyond Imagination expression in the mid-1990s, the latter two topics were used interchangeable … even the dictionary used one to define the other. Soul seemed to be the least understood of all, especially in the West. We have come a long way since then. Hopefully, you will be impressed by just how far. But then, that is something you have to realize for yourself. We hope that the class moves you, that it allows you to discover parts of yourself that you did not know existed. That is what the expression did for us. But, we had to live it. The expression only came forth at 16 words per minute. However, if you keep at it long enough, it amounts to over 10 million words in 25 years. Yes, that is a lot of metaphysical expression. Furthermore, there were over 20000 hours of processing, observing, making connections, understanding that accompanied and facilitated the expression. Also, all of this was done freely on our own time because it fully engaged our passion and curiosity.


This course consists of 7 "Lessons". In all of these, there is a large amount of material to read and a large amount of work to do. Doing this work is essential to developing a personal understanding of Consciousness, Spirit, and Soul

You can download the MS Word file for the course below. You will need MS Word to complete the work in the course.   There are embedded PDF files in the DOCX course file.


NOTE: This will probably be the most challenging and difficult course that you ever take. It will definitely transform you if you give it the time, focus, and attention it deserves. It helps to expect that this will be the case going in. If that scares you, then this is probably not the course for you, at least not yet. I was not fortunate to have such a course available. I had to take a long walk through the wilderness of consciousness and even on the edge of sanity several times. But, I made it through. Now there is a path that I can share with others.

Wisdom for the Aquarian Age

9/15/2023: Just completed creating Beyond Hermit Course 1: "Wisdom for the Aquarian Age." Check out our first course.  After all, what value would you place on WISDOM with the world in the state that it is in these days? Anyway, download it from the following link.  Beware, it is large [94MB].  So, it may take a while.  And, you need to have Word or something that reads DOC files with embedded PDFs to use it.  NOTE: Once you download and open the file in Word, select the icon for an embedded file by clicking once.  A dashed rectangle should appear.  You can double click on that to open the file.  Word may ask you what program to use to open it.  Embedded files include PDF, DOC, and MP3.


If you find value in the course or anything else at the website, please refer others. We do no advertising, so we have no other means of disseminating our works.

Metaphysical Services

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon and the Aquarian Age.

This is our final step in going beyond what we have been as a HERMIT for the first 64 years of our life.

We believe that the world is direly in need of WISDOM to guide it.  That is what we offer through our wisdom works.


The dragonfinal.pdf file is our final written work.  I say "our" because I watched as SPIRIT put it together through me in an automatic way that surprised me.  You can download it for FREE.  It is LARGE, so it may take awhile to download.  It explains how to access our works and the few remaining services that we choose to offer in 2024-2026.  It is not available anywhere else or in any other format.

NAMASTE!  Unconditional LOVE All Ways!


The following briefings on Society, Government, Economy, and Education were generated in 1995 and sent to over two dozen important people that we selected from The Address Book.  This included President Bill Clinton, from whom we received a personal note thanking us for our concerns.  No one else even acknowledged receipt.  Oh well, such has been the feedback or lack thereof in all of our attempts to share the Beyond Imagination expression.