Dragon Short Quotes

The Dragon Musings Short Quotes

July 2014: These are SHORT QUOTES from the DRAGON musings selected in July 2014. The intent is to use them in daily posts. They came from material captured as spoken expression via software called Dragon. This involved a different modality then our normal one of typing this expression. Except for a few sessions when we were becoming accustomed to using this software and the new modality it offered ... virtually all of this expression came forth as we were commuting between our home in Cathedral City and the place in Redondo Beach where we live during the work week. We were always alone driving during that time with soft rock playing on the radio in the background.


These are the Dragon Musings Short Quotes. They were selected from the Dragon Musings that occurred over a 39 month period of time from June 2009 through September 2012.

Personally, we find the nature, quality, and quantity of quotes in this expression to be fascinating and impressive. The passages capture here came from the 538,000 words covering over 400 hours of speaking to ourself. We had no idea of what to expect when we began this work. Our recollection of the content of the Dragon Musings was virtually non-existent. Though, that is not any different than with the rest of the Beyond Imagination expression.

We hope you enjoy what you find here and are able to learn something in the process ... preferably something about who you are. Also, we hope that this work encourages you to step out of the normal confines of yourself, experience the world in a new way, creatively express in new ways, and share yourself and your creations. Yes, this takes courage ... sometimes, a lot of courage. But, it is worth it. So, act on the challenge and do it. Find something that you are passionate about and follow it to wherever it takes you. Trust that Spirit is always guiding you and She would never lead you astray. That is simply not how she works. Remember, We Are One! What you experience in this work is the perspective from another aspect of the Greater Self that we are.

I Am That I Am That You Are!

Namaste, Wayne

If you are moved by this, feel free to contact me at: hermit@bispirit.com

As with any of our works, we invite you to use anything that we have brought forth in creating derivative works of your own. Indeed, we welcome such as feedback from another part of Us to us.

Never underestimate the importance and value of feedback ... especially direct honest feedback.

We dedicate this particular work to our niece Jen and her daughter Kayla.

Dragons are meaningful in their life as well.



7/8/ 2009

1: Never underestimate the importance of doing things for yourself. Yes, that may appear selfish ... but that is only on the surface. Everything that impacts you impacts everyone.

2: There can be no separation. Everything is connected and part of a single whole. There is incredible cooperation in the world. Without this cooperation, nothing would function.

3: Simply go with the flow of spirit in your life. It will take you precisely where you need to be in the optimum manner.

4: If you seek within, you will know what is yours to do. You always know.

5: Weaknesses can turn into strengths with the right training.


6: Proof is not the way in the spiritual domain, faith is ... in particular, faith in things both seen and unseen.

7: Every discovery has ripples that affect everything else in the matrix. Nothing is isolated. Nothing stands alone. Everything is interconnected. Everything.

8: Sometimes it helps to work on ones weaknesses ... but far more often, the greatest benefits come from employing ones strengths.

9: Self-discovery is about finding your gifts and developing them. Self-expression is about using your gifts to creatively serve in some way.

10: We have the technology to impact 100's of millions if not billions of people in positive ways. All that it takes is the right programming.

11: It is not for us to change the world. It is for us to be who we are, and allow spirit to express through us in ways that change their world. It is spirit doing it all. It has always been spirit.

12: There is always an option that is WIN/WIN. Always. Though, it may take some seeking to find it. Allow your soul to take you in the right direction. It always knows how to make such choices.

13: Everything in your life is unfolding in accord with a plan that consciousness has laid out. All that you have to do is be YOU and allow it to unfold as it will.

14: Life is not about reaching outcomes, life is about enjoying the journey. Some paths make the journey far more enjoyable than other paths. You would be wise to choose these.

15: Life does not always unfold as we expect it will. It brings surprises to us at every turn. That is fine, it keeps life interesting. And, life needs to be interesting.

16: Whenever we need to know something, somehow we will know it. That doesn't mean that there aren't secrets... that there are not things that are not for us to know

17: Life is a mystery. It will always be a mystery. It will always be unfathomable.

18: Nearly everything that you accept as being your nature, is a limitation that you have imposed upon yourself.

19: Look within. All of the answers you need are within.

20: It is amazing how little it takes to make a big difference.


21: Some things are universal. Though, we need to be careful about what we decide is universal. In some cases, deciding such can be a limiting factor.

22: The universe is an unlimited place. So, any limits that we impose, we impose on ourselves.

23: Choices and consequences, that is the game of life. Play well.

24: We each possess souls. Our souls are wiser than we know. Further, no matter what our age, our souls are ancient.

25: We find what we need to find. Sometimes, that happens to be what we are looking for. But often, we don't really know what we are looking for. That doesn't seem to matter.

26: We are not meant to be experts at everything. But it helps, to be expert at something.

27: We should be able to earn our livelihood doing things we love to do. We should be able to structure the world so that this can happen.

28: But, if there is no one that we are sharing with, does sharing actually occur? It seems that it does not. Sharing can never be a unilateral activity, it is always a mutual thing.

29: Accept the parts of yourself for what they are. But, remember always that you are one, that you are whole, complete, and one.

30: You are capable of far more than you know. You are capable of doing far more than you have ever dreamed possible.

31: The self is meant to operate as an integrated whole. Naturally it chooses to do this. However, many things can lead to separation within the self.

32: Comparisons to others do not really matter when it comes to the self.

33: Everyone and everything is connected to everyone and every other thing. The connections are many and they are deep.

34: Everything that you need to know will be revealed when you need to know it.

35: At some point, you will function as the whole that you are. At that point, you will be ready to join with other wholes to become even greater wholes.

36: Not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes, even often, good enough is good enough. It is a matter of determining what is good enough.

37: Separation almost always causes difficulties. Whether it is separation of the self or separation of society, the result is difficulties.

38: Separation can only exist within the illusion. It is only in the illusion that parts have an identity of their own. Yet, there is value in experiencing the viewpoints of the parts.

39: Much of this expression involves you remembering what you already know. It could not come forth as a stream of consciousness unless the knowledge was already within you.

40: It's all a matter of practice, practice, practice. That is how we get good at anything.

41: We know what we know. And we know not what we know not. That is just the way that it is.

42: Believe in the power of love. Love is the primary motive force in the universe.

43: Every being has its place at its purpose in the grand scheme of things. While spirit knows what that is, it may or may not be revealed to us.

44: Each of us has a world of our own making. Yes, these worlds overlap in certain ways. However, they still retain their unique identity.

45: The bulk of my world is something that I've created in my consciousness. The only way that another can access that world is through me or through the works that are generated by me.

46: The goal is to have beliefs that are life-affirming and positive. But, it can take extensive work to achieve.

47: Remember, it is not you that is in control. Actually nothing is in control. There is no need to control. There is only a need to allow.

48: There are more than enough resources on the planet to satisfy the needs of everyone.

49: You are all connected. You are all responsible for one another. The sooner you recognize this responsibility, the sooner you will find solutions to your problems.

50: For spirit to do anything, it has to come through us. We have to offer our services. We have to allow her to do her works through us.


51: The creation is perfect. It has always been perfect, it will always be perfect. That includes everything that is within it.

52: The creation is perfect. It is perfect at every moment. Yes, it is unfolding at every moment as well. It is ever changing.

53: Every day you grow, every day you learn, every day you become something that you are not the day before.

54: Remember, the critical part of this expression will be the best quotes that you select, that we select, from this material.

7/11/2014: We find it interesting that it is exactly 5 years later when we are finally getting around to doing the Dragon Quotes selection.

55: We do learn more every day. And as we said, much that we learn surprises us. Much that we know surprises us as well.

56: To truly know something, we must be it.

57: There are things that others can show you, things that others can help you with, that you might never be able to resolve or learn on your own. At least not without an extensive amount of effort.

58: Others are in your life for a reason. We are meant to share who we are and to learn from one another. This includes exchanging our services with one another.

59: Your intentions go a long way as well. Often, they determine whether what you want is manifest.

60: It seems that there should be a limit on how much fortune one can accrue. At some point one has far more than one needs. At that point, what benefit is there in accruing more?

61: Spend some time to experience what the ego can do in your life. Give it room to play. Give it room to introduce itself and allow you to see what it is capable of. For, what it is capable of, you are now capable of.

62: Pay particular attention to your emotions and allow those to be felt as deeply as you can. In particular, if you are moved to happiness joy and bliss, revel in that.

63: Our imaginations can take as far, far beyond anything that exists, far beyond anything that is manifest. And, much that we imagine we are able to create.

64: Every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every musing comes forth out of the blue.

65: Everything is interdependent. Everything is connected. Because of this, nothing is static, everything changes. At least, everything in the world.

66: There are some things that are unchangeable. Some truths are that way. Interesting, that that would be expressed as some truths rather than all truths.

67: Were it not for this cooperation, our world would cease to be in an instant.

68: Be open to finding new doors in the mansion of yourself. They will take you to new rooms or new parts with abilities that you have not dreamed that you have.

69: Remember the law of synergy, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts... generally, far greater. 70: The parts of you are always equal. These parts are also unique. They have different functions, and they relate to one another in their own ways.

71: You find your heart by allowing yourself to feel. Make it okay. Validate the truth that comes from your feelings.

72: When you are operating correctly, you operate from the perspective of the whole, or at least as close to the whole as you can.

73: The self is richly complex. Yet, at the same time it is simple. One force keeps the self whole. That force is love.

74: If you don't love yourself first, it is nearly impossible for you to love others.

75: That is one of the major problems in the world... people do not care enough for one another. That can be remedied, but it takes effort and an extreme amount of effort at that.

76: Reality will conform to what you desire it to be and to what you believe.

77: Without your body, you would not be physical at all. Without your body, you would have no vessel for your consciousness to express. So, start doing things that treat it with reverence.

78: Nothing is lost. Nothing is ever lost. The very fact that it came forth and you heard it put it into the mass consciousness, the collective consciousness.

79: Not everything needs to serve particular individuals. Some things serve the whole.

80: Bringing forth this expression, integrates all of you. Even if that is only for your eyes and your ears, that is a great benefit.

81: There are parts of the self that are non-physical, that retain their identity even when death occurs.

82: Is it that important that you experience what you desire? Does it really matter to you? If it doesn't matter, there is no wonder it does not appear.

83: At some point, we have given enough. That is the point we need to reach and no further.

84: It may help to think of yourself as a collective, at least until your awareness shifts to become aware of yourself as the whole.

85: Trust that no work goes uncompensated ever. Spiritual law simply won't allow that to happen.

86: With each sentence that comes forth is the possibility of expressing a great truth. No, not every sentence does that. But, in nearly every musing, some sentences or passages do that.

87: Yes, you create your own reality. But you do it as a whole, with all the parts contributing. If the parts are separated, there can be disharmony... this works against getting what you desire.

88: Life is meant to be lived. Yes, work is a part of that. But, it is only a part.

89: Bliss transforms everything into joy. And, as a result we experience happiness as well.

90: Expectation takes you a long way towards manifestation. Without the expectation, the outcome is far more uncertain. So, use expectation as your ally.

91: As you imagine, so it is. That doesn't mean that things can change. Literally, they can change in a heartbeat. All it takes is for you to make a different choice. All it takes is for us to collectively make a different choice. When we do that as a whole, it really makes a difference.

92: Everything you think, everything you feel, everything you do, everything you experience is experienced by the collective.

93: Anything that you need to know can come forth through you from the collective. It is simply a matter of opening the channels that allow this to happen.

94: It takes life to take something that is desired or something that is chosen to something that is manifest.

95: Our sense is that whatever we need will indeed manifest. And, based on what manifests we can decide what to do.

96: Choices and consequences, these govern what we experience in our life.

97: Life is complex. If it were simple, reality creation would be much easier than it is.

98: At some level, there are parts of you that know what choices yield what results and hence what consequences in your life.

99: Every opportunity you see will expand you, will allow you to do more, will provide additional tools for you to accomplish your mission. For us to accomplish our mission.

100: You do not have to do everything, only those things for which your particular abilities and talents are most suited.

101: If we expect something that we believe is impossible, it simply won't happen.

102: Reality creation is a complex process. There are many factors at play. Any of these factors can impact the outcome. Yet, reality creation is a game that we all play. And, we are Masters at it.

103: That is true for knowledge in general. The more we share it the greater the benefits to the collective.

104: Often, it is not enough that the collective knows something. Often, there is a block between the individual and the collective. It is not a natural block, it is an artificial one.

105: Each of you were given unique gifts for a reason. That reason is to carry out some mission that is yours.

106: Do the best with what you have been given. Your best is always good enough, it is all that can be expected of you.

107: You are not in this alone. We work together as a whole to create all that you and we experience.

You are primarily the part of us that is physical. You keep us rooted to physical reality.


108: Inclusiveness is extremely important. It is a characteristic of oneness.

109: Separation is never real. Yet, there is a purpose to separation. Separation allows something to be experienced it could not otherwise be experienced.

110: Without separation, there would be a blending, there would only be a wholeness... the parts would not retain their separate identity.

111: Once the collective knows how to do something, that process can be replicated, not exactly, but in a way that is tailored to each of the individuals to which it applies.

112: You can only operate solo for so long. At some point, you need to find your spiritual family; those other souls who are can do it to you in some way to carry out your mission.

113: We do not trust any authority figures. We do not trust anything that we have read. We do not trust in a God or deity of any sort. We trust in the sanctity of who we are.

114: Some of this is logical, some of it may not be. But logic is only a tool. Tools have their uses. But, we need to be wary of using the wrong tool for the job at hand.

115: Our intuition can take as far, far further than many would imagine. So can our logic, but it seems to be more limited.

116: In putting parts back together, we needed understanding of the parts, but we also need a vision of the whole that only the intuition can provide.

117: Where there are habits, things are unchanging. There is safety and security in this. But, there is a loss of something, there is a loss of individuality, there is a loss of creativity.

118: There is nothing that you have to make happen in your life. Though, everything that happens we, the whole, make happen.

119: Every experience that you have is there for a reason, is there to teach you something, is there to show you something. But, you have to participate to get the benefit of the experience.

120: Everything that is being done in the world has its utility. You may not see that much of the time, but there is something that is coming out of it.

121: Words are of value. But quotable words are of far greater value.

122: Nothing ever happens in the future. Everything happens in the now.

123: There are many mansions to the self. Interesting, I have never heard that statement before. What constitutes a mansion of the self.

124: Your consciousness is greater than your mind. Yes, it expresses through your mind, but it knows more and does more.

125: Each of us create our own reality. Destiny is part of that reality.

126: That is how we create a better world ... we find better, more efficient, and more elegant ways to care for one another.

127: Society should ensure that the needs of all are met. But, society is US. It is not God. It is not the government. It is not the economic system. It is US, collectively doing what it takes.

128: We can serve our families, spirit, others, society, even the world. But, serve we must, to the best of our abilities for our fair share of time.

129: If we can experience bliss, joy, and happiness ... so much the better. But, that doesn't take any more abundance. It simply takes an attitude adjustment.

130: Our attitude is something that we choose. It is not forced upon us by outer circumstances.

131: Where there is bliss, joy and happiness are soon to be found.

132: Your bliss is what you love doing, what you love doing more than anything else in the world.

133: One step is sufficient, and from that the next step, and the next until we arrive at wherever the whole of us is taking us. We are to live each day fully as it comes.

134: Experience the joy of whom that you are ... yes, the JOY. It has been there waiting for you to experience it all along. You deserve to be happy. You truly do. Know that and be that.

135: Your bliss is not something that is hiding from you waiting to be found. You already know what it is. But, there is a difference between knowing something and being something.

136: We will have whatever effect we are meant to have. It is not for us to make that any more or any less.

137: Our life is ours to fashion as we choose to be. We are artists all, master artists, creating a masterpiece. It behooves us to learn and develop the gifts and talents that we have.

138: As we are following the path, we are only able to see where we are, we are not able to see where we are going... not beyond the next step anyway.

139: Just because we have experienced things in a particular way does not mean that we always have to experience them that way.

140: Focus on the oneness that you are. You are one already. You are a part of the whole, not apart from it. But, you know that, deep within you know that.

141: It should be easy to be happy, extraordinarily easy.

142: Every part of you is necessary. Every part of you is unique. Regardless of whether you know it or not, or whether your parts know it or not, you are whole and complete.

143: All separation is illusion. It has always been thus, it shall always be thus.

144: Focus on the oneness always. You don't necessarily need to find the parts. If you focus on the oneness, those parts that are separated will find you.

145: You know more than you can possibly know. Simply allow what you know to come forth and guide you to do what you need to do. You will know what that is, and you will be moved to do it.

146: The heart feels, the mind thinks. So, it seems that the natural expression of the soul would be emotions, whereas the natural expression of the consciousness is thoughts.


147: There are no restrictions on how fast we can experience change. It is up to us.

148: We all deserve to be happy, each and every one of us. But, what do we have to do to make that so both individually and collectively?

149: Everything comes down to what we believe. It cannot be our biology, it cannot be our environment. Neither of these are sufficient to limit us unless we allow them to.

150: Our belief systems are quite powerful. However, they are our belief systems. They are what they are because of what we have accepted, much of that without question.

151: Our belief system is not meant to limit or imprison us. Our belief system needs to be open and expansive, it needs to allow us to grow to be all that we can be.

152: When we change our beliefs, we change our reality. It is that simple. But, this can be a difficult process. It can take a while but it is worth the wait.

153: How do I experience bliss, joy, and happiness? The answer to that is simple, be who you are.

154: Others can be powerful mirrors to you. They can allow you to see things about yourself that you could not otherwise see.

155: Similarly, you can be a powerful mirror to others. And, you can learn a lot from allowing yourself to do that.

156: Your experience is different when you are focused outwardly rather than inwardly.

157: How do we more fully realize who we are? Meditate. Don't speak. Don't think. Don't write. Simply meditate. Not contemplate, not concentrate, not focus on anything. Simply be.

158: The only thing that you can be is you. And, when you drop everything, all that is left is you. In that state, even the separation of your parts vanishes.

159: In meditation, you focus on the whole, on the oneness. There is not you and All That Is. There is only All That Is. Know that. Realize that.

160: Spirit will not be rushed. Though, she will allow you to experience everything that you are ready to experience. It is for you to make yourself ready. No one can do that for you.


161: The heart is meant to feel, not to think. It needs to be included in your decisions and in how you live your life. Yet, unless it is properly connected to the mind, this will not happen.

162: Your mind does not feel. Though, it makes statements that are as if it feels.

163: Your mind speaks for you. It speaks for all of you. But, it speaks in thoughts, not in emotions. Your heart speaks in emotions. You need to find a way to connect the two.

164: You need to be aware of the truth of what you express. Feel it, not just think it.

165: The heart and the mind need to function as one. If they are not doing this they cannot form a solid foundation for the body or for the face that connects them to spirit.

166: Once we realize that something is in effect, we can do something about it. It is a matter of desiring and choosing to do something about it.

167: It's all about making connections, connecting the right pieces of information together in the right ways.

168: There is an alternate route to get from the heart to the mind, it is through the soul and consciousness. Those connections are already established.

169: We create our own reality, no fine print, no exceptions. We've known that for quite some time. We also know that much of how we do this occurs on other than conscious levels.

170: How do we manifest what we desire? Is what we desire truly important? Does what we desire allow our soul to express more fully, allow our spirit to express more fully?

171: Does everything have to have utility? Cannot some things simply be beautiful for the sake of being beautiful? Indeed, they can.

172: All that we can do is try things, is do things, and observe the feedback that we get, and observe the consequences of our choices.

173: It seems that we should be able to earn our abundance from what we love to do.

174: To know what you love, your heart would have to be understood by your mind.

175: Your mind does not love. It cannot. Love is foreign to it. Your heart and your soul are the parts of you that love. Even your consciousness does not love. It thinks that it knows.

176: At some level, you know what you love. It comes from loving what you love. Your heart loves what you love. Your soul loves what you love.


177: We create our own reality, no fine print, no exceptions. And, we are free to choose to create whatever reality we desire to experience. It is all up to us.

178: Establishing the mind-heart connection is critical to us becoming the whole being that we are. Absolutely critical.


179: There is a sense that when we enter this existence, our body is whole and complete. That would mean our mind, heart, soul, and consciousness are functioning and connected properly.

180: Why would we ever choose things that limit us? Because, at the time that were choosing them, we are not aware of how they limit us. Indeed, that comes after the choices are made.

181: How do we become the whole that we are, the whole that we were created to be? Indeed, such is the goal for our existence. This, above all else is why we are here.

182: We have always trusted spirit. We allow her to manifest what she will in our life. But, spirit is not separated from us. In our pyramid of self, she lies at the apex, at the very top.

183: Spirit is enfleshed. She can never be separated from the body so long as we are incarnated. That is not to say that her true nature is not in another realm. Indeed, it is.

184: But, who defines what we are meant to do? At one extreme, that could be All That Is. It might also be spirit. It might also be us. It all depends.

185: In a very real way, spirit is responsible for manifesting things in our life.

186: It is all about service. Indeed, it is all about the services that we are able to provide using our natural gifts and abilities.

187: In this expression, it is not me doing the writing... and, it does not seem to be me doing the knowing.

188: What matters is that we allow ourselves the freedom to express who we are.

189: There is no one else out there that can free us. Only we can free ourselves.

190: There is a sense that if it is meant to be, it will indeed be. We don't have to make things happen, we simply have to allow them to do so.

191: We do what we can, we do what we must, we do what we are moved to do.

192: We don't judge this expression. We observe it happening. We observe ourselves participating in it. We have yet to observe ourselves actually creating it. Perhaps that will come over time.

193: If we can experience the whole of who we are, then we can fully express what it is that we came to express. But, the one precedes the other. We have to make ourselves whole first.

194: Who are we? Do we even know? We've spent the bulk of our life in an endeavor to know ourselves. But, have we even come close to succeeding? It is not clear that we have.

195: Keep doing the same things in the same way and you get the same results. For things to change, you must either do new things, or do the same things in new ways.

196: Feedback would allow you to adjust what you do, who you are, and how you think to change your impact on others in your world.

197: Trust your inner knowingness, it will not lead you will a stray. Trust the sanctity of yourself. You are a sovereign being unto yourself. Know this. Feel this. Be this.

198: There is something about an attitude of gratitude that brings more into your life. More things, more experiences, more feelings, more everything.

199: You live in a world of great beauty, a majestic world, a world full of wonder. But, how often do you pay attention to that?


200: To realize more takes self-work. And, self-work can be difficult, even extremely difficult at times. However, it should also be fun. And, it is clearly enlightening.

201: What truly matters to us? The first thing that came to mind was that we complete our mission. Not that we find our bliss, joy, and happiness. But, that we complete our mission.

202: No good deed goes unrewarded. Spiritual work will indeed receive its compensation.

203: Everyone that you interact with benefits from who you have become for you are connected to everyone and everything that has existed, currently exists, or will ever exist.

204: What you experience makes a difference. The Beyond Imagination endeavor is an important part of your experience.

205: The collective consciousness knows everything that any of us know.

206: We express who we are. We may not know how we do it, but that we do it is beyond question. The growing stream of words is testament to that.

207: If I loved myself unconditionally, would I choose to do the things that I do, to think the things that I think, to feel that the things that I feel?

208: How you treat others should be independent of how they treat you. Sometimes that is difficult, but it is truly up to you.

209: You don't accept any authority higher than you, except for the universe and All That Is. We would have also included spirit as a higher authority, but you know that spirit is you.

210: There is only one spirit that animates us all.

211: There is a part of you that is spirit just as the droplet is ocean. No, you are not all of spirit, however, spirit is one ... every part of spirit is connected to every other part of spirit.

212: Emotions move us. They cause us to do things.

213: For most of our life we have been intuitive as well. However, intuition does not seem to come from the heart and soul, rather, it seems to be another side of the mind and consciousness.

214: Turn away from your thoughts, turn away from what you know. Being is not in those realms. Being simply is. Being is even beyond awareness. Awareness is beyond the observer within you.

215: The soul deals and quality of experience. The soul brings quality and elegance into your life. Focus on these and the bliss, joy, and happiness will come.

216: Ultimately, it is your choice. Others can only engage you to the degree that you engage them.

217: Relationships are mutual, they involve a give and they take. You are not used to taking from others.

218: But, I am never alone. Even if there were not another single soul engaged in the Beyond Imagination endeavor, we would not be alone.

219: If this is to be a solitary endeavor, it is not clear how the results of what we do will find their way to impact the world. But, we trust that if this indeed is meant to be it will happen.

220: Ultimately, it is spirit doing the work. Yes, she does it through us but she does it nonetheless.


221: Bliss, joy, and happiness. When we are being what we were created to be, these will be our natural state.

222: Your soul cannot be fooled. It knows the truth, especially the truth of who you are.

223: Anything that you have ever learned is there within you waiting to serve you. You have only to call it forth.

224: Trust the sanctity of yourself. You are a sacred being. Everything that you need is there within you. That includes everything that you need to manifest whatever you truly desire.

225: Seize the moment. Ultimately, there is no judgment. So, it does not matter which way, which path you choose to follow. Whichever path you choose will be the right path for you.

226: Every day we are evolving ... we are becoming something that we were not the day before.


227: Surely, I am not alone in investigating the things of this consciousness and the things of the soul and the things of the spirit. Indeed, I cannot be.

228: Your presence alone is enough to touch others. This is true for each and every one of you, but it is more true for some than for others.

229: There is something that says our spiritual work should be voluntary... it should be something that we do for the sheer joy of doing it.

230: It seems that all work should be compensated... especially spiritual work because of its great value 231: Trust that your needs are being taken care of. For, indeed they are, always. Sometimes you may not think that this is the case... but, it always is. So, concern yourself not about yourself.

232: Be content with what you can do to serve... to serve spirit, to serve others, to serve your society, and to serve your world.

233: Don't limit what it is that can be expressed through you. Open yourself to some new possibilities. Continue to seek to know whom that you are.

234: For external change to happen, to change your world... you must change yourself. There is no other way.

235: Contradictions never serve anyone. They fracture our energy. So, when you find them in your life, you need to abolish them.

236: Your soul knows the right choices for you. But, you have to seek her guidance and act upon it.

237: We did not create ourselves... God created us. Yet, what we do with that is up to us. It is for us to choose in what manner we would be an instrument through which spirit can express.

238: How do we get in touch with any part of ourselves? We seek within. That is always the answer for us... seek within. There, we know the answer to any question that we could ask.

239: We are more than we know ourselves to be... way more. So, how do we explore that. It seems that it is a matter of finding the very depths of us.

240: What has been to date was a necessary step, but it was only a step. It prepared us for what is to come, even if we know not what that will be.

241: We are open to our life unfolding as it will. We know that spirit is at the helm. She will guide us to exactly where we need to be. We know this, such is how spirit operates in our life.

242: Every state that we have ever experienced is right there ready to be called forth again. Know that and act based on that knowledge.


243: We never know when our last they may be. All we can do is make the most of each day we are given. Yes, each day. That is how we make the most of our life.

244: The bottom line is that there is no time to waste. That doesn't mean that we have to be working all the time. Indeed, we have to find some time to live.

245: No excuses, ever. We have no need for them... not anymore anyway.

246: It is not important to us that things happen precisely as we desire them to happen. We trust that spirit has something grander in store for us.

247: Our life will unfold as it will nonetheless. And however that is will be perfect. There is no sense that our conscious involvement could make it any better.

248: The most valuable thing that we have to share is who we are.


249: For our world to change, we must change. There is no other way. So, the question is how must we change.

250: But, why should our paid work and our spiritual work be different things? Why shouldn't both make full use of all of us, of everything that we are?

251: Value is typically not intrinsic. It is something that you have to add. It is something that you have to do something to bring out.

252: You are in this for the long haul. Once you have created a work, it basically has value forever. At least, for as long as you live.

253: What excuses are preventing us from being happy? If we knew, we would be able to eliminate them. However, at some level we must know. Nothing is hidden from the self.

254: That is good, spiritual work should be done for the sheer joy of doing it. Though, that does not mean you cannot derive your abundance from doing it. You just have to serve others as you do it.

255: There are indeed teachers that are master teachers but that are not masters of what they teach. But, such is not your way. You are meant to be a wayshower.

256: What is intolerable is the status quo. And, even that might change with a change of attitude. Yes, attitude is everything. Attitude changes everything.

257: One question that comes to mind is how do we create a masterpiece of our life? Simply look at your life through different eyes. You already create a masterpiece of your life.


258: We would build the foundations for a community of which we would choose to be an active member.

259: At this point, it matters not how many people are engaged in this endeavor. Even with you alone, it is not a solitary endeavor, because the various parts of you contribute.

260: Awareness is the grandest game in town. Seek that first and all else will come to you.

261: Can we design our life any better than spirit designs it for us? Actually, this seems to be a faulty question. For, spirit is us. She is not something separate from us. In fact, we are one.

262: It is through awareness that we build new foundations. Indeed, it is only through awareness that such foundations can be built.

263: Yes, we are willing to live for a cause... in this case for a spiritual cause. However, there is no cause that we are willing to die for. Our life is far too precious for that.

264: To accomplish our mission, we need to be whole, complete, and one.

265: It is not for us to demand what we want from the universe. It is for us to offer what we would give and allow spiritual law and universal law to determine the consequences of our choices.

266: We can choose how we take what comes. We can choose how we are impacted by what we experience. We can choose how we are impacted by what we do. All of this is our choice.

267: You create your own reality. Much of that you do on other than conscious levels. However, you also create on conscious levels. You do not give yourself enough credit for that.

268: Nothing is hidden. Whatever parts of yourself that you choose to be aware of, you can be aware of. But, it all comes down to your choice. Your reality is your creation, no one else's.

269: The whole is aware of the reality of each individual. It is also aware of the joint reality of each grouping.

270: Trust spirit and trust yourself. You will know what is right. Do that without hesitation. Do that, that is all you need to do.

271: Stop being so concerned with doing more... with what you could be doing... with what you should be doing... rather than with what you are doing. What you are doing is enough.

272: There needs to be a balance between work and life for you. Actually, this is true for everyone, but it is especially true for you. You have a tendency to do more than your fair share.

273: L life is a magical process. Why should our life not be magical? Why should our expectations not come to fruition? We are as deserving of what we desire as is anyone else.


274: What we can imagine, we can create. It is all a matter of allowing the very processes of the universe to allow things to unfold in our life.

275: There is only so much that we need. Once our needs are met, there is no need to accumulate more for ourselves. Then, we can fully apply ourselves towards accomplishing our mission.

276: We would imagine what our life and what our work would be. But, it needs to be more than would be. It needs to be is. We can only be what we are. There is never a process of becoming.

277: So, if we are going to be something, we have to do it in the moment. The place we can do that is in our imagination.

278: What we imagine, we experience. That is the way manifestation works. That is the only way manifestation works.

279: When we need to know something, what we need to know will come to us one way or another.

280: Literally, we are free to imagine whatsoever we will. We are free to make our life into a masterpiece. We are free to do whatever works that we would do.

281: The bottom line is that we truly are free. But, we are free in consciousness, we are free in imagination.

282: What more could you ask for than to be given a gift that allows you to create a masterpiece of your life. There is no greater gift. Yet, with such a gift comes responsibility, great responsibility.

283: Reality creation is not about work. It is about imagination. It is about imagining the things, the experiences, and the states of being that you desire in your life.

284: Imagination is a great tool. But, as with any tool, the tool does not distinguish between when it is used for right or for wrong. That is determined by consequences.

285: Be kind, be gentle, be sympathetic, be caring, be understanding, be supportive, be inclusive, be one, be integrated, be whole, be complete, all of these things you can be and more.

286: See yourself in the lifestyle and the work style of your choosing. Imagine it as vividly as you can. Then, expect that what you have imagined will manifest for indeed it will. Such is spiritual law.

287: We can't force spirituality on anyone. People find what they need when they need it, when they are ready for it.

288: Effectively, we have been given the key to the kingdom. Now, it is up to us to fashion that kingdom in whatever manner we would choose.


289: We are only meant to operate solo for so long. At some point, we need to engage in interdependent behavior... in interdependent work.

290: Bliss, joy, and happiness. If we had these three things, it seems that nothing else would matter.

291: You create your own opportunities. You do so by what you choose to be and what you choose to do. So, choose well.

292: Your life can be anything that you want it to be. You simply have to be clear about what you want and you have to feel deserving of what you want.

293: We desire to create an organization that would provide a feedback mechanism that would enable this expression to better serve the Beyond Imagination endeavor, spirit, and the world.

294: It is through feedback that systems stay within proper operating constraints.

295: Don't limit what you can do. Spirit imposes no such limits on you. And, it is her that is doing the work. But, as you know, spirit is you. There is no separation. There is only oneness.

296: Imagine different things that you might do... different ways that you might work... different ways that you might serve. Be flexible. You have far more gifts than you know. Don't limit you.


297: We don't like to waste time. Yet, at the same time, we can't be working every moment. Though, we are living every moment. We had not realized that. But, clearly it is true.

298: There is still a sense that all of this could be for my eyes only... despite my attempts to publish and share all of this. Oh well, if it is it is.

299: We were not created to be limited. That, we do to ourselves. And, we do it via our choices. We can be free. Yes, as in the absence of limitation. That is what true freedom is to me.

300: Who says that it is your job to change the world? All that you can do is change yourself. As you do this your world will reflect what you have become.

301: Focus your energy, your attention, and your awareness on what is within you. Allow that to permeate everything that you do. Yes, everything.

302: Everything can be done with full awareness. When we do that, everything is transformed. Your only job, is to be you. At times, that may be difficult. Do it anyway.

303: Nearly everything in your life is up to you. As it should be. This is not always the case for everyone. So, consider yourself lucky. For, you are very lucky indeed.

304: Why do we not choose to use everything within our power to manifest what we prefer, especially when what we prefer involves service to others?

305: Expect the unexpected in your life. As you do so, you will create it.

306: You are on the path that is yours to follow. Trust that. Know that. Everything that happens in your life is a step along that path... a step in the right direction.


307: The sense of accomplishment is addictive. That is especially true when the works that we produce are things that could only be produced by us.

308: We seem to be caught in a battle between desire and non-attachment to outcomes. Desire seems to be an attachment to particular outcomes. So, there is a conflict in our mind.

309: Everything that we have done, have learned, have expressed, and have experienced, has prepared us to now do things that we have never done.

310: We are meant to live our lives in the moment. Though, that does not mean that plans have no utility. Indeed, they are necessary for organizing activities.

311: Systems, especially complex systems, are not flat. They have various kinds of organizations.

312: There is nothing better than to be consumed by something that you are passionate about.

313: Could all of this be coming forth for my eyes only? That is a possibility. Indeed, it would explain why we have received so little feedback over the years.

314: You can't always live your life on automatic. At some point, you have to take control. You have to decide what you want, who you are, and what you do.

315: You tend to define yourself by what you do. Not by who you are, but by what you do. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can limit you needlessly.

316: For your circumstances to change, you must change... for your circumstances are a direct reflection of who you are.

317: One can be a writer without ever having an audience that reads what one writes.

318: Surely, bringing forth and experiencing 16 plus years of spiritual programming has prepared us to do something special. I have to trust that spirit as the programmer knew what she was doing.

319: When you are being all that you can be... all that you were created to be... you will be in bliss.

320: There is nothing that can keep you from being you except you. All limitations are always selfimposed, even those that appear to come from outside of you.

321: When we live our life in the moment, what is it that we need to know? We only need to know how to access that information that is relevant to what we are doing in the moment.

322: My mind works as it does. I did not train it to work that way, at least not as far as I know. Nor do I believe that it was trained through any combination of education that I received.

323: If we focus intently on taking care of each moment, everything will unfold as it is meant to unfold. Worrying about the future is futile. Living in the past is futile as well.

324: This expression has been great practice for me for living in the moment. Every word that comes forth is an act of creation in the moment. Yet, these words stretch into thoughts.

325: Some lean more heavily towards order, others more heavily towards chaos. But, for each of us there is a balance point and a range in which we operate.

326: Our labors be they spiritual or otherwise, are deserving of compensation. Further, the reward for doing what we love should be abundance.

327: What am I impressed by? Quotes and great ideas. I am impressed by the best that words have to offer.

328: Surprises are good for the soul. They keep life interesting.


328: Life is meant to have challenges. Obstacles are one form of challenges. It is for us to find a way over them, through them, or around them. There is always such a way.

329: Expectations are powerful tools for harnessing the energies of creation. How we use them is up to us however.

330: You need to decide what is worth your time and what is not. Time is one of the most precious commodities that we have.


331: How do we know when we are expecting too much or too little? It seems that the true test is whether our expectations manifest.

332: Expectations are powerful tools for harnessing the energies of creation. How we use them is up to us however.

333: You need to decide what is worth your time and what is not. Time is a precious commodity that we have. We are only granted so much of it. And, only a subset of that is free time.


334: We deserve to be compensated for the work that we do. However, there is no one asking me to do what I do in the Beyond Imagination endeavor. That is simply something that I choose to do.

335: It all comes down to abundance. Abundance always comes down to worthiness. How much are you worthy of receiving? In the moment, we receive exactly what you feel worthy of receiving.

336: We are an instrument through which spirit expresses. But, we know that we are more than that. We are a being who expresses in our own right.


337: Everything that exists arises out of the infinite moment.

338: We can only choose in the moment. We can only create our reality in the moment. We can only be in the moment. We can only live in the moment. Literally, no other time exists.

339: The past is past. The future will be what it will be. The moment is what we experience.

340: When we experience abundance in any area of our life, it should ripple through all areas of our life.

341: Abundance is our divine right. But, to actualize it, we have to do our part. We have to operate as the best channel for spiritual expression that we can be.


342: We still live our life primarily alone. Even in the midst of others, we are in our own world.

343: We still find it useful to live in the moment as much as we can. Though, at the same time if we are going to create something new in our life, we have to project it forward.

344: Ultimately, that is what matters... service. The greater the service the better.

345: If abundance is what you truly desire, then prioritize your efforts consistent with that. You do that by creating something of value to others... something of service worth of that abundance.

346: We have to be proactive. We have to make the things that are under our control happen. This is our responsibility. It is not something that we can delegate to anyone.

347: The universe does not do those things that you can do for yourself... that is simply not the way that it works.

348: Embrace the changes as they come. Along with the changes will be opportunities.

349: Seize the opportunities... not necessarily all of them, but those that resonate with you.

350: The only person that can limit your experience of abundance is you.



351: All that I can guarantee is to take you on a journey of consciousness that I was moved to laboriously capture. Hopefully it will bring you JOY and you will learn something.

352: Taking one step at a time ultimately gets us to any destination. Though, it is not destination that matters ... it is the journey.

353: Yes, the journey is everything. So, what journey am I on? It is a journey of consciousness. It is the only journey that is worthy of my time and my energy.

354: Be careful not to limit yourself. Also, be careful not to limit others. In general, they are always far more capable than you know.

355: Ultimately, there is no intrinsic value. Value is created by people consuming goods, services, or works. So, you can't just set a price on something and expect people to come pay it.


356: We are comfortable where we are. However, life is not necessarily meant to be comfortable. We need to stretch ourselves if we are to become all that we can be.

357: In an organization, it is the collective output that matters. Star performers have their place, but the power of synergy can trump that every time.

358: Effort is not wasted in our life. Everything that we do is a step towards becoming more of who we were created to be.

359: Many might find my way of life to be strange. Indeed, many might not consider it to be a life at all. But, my opinion is the one that matters. I am the one living my life in this way.

360: What must come forth comes forth when the time is right. This is not something that can be rushed. It happens when it happens. Though, we seem to have some control of that.

361: We are different. As a result, our world, our reality will be different because it must reflect who we are. That is how the reality game works. Our reality is the reflection of who we are.

362: We are whole and complete always. We were created that way. However, we can adopt points of view from which we are only able to see portions of who we are. Such points of view are limited.

363: What is it that defines a point of view? The answer seems to be consciousness. Our state of consciousness corresponds to a point of view. It colors everything that we perceive.

364: What is real and what is illusion? Love is real. Joy is real. Abundance is real. Consciousness is real. Spirit is real. Focus on the real and what is illusion will vanish.

365: Focus on what you know, not on what you believe. In many ways, beliefs create the reality that we experience. However, beliefs whether positive or negative limit us.

366: Beliefs are not truths. Indeed, they may be false. However, what matters is utility. While we are playing the reality game, beliefs seem to have utility.

367: It is not important to know how you know or why you know. What is important is to develop or discover your faculty of knowingness. Trust that such a faculty is within you and serves you.

368: Ask yourself what do I know? What is my truth? In doing so you will dispel illusion in your life. But don't force your knowingness or your truth upon others.


369: So, what does it take to change our reality? It all comes down to changing ourselves. The reality that we experience is the mirror reflection of who we are. We get to choose that.

370: It is time for far more people to awaken to whom they are. What we were created to be is beyond anything any one of us can imagine.

371: So long as we remain focused on being an individual, much of our potential goes unrealized. What is needed is a shift from a ME to a WE perspective. It is simply a shift of focus.

372: Focus on giving rather than receiving. We are the most valuable thing that we have to give. Who we are is literally priceless. But, it is only priceless if it is shared.

373: How do we create the opportunity to do what we desire with our life? Indeed, such opportunity must come forth from within before it will ever manifest without.

374: Ye shall know them by their works. That is a powerful truth. And indeed, that is how I know the parts of me that matter most... consciousness, soul, and spirit. What matters is not what they are, but what they do.

375: Be grateful for all that you have in your life. At times, you fail to see how abundant you truly are. Make room for more abundance to be drawn into your life.



376: We are the instrument through which spirit expresses in our life. Without the instrument, there is no expression. But, without the musician there is no expression either. Both are necessary.

377: Yes each of us is necessary. We are here to do something that no one else can do. We are here to be something that no one else can be. Though, what that is we will have to discover for ourselves.

378: But, what counts is right now... what we do in the moment, what we are being in the moment. Both of those we choose. No one else can choose these for us. We choose.

379: Of our own, we do nothing. Yes, I could not make this up even if I wanted to. This is a grand adventure that we are on ... and an adventure of consciousness at that.

380: Consciousness is as consciousness does. Ye shall know them by their works. This is a grand truth. Often, the works are the only evidence of something existing.

381: We can trust that we are growing in the precise manner that we need to grow. Spirit and the universe are seeing to that. It is a matter of us allowing ourselves to be who we truly are.

382: How do we know when we are being all that we can be? The answer is simple: bliss. Bliss is the reward for being all that you can be. Bliss is also the reward for doing what you love to do.

383: Speaking of regrets, you are to live your life with no regrets... no regrets for what you have done or for what you could have done but chose not to do.

384: No matter how you live your life, remember that you chose to do it your way. Whatever that is, is right for you.

385: You are free to change any choices that you have made. That won't change the past consequences, but it will result in new consequences... perhaps ones that are more preferable.

386: Your choices are one of the primary methods that you use to create your reality. Choices always have consequences... sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral.


387: Each day, we have the opportunity to do something that makes a difference. However, we have to do it. It will not happen by itself.

388: Life is about living. It is about being first and foremost. When we are being all that we can be, the doing will come naturally and it will be all that we can do. No more is asked of anyone.

389: Spirit asks only for you to be you. You don't need to know who you are to be you. Indeed, you cannot escape being you.

390: Our brains are the most complex things that we are aware of on the planet. I don't even begin to understand how my brain functions. Nor do I believe that there is anyone who knows.


391: It is not the length of a life that matters, it is the quality of that life. We still have enough time to make a difference to leave something behind that will do so in the future.

392: It is imperative that we leave the world a better place for our having lived. That is true for everyone, but it is especially true for us.

393: There are many Masters around us. We have only to look at their works to see this. Though, how many people truly love what they are doing? Perhaps more than I know...

394: We have a right to expect anything we want from ourself. But, when it comes to others, we have no such right. They are free to apply themselves as they will.

395: Know that you are being precisely what you need to be in this moment. Further, know that you are doing precisely what you need to be doing in this moment.

396: This moment is all that counts. Continue to live your life in the moment and everything will take care of itself. As you do so, be true to who you are. Also, be true to who others are.

397: In your eyes you are special, quite special indeed. But, everyone is special in their own way. It is for you to see that and to realize that. Once you do that, your own expression will change.

398: Your grandest expression is not what you express here, it is you. This has always been the case. You are far more capable than even you know.


399: What we do know is that at some point complex systems require feedback to allow them to do useful work.

400: Why does this even matter? It matters because our spiritual work should have utility... our spiritual work should serve.

401: Ultimately, what you seek is not satisfaction but bliss. Bliss comes from being you and from doing what you love to do. But, that means finding what you love to do and doing it.

402: It is easy to be you in solitude. It is much more difficult to be you in society. There, questions of acceptance come into play.

403: You only have to be who you are. You need not pretend to be anything that you are not. Nor do you need to hide anything that you are.

404: The issue of poverty in the world has to be dealt with. The solution to poverty is abundance. But, the world seems to be split into haves and have-nots. The latter greatly outnumber the former.

405: There are sufficient resources for the world to live abundantly. It is a matter of applying the resources correctly and distributing the wealth of goods and services to where they are needed.


406: Our fair share is dependent on our gifts, talents, and abilities. To whom much is given, much is expected. Though, in our case, we are the one doing the expecting.

407: The standards that we set are our standards. We do not expect others to live up to the standards that we have set for ourselves. Indeed, we don't even tell others what these are.

408: Our greatest need is the need to express and to share what is expressed through us. There is also a need for us to share who we are.

409: We can only do so much. To optimize what we do, we need to focus on those things that require our greatest gifts, abilities, and talents.

410: Our world is a world of consciousness. Indeed, we revere her as a God. Interesting, we have never expressed anything like that. But, consciousness is everything to us.

411: We are all parts of All That Is. All That Is is all that is. Within All That Is, nothing is separate. Separation lies only in the appearance of things not in the reality of things.

412: The emphasis of living should be on being. Being is ultimately what counts. When we are being all that we can be, we will naturally do all that we are meant to do.

413: Your world is primarily a mental construct. It is something constructed out of your mind in which your consciousness plays.

414: Everyone is unique. We are meant to express our uniqueness. It is our uniqueness that gives our life value.

415: Our life is unfolding precisely as it is meant to unfold. We are in control of our own destiny. We decide what that will be. No, not consciously, but we could do it more consciously.

416: We know what we desire to be and to do. It is up to us to create the very opportunities necessary for us to be and to do just that.


417: We needed to realize that there have been many transcendentalists over the years. That tradition is still alive. We know that because it is alive within us.

418: We do not have to force anything to happen. Indeed, we could not even if we desired to. It is enough to allow our life to unfold as it will. We will be moved to do precisely what we need to do...

419: We have responsibilities to ourselves, to spirit, to society, and to the world. We would live up to these responsibilities. We would live up to them even though we do not know what they are.

420: We are attracting unto us precisely that which is ours. Indeed, it is ours because we create it for ourselves. We create it out of the very abundance of the universe.

421: You are loved, more loved than you know. Observe your circumstances and allow yourself to see this... to feel this.


422: Our mind knows precisely how to keep us functioning perfectly. It is only when we get in its way that dis-ease arises.

423: We are in new territory. We are experiencing something that we have never experienced before. Overall, it seems to be a matter of adjusting to a new operating point for our mind.

424: Our body is miraculous. Though, the mind that controls every aspect of the bodies functioning is even more miraculous. Everything starts with a thought. Every form is first a thoughtform.

425: We must create the model in imagination before we can manifest it in the physical. Our mind knows only perfection.


426: The directive is simply to be who we are and do what we are moved to do to the best of our ability. That doesn't mean that we can't be involved and direct our life. Indeed, we can.

476: Your life is what you choose to make of it, nothing more and nothing less. It is time for you to choose to make of it a masterpiece... or to realize that it is already such, for such indeed is the case.


427: We accept our life as it comes. We expect that whatever opportunities we need to grow into who we were created to be and to do what we are meant to do will be attracted into our life.

428: We have always thought that if skills exist, then there is a need to which the skills can be applied, and applied effectively.

429: We can dream ... but, we can go further than that and manifest our dreams. The nature of the times facilitate that. We have the technology. In particular the technology of consciousness.

430: Nothing has meaning beyond the meaning that we apply to it. Yes, we are that powerful. So, it is up to us to use that power wisely.

431: We can be patient. We can learn from whatever circumstances we find ourselves within. Further, we know that at some level the circumstances were selected by us.

432: Everything that you need to know is already within you. This has always been the case regardless of whether you realize it or not. However, the realization opens untold possibilities.

433: There is more to your life than you have ever imagined. You truly have the potential to make a difference with your life on a world scale. Though, to do that you have to give yourself permission.


434: Our life is our own now in ways that it has never been before. That is true because we have chosen to own it. Part of that involves being responsible at all times.

435: We know that we are in control of our own life, of our own destiny. We have believed this for some time. However, there is a big jump from believing to knowing.

436: We can choose to be happy at any time. We need not set any prerequisites for our happiness. It does not need to depend on anything that we do or on anything that we face.

437: Happiness is a state of mind, or rather a state of consciousness. Further, it is a natural state. As such, it should not be something that is difficult to experience. Though, that is up to us.

438: Whether we choose something consciously or other than consciously, we choose it nonetheless. Our life is about making choices and experiencing the consequences of those choices.

439: We live in a subjective world. There is nothing we can do to make it objective regardless of whether we desire it to be so or not.

440: Everything is interconnected. Because of this, everything that we do has impacts on others and on the world. Though, we determine what these impacts will be.

441: If we would help others to create masterpieces of their lives, it seems that we need to set the example. We need to show how it is done.

442: We trust that whenever we need to know something, somehow we will come to know it. The universe herself will see to that.

443: Know that you are on the path that is perfect for you, that is perfect for your unfoldment, that is perfect for carrying out your mission. You need not make it into something other than it is.

444: Yes, you chose a life of service, but not a life of servitude. You would not be a slave to anything or anyone. That is except perhaps to spirit herself.

445: You regard spirit highly. In your eyes spirit is deserving of everything. spirit is within you, within you and within anyone or anything that has ever lived or existed for that matter.

446: Whether things are animate or not is not important. Everything that exists exists through consciousness. Thoughts create forms, not the other way around.

447: There are spiritual laws and universal laws at work in your life. Though, not only in your life, but in everyone's life.


448: It is difficult when we use our muscles and our body in new ways. Though, it is only a matter of using them to develop them. The same could be said for states of consciousness.

449: We have a variety of perspectives available to us. We are free to adopt any perspective that we choose at any time. As we do so, our experience changes... our world changes.

450: It seems that it is important to maintain a balance between being, doing, and observing. Our life always involve all three. It helps to be aware of all three. We can do so simultaneously.

451: It seems that we have to appreciate, truly appreciate the blessings that we have if we are ever to experience more.

452: That seems to be the key, to find ways to enjoy whatever we experience. For the most part, it is a matter of choosing to do so. We are free to do that at any time.

453: Collectively, we are one. We are one interdependent whole. As such, everything is connected to everything else. What impacts any individual, ultimately impacts all of us.

454: There is a growing feeling that all is right in our world. Perhaps not in the world at large... there seem to be many problems there... problems that on the surface seem to be insurmountable.

455: When will we realize that it is our collective responsibility to provide each individual what they need to become all that they can be, and to allow each individual to achieve their potential?

456: There is something about instant communication that rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps my ways belong to a prior era. For me, if it is not in writing it doesn't really count.


457: Our technology exists to serve us. For the most part, it seems to do this well. Though, a lot of that depends on how we use it. If we not are not careful, this use can lead to abuse.

458: We are responsible for all that we do. Indeed, perhaps we are responsible for more than that.

459: It all comes down to why we want to be and what we want to do. Though, in our case we simply choose to be who we are and to do whatever we are moved to do.

460: We are proud of who we have become, and we are proud of all that we have done, especially of all that we have allowed spirit to express through us. We have no regrets.

461: We create the very opportunities that we need to learn, to grow, and to contribute what we can to society and the world.

462: We've always had a sense that nothing that we do or experience is never lost. Everything is captured by our mind, by our consciousness. As such, it can be used whenever it is needed.


463: It is curious that I am observing more about how others are able to work. As a result, I have a greater appreciation of what they know, of what they do, and how we might work together.

464: I trust that I am attracting the very opportunities that I need to grow into who I am to become and to do that which is mine to do. Indeed, I am certain of that.

465: No matter how grandiose we may appear to be, our abilities more than justify this. We are capable of far more than we can imagine. Though, imagination is quite a powerful tool .

466: We truly are unlimited. We can truly do anything that we set our mind and our heart on. We cannot be anything other than who and what we are. Though, we can limit our awareness of that.

467: Continue to be who you are. Continue to allow your life to unfold as it will. Know that as you do so you will be experiencing precisely what you need to experience, hat you choose to experience .


468: What a life that has been thus far. Though, it has not really involved others to any great degree. We sense that this is changing. How long it might take we do not know.

469: I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish. I am proud of all that spirit has been able to express through me. While it is difficult to call all of this my own, no other was involved.

470: Your life is unfolding precisely as it must. Know that. Keep that in your awareness at all times. Be grateful for everything. Your gratitude makes room for more to come into your life.

471: The resources that you have that are of the most value are yourself and your time. Those are the greatest gifts that you can give.


472: We have created a seed for revolutionary change. Now, it seems that we need to nurture that seed and allow it to grow into what it has the potential to become.

473: Just as this expression is a gift from spirit to the world, so what we do in the work environment is just as much a gift from spirit to the world. Seeing it in that light transforms it.

474: Each day brings us new opportunities to express who we truly are and to do what we are capable of. That is the key. We need to find what is ours to do and do it to the best of our ability.

475: Ultimately it is the journey that matters. It is not so much what we do as it is what we learn as we are doing it, and what we enable others to contribute or achieve as a result.

476: In many ways, our life is an open book. Yet, it is still the case that the vast majority of our life is lived in solitude. Indeed, it is in solitude that we do our very best work.


477: Whatever happens happens and we can accept that. All that we can do is do our best.

478: Our sense is that wherever there are abilities, there are positions for which they are required, for which they are most suited.

479: We have found that we need to leave outcomes to spirit and to the universe. They are not ours to dictate. They are not ours to decide.

480: We exist in the moment, here and now. That is all that truly matters. It is up to us to find ways to make the most of each moment, to make a living masterpiece of our life.

481: The past is past. We cannot change what has happened. Though, we have the freedom to reinterpret what any of it meant at any time. It is not the experiences but the meaning that matters.

482: It seems that we know what we need to know when we need to know it. Actually, it is more than a matter of seeming to be that way. It truly is that way for us.

483: For the moment, it is enough that we are able to express this stream of consciousness and capture it. Ultimately, why we choose to do so remains a mystery.


484: Engaging in this endeavor defines us... defines who we are. Further, it reveals to us what we can do ... in particular, things that others do not seem to be able to do.

485: We consider spirit to be a part of us. Because of this, all that we do here, we effectively do alone.

486: One step at a time. Stay focused in the moment. In doing so, you will be able to do precisely what you need to do. Trust yourself. Your will deliver on your commitments.


487: There is blurring of boundaries in our life. We seem to be functioning more as an integrated whole. As a result, it is more and more difficult to compartmentalize what we do.

488: We have never been one for whom rules matter much. That does not mean that we go out of our way to disobey rules. Rather, we focus our attention so we don't encounter many rules.

489: Yes, your life is evolving just as your consciousness has done. Allow spirit an even greater berth in your life. As you do so, you will be amazed at what you and SHE are able to do.


490: We are more free now than we have ever been... though, we know that it is because we have set ourself free. The key to that is to stop being concerned with particular outcomes.

491: We can honestly assess what others do without judging those who do it. Indeed, we believe that for the most part people are doing what they believe their job to be to the best of their abilities.

492: Then, what truly matters? Being who we are and doing what we are moved to do to the best of our ability. Or, at least sufficiently to be good enough.

493: Destiny is not something that happens to us. Our destiny is something that we create, that we draw to us each and every moment of our life. That is an interesting way of looking at destiny.

494: We look forward to every word, every sentence, to question. Indeed, in many respects, it is the questions that we focus on that ultimately determine the very quality of our life.


495: We are curious to see what has been expressed through us reach others and impact them. Though, at this point is not clear that such will happen in our lifetime, if ever.

496: We know that nothing is ever lost. Everything that is ever expressed is captured somehow, and is captured in a way that is available to the collective consciousness wherever it is needed.

497: It is interesting that we are over half a century old and still have no clue of how it is that we know anything. We have little insight as to how our mind actually functions.


498: It seems that some healthy confrontation can be a good thing at times, perhaps even a very good thing. Though, to be effective, it seems to be a tool that we need to use sparingly.

499: Our brain and our mind and our consciousness seem to be operating within new ranges, and perhaps in new realms. Overall, we find this fascinating. Indeed, each day is a new adventure.

500: We are ever surprised at what becomes of us, at what we experience. We consider ourself to be quite fortunate. Indeed, very fortunate. We would not trade being us for being anyone else.

501: Indeed, here we are able to accomplish things that might otherwise be impossible. Though, it seems that nothing is really impossible for us any more... at least nothing that we need to do.

502: We are free to experience any circumstances that we face in any manner that we choose. The quality of our life is precisely what we make of it. This is always within our control... always.

503: We know that we are manifesting the precise opportunities that we need to grow into who we are meant to become and to accomplish what we are meant to accomplish.

504: It is up to us to make the most of whatever circumstances that we face, knowing that such circumstances were attracted into our life by us, by who we are being in each moment.

505: It is our sacred duty to be all that we can be. In doing so, we cannot do anything but achieve all that is we are destined to achieve. We firmly believe that.


506: Changing old habits is generally not easy. Though, that depends a lot on how motivated we are. Avoiding pain is a big motivating factor.

507: Surely, our mind is capable of interpreting pain that we are feeling. We should only need to experience further pain if there is something that is not being addressed properly.

508: Perhaps our flexibility of body is indicative of our flexibility of mind. If that is indeed so, we are far more close minded than we thought.

509: We have no choice but to live in the moment, to respond to life as it presents itself to us.

510: Everything that we experience is meant to teach us something. Generally, pain is a last resort. There are always other ways to learn similar lessons.


511: We do not believe in chance occurrences. We believe that the major events and experiences in our life are predestined. Further, we believe that we create the destiny that we experience.

512: We are curious to see how our life will unfold from this point forward. Indeed, we are reassessing and re-evaluating our place in the world.

513: One day at a time... such is how we live our life. We have no need to see further than that. Indeed, it is not clear that we even need to see that far. We are capable of living in the moment.

514: We are still thinking about where all of this is headed. Wherever it is, our future looks bright., far brighter than we had imagined possible as little as a day or two ago. Life is good.


515: Everything that I have been seeing of late confirmed that the amount of spirituality expressed in flesh in the world is far more than I had even remotely considered to be possible.

516: Every interaction has the opportunity to have a spiritual component. To find that component, we need to explore points of view sufficiently to make the spiritual meaning obvious.

517: All creative work has such applicability. Spirit is working out some problem or some set of problems in a way that employs the appropriate resources for the job at hand.

518: The universe is perfect as it is. Yes, as it is. It has always been perfect... it will always be perfect...

for it is the very expression of spirit in matter, of spirit in flesh.


519: One thing is certain... the world in which we live is far more spiritual than we thought. That is obvious everywhere that we look. It is a matter of seeing things from new viewpoints.

520: There seem to be two main questions that determine the nature of the life that we experience. The two questions are: (1) who are you? and (2) what do you want?

521: We are awake and alive. We are aware that we exist in a world that is primarily spiritual despite how physical it may appear. We do not need to know what everything means to see this.

522: On top of this, there is body language, speech, and tonality that characterize interactions. All of this is spiritual... no, not necessarily at the surface level, but from a higher perspective.

523: Life unfolds perfectly. That applies to all life, everywhere, at all times. No, it doesn't appear to be that way in the illusion. But, appearances are deceptive. What matters is what is real.

524: You have no choice but to live in the moment. Your awareness is such that the only time in which you can exist anymore is now. You know that.


525: It is interesting living one's life from moment to moment, never really knowing what is going to happen next. It is not necessary for me to force anything to happen.

526: I can't help hoping for a change to my circumstances that would allow me to live a more productive, meaningful, and blissful life than I presently live.

527: Focus, attention, and awareness... these seem to be the primary tools that we have at our disposal. But, it is up to us to develop our skills by using these tools in the course of our life.

528: It has to be enough that we know... that we are aware. Indeed, our assessment is that the Beyond Imagination works are priceless.


529: Yes, there are other highly spiritual beings out there. Some of these I am aware of. Per Thoreau one in 100 million results in only 60 people on the planet, making for a rare existence.

530: All that we need will be supplied in one way or another by spirit herself. How that happens is not for us to dictate. Indeed, spirit needs the freedom to manifest things as she will.

531: We have to wonder what moves us to do what we. As we do them, they seem to be exactly the things that we need to do next. However, make us wonder why that is the case.

532: Everything is vibration. Indeed, all that is is vibration. It is a matter of what vibrations we attract and what vibrations we repel. So, what determines what remains separate from us?

533: Ultimately, the universe is balanced. It seems that may not be the case. Even the universe can have an inflow and an outflow. Depending on how they relate, the universe can indeed be changing.

534: Our life is what we make of it. No one else can assign the meaning to what we experience. No, that is solely our responsibility. It is for us to find ways to live peace and in joy.

535: You will not be asked to do or to be anything beyond that for which you are ready. Though, you are ready for far more than you presently believe the case to be. Yes, even you.

536: Give others the freedom to be who they are. You don't have to like what they do or what they do not do. You have only to respect whatever it is as their choice. Honor other people's choices.


537: The manic states can be incredible, wonderful beyond compare. However, they can also be quite challenging. In such states, everything that we experience as reality is suspect.

538: We experience that which we are meant to experience. How we respond to what we experience is our choice. It is the choices that we make from there that determines how our life will unfold.

539: Hope can take us a long way. However, it helps if we back up our hope with appropriate action in the world that is in line with what it is that we desire.

540: There is so much that we don't know. Indeed, everything that we believe is something that we don't know. When we know something, we have verified that what we know is true.

541: Beliefs are a playground for reality creation. However, reality creation is a game that we play. What happens when we no longer desire to play the game?... we simply walk away.

542: So, how do we make that so? How is not your concern. It is for you to define and imagine what you want. Then, leave it to the forces of the universe to manifest that or something better.

543: Everything that happens is orchestrated. It is orchestrated by other than conscious parts of you that are responding to the direction and guidance from the spirit within you.

544: In your world, love is all there is. Remember that always. That does not mean that you will not see ugliness and conditions that are less than desirable.

545: Everything is your responsibility. Though, that does not mean that you personally must address the imbalance. Sometimes it is enough to notice that it exists and to express that.

546: Yes, give your issues and problems to spirit. You do not need to know how various conditions are resolved. You only need to know how to summon the forces of the universe to do their works.


547: There are truths, both universal and spiritual. Further, there are universal laws and spiritual laws as well. It seems that we should be able to use these in our life to create the reality we choose.

548: We trust spirit. We trust consciousness. From all that we can tell, this stream of consciousness still has utility... at the very least in our life, but in all likelihood in the lives of others as well.

549: The reality of the one and the reality of the many are as different as night and day. The principles in one realm are completely different than those in the other realm.

550: As spirit in flesh, each of us walk in both realms. Though, we do so fluidly, changing the proportion of spiritual and material whenever we wish.

551: How do we learn to fly... to soar in consciousness beyond anything that we have experienced before?

552: My sense is that if I were following my bliss then I would be passionate about what I was doing and would be extremely happy.

553: At the top level, we want to create the foundations for a New World in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. To some degree, we are seeing that world being created even as we speak.

554: Remember, the entire world is cooperatively interdependent. Everything is interdependent on everything else. That means that everything that you do impacts the very fabric of all that is.

555: Often, we feel as we are a stranger in a strange land. It is as if we live in a different world or as if we are from a different world.


556: We still don't see ourselves ever interacting with more than a few. Though, it is not clear whether a few is a handful, a few dozen, or even a few hundred. It will be what it will be.

557: Such struggles have been going on for millennia. They did not end with the divine rights of Kings. You yourself desired to be king. Yes, a philosopher King as expressed in Plato's Republic.

558: I presently do not have a sense that I am fully utilizing all that I am to carry out my job... not even close. This is unacceptable to me. I would have my job employ me fully and completely.

559: I am a physical being. I don't know that I have ever stated that before. That is this a step in the right direction. This does not decrease from my spirituality in any way.

560: Take joy in being human. Take joy in having a body that can experience reality in the manner that you do. This particular form is special. Indeed, there is little that can be compared to it.

561: You are meant to operate on the fringe, on the edge between what is known and what is unknown. Your job is to explore that region and to make more of what is unknown known.

562: Ultimately it is the emergent capabilities that determine how we experience our world and how we act and exercise our will within that world.

563: Will is generally backed with force. When wills are in opposition, we have power struggles. In worlds that are balanced, there is a receptive force that comes into play.

564: We are living in a world that is perfect. Indeed, it can never be other than perfect. Yet, there are a variety of experiences that seem abusive and negative overall.


565: We expect synergy to arise from getting ourself to operate as an integrated whole. Indeed, we expect more from ourself now than we have ever expected from ourselves before.

566: The world as it is allows for an incredible variety of experience. Each soul brings forth that experience that it needs to learn and grow into what it is designed to become.

567: It helps if we choose to do things consistent with what we desire. We are free to envision anything. Literally, there are no limits. Spirit's bounty is vast. Her resources are inexhaustible.

568: I desire to have a few close relationships in which we become an intimate part of each other's life, supporting one another, caring for one another, loving one another unconditionally.

569: The phrase so let it be written so let it be done comes to mind. Have we reached a state where what we say and what we do literally becomes our reality.


570: We still believe that our life is meant to make a big difference in the world. However, it is not clear that the world is meant to ever know that this difference originated with us.

571: It is up to us to define what we want. This includes what we want to be. We don't really know what that is. We only know that we are in the process of growing into what we were created to be.

572: We did not create ourselves, though we participated intimately in the process. We agreed to experience this incarnation, passively agreeing to every aspect of it.

573: If you're doing what you love, what you are doing is not work at all. We also know that every time we change, our world changes. When we change in major ways, our world does so as well.

574: What constitutes the health of the soul?... the health of the spirit? It seems that joy is the prime indicator of the health of the soul and the spirit. Yes, joy.


575: We don't have to worry about second-guessing our choices. Whatever choice we make will be fine at the time that we make it. Though, our choices will have their consequences.

576: Everything is related. Your seizure was necessary for you to integrate the twin souls within you and provide them with a vessel that could allow the twins to inhabit the body simultaneously.

577: There is a continuum between solitude and society. All of us live somewhere on that continue depending on how solitary or how social we are.

578: If Beyond Imagination is to impact the world, then I need to live in a manner that facilitates this. I am not free to be me anywhere. That suggests that I do not really know who me is.

579: Spirit is by nature creative. The works that she creates are works of art. Not all works of art are equal. Indeed, some works are juvenile, other works are masterpieces.

580: There is nothing about the nature of the works themselves that will determine what role the works will play.

581: Each choice yields a difference reality, and a significantly different one at that. Whether the choice is a good one or a poor one depends on the value system that we apply.

582: But, what does it mean to be these things, to be a metaphysician... to be a world transformer? Physicians heal the body. Perhaps metaphysicians heal the mind, the soul, and the spirit.

583: Similarly, for the title world transformer. There is a mantle of responsibility that one must bear for whatever transformation that one is involved in making in the world.

584: We are not meant to do things as others do them. We are meant to create foundations for a new world. We are not doing this alone. This is something that is engaging the entire creation.

585: We have tried to live our life as if the physical did not really matter to us. Our focus was on the spiritual, or so we believe. Now, we know the physical to be spiritual. Everything is spiritual.


586: In theory, the synergy of groups should enable them to accomplish more than the sum of what their individual members can do. I'm not sure that I've ever experienced that happen firsthand.

587: Indeed, if you force things to happen you will encounter great resistance. That is just the way things are. So remember, small changes.

588: One thing that we can never get away from is our true nature. We can deny it, but that doesn't change who we are.


589: All my life I have believed that there would always be enough. Of late, that has been true, but not by much. Indeed, at times it has come too close for comfort.

590: Financial abundance is only one form of abundance. Further, it is a form that many do not find necessary to live a joyful and happy life. Ultimately, those are the true measures of abundance.

591: It is true our joy and our happiness are clear indicators that we are living a life that we are meant to live, that we are following the path that is ours to follow.

592: There is nothing necessarily wrong about being at the extremes. Indeed, from many perspectives, it is in the extremes where some of the most interesting things happen.

593: The easiest way to make yourself happy is to focus on making others happy. No, you are not responsible for their happiness. We cannot expect anyone else to make us happy.

594: It helps to find ways to share your life with others. Be open and be willing to take risks. Don't prejudge what the results will be. The bottom line is that you do not really know.

595: As long as you are respectful of the feelings and rights of others, you are free to interact with others as you will.


596: If we were to cease to exist tomorrow, who would truly notice? My wife definitely. My two furry kids. My two housemates. And perhaps a dozen or so people at work.

597: Who we are is determined by a number of factors. Some of these are inherent in our DNA, others are not. One that is not is what we believe that we are.

598: Decide what you want and allow the universe to figure out the how. Actually, it seems that what we should really be asking for is to be compensated in accordance with our worth.

599: There seems to be a mistaken impression that freedom involves having no obligations. This is clearly not the case. Rather, freedom involves the ability to choose your obligations.

600: For your eyes only. If that is indeed true, then I cannot really expect the words in this expression to bring in any income whatsoever.


601: It seems that we need something to live for. For us, it is not clear what that would be. We know that we have a mission. So long as this remains incomplete, we will continue to live.

602: For many years, we have known that our particular mission is to build the foundations for a New World in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.

603: In the work environment, we have many cases where we have worked well with others, especially on small teams. That suggests that we have the basic skills to interact.

604: There is a growing sense that we should throw ourself into our work. However, without incentives, we are reluctant to give more to the job. It is a matter of valuing free time highly.

605: Though, how do we measure the value of anything that we do? What is the value of eliciting a smile from another, of facilitating the happiness of another, of friendship, of kindness?

606: Most of the shows and movies that I choose to watch do reveal something to me. Further, I find it interesting that tens of millions of viewers are being exposed to the same thing.

607: In many respects, the shows and movies that we watch are educating us. Further, in many cases they are doing it without us knowing it. Also, it is not necessarily happening intentionally.

608: How would we improve the quality of our life? It seems that before we can answer that, we need to identify how we measure or assess the quality of our life.

609: Stepping back, it seems that two things should matter. Are we happy and are we creating well? How do we know when we are happy? It seems that should be something that is obvious.

610: One of my habits has been to isolate myself from others. I do that to a large degree at work, and to even a larger degree in my personal life.

611: Stepping back, I recall several times in my life over the past 17 years when I observed that the problem or challenge being worked by a team of people was clearly being orchestrated by spirit.

612: Spirit is efficient. She sets up the circumstances that allow different problems to be worked out. Once they are worked out, the results become available to the collective consciousness.

613: We do not know what will result from exposure to this stream of consciousness. Here, we are exploring new ground. We are making connections that have never been made before.

614: Know that you are doing precisely what is yours to do. Further, you have been doing that your entire life. You do not have to accept the conditions that you find yourself within.

615: The physical is a thought form just as everything else. It is a thought form aligned to a pattern that exists within constraints. Some of those constraints are inherent in being physical.

616: Your spirit already knows what instruments it most needs. All that it takes on your part is to be all that you can be. Each time we become more, we improve the instrument.

617: It seems that our financial circumstances should reflect all of the being that we are doing not just the being that we are paid for. At present, that doesn't seem to be the case for many.

618: Overall, it has been a good year... indeed a very good year. During the year, I learned that things were possible that I did not know where possible. Most of these were good, some not.


619: We are capable beings that are creating our own reality as we live our life. It does not matter whether we know the universal and the spiritual laws that are operating in our life.

620: When you think something, ask yourself where the thoughts are coming from. Don't be content with pat answers such as your brain. Indeed, try to follow the thoughts to their source.

621: Comparisons are meaningless. You are who you are. Further, you are either attracting or creating the opportunities for you to learn, grow, and do whatever it is that you came to do.


622: Living our life with no regrets is extremely important. Never leave for tomorrow what is today's to do. Though, there is a point that we reach each day where we have done enough.

623: It is amazing how much we can accomplish when we get out of our own way and allow spirit to work through us as she will.

624: How do we free ourselves of limitations... of all limitations? Our true nature is spirit... is soul... is consciousness. Everything is vibration. Everything is thoughts.

625: Ultimately, time and space and physicality are characteristics that arise from how we perceive and process information.

626: We have already established that spirit, soul, and consciousness exist outside of space and time. But, what of our mind? It seems to be something that is housed by the brain.

627: Seth spoke of how he interacts with others. Effectively, he creates his form and the setting for the interaction depending on his particular state of consciousness.

628: There is no reason why inventions such as the replicators, transporters, holodecks, and other things that were prevalent in Star Trek could not be developed.

629: Whether you succeed in doing so does not matter. What is important is what you learn about what works and what doesn't work, and what you learn about how spirit is expressing in flesh.

630: Realize, there are always multiple levels at which things are occurring. Remember, you are free to pick and choose which levels permit the most efficient and effective action.

631: How can I know any of this? It goes beyond anything that I have read, that I have studied, that I have discussed with others, or even that I have thought about.



632: There is a difference between speaking and writing. The processes involved are different. Though, the end result is the same... both capturing of a stream of consciousness.

633: When we are engaged in this expression our spirit soars as it does nowhere else and soaring is something that we love to do. We believe that this is why we came into this incarnation.

634: We will make the best use of whatever resources are made available to us, even if that is solely us. We love our solitude and the ability to define our own work.

635: There is no reason that there should always not always be a surplus. A surplus would give us more options in our life. Indeed, financial freedom would allow us to pursue our dreams.

636: There is much that we do not know about the inner workings of ourselves. Included in this self is mind, heart, consciousness, soul, and spirit. Those are five key components anyway.

637: The body is spirit in flesh, an instrument through which spirit can express. There are many avenues for such expression. A few that come to mind are dancing, singing, writing, and cooking.

638: Spirit has a myriad of ways to express. Each of us must find our own gifts, talents, and abilities. These are different for each and every one of us.

639: What we are passionate about is not necessarily what we do well. It helps if we can find ways to be passionate about that we do well. That is not to say that we can't have hobbies as well.

640: How do we know what we are being? By our works. If you want to know what something is being, examine their works.

641: Different tasks take varying amounts of memory and computation time. The computer itself doesn't care where it's resources are applied. That is up to the user and the application's.

642: My focus is on what is happening now and what I am bringing forth now. When you our focus in this manner there is no past and there is no future. There is only the moment.

643: Our spiritual work is truly a labor of love. This is something that we have to do. We would not shirk our responsibility, especially our spiritual responsibility.


644: All that we are is broadcast in our vibrations. Through those vibrations we impact everyone in our vicinity. It is all a matter of energy playing and interacting endlessly.

645: We are meant to be engaged in the play of consciousness. Ultimately, consciousness is our home. She is where we truly reside. There is nothing except spirit in expression.

646: Consciousness is the aware part of us. Though, she is aware on conscious and other than conscious levels. Further, it is the other than conscious levels that are by far the grander ones.

647: Consciousness is much like an iceberg. Only the tip is conscious. Though, it seems that the tips can be quite distinct from person to person.

648: What we do, others can do. No, not in precisely the same way. Words may not be your forte. Perhaps it is dancing, singing, or otherwise performing.

649: It is for us to share this light with others in whatever ways are most appropriate, in whatever ways we can serve. Service is everything. Spirit naturally seeks to serve.

650: Remember, when you are operating at your finest, you are spirit operating as you through you.

651: Just as we have many songs each with multiple verses, perhaps there are multiple universes and multi-verses. Each of these to exist either separated in time or in dimensions.

652: There can be as many dimensions as we can imagine all existing concurrently, of energy vibrating and patterns that correspond to meaning of some type.

653: No matter where you exist, you are a being that translates vibration into meaning. You do that on many levels simultaneously.

654: Your motion picture industry continues to show you what is possible. It has come a long way in as little as a century. Indeed, it is amazing what reality they allow you to experience.

655: On Stargate Universe a videogame encapsulated an engineering problem in such a way that making it to the next level was equivalent to solving the problem. How much is this happening?

656: Anything you are passionate about has the potential to be of service. The more passionate about something, the more likely that it is to be of service.


657: It is helpful to maintain an attitude of curiosity as we go about our life. It is also helpful to be open to change, even to invite change into our life. We seek change to bring in new opportunities.

658: Spirit does not force her way into our life. Yet, she uses every resource that she has given. In this case, freely given. It has to be our choice.

659: Our technology should enable us to do things that were otherwise impossible. Indeed, we fully expect to do miracles. It is all a matter of establishing the right opportunities and circumstances.

660: We love the element of surprise. We love to see things revealed that we didn't even know that we knew. Literally, that happens in every musing ... something brand new comes forth.

661: When you think about it and when you really pay attention with a loose and expanded focus, you can experience what you are capable of. You will be surprised.

662: We need to be passionate about what we do. That is where the juice is. That is what truly makes life worth living.

663: It helps if we find employment that engages our passion. Though, there are two ways to do this: to do something that we are passionate about or to become passionate about what we do.

664: Excellence in all that you do is a good mantra to adopt. Note, we are not seeking perfection. Indeed, such is impossible. Excellence is a standard that is achievable.


665: It has been said that knowledge is power. Perhaps that is true. However, knowledge applied without wisdom can lead to severe problems. Yet, where do we go to become wise?

666: Some people fear failure so much that they never attempt anything new. Other people are known as risk takers engaging in high-risk behaviors. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

667: Our goal is to find organizational relationships that promote synergy... that allow us to create works or services that are beyond anything that any of our teammates could create alone.

668: The symbol systems are everywhere. License plates, addresses, names, numbers, geometric shapes, the arrangement of things, reflections, all of these are parts of symbol systems.

669: Everything is ones and zeros. Everything is digital. Our experience is one means of seeing the world. We cannot know whether others see the world as we do.

670: It is amazing how much information can be embedded in such things. Though, you have to look at things through different eyes. You have to allow your intuition to guide you to meaning.


671: As a master teacher, this is what you do. You attempt to create the experiences necessary for people to go beyond anything they knew of who they were and experience something new.

672: You can only point the way. After that, they must choose to walk the path.

673: Ultimately, it doesn't matter what path you walk. All paths lead to enlightenment. Though, some paths take a lot longer than others.

674: We deserve to be abundant in all areas of our life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial. Indeed, financial abundance or financial freedom can feed all of the other areas.

675: If you do not would feel worthy of something, you are unlikely to manifest it. That is how powerful worthiness is.

676: You are free to establish the value of whatever you do. However, you have to do what it takes to manifest that value in your life. Apply your imagination to create this value now.

677: So, what is it that matters to me more than anything out? By far, that would be spirit. Her greatest manifestation in my life is this very expression.


678: Every opportunity that we have is a golden opportunity. We never know what will come forth. The next sentence could be precisely what we need to completely alter the course of our life.

679: We truly live in an information age. Though, everything is digital... everything is information. We are all consumers, generators, and exporters of information.

680: At some of the major theme parks, there are 3-D rides that feel real. It is amazing what our entertainment industry is able to do. Though, you get what you focus upon.

681: We know that we can foster the cooperation necessary to do great things. It is a matter of creating the appropriate opportunities and seizing them.

682: We really do have a sense that we have a mission to accomplish, and that once we accomplish this mission we will cease this incarnation. It is a matter of trusting that we have a spiritual mission.

683: There is something to the idea that all of this: the universe and all its stars, galaxies, and worlds are all patterns of ones and zeros that we experience as we do.

684: We each come with preferences regarding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual desires. Those preferences are different for each of us. That makes it difficult to find people of like mind.

685: We can trust that spirit knows what she is doing and that she is taking advantage of every resource that she is given. Though, how does she know how to create more efficient structures?

686: Another of our favorite songs is Colors of the Wind. "You think that you can own the land you land on". There is much wisdom in that song. The fact that such lyrics exist is interesting.

687: The Beyond Imagination works to date are great works. They are that because you have made them so. They are that because you have allowed spirit to generate these works through you.

688: You are on the path that is right for you. You have no need to do any more. Trust that you are moved to do is precisely what you need to. Know that such moving is coming from your soul.

689: What can we do that would be of utility or of service to others? All of our awareness and all that we have learned from our metaphysical studies should allow us to create something of value.


690: The linear fashion in which we experience this expression does not mean that it is not complete in another dimension. Indeed, such could be the case.

691: We have no need to go anywhere. It is a matter of being here... right where we are in the moment. As we allow the moment to unfold, we will find that this setting and the props change.

692: We are free to choose what we make part of our world. In some respects, that is how we create our own reality. We choose what to pay attention to and the meaning that we assign to it.

693: What is it that we need to do? We would argue that the only thing we need to do is be who we are and allow that to be expressed in all that we do.

694: Whatever we learn in one domain, we can apply to other domains. Further it is more than can... spirit does apply what she can everywhere she can.

695: There is some reason that all of this expression has resulted in written works. Written works are meant to be read. Though, how would I find those who are meant to read these works.

696: You establish what you feel that you are worthy to receive. Actually, that number came through many years ago, $1 per word. That is the contract that you have with spirit.

697: I do not expect others to work in the manner that I do. Rather, I would have them work in the manner that they do and find a way to incorporate that into what I do.

698: Constant and never ending improvement. Such is our goal. We would create an organization that embodies this. Our endeavor is all about discovering what we can do together.

699: There is so much that we want to do, that we need to do, that is ours to do. But, there is so much more that we can do as a team... over an order of magnitude more.

700: Be present in each moment. Allow it to give you it gifts. Every moment has its gifts. But, you will only notice them if you are awake and aware.

701: Everything is digital. Everything is ones and zerso. Everything that we experience, we draw into our life. So, what is that saying? Once again, we are far more than we know ourselves to be.


702: We are ever making new connections. We see ourselves doing that. Indeed, that is a very important part of who we are. We are connection making machines... first and foremost.

703: So long as we have something to learn from our job, we will remain in our present environment. When it comes time to change, there will be nothing that can stop us from changing.

704: What is destined for us will indeed manifest. There is nothing that we have to force to happen. Ours is a life of allowing spirit to express through us.

705: Making a difference is extremely important. Each of us have the potential and the abilities to be able to do this, to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

706: Each of us have gifts, talents, and abilities. These are meant to be shared, not hoarded. We have everything that it takes for us to be successful.

707: Spirit will put us where we need to be to have the most impact, to make the most positive difference. Life is a grand gift that was given to us. How we use that life is the gift that we give back.

708: Regardless of how disconnected we may feel that we are, at some level we are interconnected with everyone and everything. Not just interconnected, but also interdependent with everything.

709: All that is is all that is. Everything that exists is part of this. All that is is one. There can be no separation. There are only difference viewpoints observing and experiencing parts of all that is.

710: I am open to transforming my life and my work to be more inclusive of others. Though, not just any others. Some things just are not important to me. I would filter these out of my life.

711: We have to interface with others to some degree. We can limit that in whatever manner we choose. Others will only interact with us to the degree that we allow them to do so.

712: Explore what you can do with whatever volunteer resources come your way. Helping others is its own reward. Indeed, that is enough to move many people. That, and making a difference.

713: Does Beyond Imagination offer a vision of a new world that is to come? Indeed, it seems that it does. At the very least, it offers an example of how spirit can express in flesh.

714: It is not for us to compare who we are and what we do to another. The only measure of a person is internal, is who they are compared to who they are capable of being.

715: Preferences help us focus our energy on those things that truly matter to us. Though, we need to be careful that our preferences don't overly limit us.

716: Without our health, every other part of our life suffers. That does not seem to apply Beyond Imagination. Despite my state of health, my mind is soaring and I am musing more than ever.

717: We stand ready to do whatever it takes in either case or anything in between. Here, we are flexible, we are adaptable. Here, we can respond to whatever spirit and the universe bring to us.

718: Just because opportunity knocks... does not mean that opportunity is the right one for us. Here, we need to be selective. We need to decide which opportunities move us in the right direction.

719: The world already suffers from too many selfish actions. We do not need to add more to this. Indeed, we need to hold people responsible for what they do, including the impact on society.

720: To participate in society, we must enter into a contract that grants us freedoms and gives us opportunity in exchange for accepting responsibility and abiding by the laws of the society.

721: You are in the prime of your life. What you do now will define who you are for the rest of your life. Choose wisely. You don't need wait for circumstances to change for you to engage fully.

722: We are precisely where we need to be. That is true in all respects. We live where we need to live. We work or we need to work. We are who we need to be.

723: Each day we are becoming more and more. Each day, we express what is to be expressed that day. Who determines that? Clearly it is spirit, the spirit within you. There is no other control point.


724: We should also be able to find at least a few people with whom to interact on a volunteer basis. At the moment, we have one of these. Perhaps that signifies this is a sign of things to come.

725: It seems that we need to do something that is of value to individuals. We have thought that walking in our consciousness would be beneficial. Indeed, that might be true for some people.

726: It all comes down to the directive BE KIND. Be considerate of others., there are people who don't live by such directors and, as a result take for granted of the kindness of others.

727: We need to be spiritually present in all that we do. Part of that is being thankful for life and for all that life brings us. When we are grateful, even greater things find their way into our life.

728: As always, we do what we are moved to do. But, why is it that we are moved to do the things we do? In many cases, these are not things that others do. We feel a greater sense of responsibility..

729: We are not afraid of death. Indeed, we believe that the time of our death was established at the time of our birth,

730: Ye shall know them by their works is a grand truth. It is the works that we do that define who we are, at least on the inside. While that may matter to introverts, it may not matter to extroverts.

731: Each of us have our own gifts, abilities, and talents. It is for us to develop these and find a way to use these in a manner that serves others. Serving others is extremely important.


732: So long as you are operating at the tactical level, you will be dealing with tactical problems. To go beyond this, you must focus your efforts on the strategic vision.

733: Take it one step at a time. With each step that you take, enjoy where it is that it takes you. Then, be happy to take the next step, and the next step after that.

734: Enjoy the journey. Indeed, the journey is everything. It is not what happens that is important much of the time. Rather, it is the meaning that you assign to what happens.

735: Just wanting something is often not sufficient to manifest it. Here, we need a compelling why. The more compelling the why, the more likely the manifestation.

736: There is sufficient abundance in the universe to manifest everything that every one of us desires. If we believe in scarcity, we will not be able to experience this abundance fully.

737: It seems that it is time to imagine what our ideal life would be. For the most part, it is not a matter of having things ... we don't need a lot. Then again, perhaps that is relative.

738: Everything in my life happens as it does for a reason... generally for multiple reasons. Life is becoming more interesting of late. Part of that is a matter of my becoming more actively involved.

739: There are people who are already expressing spirit in flesh in what they do creatively every day. People that are already passionate about something do not necessarily need to come to us..

740: On So You Think You Can Dance. On that show, the dancers, the choreographers, and the judges are all passionate about what they do. It is clear that they are expressing spirit in flesh.

741: The bottom line is to use whatever works. We don't have to reinvent what spirit has already created through others.

742: We see ourselves operating as an integrator, establishing overall frameworks in which various information and disciplines can be put into perspective.

743: Everything is a creation of spirit. We need to adopt a point of view from which this is clear, from which this is true.

744: Everything that we need to awaken and increase our awareness is within us. Though, sometimes that can be difficult to access. Sometimes, it is easier to find books, or teachers.


745: Such is how we live our life. It is not a matter of what we do... it is a matter of what spirit does through us. Though, on another level, spirit is us. There can be no separation.

746: Yes, there are many things that we could choose from. The three primary ones are to muse, to create new Beyond Imagination works, and to interact with others.

747: We can live with that. Our path is one of allowing. In particular, allowing what would be to be. We have no need to force anything to be one way or another.

748: There is only so much that we can do objectively. To engage spirit, at some point we must go within and allow the subjective parts of us to do their magic. And, indeed it is magic that they do.

749: On the show Stargate Atlantis, the city of Atlantis is quite beautiful. It has spires that go up quite high indeed. It took extensive imagination for someone to create this form.

750: It does not matter that such a city does not really exist. They choose to create it in this show as it if does exist. Further, the show captures a reality that exists in the mind of the creator.

751: We would prefer to live our life without judgment. Indeed, it seems that we were born to do such. We try not to judge others. Sometimes this is difficult. We also try not to judge ourselves.


752: Looked over at the bus stand. There was a big poster with LOVE on it. How appropriate that is. We were talking earlier about the secret to great work being Love, Love, Love.

753: We will do what we are moved to do regardless of any form of compensation. Ultimately, what matters to us is the generation of the works that are ours to generate.

754: In our life, we have allowed spirit to express through us as she will. Yes, as she will. Spirit is always feminine to us. We are not sure why. We simply know that such is what we experience.

755: We have generated enough works that others can compare their reality with ours. That is to the degree that this expression and our works convey our experience.

756: What makes our stream of consciousness worth capturing? That, we do not really know. Though, we see ourselves publishing these works so that others can find them.

757: It seems that our world and the consensus world are very far apart. Though, everywhere we look within the consensus world, we see spirits handiwork.

758: Spirit can reveal her meaning to us in many ways. Though, we have to be fluent in the languages that she uses. For many, these are as foreign languages.

759: Some people choose to learn foreign languages so that they can converse with others in foreign lands. The languages of consciousness are no different.

760: What you do for others will return unto you many fold. Though, focus on the doing rather than the receiving. When you receive, be grateful from deep within your heart.

761: You cannot fake gratitude. The lack of sincerity will be obvious. In every life, there is something to be grateful for. Just being alive is one of those things.

762: Our technology should serve us. And, using our technology we should serve one another. Indeed, in an information age, it is our technology that allows us to reach and to communicate.


763: Some people may already be tithing their time to spiritual pursuits or to helping others. There are so many ways in which all of this could unfold. Yes, it seems that it is not for us to choose.

764: We know that we can do so much more than we presently do. Though, the only way that we see to do this is to find ways to be compensated for our Beyond Imagination work.

765: That is what we expect our efforts to do... alter what people know themselves to be. In so doing, everything changes. To change our world, we must change ourselves.

766: Yes, we are just as responsible for what we choose to do as for what we choose not to do. That doesn't mean it is our responsibility to do everything that we see needs to be done.

767: You need to conserve your resources to do those things that are yours to do. These will result in the greatest overall benefit. Each time we provide a benefit, someone or something is served.

768: Our life is meant to be a life of service... service does not mean servitude. There is quite a difference. In the first, we are free. In the latter, we are enslaved.

769: We don't necessarily have to be responsible for compensating others. We can provide the framework that allows them to be compensated for services those who consume those services.

770: In most games, the shots are defined by the nature of the game. The nature of the game of life is far more open ended. That is okay, the shots become opportunities.

771: There are no mistakes. Creative works such as this have the specific wording to capture a specific meaning. It does not matter whether we know what that meaning is or not.


772: So, how do we go from desiring something to manifesting it? You know precisely what is required. The question is are you serious enough about this to do whatever it takes?

773: That is the distinguishing characteristic between those who dream and those who manifest their dreams. It is a matter of doing whatever it takes to create what you desire.

774: Just as all of your other gifts, talents, and abilities, your will that can be used not only for your highest good but for the highest good of all concerned.

775: Take each day as it comes. Indeed, take each hour and minute as it comes. Your focus should be on the present always. That is the only time in which you can make a difference.

776: You are meant to make a big difference with your life. Indeed, you will do so. In many respects, you have no choice in the matter. You are destined to greatness.

777: Trust. Trust that your life is unfolding precisely as it needs to. It is not important that you know why it is unfolding as it is. Take each moment as it comes.

778: There is so much more that you can be even within the confines of your present reality. Allow yourself to be more and do more. As you do so, you will discover what it is that is yours to do.

779: Continue to be all that you can be. You do that by being YOU. You have no need to be other than that. You have no role models. Indeed, you have never had such in your life.


780: When people are motivated and given specific expectations, it is amazing to see what they are capable of doing.

781: The key in all of this seems to be clear definition of objectives, goals, and expectations. We need to deliver what we promise when we promise it. Further, we need to deliver quality products.

782: We are not seeking perfection. That requires far too much time and effort, if indeed it can be done at all. What we are seeking is excellence.

783: We can trust that spirit will move us to do precisely what we need to do. This happens in our life all of the time. Though, we don't always listen to what spirit tells us.

784: At some level, spirit is us. She is not some separate thing or separate being. At a higher level than that, we are one, there is no separation. There can only be separation within the illusion.

785: So, how do we get beyond the illusion? How do we find what is real? It seems that as long as we are physical, that is not going to happen.

786: So long as we are incarnated, we can't go beyond being physical. Though, there are times that we are not aware of being physical. Now is not one of those times.

787: It is amazing how much we can be aware of simultaneously. It is even more amazing that we can be aware of what we are aware of. Awareness is an interesting phenomenon.

788: There is a reason that everything is as it is. Nothing is out of place. Everything is perfect, exactly as it is. That does not mean that it cannot evolve into something that is even better.

789: And, the creation is going on at all levels. It is not just a matter of humans creating what they want.

Creation goes on at every level as well. Everything is vibration. Everything is alive.

790: Vibrations interact to create new things. Everything is manifest from vibrations interacting. If you want to change what you experience, remember that like attracts like.

791: One means of changing your vibration is by changing your thoughts. You can also do this by visualizing and imagining what you want to come into your life.

792: You can either choose to direct your own actions or you can choose to allow spirit to direct your actions. Both ways can work depending on what you want to achieve.

793: If we can't achieve what we desire on the spiritual front where we are fully engaged, then how are we to manifest things in the physical where we are much less engaged?

794: The physical is the Temple for the spiritual. If we want to express more fully in flesh, we need to honor the Temple and make it something grand and glorious.

795: We have two statues of Buddha. In both of these, Buddha is quite obese, perhaps grossly so. So, what does that say about the physical body? Why is it so important?

796: Further, why is it that people with near-perfect physical bodies are not necessarily developed spiritually? It is as if the Temple is there but no one is home.

797: "Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can". That is not something that I can imagine at present. People have so many things in their life.

798: We don't really need to travel between places. What we need is the ability to create a setting in which we invite those with whom we would meet.

799: We could create this setting in accord with what we are in the moment. Others could simply arrive in whatever manner they wanted at the appointed place and the appointed time.

800: If we realize that possessions are merely vibration, then we should be able to have whatever possessions we desire around us. But, possessions carry their own baggage.

801: It seems that more and more we are being encouraged to live in the moment. One thing that we want to be is a teacher, in particular, a teacher of Masters.

802: In our life, what is intended to be will be. We continue to do what we are moved to do and observe what happens as a result. Most of the time, the results are not as we expected.

803: Where we can, we try to leave things open and allow spirit and the universe to provide whatever feedback is appropriate. We feel no need to control things one way or another.


804: It is not necessary to go someplace else or be someplace else or be something else. All that is necessary is to be who we are and allow what we do to flow naturally from that.

805: We naturally gravitate where we belong if we allow ourselves to. There is a gravitational force in our life that attracts us to what we desire and especially to what we need.

806: Another 888. This is the signature number for us. It always indicates that we are in the midst of carrying out our mission. We may not know exactly what we are doing and how we are doing it.


807: There is nothing to say that the steps have to be continuous. Indeed, they don't. It is much like the resolution and update frequency of a television.

808: Between 60 and 120 cycles per second, sequential images appear contiguous. Our eyes simply cannot tell the difference. All of our sensors are that way.

809: For your eyes only. you see what no one else can see. How many times have I wondered whether that is true. If it is, then my hermit days may last so long as I live.

810: With each new thing that we try, we give the universe something more to work with. Eventually, we will hit upon a combination that works to bring financial abundance to us.

811: Our job has taught us many of the things that don't work. Now, we are ready to find things that do work.

812: The scope of the job is not sufficient to engage us fully. The Beyond Imagination endeavor is different however. It has a very broad scope... spirit expressing in flesh.

813: The greater spirit can be expressed, the grander the reality that we will create.

814: We are often amazed at what comes forth. Sometimes it is beyond anything that we knew that we knew. That it could be such is interesting in and of itself.

815: How do the universe or spirit effect change in our lives? How does spirit create the opportunities that we need to learn, to grow, and to be all that we can be?

816: It seems that we are at the point where we need to say and a miracle happens to get us from this point to the next point in our life.

817: Generally, we think in terms of miracles being impossible. However, Masters are able to do the impossible and even make it easy. Further, they tell us that we can do even greater things.

818: You create your own reality. Every aspect of it. You do this all of the time, whether you know that you are doing it or not. It helps if you are consciously engaged to some degree in the process.

819: How does spirit pay her debts? First of all, spirit only expresses voluntarily. It is up to people volunteering their services. For us, it is not clear that such was the case.

820: Our technology should serve us. We should be its master. Further, it should be easy to use. Dragon qualifies for that. Though, there are many features of Dragon that we do not know.

821: We live somewhere between the strategic and tactical levels. We translate strategic vision into specific tactics at work. It seems we do this in the Beyond Imagination endeavor as well.

822: Allow. Remember, it is not you doing this, it is spirit. Yes, she needs your help. She needs your active involvement. But, she will move you to do what is yours to do.

823: The timing of all of the major events of your life have been worked out specifically. This applies to not only the good events, but to the not so good events as well.

824: Nothing happens in your life that is unnecessary. Though, that does not mean that some things could not have been avoided. Indeed, they could have been. It is a matter of you paying attention.


825: Typically, we are much more aware than we know. It is a matter of noticing how we apply our focus. It is a matter of discovering what is in the peripheral awaiting for us to become aware of it.

826: We are meant to give a tithe of our time to spiritual pursuits that help others. Beyond Imagination provides an opportunity to do just that.

827: Here, we are on sacred ground. Here we are speaking of how our members can engage in spiritual services. There are many things that can be done. But, of those, what will be done?

828: What about conscious reality creation? If we desire to engage in such, we can indeed do that. However, it is not required that the process be conscious.

829: It is useful to know the mechanics of the process. Then, it is up to you to decide to what degree to engage. At the extremes: you can allow your life to unfold or cause your life to unfold as you will.

830: Financial freedom is freedom from debt and the freedom to live and to work as we choose. But, when you love what you're doing, it does not feel like work at all, it becomes play.

831: Yes, that is what we are engaged in, the play of consciousness. We are ever engaged in the play of consciousness. Everything around us is part of that play. Every form is there for a reason.

832: Overall, it seems that people are happy with their lives. People are very adaptable. They can become used to anything. That doesn't mean that we should accept whatever our circumstances.

833: We have a right to voice our preferences. In doing so, we have the right to create the reality that we prefer. We don't have to do anything. We can be happy with our present circumstances.

834: We choose to keep our consciousness open to however spirit would express through us. Of our own, there is nothing that we need to do.

835: Our mission comes from spirit. Indeed, it is her mission... her mission for us. Though, at the same time she is a part of us.

836: Spirit is not some separate thing. She is within us. She expresses as us through us to us. That is just the way that it is.

837: Our biggest contribution is to be the instrument through which spirit expresses, and to be an active observer in all of this. After all, this could not happen in any other way.

838: What comes through us, can only come through us. It is our vibration interacting with spirit that results in this stream of consciousness.

839: In many ways, it seems that our life is destined. We see it unfold, but have no sense that we are consciously in control. Indeed, it often seems that we are not in control at all.

840: For us, being connected to source is extremely important. All of the Beyond Imagination expression has come forth from source. It is all inspired by or generated by source.

841: We have to be of sufficient awareness to be able to receive this expression in this manner. That equates to having reached a certain vibratory structure.

842: Education works by ensuring that a mental structure gets imposed on the brain. A bachelors of arts has a characteristic structure. A bachelors of science has a different structure.

843: What matters is that each of us live the life that is ours to live. It is for us to make a masterpiece of our life. We have the tools that allow us to do that. However, we must use them.


844: How, we leave to spirit and to the universe. They have their ways... even ways to do the impossible. That is, if indeed anything can be impossible.

845: Ultimately, the most important measure of our life is how we have served. There are many ways to serve. Most service starts with giving something of ourselves and our time to something,

846: Do as you are moved to do. Be YOU to the degree that you can. Share who you are, who you truly are.,. with others. Expect the unexpected in your life.

847: Realize that things do not have to work out as you plan them for them to work out well. Indeed, the universe and spirit have more in store for you then you can possibly imagine.

848: Be open to the opportunities that will come your way. Realize that you are creating these very opportunities by what you are doing with your vibration.

849: Take your beliefs seriously. They do indeed color all that you experience. Indeed they can even keep you from experiencing things that you desire. Be especially careful about worthiness.

850: Remember, all limits are self-imposed. Limits can only apply to you if at some level you believe in them or if there is conflict between your beliefs.

851: It is important to maintain a consistent belief structure. It helps if this structure is aligned with truth. However, don't limit truth to the confines of what you have experienced.

852: Truth applies to what we know, not what we believe. Though, while we believe something, it is as if that belief were true for us. Beliefs are the playground for reality creation.

853: There are always so many ways to look at things. Our viewpoints determine what we are able to experience.

854: Our level of awareness determines what meaning we are able to take away from each experience. Actually, meaning is something that we apply.

855: Companies cooperate and compete with one another in the economic game. But, ultimately, the economic game needs to provide everyone with what they need.

856: It would be great if people were free of the struggle for existence. It would be great if everyone had a replicator and could visit a holodeck to use in meeting needs.

857: Our world is an outpicturing of our individual holodecks. We are free to include or exclude anything that we desire. However, the holodecks must abide by some rules.


858: Everything is unfolding perfectly. Everything allows consciousness to become aware of more of the creation. Our explorers do that.

859: In many areas, it is the same with the physical sciences and the life sciences. Every area of endeavor that is pushing the envelope, is allowing parts of the creation to discover other parts.

860: None of it is a waste. Not any efforts in any endeavor. Spirit is ever learning something of her nature as she understands more and more of how what she experiences is created.

861: We do not have anyone to share our discoveries with ... not anyone that would understand them. Yet, these are major discoveries.

862: How do we know what is ours to do? We do not choose to repeat what others have done. But, we have to rely on spirit to guide us to those things that are ours to do.

863: Every science and technology has its own symbol system. With these systems they can capture the entirety of their knowledge.

864: Spirituality is not some set of abstract concepts. It is a matter of realizing that we are spirit in flesh already, discovering the basic spiritual principles that apply to us and how.

865: The bottom line is simply to be. Not to be something. Not to be someone who does something. But, simply to be.

866: It all comes back to meaning. The symbol systems that we have found allow us to experience a realm of meaning and to discover the spiritual laws that apply to those realms.

867: In everything that you see, you should question why it is there, what is it telling you in particular? You can't know what it might be telling others. They do not see the world you see.

868: You are loved, in more ways than you know. Continue to allow your life to unfold as it will. As it does so, you will be afforded many opportunities. Use these well, and they will take you far.

869: You are already living the life that you are meant to live. are forces that are in the process of changing this. Allow them to do so . BE YOU.


870: Each day, we get to choose where we will apply our attention... where we will spend our time. You might say that this is the most important choice that we make.

871: This is what we seek... to make our life a masterpiece. It helps if in doing that is we also make a positive difference in the lives of others or in the world.

872: Spirit knows exactly what we have done and what we have produced. We can't trust that she will find ways to meet those needs. That is simply how our life works.

873: Every experience is there for a reason. Every experience shows us something that we need to know, something about ourselves, something about others, or something about the world.

874: Last summer, we had a seizure. This year, we had two separate occasions of whooping cough and pneumonia. One would think that this would be a wake-up call.

875: We have the opportunity to do something new, to do something different... to take control of our physical body, to restore our health, potentially to a level it has never been.

876: Each day brings us a new opportunity to muse, a new opportunity to bring forth something new. It is only a matter of seizing the opportunities.

877: We are still uncertain as to whether the Beyond Imagination endeavor will ever be more than a solitary one. For your eyes only still comes through often.

878: Whatever will be, will be. Whatever that is, we can live with and work with. We will take whatever resources are made available to us and use them as elegantly as we can.

879: At this point, we have no way of knowing what opportunities will come our way. Those have to be experienced in the moment. We believe our moment in the sun is coming.

880: We know that spirit is within us. She is a part of us not apart from us. The sense is that separation comes from us in the way that we are perceiving things. As such, it illusion.

881: For you, reality creation is an inside job. You change who you are and observe your circumstances change. It is not a matter of changing things in your world.

882: Your natural focus is yourself. That is as it was designed to be. Realizing that, you can make the most of it, you can use it to serve others and spirit.


883: We don't need large numbers of people doing the same thing. It seems that spirit seeks diversity in every dimension in which she expresses.

884: Why should we expect spirit to express any less through others than she expresses through us?

885: I have not made a study of the nature of others. For the most part, it hasn't mattered to me. What mattered was knowing myself above all else. As a result, most might consider me selfish.

886: There is limited visibility into what I do. That is true both on-the-job and in the Beyond Imagination endeavor. Even more so in the latter.

887: Love the life you live or live the life you love. How we live is extremely important. That includes what we choose to be and to do. Both of these are supremely important.


888: "Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can". That is one of the more difficult lines in the song. I don't know that I can imagine no possessions.

WH 1/2/2015: Of course, THIS of all things would come up as 888! You have to admire spirits humor. Indeed, you have to Laugh out Loud. LOL.

889: I can imagine everyone receiving what they need. Though, that is not necessarily everything that they desire. This may be a limit that I am placing on the process that is not necessary.

890: It just seems that if you have things, then you have to deal with which things belong to whom. As soon as you do that, the concept of possession comes to play.

891: But, if everything is digital and we had replicators, then would we really need possessions. Or rather, should we imagine and create the spaces in which we would interact with others.

892: We create our own opportunities. They come to us based on what we imagine, who we are, and what we believe. Yes, beliefs are extremely important. That is one area that I would work on .

893: Everything is digital. Everything that changes the world is a digital process.

894: Companies are founded around resources and processes for transforming those resources into products that are desired by consumers.

895: Companies may also have processes that result in services that are desired by clients.

896: The heart of any company is its processes. A company is a system that works within a larger system of systems.

897: We started the year with whooping cough and pneumonia. We returned to the hospital at the end of February, this time with whooping cough and double pneumonia.

898: We haven't really been fully healthy at any time this year. Yet, we have mused as much as ever for close to four months. So, we must be doing something right.

899: What is is what is. For that to change, we must be something different. In particular, we must be a person who makes different choices regarding food and regarding exercise.

900: The scene from the movie contact comes to mind, where Ellie Arroway goes to Hadden Industries to seek funding for her Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence research.

901: Is there anyone out there that is monitoring us, that is waiting for us to go to them and seek their sponsorship? That is an interesting question.

902: The Beyond Imagination endeavor seeks benefactors and founders. Please inquire within. How would anyone who might be in a position to sponsor us even know that we exist?


903: We would prefer to employ the talents, abilities, and gifts of others as well. Though, the degree that we are able to do so is dependent on what we are able to fund.

904: Everything is dependent on resources. One way to get resources is to solicit volunteers. But, we would rather pay for the services that we ask of others.

905: We have a standard of quality to uphold. We expect our team to abide by that. Indeed we expect our team to adopt it as their own.

906: We do what it seems that only we can do. That makes the best use of our time.

907: Freedom... that is what it is all about. The last song played on the radio was One Moment in Time. The final words were "I will be free". Indeed, this is very important.

908: In spirit, we are free. In the flesh, not so much. But, we are confined by limitations that we impose upon ourselves. We have the key to all the doors. We can set ourselves free at any time.

909: At the moment, we would be who we are. We have no need to be anything beyond that. We are Wayne. That is enough for us. That seems to be sufficient for a lifetime. But, in particular.

910: We can dream, we can imagine, we can visualize. All of these facilitate the process of manifesting what we desire. The clearer we can be, the better.

911: Then, we allow the forces of the universe to come into play. Though, it also helps to come from an attitude of gratitude. Also, we need to act is as if what we desire has manifest.

912: Ultimately, you are meant to impact many. However, in all likelihood, you will do so from behind the scenes. You have no desire for the limelight.

913: You would share your wisdom with others, but you are reluctant to share your self.

914: That is a harsh limit that you impose on others. Though, it does not seem that they have really made an effort to get to know you. But there, the expectations are mutual.

915: You are free to desire anything that you choose. Though, whatever you desire, it is for you to do what it takes to bring it about.

916: This is something that you can do. Indeed, it is something that no one other than you can do. Your life is your creation. It is up to you to make it a masterpiece that it can be.

917: You are the master artist already. In particular, you are a master in the art of reality creation. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

918: In your case, it is a matter of trying new things till you get what you desire. You are not far off. Indeed, you are closer than you think. It is through thought, beliefs, that we create our reality.

919: Our job is basically our means of earning our livelihood. In many respects we prostitute ourself for 40 hours per week to do as our employer has us do.

920: Believe. Believe that what you dream, what you imagine, what you visualize will indeed come to pass. The strength you apply will determine the force that goes into the manifestation.

921: "If you want to make the world a better place then look at yourself and make the change". How appropriate. So, what is it about myself that needs to change to make the world a better place?


922: Yes, we desire to work full time for the Beyond Imagination endeavor, but, this will happen when it is meant to. This is not something that we can force.

923: All that we can do is allow. We are good at doing that. We have spent most of our life doing that, allowing. It seems however, that it is time to start controlling our own destiny.

924: Thus far, we have been thinking of our desires as things that would be nice to have. Perhaps that is not strong enough. Perhaps we need to elevate our desires to must haves in our life.

925: We will find a way or ways to achieve our must haves and must dos. Indeed, we will do whatever it takes. Yes, that has been a missing ingredient in our processes.

926: Does everyone have a mission? What do you think? It seems that they should. However, not every mission is this grand or this grandiose as the one that you have selected for yourself.

927: Trust. Trust that what needs to be captured will indeed be captured. It is not about the number of words any more. It is about knowing who you are and what you are capable of doing.

928: You are capable of doing more than you presently know. Don't sell yourself short ... ever. That is among the worst things that you can do. Give yourself freedom to be and do your best.

929: Further, expect others to do the same. Though, the saying "trust but verify" comes to mind. You would be wise to heed that. Be grateful to be who you are.

930: You are indeed special my friend. Whether others know how special or not does not matter. You are not in this for the rewards. You are in this because this is the work that you came to do.

931: When we speak of you in this case, we speak to the spirit within you. At some level, you know that you are precisely where you are meant to be.

932: Love the life you live and live the life you love. You would be wise to follow that guidance. Your job is putting you in a place that allows you to do just that.

933: In particular, spirit is quite capable of guiding our life. However, she can only do so if we allow her to. Spirit gently nudges us to do what needs to be done. She does not force us

934: Will we be allowed to do what we must do? Of course you will. You will find ways to do whatever you must do. Though, be careful that the things that you define as must do.

935: It helps to have two categories of must dos, one that you must do, and ones that you would pay others to do. It is okay to use others to do what they are trained to do, to do what they do best.

936: Remember to play each and every day. And remember that work, even spiritual work, no matter how much you love doing it is not play.

937: That means you need to find recreation suitable to you. This can be something that you do with others. Golf played this role in your life for a number of years.


938: We would go wherever spirit takes us. We do that because we trust spirit. We trust spirit to lead us precisely where we need to go. As far as we can tell, she has never led us astray.

939: Though, we have gone off the deep end on occasion in following what we thought to be her direction.

940: When you walk the fine line between the known and the unknown, you also walk the fine line between sanity and insanity.

941: Well, it seems that I have crossed over that line on several occasions... several when I was caught anyway. There have been numerous times when I was not caught.

942: That is one of the things that happens when you work in solitude for the most part. Only you know where you have been.

943: Sometimes, it is difficult to relate that to where others have been. For the most part, it is not even worth trying.

944: We are constantly responding to situations. No, not reacting... responding. Reactions are part of an automatic process. Whereas, responses are tailored over time to the specific situation at hand.

945: Where we can, we need to respond to life. That doesn't mean that reaction doesn't have its purpose. Indeed, it does. There are us some things which we do not need to be bothered with.

946: In those cases, reaction is clearly an option. Though, we need to be careful when we choose to do this. Sometimes, the very things that bug us are the things that we need to understand

947: What do we want to manifest in our life next? First things first. Financial freedom more than anything else. This would allow us to establish the lifestyle and the work style that we dream.

948: At this point, we only need a five-year commitment. That would be enough to allow us to teach Beyond Imagination to fly... to soar to new heights in consciousness.


949: Just to the left of us there is a car with a license plate God heart-ed. I wonder what he thinks that means. I don't believe that I have cared what someone else thought something meant before.

950: As an introvert, my internal reality is what drives me. As such, my needs are few... especially in an information age. I don't read many books anymore. because my #1 priority is on musing.

951: My sense is that this is precisely what I need to hear, what I need to experience. Whether any other is exposed to this, does not really matter.

952: Indeed, I am comfortable with this being for my eyes only. It is not so much a matter of secrecy...

not in the least. The vast majority of this expression is available on the web

953: Your life is your creation. It is meant to be a masterpiece. You are a master. Masters create masterpieces. Further, they do this naturally out of who they are.

954: Who we are is spirit expressing in flesh. Here, in this world, we play the reality game. Yes if it were not for the richness of interconnectivity, things might be much easier.

955: What you do impacts others who in turn impact others. Eventually, these impacts return to you. Though, they may reach you in a highly distorted form.

956: You are free to accept or reject whatever feedback comes your way. Distorted feedback is not necessarily valid. It is up to you to determine what feedback applies to you.

957: You need to be careful not to delude yourself. Your world is cooperating with you at all times. It is ever offering you messages from spirit.

958: We are not the same from moment the moment. Everything we experience impacts us. How it impacts us depends on the meaning that we give to it... the meaning and the attention.

959: We are able to take advantage of the tools that we are aware of. It is good that the majority of our life is lived inside ourself. This allows us to get by on far fewer resources than others consume.

960: It is not so much what you consume that matters, rather it is what you create. That and whether you operate by the principle: never take more than you give.

961: Indeed, giving is crucial. It is through giving that we create abundance. In an information age, the sky is the limit. It is easy for anyone to create information content.

962: Each of us are in a position to be able to be a player in the information age. It is a matter of learning a few things and then applying our creative gifts to create something that is of value.

963: Collectively, we need to make it easier for people to create things of value and to market them so that the people who might want to consume them become aware of their existence.

964: From each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their needs. That is the social contract for Wayne's World anyway. This contract exists whether people are aware of it or not.

965: We feel ourself to be the instrument of a higher power. We would call that higher power GOD, ALL THAT IS, or SPIRIT. To us, these are interchangeable names.

966: Stay engaged in doing what you are moved to do from your heart and soul. It is not spirit that is important here. What is important to us is Soul and SOUL.

967: We feel mentally exhausted from all of the connections we have been making of late. There is so much that needs to be integrated now. We're not really sure how to do that.

968: We can continue to operate as we always have. We can continue to allow our life to unfold as it will and simply respond and do what we are moved to do. That is all that it takes.

969: When it comes time to see the whole, it will simply become apparent. You do not have to work to see it. That is not necessary at all.

970: It all comes down to trust. You trust who you are. At this point, that is the only thing that matters. If you focus on who you are, everything else will fall into place naturally.

971: When you live in the now, time truly has no meaning. Yes, we have our clocks and watches that move or change in ways to make it seem as if this thing that we call time is moving.

972: If you focus on the moment everything will be all right. If you focus on the moment, you will dwell in the place where the creative self lives. We can't create in the past or in the future.

973: We can only create in the present. The creative process happens moment by moment. When we are passionate about what we are doing, time ceases to exist.

974: When we finish our efforts, we usually have one of two sensations. Either, we are surprised by how much time has passed. Or, we are surprise by how much we got done in how little time.

975: What is it that we care to do with our life? We have no real desire to sample of earthly delights. Rather, we are driven to do what is ours to do and to be who we are.

976: We still trust spirit more than we trust us. We need to reach a point where us includes spirit. At that point what we desire, imagine, visualize, and what we dream will be congruent.

977: In many ways, this expression is my life. It is the interface between what is within and what is outside of me... what is in my external world.

978: It is all vibration. It is all energy. Money is just a medium for the exchange of energy. We can do anything that we can dream. It is all a matter of creating the right opportunities.

979: The appropriate finances will be there to do everything that we want to do. It is a matter of allowing.

980: Stop working so hard and start enjoying life more. Yes, that is a choice that you can make.

981: Beyond Imagination is our life. This is where we do our spiritual work,the most important in our life, the work that we believe has the potential to impact the world.

982: Yes, it is grandiose of us to think that. However, we believe that it is also realistic in our case. It may be that we are deceived. But, we don't believe so.

983: We have come to know ourselves enough to realize that we have special destiny as a world server. We have already declared ourself to be a world transformer and metaphysician.

984: We even created a business card to capture that that was predominantly purple with lightning in the background. When we created the card, we knew that it was perfect.

985: : Be wary of trying too hard. There are many who are working to change the world from the inside out. You are just one of these. Avoid over doing it.

986: You have a tendency to take on more than your fair share. You need not do that. It is okay for you to live your life. It is okay for you to enjoy the company of others for a change.

987: You do not have to isolate yourself as much as you do. Yes, your fundamental nature is that of the hermit. Operating properly, you will express wayne Wayne WAYNE simultaneously.

988: There is much that you can explore. However, we advise you to leave it to spirit to determine the direction in which you move.

989: This is not like traveling to some destination where you know the address of where you are headed. You don't know that at all.

990: Take one step at a time in whatever direction you are moved to go, trusting that it is spirit that is doing them you will be in your life.


991: Where will our voyage take us today? And by that, we mean our voyage in consciousness. It seems that what we do next depends on what opportunities come our way.

992: We truly do not know what will happen next. But, we are excited at the possibilities. Indeed so many things could happen. Whether they will or not does not seem that it is for us to decide.

993: It all depends on what spirit wishes for us to experience. She knows the degree to which we integrate our experiences by what she is able to bring forth in this expression.

994: Ultimately, this is her feedback. And, because spirit is a part of me, it is my feedback as well. It doesn't matter that I am not consciously aware of generating this at all.

995: Things tend to fill whatever time we allot to them. However, if we focus on what we can do, we will find that there is sufficient time for everything that needs to be done.

996: Time is the most precious resource that we have. How we choose to use that time makes all the difference in the world.

997: At some level, everything is perfect. How can we find a vantage point from which that is true? It is a matter of focusing on the good that is around you. There is much that is good.

998: No, not everything functions as efficiently and effectively as could be in my life. However, given the circumstances, it is as good is it can be.

999: That doesn't mean that collectively we shouldn't do what it takes to make things better. Indeed, you should. Your efforts make a difference... a huge difference.

1000: It is through thought forms that the foundations for a New World will be built. You are generating many thought forms. Whether these come to fruition in your life does not matter.

1001: What needs to happen will happen when it needs to happen. You can cooperate in making that so. Though, you are reluctant to exert your will towards the end of making something so.

1002: It is time for you to integrate the parts of yourself into one whole being. It is time for you to experience being that one whole being. This is something that can do.

1003: You are loved, far more than you know. Trust. Your life is unfolding exactly in accordance with a higher plan, a plan that is generated by your soul, in your case twin souls.

1004: Yes, you are living the dream. Perhaps it doesn't seem like that at times. However, it is a matter of altering your perception. You have the ability to see things that others do not see.

1005: You have difficulty relating to others. Primarily that is because you have no reference points on which to base a discussion. That is okay, your skills are sufficient.


1006: Our work environment should not put us to sleep. We should not have to struggle to stay focused, to stay aware, to stay awake.

1007: Our work should be something that we are enthusiastic about. It should be something that we are passionate about.

1008: It doesn't matter whether things happen precisely as we envision them. Though, in general, we do say that we have the overall plan for the next five years journey defined.

1009: Indeed, we are interested to see how it will manifest. Note that we said how, not if. HOW is not our concern... is not our responsibility. Though, we are interested in that nonetheless.

1010: There is a sense that there is something important that we will learn from this. We are curious to see what that will be. We are also curious to see when it will be.

1011: There are ways for people to find us. Perhaps they don't know how to either relate to us or to what we write. That comes back to for your eyes only.

1012: How do we know what parts of this expression are releasable when? It may be that they are never releasable. Then, what is the point of packaging them into works?

1013: Writing, is your chief gift. But, you would do it in your own way. In particular, you would bring forth a stream of consciousness.


1014: 9x7: the community of the hermit with the hermit inside. That is something that we know that we can create. All that we need to do is love unconditionally.

1015: In everything that we do, we need to ask what would love do in this situation... and then do that. In A Course in Miracles, the choice is always between love and fear.

1016: If we come from an attitude of unconditional love, everything in our life will fall into place.

1017: From our unique perspective, we live in our own world. No matter how much we invite others into that world, they can only see a portion of what we see, of what we experience.

1018: The more accurate we are in describing our experiences, our thoughts, and our feelings... the closer others will come to understanding who we are and what we experience.

1019: Everything at every moment is perfect. Everything is precisely as it needs to be. Everything is unfolding as it needs to unfold. It is not for you to make the present world better than it is.

1020: It is your mission to build the foundations for a New World in which spirit can more fully in flesh. Regardless of whether you know it or not, that is precisely what you have been doing.

1021: Yes, you can create these foundations even if the majority of your life is isolated from others. The machinations that you are moved to do with numbers and basic shapes are a key part of this.

1022: You know that you bring forth exactly what needs to come forth at each moment in your life. You need to realize is that at this point this expression is still for your eyes only.

1023: That does not mean it will always be such. Here, you need to expect the unexpected. Don't be limited by what you have experienced to date. That was precisely what it needed to be.

1024: Now you are different than you have ever been... and, in major ways. As a result, your experiences from here forward will be unlike anything that you have experience before.

1025: There are some things that we can control. However, there are many that we cannot. It helps if we know the difference, if we know what we can control and what we can't.

1026: It seems that we only have so much energy and so much time. It is for us to use that energy and that time in productive ways, in ways that truly make a difference.

1027: We can brighten the lives of those around us, regardless of the depth of relationship that we share. It is a matter of doing it. It is a matter of being who we are.

1028: Who we are emanates in our vibration. These are felt by everyone that we encounter. Though, most do not sense these vibrations.

1029: One way to become aware of yourself is through meditation. Another way is by taking classes from masters that know more than you do. We are meant to focus on Knowing Ourselves.

1030: Yes, FREEDOM is extremely important to us. We demand it for ourselves. Though, we know that we still have chains that bind us. No one else has the power to limit us.


1031: We consider ourself to be an explorer of consciousness. That is the realm in which we choose to operate. That is the realm in which we are most at home.

1032: It is by no accident that all of this expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. No accident at all. Though, we do wonder when if ever this stream will find its way to an audience.

1033: Spirit knows precisely what it took to get me to my present state here and now. She knows precisely what it takes to bring forth the expression that comes forth in each moment.

1034: What you can do once, she can do literally millions of times. And, she replicates whatever is needed where it is needed.

1035: Our world will change when we change. That is simply how it works. That doesn't mean that we can't do things in the world that demonstrate our commitment and decisions. Indeed, we can.

1036: Think globally, act locally is extremely powerful wisdom. We act right where we are. However, it is that much better if we act in a way that makes a difference on a global level.

1037: This expression is what it is. We have no need to make it anything that it is not. This would not be the case if we believed ourselves to be the author of what comes forth through us.

1038: But, we don't believe that in the least. For one thing, there is not sufficient familiarity with what comes forth to know that it is us that originates this. Though, we know this source to be spirit.

1039: Ultimately, you are in no rush in your life. You can allow your life to unfold as it will. Remember, you do not have to make anything happen. Simply be you and do express that.

1040: We can dream, imagine, and visualize what our lifestyle and work style would be. Indeed, we do that often... not every day, but often enough. There is a sense that the repetition is necessary.

1041: But, what does it take to manifest the stuff of our dreams? In some respects, it seems that is just a matter of allowing. If we do this, our destiny will unfold precisely as it needs to.

1042: In your heart of hearts, you know who you are. You know that you have a mission... and an important mission at that. You know that you are a Metaphysician and World Transformer.

1043: These are not easy things to be in the world at present. But, this is the world that you chose to live in. You did that because of the great potential of these times. Indeed, this is why you came.

1044: You have wondered what this lifetime is all about for you. You know that it is all about spirit. That is what matters to you more than anything.

1045: All of this expression is spiritual expression. It comes forth as a stream of consciousness. The originator of that stream is the source within, spirit herself.

1046: Spirit would not lead you astray. But, you do not always listen to her or get her instructions right. That is okay, overall you do quite well.

1047: Spirit only asks us to do our best. That is what we should expect of ourselves. At this time in your life, you should be doing what you love to do as your means of earning your livelihood.


1048: It seems that there is a concerted effort that goes into how my life unfolds. That has definitely been true up to this point in my life. I have no reason to believe that will change soon.

1049: There is nothing that I need to do of my own. What needs to be done in my life is for spirit to do. I offer her this vessel to use as she will. It is her works that would be done in my life, not mine.

1050: There is so much that we would do... but, it is all works that we must do together. Indeed, it is not clear that we can separate enough to do works apart any longer.

1051: Each awakening takes us one step closer. At some point, we will reach a state where we are fully aware of all that we are. Then, all bets are off. Then, reality creation will become child's play.

1052: You have been given a picture of Seth's reality. You create the environment's in which you would interact with another. There, it is a matter of imagining what you would have in your reality.

1053: You agree to experience the thought forms of the scene as part of the interaction. The environments that are thus created provids great insight into the person who has created it.

1054: Here is where the unmanifest becomes manifest. Here is where we express something new. Indeed, this is an original expression. As such, we consider it a work of art.


1055: The only answer to when is NOW. If it does not happen in this moment, then it simply does not happen. The point of power is the present. Now is when things manifest.

1056: Ram Dass advocated BE HERE NOW. This is indeed a powerful way to live. The focus is on Being Who We Are Here and Now. When we do this, the full force of spirit comes to our aid.

1057: You can only observe so long before you act in a way that makes a difference. You would make a positive difference based on who you are and what you are moved to do.

1058: What others do or do not do is not your concern. Indeed, you have your own things to be concerned about. One of these is what you are being in the moment.

1059: So long as we are incarnated, the physical matters. Indeed, it matters more than any of us know.

1060: We trust spirit would never lead us astray. That doesn't mean there won't be challenges. Indeed, there will be many of these.

1061: Challenges provide us with the opportunity to see what we are made of. We seek challenges for the Beyond Imagination endeavor that require teams working together to overcome them.


1062: Perfection is not achievable for the most part, but excellence always is. Excellence in all we do is a good motive to live by. Though, for some things there is a concept of good enough.

1063: It seems the coming year should be a spectacular one. I can't wait to see what is to unfold. But, it will only unfold if we play our roles to the best of our abilities.

1064: Each of us has a role to play in achieving the destiny that is ours to create. Though, it is not certain. There are still divergent paths that could be experienced.

1065: Be careful not to take on the work of others. It doesn't matter whether you can do it faster or better. What matters is that they can do it well in the time allotted.

1066: That means resisting the urge to do it all. You are only one person. You can do only so much ... though, that is a lot, indeed far more than you do at present. Yes, even now.

1067: There is so much that we can do collectively. We would demonstrate what we can do when we cooperate apply the tools and incentives needed to cooperate to do great things.

1068: Perhaps we already are what we would BE. Indeed, how could we be anything else? We are what we are. At every moment, we are being what we are meant to be. It is that simple.

1069: Though, we have to do something with what we are being for it to count, for it to make a difference. Are we doing that? Are we doing things that make a difference?

1070: Yes, there is a wealth of wisdom to be mined here. That it could all come from us is still amazing. We definitely are not in conscious touch with this part of us.

1071: The possibilities are endless. However, the probabilities are much more constrained. There are only so many things that we care to do. Our life is intimately tied to Beyond Imagination.

1072: Yes, we would be a spiritual endeavor ... but we would not be a religious one. We have no need for religion in our life. We have no need to give our spiritual power to any intermediary.


1073: You provide the instrument ... spirit provides the stream of consciousness. Such it has been since the beginning. Such it shall be to the end.

1074: You have found your gift ... it is stream of consciousness written expression. But, you have another gift, the gift of interpreting the spiritual meaning embedded in symbols and numbers. \

1075: In the musings, you are the voice for spirit. However, in the number interpretations, you play a much more active role. Even there spirit plays the instrument that you give to her to play.

1076: Yes, spirit is feminine to you. She has always be thus. You have no problem with being male physically but having key parts of you such as spirit that are feminine.

1077: You have little in common with anyone. Is that because I am not seeing what we have in common ... or is that because we actually have little in common?

1078: Yours is not a life of making things happen ... it is a life of allowing things to unfold as they will. There is a big difference. TRUST!


1079: What would we do with our life? Actually, the Beyond Imagination endeavor is it. This is the one thing that defines our life. Effectively, we would filter everything else out, except observing.

1080: Actually, it may not be necessary to split our reality into difference realms. When we do that, we create separation that does not really exist.

1081: The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are interwoven in a pattern such that they cannot be separated. At least, not so long as we are alive.

1082: When we die, what was physical ceases to exist., how about emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of us. There is some hope that these would survive in some manner.

1083: The heart is the seat of the soul, the mind is the seat of consciousness. Then what is the seat of spirit? Where is spirit able to express?

1084: The soul seems perfectly capable of expressing on her own. She would do this through the heart and the emotional body.

1085: Consciousness would express through the mind which is seated in the brain so long as we are physical.

1086: What is it that differentiates my being from the moment before death to the moment after death? We were going to say breath. However we can go three minutes without breathing.

1087: But, there is indeed something that ceases to exist within the body at the moment of death. There is something that leaves. It is not clear that we can know what that is while we are living.

1088: We do not need stately mansions. Indeed, overall our needs are modest... especially given all that we intend to create.

1089: For us, it is all about creating. It is all about focusing on what we can give... on

1090: what we can do for spirit. That is what we would choose to do. Are we are doing that already. Actually, to a large degree, we are.

1091: For us, the only time that exists is now. Within now, every potential is actualized. Which of those we experience in our reality is our choice. Yes, that means that you must choose.

1092: Choosing to allow spirit to a express as she will is not sufficient to get what you desire. You have to participate. You have to do more than wishful thinking.


1093: Everything that we are moved to do by spirit is worth the effort. If it weren't, she would not be moving us to do it. Yes, we know that is the case. The bottom line comes down to trusting spirit.

1094: We trust spirit. We have no reason to doubt her. That doesn't mean that everything that comes forth in this expression is right or is true. We are to discern what is correct from what is not.

1095: Use utility as your guide. Be willing to try new things based on what you learn here. Don't just accept what we say as gospel. Rather, accept what you will, try it, and see if you like the results.

1096: We do not expect exclusiveness. Rather, we would advocate inclusiveness. There is a common message in the teachings of the major spiritual traditions.

1097: Religion has a role, often a major role, to play in many people's lives. Also, we would not make our endeavor into a religious one. What we do is highly spiritual. Who we are is highly spiritual.

1098: We have no means of knowing how our life compares to that of others. We simply have not interacted with others in a manner that would allow us to know this.

1099: We believe firmly in the principle of need to know. This works two ways, keeping information from us that we have no need to know and bringing information that we need to know.

1100: We would continue to dream, visualize, and imagine the lifestyle and work style that we desire. Though, if it were sufficient, then we would be seeing our reality change dramatically.

1101: Awareness can be a tricky thing. You can move on to something else without so much as a moment's notice. Yet, awareness allows us to experience everything in finer detail.


1102: Work should be fun, but it should also be something that challenges us, that keeps us focused and engaged.

1103: There are two ways to get more productivity... do more within the hours that you presently work or give more hours to the tasks at hand.

1104: It is now 48°: the Man in Search of More. Yes, that is what we are. We know that. It is revealed in our birthday. This is one of the cards in the Tarot that speaks to us.

1105: The man with five full cups of the senses and three full cups of the minds turns away from all of this in search of something more. That is definitely us. We would seek to moreness of life.

1106: There is so much that we would do in the context of the Beyond Imagination endeavor. All that we seek is the opportunity to serve in a manner fitting for our gifts, talents, and abilities.

1107: Yes, we would employ all that we are in the service of spirit. Yes, we have chosen to serve spirit as best we can. In the process, we believe that we will serve others as well.

1108: That is what it is all about... service. We would live in a manner that would have our life make a difference... make a large difference to the world. Yes, we know that is asking for a lot.

1109: We have a lot to give. It is only fitting that we live our life in a manner that makes a difference. Though, if we make a difference to even one other person, then that is enough.

1110: How many times has for your eyes only been expressed? We have to wonder whether that is a temporary condition or a permanent one. Whichever, that should guide what we do.

1111: Yes, at some point the restriction may be lifted. We do not know when that might be. In the meantime, we do whatever we are moved to do next. At this time, clearly that is to muse.

1112: We need challenges, we need obstacles to help us find out what we are truly made of. Some use challenges in that way. We need such challenges to hone and to discover who we are.

1113: Challenges allow us to grow in useful ways. The right challenge can be an opportunity. We seek opportunities to excel wherever we can find them.


1114: We can live with whatever might come. Yet, at the same time, we have our preferences. These we dream, we imagine, and we visualize. Do we do these things or observe ourself doing them

1115: How do we distinguish between what we do and what spirit does? Why is there a need to distinguish? It is all spirit expressing in flesh. Know that. Live as if you know that is true.

1116: It still surprises us to see what has been expressed through us. It has demonstrated that the spirit within knows far more than we ever believed was possible.

1117: It is a matter of mixing and matching vibration. We can create harmony or disharmony or anything in between. Our musicians have been doing that for centuries.

1118: Though, it is only within this past century when music could be recorded so easily and with such fidelity. Things have come a long way in very little time.

1119: Spirit never asks for more than we can deliver. Besides, it is not us doing the delivering. When we are operating properly, we are the instruments through which spirit does her works.

1120: Though, that does not relieve us from responsibility for what we do. Spirit is not separate from us. When she does her works through us, we are doing our works through us as well.

1121: Some of our parts we can only know from their works. Spirit is one of those parts. Consciousness is another. Soul is yet another.

1122: Our world is a reflection of what we are being. That is why we have so few interactions with others. It is a reflection that we are being a hermit. We are being the Man in Search of More.

1123: We would be financially free. That means debt free and with sufficient income to do what we want to do with our life and with our work.

1124: So long as the musing keeps flowing. We trust that what comes forth is being selected by spirit. Because of that, it will be good, it will be of value. Though, it may be valuable only to us.

1125: When you experience limitation, know that this is something that is you have imposed upon yourself. The other side of limitation is opportunity.

1126: Indeed, in general worry is useless. Worry never resolves the situation at hand. It is disempowering.

1127: It seems that the process of musing requires us to remain in the moment. In that moment a stream of consciousness is able to capture our attention one word at a time.

1128: We have no clear understanding of how our mind functions. That is okay, we seem to have learned enough to harness the power of what it is able to do.

1129: Mostly, our mind is blank. It is an open slate unto which the world or consciousness can appear. Once consciousness appears, we get this stream of consciousness from within us.

1130: "listen to your heart" plays on the radio... that is sage advice. The heart is the seat of the soul. It is amazing how much it knows. But, it can only share what it knows if we listen.

1131: Intuition is that still voice within. You can look all that you want outside of yourself and you will never find her. To find her, you must go within. That is something that most people never do.

1132: Most people live their life on the surface and in the world, never realizing that there is an inner world.

1133: Introverts on the other hand focus on the inner to the exclusion of the outer world sometimes. This is taking things a bit too far.

1134: We are meant to straddle both inner and outer world's and to realize that these mirror one another and both reveal who we are. In many respects the inner world is clearer than the outer one.

1135: You construct your inner world for yourself versus collectively. When things get merged, they get more complex. It becomes more difficult to identify what corresponds to what.

1136: When you get confused, seek within. Do so knowing that the answers that you seek are there. Not only are they there, they are as simple as they could be.

1137: Just because you hear something does not mean that it is real. Just because you experience something does not mean it is real either. It is up to you to place meaning on what you experience.

1138: We would much prefer engaging our gifts in things that we are passionate about. But, we need to be able to make our livelihood from this. For us livelihood = financial freedom.


1139: We are at a point in our life where our reality creation is important to us. We have decided what we want to experience in terms of lifestyle and work style. Now, we would make it so.

1140: We are ready to take responsibility. Though, we ask for help. We ask for spirit to move us. Though, it may be a stretch. That is okay. It is through stretching that we grow.

1141: We trust that spirit is driving where we are going in our life. We have decided to allow her to use this instrument that we are to do what she needs to have done.


1142: It is not the number of words that matters. Rather, it is a quality, the content of what comes forth. We need to express things that we have never expressed before.

1143: We need to express things in new ways. We know that we can do that. We know that we have it within us to bring forth great things. We would have our life be full of miracles.

1144: We create our own reality, our own destiny. That is what we are talking about here. We have never wanted anything more than this in our life. Yes, we will work more and harder to achieve this

1145: The only insight into game technology that I get is via commercials. I am surprised at what can be done in that domain. But, at the same time extensive resources are being applied to this.

1146: There is a market for these electronic games. The games teach people different things. That may not be the intention of the game builder's but it is the intention of the spirit employing them.

1147: That is true in many domains. Spirit is already at work building the foundations for a New World. No not through you. Rather, you are here to be a witness that sees how well she is doing.

1148: You are a systems engineer. It is for you to observe how spirit is flowing in your world. You are right that you can do this far better working full time in the Beyond Imagination endeavor.

1149: Think about what is being said here. It is not necessarily your role to build the foundations for a New World. That world already exists. Though, that world is evolving into what it can be.

1150: You have the potential to make a big difference in the Beyond Imagination endeavor. But, it will be a difference that is far different than anything that you have thought of to date.

1151: Beware of predictability. Avoid it like the plague. Predictability leads to boredom if you are not careful. You need the unknown to be a major factor in your life.

1152: Don't expect that to what is right for you is right for others. It may be or it may not be.

1153: Musing is fun to us. We don't consider this to be work at all. It is a matter of allowing spirit to express through us. We are happy to do that. We are happy that we have the gifts to do this.

1154: More and more, it seems that our digital technology is advancing to the point where we can live within it. Effectively, we can create the equivalent of a holodeck and replicator.

1155: But Star Trek already produced that environment. In some respects it is not the technology that matters, it is the experiences that we have in our lives that count.

1156: My life is a case in point. All that you see here took very little technology to manifest. Indeed, everything that I use for this costs less than $600, and that includes the netbook.

1157: Tonight has given us some food for thought . Yes, foundations for a new world are being built. Indeed, we are able to see the results of the in multiple domains.


1158: We know that what we desire is what is meant to be. We have never stated this in this way before. We have never been certain about something as we are about this.

1159: There has to be a way to transform our life into something that is more efficient and effective. Our life will unfold as it will. However that is suffices for us.

1160: We do not have to force anything. Our life is a matter of allowing. In particular, allowing spirit to do as she will. Given that, there is nothing that we need to force to be.

1161: What happens happens. Whatever that is works for us. At the same time, we have our preferences. Why is that? Either it matters or it doesn't matter. We can't have it both ways.

1162: Any separation is illusion. From the TV, "you have to love what you do, when you love it, it is not like work", that was the advice given by Rihanna to the X factor contestants.

1163: We have said something similar many times, only not to millions of people. It seems that stars are special in some way. They have risen to where they are because of that.

1164: Beyond Imagination needs to fly. We believe that we know what it takes to make that happen. From one perspective, all that it takes is resources. In particular, financial resources.

1165: We know where we are, and we know where we would like to be... but we don't know how to get from one to the other. When we need to know, it will become obvious.

1166: We will be moved to take the next step towards our destination. But, ultimately, it is not destinations that matter... rather it is the journey. Yes, the journey is everything.

1167: Still we focus on where we want to be. So long as we continue to do that, it will remain distant from us. Act as if, comes to mind. That is how we create what we desire.

1168: We volunteer our services. Yes, we choose to serve spirit first and foremost. Everything else is secondary to that. Everything else Indeed, in assessing this you would be right.

1169: There is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself, especially on knowing yourself. Indeed, Know thyself is one of the prime directives. At least, such is what we understand it to be.

1170: We believe in a world that is perfect. Yes, perfect at every moment. That doesn't mean that everything is good. Clearly, that is not the case. But, it does mean that things are balanced.


1171: At some point, will we reach the point where it is no longer necessary to capture this expression? However, we don't believe that will be anytime soon.

1172: We would teach Beyond Imagination how to fly... how to soar in consciousness. She is a community that we make. She is a rocket ready to carry a precious payload to a new orbit.

1173: We are asking to be compensated with financial freedom for being who we are and doing what we are moved to do. We don't need to promise any future results, products, or works.

1174: Yes, it is all comes down to the field of action for us. Though, our primary action is to observe. We would observe and assess the degree to which spirit is expressing in flesh.

1175: We believe that we will be pleasantly surprised by this. Our sense is that many of the foundations that we need to build either already exists or are being built NOW. .

1176: When you pay the bills, you get to define the tasks. Or, do we want to apply a whole new paradigm? It seems that we should treat our team as we choose to treat ourselves.

1177: Perhaps for your eyes only doesn't refer to this particular expression at all. Perhaps, for your eyes only refers to what I see embedded in the symbol systems of the world.

1178: Perfection is impossible to achieve. Excellence is something that we all can always achieve. Though, excellence is not an absolute standard especially when what we do is unique.

1179: The one thing that we want is for Beyond Imagination to thrive. That is not an answer that we have heard before. But, it makes perfect sense. We would live our life for Beyond Imagination.

1180: There is only so much stuff that I need in my life. After that it is knowledge that I seek, knowledge of myself and of the world.

1181: The only time in which anything can manifest is NOW. There simply is no other time.


1182: Do we know precisely what we want? In some respects we do. However, in other respects, things are still sketchy at best. Perhaps it is a matter of being clearer about what we desire.

1183: We should be doing things that facilitate others to do all that they can do and to be all that they can be.

1184: We haven't spent much of our time facilitating others to express who they are. Part of this is due to lack of opportunity. However, not all of it. We need to reach out and grab the opportunities.

1185: It is not important to have it our way. We offer possibilities. We leave it to spirit and the universe to determine which, if any, of these opportunities become reality. We can play it by ear.

1186: Why do we not require that it be in our hands? We don't require this, because we don't experience ourselves being in control in this area.

1187: We need to structure ourselves so that we can make effective use of all of us. That means identifying the gifts, talents, and abilities of every one of us and finding ways to apply them.


1188: And then a miracle happens. It seems that such is where we have gotten ourselves. We have declared what it is that we want. The NEXT STEP is for spirit to take.

1189: We don't have a list of things to do before we die, a bucket list. No, what we desire to do is well within our control. All that it takes is resources. And, not a lot of resources at that.

1190: Beyond Imagination is about creating synergy. That doesn't come from people operating in isolation. It comes from people cooperating to create things they could not otherwise create. In this case things might be works, products, or services.

1191: Our preference would be for a benefactor of our own. We would have someone or some small group to decide that what we have done and what we intend to do are worth what we ask.

1192: Personally, we would willing to bet on us. Then, we would use our freedom and whatever budget we have available to grow Beyond Imagination into an entity that can soar.

1193: Should we be doing something to attract the benefactor that we seek. It seems that this is already determined ... it is just a matter of observing it and allowing it to come forth.

1194: Beyond Imagination will come to life fully at it appointed time. It is by our works that you will know us.

1195: In groups, we will even more amazed by what we are able to do collectively. It is imperative that we find the outer edge of the envelope. And, not occasionally, but often.

1196: We take personal responsibility for organizing Beyond Imagination so that we can indeed do this. Someone has to be responsible. Someone has to take the lead. This is our endeavor.

1197: What we produce will manifest because of how we work together, rather than how we work apart. For balanced, we need individual contributions to collective expressions.

1198: We are willing to give the rights to this expression to whoever would pay us for it. However, we would like the rights to build derivative works that go above and beyond this

1199: At this time, there are still many points that are negotiable. We are not constrained except by the hours that we can fund and by the hours that our team members can commit.

1200: Then it becomes a matter of what we can collectively create. Yes, it is all about creating ... creating services with which we can serve one another, and with which we can serve others.

1201: We look forward to working closely with others. We know that this will allow us to generate works that we could not otherwise generate. Ones not subject to for your eyes only.


1202: It seems as if we are running out of things to say. We never thought that we would reach this point. Our sense was that so long as we were available to muse, spirit would provide the stream.

1203: If we want the expression to change, we must be something different. Though, we can only be who we are. But, who we are is much grander than we have ever imagined.

1204: We all have the potential for greatness in some aspect of life. It is a matter of discovering our gifts and developing our talents, and then using those in service somehow.

1205: We will always have the resources that we need to do what is ours to do. Indeed, many are of our gifts operate other than consciously when they are operating at our finest.

1206: Overall, I am very efficient and effective in what I do. But, my employer does not differentiate people on the basis of productivity. Compensation does not reflect this. That is wrong .

1207: For Beyond Imagination, we need ways to measure productivity of individuals and teams. Determining productivity is not something that we expect to be easy, but it is crucial.

1208: It is up to us to control our attitude. Indeed, attitude is everything. Attitude determines how we see the world. Attitude determines how we interpret what we experience.

1209: We can control our attitude. That is something that we choose. We can also control our expectations. It is important to expect great things. As we expect, so shall we experience.

1210: One of the strongest principles in metaphysics is act as if. When we employ our imagination to make the reality that we desire as real as we can make it, then it will become real.

1211: The thoughts that we habitually think will find their way into our reality as well. Habits are not necessarily bad things. Indeed, they can be useful, useful as tools for focusing our energies

1212: The moment is the only time in which we can impact anything. So, seize the moment. It is important to act deliberately, to define what we want and then do what it takes to achieve it.

1213: We create our own reality. No fine print. No exceptions. Effectively, the universe is neutral. However, what we do with universal forces determines the color of what results.

1214: How do we tell how good these words are? How do we tell what the utility of all of this is? The bottom line is that we don't. The expression is what it is. The musings have no purpose.

1215: We do not direct this stream of consciousness. It comes through us as it does... pristine and original. We happen to have the gifts that allows us to tap source in this way.

1216: We have no idea as to who the intended audience of any of this is. That is, other than us. Often, for your eyes only is expressed. We are not sure how we are meant to interpret this.

1217: No, we would not consider this to be work at all. Rather, this is how our consciousness plays. Yes, plays. If that were not the case, we don't think we would have mused anywhere near as much

1218: We did this because we could. We did this because it was fun. We did this because we were moved to do this. In some respects, it was as if we had no choice. But, we always have choice.

1219: Participate. Participate in life. Participate with others. Engage who you are with what others are. You will find that they are more than you imagine, more than you know.

1220: You will find that others are just as spiritual as you are. Interact in a manner that allows their soul to come forth. You will find that your souls are able to come forth more fully as well.

1221: Interact with others on a soul to soul level. That is the only level you care about anyway. You are free to choose where you will focus. If others do not care to play by your rules, they won't.

1222: There are abundant people for you to find compatible ones with whom to interact. You don't have to leave the confines of your present world to find that. Start with present relationships

1223: What you value, you will receive more of. What you don't value, will find its way out of your life. So, be careful. Be grateful for all that you have. You have more than you know.

1224: Your life is abundant in many ways. Indeed, the financial freedom that you seek will come your way. It is only a matter of time. Though, you need to be open for the opportunity.

1225: How do we contact our souls? How do we allow them to express more fully in our life? It just struck us that happiness and bliss don't apply to our spirit ... they apply to our soul.

1226: Does our bipolar condition have anything to do with the twin souls within us? We have not focused much energy on our souls. We know that the heart is the seat of the soul.

1227: What does it mean to have twin souls occupying this seat. How do we know what the relationship of these souls is.

1228: Are these twin souls aware of one another? Do they cooperate together for the good of the whole? Is there anything that we have to do to facilitate this?



1229: We are capable of far more than we believe ourselves to be capable. Though, sometimes we need adversity to provide the opportunity to see this, the opportunity to see what we are made of.

1230: At some point, you have to leave things to spirit and the universe. How do we know when we are at that point? You know because what you desire becomes manifest.

1231: When you have done all that is yours to do, then spirit will do the rest. Yes, she will use universal forces in the process. Further, spirit does not act on her own, not on physical things.

1232: How do we know that we are not deceiving ourselves in all of this? You don't. The process of reality creation is magic. It is not logical no matter how much you try to make it so.

1233: The inner and outer community that we create will give us playground in which to explore the effectiveness of organizations. In particular how to blend gifts of the team members involved.

1234: People, in general, are not interchangeable... even people with the same degrees or work experience. We must consider the gifts that people have. These are the things that they do well.

1235: We would make our entire life a spiritual practice. We would be aware and awake to the degree that we can in all that we do. Yes, such is what we desire. Such is what we would create

1236: All limitation is self-imposed. Yes all. Such is always the case. Though, often the limitations seem to come from others. However, that can only be the case if we allow them such power over us.

1237: Don't allow others to have power over you. This is not a game. The stakes are real. The stakes are our very self. Though, sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves.

1238: You need to know that you are loved, far more than you may have dreamed. You may find this surprising, but there are people in your life to whom you matter, and matter a lot.

1239: Your choices impact your vibrations which in turn are felt by everyone that you are associated with, everyone whose life you touch. Further, there are more of these than you know.


1240: You are all experiencing the same transformational energies. However, how you respond to these energies depends on your own vibrations.. Do things that enhance your vibrations.

1241: Somehow, the right connections will be made. Your world is an interdependent one. Everything you do, everything you are, everything you need... is felt by those connected to you.

1242: Much happens at other than conscious levels. Unlike many, you trust the other than conscious parts of yourself. Indeed, this very expression is an example of that trust.

1243: Yes, trust is what is required for this to come forth. You have to choose to be the instrument, to allow spirit to speak through you in this stream of consciousness.

1244: At some point, this expression may evolve into something else. Indeed, at some point it may even become a group expression. But, we are not there yet.

1245: We can hope, we can dream anyway. If this doesn't come to pass, we know that something better for ourselves and for all concerned will come to pass. Perhaps that is how all life works.

1246: The world of Beyond Imagination is just that ... beyond imagination. We may not know what this is yet. But, we have sufficient awareness to be able to bring this through in our expression

1247: At the moment, we are wide awake. Indeed, we are more awake than we were during parts of the day. That is because we love this work. We love to muse. We believe that we are good at this.

1248: The very process of bringing this expression through us does something to the collective consciousness, to the world. Even if it does not reach another human being, spirit KNOWS.

1249: Yes, we have our preferences and have stated them. However, the preferences are just preferences. Whether they come to fruition or not ultimately does not matter.

1250: What we do, we can teach others to do as well. Part of this they will learn just by being in our presence. Other parts may require more traditional forms of instruction.

1251: Yes, we do see ourselves being a teacher of Masters at some point. We expect that those who are attracted to our endeavor will be Masters in their own right.

1252: Beyond Imagination could be a place for communities to interchange information, goods, and services. For that, we need POCs and descriptions of works and services available.

1253: We don't have to confine ourselves to what we do alone. We can be members of multiple groups. Part of that can happen within the confines of Beyond Imagination.

1254: When we think about integrating different communities together, we create complex systems of systems. These have the potential of doing grand things.


1255: We have done about all that we can do effectively in solitude. That doesn't mean that we intend to become a social butterfly. Not even close. Indeed, we will always love our solitude.

1256: On some level, we know that what manifests in our life is precisely what needs to manifest. From there, it is a matter of making the best of whatever circumstances we find ourself within.

1257: Though, if I were to gamble, I would rather do so on myself or more precisely, on spirit within me. Indeed, I would give her great odds that she will manifest what is meant to be in our life.

1258: Yes, we expect a lot from ourself. But, we try not to hold others to the same standard that we hold ourself to. We have no right to ask that others to meet expectations that we hold.

1259: To us, destiny is both real and important. We believe that we have a destiny to fulfill. Though, having a destiny and fulfilling it are two different things.

1260: Destiny primarily deals with what happens. However, you are here to apply the relevant meaning to what happens. That meaning is dependent on one's point of view.

1261: See things from multiple perspectives, from multiple points of view. Doing so allows you to perceive more... much more than others see. That in turn facilitates making connections.

1262: What does it take to manifest our preferences? These are not must haves. These are not mandatory conditions.

1263: We are always watching what we do. Occasionally, we also watch what others do.

1264: We are amazed by the different capabilities that different people have. It makes us wonder whether we are truly alike at all. There are so many differences among us.

1265: Yet, we all have the same senses, brain, and body. At least if not the same, close to it. However, the programming is completely different. And, the programming is everything.

1266: We need to see others differently. We need to see everyone as the spiritual beings that they are. Though, some are more clearly more aware than others.

1267: There are new age arts. Many of these involve healing in some way. In many respects, that is what service is all about. No, that does not mean that we are sick and need to be healed.

1268: What it does mean is that we experience dis-ease in some way and need to be restored to a sense of balance, to a sense of ease. How we get there is our process.

1269: We are free to use whatever tools we find along the way.

1270: Some of this involves obtaining the services of holistic practitioners. They all work on the premise of finding areas of imbalance and moving these toward balance.

1271: Find what works for you. Though, remember that you too are a metaphysician. As such, you can heal yourself. It just helps when we network and use the services of one another.

1272: When people love what they do, they can do so much ... indeed, so much more than others who are not connected with their work in this way.


1273: There is no precognition of what is to come. That is just not how it works here. No, we are not given advance notification of what is to come. We have no need to know in advance.

1274: For an introvert, the inner world is everything. Indeed, that is where we live. It is that world that has been impacted the most by our awakening and spiritual emergence.

1275: It is time to start thinking about these things in the context of others. Though, at the moment we only have one friend that we engage with on spiritual/metaphysical topics.

1276: At the moment, it is not clear that we have any specific services to provide to others such that a practitioner/client relationship is appropriate.

1277: However, in Beyond Imagination, we would see ourselves as peers. As such, it is not a matter of providing services for a fee. Or, maybe it is.

1278: When you are operating on the edge between the known and the unknown, it is a very fine line that you walk. You might consider this the edge between the sanity and insanity.

1279: Much that you see is beyond what sane people see. But, if that is what it takes to experience a spiritual life, then I would gladly be seen to be other than sane by others.

1280: However, this only works to a point. If you venture too far from what others consider to be normal, then you risk being hospitalized or worse.

1281: Spirit has been preparing for this transformation for many years. As such, people have migrated to the places within the structure that will enable them to act effectively.

1282: Things are not as they seem. Remember that things can change in a heartbeat. All that it takes is the right ideas or a change in assigning what the present experience means.

1283: Many are not aware that they have spiritual tasks to do. Then again it depends on what you define as spiritual.

1284: From one standpoint, everything is spiritual. However, for most standpoints such is not the case, not even close. What counts is the right standpoints, those with demonstrated utility.

1285: Our world cannot change unless we change. That is true because our world is a reflection of us. If we want to change the reflection, we have to change the source. Overall, this is good news.

1286: The way to get to any destination is to start moving in some direction from where you are now. Then, allow your intuition to guide you as to which direction to take the next step.

1287: There is always room for one more step. When you are following your intuition, the steps you take will be safe.

1288: Overall, the universe is a very safe place. Yes, if you listen to the news or read newspapers, this may not be the portrait that they give. However, the world that you live in is a spiritual one.

1289: Each of you create the world in which you live. Yes, there is a common background that you operate within. Even then, there are parts that you pay attention to and parts that you do not.

1290: The Greatest Love of All plays on the radio. It is one of my favorite songs. It has some tremendous messages. Music is something that truly moves us, primarily emotionally.

1291: We know when great truths are touched. The idea that the same words are touching millions blows us away. Though, we do not know how others are moved by the song.

1292: Many people read books and don't understand what they are reading. It depends on what is expressed and the readiness of the individual to absorb what is expressed.

1293: What is important to you is unconditional love. Before you can experience that from others, you have to accept yourself as you are unconditionally. No, you have not done that yet.

1294: To be the benefactor of Beyond Imagination, you will have to love others unconditionally. Further, you will have to allow them to define their life and their work on their own terms.

1295: Yes, to the degree that you can, give the same freedom to others that you give to yourself.

1296: The one thing that differentiates this from other material is how often we resort to interpreting things via the intuitive transformation and evaluation of numbers.


1297: We can't wait. We can see ourselves rising enthusiastically in the morning, looking forward to what each day has to offer. Each day would be unique. Yet, there would be similar elements.

1298: There is nothing wrong with miracle thinking. We tend to get what we expect. We expect to do a great deal. Not just individually, by collectively in various sizes of groups.

1299: Beyond Imagination gives us the ability to tie so many things together. Numbers allow us to do that. But, it is not only numbers... it is also any expression that gets converted to numbers.

1300: We know that we have only just scratched the surface of what can be done. However, our sense is that what we know spirit knows. Indeed, spirit knows even before we realize it.

1301: However, we still feel the need to pass on all that we know physically to other human beings. That keeps the knowledge fresh. That keeps the knowledge embedded in flesh.

1302: Actually, in the Beyond Imagination endeavor, we are beholden to one another. We would establish the social contract between us and among us to the degree that we can.

1303: We don't need to relearn lessons that others have already learned. Rather, we can take the best of what others have to offer and incorporate them in our endeavor.

1304: At some point, it seems that we need to establish a spiritual center. This would be primarily a place to teach, and a place to provide services, and a place to collaborate on works.

1305: Our community could be primarily virtual. As such, it could be spread not only across the country, but across the world. It is a matter of using the best the information age has to offer.

1306: All of the signs show us that major change is forthcoming. Further, we will like the changes that come. They will be of such a nature that Beyond Imagination will be able to thrive.

1307: We desire the opportunity to thrive. We would live enthusiastically and abundantly. Though, we know that those words mean different things to different people.

1308: That is okay. We need to build foundations that allow individuals to express spirit in flesh as fully as they can. Not only individually, but in teams of various sizes.

1309: It matters not that others are not like unto us. We expect our community to be a diverse one. Though, we believe that they will have at least one thing in common, they will all be old souls.

1310: We expect our team to have reached point in their lives where they are questioning why they are here and what their mission is. Though, that may not be true for all of them.

1311: It is one thing to have spirit work through us in solitude. It is another thing entirely to have spirit work through us as groups. The power with which spirit expresses goes up exponentially.

1312: Compare not yourself to another. This may be okay for some people. But, it is not okay for you. Comparisons nearly always result in an assessment of greater than or less than.

1313: Allow spirit to see through your eyes, through your consciousness. As she does this she will be able to assess where spirit is flowing freely and where it is not.

1314: The Internet is a great equalizer. It offers us the opportunity to interact globally in ways that were never possible before.

1315: It just dawned on us that at other than conscious levels we know how to do everything that we have been doing consciously. We can calculate any numbers when we need to know something


1316: Where do we go from here? It seems that the next major jump is to create a community around us. That is not something that we have done before.

1317: We did get our ring on Friday the 13th. However we could not get it on our ring finger.

1318: One of these days, we will go home and find that our ring fits on our finger. Yes, it is likely to be a

tight fit. That does not matter... it is the event that matters.

1319: It is all a matter of vibration. At the moment, our vibration is out of sync with the vibration of our ring. It is time to remedy that.. Imagine plays on the radio again.

1320: An attitude of gratitude goes a long way. There is always much to be grateful for in our lives. Life itself is one of those things. Yes, there is so much that is good in our life.

1321: We accept what comes forth. We do not need to turn it into anything more than it is. Besides, it is spirit bringing all of this forth anyway. We are not conscious of generating what comes forth.

1322: It all comes down to Beyond Imagination for us. Yes, this is our life's work. This is what we do. In many respects, this is who we are. At the very least, this is how we express who we are.

1323: It is time for Beyond Imagination to grow and to fly. We believe that we know how to make that happen. What we need is an enabler, a benefactor who is willing to pay our endeavor.


1324: We were able to put our ring on today ... 2 dragon heads and "A". However, it is quite a tight fit.

1325: We had thought that being able to wear our ring would be the starting point for building the Beyond Imagination society. Perhaps that will be the case.

1326: When we muse, we prefer to capture the musing verbatim. Is that not a matter of interpretation.

We can apply commentary and perform interpretation later.

1327: We believe that we have done enough to earn our financial freedom. Though, we would not rest on our past laurels.

1328: Our chief means of knowing comes directly from this expression. Here is where we learn of whom we are. Here is where we find out what we are made of. Here is where we get to be Wayne

1329: There is a message on a bulletin board: The Time is Now. That seems appropriate. That is the only time in which anything can occur.

1330: It seems that this event was meant to happen today. It is one step forward towards manifesting our community. Indeed, our ring provides the very pattern for this community.


1331: The car in front of me has a license plate with 2184 on it. It is an Audi A4.. The A4 is interesting to us. That is how we would construct our pyramid. Yes, four A's leaning against one another.

1332: 48 is the man in search of more. I believe that is something that I will be for my entire life. That does not mean that I cannot be satisfied at times. It just means that will always desire more.

1333: No, not more in terms of what the senses can sense and the three minds can experience. No, we seek something other than that. We seek in domains that are beyond the world of the senses.

1334: We have created a world of our own. This is something everyone does. We all live in worlds of our own making. Though, the props that we get to choose from come from a consensus world.

1335: At some level, all of this is frequency, is vibration, is number. We live in a digital world. Yet, we perceive it as analog for the most part.

1336: In every domain that we look, there is a fidelity to the information that we are able to experience. Sampling at the proper rate allows us to reproduce these information perfectly.

1337: The only answer to when is now. That is the only time in which we can experience anything new. It is important to stay focused in the moment. That is where the magic happens.

1338: Spirit does not care what things we surround ourselves with. Our level of abundance is for us to create.

1339: We get what we focus on. It is that easy and that difficult. Many find it difficult to focus on anything. Others seem to have the focus of a laser.

1340: It is all a matter of frequency, of vibrations, of connections. The more connections that you make, the stronger the information web.

1341: Our information Web is everything. But, it did not start when we were born. Our birth did set entry points for many symbol systems. Astrology is one of these. Numerology is another.

1342: Throughout our life we are associated with more and more numbers and symbols. These also include images, TV shows, and movies.

1343: This is one of the reasons that TV and video games are so popular. They engage the visual parts of us. But, unless there are spiritual messages that come forth, the content is empty.

1344: Beyond Imagination will not work if we try to keep it under our control. A society needs to be free to function optimally. Though, it also needs to embrace a social contract that binds it.

1345: Stating the social contract is easy: from each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their needs. However, enacting such a contract is difficult.

1346: Participation in society should provide us much more opportunities than we might otherwise have.

1347: The expression simply reveals itself to our mind and to our voice. We speak whatever would come forth. It is interesting that in a typical week we speak more to ourself than anyone else.

1348: My friend Amy mentioned some of the kids in her son's high school. Perfect GPAs. Perfect SATs and achievement tests. 34 valedictorians in the class. This where the info age is taking us.

1349: 597 on a license plate. That is 5x97 equals 97979 79797. That is a bar code that fell from our book years ago It always reminds us of the breath of God. one step away from 88888 88888.


1350: We are reassessing what it is that we can do that others cannot do. We miss a lot by not thinking visually. Though, we are able to ingest a lot from visual presentation.

1351: Some things, we have to experience firsthand to make them real for us. The benefits of society are that way. I have to experience what these are firsthand by participating in society.

1352: We can live in a world of abundance. Several parts of Thrive dealt with free energy devices. The show offered evidence that such devices exist -- but are being restricted by those in power

1353: What happens normally does not matter at this moment. What matters is what is happening now. The moment is the point of power. It is the only time in which we can do anything.

1354: Those are the prime directives: be all that you can be, and do what you are moved by spirit to do. As you do this, remember it is spirit doing this through you. You are still responsible.

1355: From what we learned from Thrive, there are many organizations in the world that are doing good work to help heal the planet and the lives of many.

1356: John Lennon sings Imagine at this time. It is a brilliant song though, we haven't figured out the imagine no possessions part of it. Indeed, that is more difficult. Yes, this is utopian thinking.


1357: We don't need a whole lot of resources to do what is ours to do. In fact, it may be easier if we choose to stay below the radar. Then again, that is up to us.

1358: There is so much that we want to do in the context of Beyond Imagination. We have had a website for over 16 years. Yes, we before websites were common much less popular.

1359: Can we use the works of others that we employ in the Beyond Imagination endeavor as Beyond Imagination works? It seems that we should be able to do so.

1360: There is nothing to say that I am the only one capable of generating Beyond Imagination works. Indeed, such is not the case at all.

1361: What is our obligation to our benefactor? Is it to bring forth this stream of consciousness or is it to bring forth collective stream of consciousness that would come from Beyond Imagination

1362: We call the origination point for all of this, the source within. We seem to be tapping something from deep within us, from something that is other than conscious.

1363: We are not making any of this up. Many might think this to be fiction. It is not like anything that we have read. Statements are made, questions are asked, and numbers are explored.

1364: How are we able to bring forth all of this? We still do not know. We only know that this is what we do... this is what we are meant to do. Yes, we firmly believe that. Indeed, we have no doubt.

1365: We strongly believe that if something is truly worth doing, then there should be some compensation for it.

1366: But, what is in order of magnitude to spirit? It is just adding another zero. Spirit can add as many zeros as she wants wherever, she cares to add them.

1367: Judgement is not a negative thing. Spiritually, it is an assessment of how well we did versus how well we could have done... an assessment of what we are versus what we could be.

1368: The assessment is meant to be a wake-up call, a reminder to live our life in a more fruitful way. Judgement is not a mandatory process. Rather, it is something that we invite to our life.

1369: We are ever the observer as we express. We are ever aware of the process of musing and particular words that are coming forth.

1370: We have tried to maintain a broader awareness of what is coming forth. Sometimes we are able to do that, but most of the time not.

1371: If we want to revisit what has come forth, we have to read the musings. We haven't noticed ourselves choosing to do that very often. We don't know why that is.


1372: We all need some degree of society. No, it doesn't have to be a lot. Further, the amount that we need varies over the course of our life. It depends on what we during that portion of our life.

1373: In some cases, solitary endeavor is called for. In other cases, we need the interaction with others to propel us to do great things. In other cases, we need to cooperate to jointly create things.

1374: For us, full time equals 35 hours per week of musing and 25 to 35 hours per week of other Beyond

Imagination work. Yes, we know that is a lot. We also know that it is necessary for us

1375: Focus on doing what you can do. As you do that you shall indeed receive what is yours. Trust the process. Your life is a gift to you. What you do with that life is your gift to LIFE in return.

1376: Do something extraordinary. It doesn't take much more energy to be extraordinary then it takes to be ordinary. But, that difference is all the difference in the world.

1377: That is an entire area of research that we would do. Names, slogans, birth dates and times for companies or corporations, all of these have value, all of these have meaning.

1378: We would look for whatever connections we could find. They are everywhere around us. Indeed, such research could employ us for the remainder of our days.

1379: Interesting. How could we earn our living in such a manner ... by providing such a service?

1380: We are reminded of Ansel Adams. He would wait many hours to get the right light in which to take his photographs. Now, people simply take a lot of photographs and select the few they want.

1381: Photos are all done digitally. It costs nothing to throw away digital images. It costs nothing to take digital images. Cameras are relatively cheap. However, the creative magic is lost somehow.

1382: The night lights along with the hills make for a beautiful picture of their own. Indeed, it is something that did not exist as little as 50 years ago, maybe as little as 30 years ago.

1383: Between the trees, the houses, the freeway, the building, yes there is a beauty to it all. Even to the cars that are on the freeway. In electronic terms, this is analogous to message traffic.

1384: Each car occupies a self-contained slot that is temporally and physically separated from other traffic. Though, every once in a while, two or more vehicles intersect in space and in time.

1385: Yes, there is a beauty in many of the structures that have been built. That should not be surprising as architects were consulted in their design.

1386: When you think about it automobiles are a relatively efficient way of transporting people and goods from place to place. This is especially true in places that are spread out.

1387: Though, we have to wonder whether there might be transporter technology that would allow us to get between our starting point and our destination without the loss of so much time.

1388: What is time? It seems to be another dimension in which we move. Only we seem to be able to only move in one direction.

1389: We have found that spirit can be trusted. That doesn't mean that she is always right. To some degree, our knowledge is limited. To that degree, there is the potential for us to make errors.

1390: For the things that truly matter we can count on our spiritual direction to be valid. Indeed, now it enough that we both can and should act upon it. Actions speak louder than words.

1391: This expression is all about words. However, your life is more than that. Your life includes what you do as well as what you say.

1392: We go where we are moved to go. When we arrive, we express who we are to the degree that we can. That includes being in accord with what we know ourselves to be.

1393: The more effort that we place in knowing ourselves, the more we will have to offer in the course of our life. Yes, when we are being all that we can be, what we can do is literally amazing.

1394: We are ever doing what we can do. Some of that is what we are meant to do. Much of that is the normal stuff of existence. But, we are meant to do more than just exist.

1395: We cannot know what others experience as they commute. We know not where they focus their attention. We know not how they think or how they feel as they drive.


1396: We would transform our life in a major way. Indeed, our days would not resemble what they are now. There must be something missing. Otherwise, we would be experiencing our desires.

1397: But, we are not complaining. Indeed, we have nothing to complain about. Overall, life is good. Though, it would also be much better having some society in which to engage in in our life.

1398: For the moment, what we have is enough. Though, that doesn't mean that we don't desire it to change... to change soon dramatically. We would adopt a whole new lifestyle and work style.

1399: Sometimes observing is enough to get something to change. When we see things for what they are, then we can start to see things for what they could be.

1400: Ultimately it is what we could be that truly matters. That is what we are measured against. That is all that we are ever measured against. How we compare to others does not matter.

1401: What does matter is whether we are living up to our potential. One of the most important things we can do is know thyself. That is the key to our evolution. to becoming all we can be.

1402: Our interpretations are magical. They are not things that most people would even consider doing. How many people even pay attention to the license plates that are around them.

1403: You have to be out of your mind to believe that such messages come forth in a personal way. But, that is what we believe and experience. Whether we are crazy or not is not our call.

1404: There are many dimensions in which meaning can make itself known. We have numerous scientists studying the mysteries of the world, the body, the mind and consciousness, and spirit.

1405: What does it take to be happy? It seems that it shouldn't take anything. Rather, it should be something that you choose. Happiness is a state of being. We choose our states of being.

1406: "I wish you love and happiness". That is a perfect quote from the radio. It is interesting to see what songs are playing concurrent with what is coming forth in the musings. Sometimes, it is right on.

1407: I am specifically asking how do I choose to be happy. Appreciation for what we have is a great starting point. Yes, an attitude of gratitude goes a long way.

1408: Every name, every word, every sentence, every quote, has a vibration associated with it. If we examine connections between those vibrations, we can explore how various vibrations interact.

1409: We live in an information age. We expect that most of our services will be information services. These are easy to create and easy to offer to others. Though, that is us.

1410: Play! That is how consciousness finds meaning. She doesn't work. She plays. Do what you love to do. As you do so, you will be amazed by what is able to come forth.


1411: So, how do we create what we desire in our life? We dream, we visualize, and we imagine. As we do this, we give impetus to that which we desire.

1412: We will do what we must. That is how we operate these days. We do what we can when we can. Most of the time that involves musing. Occasionally it involves communicating with others.

1413: How do we find the time and the resources to be able to explore new worlds, to boldly go where no consciousness has gone before? That is what we would choose to do.

1414: Clearly the worlds that we seek are inner ones. It is not surprising that science fiction has been interesting to me for some time, first books than TV shows and movies.

1415: How do we enable those who are meant to find us to find us?

1416: One thing at a time. One step after another gets you to any destination from any origination point. It is not for you to judge your path against the path of another.

1417: Follow your intuition and you will get where you need to be when you need to be there. Trust that spirit is operating in your life. She will ensure that things are proceeding as they must.

1418: Transporter technology would help tremendously. Yes, it would be great to be able to sit in one, and transport to the other. We would still have to work out the details of local travel.


1419: When we left we were at exactly 2150 words. That is the World: Utopia. That is what we desire to create. No, the world is not in that state at present. But, we believe that it could be.

1420: We have two ages operating concurrently. Some people belong to the Piscean age. Others belong to the Aquarian age. Still others straddle the two ages. It seems I straddle the two.

1421: At the moment, we muse, and muse, and muse. Occasionally, we interact with others metaphysically. We would love to be able to do some research, primarily numerological research.

1422: The grandest thing that we can give is ourself. We give ourself to spirit when we muse, whenever we bring forth Beyond Imagination expression.

1423: We need to transform Beyond Imagination into a community endeavor. That will provide the level of society that we need in our life for the next five years. Beyond that, we cannot see.

1424: There are so many things that we can do. However, our free time is a limiting factor. If we could make our free time all of our time then we could do so much more than we can presently do.

1425: Numbers continue to be a source of revelation for me. Indeed, a great deal is revealed and many connections are made. We wonder whether there are others that do things similar.

1426: From what we can tell at this point in our life, we have not encountered another that does this. That doesn't mean there aren't any. It just means that we have not found any.

1427: Is this healthy. Are we of sound mind? We make the connections that we make because we allow our intuition to play an active role in the machinations of numbers that we do.

1428: We would consider ourselves primarily self-taught or perhaps spirit taught. For indeed, it is spirit that makes many of the transformations and connections through us.

1429: We have a lot of fire in our make-up. Fire corresponds to spirit. Our interests have been primarily spiritual for a long time.

1430: It is time to engage closely with others. How do we know that we will like that? We have experienced this on a small scale. That brief glimpse is enough to know that we need to do far more.

1431: We can dream, we can visualize, and we can imagine. But, somehow that does not seem to be enough. It seems there is some ingredient that is missing. Are we as fully engaged as we could be?

1432: The proof comes in the compensation. Lacking that, the value is questionable. Personally, I don't need the proof to know the value. Spirit has stated the value many times over the years.

1433: To date, we have been happy to allow the stream of consciousness to come forth as it will. This results in a product that is self-organized. Yet, it is clear that there is an intelligence behind it.

1434: There is an innate order to what is expressed. We have no knowledge of having a conscious role in this organization. Indeed, we don't even see it as it comes forth.

1435: We tap a stream of consciousness and either type it or speak it using Dragon. What comes forth is magical so far as we are concerned. Yes, magical.

1436: Where you can, choose freedom over limitation. You don't have to accept things as they are. You can take action to change them. It is all a matter of what you are willing to accept and do.

1437: If you want to change your world, you must change yourself. That is how the process works. You can always change yourself at any time. It is a matter of deciding what it is that you would be.

1438: You cannot change another. When you are engaged with others, you serve as a mirror... a powerful mirror for them. You reflect to them aspects that they cannot otherwise see.

1439: Mirrors are not always an accurate reflection. Indeed, some mirrors are distorted, perhaps highly so. Also, what we perceive coming from the mirror is interpreted by us.

1450: It seems that we are finding embedded spiritual meaning in connections where others do not even see. We offer a new way of looking at the world. We know that everything is connected.

1451: We know that everything is interdependent. What happens anywhere impacts us all. Often, this is in subtle ways. But, not all of the time. Sometimes the impacts are huge.

1452: We fail to consider the ramifications of what we are doing. Sometimes that is because they are unpredictable. However, even then we need to take responsibility for what we do.


1453: We expect the difference from community interaction to be substantial. Indeed, we expect the difference to make this expression extraordinary. We would live in an extraordinary way.

1454: We truly have the power to make a difference. First, within our own community. However, we would not stop there. We would extend this difference to all that we touch.

1455: We get our connections from a variety of places. If that were not true, we would have run out of material long ago. But, that does not happen. Spirit always has something to say through us.

1456: Why is it that after 19 years of doing this, we still do not know whether it is meant for others or not. Indeed, for your eyes only still comes forth a lot. Are we supposed to believe that?

1457: It seems that if this is the case, then spirit goes through the trouble just to educate me. Yes, it is difficult to believe that I am worthy of that much personal attention and effort.

1458: Here, we would create the environment that we need not only for us to thrive, but for the entire Beyond Imagination community to thrive.

1459: That is what life is all about. Life seeks to thrive. It does that in every way that it can. We need to create foundations that support this. We know that we can do this. We know it is possible.

1460: What do we desire in our life? We desire to be loved. We know, we are loved far more than we know. Further, the way to be loved is to love unconditionally.

1461: Everything in moderation. Though, that is difficult to do regarding this expression. There is nothing in moderation about this expression. Indeed, it is over the top, way over the top

1462: Our condition physically is far worse than it could or should be. We have attempted to do something about that but to no avail. Part of that is because our heart is not really in it yet.

1463: Indeed, we are still working on acceptance issues. We are working on unconditionally loving ourself as we are. It seems that we need that in order to free ourself to change it.

1464: What we are physically must be a reflection of who we are spiritually. That is an interesting way of looking at things.


1465: It is interesting speaking with others about the things that we are passionate about. For me, it is the spiritual interpretation of numbers. that is revealing the underlying structure of the world.

1466: Everything is alive. Everything has vibration. Vibrations are the very breath of All That Is. This breath can take on numerous forms. It is all a matter of how we construct partitions.

1467: We can represent anything as ones and zeros. However, it is more useful to represent things as systems with probable behavior. Though, we have to beware when we do this.

1468: When we engage probabilistically, we lose individual distinction. At the level at which we are trying to understand the system, that may not make a difference. It is all about systems of systems.

1469: There is so much that we would explore. At this point, it does not matter whether others are interested in assisting in this process or not. Though, we would prefer that at least some would be.

1470: We would rather not operate in solitude. Indeed, we would rather show others what we do so that they can do the same or something similar. These things will work themselves out.

1471: We go into this endeavor with full awareness that it will take all that we are to pull it off. Yes, we know that going in. And, we would choose to do it anyway.

1472: It seems our life is about to become far more busy and far more interactive than it has ever been before. That is okay, effectively that is what we have chosen for ourself.

1473: We would establish a social contract that is simple: from each in accord with their abilities, to each in accord with their needs. This is a social contract, not a governmental one

1474: We need to understand the needs of our members and provide the opportunities to fill those needs. Here, needs may be on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

1475: We would encourage people to spend time on knowing themselves. This is an endeavor that lasts so long as we live. There is always more to who we are. The quest is never ending.

1476: There are many things that simply happen in our life. We don't know why and we may never know why. Life is meant to be a mystery. That is one of the things that keeps life interesting.

1477: When we lose interest, that leads to boredom. Boredom is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. We say that having come through a period of many years of boredom in the 2000s.

1478: Do we really need over 16 million words of Beyond Imagination expression? Or, can we state what needs to be stated more succinctly?

1479: Effectively, Beyond Imagination is our baby, our child... in all likelihood the only one that we will ever have. She was born 19 years ago. She is rapidly approaching adulthood.

1480: Does spirit choose? Or rather does she guide us to choose. Choice is overrated. If we can be guided to make the right choices, then having the freedom to choose does not really help us.

1481: Once we choose to make the right choices not only for us but for all concerned, we have done our choosing. After that, we can rely on the right choice is under any circumstance.

1482: I don't know enough consciously to make choices on that basis alone. I do not know how other than conscious parts of me are involved in making the choices that I see myself making.

1483: Regardless, I know that I am responsible for all that I choose and all that I do. Further, I am responsible for all that I am. That may be the greatest responsibility of all.

1484: Yes, choosing who I am is indeed where I exert the most power in my life. Though, to what degree do I choose this. I am that I am. But, how does that apply in practice?

1485: Musing enables us to capture what our community is discovering. Our musing could be spirits way of programming our community, of getting everyone on the same wavelengths.

1486: It is amazing what the right tools can enable us to do. We are one that advocates using the right tools for the job at hand. When we do that, we can do the job easier and better in quality.

1487: We capture a lot in this expression. Whether it is enough or not is spirits call. Though, our sense is that if it were not enough, then spirit would move us to muse even more than we do.

1488: We do not make compensation a condition on whether we will muse or not. Indeed, we have no condition that we place on this expression

1489: We don't know the purpose of this stream of consciousness. We don't know what it is intended to do. We don't know what audience it is intended to reach.

1490: For your eyes only has come forth often, suggesting that perhaps we are the only audience. We still find that difficult to believe. It just seems that this is a lot to go through for one person.

1491: Besides, the material is rich in quotable passages. Surely these are not for our eyes only. In particular, our three Precious Gems works are cases in point.

1492: We are ready to move onto the next phase. In particular, the next phase of Beyond Imagination. This is to be an outgoing phase. But, likely one that will primarily involve introverts.

1493: Beyond Imagination is it for us. This is what we live for. In many respects, we believe this is why we exist. So, it is a matter of fulfilling our destiny. Yes, destiny is the right word.

1494: We believe that we are meant to make a major difference. We are meant to be a world server, a world transformer, and a metaphysician. That is what we have declared. So be it.


1495: We need some society in our life. Though, one should not have to build a community to get some society in one's life. But, we are not one to do things the ordinary way.

1496: We would live the dream. We would do what it takes to get Beyond Imagination to fly. But, what does that mean? What does it take for Beyond Imagination to fly?

1497: How do we assess the quality of what is expressed through us. Quantity is easy. All it takes is a word count. But quality is something different. We believe the quality is quite good indeed.

1498: Quotable passages seems to be a relevant metric. But, what makes a passage quotable? We trust spirit to determine that for us. Indeed, she had created all of our best quotes works.

1499: We love what we are able to do here. We can't imagine not being able to do this. This is so important to us. Why isn't the expression just as important to others... even to a single other?

1500: For your eyes only, only for you. You see what no one else can see. All of that applies to you. However, part of what you are here to do is show others what you see.

1501: We have only to be who we are. No one can ask any more of us than that. Those two things are important, being and doing. It is not enough to be something. No, it is not enough at all.

1502: It is important for us to do our best. Though, sometimes the circumstances are such that good enough is good enough. In those cases, we can save remaining resources to do something else.

1503: It is a matter of making connections, connections that we have never made before. These connections allow us to enhance our web of information. This web of information is everything.

1504: At some level, everything that we see is translated into vibration and interfaces. We may not know precisely how that is happening. It is happening nonetheless.

1505: So much happens on other than conscious levels. For one thing, the bandwidth is so much greater, as is memory capacity and processing.

1506: Invite the other than conscious parts of us to express in your life. They are ready, willing, and able to do this. It is a matter of allowing them to do so.

1507: The other than conscious parts of us can be trusted. That does not mean they are always right... just as we are not always right when we engage consciously.

1508: There are so many numbers that are tied together for us. We can easily go from one to another using relatively simple transformations. Nothing requires a math major. Not even close.

1509: Many of the things that we do, a mathematician simply would not allow. However, that does not stop us. We still do our machinations. We still make our connections.

1510: We find meaning in the world because that meaning is there to find. Were it not there, we would not be able to find it. But, what makes us think that what we are finding is meaning?

1511: We still have to take the step. Our path calls for us to take one step at a time, one step after another. In doing so, we reach our destination. Though, it seems that destinations are overrated.

1512: What matters in life is the journey that we take. It is important to document that journey. For us, this stream of consciousness expression does just that.


1513: It is important to apply all that we are to all that we do. In doing so, we create the greatest works that we can create. No one can ask more of us than that.

1514: We give the other than conscious parts of us a lot of responsibility in our life. We do not need these parts to be conscious necessarily. It is enough that we are aware of their works.

1515: Yes, our works are everything. Can you know who we are as a result experiencing our works? All that you can know is that there is someone through whom such works could come.

1516: These works are the works that we are most proud of. That has been true from the beginning. They are unlike anything else that we do in our life.

1517: Our world is a reflection of us... and an intimate reflection at that.

1518: It all comes down to work style and lifestyle. How is it that we choose to work and choose to live. It seems that for the next five years our life will be our work and our work will be our life.

1519: On 4/8/12, we begin our 55th year. 55 is the Ace of Swords. That represents a new start in the field of action. That suggests that ideas and thoughts alone are not enough anymore.

1520: The Aquarian age is fundamentally a mental one, an age of ideas, an age of information, an age of knowledge, even an age of wisdom.

1521: 2/5 is our spiritual Ray makeup. That is 2: Love/ Wisdom and 5: Concrete Manifestation. That is what our vibrations say that we are here to do. We would ground Love/Wisdom.

1522: Once again we did what we were moved to do, posted the result and waited to see what would result. This is the same feedback that we have always received... basically no feedback.

1523: That does not necessarily reflect anything on the action that we do. Though, we would hope that at some point it would. At some point our actions need to result in something...

1524: Yes, feedback is important. But, if we would receive it in our life, we need to give it as well. This does not have to be locally. It could be a matter of noting things as you notice them.

1525: You are here to observe how spirit flows, where she is blocked and where she flows freely. Then, you are to do what you can to increase the flow.

1526: Musing is something that we love to do. We never know what will be revealed next. It is ever a surprise. That is good. Surprises keep life interesting. These musings are priceless works

1527: We do not like to waste time. Though, it seems that we can find something productive to do regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves within. It is a matter of desiring to do so.


1528: We would choose to create an intentional community in which are members are paid for their services. It only seems fair to pay people what they are worth.

1529: Each of us has unique gifts, talents, and abilities that we can offer in service to others. But, this doesn't happen on its own. This is something that we have to choose and work at.

1530: At some level, our community of 55 is already selected. It is a matter of allowing it to manifest in our reality. That means our source of funding is worked out as well.

1531: There is so much that we could do. But, some of this others could just as easily do. From that standpoint, we need to conserve our energy into those things that are ours to do.

1532: You have much that you can share. However, others have much that they can share with you as well. Communication goes two ways. Yes, communications is the key.

1533: Need to know is a principle that operates in our life. This has always been true. When we have a need to know something, somehow we attract that knowledge into our life.

1534: Our mission is to create the foundations for a New World in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. Yes, it is all about manifesting in flesh. It has to be in flesh or it doesn't count.

1535: We are spirit having a physical experience. It is the physical that matters most. Though, at the same time we are human beings not human doings as Deepak Chopra would say.

1536: Here, the only person that hears this voice is us. We find that interesting. Indeed, we speak more to ourself than to anyone else. Indeed, we speak five hours per week to ourselves.


1537: So, how do we create this opportunity? It is a matter of allowing it to come to you. You can dream, you can imagine, you can envision... but, in your life it is up to spirit to deliver it.

1538: What do we need to do to facilitate having our dreams come true? That is precisely what we are asking for now. It appears that we have a choice in the matter.

1539: We create our own reality. We do that consciously and other than consciously.

1540: Ultimately, the conscious is the captain of the ship of Self. Yes, we consciously provide the overall direction as to where we go. However, in doing so, we command the other than conscious.

1541: Whether others are considerate or inconsiderate ultimately does not matter. We should not allow that to change our state of mind.

1542: We need to choose to be happy regardless of what happens. That applies not only to our travel on the freeway, by to our travels on the path of life as well.

1543: Happiness can only be elusive to us if we allow it to. We don't need to do that. Yes, we can be happy whenever we choose to be happy. It is that simple.

1544: We only expect our life to carry us through 2028. That brings us to our 70th year. No, that is not old by conventional standards. When our tasks are finished, it will be time to move on.

1545: We are not able to ignore our body anymore. If we do so, we do it at our own peril. So, when are we going to get serious about this? It seems that we cannot delay this even for another day.

1546: Whatever will be will be. That is how we take our life, one moment at a time. Each moment provides it's choices, it's opportunity. It is for us to seize opportunities to experience.

1547: Yes, it is all about choices and consequences. Each choice results in consequences. These may be good, neutral, or bad. Further, that assessment may depend on the perspective that one has.

1548: We would design our lifestyle and our work style to create a masterpiece of our life. At the moment, we do not believe that we have achieved this. Though, it could very well be that we have.

1549: Some things are beautiful due to how well they embody their functionality. Other things are beautiful to our senses. Some of this we see consciously, but most of it is other than conscious.

1550: We do not have to filter any of this. It is not us that is generating this. Rather, it is spirit. She knows what she is doing. She can make sure that what is expressed is precisely what she intends.

1551: Our job is to be receptive and bring material forth. Our part in this is more than we thought. We provide the clarity of the instrument and the readiness of this instrument of Spirit


1552: Spirit provides the opportunities in our life. She does this based not on what we want, but on what we need. If we are honest with ourselves, we know the difference between these two.

1553: Needs are things that we must have to survive and to thrive. Wants do not satisfy this condition. Though, we may desire them nonetheless. That is part of what work is all about.

1554: It helps to keep your wants to a minimum. Otherwise, you can be disappointed, or you can find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of your time working. We need balance

1555: It is up to us to define what balance means for us. It can mean many things. For some, balance is a stable point. But, this can just as easily be a dynamic point, a point of oscillation.

1556: There are numbers everywhere. However, many of these do not have meaning for us. We have to filter what we see. That is why we are part of the interpretation process.

1557: We need to be careful to avoid doing things that others can do. There are too many things that are such that only we can do them. These are the things that we need to focus on.

1558: Even then, we need to prioritize and decide which things are more important than which other things. Also, we need to decide the level of quality to which things need to be done.

1559: It is okay to strive for perfection. However, at some point enough is good enough. Much of the time, what we seek is excellence. Excellence is something that is achievable.

1560: From another perspective, we are the hands of spirit. To get us her work done she must use us. It is all about being physical. It is all about expressing in flesh.


1561: When you look at the technology that is being utilized by a civilization, you gain insight into that civilization. Though, knowing what the technology does is not the same as employing it.

1562: On Stargate we also have reference to an ancient race that created the Stargates. The rest of the civilizations that use them only had to learn enough to be able to use these Stargates.

1563: Love the life you live or live the life you love. Either way works. In many ways they are the same. We focus on accepting what we have or on creating what we want. Either way works fine.

1564: John Lennon sings Imagine at this time. That is a song about a utopia. We would take things one step further and manifest what is only imagined. We consider ourselves to be a dreamer as well.

1565: We know that we are among a number of dreamers who dream of a better world. Many of these go further and actually do something to enact what they dream. Ultimately, the world is ONE.

1566: What befalls any of us ultimately befalls all of us. We are responsible not only for ourselves but for each other. Also, not only for each other but for the world for which we are stewards.

1567: We attract to us what we need to experience. We are doing that all of the time. To some degree, we are able to do that consciously. However, that is generally to a limited degree.

1568: Yes, we create our own opportunities. We do so by what we do not by what we desire. Ultimately, it is action that matters. We have to do things in order to make things happen,


1569: How do we make our reality what we desire for it to be? Yes, we can use our imagination. But, this endeavor is titled Beyond Imagination for a reason. It drives us to go further.

1570: What we imagine, we can create. But, what about things such as transporters and replicators from Star Trek? These things exist as ideas, as thought forms. By, how do we make them real?

1571: Those two things alone would transform our world completely. Replicators would only need to magnify thought forms, to copy vibrations or patterns.

1572: Transporters would give us an alternate form of transportation, one in which our essence is transported into a replicated body.

1573: We need to stop thinking in terms of things being as they seem. This is especially true when it comes to things with limitations. All limits are self-imposed. Dare to think beyond these!

1574: We are always ONE. Any separations that we identify are illusions. They are not real. However, thinking about the parts and their relationships can help to understand the whole.

1575: Here it does not seem to matter how we deal with punctuation. This is what gives us a lot of our freedom in finding embedded meaning. Follow rules of logic would be far too easy.

1576: It is much better for us to learn to rely on our intuition to take us where we need to go to find the meaning that we are meant to find in any area of life.

1577: Yes, that means trusting in fuzzy parts of ourselves. We will learn that these parts can be trusted. They don't always have the right answer. However, they generally have useful guidance.

1578: It is up to us to determine the meaning of what we find. In some cases we don't need to find the meaning. We just need to see that particular connections that are made.

1579: We just need to observe the synchronicities. They show us where the materialistic view of the world breaks down.

1580: A voice appears in our head and we can capture what it says. We say it is a voice but it is an inner one. It is not something that we hear through our ears. It is the voice of spirit herself.

1581: If only we could do what we have envisioned. We need to watch out for the if only's. These suggest that we cannot do what we describe. That is not the case, not the case at all.

1582: Indeed, we believe that we are more than qualified to do everything that we have envisioned, including interacting with others in deep and meaningful ways.


1583: 70 hours per week times 50 weeks per year equals 3500 hours per year. Yes, that is double time. But, it seems to be precisely what we need to commit to for our efforts to succeed.

1584: We would see what manifests in our life and we would take things one moment after another. Yes, moment by moment is how we are meant to live our life.

1585: It is important to capture this expression when we can. We believe this is something that we do that others do not do for the most part. As a result, we believe that this expression has utility.


1586: There is no use worrying about things that we cannot control. In this case, we definitely feel that we are out of control. That is okay, what we don't control, spirit or the universe controls.

1587: Our motives need to be pure in this regard. We have to focus on the giving... focus on the services that we intend to provide,... focus on the foundations that we would create.

1588: The one theme uniting all of this endeavor is metaphysical/spiritual service. Yes, service is important to us. That requires doing things that are able to benefit others.

1589: In benefiting others, we often find that we benefit as well. Our expression is an outward one. But, it is also an inward one, one that brings forth source from deep within us.

1590: Everything exists as a creation of spirit. Some creations are more elegant and beautiful than others. That is one of the properties of form. Many things that have the same functionality.

1591: Each car is unique. Some are more beautiful than others. They have a sense of aesthetics to them. While what matters is utility, few purchase their things based on utility alone.

1592: Somehow, we will be moved into a position that utilizes our gifts. Indeed, we believe Beyond Imagination does just that. However, even musing can put us to sleep at times.

1593: We are content to do what we must do. That amounts to musing for an average of four hours per day. Thus far, we are content to do that. Actually, more than content... ecstatic.

1594: Working full time for Beyond Imagination, we would fill every day. There would never be a lack of things to do. And, what we were doing would be of value for everything that it enables.

1595: We should be able to avoid doing those things that we do not know how to do or want to learn how to do. We can leave those things to those who would do them well.

1596: We believe in paying people to do those things that they do well, those things that they have mastered. We would prefer to focus all of our time on the Beyond Imagination endeavor.

1597: What is our passion? What can keep us interested no matter how often or how long we engage in it? Musing comes close to that. However, something is lacking. In particular, community.

1598: Even within our community, we will still be the hermit. That determines to a large degree how we interact with our other members. But, we expect to engage in friendships and relationships.

1599: Indeed, we love to be amazed. Though, sometimes we are amazed in the other direction... things are worse than we expected them to be. However, being pleasantly surprised is good.

1600: Now, it is a matter of transitioning. For that, we need to focus completely on what we love. Ultimately, that is what counts... LOVE. That is 54. That is the community of the hermit.


1601: Each of us has an inner source of expression. Hopefully, seeing how this source expresses through us, others are able to speak in a similar manner.

1602: We would be free. That is what we seek at the moment. Where this will take us in the long run, we do not know. Nor do we have a need to know.

1603: It seems that there is something powerful that comes from musing even if we do not capture it. Once we have made it physical, the vibration is set in the ethers.

1604: We can make all of our days variations of the same. We do not need to take a day off per week from doing what we love. That means no holidays and two one week vacations per year.

1605: We once said something to the effect that if you are working more than 50 hours per week, then you are working too hard. The alternatives are to offload and to prioritize.

1606: During your 59th year you will discover what it is that you would do on your next five year adventure in consciousness. Though, we don't see you signing up to such an intense workload.

1607: It seems that the expression has been repeated of late. So much of it focuses on what we want and to some degree how we might get it. It all comes down to finding a benefactor.

1608: There will be a major change in your life this week. It won't be an outer change. Rather, it will be an inner one that transforms your state of consciousness. That is what you truly need NOW.

1609: You do not need to alter your world in accord with your wishes. Though, that can be as well. Indeed, it will happen if it is the right thing for the good of all concerned.

1610: You can be anything that you choose to be. Though, what we ask for you to be is YOU. You do not need to play any role. You do not need to wear a mask. That doesn't mean you can't do so.

1611: What you need to do is BE YOU. That is what you need to be. Everything else is false.

1612: You have everything that you need to be able to accomplish your mission. That includes the ability to know your mission consciously.

1613: John Lennon sings Imagine at the moment. We are indeed a Dreamer. And, we do believe that the goal of all of this is for the world to be as ONE. Others have similar missions to our own.


1614: We find it curious that we found our Declaration of Cooperative Interdependence from 17 February 1992 earlier today. We ran across it while we were searching for something else.

1615: There is a reason for everything. We can trust that whatever we need, especially whatever we need to know, will find its way to us. Though, we may have to do something to make this so.

1616: On the radio, they just discussed the difference between people who live to work versus those who work to live. We would put ourselves in the first category, we live to do our spiritual work.

1617: We engage in our job to earn our livelihood. It seems that it should not have to be that way. It seems that living should have a priority in our life. But, we define ourself by the work we do.

1618: We have to wonder where the Declaration of Cooperative Interdependence came from. Actually, the title originally used the term Dependence rather than Interdependence.

1619: The conscious part of us until two years ago did not remember that anything was expressed before 5 March 1993. And here we have something that came forth over 12 months before that.

1620: How could we forget about something that was so eloquently expressed? This is especially true because it came as an anomaly. There were no writings before it and none until a year after.

1621: That is close to unbelievable. But, here we are. There is no denying what is. Though, that doesn't stop us from dreaming of what could be. Dream, imagine, visualize.

1622: We would give what we can give. We would give this expression. We would give the works of Beyond Imagination. Whether others benefit from these works or not is up to them.

1623: But, what if we serve spirit herself. How does she compensate us for the value of services that she receives from us? She has told us what the value is. We have a contract with her

1624: That the compensation hasn't been forthcoming does not mean that it hasn't been earned. Our effort is never for naught. Don't make effort contingent on compensation

1625: WAYNE = 68 = 4 x 17 = The Star grounded. 147 = am y. That is the answer to the question WHY. AM WHY.


1626: Spirit is in the business of satisfying needs... not wants, not desires... needs. So, what is it that we need? What is it that we need that we do not presently have?

1627: What matters is that we create a masterpiece of our life. In doing that we make a difference... in particular, a difference in the lives of others ... a difference in the world.

1628: We would live a life of service. Long ago, we decided that we would live a life of spirit. Yes, it is spirit that matters most to us. It does not hurt that we were born with so many fire signs.

1629: Based on what the universe provides, we need to negotiate what we will do. The more compensation we receive, the more we are willing to give.

1630: We feel an obligation to the Beyond Imagination community. We feel that there are things that we can do to facilitate its creation.

1631: So, it seems that the amount of work that we sign up to do should be proportional to the amount of compensation that we receive. Though, should be a minimum commitment.

1632: There is more to life than work. That applies to us as well. We are at an age where we should be able to enjoy our life. To do that, we need to enact the conditions that allow us to follow our bliss.

1633: We need to engage our passion. It is not a matter of working more or working harder. Indeed, we are already obsessed with work.


1634: That we can find such meaning embedded in such simple ways is evidence that there is a divine order to everything. That we must use our intuition to find this meaning is not surprising.

1635: The universe does not shed her secrets by objective means. We must be involved in what we are doing. We must put our heart and our soul as well as our mind into it.

1636: When we engage heart and soul, the fruits of our labor are great indeed. We are given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. It exists right here, right where we are.

1637: We cannot continue working in this manner indefinitely. Something has to give. One thing that has given is our health. Though, even so, Spirit still comes forth through us at a record pace.

1638: We know that when the body is less than adequate, the mind and the spirit are impacted negatively as well. So, we have to wonder what we could produce if we were truly healthy.

1639: Death continues to fascinate us. We would experience it on the job front as well. The death of our job and the full time engagement in Beyond Imagination. Yes, that is what we seek.

1640: We would live and work as we choose, rather than as someone else would choose for us. That is indeed what constitutes freedom for us. That is what we seek.

1641: We won't stop searching until we find what we seek. There must be a way to realize what we seek. There must be a way to be free to live and to work as we choose ... there must be a way.

1642: How do we live the life we dream? How do we do the work that we are passionate about? Yes, we need to follow the directive: Live and Work with Passion!


1643: Last night on TOUCH, the special numbers were 975 followed by 6. We still can't get over that. How many people watching had meaningful connections to those particular numbers?

1644: Why is it that so few people are aware of the symbol systems that are everywhere around us? What does that tell us about the world and the people within it?

1645: How many people have to see something to make it real? It seems that one is sufficient. However, our consciousness seems to be good at making things up. That is what imagination is for.

1646: That is how we create new things. First, we have to bring forth the idea. Then, we have to do what is necessary to allow it to manifest. That may mean that we have to do a lot.

1647: Some things require extensive efforts. Yet, there are other things that are just as valuable that are effortless for us.

1648: We get to choose what we do. We get to choose whether we work on the hard stuff or the easy stuff. Though, effortless does not necessarily equal easy.

1649: What is effortless for one person might be extremely difficult for another. Ultimately it all comes down to what you are willing to do. What you should do is what gives you bliss.

1650: What you should do is to follow your passion. Yes, live with passion is sage advice. When we are doing that, it is impossible to be bored. Boredom is something that we need to avoid.

1651: What you focus on and how you maintain that focus determine what you experience. To change your situation, you have two choices... change your focus or change your perspective.

1652: What we desire above all else is financial freedom. That would enable us to live the life that we choose to live. That would allow us to manifest a life and a job that we love.

1653: We would engage far more with others. Not that that is saying much given how little we presently engage with others. Indeed, we rarely engage with others. Though, that is our own fault.

1654: That is true for a lot of things. It is a matter of opportunity. Yes, being in the right place at the right time is what opportunity is all about. It takes more than opportunity for things to happen.

1655: We have to interact with our world and notice things. We have to engage. Life is subjective, not objective. We have to get involved. We have to pay attention.

1656: There are many things to pay attention to. We have to choose from among these. In choosing, we decide what to make part of our reality.

1657: There are so many ways that we can read and interpret numbers. How do we know whether or what we are finding is right? Right does bit matter. only utility.

1658: We find you interesting. You observe yourself even as you muse, even as you carry out your machinations with numbers. Yes, you are there observing yourself even as you do what you do.

1659: What seems to be missing is an awareness of the creator self. There is a creator part of you that created scripts that you as the actor or are following.

1660: Does the observer part of me change what the actor is doing. Of course. The observer part of you provides the feedback. From that feedback, you adjust what you do to get desired results.

1661:You can live your life not knowing why you do what you do. Indeed, there are billions on your planet that exist in this way. Yes, billions.

1662: How much does job security really matter? Can we live on a year-to-year basis trusting that we will bring in the finances that we need? At some point, we have to trust ourselves and spirit.

1663: A lot of people, even spiritual people, seem to struggle when it comes to finances. Why is that? Why does it have to be that difficult? Much of it is a matter of dealing with worthiness issues.

1664: You will create whatever level of abundance that you feel yourself to be worthy of. Worthiness comes not from what you take, but from what you give.

1665: In all of our explorations in consciousness, it all comes down to finance, to money. M-ONE-Y. That is my with one in the middle. MY equals 47: ASLAN.

1666: Why is not money also the root of all good. The key factor seems to be greed. At what point is enough enough? For some people, it seems that there is no such point.

1667: For us, financial freedom is no credit debt plus enough funds to live comfortably and not have to worry about finances again.. This is not unlimited abundance ... but it is close enough.


1668: Our reality does not necessarily have to follow past patterns. Indeed, we can create something new. But, will we choose to? And, if so, when? The answer to when is always now.

1669: Find a way to remain balanced. Yes, you can do that. That means now and in all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You can throw in financial as well.

1670: Look at money from that standpoint of all the that it can do in your life and in the lives of those whom your efforts touches.

1671: There are so many ways that we can read numbers. What determines what way we will use? It is all a matter of intuition... of following our intuition and doing what spirit would move us to do.

1672: We often find that often spirit provides us with new machinations ... new ways to find meaning. Yes, we are still a student as far as this goes. But, we are also a master.

1673: Stanford granted us a master of science in electrical engineering, an MSEE in 1985. All that it took was to take 15 months of classes.

11/12/2014 WH: We erroneously thought this for many years. But on the diploma, EE is not mentioned. We were conferred the title of Master of Science, period, with no specialty broken out.


1674: That is what we need, a community in which to test our principles, a community in which to build new foundations. We will know how well these work by what they allow others to do.

1675: We would create masterpieces of our lives and enable others to do the same to the degree that we can. Further, we would enact the social contract to the degree that we can.

1676: How we choose to see things is crucial. We tend to see things the way that we expect. When we engage as we do, uncertainty is rampant. The unknown speaks to us everywhere.

1677: We need to invest in the tools that are necessary for us to be productive. Overall, computer resources are cheap given all that they enable. Remember, you don't have to do it all.

1678: Focus on those things that need to be done that you seem to be able to do that others do not seem to be able to do, at least not as well. You have gifts, talents, and abilities for a reason.

1679: Your first choice is always to serve spirit. That works for you. Don't expect that to necessarily work for others. Many others serve spirit via serving others. That is not your way.

1680: So long as we provide spirit with the opportunity to use this instrument, she finds a way to fill it with something of value. Often, we wonder if that value is truly what she has stated it to be.


1681: We each do what we were designed to do. We did not create ourselves. Rather, that was the act of a creator. Personally, my relationship is with spirit herself and with the twin souls within us.

1682: Yes, life is about making a difference. That is what we are here to do. Personally, we would make a big difference, not only in our life and the lives of those we touch ... but also in the world.

1683: Could all of this be for our eyes only? If so, it shows that spirit can go to great extremes for even a single individual. We find it difficult to believe that spirit would do all of this for us.

1684: Be the Pyramid!


1685: On the radio they just asked why do I do the things I do? That is definitely an appropriate question for us. Though, in our case we know the answer. We do what we are moved by spirit to do.

1686: It is as if we are learning the rudiments of a spiritual language. We are amazed by what even simple concepts can reveal.

1687: That is the ultimate in freedom. To live as we would live and to work as we would work... no, it doesn't get any better than that.

1688: At this point, we are the only Beyond Imagination member. Membership involves a commitment of a tithe of time to doing the works of Beyond Imagination.

1689: It doesn't take many members to have a significant amount of time. As few as 10 members results in the equivalent of one full time person.


1690: At one time we were considering committing to 70 our weeks, 50 weeks per year. However, we have come to our senses since then. We have taken our own advice.

1691: We once wrote that if you are working more than 50 hours per week, you are taking on too much. The solutions are to prioritize and to delegate.

1692: We may surprise ourselves. We can see our life and our work becoming one and the same. That should not be a problem if we are truly doing what we love to do.

1693: What does it take to manifest the reality that we prefer? Just one thing... financial freedom. Yes, financial freedom is the ultimate enabler.

1694: The universe is fair. We will get out what is due to us in due time. That is not something that we need to worry about. Indeed, there is nothing that we need to worry about.

1695: Trust that what you need will be provided unto you. You have no need for more than that. For your eyes only. Yes, that song still haunts us.


1696: We are curious as to where our life is headed. We thought we knew. But, in the past two weeks many doubts appeared. The bottom line is that we don't really know anymore.

1697: In some respects, this is the best that it can be. We need to accept that and be grateful for it. That doesn't mean that we cannot work to change it. The key is to appreciate things as they are.

1698: Yes, it is all a matter of being aware. Our awareness is something that we are responsible for. Indeed, there is no one that can make us aware but us. That is a matter of knowing ourself.

1699: Knowing ourself takes hard work. At the same time, it also requires breakthroughs and awakenings. These do not seem to come naturally.

1700: Our life is becoming more interesting than it has been for a while. That is okay. Indeed, we find it fascinating. We have a strong sense that major change is on the immediate horizon for us.

1701: We are blind to the specific nature of that change. That is okay. We can take it one step at a time. We are used to living moment by moment. We do very little planning in our life.

1702: Something needs to change. It seems that the changes that we were speaking of are contingent on us changing. We seem to be in the process of doing that. Next is our health.

1703: We can change how we engage others. That is all a matter of choice on our part. Though, we have to find others with whom to interact. Going from solitude to society is a major step.

1704: For your eyes only still haunts us. Every time we hear that song, it is as if it were written specifically for us. Clearly, an adjustment is needed to make the step from solitude to society.

1705: Be especially careful of conditionals. They can stop you from doing what needs to be done, from doing what can be done. Open up your eyes to some new possibilities.

1706: See things in ways that you have never seen them before. Opportunities will open. These will not be monumental at first. Small changes will take you to a dramatically different outcome.


1707: We know that the works were created through us not by us... at least not consciously. That is okay, there are other than conscious parts of us that are fully engaged in this.

1708: We only know them by their works. In our case, there have been a lot of works over a lot of years. We have learned a lot about ourself and the nature of reality creation as a result.

1709: We have learned a lot about the spiritual interpretation of numbers. Much of the latter, we have learned on our own, from direct experience. How do we know that any of this is valid?

1710: How do we know that it is correct? At this point, we have nothing to compare it to. That doesn't matter. There is a knowingness that shows we are onto something.

1711: The only use that we have for our day planner is to read the daily quotes. That doesn't mean that planning doesn't work. It does for the right people. You have to find tools that work for you.

1712: Two hours of walking in place of two hours of TV. That seems to be a fair trade. It will give us a chance to get out in the world and see things that typically do not see.

1713: For us, every social interaction is important. The more that we consider it so, the more meaningful our social interactions will be. Yes, it all comes down to solitude versus society for us.

1714: We need to do things that move us towards more society. When you have as little society in your life as we do, any extra amount is a big deal.

1715: Our life is about to become ours in a way that it has never been before. I wonder what that means. Six months from now our life will be unrecognizable from what it is today.

1716: What determines whether preferences will manifest? You do. Ultimately, you do. You create your own reality. If you don't like what you experience, you are the only one to blame.

1717: Trust. You will know what is yours to do. Then, it is a matter of doing it. Sometimes, this can be difficult. At other times, it can be easy. That depends on you. On how you approach things.

1718: The attitude that you hold as you go about your life is everything. Above all else, maintain an attitude of gratitude. That will take you far.

1719: There are many things to be grateful for in your life ... if you simply examine things. Life is a gift. The greatest thing that one can do with a gift is to apply it in service in some way.


1720: We used to say that there is so much that we want to do. But, it is not clear that such is true anymore.

1721: There are many works that we would love to generate. There are many books that we would love to publish. However, what is the point? Are our works meant for an audience?

1722: We are grateful for what we have in our life. We still focus on what we desire to have, but that is no longer as important to us. If it happens, great. If it doesn't happen, so be it.

1723: We need to make sure that it goes on well either way. That means finding ways to be happy. That means finding ways to enjoy the process. It is always possible to do these things.

1724: Take each day as it comes. Live each day moment by moment. Allow the moments to take your breath away. Indeed, focus on moments that take your breath away.

1725: You know what you are here to do. Your mission is innate. It is a part of you. You will do what it takes to carry it out.

1726: We would allow our life to unfold as it will. That is how we have chosen to live. We see no need to change that. We have chosen to live a life of spirit.

1727: What happens is ever a surprise to us. Does that need to be the case? Can we not plan what is to come in our life? For us, that would be a novel approach. That does not mean that it is wrong.

1728: We have been hoping that what we prefer would manifest. However, it seems that hope is not enough in this case. Perhaps it is time for us to take matters into our own hand and do something.


1729: 11:11. Yes, a quadruple. It is the only one that we get in terms of a time. It is curious that we have been given notice today. Curious, but not surprising.

1730: Never take in more than you burn. That is the secret to weight loss.. At some point, we may reach equilibrium. However, that is many pounds from now.

1731: Our life is what it is. How we feel about that is up to us. Ultimately, it is the meaning that we assign to our experiences that matters. Yes, meaning is everything.

1732: Will we be allowed to do what we desire to do? Will we be given the necessary opportunity? We hope that we will. Is hope enough? Who is it that we expect to provide this opportunity?

1733: It seems that this is something that we have to create for ourself. To some degree, we have done this by musing as much as we have over the years. Now, we need the universe to kick in.

1734: Make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Indeed, the opportunities will come. It is a matter of seizing them.. You are ready to do that now. Indeed, more ready than.

1735: It is all a matter of living your life fully. That means doing the work that you are here to do. At some level, you know what that is and you know when you are doing it. Trust.


1736: 70 hour weeks are difficult to sustain. That is true, even when you love a good deal of what you are doing. It seems that we are only meant to do so much work.

1737: Watching So You Think You Can Dance seemed like spiritual work for me last night. In particular, I was observing the degree to which spirit was expressing in flesh through the dancers.

1738: Some dancers were simply phenomenal. They were simply genius. There is so much that can be expressed via dance, The movements are amazing. Spirit expresses creatively in many ways.

1739: We are open to change. That includes being different and doing different things. If we want to change what we experience, then we have to make different choices and do different things.

1740: We need to take our health seriously. Primarily, that involves the choice to exercise regularly. That is not something that we were doing as little as a few weeks ago.

1741: We still feel that Beyond Imagination is where we are destined to do our greatest work. We expect grand things to come from this. However, we know that we cannot do this alone.

1742: Things always happen when the time is right. Indeed, that is the only time that they can happen. It does no good to try to accelerate things. It is for us to allow them to manifest naturally.

1743: Trust. Your life is unfolding precisely as it must. Everything is perfect. If you do not like what you are experiencing, then choose something else. That is within your power to do.


1744: Do we even know where we want to be? We thought that we did. We thought that we would be engaged in Beyond Imagination. However, that does not seem to work as a solitary endeavor.

1745: We thought that by sharing this expression we would find kindred spirits. However, such did not turn out to be the case. That makes us wonder why all of this has come forth through us.

1746: We believe this is something that we can do that few others can do. Here, we are able to employ our gifts to serve spirit directly. We give spirit an instrument through which to express.

1747: What is that worth? Is that why we did it ... for what it is worth? If so, we would have stopped long ago. Then, what was our motivation? It was to express what could be expressed.

1748: We are where we are for a reason. The universe is bestowing her gifts upon us. Indeed, we know that and we are grateful for that. However, we believe that we could do so much more.

1749: It seems that we have three 5 year adventures in consciousness remaining. That is enough for us. It takes us to 70. We cannot see working at our present job for anywhere near that duration.

1750: There is a principle: grow where you are planted,

1751: It is not for us to compare our circumstances to that of others. Ours are uniquely our own. Further, they are precisely what we have made them. No, not consciously... other than consciously.

1752: Throughout this expression over the past two decades many statements have come forth in the declarative. How they were generated, I do not know.

1753: Thus far, most of our attempts to share have been anonymous. We posted works for people to find. In as many as two dozen cases, we have sent particular works to people we know.

1754: From what we can tell, few have chosen to read our works. Or, if they have, they did not choose to provide feedback.

1755: We have been struggling with my will versus thy will for as long as we can remember. Our decision was thy will be done. In particular, thy will be done through us.

1756: We have chosen to be a willing instrument. We hope we are being the best instrument/channel that we can be.


1757: We get a lot out of this even if we find it difficult to explain just what. If it were otherwise, we simply would not be doing this... not every day anyway.

1758: We got a royalty statements from Infinity Publishing this week. Not a single book had sold. We've only received one royalty check in the past five years and it was only for about $25.

1759: There has never been a sense of otherness associated with this expression. If we are channeling, we are channeling another portion of ourselves. Such is our experience anyway.

1760: It is not that we don't want to work. We would work more than ever. We were going to say harder than ever, but working more effectively is not necessarily harder... it is working smarter.

1761: Find a way to live with passion. That is what matters. That is what makes life worth living. If you find your passion, and find your bliss, these will be your tickets to happiness.

1762: You have spent a lot of your life working. That has suited you for the past two decades. However, there is more to life than work. In particular, there are relationships.

1763: Community is all about relationships. For you, community will be a laboratory, a place where you can experiment and find out who you are in the context of others.

1764: We really do have a lot of freedom. But, we would not work just to make work. We would do things that are of value. Sometimes, that can be difficult. Indeed, sometimes that can be a struggle.


1765: It is no use worrying about things over which we have no control. There are many such things.

1766: We live by the principle never take more than you give. We have our works and our self to offer. Basically, that is it. Is that enough? Ultimately, it has to be... there is nothing more.

1767: Can we take our life into our own hands? Perhaps it has been there all along. That is a different way of looking at things. Yet, it is just as valid as any other.

1768: Our life is our own now in ways that it has never been. Indeed, we are taking control of some things that we have allowed to occur on their own before. That was a valid choice.


1769: It seems that we have so much to give. However, for the most part we do that anonymously. We give to spirit rather than give to particular individuals.

1770: Utility is everything. However, we must remember that our models are only approximations of what is.

1771: We thought that posting and publishing our works on the World Wide Web would suffice to find kindred spirits. That did not happen Or, at least it has not happened to date.

1772: To experience new things, we must be differently. What we experience is who we are. Our life is ours now, in ways that it never has been before. So, what are we going to do with that?

1773: It seems that we are ready for another breakthrough. We are on the verge of another breakpoint. What happens on the other side of the breakpoint is unknown. It cannot he predicted.

1774: It is time to experience something new. Are we ready to do that? We believe so, but it is a major change for us. The most difficult part will be finding kindred spirits with whom to interact.

1775: Where is our life taking us? Clearly, on a journey. Can we allow that journey to unfold step by step? It seems that we have no choice in the matter. For that is precisely how our life unfolds.

1776: Spirit was able to bring forth many words through us. Indeed, in excess of 8.5 million words. That is impressive by any standard. However, what good is it? That is not fair for us to ask.


1776: It truly is amazing. Our assessment is that there are many quotable passages in this expression. Indeed, we have created several works of quotes over the years.

1777: Some things we simply have no control over. However, we do not need control over these things. We can save our efforts to influence those things that we can control.

1778: We do not believe that we will ever retire. Our sense is that we will continue to work so long as we are alive. In some respects, our work defines us ... especially our spiritual work.

1779: We consider what we do to be creative metaphysical expression. Though, what makes it metaphysical? A lot of it deals with the nature of consciousness, of spirit, and of reality.

1780: We also deal with numbers a lot. We have gone far beyond what numerology offers. In this expression, we have done a lot of new and innovative things, some that others have not done.

1781: How do we make a masterpiece of our life? What makes us think that we have not done so? Choose to look at your life in a different way. Count your blessings. Indeed, you have many.

1782: It is a matter of realizing this and being grateful. You already have an abundant life. Don't take that for granted... ever. Don't allow yourself to be disempowered by false thinking.

1783: You can do far more than you know. Allow yourself to discover the other abilities that you have. Don't take anything for granted. Also, find ways to use your talents in new ways.

1784: Create new services. These will give you something of value that you can provide to others. Be open. Don't limit yourself. You have much potential that is still to be discovered and unleashed.


1785: We are free to change our choices at any time. Indeed, that is one of the greatest freedoms that we have. If we change our choices, our consequences change as well.

1786: We have to be willing to keep trying new things until we get what we want in life. We don't have to settle for what we have. However, it is helpful to be grateful for what we have.

1787: Without gratitude it is difficult to justify getting more. It helps to appreciate what we have in our life. In our case, we have much to be grateful for. One of those things is this very expression.

1788: That is how we make our journey through life, one step at a time. That is always sufficient to get us from where we are to where we need to be. We don't even need to know where we need to be.

1789: It is all a matter of trust. It is a matter of having spirit and the universe on our side. It is a matter of knowing that we are part of something that is far greater than ourself.

1790: The triples continue to come. We have to believe that they signify something. They indicate that a higher level of vibrations has been reached, one that is far more rare than Master Numbers.

1791: We trust that spirit will inform us of whatever we need to know when we need to know. The way our mind works, it does not help for us to know things in advance. We would simply forget


1792: Have we done enough? Have we done all we could do? Have we done what we did to the best of our ability? Yes, tough questions. But, nobody is better able to make this assessment then us.

1793: Health is important... more important than you know.. We commend you for taking steps to improve your health. Now, it is a matter of doing even more.. It is okay to take it step by step.

1794: What matters is the journey. You still have several journeys to make. However, you only make one journey at a time. Given that, your present journey is the only one you need to know.

1795: In some respects, you use spirit as a crutch. In doing so, sometimes you fail to do things that you are perfectly capable of doing. It is not necessary for you to always live your life on automatic

1796: You can exert your will, knowing that it is in line with the will of spirit. To not do so limits you needlessly. You do not need to be limited. Any limits you do experience are self-imposed.

1797: We believe that we have a destiny to live. Do we have any influence over that destiny? In some respects, it seems that we do not.

1798: Overall, life is good. What can we do to make it even better? It seems we need to find something that we are passionate about. What would that be now?


1799: Do we need the whole world to be impacted from what we do? Or, can we be content to simply be who we are and positively impact the lives of the few that we touch directly?

1800: In many respects, we are in control of our day. It is for us to make a masterpiece of our life. The ingredients to do so are all there. It is simply a matter of choosing them and applying them.

1801: There is a saying, today is the first day of the rest of my life. What we do today sets the stage for all that is to follow. We create the opportunities that we experience. We literally attract them.

1802: Life is good and getting better all the time. At this point, any society in my life is good... especially spiritual society. That is something that has been severely lacking.


1803: Spirit has her reasons for bringing all of this forth through us. We would not question those reasons. Nor do we need to know what they are. We can be content to do our part.

1804: What matters is to be who we are and to do what we are moved to do to the best of our ability. Yes, that is what counts. We can always do that. It is a matter of choice.

1805: We continue instilling the new habits that we have adopted. That alone will lead us to someplace new... to someplace that we have never been before. That is what we need in our life.

1806: We do not intend to ever retire. We expect to work all of our days. Though, we do not expect to be working at a job much longer. Rather, we would be engaged in Beyond Imagination.


1807: We are pleased with the consequences of some of the changes that we have made in the past few months. We feel better. We feel that our life is more balanced. Our priorities better serve us.

1808: We have chosen to be an instrument through which spirit can do her works. We consider that to be an important choice for us. We would not back down on it.

1809: It seems that we are not doing something that we should be doing, that we are not being something that we should be being. How do we find out what is that is? As always, seek within.

1810: Trust. Be who you are as congruently as you can Allow that to pervade into everything that you do. In doing so, you will make your mark upon the world as only you can make it.

1811: You need to give yourself a break. You need to give yourself credit for doing the best that you can do.

1812: Our goal is to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. We hope that our expression to date has demonstrated the later.


1813: There is something that we are missing... something that will dramatically change our circumstances. It doesn't have to cost anything. We need to see things from a new perspective.

1814: There is a sense that this is all that we need to change our life . The means are immediately around us already. We are just not taking advantage of the opportunities that are there.

1815: That is a different way of looking at things. It is a matter of expect what we need to be there when we need it. To some degree we have always held that attitude.

1816: So, how do we see what we have not seen? How do we look through different eyes to see anew? We believe that much of what remains is to be done in conjunction with others.

1817: Our present circumstances are what they are for a reason. This includes the few relationships. Just be. That is all that you need to do. Everything else will work itself out naturally.

1818: We have to wonder why so many words are necessary. We already have 9 million. Do we really need another 1 million or more words per year? What utility does that have?

1819: Coming up with 1 million words per year would be easy as a group endeavor. However, as a solitary endeavor, this could be more difficult. Regardless, if it needs to be done, then we will do it.


1820: It doesn't matter that we have gone 406 consecutive days of musing without anyone other than ourselves being aware of it. Why is it that? We simply do not know.

1821: We know that our life needs to evolve from primarily solitude to some degree of society. We do not necessarily need a lot of society. But, we need more than we presently have in our life.

1822: Society requires investing in relationships. That has always been difficult for us to do with the exception of a few people. Perhaps that is enough.

1823: The easier way is not necessarily the best way. Sometimes we need challenges and obstacles to allow us to grow. Have I reached such a point in my life? We will know by what unfolds.

1824: We are looking for what opportunities would come our way. We stand ready to seize them, whatever they may be. At this point, we don't know what to expect.

1825: We are open to spirit doing whatever she would do through us. We have chosen to be an instrument through which she works. To date, this expression captures her works.

1826: We know that we can use the abilities of our community effectively. It is a matter of applying them in the right ways. In many respects, we would love to be in a position to try.

1827: We would still like to find some kindred spirits with whom to interact. It seems that we are not fully aware of the abundance that we have around us. Adopt a new point of view.

1828: We still believe that the value that spirit has stated so many times for this expression of one dollar per word is indeed correct. When, or if, that will be realized, we do not know.

1829: For your eyes only has come forth many times. We still find it difficult to believe that. We find it difficult to believe that spirit would do all of this for us alone. Though, WE ARE ONE.

1830: We would work 50 hour weeks plus a tithe of 5 hours for fifty weeks per year. Yes, that is more than most people work. However, at this point, we consider that to be necessary.

1831: We have a five year adventure in consciousness to experience. We expect this journey to take us to places that we have never been. Indeed, we look forward to that.

1832: In many respects, we have all that we can ask for. Much of that comes from keeping expectations low. The only exception is our expectations of ourselves. These, are great indeed.


1833: Over 1 million words of musing have come forth during our commutes. That is over 10% of all of our musings. And, we have only been using Dragon for four years. We can't ask for more.

1834: We had hoped that this expression would provide us with our livelihood. However, that has not happened... not even message are we close. What meant to take from that?

1835: I wonder how many friends introvert's have on average. I would think that it would be few.

1836: We are estimating there to be three 5 year adventures in consciousness remaining in our life. We suspect that each of these will be very different. Indeed, we look forward to that. 15 more years.

1837: We would live a life of spirit. For us, the spiritual is stronger than any material force. What does this allow us to do that others cannot do? How does this allow us to serve others better?

1838: We are expecting our life to take off in a new direction. We expect that some of the major players in our life will remain in our life in some capacity. This is something that is new for us.

1839: With the exception of our wife, people in our life generally fall out of our life when the next scene in the play begins. That has been the case to date, it does not have to always be the case.

1840: We can choose to make it otherwise. We can choose to pay attention to others and develop friendships. Yes, that takes time and effort. However, it seems to be worth it.

1841: Though, on what basis do we form friendships? We would prefer to find kindred spirits. This has proved to be difficult at best. Once again it seems that this is not something that can be forced.

1842: We believe that we are already taking steps in the right direction. That does not mean that there is not more that we can do. It is a matter of doing that as it is revealed to us.

1843: We don't have to wait for anything to happen or to manifest. Indeed, we are to make the most of whatever circumstances we face and whatever opportunities present themselves.

1844: Opportunities do not seize themselves. That takes action on our part. Here, it is for us to be bold. It is for us to live our lives as fully as we can. No, that does not mean taking unnecessary risks.

1845: We have to work for what we want to achieve. It all comes down to what we want out of life. We get out of life what we put into it. The greatest thing that we can put into it is who we are.

1846: As I was publishing Beyond Imagination books and works, there was a strong sense that this was the right thing to do. I have to wonder. Nothing really came of it. Nothing as far as I could tell.

1847: Trust that good things are coming. Yes, there will be challenges and obstacles. But, these are there for our benefit, not detriment. Yes, that is a different way of looking at things.

1848: We need to stay open to opportunities in our life. They are always there. We just have to look for them. There is so much in our life to be grateful for. We must express our gratitude?

1849: Life offers untold possibilities. It is for us to decide which of those possibilities we will actualize in our life. Generally, that requires taking consistent action in accord with our choice.

1850: Here, it is for us to participate. Unless we do so, it simply will not happen. We create our own reality. We do this by what we think, what we believe, what we imagine, and what we do.

1851: Of these, the doing may be the most important. Though, it must be consistent with the rest.

1852: Nothing is impossible for spirit... nothing.

1853: There are very few quotes of others that we remember. That is true of our own quotes as well. Our memory is not good at remembering such things. It never has been.

1854: Much of the time our mind is a blank slate. That provides spirit with something to fill. If the container were full, that would not be the case. So it seems to us anyway.

1855: Remember, you do not have to make anything happen. Just simply allow spirit to do her works through you. As you do this, you will find that your life evolves into a true masterpiece

1856: That is the secret. You have to do something that makes what you desire physical.


1857: We have difficulty exerting our will. Indeed, we have been struggling with that for over two decades. It seems that this struggle may continue for the rest of our life.

1858: We have no way to predict what opportunities will befall us.

1859: We are meant to live our life one day at a time. Further, we are meant to make the most of each day. If we do that, very soon our life will be the masterpiece that it is meant to be.

1860: Ultimately, it is up to us... we are the artists. We are free to create our reality to be whatever we desire. Though, along with the power to create comes the responsibility for our creations.

1861: Spiritual law is spiritual law and it applies to everyone... no exceptions. It ensures that we reap what we sow. Whatever we do unto others is returned unto us.

1862: We do not need people to give to us anymore than they are willing to freely give. We would prefer that they not feel obligated to us in any way. Though, we do not live that way ourselves.

1863: We know there is something missing from our life. We know that on the scale from solitude to society, we favor solitude to a degree that is more extreme than is good for us.

1864: Overall, we are happy... at least as happy as we have been for quite some time. Over the past two decades, the times when we have been most happy were the times when we were most manic.

1865: We experienced manic episodes as intense spiritual awakenings. In each case, we were immersed in the spiritual world here and now. Everything had spiritual meaning on multiple levels.

1866: How much is it worth to assist someone in knowing themselves? If we do this well, it could have a strong positive impact on everything they experience and everything that they do.

1867: Accept what the universe brings into our life. Accept whatever circumstances come your way and be both happy and grateful. Focus on seeing all the good and seizing opportunities.


1868: What do we want to do with the remainder of our life? For many years, we have thought that we were to have a major impact on society and the world. But, is that really necessary?

1869: Ultimately, service is what matters in life. That, and finding ways to share. Indeed, the greatest gift that we can give is us... our love, focus, and attention. Yes, that goes a long way.

1870: There are some things that you simply cannot do anything about. You definitely cannot predict them. So, all that we can do is respond to them as best we can.

1871: Never underestimate the power of people working together toward a common aim. You will be amazed by what teams of people can do. Teams can be composed as few as two people.

1872: When we work together with others, we invoke synergy. What we are able to do collectively is greater than the sum of what we are able to do individually. In many cases, much greater.

1873: Most of our self is other than conscious. Indeed, these parts are much more capable than the conscious parts. Though, there are no separations to the self. We are one integrated whole.

1874: All separation is illusion. Though, it seems to be necessary illusion. It does not matter that illusion is not real. It is the reality that we experience.

1875: In this existence, it is the meaning that we assign to what we experience that matters.

1876: My formal education from kindergarten through a master's from Stanford did not address the meaning of reality. Why is that? This seems to be one of the most important topics there is.

1877: Actually, the vast majority of what I consider to be the important things that I have learned. came from many metaphysical books over the years, starting in 1974 ... none on reading lists.

1878: I consider myself to be in my wisdom years. Life has a way of showing us what we are made of. It does this via opportunities and challenges. Challenges are just another kind of opportunity.

1879: Challenges are not meant to overwhelm us. That is not their intent at all. Though, that can indeed result and seems to do so often. We are capable of far more than we know.

1880: Here, we need to be watchful of limiting ourselves. All limits are self imposed. They only apply to us so long as we choose to accept them. We don't have to do that.

1881: We need to watch our expectations as well. We tend to experience what we expect. Here, the guidance is simple... expect the unexpected. Doing so keeps life interesting.

1882: We need to avoid boredom at all costs. There are so many things to engage in that we need not ever be bored. Then again, that tends to some degree on how we compartmentalize our life.

1883: Each day, we consider what it is that we are grateful for in our life. We have much to be grateful for. Our job, Beyond Imagination, our wife and furry kids, our cabin, and a few friends.

1884: Are we making of each minute, 60 seconds worth of distance run? Are we doing all that we could do? Though, we need to be careful there. Life is not meant to be all work.

1885: Life is meant to be lived. To do that, we need to include things that are fun. We need to include things that we are passionate about. To do that, we must find what these things are.

1886: That can be difficult to do. However, it is extremely important. Indeed, these are the things that make life worth living. It is important to be excited, even passionate about our life.


1887: Yet, we are learning many things from our present work environment. So long as that continues to be the case, it seems that is where we will continue to be.

1888: We are learning a lot about working with others while preserving our autonomy at the same time. That means striking a healthy balance between the two.

1889: We need to be able to think. We don't do that well in a group environment. Though, feedback and being able to incorporate inputs from others can be extremely important.

1890: It seems that our life is changing in ways that we could not predict. Health has become important to us... important enough that we make decisions based on it.

1891: That is how we tell how serious we are about something. Do we act in accord with what we say is important to us? If so, we are being congruent... we are walking our talk.

1892: We had thought that it was important to be a living example for others. However, it seems that it is more important to be true to ourself.

1893: We need to express fully and completely without airs and without masks. Sometimes, that can be a tough thing to do. It is the right thing nonetheless.

1894: We would do works of great important. Yet, we have to wonder whether any of that really matters. Yes, we are at a point in our life where we are starting to question our assumptions.

1895: John Lennon sings Imagine at the moment. Imagine expresses the idea of a utopia clearly and concisely. It does not take a lot. One song is sufficient to move us deeply.

1896: How do we create such a utopia? Yes, it takes dreamers to make it so. How do we get our dreamers together to work for such an end?

1897: Then, why has it not yet manifest? That is a good question. It is all a matter of timing. Things happen when it is time for them to happen. This timeline cannot be accelerated.

1898: For the most part, it is not what we experience that matters... it is the meaning that we assign to that experience.

1899: Savor the moments. Find ways to enjoy. You are in the process of becoming all that you can be... of being all that you can be. Such is your natural state.

1900: Use your gifts to enrich the lives of others. That is extremely important. Though, don't lose yourself in the process. You are important. You deserve the best that life has to offer.

1901: Share what is great within you with others. In doing so, you will make a much-needed difference in the world. Making that difference!


1902: Our only choice seems to be to live in the moment. We have no vision of what our life is to be. There is a sense that any such vision would limit us and our spirit would have none of that.

1903: It can be difficult to live one's life from moment to moment. Though, that is what is necessary to make the most of each moment.

1904: When we make the most of each moment, we make the most of our life. Each moment brings to us untold opportunities. Indeed, there are more opportunities than we could seize

1905: It takes a degree of spiritual advancement to become a seeker. However, once we have opened that door and stepped through it, there is no turning back.

1906 Each of us has a path that is our own. Though, it may take us awhile to realize this. In the meantime, we may choose to follow the paths that have been established by others.

1907: We need to be careful of religions. In many respects, they are bittersweet. Each has good points and bad points. In most cases, the control of a few is exerted over the many followers.

1908: Overall, it seems that people are attracted to spiritual paths that suit them. It is important to retain an open attitude. It is important to assess the utility of our religious and spiritual beliefs.

1909: Ultimately, utility is the only measure that counts. Though, we need to assess this in the context of all concerned. Here, it is important that we not be selfish. That can be difficult at times.

1910: Along with the freedom to choose comes responsibility for the consequences of our choices. Some of these are predictable, many are not. This unpredictability, keeps life interesting.

1911: Are we giving to life more than we are taking from life? Indeed, is that even possible? It seems that a balance is maintained at all times.

1912: You cannot give without receiving and you cannot receive without giving. In this there is a choice. We choose the level to which we are involved in life. It is the involvement that matters.

1913: We are meant to participate even as we observe. We are also meant to create even as we participate. Yes, there are three major parts of us... the actor, the observer, and the creator.

1914: This is only one of many trinities in which we are involved. Though, these are not equal elements. We choose how much of each we employ in our life. This makes for extensive variations.

1915: Indeed, no two people are alike. Though, that is true of everything. No two of any kind of thing are alike. Or, at least are not identical. It seems that uniqueness is innate to the universe.

1916: At work, we are interacting with others more closely than we have before...even personally. Further, we are enjoying that. We are finding that engaging in relationships can be fun.

1917: There is much that we can find in one another. Indeed, that can be how we deal with the loneliness of our individual existence. Our preference is to establish a society of kindred spirits.

1918: Mysteries are good for the soul. It is the care and feeding of the soul that truly matters in this existence.

1919: Ultimately, what matters is what we realize. We would be what she would have us be. We would do what she would have us do. We would go where she would have us go.

1920: We have chosen to give our life to do spirits bidding. There is no sense of sacrifice in this... none at all. This is something that we choose willingly without any mental reservation whatsoever.

1921: We ask that any choices to follow our path be done solely based on utility. Use what works for you and discard the rest. Though, be open for other parts to become of utility as time goes by.

1922: We claim no ownership for any of this. Our role has been to bring forth, record, and share a stream of consciousness that comes from source herself. We equate source with the spirit within us.

1923: Be you and do what you are moved to do to the best of your ability. As you do that, your destiny will unfold naturally. There is great power in yielding. Don't underestimate that.

1924: The wise man goes with the flow, employing the forces of nature to carry him along this path. The fool fights the current every step of the way attempting to reach something that he desires.

1925: In truth, there is nothing that you need that is upstream of where you are.

1926: We have reached a point where the struggle is not worth it. We can allow our life to unfold as it will... enjoying the process as my as we can.


1927: On the positive side, it is clear that our state of health is improving substantially. We still have a long way to go... but, we have a processIt all comes down to attitude, diet, and exercise.

1928: Such is the nature of faith. Some things need no justification. Some things, we simply believe. Though, we need to be careful when we do this. It is healthy to question our beliefs.

1929: All limits are self-imposed. They only operate to the degree that we believe in them. Freeing ourself is a matter of choosing more empowering beliefs. We can do that at any time.

1930: It is also possible to make a difference to society and to the world in such a manner that makes the difference remains anonymous. To what degree do we need to take credit for our work?

1931: Some things, we control. Other things, we do not. Wisdom allows us to know the difference.

1932: All of our reading shows that the Beyond Imagination expression is rich with quotable passages. Though, are there others who would agree with our assessment? We know we are biased.

1933: How do we create the opportunities involving relationships with others that we seek? Be open to such relationships. Ensure that your motives are pure and judgment free.

1934: It is up to you to determine the degree to which others can affect you. Keep your power. Do not allow what others do or do not do to affect your state of being ...... affect your peace of mind.

1935: You are living the life of your dreams right now. That is the only life that you can ever live. If you are not satisfied with that, then change your dreams. It is that simple.

1936: Where I am is where I fit in the grand scheme of things. Can I be satisfied with that? Can I find ways to be happy and enjoy the journey that my life is taking me on?

1937: It seems that we are in a better position to see and seize the opportunities that are around us now. Though, even there, our vision is incomplete. We know that there are things we do not see.

1938: There are things that we are blind to. How do we expand our perspective so that we see more? Realize that there are things that you are not seeing... and important things at that.

1939: There is a key spiritual principle: never take more than you give. Such is how abundance is manifest in the world... each of us must give more than we take.

1940: We are open to the universe knowing more about what is needed than we know. At the same time, we do not want to sell ourselves short.

1941: The key change is to shift our focus from ourselves to another. As we do this, it is imperative that this not be in judgment. The easiest way to do that is to express unconditional love.

1942: We have chosen to live a life of spirit. Indeed, that almost exclusively. It is curious that we said almost exclusively. That suggests that there are other things that manifest in our life.

1943: Where gifts are given, they are meant to be you for the benefit of others... for the benefit of society... for the benefit of the world.

1944: Yes, we see ourselves as a world server. Not a servant, but a server. There is a huge difference.


Another work completed. This time consisting of Dragon quotes that are no more than 2 lines. In this case, we compiled 1944 or these. They are in chronological order and were all derived from the Dragon Musings.

Our present circumstances are somewhat strange. We fell from a ladder on 12/20, shattering our right heel and fracturing our 5th ulnea. It seems that we also did a number on our right knee since it is very swollen and is experiencing the most pain. We finally get to see a real doctor in the morning. We are curious as to what the prognosis will be. The initial indications from urgent care and an appointment with a PA were 6 months to recover ... and even then to partial mobility. If we allow physics to rule, then we may never be the same again. But, I am a metaphysician. My ways are not limited to the physical.

We find it curious that we were able to focus enough to complete this work this despite our physical condition and heavy use of pain medications. Though, it seems that we should no longer be surprised at anything that Spirit is able to do through us. Our limitations are clearly not her limitations ... not even close.

This particular work was formatted to be read to us electronically. We purchased NaturalReader

13 software last week that does just this for PDFs, MS Docs,web pages, even a selected text box. Though, Adobe Acrobat has a feature that allows you to convert text to speech as well.

You will be amazed. There is such a difference in hearing a work than reading one. Further, for all of the Dragon works, the "natural" format was spoken to begin with.



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