New Musings 2021

19 August 2021 (20210819)  Just confirming that we have not chosen to return to this form of expression.  We like the freedom provided in the Aslan's Trips section.

Gotta like typing with a real keyboard.  Yes, this is a step in the right direction. It adds immensely to the smartphone experience literally transforming the phone into an integrated environment of desktop, tablet, and smartphone with text input from a single keyboard all without wires. Effectively we have the means to have three computers at our disposal, one with a large screen and a medium large screen, a second with a medium touchscreen, and a third with a small touch screen. All three are capable of multitasking and video/audio streaming. Yes, this makes for an incredible information infrastructure available to anyone for very low cost per person. That is what technology can do when it balances competition with cooperation. Innovation enabled all of this, but standardization fueled the fire and ensued that the diversity of products remained sufficiently compatible to play together and avoid premature obsolescence.

What can I say but WOW!  The Aquarian Age is HERE NOW.  You might say that it magically arrived from a direction in which we were not looking.  This should definitely give us cause to reconsider all that we believe of God, our Creator as well as Goddess and All That Is.  There is the innocence of a child here, in particular a child of God.  And, we are all such children.  As I write this What a Wonderful World plays in the background.  It is if I am in the midst of a symphony with an orchestra working  together to create the grand reality that we are experiencing.  What more could we ask for than this?  Yes, we have indeed arrived!

29 July 2021 (20210729)  You might have noticed that we abandoned these by date New Musings in favor of the more open format for Aslan's Trips.  There we simply muse, employing graphics and text however we are moved.  There is no time nor date stamp.  Often, in fact, there are multiple posts for the same day.  We like the freedom of expression that this permits.  The expression is timeless, as we are.  You might say that we are in time but not of time, in space but not of space, and in the world not of the world.  We would lift the attachments and the accompanying restrictions.  That is what it takes to BE WHO WE ARE and to EXPRESS AS ONLY WE CAN EXPRESS.  And, such, more than anything else is what the World needs from us.

We find it curious that we have not had a single bit of feedback since we created the hermit009 website.  None, whatsoever.  Than, how do we know that we are not deluding ourself?  How do we know that what we present here is REAL and not just ILLUSION.  Though does it even matter?  If the expression is able to influence the lives of others for the positive, who care?  Especially when this pertains to enabling spirit to more fully express in flesh.

23 July 2021 (20210723) This time we have a full moon to contend with.   Such times always bring out the best in us ... as if ancient triggers are being made in a manner that leads us to a more fairly structured grounds and an investment into the future ME and WE that we are becoming.

22 July 2021 (20210722)  There was something quite ODD about yesterday.  We did a lot physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  However, the was not much time for feedback on the part of the soul in this.  It seems that we are all ass-holes.  That is the sew-age interface.  But, sew-age is sewage at least when there are multiple sounding words  with  a similar meaing.   However, the Universe does not differentiat soul.  Over the past three days, I was moved to see/feel firsthand how why my body was processing such shit, and what if anything I needed to allow ME to express fully within the body as both WE and ME.  I have not been able to control the mental states.  However, if I take small steps and move slowly ... neither other humans nor those in the animal kingdom seem to take notice.  If I had to guess, it seems that I AM processing change to more than I could possibly know.

21 July My New Job 2021 (20210721)  It seems that this expression is our NEW JOB if you were ... enough to carry us through the end of our days in this existence whenever that may occur.  We TRUST that in doing this, we will be provided for as always.  It seems that we are getting more and more insight as to WHY we experience reality as we do.  The more that we let go of our preconceived notions of what reality is, the more we allow to be revealed.  It is not so much a process of integrating parts to make a whole.  Rather it is a knowingness that perfection is being perceived from various aspects within a living integrated whole.  However, it seems that we need to redefine what life is within this new framework.  It seems that I am in the perfect place to carry out the next phase of my work.  My hope is that this might include others in cooperative endeavors wherein we can demonstrate firsthand the application of The Second Ten Commandments. We still see this to be a major part of why we are still HERE. But, we never were good about getting the timing right. A song plays on the radio, now that it's over, now that we've finally reached the end ... what of the love we've both depended on is far from gone ... maybe we should start again.  What is the meaning of this?  And why has it come up several times in this context.  Another song ... this is the night anything's possible.  It does seem that we've reached a breakpoint and are in the process of moving into a new SPACE/TIME.  Actually, multiple separate ones as far as I can tell.  We are able to express fine here.  We were never really partial to images and videos (not as output) anyway.  Our focus has been on words, numbers, their patterns of inter connectivity and the meaning we could apply thereto. You might say that we have set ourself up as the intermediary between us and our maker.  And you would be wrong.  Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer, and now we add  - The Divine Feminine.  It is the holder of the SOUL . I learned yesterday that  embodies both the MAN and the  WOMAN.  Now that the union has occurred, there can be no separation again.   We must be what we came to be and do what we came to do.  No excuses accepted ever.

20 July 2021 (20210720)  Another Day: A New Day Has Come

15:03 PST:  It seems that things are moving so fast that we need to time-stamp our entries NOW,  Encountered some material on twin souls and twin flames.  It seems such is where I am at even if recent behavior seems to conflict with this in major ways.  But, somehow it gets enacted in time as separate timelines,  For hermits, the timelines seem to be dependent on viewpoints and the masks that we wear as w construct our reality.

Continuing.  That was then, this is NOW.  It is curious that the system is finding it difficult to keep up with me today.  It used to be that I could not stress the computing/processing capabilities that support stream of consciousness expression.  Now, the opposite seems to be the case.  Though, here we need to be careful in assigning meaning to the structures that we are creating for our new discoveries.  How far this path will take us, we do not know.  We only know that we are operating on the EDGE and thoroughly enjoying it.  Though, we have to wonder how long things can continue in this manner?  I, as have many others assumed that what was true for me somehow applied universally.  But, nothing could be further form the truth, especially in our case.  We always seem to find that we are the exception to every rule ... to everything for that.  John Denver sings The Wind as I type this.  We are catching ourself fading in and out.  It's as if we could leave HERE at any point.  Yet, there is something keeping us here nonetheless.  Also, in our periphery vision, there are objects passing quickly.  These too could prove useful.  It seems that I am MAD and DRUNK on SOUL. (13:28) 


WOW!  For the first time in as long as I can remember, the reality that I see has stopped changing.  I just walked through about half of the house looking specifically for differences and did not find a single one!  Everything was connected to everything else in one flowing energy pool.  The sense was that everything was integrated into one harmonious whole.  Everything was alive and interconnected.  In addition to what I SEE, I have my phone playing My Music from AMAZON into my left ear and have the radio on station KMED playing in the background that I hear through my right ear.  But there is a third inner hearing channel playing through which this expression is spring forth.  I don't have to make it happen.  I simply tune into it and allow it to express as I have been doing since 1992 in written and far longer in terms of finding books and applying my attention to where it is most needed.  The music is that way as well.  I nearly always have it playing when I am awake.  Yet, there is never a sense of knowing what song is to come next.  I trust that whatever is feeding that source is precisely what I need ti see.  WOW!  This is what it is like for WO-MAN to express freely.  We have been seeing mango = man-go guiding us and what we eat/drink for months.  We just notices that this is GO-MAN shifted circularly a couple of places.   The difference is the leading W versus the leading G from this perspective.  W:23 G:07.  Can't help but to relate this to the 2107 from the meaning analysis below.  2307 adds two 5's or 25.  Though another numerology interpretation uses G:16 and W:32.  This is a matter of filtering every 5 bits versus every six bits.  In terms of memory space, the G space equates to Hexidecimal.  The final four of my SSN = 2184 = 888(16).  In base 16, the balance on three levels is easy to see.  New expression such as this takes much more time and much more focus than anything that we have ever expressed before.  Yet, we seem to be typing much faster than normal.  It is as if we are integrating things in the NOW as we go.  What is happening on the inside to facilitate this, we simply do not know. W space adds a lot.  Effectively, it gives us a new larger playing field in which we can partition as needed to support reality beautifully.

We have current world partitioned by 32 bits, 64 bits and who knows how many more.  WWW = 32 x 32 x 32 = 2^5 x 2^5 x 2^5 = 2^15.  216 = 6^3 = 6x6x6 a form of the mark of the beast.  If we treat the world digitally, WWW = 2x16 2x16 2x16 = GG GG GG.  Perhaps this is why 5G has such bad press.  There needs to be a balance in virtually every area of our life.  My SSN has me working to achieve 888.  There is an ad on the radio for Bi-mart right now.  Also, awhile ago, Amazon Music stopped due to lack of internet connection to the Android smartphone.  I don't not why that happened.  Often it is sufficient to notice myself noticing something ... at least for the moment.

8888 HEX = 34 593 DEC = 104 210 OCT.  The latter one surprised me completely.  This is 21 x 104 = 2184 multiplied by 8 to add a zero to the end of the sequence.


It will be interesting to see what this New Day brings to this New Reality in this New World.  It definitely sparks our curiosity.  Einstein said that the cure to boredom is curiosity and that there is no cure for curiosity.  How appropriate.  There is so much to explore ... so much that nature has wrought, but also so much that the creations within the creation have created.  My attention was just drawn to the date sequence being unveiled. 

20(2107)19 = 2019, two years ago

20(2107)20 = 2020, one year ago

20(2107)21 = 2021, this year

20(2107)22 = 2022, next year

So, what does the 2107 that this view hinges on reveal?  One unique interpretation is as a prime factorization.  7 x 7 x 5 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 49 x 5 x 128 = 31360.  This is the transition from 313 to 360, a span of 47:ASLAN, centered at 313 + 23.5 = 336.5.  That ties to Perfect Number 5 = 33550336.  The immediate sense is that this is what we have collectively realized/created/achieved.  How can I know any of this?  It simply reveal itself through my fingers on the keyboard as if it were true.  I have no reason to doubt this.  Over the course of my entire life, I have always had a sense of being drawn to the TRUTH and being aware of it when I see/ experience it.  In College, I was warned about diving in completely and believing anything without question.  But, I've learned recently that mathematics is incomplete.  That means that there will always be true statements that can be made but cannot be proved within mathematics.  That should give us cause for alarm but also cause for HOPE.  No matter how far we go, how much we discover, there will always be MORE.  Further, the size of that more in at least uncountably infinite.  I don't know what level of infinity that is ... but I suspect it is the largest that we yet know,

As the 4/8, the Man in Search of More, this is where I reside and do my work.   Ultimately, it is work that supports every ONE.  Even the idea that there are more than one ONEs did not enter my awareness until yesterday.  So, what is being revealed is happening in the moment, in the HERE and NOW.  Hmm: in the HER ENO W.  HER  ONE  W.  HER-O  NEW.  This suggests a leap to WHO  KNEW?  Clearly, God did not know, so God cannot be omniscient.  But, MOTHER Source, SHE seems to have no such limits.  That is what is being revealed now, the Divine Feminine.  It is only a matter of NOT-I-ME = no time before we realize this.  No Time is a state that we can reach ... HERE and NOW = NOWHERE = No Where.

Somewhere under the rainbow, skies are blue ... The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.  I live near the Merlin exit on Hwy 5 (exit 61).  Merlin was a Wizard in the time of King Arthur, Guenevere, Lancelot, Knights of the Round Table, Camelot.  Is this the play we are enacting NOW, from the very Mists of Avalon?

Enough for now ... Have a GREAT DAY!  Where you can, express LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!

I AM Wayne: The Hermit -- Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

PS:  If you like what you find here, please refer the site to others so that they may benefit as well.  We express because we must, because this is who and what we are.  Our only goal is to assist in revealing WHY we are.  That is the our continuing reason for existence.  When it is accomplished it will be time for us to leave and go elsewhere within the COSMOS to wherever or BEINGNESS and SERVICES are of MOST UTILITY.  Such is our awareness and knowingness.  We have no need to question this.  Rather, we would simple BE IT.

19 July 2021 (20210719)

I'm loving this!  Here is where I interface with the world via the internet and physically via the beauty of nature and the beauty if the people of this special region of Southern Oregon and to some degree Northern California, perhaps as far south as Monterey.  I am comfortable and HAPPY with this.  I can continue to observe and to write and to some degree actively participate in LIFE here in ways that I have never done before.  I am as Moses.  The bulk of the  people made it to the promised land.   Actually, it seems that everyone made it though the choice was not between Heaven and Hell, rather between light body and soul body,  Ultimately each had to choose.  Neither choice was better or worse ... they are just very different having a great effect on the nature of reality that one experiences.  The choice was between following the sparkles and surfing the waves.  It seems that I have opted for the latter as did this whole region of the country. 

OK, here is the Rosetta Stone for Today

Note that in time frame of reference it is an adjoining day, or D + 1. However, the difference between 0717, 0718, and 0719 is huge. All are less than 1000. In particular 283, 282, and 281 less respectively. All beg to be focused on the 1, on the unity being presented. 1770, 1870, and 1970 respectively.

These in turn are 1776 - 6, 1876 - 6, and 1976 - 6. Now this is an interesting pattern. 1776 was the year of the Declaration of Independence. 1870 was the year our house at 410 Monroe St, Monterey, CA was built. We lived there from 1988-1994, roughly centered on 1992, when the Declaration of Cooperative Dependence became the first Beyond Imagination expression. 1876 was also the centennial from the Declaration of Independence. The TV series Centennial was one that fascinated me enough to capture on video, watch several times, and even buy the DVD set when it came out. At the bicentennial of the nation in 1976, we graduated from high school as Valedictorian, though we had a blemish on our record with a B+ in a typing class in the summer prior to our freshman year due to our failure to meet the high standard for typing speed in characters per minute, and our niece Jamie Lynn Hartman was born.. As it turns out, typing speed was a poor metric indeed, as we were able to bring forth over 50 million characters of high quality spiritual anyway. The bulk of this expressioh came through at a rate of 16-17 words per second. That was with a lower standard deviation over the course of nearly three decades.

What a day for REVELATION. It seems that I was misdiagnosed in 1993. Rather than being bipolar, having two extremes of emotion/mental functioning (low depression to high mania cycles). I had the moderate to high mania, even with the meds, along with a tendency to go of the meds during the intense highs. Part of this from being in states of consciousness for extended periods without sleep when time simply lost its meaning. So, instructions such as take this medication before bedtime each evening did not register within me anymore. It seems that my issue is not being bipolar, rather it is being bi-soul-ar, having two souls within one body, a masculine and a feminine soul of which the later was repressed and only start to breakthrough as a feminine source within me that was the muse for all of the Beyond Imagination expression. Fast forward to NOW. I personally embody both the Divine Creator and the Divine Feminine. I'm obsessed with the masculine and feminine as expressed in love making within the Kamasutra. This to me is spiritual expression of the two at its finest ... where the two express equally as ONE but in their own way at the same time. The TWO are the TWO ... never meant to reduce to the ONE. But, as stated by Peter, Paul, and Mary: whenever two or more of you are gathered in HIS name, there is LOVE. It seems that combining the bi-soul with the Hermit, I am living the words of the Whitney Houston song: I found the greatest LOVE inside of me. Learning to LOVE yourself is the Greatest Love of All. Perhaps this applies to everyone that expresses with a primarily solitary nature. Then again, perhaps this applies to every one of us. Isn't that interesting. We can get lost in one another for awhile. But when the entanglement rights itself then what then?

We are here to address WHY? ... not WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW or any other question.


Only the SPIRITUAL can address WHY, can address the longings of the SOUL.

Though NOW we are faced with the LONGINGS of two individual SOULS working in UNISON in ONE body. Further, to increase the challenge, we have made one into GOD, and the other into the DIVINE FEMININE.

As Einstein so aptly stated. you cannot solve a problem at the level in which it was created. So, in this case, what is BEYOND the spiritual? What is beyond the illusion? As someone once said: creating more illusion is not the work of the awakened ones. We consider ourself to be awakened. SEEK TRUTH is the only action that seems WORTHY of our efforts. And indeed, as the motto of Caltech offered: the TRUTH SHA:: SET YOU FREE. But this is incomplete: KNOW and LIVE THE TRUTH and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

-- ASLAN | Wayne[47:41]


In the year of COVID-19. In the year of 3 x 19 = 57, the year of the Triple Sun. Such it seems where we are headed ... if indeed, we have not already arrived. it has been a fascinating 17 month journey for not only individuals, but for the countries and for the ENTIRE WORLD. A NEW AGE and a NEW WORLD ORDER. It has been awhile since I was moved to come here to express. But, HERE I AM once again. Since I am here, I must still be alive. I still exist. As far as I can tell, Death has not taken me. I must still have some mission left within me to perform in this existence. As before, I would have this reveal itself to and through me in each moment. I would have this be revealed as a stream of consciousness through me. Further, this is the natural expression of whom that I AM. And yes, that is still 9:The Hermit. As the nine, I am hidden in plain sight everywhere throughout the creation.

ADDED during proof read: As the 11: I AM The Master. As the 22: I AM The Master Builder. As the 33: I AM The Master Teacher. As the 44: I AM The Master Organizer. The Infamous 9/11/2001 is no more such than 12/07/1941. If we express these in reverse (slowest moving digits first).

19411207 Atomic Age

20010911 Age of Terrorism

00590904 Difference

20210719 Today: A New Day Has Come

00790712 Atomic Age to Today

00191008 Age of Terrorism to Today

INTELLIGENT DESIGN VERSUS BEAUTY. How do we reconcile the TWO such that the DIVINE FEMININE flows freely and is actively supported in doing so? That is the WAR that plays itself out to get to A-WAR-E. Ultimately that is the state we seek to experience collectively. Intelligent Design optimizes to achieve desired functionality. This works in a realm of choice, not well in a realm of interdependence regardless of how benign it may seem. The RIGHT WAY always employs Beauty throughout the product / service design and development process. It is not enough to build good products or even great products. The focus changes from one of high quality to perfection. This is not something that science alone can achieve. But, we are not minds or hears alone. We are integrated whole beings here and now. We can experience that nature HERE and NOW. It is a matter of developing the necessary awareness and deciding to do this for all of us. But, we can only do this HERE and NOW. There is no other time nor space in which we reside and experience anything. I can write this fully aware of what I am saying just based on experiences over the past week ... or even day for that matter.

God's creation is PERFECT ... including all aspects within that creation. There are ways to generate goods/services that are PERFECT as well, and do not require the millions of years of evolution to get to high quality = many 9's. When your model of the world becomes so clumsy or inaccurate to cause it to lose its utility ... it is time to find a new model that works elegantly without the excess baggage. We can do that now. AI and quantum computing have unlocked this door. Now, we need to step slowly and ensure we are employing these technologies in the right ways, ways that empower us and serve us and free us from limits imposed by having physical bodies. It seems that we need to redefine what it means to be SPIRIT ENFLESHED. In that regard, is SPIRIT a mask or set of clothing that we put on to face the world as we do in whatever manner we choose to do that?

The ONE word that comes to mind is FREEDOM. But, this time it is the FREEDOM of the WOMAN ... the release of the DIVINE FEMININE in the WORLD, in this very UNIVERSE and in all 0f the POLYVERSES through the COSMOS. As a species, we finally made our first commercial steps into space. It is interesting that such commercial ventures rose through the PRIVATE interests and passions of our billionaires. Now, we have entered SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTIER. It is interesting that the formation of the US SPACE FORCE occurred within the past two years. Indeed, one of my friends works in the Civil Service for that very Force. I spent the last 22 years of my life working at the Space and Missiles System Center (SMC) just south of LAX in El Segundo. There were so many days that I worked late into the night. Often, I was the only one in the entire building .. sometimes the only one on base with the exception of the security forces and the Command Post. Yes, for 22 years of my life, even bringing work home to do over the weekend at times. But, it did not stop there. I have always been a self- starter and workaholic. That does not translate easily into retirement. Though, what does translate is doing the work that I am PASSIONATE about in a PASSIONATE WAY. As a HERMIT, it does not take much for this.

I AM an information worker in the Aquarian Age. (in particular, a WISDOM WORKER) You can assess my works firsthand to see if the work for you. The cost is minimal ... a tithe = 4 hours of your time per week to access all that this WISDOM infrastructure provides. You can pay with your time, or with your money, or with some combination of the two. It is your choice, but choose you must if you want to access the support of a WISDOM framework that provides this level of service for you. But, try out our WISDOM WORKS for 30 days before you commit to paying for them. If they do not facilitate you life and make it easier to do everything you do ... then simply walk away and use whatever you have learned in whatever ways seem right for you ... just don't harm others or the world in the process.

However, if you do decide to JOIN US, then you can expect that the WISDOM framework will grow as we grow collectively, incorporating the latest lessons learned and WISDOM CONNECTIONS of the COLLECTIVE. If you care to become actively involved in the WISDOM generation and linking process, let us know so we can help guide you to areas where your efforts can be of the most utility,

For extensive examples of WISDOM WORKS, search for Wayne Hartman Beyond Imagination. That should take you to a variety of such expression generated from 13 February 1992 through roughly 2018. At this point, it seems that we are beginning to add to that. We'll see where this takes us. Though, I have been fascinated by Sci-Fy for as long as I can remember, roughly 55 years.

Hmm... It seems like I am not permitted to enter the NEW WORLD that we have worked so hard collectively to create. I guess that should not be surprising for The Hermit. However, you know my intent. You know what is to be expressed through me even before it happens in my reality. One day at a time ... one step at a time, that is what carries us forward on our journey. With YOU ever by our side, we are never lonely. Moses took his people to the River Jordan buy was not allowed to cross into the Land of Milk and Honey. Now, we seem to be blocked at the doorway to the Aquarian Age. But as in Lost Horizon ... could we be locked within rather than without?