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Welcome to Beyond Imagination! In Peace, Love, and Light

NAMASTE! INTRODUCTION My name is Wayne Hartman.

I was born on 8 April 1958. I am a metaphysician and a Spiritual Warrior. I came into this world with a spiritual mission, however the conscious part of the journey didn't begin until my 16th year when I discovered the Seth Material and began a love affair with Metaphysics that stirs my PASSION to this very day. In 1993, I experienced major spiritual awakenings that served as strong beliefquakes, rocking all of my foundations to their very core. These personal foundations have been rebuilt from scratch, by myself for the most part. Now, I am ready to take on the larger role of Creating the Foundations for a New World in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. Most of what I have learned and have become is expressed at my Beyond Imagination site. It also includes my VISION of what this New World is to be. My Soul Portrait: Beyond the Great Beyond

What is BEYOND IMAGINATION? BEYOND IMAGINATION is an entity dedicated to building a better world in which SPIRIT is more fully expressed in flesh. At this site you'll find several thousand pages of metaphysical works that have come from SPIRIT through Wayne to YOU describing a VISION of what we are endeavoring to create and documenting our progress in achieving our goals of creating a COMMUNITY where individuals are truly able to be all they can be in a cooperatively interdependent environment where the real needs of all are met effectively. We hope you enjoy what you find here, and that it moves you to want to participate so that we can co-create the WORLD in which we would prefer to live in the Aquarian Age that lies before us. THE VISION I dream of a world united in love, peace, and harmony; where people are equal and receive what they need physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually; where people are employed in a manner that engages their natural abilities and talents fully for the good of both the individual and the society; where people are happy and free; where people are helpful to one another; where industry operates in harmony with nature, righting the damages caused due to excesses in the past; where governments are efficient and honest, and truly represent the rights of the people. What to Expect at Beyond Imagination At the Beyond Imagination site you'll find the equivalent of over 9 million words of stream of consciousness metaphysical expression. It deals with such topics as reality creation, beliefs and belief management, the nature of consciousness, the works of consciousness, the nature of reality, education, government, awareness, spiritual awakening, the nature of spirit, and the spiritual expression in flesh. Most of it is stream of consciousness expression. I just allow whatever consciousness would express to flow forth. However, there are two early works done in the 1993-1994. One is identified at the site as the Beyond Imagination book, the other is Reality Creation 1010. Both are published together in a single work called Beyond Imagination: The Early Works. The work has evolved over the years. The original six months of expression are labeled Beyond Mind because I was going out of my mind in the process of awakening to spirit. Then there were the two works mentioned already. Beyond Imagination Notes started in November of 1993 and lasted through April of 1996. The Search for Center Newsletter went on for nine months in late 1996 through July of 1997. Then came the Musings of a Spiritual Warrior. These have taken us from late 1997 through today. Since January of 2002, the musings have come almost daily ... taking up 2-3 hours with each musing. In addition, there are several pages of quotes available that have been created by selecting some of the best that has been expressed to date. For those who prefer something physical rather than information on a screen, much of the Beyond Imagination material to date is published and available in paperback book format. See the links to published books at the Beyond Imagination site for more details.

Sample Quotes from the Expression The more that LOVE is expressed, the better everything is. This is the key, the critical factor. Actually, peace, love, and light are all important. But, the greatest of these is Love. The moving hands continue to write, and having writ, not one word can be erased. For the sequence of words has passed from the unseen to the seen. And, even without physical witness, consciousness herself perceived of the creation. It is not sufficient to be a Master of this World -- that requires no spirituality. One must be a true master expressing spirit in flesh to the greatest degree possible at this time on this planet. This is how reality works in this illusion. There are no shortcuts. You create in accordance with your beliefs. If you want to change your experience, that is the place to work -- with your beliefs! If each person were doing their part, working part time to change the world, the amount of labor would be enormous. At even 1/8 time, that is about one hour per day x 120 Million workers in this country alone. That's the equivalent of 15 Million people working full time if the energies can be harnessed and applied in a useful manner. For spiritual growth, one must focus on the unfoldment of the flower of consciousness. Consciousness itself must be nurtured, understood, realized, and transcended in a seemingly never-ending process. Reality creation works from the inside out. Our level of awareness puts us in a position to be of service. Consciousness then moves us into the situations and circumstances that allow our services to be provided. I come to create community -- common unity, that all within the kingdoms may receive what they need in exchange for the services which they have been blessed with the abilities to provide. The newborn butterfly has no choice but to fly into the unknown, trusting that God or Consciousness has given it the abilities it needs to deal with whatever reality it finds. Actually, the trust may not even be a conscious act. After all, we are what we are in the moment, and we appear to have limited control over the circumstances which we will be asked to face. See the world in a bold new way. Dare to dream of things as they have never been. For, as you dream, as you imagine, the way is paved for others to pick up on your dreams and imaginings and assist in carrying them out. Without spirit at the foundation, any structure will eventually become so flawed and so weak that it can no longer stand. It's only a matter of time, and the nature of the specific decisions that are made. The demise is certain, only how long it takes to get there, and how bad the conditions during the process are variable. The world is perfect for the level of awareness that exists at this time on this planet. This has been true always, and will be true always.

What makes me, a loner who has virtually no interaction in society, think that I can come up with viable ideas on which to found a new society and ultimately a new world order? We've allowed the economy, in particular, to enslave us without our knowing it. And further, they didn't have to drag us into bondage, we went running as fast as we could buying as many things as our credit and pocketbooks would allow; even working overtime to get those things those advertisers were pushing at us all the sooner.

KNOWING THYSELF: This is the most important issue that we face as individuals -- as spiritual beings in flesh. The main endeavor in all of life is the growth from ignorance to knowledge of our true nature as consciousness.

This is the task that transcends lifetimes. The paths are many, but they all lead to the ONE. Everyone reaches the destiny eventually, but each must reach it by their own efforts. Help is there for any who need it, all that is required is that one asks. This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth. We SHARE! We share what we have, we share what we feel, we share what we know, we share what we experience, we share whom that we are, as much as we can. The heart does not say that I am not going to pump blood to the foot ... it freely pumps blood to all the parts of the body that need it. Similarly, the brain does not think for itself alone, but for the whole self. Every system within the body supports the collective. However, as the body of humankind on this planet, we have not established such relationships. Too many people look outside for authority ... when the true authority comes not from others, but from within us. To change our reality, we need to alter our beliefs and start doing things differently. Only fools believe that they will get a different outcome doing the same things in the same ways. Freedom is one of our most valued possessions. But, it is something that we have to safeguard or we risk losing it. Concluding Remarks I hope you found this introduction to the World of Beyond Imagination interesting and helpful. Hopefully, it will encourage you to explore more of what we have to offer and perhaps even join us in our endeavors to create a new and better world.


The following is the first Beyond Imagination expression. For nearly 16 years, I forgot that it even existed until I rediscovered it when I was cleaning out my desk at home. What a surprise to find that such an expression was the beginning of all of this!


We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all souls are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these include reality creation, free choice, growth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and that souls are inexorably linked in the web of beingness, each dependent on the welfare of all others. We further hold these truths to be self-evident: that to gain experience and grow, souls choose to manifest in physical bodies - as spirit in flesh; that these beings are created equal; that they are endowed by their souls with certain unique challenges, abilities, and talents; that they inherit from their souls certain inalienable rights, that among these include life, liberty, choice, and the pursuit of happiness; and that they too are inexorably linked in the web of life on Earth, each dependent on the well-being of all others as well as of the planet itself. To provide an environment conducive to growth and to preserve these inalienable rights societies are created among beings. These societies are empowered strictly by the consent, cooperation, and active participation of the individual members. Whenever any form of society becomes destructive of these rights, it is the duty and responsibility of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new society that better serve their needs. We are on the threshold of a new age; an age in which peace reigns supreme, in which consciousness manifests more directly and abundantly, and in which beings are challenged to realize their potentials for maximal growth. This can only be achieved by working in a state of cooperative dependence in which no part of the web is neglected or unbalanced. Realizing this, we actively choose to create the change necessary to bring about a true state of balance both within ourselves and in our world. As the first step, we declare our cooperative dependence on one another and on this wonderful spaceship Earth on which we reside, and we own our responsibility to act in a manner that supports all life while maintaining and expressing our unique individuality. Further, we recognize that as a minimum all beings on this planet are entitled to adequate food, shelter, health care and education; that the wealth and resources of this planet are more than enough to meet this basic need; and that the most urgent priority is to develop a means to fairly distribute the resources such that all individuals are adequately fed, sheltered, and educated. The second most urgent priority is to assist the Earth in returning to a healthy state of balance by undoing some of the damage caused over the past few centuries. This requires a commitment of resources, including our brightest engineers and scientists, towards solving many of the problems that have resulted from abusive technology use choices made in the pursuit of progress and economic growth.

In addition, we recognize that there is a mutual contract that binds individuals into a cooperative society. In this contract, the society provides the environment in which each individual is allowed to develop its unique gifts and talents as far and as fast as it is capable, and provides the opportunity to apply and use these abilities in a fulfilling and challenging manner that benefits the society as well as the individual. The environment must actively support the individual in meeting that individual's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. In return, each individual is responsible for applying their unique gifts and talents in a balanced manner that benefits the society. The basic agreement is expressed best in the maxim: To each in accordance with their needs; from each in accordance with their abilities. For society to function well, each individual must understand their sacred responsibility to maintain the balance by acting in a manner that ensures that their effort and contributions are truly in balance with the support that they receive form society. The current prevalent economic systems, capitalism and communism fail to provide the critical processes and distinctions necessary to support a cooperative society. Neither system recognizes and uses the unique talents and gifts of individuals, nor does either system provide for the unique needs of all individuals even on the physical level - much less on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. A solely market driven economy lacks the discipline and responsibility necessary to ensure that the total value provide by a service or product exceeds the total cost of that service or product. It is not enough to be able to create a market for a product that allows a profit to be made, especially if the damage to the individual or to the environment is not accounted for. It is also not fair to use advertising in a manner that promotes a product by association rather than by the specific merits and benefit of the product. Balance requires that a level of integrity be applied to all transactions. It is not enough that an individual feels that a product or service was worth the cost. There is a greater accountability that must be achieved. The major problems of current economic systems are caused by a failure to accept a few basic truths: - Technology has reached a point where individual needs for goods and services can be met by active employment of a relatively small fraction of the population. - The society must provide a place for all individuals to work to provide a means of exchange for meeting individual needs. - For individuals to be happy and productive, they must be allowed to apply their unique gifts and talents toward creative and meaningful work in a manner that also supports the individuals' growth and fulfillment. - The collective abilities and talents of the individuals within a society are its greatest resource. Vision and direction are needed to apply this resource in a manner that uplifts and benefits all life. A gift or talent is a terrible thing to waste. It is everyone's responsibility to assist in minimizing this waste. There is always a way in which to use these gifts and talents in some productive and beneficial way. - The purpose of an economic system is to provide the means for individuals to exchange energy in a manner that allows them to meet their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth needs, period.

The challenge is to do this in a manner that far exceeds meeting the minimal needs of all, yet is not so overwhelming that it imposes undue hardship. - For any economic system to work properly, it must include meaningful incentives that not only ensure individuals fulfill their potential and meet their responsibilities but encourage them to stretch and use their talents and abilities to the utmost, both for their own growth as well as for the benefit to the whole. As a first step in the conscious manifestation of our cooperative dependence we choose to act in a manner that is consistent with these truths; to join together to create societies that recognize and preserve these rights and to establish economic systems that provide a means for a balanced exchange of energies that allows us to meet our growth needs on all levels. Realistically, this will have to be done incrementally, starting with individuals joining to form small groups to explore various alternatives for achieving these ends; and growing into ideas and processes that can work for the larger society of towns, states, regions, nations, continents, and the entire earth. This transition will not happen overnight, but it also will not require centuries or even decades. Consciousness will not wait that long to bring about the changes necessary for greatly expanded growth. Each of us chose to incarnate at this time to play a part in the unfolding of a new age. It is time for each of us to look deeply into our hearts, remember what part we chose to play, and to play our parts to the maximum of our abilities. The major changes that we have seen in the past few years are only the beginning of a tidal wave that will take us into the new age. We are riding on that wave, NOW. The wave is just the medium, the energy of movement. It is up to us to choose how we will ride that wave, and where we will allow it to take us. But, the time of choice is here. We must take action now or we will be swept to wherever the wave takes us, and maybe even drown in the process.


THE SOCIAL CONTRACT Each individual is entitled to an environment that provides the challenges, resources, and opportunities to develop their capabilities as fast and as far as their desire, interest, effort, and abilities can take them. This includes an opportunity for meaningful employment that fosters the creative expression of one's ability and spirit in a playful manner that serves both the individual and the society, and that provides fair compensation that allows the individual to live in a manner that meets that individuals' physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. In return, the individual is responsible for applying their talents with full integrity to the maximum of their ability in a loving manner that benefits both themselves and the society.

This basic principle is captured in the idea: TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS, AND FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITIES. For this equation to balance properly, both sides must fulfill their part with integrity. Integrity on the individual part includes delivering in accordance with ones' true abilities, and keeping ones' needs in line with spirit.

There is abundance to meet all real NEEDS. There is a subtle yet important difference between desires and needs, however -- needs generally recognize an innate balance in action, desire on the other hand are not necessarily couched from that place of balance. WHY SOCIETY? While we are individuals, we are also part of a larger whole. To achieve the full potential of the larger whole, a Unity of Action is required in which the society functions as an interrelated group with each individual joyfully playing their part -- that the Magic synergy may happen to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Consider the analogy of your own body. The cells are alive as individuals, yet the whole that is created because each cell lovingly fills a particular function is a magnificent creation that could not be achieved in any other way. Similarly, the magnificence of a society is generated from the roles that individuals choose to play. Thus far, we have only participated in simple organizations, where the roles were temporary and not organized in a unifying fashion. The patterns exist for much greater structures - not in terms of size, but in term of their capacity to serve as a channel for the energy that flows from All That Is. It is time to start to create structures conforming to these patterns and learn just what can be created. There is a song that Paul Stookie of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame sings that has words to the effect: ... whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name, there is Love, there is Love. It is time to make such Love manifest in the world much more abundantly. But it takes more than just gathering, it takes gathering with purpose and spiritual intent.

EDUCATION  Education is a fact of being. So long as we exist, we must learn and grow. Education is one of the major responsibilities of each individual -- not just as a student, but also as a teacher and role model for others. As Richard Bach states in Illusions: You teach best what you most need to learn. Think about that, and the next time you want to expand your knowledge and understanding in some area, try teaching what you want to learn to someone else. Master/Apprentice, and Mentor/Protege relationships are encouraged. Consider yourself responsible for ensuring the physical endurance of your knowledge, wisdom, and experience -- not in the form of books or writings, but in living form by passing it on to at least one other human being. The primary purpose of education lies not in learning some fact, skill, process, behavior, or body of knowledge. Education's purpose lies solely in teaching beings how to learn. This includes not only mental processes, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual processes.

Life is a school, with each day bringing new adventures, challenges, and wonders to experience. GOVERNMENT The purpose of government is to provide guidance, focus, and direction for the community while maintaining the Peace and preserving individual freedoms and rights. THE DREAM I have a dream, - where each individual is provided with a loving environment that allows that individual to recognize and develop its' unique spark of light; - where individuals are accepted for who they are and are allow and encouraged to express themselves fully; - where a person is judged for whom they truly are and not by appearances; - where integrity and honesty are valued and commonplace, and the wisdom of the Heart is heard and followed; - where Peace reigns supreme and conflict is channeled properly into resolution; - where Magic is omnipresent, and the wonder of Life is acknowledged for the special gift that it really is; - where an openness pervades the land that rewards free expression and discovery; - where spirituality is an essential part of day-to-day living; - where decision are based on the true merits of the various alternatives; - where each individual has the opportunity to find purposeful and creative work that provides challenge, excitement, and fulfillment; - where ideas are exchanged freely and openly, among all who are interested; - where vision is encouraged and rewarded, and its' dreams are used to guide human endeavors; - and where people work in balanced cooperative dependence to create and manifest a true "kingdom of heaven" on Earth.

We have the power to manifest this dream, NOW. It is only a matter of choice. My choice is to actively engage my whole being to this end, to take full responsibility for my destiny, and to use my resources and abilities to create the reality I prefer. My hope is that you too will make this choice for yourself, so that we can jointly co-create a new world order that lives up to the promises of the New Age.

PRECIOUS GEMS The following is a selection of precious gems from the Beyond Imagination expression. They came forth through me in the time period from 1993 through 2003 ... though, as you will see, 2002 was quite a prolific and profound year. Great quotes have always stirred my soul. Hopefully, you'll find some of these to be in that category. In any event, I hope these precious gems touch a special place in your heart as well. The quotes cover a large variety of topics, though some topics are favored much more heavily than others. This is meant to be a brief introduction into the World of Beyond Imagination.

Abilities If the abilities exist, then so does the job for which they are required. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Abilities Abilities are the gifts that we give ourselves so that we can carry out our mission and destiny. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abilities We each tailor our existence to be the showcase for our unique abilities. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abilities Special abilities generally mean one is responsible to use those abilities effectively in service to society in some way. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abilities Where the abilities are great ... so are the expectations of their usage. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Abundance I know that I need no supplies for consciousness herself abundantly supplies me with all that I need. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Abundance If we can generate abundance for all on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels ... we free people to engage with one another to a degree that has never been possible before. This is what it takes to more fully manifest spirit in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Abundance This is how abundance is created in the world ... individually we must create more than we consume in terms of goods and services. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abundance We are all worthy of the unlimited abundance that spirit would bestow on us. However, there is a catch, we must contribute and do our part to create the abundance. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abundance It is up to us to manifest the abundance we desire. We do this by priming the pump ... by giving of ourselves in service. The more the service, the more the abundance. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Abundance We prime the spiritual pump of abundance by giving. In giving, we create a void, a vacuum that nature ensures gets filled. Whatever we need to draw into our life, that is the key ... to create a void for it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Acceptance Acceptance is the first step towards making any change. When we fight or resist something, it stays in our life, by the very act of our engaging with it. When we accept what is for what it is, we are free to move on to whatever we would become.  Wayne Hartman - 2002

Actions It is in taking action that the energies of the universe are brought to bear on the situation. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Actions We are grand beings, each and every one of us. However, it is only through choice and actions that we can express this in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

All That Is Each of us is a unique aspect of all that is. It is for us to realize how special and precious this makes us. Each and every one of us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Allowing That is the key ... allow, allow, allow. But to do this, we have to trust enough to relinquish the need to control. This can be difficult. It also demands patience, because at times we think we need to be doing something to make things happen. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Allowing The very choice to be open and invite change, is the step necessary to allow it comes forth. That is one of the tricks to reality creation ... it is not so much a matter of making things happen, but rather to simply allow them to happen. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Artists This is the key, we are all artists creating what we will on the canvas of our life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Atrocities Were we aware of our true nature, the atrocities that are committed by us against us, would cease in a heartbeat. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Awakenings It seems that no matter how far we expand, and how many awakenings we undergo, there is always more. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awakenings To awaken and become aware we must find a way beyond the restrictions that bind us. We can only be bound so long as we tolerate and accept the chains. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Reality creation works from the inside out. Our level of awareness puts us in a position to be of service. Consciousness then moves us into the situations and circumstances that allow our services to be provided. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Awareness You are whatever your awareness experiences. Be playful and free it from some of its' chains and see what gifts it can bestow in your life. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Awareness Awareness is the most important thing in the world. It is the only thing that we carry forward from one lifetime to the next. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Ever increasing awareness is the name of the game. We do this by finding our limits and breaking through them into a new awareness of reality. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Seek awareness first and all else that you need will come unto you. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness No matter how aware we become, there is always a next step, always another degree of realization that we can reach. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness The more aware we become, the more we are able to behave as the true spiritual beings that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening are indeed worth everything that we put into them ... everything that it costs to experience them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Our awareness is the key that unlocks the door to our cells, freeing us to be all that we can be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Awareness is an inside job. But, once it is achieved, it colors everything that we do on the outside. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Awareness Being aware of being aware is an advanced state to experience. It is subtle, requiring only a slight shift. At the same time, it is highly profound. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Balance We have objective reality and subjective reality. Both are important ... neither is superior to the other. Integrated beings operate with a balance of both ... though the mix in that balance may vary greatly from one individual to another. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Be Here Now Your task is to BE HERE NOW. Allow your entire beingness to flow out of each moment and fill space and time with what is to be. You create in the moment. The point of power is the present. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Beasts of Burden We are not meant to be beasts of burden. There are other animals that fill that role willingly and even gratefully. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Becoming The world may be a big place, but our self is a much smaller domain, in which we have the authority to do what we will and be whom we are and become what we are capable of becoming. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Becoming The acorn knows exactly what it takes to become a mighty oak tree ... all it takes is the right environment to nurture its growth. Similarly the seed of spirit or consciousness that sparked us, knows exactly what we are meant to grow to be and how to get us there. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being All We Can Be Spirit is expressing to the degree that it can. All this is happening NOW. We don't have to wait for it to unfold at some time in the future. We can be all that we are here and now. We can express spirit at every moment of every day. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Being All We Can Be Ultimately, what truly matters is that each of us are enabled to be the best that we can be, whatever that is for us. Wayne Hartman - 1999 Being All We Can Be

Being all that we can be requires effort on our part. Yet, when we are in the groove and doing it, it is the most natural thing in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being All We Can Be If we are not learning and growing, creating and expressing, and being of service to one another and to the society in which we live ... we might as well not be alive at all. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being All We Can Be We each must find what it takes for us to be all that we can be, in all of our true grandeur ... for indeed we are grand beings by our very nature. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being All We Can Be It is not enough to simply be whom that we are ... we must take the next step and act in accord with this. When we do that, we share our light with the world, and we live a life of greatness. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being All We Can Be Ultimately we must find a way first to know whom that we are and then to be whom that we are. This requires expressing in a manner that is congruent ... that is consistent with the energies of spirit that are flowing through us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being Different Being different takes extensive work and an innate trust in self to express in a manner that is right for us, regardless of how it appears to the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being Moved Whatever moves you is right for you ... engage in it and pursue it to your hearts desire so long as it harms no one. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being of Service Anytime people choose to be of service to others, the net effect on the world is positive. The greater the service, the more the benefit. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being Proactive We react in the moment, generally without thinking about what we are doing. To be proactive, we have to take the time to think about alternatives and choose what is best under the circumstances. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being Spiritual Operating at a spiritual level requires some commitment. It takes observation, awareness, and lots of practice. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Being Who We Are Our responsibility is simple, to be whom that we are, and to express that as fully as we can. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Belief Garden If we want to live a rich and full life, we must tend to our belief garden and make sure the beliefs therein are empowering ones that truly are of service in our lives and the lives of all those whom we touch. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Belief System It is helpful to keep a very open belief system ... one that allows for the miraculous, one that facilitates the expression of spirit, one that keeps our potential unlimited. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Belief System Our belief systems are elaborate constructions of vibrations through which we establish what kinds of things, information, and events we consider meaningful to us and worthy of our time and attention. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs All of us live our lives on foundations of beliefs. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Beliefs Beliefs are the playground for reality creation. They are not absolute. The test of whether they are right is utility ... do they serve not only you but all concerned? Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Remember that the difference between an idea and a belief is the willingness to act in accord with. It is not a belief until you back it with actions in your life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Our belief systems are the key sieve through which we draw experience to us. If we want to change our experience, that is the place to work, with our beliefs. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Our beliefs need to be tested and challenged on occasion to allow us to determine whether they are truly useful to our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Beliefs are the playground in which we create the structures that attract and define what we will experience. As such, they are the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal for creating the reality that we would prefer. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs We need to be careful. Beliefs are walls that we create around ourselves. They filter what we choose to see and experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs When used properly, beliefs can empower us to do great things, focusing our attention on those things relevant to our mission ... and in the process freeing us to be whom that we can be. However, they can also limit, enchain, and imprison us if we allow them to. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs When we believe that we can do whatever we put our minds to, we open up a wide berth in which to express and to do our works. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Beliefs by their very nature lie in the nether region between what is true and what is false. If something is already known to be true or false, there is no room for belief. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs The bulk of what we experience as reality is the direct result of our beliefs. If we don't like what we experience, that is the place to make the necessary changes ... with the beliefs. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Beliefs determine what we experience and to a large degree how we experience, and how we interpret what the experience means. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Beliefs Beliefs are powerful ... some of the most powerful things that we have in our arsenal. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Better World For many years, consciousness has listened to all who cared to dream of a better world. If one acted to try to make it so, so much the better, for the force of the vision was multiplied by the number to whom it was transmitted. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Building Materials Much of the history of the world is driven by the nature of the building materials that we have available. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Caring To get change rolling, we need individuals caring more for themselves, people caring more for people, and the society as a whole caring for everyone because its constituent individuals are caring for one another. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Caring Caring should come as an expression from the heart, a spiritual activity that one engages in daily as a regular part of expressing spirit in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Cause and Effect In some areas, cause and effect are fully operative. In other areas they are not. It helps greatly if we know the difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Challenges Every challenge has a gift for you in its hands. Great challenges bring great rewards. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Challenges We need challenges to motivate us to ever greater expression of whom that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Chance Nothing happens by chance. We and everyone around us are where we are by mutual choice. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Change Change happens when individuals choose to make a difference, and choose to take a chance at expressing something new. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Changes Small changes in the moment result in dramatically different outcomes in the long term. However, we are not given the foresight to know what changes will have what long term impacts. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Changing Society If we want to change society, that is the place to start, with more empowering thought forms. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Changing the World Each of you has the power to change your world, -- to enhance it in ways that go beyond your wildest imaginings. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Changing the World The right ideas expressed in the right way at the right time can indeed change the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Changing the World From one standpoint, we have everything we need to change the world. Everything except the commitment to do it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Changing the World It doesn't take the whole world to change the whole world. All that is necessary is a critical mass, a subset that is sufficient to plant the seeds and generate the foundation.  Wayne Hartman - 2003

Changing the World Change what we believe, and we change what we experience. When we do this en masse, we change the world. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Changing the World It is within our power to create ourselves and our world anew, in whatever manner we choose for it to be. Yes, we are that powerful. Further, the time is right for doing this ... now as at no other time in history. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Channels Channels for consciousness are circuits. Just as with electrical circuits they have their capacities. However, unlike electrical circuits the channels can be expanded as your spiritual muscles, so to speak, are exercised and expanded. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Choice Everything that happens is meant to happen; and happens by choice not by chance. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Choice There is nothing in our experience that allows us to detect whether we truly have a choice, or whether we simply experience a predestined choice. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Choices Choices involve making a preference of one thing or outcome over another. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Circumstances We each do what we can with what we are given and with the circumstances that we find ourselves in. However, there is a wrinkle ... the circumstances we find ourselves in are there precisely because we create them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Circumstances We are all in some sense leading the lives we are meant to lead ... living under the circumstances that we have called unto us via our beliefs, our choices, and our actions. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Collective Consciousness Everything is known by the collective consciousness, and it will ensure that what needs to be revealed is revealed to those with a need to know. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Collective Creativity At no time in history has the potential for the collective creativity of us all to be expressed and applied to the benefit of all been so great. The information age gives us freedom in ways that we have never known before. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Collective Good The greatest collective good is not achieved when each individual acts selfishly for their own benefit, but when the individuals consider the collective good as well in their decisions. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Collective Mind Our minds are capable of much greater tasks than we have given them to date. Further, our collective mind is capable of creating a world infrastructure and associated collective reality far greater than any of us have ever dreamed. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Collective Resources Collectively, we have a great deal of resources at our disposal ... the greatest of these being the talents and abilities of the individuals in society. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Commitment It is amazing what we can do when we are committed to something. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Community The bottom line is that we are creating a new life form, a community that will enable a greater unity of consciousness to express on Earth than has ever expressed before. Wayne Hartman - 1994 Competition Much of human history has been the story of competition playing itself out among individuals, among tribes, among companies, among countries, among political ideologies, and among religions. Even science has advocated evolution as being driven by the competition for survival. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Connectedness We are all connected, we have simply forgotten how much so. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness Each moment, do that which your consciousness bids you to do, and do that for every moment that remains in your life. Consciousness will move you to exactly where you need to be. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Consciousness works elegantly. Every resource is put in a position where it can be of the most use to the Plan. Nothing is overlooked, every last detail is nailed down. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Life is a subjective experience, and consciousness is the engine that animates all life, all reality for that matter. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness This is what we must realize, not that I am the same as you, but that the consciousness in me, the spirit in me, is the same as the consciousness, the spirit in you. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness The name of the game is the expression of consciousness, as fully and as clearly as possible in flesh. It has to be through the creations, or it doesn't count. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness You are consciousness first. Consciousness by its very nature exists. It is the I AM. There is nothing that it can do or that can be done to it that would make it cease to be. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Consciousness never asks for more than one's best, though she effectively utilizes every resource she is given. She is given resources by their choice to offer their services. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness When an individual has a realization, consciousness has that same realization. When a new thought comes through an individual, it is consciousness that has created it. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Consciousness exists independent of our bodies, yet it can use our bodies as vehicles through which to act and to communicate. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Consciousness has fashioned the clay and breathed life into it. Now, that life needs to stretch back to it's source to allow even more to come through. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness The whole goal while physical is not to become less physical, but to allow more consciousness to be enfleshed. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness Consciousness would not waste it's time to enter form unless it could express itself in a new and unique way and learn something about itself in the process. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Consciousness The main endeavor in all of life is the growth from ignorance to knowledge of our true nature as consciousness. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Consciousness Where two or more are joined together to create ... MAGIC happens as consciousness blesses the union with a spiritual force that is beyond compare. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Consciousness By it's very nature, consciousness is subjective -- she will not submit to objective probing and reveal her true beauty. Wayne Hartman - 1996 Consciousness The choreography of consciousness is incredible. Everything is in place that needs to be in place, and everything is unfolding in its proper timing. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Consciousness Our consciousness is free to fly and engage each moment in a whirlwind of activity, seeing everything from multiple vantage points simultaneously. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Consciousness There is nothing but God in expression. But, consciousness herself is God observing God in expression. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Consciousness Consciousness ever seeks to expand the vessels through which she expresses so that more spirit can be expressed in flesh. That is the whole purpose of the game. And what a grand game it is. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Consciousness Consciousness springs from the unknown, and perhaps the unknowable. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness We are the consciousness of the Earth; evolved into human form over many millennia, or even millions of years. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness Consciousness creating what she will can work wonders in our lives, if only we will give her the opportunity to express through us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness The expansion of consciousness within us and through us is a hallmark of this existence. It is what we are here for, in a very real way, it is why we exist. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness Consciousness exists everywhere. It composes and animates everything. It gives us life and awareness. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness Consciousness is orchestrating how ideas are communicated across the social fabric so that they can enthuse the appropriate minds to take action to manifest those ideas. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness Consciousness ever seeks to actualize more of itself ... to make actual, to make real, to make manifest in the world more of whom that it is through us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness If we are ever going to learn what makes us tick as individuals, we need detailed records of what consciousness does. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness The universe is a big place. Consciousness is even far greater ... occupying not only the universe but many dimensions that science does not choose to recognize. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Consciousness To stretch our consciousness, we must stretch our minds. We must learn to think in new ways, ways that go beyond reasoning and rational thinking. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Constraints Constraints only exist to the degree that we believe in them. There is always a way over them, through them, or around them. Though we may have to be patient and creative to find these ways. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Control Just as in the body, where a small lump of gray matter inside the skull seems to control the world of the self ... there is a small portion of the population of the world that seems to control the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation Without cooperation, everything crumbles -- and consciousness remains asleep, unaware of its true nature. Our inner self already knows this. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Cooperation Our inner self already operates completely through cooperation. It already has the connections to source, or consciousness, or All That Is that provide it with its mission, directions, and higher level operating constraints. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Cooperation Remember, the universe naturally works through great cooperation. It is only at the surface of things that choice about cooperation is allowed to provide a challenging environment for experience and growth. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Cooperation One of the key behaviors that becomes more conscious with awakening is cooperation. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation Life is already a highly cooperative endeavor, more so than any have ever imagined. It is just that this cooperation primarily occurs behind the scenes, where it often goes unnoticed. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation There is incredible cooperation that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that necessary connections are made in the world. These connections are between individuals and ideas ... and between individuals and other individuals. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation At an inner level, we already know that reality creation operates through incredible cooperation. To take this further, we need to consciously choose to cooperate and do our parts to make the world a better place for all of us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation Though cooperation we can manifest incredible things in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperation Through cooperation, we are building the organs, the organizations, that constitute the body for spiritual expression on the planet. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Cooperation It is amazing what we can do when we willingly cooperate and go with the flow. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Cooperative Interdependence In a world that is ONE, there can be no "independence"... there can only be interdependence and this is only good when it is cooperative. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Cooperative Interdependence If we are to grow into greater collective creative expression we have to find ways to interact with each other in cooperatively interdependent ways. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperative Interdependence Cooperative interdependence is the optimum expression of spirit for the whole as well as for each individual. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperative Interdependence Cooperative interdependence is the wave of the future. In such an environment, we are responsible for one another ... as a matter of choice. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperative Interdependence We have a collective responsibility to one another. We live in a cooperative interdependent society now. Most of us just don't realize it yet. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Cooperative Interdependence Cooperative interdependence is the banner sign for the new age. Independence is the way of the past. It had its utility ... but only as a stepping stone. The world is interdependent. The human family and our animal friends are interdependent. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Courage It takes extreme courage to be unique and authentic, and to live the life of spirit that we are meant to live. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Creating The thoughts that consciousness forms have the power to create worlds upon worlds upon worlds, like this very one where we presently find ourselves. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Creating We tend to create exactly what we believe that we deserve. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Creative Expression Creative expression is one of the highest, if not the highest endeavors of spirit. It is here that we make the unknown known and the unmanifest manifest. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Creativity Creativity in general is far more intuitive than logical. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Creativity The creativity that we see expressed in the world is a mirror reflection of the creativity of spirit. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Creators We are creators bringing the stuff of our dreams and imagination down to Earth. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Dance of Consciousness Many are engaged in the dance of consciousness. But, few record that dance and make it available for others to experience. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Darkness One overcomes darkness by shining light upon it. When one does so, darkness simply vanishes. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Delaying Actions Don't delay until tomorrow what can be completed today. This is a very demanding way to live ones life. However, we need to be careful about what we deem important. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Desire Desire provides the impetus that allows the forces of change to manifest in life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Desire Everything starts with the desire to do something. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Destiny What must be done ultimately will be done. There is a destiny that is unfolding ... a spiritual destiny as well as our individual destinies. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Differences It is the differences between us that make us the unique individuals that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Direct Knowingness Direct knowingness is a faculty that lies within us all. It comes from a deep connection to source, the ONE consciousness which is omniscient. It knows everything, because it is EVERYTHING. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Doing and Being Too Much You can never do too much or be too much, especially if you maintain the awareness that it is spirit doing the works through you, and her supplies are inexhaustible. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Doing and Expressing Each of us is doing exactly what we need to do to express what we are meant to express and to learn and experience what we need to learn and experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Doing Our Best WHO YOU ARE counts for a lot, but WHAT YOU DO makes all the difference. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Doing Our Best Everyone is doing their best, given their understanding, abilities, and the circumstances in which they find themselves. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Doing Our Best There is a sense that people are doing the best that they can under the circumstances in which they find themselves. In general, people try to make the right choice and do the right thing. They don't always succeed, but they try. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Doing Things The universe doesn't waste effort, it only does things as many times as necessary for the function to be accomplished. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Doing Things What permits us to do things despite incredible odds? It is our connection to spirit. It is that intuitive side that we allow to take over and shape our efforts to accomplish a desired objective. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Doing What We Love Do what you love to do! That is the directive of your spirit. No arguments, no hesitations. You already know what that is. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Drama We are the players in the drama of life, in the drama of spirit expressing in flesh on this planet at this time. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Dreamers See the world in a bold new way. Dare to dream of things as they have never been. For, as you dream, as you imagine, the way is paved for others to pick up on your dreams and imaginings and assist in carrying them out. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Dreamers We are dreamers, yes, but more than that, we are creators ... manifesting the reality we choose to experience both individually and en masse. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Dreams In a very real way, all of existence is played out as dreams in the mind of God. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Duality At some level, there is no duality, there is no good and evil, there is just spirit expressing in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Economic Success See a need and fill it ... that is the key to economic success. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Economy We have the capacity to produce more of whatever is needed, but we are blocked in doing so by a lack in ability to consume additional capacity due to insufficiency of funds. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Economy We have the mechanisms in place to create all the goods and services that we need. It is a matter of deciding that we will enable each individual and each family to get what they need. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Economy It seems that anyone operating in our markets needs to be operating fairly, honestly, and in a win-win manner ... or they shouldn't be allowed to play the game. It is that simple. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Education Education first and foremost should teach us of whom that we are, and what we are happens to be spiritual beings having a physical experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Ego It is ego that keeps us attached to what we are and the states with which we are familiar. We must be bold and adventurous to go beyond self to find Self and ultimately SELF. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Empowerment It is how society is empowered that enables it to ultimately produce a greater expression, a greater reality that benefits its constituents. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Equality Amidst Diversity Equality amidst incredible diversity is a cornerstone of spiritual expression. We all have our differences, different abilities and talents, different preferences, different likes and dislikes ... Yet, in some manner we are all created equal. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Escape from Bondage It is for us to recognize that we are in bondage before we can remove the shackles that hold us back from being all that we could be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Evolution If we want to take the next step in evolution, we need to start thinking as a society composed of individuals rather than as individuals joined together into social groupings. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Examples It is by our example that the mold is set through which events in the world are shaped. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Expanding Ourself This is how we expand our concept of self, we incorporate more and more what is outside of us into what is inside of us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Expectations The reality that we experience often conforms to our expectations. We see what we expect to see. We hear what we expect to hear. We do what we expect to do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Experiences There is nothing that you will be forced to face that is beyond your ability to handle, nothing. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Experiences Every experience bears its gifts ... though it may be a challenge to find them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Experiences What the individual experiences, the whole experiences. Consciousness learns from each and every experience, each and every breakthrough. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Experiences We see what we need to see, when we need to see it. We experience what we need to experience, when we need to experience it. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Explorers Those who would be explorers have only one question in mind, how do we make what is unknown known. Discovery is what it is all about. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Expressing We express what can be expressed through us because we must ... because in a real way, that is whom that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Expressing Spirit Nothing is too great for us when we are expressing spirit fully through us to the degree that we are able. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Extraordinary Lives We are meant to lead extraordinary lives. We truly are. Settling for any less than this is selling not only ourselves short, but those whom our lives touch as well. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Faith Faith is a powerful thing. Not necessarily faith in the religious sense, though that has its utility. But, faith in the very process of life unfolding. Wayne Hartman - 2002 BEYOND IMAGINATION: CREATING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR A NEW WORLD - December 2012 30

Fear Fear should not keep us from doing the things that we know we must do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Feedback Feedback is something that is far more rare than it should be. I don't understand why that is. Without good assessment and feedback mechanisms there is no means for continuous improvement. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Feedback Complex systems need feedback to keep them within proper operating constraints. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Filling Needs If we find ourselves in need, the place to start is not by finding how we can fill the need ... rather, it is by determining what it is that we can give that is of most utility and value to others, then by providing this as a service voluntarily. The universe will ensure that we reap what we sow. You cannot give without return. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Finding The Way When there are too many factors to consider consciously, we must trust and go within to find the way to proceed. It is there that we can FEEL the force and allow it to do what it will through us. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Firsthand Experience In many areas of life, especially those involving self-knowledge and consciousness, firsthand experience is the only acceptable path. Nothing short of this is sufficient. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Focus Focus on doing that which spirit moves you to do. As you do so, you will be cared for. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Focus We get what we focus our energy, attention, and resources on. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Focus on the Moments If we focus on taking care of the moments, one after another, the end will take care of itself, and will be far better than we have ever dreamed or imagined. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Forces of the Universe Be bold and decide, and then the forces of the universe will come to your aid. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Free Market In a free market economy, all of the costs are born by the consumers ... plus any profits that companies make above and beyond the costs involved in providing the goods and services. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Freedom You are given as much freedom as you show that you are ready to handle responsibly.  Wayne Hartman - 1994

Freedom It seems that each time we make a choice we further limit not expand our freedom. Nonetheless, if the choices are all made satisfactorily an enjoyable lifestyle can arise. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Freedom If you would be free, you must first realize that you are in chains, and then take the appropriate steps to restore your liberty. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Freedom Freedom requires that we are ever watchful for chains which may bind us and that we endeavor to remove such chains wherever we may find them. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Freedom It seems that the only true freedom is spiritual freedom. In all other forms we are simply unaware of our shackles. Sometimes they are even looked upon as gifts or blessings. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Freedom What makes freedom work is an openness that allows individuals and groups to be and do as they will so long as it hurts no one. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Freedom It is the collective that provides the infrastructure in which we can experience the very freedoms that we enjoy. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Freedom The freedom of belief is far more powerful than the freedom of speech. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Freedom We need to reassert our freedom and remove the chains of those elements of our lives and our world that shackle us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Genius Each of us has genius inside of us. Love is the soul of that genius -- the very key that can unleash its expression in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Getting Things Done The key to getting things done efficiently is to employ the RIGHT resources and make sure they have the right tools and the right training to use the tools. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Giants The giants of the world are such because they stand high on the shoulders of others. Whether it is on the wings of their thoughts, or their experiences, or their examples matters not. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gifts Spirit never gives us gifts unless there is a task for which the gifts are needed. Along with the gifts comes a sacred responsibility to use them in the service of spirit, and ultimately of all humankind ... or better yet, all life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gifts What we love to do will be those things that allow us to elegantly engage our gifts and talents in ways that make a difference in our world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gifts Gifts are meant to be used. The greater the gifts, the greater the tasks for which they are to be used. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Gifts and Talents Each of us have our unique gifts and talents, and a purpose that makes use of these in some way that serves. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gifts from Heaven Whenever I start to question whether something is possible ... the means to make it happen seems to arrive as if it were a gift from heaven. It happens so often that I have come to expect it as the very way that the world works. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Giving We receive much in our lives. It is up to each of us to find a way to GIVE BACK freely in return for the many blessings we receive. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Giving There is a time for taking and a time for giving so long as we strike a balance and never take more than we give. If all of us do this, there will always be enough ... or better yet a surplus. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Giving When you think about it ... we consume a lot, just to live as we do in a free society. To balance the scale, we should be giving back a lot. We do this by providing services to others. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Giving of Ourself Ultimately it is what we give of ourselves that makes the difference in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Giving of Ourself Life is a very precious gift. The most important thing we can do in our life is to find a way to be whom we truly are and give of ourselves and our abilities to the greatest degree that we can. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Global Family It's time for mankind to become aware, spiritually aware, so that we can harness the energies of change and make the entire world one global family. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Goals Goals are our way of telling the universe what it is that we want, what it is that we are willing to work towards. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Goals We create plans of action to do what it takes to accomplish our goals. However, we need to leave room for the universe to pitch in and help via spiritual laws. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Good Job People are trying to do a good job. They may not have the right knowledge, skills, training, or talents ... but they are trying nonetheless. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Grand Beings We are meant to be and express whom that we are, in our full glory. We are grand beings, we truly are. We are gods in flesh, creating the very reality that we experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gratefulness Each day is a precious gift. To the degree we can, we need to be grateful for this gift and in turn give of ourselves in a way that makes a difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Gratefulness We need to be grateful for all that we are given. The best way of showing our gratitude is by finding a way to use what we are given in service to others, to society, and to our world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Great Thoughts This is why great thoughts come from the greatest intellectuals. They have developed their faculties through their focus on self knowledge and knowledge in general, such that their brains are capable of receiving these thoughts. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Great Works All great works are done with LOVE for the work that is being done and with a great deal of intuition. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Greatest Good The greatest good we can do is to fully express whom that we are, openly and wholeheartedly. Yes, that is the key ... living with our whole heart. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Greatness Ours are not meant to be ordinary lives. Every one of us has greatness looking to shine forth from within us. We are all special beings, unique expressions of the one consciousness. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Growth We each see and experience the world in a manner that provides the impetus and environment for our growth as human beings and as spiritual beings expressing in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Growth Growth is a natural process. We take it one step at a time when we are ready. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Habits Old habits can be hard to break. Yet, break them we must, if we are to proceed to the next phase, the next adventure. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Heart It is the heart, not the mind, that needs to be the star by which we steer the course of our life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

History History is not so much about events as it is about the march of ideas and their hold over mankind over the course of time. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Ideals The plan of spirit involves the manifestation of ideals over time. That is, the realization of ideals in physical existence. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Ideas Ideas have power, great power when we understand them and base our actions upon them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Ideas Ideas are powerful ... especially ideas that move us to act in a new way. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Illusion Remember that the play is illusion. Trying to substitute one illusion for another is not the work for the awakened ones. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Illusion The correction for illusion is never more illusion. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Illusion The many are caught in the web of illusion, stuck in a world that is intricate and fascinating. Wayne Hartman - 1994 I

Illusion Focus on the illusion all that you want, and in the end all you know is illusion. Further, the illusion is enticing enough to draw your attention, lifetime after lifetime, if you are not careful. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Imagination Dream and imagine what is to be as vividly as you can, then speak and act as if it is already accomplished -- and surely it will be done. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Imagination Imagination is the key. We are ever in the process of becoming whatever we can truly imagine ourselves to be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Imagination Our imaginations are wonderful places. They allow us to play and dream of things that have never been ... and from these dreams to create the very conditions necessary to bring our dreams to life, to manifest them, to make them physical. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Imagination We may find that spirit has far better things in store for us than we could imagine for ourselves. Then again, our imagination is one of the tools that we've been given through which spirit manifests such things in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Independence Independence does not work as a valid way of existing in a spiritual age. We are all ONE. Within ONE, there can be no independence. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Independence Independence is an illusion in this world. There are interdependencies everywhere we look. We are all richly interconnected in the web that is LIFE. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Information When you think about it, much of our lives center around the many types of information that we consume, play, and interact with. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Information Information is that way. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is wrong, sometimes it is simply unknown as to whether it is correct or wrong. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Information Age We live in an information age. The ability to generate information and make it freely available electronically to others is one of the main benefits of living in this day and age. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Information Age We live in an information age. To be effective in this age, we must develop sophisticated communications skills that allow us to access, collect, process, filter, make connections between, generate, and disseminate information. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Information Age At no time in history have people had such free access to information and the ability to interact with and interchange information with one another so quickly and on such a global scale. Ideas can literally be shared within minutes with no filters, barriers, or censors. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Information Age We are only beginning to see the power and the freedom of an information age. One area that we are struggling with is access to information, and the ease by which digital information can be replicated and disseminated. This goes against all of our concepts of copyright and ownership of information. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Infrastructures We need to establish infrastructures that allow people to discover, develop, and be whom that they truly are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Inner Agreement Nothing happens to any of us without an inner agreement on our part to participate. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Intelligent Design There is an intelligence designing and creating the events in our world including the thoughts that are experienced by each individual. Wayne Hartman - 2002 Interconnectedness The sooner we recognize that there is an intricate web in which we are all part and via which we are all interconnected to others, the sooner we will be able to fix some of the dire problems experienced by many on this planet. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Interdependence In a world that is ONE, there can be no true separation and independence. Interdependence is a fact of life. In this, it doesn't matter what we believe. We are connected to one another and to all life for that matter. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Interdependence Independence required breaking away from the established order. Interdependence can be a realization that occurs within the present order. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Interdependence We are interdependent now in many ways. Our lives will improve greatly when we accept this fact and align our actions in accord with this. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Intuition If one allows the intuition to speak, it will tell you what you need to know. This does not mean it will tell you everything, for some things you have no need to know, though you might want to. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Intition Intuition, the inner voice of spirit, is our closest connection to source. It provides the surest guide for our actions in the world. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Joyous Exuberance There is a joyous exuberance that comes through when we are living the life we are meant to live. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Kindred Spirits It is in the interactions of kindred spirits that special things can be created. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Knowing Our souls know exactly what they are doing. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Knowing There are other modalities of knowing that operate beyond the realms in which rationality is effective. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Knowing Knowing is beyond both mind and heart ... it exists in another realm entirely, though this realm strongly impacts the reality we experience in every other dimension. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Knowing Everything that consciousness knows is open to us when we can get to the right vibration from which to ask. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Knowing What any one of us know, the whole knows ... and that knowingness can be shared with anyone else at any time. Wayne Hartman - 2002  [2021: Though, we need to be open as to what constitutes "knowing" this is not as easy to define as it may seem when we are dealing with different fundamental types of intelligence and knowingness for each of these.]

Knowing Ourself What we know ourselves to be is only a fraction of what we truly are ... and probably a small fraction at that. Wayne Hartman - 2002  [2021: It is useful to employ many viewpoints and perspectives when we engage in Knowing Ourself]

Knowing Ourself Knowing thyself is where the spiral of evolution starts. This is what propels us to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh. And, that after all, is what the reality game is all about. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Knowledge It is the whole that possesses the knowledge of humankind, and it is this knowledge that drives what appears in our reality Wayne Hartman - 1994

Knowledge Knowledge seems to grow best where it is open and free. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Leaders One cannot be exemplary without being willing to take on some risk, and greater responsibility. It goes with the territory. This is what leaders do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Learning One of the best ways to learn anything is by doing it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Learning There is always something to learn from every experience. It is for us to choose to learn our lessons in joy. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Learning We are all allotted our time on the planet. We come back existence after existence until we learn what we are meant to learn. In particular, until we learn whom that we are and why we are here. But that is not enough ... we need to do something with what we learn. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Learning from Experience Spirit learns from every experience, every success and every failure. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Lessons It is in some of our darkest moments that we learn some of our greatest lessons. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life itself is a game being played by consciousness for a purpose. There is meaning behind it all on many levels. The intricacies are amazing, simply wonderful to behold. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Life All of life is a highly orchestrated and cooperative endeavor ... despite what it appears to be on the outside alone. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is a very precious gift bestowed on us each and every moment. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is not meant to be taken too serious. It is a game that we are playing. And games are meant to be enjoyed. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is a process of discovering our fears, encountering them, and overcoming them with love. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is meant to be our greatest masterpiece ... yet few seem to realize they are artists, creating the very reality they experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life collectively seeks to express ever more and more of whom that it is. It does this through every avenue that it has available ... through every resource it is given. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life to me is a highly subjective experience. We cannot stand back and look at it objectively. To explore the domains of consciousness, one must be an active participant. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is what happens when you start paying attention to the little things. When you do this ... it is amazing how the big things seem to take care of themselves. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life Life is about the expression of spirit in flesh. We are the instruments of consciousness. She orchestrates all that is expressed. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Life of Greatness  Each of us has the potential to live a life of greatness in our own way, using the unique gifts that we brought into this world. It is simply a matter of discovering whom that we are, and expressing that authentically in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Light One must light ones own Light, before one can help others in the quest for Light. Wayne Hartman - 1994 Light and Love Spirit shines its light and shares its love wherever it can and to whomever will ask and seek for it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Limitations We can get used to our chains no matter what they are and come to think of them as the gifts and pleasures of life after awhile. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Limitations So long as we are kept from dreaming or envisioning what could be, what we have is enough, we simply don't see the limitation. Wayne Hartman - 1994 Limitations Limitations are self imposed ... they always are. They can only exist as long as we accept them as real. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Living in the Now When one lives life from moment to moment, fully focused on here and now, a day can be a very long time. It is amazing how much we can do when we are more fully conscious of every activity in which we are engaged. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Living in the Now Living in the moment, there are no bills or mortgages, there is only the present reality. But this stretches over time into minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months ... accompanied by all the baggage that entails. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Living in the Now Such is how life works best, we operate in the now, taking whatever step is most appropriate at this instance ... then take one step after another, until we get to wherever we are headed. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Logic In Our Lives Often logic does not rule. That is not to say that it does not have a place ... just that it does not have a supreme position. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Logic and Intuition Logic and reasoning have their utility ... however, so does intuition, and sometimes both need to be applied cooperatively. The more we engage our whole brain in the endeavors that we undertake ... the better the results overall. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Love Love transforms even everyday objects into treasures, and transforms work into a kind of play. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Love The more that LOVE is expressed, the better everything is. This is the key, the critical factor. Actually, peace, love, and light are all important. But, the greatest of these is Love. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Magic At some point, we realize that there is more to life than this, and more to us than we know ourselves to be. At that point, the magic appears, and the unseen portions of consciousness get enlisted to assist in a more active manner in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Make Each Day Count Make each and every day count to its fullest. We never know how many days we are granted in this existence. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Making a Difference Thinking something, and speaking something, are not enough to make a difference in the world. We must find a way to give our words the legs to walk on. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Making a Difference It is amazing how much difference a person can make when they commit to making a difference with their life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Making a Difference Thoughts count, beliefs count even more, but actions are where we truly make a difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Making Progress To make progress in any area of knowledge, we must choose to apply extensive effort in that area. In general, the more effort and resources, the more progress. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Making Progress In every endeavor, we make great progress when we apply our best and brightest to the task. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Making Things Happen We can make things happen ... but, it is usually better to allow spirit to do her works in our lives. Consciousness knows what needs to be done and through whom. We know this as well ... just not consciously. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Manifesting One speaks forth the WORD and sees what is manifest as a result. It is not necessarily a direct path from the WORD to the manifestation. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Manifesting If we can imagine it, if we can create an ideal, then we can take action to manifest it in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Manifesting What we think, what we believe ... we manifest in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Mansion of the Self Each awakening unlocks a new door within me, allowing me to find another room or set of rooms within the mansion that is my greater Self. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Mansions The true kingdom lies within. That's where the mansions are, mansion's far more stately and elegant than anything conceived on earth. Yet, there is no reason such could not be brought to earth as well. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Mass Media Between movies, videos, music, and TV ... we have the opportunity to influence many quickly in ways that we have never had before. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Masterpiece Your life after all is your most important masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece ... you are creating every aspect of it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Masterpiece To create a masterpiece of our lives, we must work with the paints of beliefs. These are the building blocks that result in everything that we see and experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

ME to WE The ME generation is about to become the WE generation. The resulting change will send a shock wave round the world. The changes to come are mind blowing, truly beyond imagination. Wayne Hartman - 1996

ME to WE Our world can be improved rapidly. However, we as individuals need to make the jump from a ME to a WE perspective. We need to understand how we fit within the larger whole, and what responsibility we have therein. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Meaning in Life The outer world permits experience, but the inner one creates meaning. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Meaning in Life For life to have real meaning, it must make a statement or make a difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Meaning in Life Life is meant to have meaning. It is meant to be an adventure. We are meant to encounter the unknown, explore it, and integrate it into our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Measures The measure of a person however is not meant to be in comparison to another. What is important is how what we are measures up to what we could be. That is, how close we are to living up to our full potential. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Measures The key measure of a man is whether he leaves the world in a better state than that in which he found it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Measures Who we are is not measured by what we have ... it is measured by what we can do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Measures Ultimately, whom that we are ... and when we depart, whom that we were ... is measured by the works that we have left behind, including whatever impacts we have had on others. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Measures The only thing it is fair to measure anyone against is what they are versus what they could be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Meeting Needs People must have all of their needs met. This is true for all people in this country whether they have jobs or not. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Meeting Needs Everyone deserves to have their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met in exchange for applying themselves in service to society. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Metaphysics Metaphysics must match experience if it is to be truly lived. It must be practical. One must be able to trust it and to ACT based on that trust. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Minds Our minds are capable of some incredible things if we free them from the shackles that bind them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Minds We must learn to harness our minds or the power is wasted on endless diversions. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Miraculous Expression What we see unfolding is a miraculous expression. Each of us has a part to play in that expression ... this is our dharma, the work that we chose to come here to do. Wayne Hartman - 1997

Mirror Reflections I create pictures of how the World and how my Self look through my eyes, knowing that the WORLD and the ONE SELF are mirror reflections of which I am only aware of pieces. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Movies Movies indeed are vehicles for the expression of this consciousness. They literally impact millions in ways that most have not yet begun to expect. It matters not that the movie is fiction. When it is experienced, it is REAL! Wayne Hartman - 1999

Music With great music, we have been able to move the mind beyond thinking to experiencing a harmony that it does not otherwise see in the world. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Mysteries Mysteries are to be experienced and known, not analyzed and understood. They strike our heart and intuition first, and then leave their impression upon our brains. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Need to Know Within, there is a source that knows everything that we could possibly need to know, either directly ... or via an ability to access and/or bring into our lives whatever we need to know. The operative term is need to know. Wayne Hartman - 2002

New Age When open researchers start applying their whole brains to seeing and understanding the symbols and structures of the spiritual world, a truly New Age will be born on this planet. Wayne Hartman - 1994

New Age A new age calls for a new mode of expression, and an accompanying new mode of being. It asks that we come to know ourselves to a greater degree than we thought possible so that we can more fully manifest whom that we truly are in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

New Age We are indeed at the beginning of a new age ... with possibilities for manifestation of which we have only dreamed. Now is the time to make those dreams real ... to establish the foundations needed to bring them down to Earth. Wayne Hartman - 2002

New Age It is not the world as it is that is important, rather it is the world as we are in the process of creating it to be. That is, a new world order in a new age. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Obligations TRUST. Know that you will be placed exactly where you need to be to do what you need to do and to meet your obligations. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Obligations As we become more aware, it seems that we take on more and more obligations ... not because they are forced on us, but because we freely choose to recognize our responsibilities Wayne Hartman - 2002

Obligations My obligation is to do what I know to be right for me, and to do it fully, with all my heart and to the best of my abilities. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Obligations In Our Lives  We have those things we owe to our government and society, and those things we owe to spirit. We are not relieved from either. Obligations are part of life. They are necessary for society to function. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Obligations By being born into a society, and being entitled to the blessing that society offers ... we also inherit a spiritual obligation to apply ourselves in service to that society in some manner that uses our special abilities and talents. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One At some level we are ONE; we are not separate individuals. It is time we start acting in a manner consistent with this realization, so that we can see the results of this understanding manifest in our experience. Wayne Hartman - 1999

One Consciousness Each of us is a unique aspect of the one consciousness ... a unique facet of the same diamond. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One Consciousness At some point, we must realize that we are ONE consciousness expressed through ONE people occupying ONE world, this bluegreen jewel that we call Earth. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One Consciousness As individual expressions of the ONE consciousness, we each see things through unique eyes. The reality we experience is different. That doesn't make it right or wrong. That doesn't make it better or worse. That simply makes it different, unique for each of us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One Consciousness There is one consciousness that animates us all. We all spring forth from that same source. This consciousness learns as we learn, expresses as we express, experiences as we experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One Consciousness We are ONE! One world, one race, one people, one entity, one civilization, one consciousness ... There must be a recognition, a realization of this simple yet great truth. Wayne Hartman - 2002

One Consciousness This is how we personally experience being ONE consciousness. We connect with others in ways that allow us to blend and merge our energies, interrelate, and enter into cooperatively interdependent relationships. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Opportunities Don't expect opportunity to come knocking at your door. Sometimes you have to take the initiative to allow it to find you. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Opportunities Our lives are meant to be challenging to us ... providing us with the opportunities to be the best that we can be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Opportunities Each day provides its opportunities and its challenges. We can choose to accept them and the gifts that they offer, or avoid them and thus put them off for another day. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Opportunities Every day is a new adventure. Every day brings new opportunities for expression. It is for us to be the adventurer and to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way ... knowing that at some level we are the very creator that is manifesting the opportunities. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Opportunities We consider this country a land of equal opportunity. However, this does not imply that the opportunities are the same for everyone. Equal does not mean identical, nor should it be. Opportunity is matched to our needs for experience and expression. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Our Mission You are not expected to do everything, only that for which your unique talents and abilities make you best suited. You have a mission, a role that is yours to perform. All that you are has been designed with this end in mind. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Our Mission Each of us will experience exactly what we need to develop into the beings that we need to be to know and carry out our missions. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Our Tasks Each individuated consciousness has the same two tasks: one, to play it's role to the best of it's ability and two, to come to know itself. Most people err in spending too much time on task one and not enough on task two. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Out of Control At deep levels, we are never really out of control ... though the control may not be consciously applied. Our Self, our soul, is always in control at some level ... always. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Out of Step The most developed among us have always been out of step with the mainstream and walked to the beat of our own drummer. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Outer and Inner The outer, the material, and the inner, the awareness are wrapped together as hand in glove. There is no separating of the two. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Passion Passion is contagious. The flame that others see burning in us, is often sufficient to ignite or rekindle a flame in them. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Passion We discover what we came to do by following our passion. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Passion Passion It is in those things that we are passionate about where we find that our most powerful and beneficial expression lies. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Paths There are many paths to the ONE. Each of us must ultimately find the path that is right for us, and follow it to where it leads. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Paths There are as many paths to spirit as there are people. Each of us must ultimately find the path that is right for us. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Peaceful World There is a hoop, a circle that never ends that connects everything to everything. What we do to one, we do to all. We cannot tolerate war, hate, and aggression any longer. It is time to weave a peaceful world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Peacocks From one standpoint, we are indeed beautiful peacocks ... some of us on the outside, others on the inside, and many a combination of both. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Perfection HERE and NOW, the Universe and all its manifestations is perfect. It can never be any other than that, for GOD is perfect, and cannot create anything other than perfection of itself. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Perfection We are in the midst of creating a perfect world now, everywhere, on all fronts simultaneously. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Perfection At some level, the manifestation that is all life is perfect in each moment, at least, as perfect as it can be in each moment. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Perspectives It is not for us to compare what we experience with another ... though it doesn't hurt to get a different perspective from time to time. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Plan of Consciousness It is interesting to watch the plan of consciousness unfold. Indeed, there is such a plan ... and it is manifesting at all levels from the individual to the whole world, and perhaps even to multiple worlds that extend far into the galaxy and beyond. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Planting Seeds Each contact point in our life is special. It provides a place where a seed can be planted. We never know exactly how fertile the soil is until we see what comes to fruition from what was planted Wayne Hartman - 1998

Playground Earth, and the world that we know is but one playground in which spirit can express and explore whom that it is. And what a splendid and wonderful playground it is.  Wayne Hartman - 2002

Poverty Keeping people below the poverty line is wasteful of resources. It should be changed, and will be changed when the collective goodwill of the people demands it. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Poverty Society should have a collective responsibility to ensure that no one is forced to live in poverty by circumstances beyond their control. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Power The only place that we have any power is in the moment ... right here and right now. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Power of Love The power of love is far greater than that of fear if only we allow ourselves the freedom to express it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Powerful Souls We are each powerful souls, regardless of what our present physical form may indicate. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Precious Stones We are all as precious stones on the inside. It is up to us to find the stone that we are, clean it, polish it, and even cut it into shape ... and then share the brilliance of our light with the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Providence Be whom that you are, and providence will guide your hand in fulfilling your destiny. And, when providence guideth, there is never a lack of required abilities. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Psyche The pages that I create are the rooms of my psyche, the places and states where my psyche and spirit has wandered. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Purpose The things, structures, and organizations in the world are there for a purpose -- they have a reason to exist, a reason that facilitates or demonstrates the unfoldment of a Grand Plan. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Purpose Everything has its place and its purpose in our lives. Everything is there for a reason. Everything contributes to whom that we are and what we can express in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Questions Questions are one of the tools we consciously use to focus our awareness on what we most need to know. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Questions Questions are one of the primary means for demonstrating that we are ready to know something. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Quiet Time Busily doing things is not necessarily the most productive way to live our lives. It is amazing what some quiet time can do for the mind and for the soul. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Reality is indeed far stranger and more glorious than our fictions could ever be. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Reality Spirits' nature is to express creatively in the world. She is the muse behind all genius, the beauty behind all expression. She is the very weaver of the fabric that we call reality. And, what a rich tapestry she has woven for us to play in. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Reality Reality is created not so much by what happens as by what meaning we assign to what happens. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Your reality is shaped as much by what you choose not to do as by what you do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation This is a game we are playing, hiding from ourselves the fact that we create the events in the game even as we experience them. That is, we create the very reality to which we react. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Reality Creation Our reality is created by subconscious processes that are highly aware of all that they need to know to function in the world. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Reality Creation The laws of reality creation are valid for everyone. Everything works as it does because of them. These are spiritual laws however, and science has not yet discovered the most important of them. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Reality Creation Reality creation is a process that we are constantly engaged in ... not only as experiencers, but as observers and creators. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation Reality creation is a game that we play ... an engaging one, but a game nonetheless. As such, it should be something that we have fun playing. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation Reality creation is about manifesting ideas, about making thoughts real. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation There is a basic law of reality creation. We get what we focus upon. The more the focus, the more force with which the necessary reality is manifest to conform with the beliefs. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation We live in a time when we can conform reality to our bidding. We are magicians that can create whatever reality we so choose. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation We create our reality whether we believe that we do or not. One key result from this is that there is no one but us to blame for anything that happens to us. This is a powerful pill to swallow, and many live their entire lifetimes without realizing this truth. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation We can be the creators of our reality, and the masters of our fate. Perhaps we are this whether we consciously know it or not. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reality Creation At some level, we are all masters at the art of reality creation. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reason and Intuition Reason and intuition are dual sides of the same coin. To operate from one without the other is to go through life with heavy blinders on. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reason and Intuition Without intuition, we have no compass and vehicle for creative expression. Without reason, we have no follow through and means for evaluating the relative utility of things. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Reflections Trust not what your eyes and other senses tell you. They reflect to you whatever you would have them reflect, for it is your own thoughts and beliefs that come back to you. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Reflections If "God" is the ability to create in one's own image, then what we are building is a reflection space that permits us to see ourselves in our reflections. The greater one's consciousness, the more one sees in this space. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Regrets To live life without regrets, we need to make each moment of each day count, we need to make sure that the world is a better place as a result of our presence and our life. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Regrets No regrets. If I were to die tomorrow, I want to know that I fulfilled my mission as fully as I could in my life to date. That is the key, no regrets. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Relationships with Spirit  All relationships with spirit are cooperative and interdependent. They are also unconditional, since this is really the only way that the love from spirit can be expressed. This is its only nature ... it will not be molded by any restriction or conditions. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Repetition While repetition works in building a skill, it is not an efficient way to bring the message of spirit through. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Resources Trust that the resources that you need to support the accomplishment of your mission will be there when you need them. Remember, it is not you that makes things happen, it is consciousness -- and her resources are inexhaustible. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Resources In general, we seem to have two scarce resources ... money and time. For most people, money seems to be the tightest constraint. It seems that time only becomes a critical factor once one has sufficient money to live a comfortable life. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Resources If we partition the workload properly, we will always find that there are sufficient resources to do the overall job good enough. The trick is to make good enough as near to as good as can be within the resource constraints that apply. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Respect Respect is a very powerful tool, especially when based on integrity. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Responsibility Along with privileges come responsibilities -- with sacred privileges, sacred responsibilities. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Responsibility Individual responsibility is not enough unless we add the idea that there is only one individual. And that, is a huge addition that most people are not willing to swallow. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Responsibility Along with the power to create comes a great responsibility for one's creations. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Responsibility We are individually and collectively responsible for everything that we experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Responsibility We create it all ... the good as well as the bad, and everything in between. It is time for us to take responsibility for this and clean up our mess. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Responsibility What we see collectively is a result of our collective choices. Until we take responsibility for all that WE experience, we are not doing are part. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Responsibility It is not enough simply to do our jobs at work and take care of our family. We need to extend this to serving the family of man. That means taking on a level of responsibility in society that many have not thought about, much less chosen to accept. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Roles Each of you have many roles and responsibilities to carry out, some great and some small. This gives your life the richness of interconnectivity that you experience. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Rules We intuitively know what we are here to do, and what rules we need to play by as we express. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Rules There are hard rules and soft rules. Hard rules apply to everyone incarnate and simply cannot be broken while we are in flesh. Soft rules, however, can be bent and even broken if necessary. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Rules Within reality, there are hard rules which are absolute, and soft rules which can be broken given appropriate training and the proper circumstances. Many people are not aware of the soft rules. They falsely assume everything is absolute. To get beyond the soft rules, we must get beyond the limits that we have accepted in our minds. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Science and Spirituality We need spirituality to guide science into doing the things that are right for individuals, society, and the world. We need science to apply discipline to our pursuits into metaphysical domains. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Self Knowledge Self knowledge is the way out of illusion. This has been taught for untold ages, yet few follow the straight and narrow path that leads to enlightenment. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Self Knowledge Self knowledge is extremely empowering. If we don't know whom that we are, how can we express this in society to do the works that are ours to do? Wayne Hartman - 2002

Self-Assessment It is important that we do a self assessment on a regular basis. Only we know what we can do and when we are fully engaged. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Separation There can be no separation other than that which we choose to create and experience. Much of the richness of our experience, however, comes from our willingness to explore separation and limitation. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Do what it is that only you can do, for that is the most important service that you can provide for spirit. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Service Service involves giving of oneself to something greater than oneself. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Whenever we fully engage our talents and abilities in service, we are being all that we can be. This is all that can be asked of anyone. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service When I operate in the service of spirit, what I desire is what she desires to manifest through me. There is no separation. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Service is the only thing that truly has value, especially those services we perform out of love. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service The greatest service seems to be service to spirit herself. This seems to be the service that allows us to maximize the benefit of our endeavors to all concerned. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Service is the only thing that ultimately has value. This is what the expression of spirit is all about. It serves by seeing where there is need and then finding a way to fill the need. It does this everywhere at once. And it uses us as its instruments for filling the needs that it finds. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Our service is what primes the prosperity pump. The more service, the more prosperity ... it is that simple. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Service is the key ingredient out of which abundance is manifest ... an abundance that encompasses the whole world, an abundance that operates on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service Service to others is all that truly matters in this world. In all other modes of operation we take. In providing service, we give. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Service and Love When it comes down to the bottom line, service is all that truly matters. I was going to say love, but that alone is not enough ... love needs to be expressed and applied in some manner. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Serving Society You either agree to serve society ... or you cannot participate in the abundance created by society. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Shadows Consciousness' only weapon is to shine its Light wherever it can, that the shadows can be seen to be what they are, mere shadows. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Sharing We are very poor at generating and sharing information. As a result, we have many people doing the same thing over and over again. This is a very poor use of resources that we simply should not tolerate. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Sharing This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth. We SHARE! We share what we have, we share what we feel, we share what we know, we share what we experience, we share whom that we are, as much as we can. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Sharing The greatest gift we can give to the world is to fully share whom that we are in whatever manner we find appropriate for us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Sharing In the end, what truly matters is who we have become and how we have shared this with others in our world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Sharing Each of us see things that others do not see, and sense things that others do not sense, and know things that others do not know. It is for us to find a way to share our worlds with others in manners that benefit each of us in the exchange. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Sharing For life to have value, ultimately it must be shared. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Skills My sense is that whatever skills are needed for any task ... we will find that somewhere within the population not only do they exist in potential, they have been developed in practice, awaiting the day when they could be harnessed for the good of society. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Sleeping Dragon We have only to unleash the sleeping dragon that lies within most of us, and the works that will unfold will be simply spectacular, beyond all our hopes and dreams. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Social Fabric Choices are made within an overall social fabric that we create collectively. Change this fabric, and we free people to make entire new ranges of choices that simply did not exist before. We will be amazed at the collective creative freedom that will be unleashed as we do this. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Social Responsibility Where we have people living at or below the poverty level, we are saying that it is OK for people to suffer and for people to receive less than they need to live a decent life. This is a measure of the level of responsibility that we have accepted both individually and collectively. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Society Society is a web in which every individual has their place, their roles, and their responsibilities -- but also, the means for meeting their needs effectively and efficiently. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Society The whole purpose of a society is to enable individuals acting together to do more than they could do as individuals alone. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Society Enlightened societies benefit from the collective resources of their entire constituency. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Society It is through the sharing of ourselves in ways that benefit others that we create a society among us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Society Society is an entity, one that is just as real as any individual; one that is born, learns, grows, experiences, and creates. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Society By giving each individual what they need to be whom that they truly are, society as a whole reaches levels unimagined. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Solving Problems Big problems do not necessarily require big and costly solutions. The trick is to attack the problems at their root causes and be innovative and flexible. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Something Meaningful One never knows when something meaningful will enter our lives. Often this happens when we are in the midst of doing something else. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Souls As souls, we are ancient beings ... some would say eternal beings. When we take on a new mortal form, we forget whom that we are for awhile, and go about the business of living in physical reality. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Souls Our souls are powerful entities in their own right. They are parts of the ONE consciousness. They are sparks of spirit ... literally godstuff. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Source There is a source within that knows. This source can serve as a compass to help keep us headed in the right direction. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit The greatest spirits on the planet should be filling those positions that require the greatest amount of spirit for the successful execution of their duties and responsibilities. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spirit The lofty peaks of spirit, the all consuming fire, these are what call to me. Compared to them even the greatest of earthly majesties is but a trifle. Wayne Hartman - 1994 Spirit Without spirit at the foundation, any structure will eventually become so flawed and so weak that it can no longer stand. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spirit I still see spirit operating everywhere, yet I also sense that I may be ALONE in seeing reality from this specific perspective. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Spirit Spirit is subtle. It does not force its way or desires upon the world. It gives completely of itself wherever it is needed and called. It is primarily called by awakenings of awareness. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Spirit Everything is spirit and its expression. Yes, everything ... there literally is nothing else save spirit. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit Spirit animates all life. She has been doing so since the very beginning of all that is manifest. She did not create it all. But it is through her and out of her that everything was created. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit We can live weeks without food (the stuff of the ground), days without water, but only minutes without air ... and not one second without the fire of spirit that animates us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit Spirit has much more in store for us than we can imagine, if only we will allow her to impact our lives as only she can. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Spirit in Flesh Every one of us counts. Every one of us has great value. We are spirit enfleshed, lost though we may be in whatever illusions we currently experience. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spirit in Flesh Our nature is spirit, regardless of the limitations of form that we have chosen to wrap ourselves within for whatever periods of time. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spirit in Flesh Spiritual transformation is the process of turning oneself inside out so that spirit may do its work in the world through the flesh.  Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spirit in Flesh We are indeed spirit expressed in flesh, forever learning how to embody more of whom that we truly are. This is the Great Work. All else pales in comparison. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Spirit in Flesh We are here to experience the expression of spirit in flesh. We are consciousness first and foremost, expressing through form. Actually, we are the awareness of consciousness expressing through form. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Spirit in Flesh The goal of enabling spirit to more fully express in flesh is achieved by making what is unique into what is commonplace. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit in Flesh We literally are spirit incarnate. Our awareness is spirits awareness. Our experience is spirits experience. Our expression is spirits expression. Everything is spirit ... no fine print, no exceptions. We are gods/goddesses in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit in Flesh The more sophisticated and complicated our organizations, the higher the vibrations of spirit that can be embodied in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spirit in Flesh We are the vessels and channels through which spirit expresses. We are spirit enfleshed. Everything is spirit ... there simply is nothing else. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spiritual Beliefs If we aren't changing the spiritual beliefs, we aren't tackling our problems at their core. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Spiritual Expression It is not sufficient to be a Master of this World -- that requires no spirituality. One must be a true master expressing spirit in flesh to the greatest degree possible at this time on this planet. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual Expression Spirit by its very nature seeks to express and unfold whom that it is in whatever way it can. We are the limiting factors in this expression, by the restrictions that we place on our connection to source, and on how we allow that source to express and manifest in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spiritual Growth For spiritual growth, one must focus on the unfoldment of the flower of consciousness. Consciousness itself must be nurtured, understood, realized, and transcended in a seemingly neverending process. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual Job Unlike the physical job, which physical circumstances force us to take; the spiritual job must be recognized and volunteered for. It must be done for the sheer joy and love of doing it, or it will not be done at all.  Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual Job It seems that our spiritual job is something that we must volunteer for, something that we choose to do because we must, because we are driven to do it as the very expression of whom that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spiritual Laws The laws of physics apply to us whether we believe that they do or not. Further, they apply equally to each of us. Spiritual laws are no different. They just operate in a different domain. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spiritual Meaning There is nothing that does not convey deep spiritual meaning if we are open to seeing what is truly there. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Spiritual Warrior The life of a spiritual warrior is lived in consciousness, ever on the edge of the unknown, trusting that there is always room for one more step ... leaping forward where one can fighting off the demons of illusion, ever in search of truth. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Spiritual Work Our spiritual work, our mission, is indeed our play ... or, at least, it should be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Spiritual World The spiritual universe is there, right where you are, but you must change your frequency to see it. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual World The physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined together into one whole, they are not separate places. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual World The spiritual exists intermeshed with the material world. The material world could not exist at all without the spiritual. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual World It is only our conscious mind that has been deaf and blind to the spiritual world. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual World Everywhere I look there is an orchestration or synchronicity of information that is undeniable. The spiritual world exists, it is here, one only need have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Spiritual World There is a spiritual world here amidst the illusion, in fact it is what creates the illusion to begin with. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Spiritual World Remember, the spiritual world is embedded within the consensus world that we experience. Within that realm, there are literally no limits to what can be manifest.Wayne Hartman - 1999

Suffering When our body is suffering, it affects the entire function of our being. Similarly when significant parts of the body of humanity are suffering ... it seems shameful that other parts can live at high levels of abundance. It seems so unfair. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Synchronicities Synchronicities and coincidences, these are the places where the control exerted from the spiritual world bleeds through into physical reality. For the most part these are subtle. One has to pay close attention to notice them at all. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Synchronistic Order Everywhere around me is a synchronistic order that defies explanation other than that it is the very nature of spirit expressing in flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Talents Talents and abilities are varied for a reason. It makes for a much more interesting variety of expression and experience in the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Tapping Source When we tap source, we also tap into the great reservoir of cooperative effort that lies beneath everything that we experience. Because of this, things are orchestrated without us having to even try to make them so. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Alphabet It is amazing how combinations of 26 letters, a space, and a few punctuation marks can be sufficient to create untold works from the mundane to the extraordinary. Among our most gifted writers and poets ... these symbols are as paints in the hands of a master artist. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Body The body is an incredibly complex machine which is the home for an incredibly complex symbol processing system that constitutes the brain ... which in turn seems to be the home in which the mind dwells. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Contract Our contract with spirit is that in exchange for being whom that we are and giving all that we can give in service to spirit, we get our needs met ... all of them, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Edge There is something about being on the edge between the manifest and the unmanifest that is addictive. Once one finds ones rightful place, it becomes home ... it becomes the center from which we explore and express whom that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Game This is a game we are playing. The objective of games is not to win ... but, to have fun playing. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Hierarchy To be a God one must have learned to create in one's own image. To move up the hierarchy, one must train one's replacement. Wayne Hartman - 1994

The Journey While we are on the path, it is not the destination that truly matters, it is the enjoyment of the journey. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Journey Living is a process, a journey, not a destination. It is good to remember that and to find ways to smell the roses and enjoy the journey. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Mind Remember that both sides of your mind have their utility. Some tasks require one side or the other, other tasks require both sides simultaneously. Using the wrong side for a given task is like using the wrong tool to do a specific job. Don't. Wayne Hartman - 1994

The Moment The moment is where life is truly lived. It is the only place that we can do anything, the only place where we can take action and make a difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Moment This moment is special ... as is every moment, if only we choose to make it so. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Objective The objective remains objective only for so long ... until we reach a point where our very observation impacts what we are observing in unpredictable ways. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The One The ONE can only experience limitation through us. It can only know what we know by the very process of our knowingness. It can only experience the varieties of awareness through our awareness. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Plan There is not just one plan! There are many plans interwoven of the same materials and characters. Wayne Hartman - 1994

The Reality Game We are aware of our Self, even as we experience our life as self. This awareness makes reality very much a game that we play ... as we seek to be of service to the source that moves us. Wayne Hartman - 1999

The Subjective The subjective can easily take us into never never land if we don't test the utility of what we are exploring and discovering. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Universe The universe sure shouts loudly when she has a point to make. Wayne Hartman - 1996

The Universe The universe is a very benign place if we allow it to be and expect it to be. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Unknown It's the uncertainty, the unknown that gives our lives mystery and meaning. Wayne Hartman - 1994

The Unknown The unknown is the playground of beliefs. It is here that we engage our creative energies in search of meaning and purpose, and in activities aligned with that purpose. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Unknown There is something wonderful that happens when we allow the unknown to enter and express in our lives. It is such an easy step to take. It simply requires a bold initiative and a deep faith in the nature of spirit and how she expresses in our lives. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Unknown The unknown is not such a scary place ... it can be challenging, and even invigorating. Wayne Hartman - 2002

The Word In the beginning was the WORD. The World is the WORD made flesh. All that truly matters is the expression of spirit, the expression of Love in the World. Wayne Hartman - 1999

The World The bottom line is that the world will be as it is, a mirror reflection of the collective state of consciousness. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Thought All of the world and everything on it came from thought. It is thought expressed, thought congealed into form. Yet, it is still thought, no matter how solid it may appear. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Thought The forms that consciousness creates are thought forms. Worlds are thought forms. Universes are thought forms. Beings are thought forms. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Time We spend our time in the dream world of daily reality. We spend our no time, in the realm of sleep ... and the unconscious frontier of spirit. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Time Each moment lost vanishes forever. It is for us to make the best of the time we are allotted. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Time Since our time is such a critical resource, we must constantly make decisions on where to best apply it for not only our benefit, but for the collective benefit of all those whom our life touches.  Wayne Hartman - 2002

Tools As humans, we employ reason and imagination to find and create tools that allow us to extend what we are capable of doing. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Training All along, this world has been a school for the advancement of consciousness. This alone has been the goal of all the illusion that has been created. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Training Life unfolds perfectly. Everything happens as it must for the appropriate lessons to be learned. Remember, the illusion is an elaborate school ground. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Training Much of our lives can be seen as a training ground for intuition ... for the knowingness that permits us to do the right thing in accord with our abilities automatically -- without having to think about it. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Training The whole entertainment industry is being moved to create exactly what is needed for major lessons to get out to the masses of the world. It is through such exposure that we are being made ready for what is to come. Wayne Hartman - 1999

Training People are being trained for the roles they are meant to play in the new age. No, this is not happening in the conventional way, through specific training. Rather, it is happening naturally by where people are choosing and being moved to apply their attention, time, and energy. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Training Practice is important in increasing our competence in the areas and skills involved. We learn best by doing. Often this requires stepping beyond fear ... and allowing ourselves to be whom that we truly are, and to express this. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Transforming the World We only have to bring forth those ideas whose time has come. These will transform the nation and the world in a manner and at a speed that is beyond what anyone has ever dreamed. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Transforming the World We can transform the world. And, we can literally do it overnight. It is a matter of choice, and of releasing the right information to get people motivated to cooperate and work together to achieve what none can achieve alone. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Troubles When we come from a sense of awareness that we are all ONE, everyone's troubles are our collective troubles. Wayne Hartman - 2002

True Society A true society should develop the unique gifts and talents of its individuals and encourage their expression in ways that provide benefit to society. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Trust Trust both your own awareness and consciousness herself. Awareness is the most powerful tool a warrior can have in his/her arsenal. Trust in consciousness herself is a close second Wayne Hartman - 1994

Truth What matters is truth, and the truth is that we are consciousness expressing in form, and further that one consciousness expresses through all of us. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Truth The bottom line is much that we are taught has no firm foundation in truth. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Truth The fact that millions of people have accepted something as true does not make it so. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Truth I'm no longer willing to operate on the truths of others. I'm a wayshower. As such I must find my own truth. Yet, in doing so I operate at the very fringe of what others deem to be reality, and further at the edge of what others deem to be sanity. Wayne Hartman - 1995

Truth The source of truth lies within, where it has always been. Wayne Hartman - 1996

Unfoldment of Consciousness There is a grand plan for the unfoldment of consciousness and each of us have roles in executing this plan. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Unique Expression Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness. Each of us is experiencing life in a manner that has never occurred before, nor will ever occur again. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Uniqueness Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness. Never before has spirit expressed in the manner it does both personally and collectively. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Unity See the world as the unity that it already is. Don't place this unity out somewhere in the future. It is here and now -- we have only to see it through a different set of eyes. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Unity In a world of unity, things simply unfold as the opening of a flower to the Sun. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Unknown There is always an element of the unknown present in everything we do. This makes life the wonder and mystery that it is. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Unlocking the Doors Consciousness is always there, residing within us, our key for unlocking all the doors to the universe. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Utopia The new age offers great hope for completely new manifestations of utopian ideals. It is time to build the foundations necessary to bring the stuff of our imaginations down to Earth. Utopias don't have to be out there beyond our grasp. We can manifest them here and now. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Vacuum One sure way of getting something is to create a vacuum for it in your life. As in the physical world, natural law will do everything it can to fill it. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Voice Within Compare not your voice within to another. Trust your own, and it will guide you to wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Wastefulness We are wasteful of our most important natural resource; the talents, abilities, and creative energies of our people. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What is Possible Remember, that what is possible is often far more than we have dreamed or imagined. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What Matters Most What matters most is here and now, what is right in front of us, and what is within our reach and grasp. That is where we can make a difference. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What Matters Most What always matters is here and now, doing in the moment what can be done in the moment, and making each day count as much as we can. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What We Are We are gods in becoming ... but we are not gods in fact yet. Wayne Hartman - 2002 What We Are What we experience is a direct reflection of what we are, and what we are is in turn changed by the very act of our experience. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What We Are We are god's eyes and god's hands. We are the instruments through which spirit does its work in our lives and in the world. Our works are spirits works through us. Wayne Hartman - 2002

What We Are Meant To Do It is amazing how fluidly our lives flow when we are doing what we are meant to do. It is as if all of nature conspires to help us achieve what must be done. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Who We Are In the very process of discovering whom that we are, we learn that to know whom that we are, we must be whom that we are. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Who We Are When we allow ourselves to be all of whom that we are ... we allow our magnificence to shine forth in a way that it cannot otherwise do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Who We Are We don't need anything outside of us to tell us what we can and cannot be. Deep inside, we already know this. It is a matter of unleashing whom that we are ... and trusting that there is a part of ourself that knows exactly what it is that we came to do. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Wisdom Knowledge deals with knowing other peoples thoughts; Wisdom with having the maturity to generate your own just and right thoughts in any area of interest. Wayne Hartman - 1994

Wisdom There are some things within our control and others that are outside of our control. Wisdom lies in knowing the difference so that we can focus our forces, energy, and resources on those things that we have the power to impact and change. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Wishing In a very real way, we see what we wish to see; we hear what we wish to hear; we feel what we wish to feel; we experience what we wish to experience; and more importantly, we know what we wish to know. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Word of God All creation is the breath of God, the sound, the Word of God made physical and flesh. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Words Words are the song that spirit sings through me, the thought forms that spirit weaves through me. It is through words that what I AM can be expressed. In the beginning was the word. All forms are manifestations of the word ... thoughts congealed into physical form. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Works At some level, I AM the spirit that does these works through me ... and it is my choice to do them. Wayne Hartman - 1998

Works  By their works shall thou know them. Yes, such is a great truth. It is via our works that we share of whom that we are with the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Works It all comes down to what works we do. That is our ultimate contribution to society and to our world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Works It is through our works that we impact not only our personal reality but that of the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Works In the end it is the services that we provide, the works that we do that define us and that are our gifts to the world. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Works Ye shall know them by their works is a powerful truth. It is by the works that we do, that we impact the world. Wayne Hartman - 2003

Worthiness If you don't feel worthy of receiving something, in all likelihood you won't pull it into your life no matter what you do or try. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Worthiness People rise to the positions that they are meant to occupy ... and they are somehow worthy of the positions that they reach. However, worthiness is something that must be demonstrated by right action. Wayne Hartman - 2002

Hopefully you found something here that moved you. Quotes do that for us more than anything else that we have ever encountered. We are privileged to have so many of our own to share. This is only a small snapshot of what Beyond Imagination has to offer. It only address a brief period in time of the Beyond Imagination expression and focuses on things that could be stated in one or two lines for the most part. We invite you to further explore what we have to offer at the two sites identified at the beginning of this work. Also, feel free to provide feedback. Be Happy and Create Well! Wayne