Coming out of my shell


Early this morning, I was moved to come out of my Hermit shell by sending the text below in an e-mail to the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland, OR.  At this time, I am awaiting a response of some type to assist in determining where my life path flows next.   I was surprised a moment ago to be moved to select this image as the new self that had been released / realized ... but this indeed seems to be correct.  This image seems to depict the Divine Feminine source inside of me.  Aloha my Princess.  ENJOY!


I'm Wayne Hartman. I live in Grants Pass. I've been bringing forth a metaphysical stream of consciousness from The Divine Feminine within since February 1992. I have original copies of 8 books that I self-published in 2003. I would like to donate these to your collection to provide your members with access to them. Books, and ideas expressed in words, only seem to grow by association with ideas from other perspectives. I have done as much as I can associating the Beyond Imagination expression with everything that I've read and learned metaphysically since I became enraptured with Plato's Dialogs, The Philosopher Kings in the Republic, Pirzig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in 1972 and so many books by so many authors including Richard Bach, Jane Roberts and Seth ... and on and on and on.  Also, with so many songs by so many artists, and so many movies and TV shows that have moved me deeply through my entire life.

Metaphysics is MY PASSION. Though, my attempts to share the stream of consciousness expressed through me and the growing awareness that came with each new metaphysical experience were dismal failures. Part of that was my intense Hermit nature. There was simply no one in my reality to relate any of this to.

But, here you are since 2002 doing what only a small group of way out there souls were doing in the Human Development Club of The Aerospace Corporation ... developing a lending library of metaphysical and self-help materials, and meeting occasionally to discuss experiences or bring in a prominent speaker from outside the company. Most of our colleagues at Aerospace were left brained engineers and scientists in the rockets and satellite technologies business. So, it was very tough living in such a lopsided world, knowing there was so much more to reality that remained underground, much of it hidden in symbol systems that kept the underlying meaning intact.

Anyway, in addition to the books, I have dozens of manuscripts arranged as series of books by year, if you could use those. I am also ready to offer copies of the bulk of the Beyond Imagination works electronically on USB drives if that would facilitate making then available. What has come forth to date via Beyond Imagination is in the PAST. My objective is to free it to grow into whatever the seed provided to it from SPIRIT has in store for it.  

[ADDED:  10/28/2022.  I even have several works/books converted to MP3 files that can be listened to like music.  It is simply amazing to be able to create and share using the information infrastructure that now so freely supports and enables us.]

I would be happy to support some discussion groups, talks, or whatever would help to facilitate this. In addition, I would be happy to guide / teach / listen / mentor for those who might need/desire such services.

As an example of my work, check out:

I've been working on that site part time for only two weeks. The web-builder and web-hosting are FREE. From my perspective, web-content should be FREE as well, especially related to WISDOM works.

Well, hopefully I made your day. Please let me know which parts you might care to pursue.