On Frequency Types


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This is the ultimate in wisdom.  All that we have to DO is breathe and allow LIFE to flow through us.  Everything is unfolding perfectly.  There simply is no other way for this to occur.  When we attempt to control things via our choices ... we find that there are too many unknowns and unknowables for us to PLAY GOD even for awhile.  It is far easier to take our cue from WOMAN and move gently, going with the flow as in Hula and many native dances.   It is easy to tell what frequency people are operating on when they are on the dance floor.  You have the slow, medium, and fast dances depending on what part of the beat of the music they focus on.  Then there are the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual types.  Personally, I am KA so I move slowly physically and rely on what I hear rather than what I see.  Even as I type this, the process is through my hands to the keyboard capturing something that I am hearing in my mind.  WHY such is the case, I may never know.  That such is the case, I have observed how I experience the world as far back as I can remember.  I find it interesting that I still play the songs of John Denver and many of the soft rock artists that I listened to in the 1970s.  My world feels incomplete somehow if I do not have music playing in the background.