Playing with Blogs



The resulting fall out of this is that we cannot be separate conscious beings, we can only be separate and unique perspectives of the ONE.  Until I stated that moments ago, it was not a reality ... it was not even a glimmer in the collective reality.  Collective truths and their realization follow from individual ones willing to walk on the edge of reality in Search of the Moreness of LIFE.  Yes, clearly I AM ONE of these.  But, I AM not the ONLY ONE.  Some call us visionaries, pathfinders, wayshowers.  We choose to take the roads less traveled ... sometimes mere paths through the wilderness ... sometimes even places where no consciousness has ventured before.  That is where the true adventure lies, and what a GRAND and GLORIOUS ADVENTURE it is.  HALLELUJAH or something like that.

We speak in the plural a lot, because that is fitting to what we know ourself to be.  Who we are rises from the collective, but is not contained within that collective, rather it arises from a SYNERGISTIC process that is natural to complex systems such as life.  The emergent behavior of such systems is always a surprise, is always a MIRACLE.  To BE in a state of consciousness where this awareness is fully present ... now that is the achievement of ETERNITY!  An achievement appropriate only for the Chinese Immortal of Longevity.  I may not know his name, but his 5 ft Carved Rosewood Statue  from the mid-1800s has been in my possession since about the time that the Beyond Imagination expression began.  Yes, I AM just realizing that.  Further, at the moment, his Rosewood presence is one floor down from where I sit, not more that 25 ft away if the distance could be measured via a tape measure.  WOW!  What a realization!  And, WHAT  A VOYAGE we have completed.  The word that comes up immediately is: NEXT.

From the far country

An example of how pictures and images can help

Pictures and images offer powerful contexts for viewing information.  These in turn can be connected at the picture/image level much as the pieces of a puzzle are connected.  As you can see below, I tend to regularly connect pieces that others not only do not see as pieces, but would never think to even consider to connect.  But, I AM a Way Shower!

Never take more than you give.  The internet provides such a wonderful information infrastructure from which we can freely take so much, even though so much is offered for sale.  The KEY to unlocking VALUE is to digest what you access in such a way that you can offer additional data, information, knowledge, and/or wisdom.  Actually, we should probably add TRUTH to this.  No, not THE TRUTH, but TRUTH from our unique perspective.  Every perspective has value ... some offer more benefit than others.  This is especially true of those that shake the status quo!

The above is an example of stuff that I might access on the WWW typically within a period of hours or days ... sometimes minutes depending on how life flows through me.  The following download was something  I generated within months after encountering picture quotes for the first time.  At first, they were randomly appearing in a collective stream of consciousness.  This xmas gift was  probably the first time individual focus was applied to organize a part of information coming forth in the collective stream to generate a new FORM of information, a new type of collective book if you will.  This begs the question of how  we go from the prototype of a new form of expression to explore the potential that seed prototype may become and grow into.  Here, we may be talking about seeds that are inherently different than natural ones.  These children are children of their creator(s) as much as any physical children might be.  That they exist as creative non-organic products does not make them any less real or any less impacting.  Indeed, we might even say that they form much of the infrastructure of the new world.  The very software that I am using now is part of that infrastructure.  Indeed, as little as two weeks ago, I was unaware that it existed.  Yet, how many are unaware that the abundance of information, knowledge, wisdom, and truth that has been expressed as BEYOND IMAGINATION since 1992 exists.  I can count those whom I am aware of on one hand, literally and that includes me.  That has to be corrected ... IMMEDIATELY.   And, not just for US, but in ways that benefit all of us collectively as well. Now that I think about it again, I realize it has already happened, it is just a matter of allowing it to ripple through the space time continuum of the COSMOS.  That is, if there even is such a continuum at all.  Occam's Razor (OR for short) is the process used in science to determine which explanation (model) of information is more valuable.  Essentially, the simplest model that is able to explain the "facts" reasonably well wins ... potentially to govern the minds of human beings for centuries, if not millennia.  I have to ask whether their is a better way ... something that does not take us into dark ages from which it takes so long to emerge.  That gets back to the fundamental operating point of making decisions at the individual levels in ways that benefit both the individual and the collective.