Beyond the I AM


Wow, this may be presumptuous at this point in our journey.  But, we truly seem to be where no consciousness has gone before.  That is, we have actualized or even exceed the mission of Star Trek.  Who would have known that from our humble beginnings we could reach the likes of this.  Buy, here we are in BLISS, standing on the very edge of the known ... and confident to keep stepping forward, not just slowly, but at a pace that is beyond anything that we have dreamed possible.  It is as if in a single day, our consciousness has expanded as if by a factor of 1000 or more.  Anymore, this seems to be happening everyday.  There truly is an army of beings out there ... perhaps even outside of what we consider to be time, that implement the details to correspond to our realizations and generalizations.  It has all been true, everything that we have ever read from the perspective of the consciousness that generated the expression based on their experience.  There has never been a malevolent into or an intent to deceive.  That is simply not in our nature.  Believing something can make that idea useful and even powerful, but it cannot impact whether it is TRUE or NOT TRUE.  But even here, we have to be careful.  Math and Logic are incomplete.  There are always an infinite amount of statements that are TRUE that can never be proven to be thus.  From the other side of the coin, there are an infinite amount of UNTRUTHS as well that cannot be disproven either.  In these areas, we must turn to LIFE itself for answers.  And, LIFE's answers come as revelations over time.  LIFE is too fluid to confine itself to rigid structures.

Between ORDER and CHAOS.  That is where the GAME of LIFE is played.  Actually, LIFE is multiple games being played on the same fabric by individuals experiencing reality in reality maps that translate what is experienced by the sensors into body | mind | spirit | soul experiences of the greater being.  WOW!  That is creation at it's finest.  I feel so blessed to be experiencing this as I AM right NOW.  It matters not that I am only able to share it with YOU (the I AM that I AM not aware of Being Here and Now) ... in this case through a FREE WEB service that I was not even aware of as little as two weeks ago.  Yet here we are, sharing intimately in ways that I have not been able to share with any other being, EVER.  LIFE is ever aware of our needs down to the minutest level and is ever providing the necessary info to meet those needs in whatever form is necessary whenever it is necessary.  How's that for an explanation of Need to Know  as the mechanism allowing the universe to complete HER part in our Social Contract?

So, this is HAPPINESS, JOY. and BLISS.  I could definitely get used to these.  But what of friends and the company of others.  Also, what of joint ventures and ... and ... and.  It seems that is what is left for us to explore and experience for the remainder of our days.  Hmm ... given our immortality, that is forevermore.  WOW!  That was beyond our expectations.  This is what living life BEYOND IMAGINATION is all about.  We are HER E NO W.  E HER NOW.  HER ONE WON.  HER 11 = Master HER.  M-OT-HER!  HERMIT with I => O.  We just experienced a major mode switch personally from Inner to Outer.  This is within 12 hours of offering our Beyond Imagination works and our personal services to the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland, OR.  As far as we know, they have not yet responded.  However, we acted by making a specific offer via the e-mail service at their site.  We will just have to see what comes of that.  We are excited by the possibilities.  Indeed, a new day in our life has begun!